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deeproot Pinball thread

By pin2d

1 year ago

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#1420 10 months ago

How does Robert Mueller have time to run a pinball manufacturing company and also head up a Russian collusion investigation?

#1443 10 months ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Since there is nothing to the Russian B's, he has plenty of time

Well, so far there is nothing to the pinball company. We shall see.

1 month later
#1542 9 months ago
Quoted from Jjsmooth:

I hear that the rights to the Beaver are harder to come by.

Exactly. And you don’t want to mess with the Beaver without a license agreement. Not in this day and age.

1 week later
#1671 9 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Will Deeproot be doing a Back to the Future with the original voices? Or will they be voice actors?

I heard they hired Michael J. Fox to do the artwork but he will not do any voice call outs.

6 months later
#3106 86 days ago
Quoted from adol75:

The ball is the same as the car, it's the moving object, and it's the one that has the IR camera. The difference on the ball is that it rolls, so it would need either a very reactive gyroscope or an array of IR lights, each on its own frequency most likely.
I am not saying this could replace the switches as I don't even think the switches are what needs to be replaced, but I am saying there are other methods than a camera to track a moving object in a closed environment.

Two words to solve all these problems......


1 week later
#3266 76 days ago
Quoted from hank527:

$50 that Deeproot does not ship games by December 2019.

I think they will start shipping in October. So I won't take you up on the $100 but I'll bet you $50 that they will ship before December 2019.

#3332 73 days ago
Quoted from deeproot:

I’ve said two things from the beginning. Pinball is easy; everything that goes into making pinball is not. We will launch when we are ready, and no sooner.
— Robert, dT

Lol. Hilarious.

#3336 73 days ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'll bet $100.00 to one person that we do not see a shipped game before September 2019, any takers?
Then $50.00 to one person that we so not see a working game shipped by December 2019.

Well, seeing as how you made this bold offer and then never responded when I took you up on it, I'm assuming you were just blowing hot air. So bet is off unless I hear from you. Probably a good thing for me after Deeproots last post here. Clearly they are nowhere near ready.

#3337 73 days ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Sounds like you were unnecessarily hammered

Iceman's liver must have done something truly terrible to the guy for him to want to punish it so badly.

#3402 71 days ago
Quoted from hank527:

We can bet with the payment to charity. I've not been checking this thread lately as I'm not surprised by the missed deadlines.

Sounds good.

2 weeks later
#3480 52 days ago
Quoted from vicjw66:I think they will start shipping in October. So I won't take you up on the $100 but I'll bet you $50 that they will ship before December 2019.

Boy was I stupid.

#3590 51 days ago
Quoted from deeproot:

Haha. Not stupid. If we don’t make Dec 31 and you have to pay up I’ll cover you Send me a bill.

— Robert dT

I wouldn't expect you to cover a bet I made so you will get no bill from me. Just put out a quality game that doesn't feel like a decision was made to make a "mono" target with two switches instead of four individual targets just to save $3 on BOM. Make something I might consider buying, or at least force other companies to bring their game back up to where I might consider buying from them again.

#3638 50 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

I'm here for the free shit.
LTG : (

I will literally attend any boring promotion or seminar for free shit. I have no shame.

70CC644C-8879-4458-9BA0-0BC0F213F6C2 (resized).jpeg
#3654 49 days ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

Correct but the Stern MVP helping Stern on many logistical fronts this decade is George Gomez.

I just want to know who was the guy that said "let's cut the Lily and Dragula 4 target stand up banks to "mono" banks and put 1 switch on each end therefore cutting out 2 switches from the BOM on each. This will save us a couple bucks per game." Penny wise, pound foolish. This one descision has made Munsters completely un-buyable for many such as myself. As far as Black Knight goes, why put that upper playfield on the le and premium that noone wants? Why not put that money towards an awesome Black Knight bash toy? No effing stand up target in front of him, but an authentic bashtoy with force-feedback and moveable effing parts. A black Knight that at the very least turns his head from side to side with a simple fucking cheap servo? Goddam it Stern! I bought NIB simpsons pinball party ($3700 shipped) and Walking Dead premium ( $6500 shipped) NIB because of their awesome combination of mechs and code. Good luck.

#3662 48 days ago
Quoted from andre060:

Asked and answered at the seminar at TPF. They like how the big tall target plays.

It plays like crap. No skill in aiming for it. Can you imagine if Williams took this approach when they made Sorcerer? Just make a big mono target and hit anywhere on it enough times to spell Sorcerer. No aiming for the specific standup needed to light Sorcerer. Yeah, that sounds like fun.
I call bs. It was a lame attempt to save a few bucks in wire and stand ups.

2 weeks later
#3713 34 days ago

Ooh, a bunch of new activity in the Deeproot thread. Maybe some new info about they're games has come to light?
Or 12 posts about grammar.

#3729 33 days ago
Quoted from ufotofu:

and provide a healthy tax write-off when it inevitably fails".

So they are purposely losing money to gain money on the tax write-off?
Assuming corporate tax rate of 21%
So deeproot blows $1000 in order to make $210?

#3731 33 days ago
Quoted from ufotofu:

You're forgetting the millions of dollars from investors they've already secured.

How does that play into tax deductions?

#3743 33 days ago
Quoted from Methos:

How exactly would deeproot Capital Management benefit from if they fail? How do "sleazy accountants" make this work?

Step 1: Lose a bunch of money in pinball
Step 2: Hire Sleazy Accountants for write offs
Step 3: ?
Step 4: Profit

#3747 33 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

They don't. Some of the most idiotic commentary on Pinside.
Is it surprising? No, because there are some dumb ass idiots on here.
DR better sell a shit load of pins or there will be a lot of people F ed.
The "write off" angle is pure stupidity.

That was a little harsh.

#3755 32 days ago
Quoted from FlippinJB:

deeproot - how about releasing some tasty information pronto, otherwise this thread will degrade further into grammar?!?!

And tax law. Not surprisingly, most people don’t know much about either subject.

#3835 29 days ago

I prefer the Zidware art. Sure it’s cartoons, but there was something sexy about the characters that this deeproot alien seriously lacks.

#3932 19 days ago
Quoted from benheck:

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

I like this one.
Oh shit, I better hire a lawyer. I think I just gave legal advice without a license.

#3994 18 days ago
Quoted from Honch:

I can see it now. Finding some poor helpless woman overcome by the merciless negativity of a Pinside thread. Our hero then leaps into action.
Pinside superhero: "Is this negative thread bothering you mam"?
Helpless woman: "Yes!! This thread is on fire and even though I dont need to click on it I cant avoid it or look away from the cesspool of negativity".
Pinside superhero: "Not to worry, mam. I see this kind of garbage all the time on Pinside and its clearly killing our hobby. Any day now one of these negative threads is going to just completely shut down production at Stern and JJP simultaneously. I have no proof that this is true, but it feels good to say it will anyway".
"Allow me to make a post about my own outrage and disdain for this thread before I move it to the drain for you. Thatll teach those bastards to have an opinion different from ours".
Helpless woman: "Thanks, Pinside hero. I couldnt have continued going on Pinside looking at the countless other threads that aren't negative without your help".

Exactly. I’ve never reported anyone to a moderator ever. I say buckle up buttercup to those snowflakes.

#3998 18 days ago

Has anyone requested a refund and actually gotten one?

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor do I give legal advice to anyone, butt If I was a lawyer, I IMAGINE I MIGHT say a bird in the hand is worth 2 jpops in the bush.

Notice how I qualified the statement with the words imagine and might? Take some notes Hilton.

1 week later
#4120 7 days ago
Quoted from Micky:

According to post #4074 he got a 30 day holiday.

Ouch. 30 days all forum ban for that comment seems a bit harsh. Besides, it wasn't even Iceman's fault. It was the booze that made him do it.

#4123 4 days ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

So when are these machines coming out?

Five of them are coming out at the Texas Pinball Festival 2018. It’s going to be the 5 days of deeproot, so stay tuned.

#4142 3 days ago
Quoted from teekee:

Offended? Really? People were offended by this? Anyone offended by this would be a fool to admit it.

I wasn't offended, but it wasn't funny either. If your're going to post something divisive, it shout at least be funny.

#4145 3 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

As a penance, I tried to downvote myself. I guess you can't? Also, it tied in nicely with the robot chicken clip above it.

It didn’t really have any wit to it. It’s too obvious. You think Kaepernick is a clown because of his views. It doesn’t tie into deeproot and only ties into the video because the clown shoes look similar. I may downvote, but I never report other people’s post.

#4159 2 days ago
Quoted from teekee:

Divisive? Really? If you choose that this is divisive that's your problem...

I don't choose anything, just pointing out the obvious. It sounds like it's your problem the way you're melting over all this. You have proven that snowflakes are not politically affiliated to one side. Relax, and let's get back to whatever this thread is supposed to be about.

#4186 1 day ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

Does that mean we have to get back to talking about Deep Root? Awe right!

Quoted from TigerLaw:

Good evening. Next person who continues the political discussion in any way will be ejected from the thread. Stop snipping at each other, both sides...thank you.

I think Deeproot should be ejected. I mean, if they weren’t so late with their games, we wouldn’t bring up so many off topic subjects.

#4204 15 hours ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

RFM sold more units than the original attack from mars. It sold more than any WPC-95 game. I think think there were 2 things holding back Pinball2000:

2. The dark glass needed to make the holograms show up made everything on the playfield dark.. it was also special glass that had to be ordered.

That glass made the playfield look even darker than season 8 Game of Thrones battle scenes. I couldn't see an effing thing. The ball would get lost halfway up the already shortened playfield. It sucked. That's why it failed with me. That, and people want to hit mechanical toys not holograms.

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