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deeproot Pinball thread

By pin2d

3 years ago

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Post #111 Firsthand information from the Magic Girl programmer. Posted by applejuice (3 years ago)

Post #3026 RAZA promotional video Posted by vireland (1 year ago)

Post #5771 First RAZA gameplay video Posted by ZMeny (1 year ago)

Post #5874 RAZA video with more audible game sounds Posted by zaphX (1 year ago)

Post #5926 First RAZA video with successful ramp completion Posted by zaphX (1 year ago)

Post #5967 Another RAZA gameplay video Posted by flynnibus (1 year ago)

Post #6050 Closeup pictures of key playfield features Posted by Potatoloco (1 year ago)

Post #6133 Video of display animations Posted by LateCenturyMods (1 year ago)

Post #6329 Summary of Robert Mueller's interview Posted by jeffspinballpalace (1 year ago)

Post #6724 RAZA Gameplay video Posted by DS_Nadine (1 year ago)

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#4111 1 year ago
Quoted from RobT:

Add this to your psychiatric analysis: Iceman now shows as an "inactive member."

Iceman got iced! The icing on this whole cake-thread!

1 week later
#4192 1 year ago
Quoted from frolic:

Here's a deeproot topic:
Some pin friends and I were discussing that the only plausible explanation for the number of games under development there is some sort of modular swap system. Otherwise the cash being spent is being wasted. Discuss.

If that were to be the case, what would that mean for people who didnt cash out in this settlement?

I havent followed it too closely, were they promised two games down the line? Could that mean one cabinet, and two playfields?

2 months later
#5037 1 year ago

Releasing a boatload of titles quickly, offering people two games for the one owed, indestructible playfields... if they make virtual pins, these things track...

1 month later
#5644 1 year ago

Maybe in place of the current backglass will be a big big ol' screen? Animations seem important to what Deeproot is doing

Mehhh, kinda doubt it though. No back glass might wig people out?

#5670 1 year ago

Would be neat to see video of someone working that ramp a bit!

I wouldn't put too much stock into whether it seems "drainy," could simply be setup hard for the show. It was challenging getting on a JP3 at ReplyFx and E3 at Expo, only two machines gonna be long lines!

#5798 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Did you gather the 3 most untalented players around for that video?! They don't make ANY shot, that's a pure brickfest.

I mean, you can be the best player in the world, but the first ball you play on a brand new game you've never seen before isn't going to be pretty. That's just a fact.

Pinside has a lot of cynicism and criticism and, criticism is fine. But Steven in recent interviews has emphasized that constructive criticism is good, and I agree with him fully.

#5808 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

That is not incorrect (I'd argue that they could gave at least made ANY shot) but it's still a horrible "gameplay video".

I'm not cynical or overly critical I's say (trolling trolls I do), I'm just seeing pics of a very nice looking game that I want to see in action... In a kinda representative way.

I'm not into the theme AT ALL but seeing the duck target and ferris wheel rotate it kinda looks really imaginative and joyfull/ delightfull. It makes me happy to see that and makes me wanna explore that.
I give'em credit for that!

I can dig it, all good! I actually find your takes to be among the more reasonable and least cynical in these parts

I would like to see some video that shows some of the shots and gameplay too, wish the video didnt cut away the one time the ramp got hit!

Seems like a fairly front loaded, not super open layout, suspect there will be a fair amount of bricking by all til we get a few games on it

#5945 1 year ago

Did the initial RAZA design only have the one ramp?

Was curious if maybe the "jump shot" was another ramp that got altered?

Seems like only having the one, and on the right "weak" side for most players is iffy. WCS would suck if it only had the tough to hit right ramp

#6090 1 year ago

Jeff posted a good video in his Pinball Profile facebook page. He is a good player, check it out

#6120 1 year ago

Think with a ramp that relies on strong flippers to make is, when the flippers get even a teeny weak, welp, that game ain't playable.

Bunk for location play, and a hassle for huo players.

Especially if theres only one ramp. People wanna get their ramp on, toss another one on for frustrations sake

#6171 1 year ago

I'm most interested to see how the ramp progresses. With the diverter, changing the code to feed the left flipper more could make it a very repeatable shot and alter things significantly

1 week later
#6809 1 year ago
Quoted from Russell:

Maybe some people just like their flippers weak. To each his own?

It is more nuanced than that, though.

Playing a game where the flippers have weakened too much below the level the playfield was designed for, and a game becomes unplayable, or shots unhittable, and that ain't fun.

That's different from say, a Pat Lawlor game, where he explicitly designs to make some shots harder by having "weaker" flippers. I'd actually prefer games be difficult with tight shots rather than designed so ramps are hard with factory flipper strength, but I at least understand this.

I can see people liking the latter, I suppose, but the former? Do you like playing say a MM where soggy flippers can't make ramps? That's weird if so

1 week later
#6871 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

But most people don‘t give a shit who does what and just look at the game so let‘s do this also and don‘t ask in wich direction JPop wipes his bottom.

Ya but the problem is, look what happens when people don't consider who does what and only look at a game... you get the original RAZA, Dutch Pinball, etc... lots of money thrown at a game, and a lot of boned customers.

2 months later
#7542 11 months ago

I'm definitely most intrigued to see if they do go with swappable playfields. Their settlement with zidware people for 2 free games always struck me as super generous... the notion of giving away 7k or 8k games, that's big! I've wondered if they had swappable games in mind here, easier to satisfy that settlement maybe?

Seems like Levi and others make good points about it, it is a proposition with some serious hurdles it would seem

#7544 11 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Noone wants swappable playfields.

That may be true, and I never said they did. What people want and what people get arent always the same thing.

Alls I said was, Deeproot is obligated to give some zidware buyers two games. It might be cheaper to satisfy that obligation with one game and an extra swappable playfield, right?

It probably wouldn't be much cheaper, and a lot of people would be pretty unhappy. I was just wondering outloud if that could possibly help convince them to go with a swappable route, generally. I'm not a fan of the idea, so hope not!

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