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deeproot Pinball thread

By pin2d

1 year ago

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#242 1 year ago

Hey! Anything that can POSSIBLY get those poor basturds their money back (or a machine) is worth a look see!

#246 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

This is like the 3rd time they’ve been promised a lifeline.

Hope is eternal...

#302 1 year ago
Quoted from VDrums2112:

So if deeproot is so hyped up about pinball, and they've gotten Oursler, Nordman, Theil and Morris... What the fuck do they need JPop for??? They certainly didn't get those guys because of JPop's involvement. Why put up with the JPop shitshow backstory? Take your 4 talented guys, make a game and present it with the hype, enthusiasm (and ego) that you have now and avoid all the crap... If this company came out with these 4 guys and said "here's what we're going to do" and JPop's name was never attached to it, they'd have gotten a much better reception from the community.

Come on! If there is ANY way for the people that got screwed to get a refund, or their games...I'm all for it!

#351 1 year ago

Everything in moderation....

#355 1 year ago
Quoted from AmericanPinball:

In brief, only API has the rights to market or produce a Houdini™ pinball machine.

#357 1 year ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Anybody could make a Houdini pinball machine

Try it.....

#361 1 year ago
Quoted from AmericanPinball:

In brief, only API has the rights to market or produce a Houdini™ pinball machine.

So you are saying this is not true?

#370 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I almost sent him $15,000 right then and there.

That's why they call you CRAZYLevi

#400 1 year ago
Quoted from deeproot:

We are proceeding with John's original Houdini design but not the Houdini name

No worries....ya still got "Sexy Copperfield"!

#413 1 year ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Just read through the goodwill terms. Interesting.

#415 1 year ago

I think the goal is to get rid of the Poppadork lawsuits. They don't want an employee going to court every month.

#418 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

On recent evidence, John being in the dock 5 days a week wouldn't have any significant impact on his productivity.

#446 1 year ago

The deal is good for people that were never going to sue Poppadoosh anyway.
....also, let's not hang these guys until we see what they can do. If Nordman is there, something must be right....

#450 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

but probably has nothing to repay you with.

...except the money he's getting paid from Deeproot...

#481 1 year ago
Quoted from Makakka:

deeproot Tech Zidware Webinar:
Is John Popadiuk working on the games (MG, RAZA, AIW)?
Yes with colaborative help from the deeproot team."

Hail to the pinball wizard! Keep going!

You wouldn't be so kind if you lost $45,000 to this crook/conman.
Any company that uses this "stain on the pinball industry" has a lot to prove before anyone gets on board....

#515 1 year ago

Well, so far, everything about this company sounds interesting....except jpoop!

#535 1 year ago

It seems that with all the tech we have today pinball is primitive. Wood for playfields instead of something that protects art and is almost indestructible. All those wires and "stuff" under the playfield. Lets get into the future.....

#538 1 year ago
Quoted from master_of_chaos:

Why use steel balls on wooden playfield and nit woodened balls on steel playields?

#561 1 year ago

Would make great sideblades!!

1 week later
#595 1 year ago
Quoted from chad:

"Live action internal side art" Quick go register the patent!!!

On it!

1 week later
#646 1 year ago

Zidware Claims Update

We want to thank the 21 people who have filed claims thus far. Of the 21, 15 have been approved and we anticipate the remaining 6 will be approved shortly. We believe there are ~78 non-plaintiffs that have not yet filed claims. If you are one of those non-plaintiffs, please do file a claim whether or not you think you qualify or have enough proof. Please let us try to help you.

Please see here for the Goodwill Terms: https://zidware.deeproottech.com/

Please click here to Start a Claim: https://zidware.deeproottech.com/claim/create

Thank you!

--deeproot Pinball

#648 1 year ago

I contacted them and they now send me updates.

#662 1 year ago
Quoted from deeproot:

think it is natural to have this perspective without the facts.

Regardless of anything, Robert...thanks for coming here with an update. I hope everyone gets a machine or refund. I'm keeping an open mind.

#692 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

IMO. $5 is nothing.

Could I have $5k please?

#701 1 year ago
Quoted from frobozz:

If you're going to make fun of John, I'd appreciate you *not* using a picture I took to do so...

Hah! I'm making a tee shirt with it!

2 weeks later
#752 1 year ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

I already lost my butt. It can only improve from here.

Butt is lost...

laugh ass off.gif

3 months later
#883 1 year ago
Quoted from deeproot:

Tis true... At what point should we start panicking?

-- Robert dT

When you look at your employee list and see JPOOP on there....

#900 1 year ago

VERY interesting read! So, Pinball Scummers would not even give up Alien if Deeproot would make them. Sheesh!

#910 1 year ago
Quoted from Fintan_Stack:

A lot of you guys are way too harsh on Deeproot. Yes, everybody hates JPOP. But at least with DR taking him on there is some chance of getting something for your long-gone money. And now they are saying they'll help out victims of Dutch and Heighway. Cut them some slack and see what happens.

There is clearly a lot going on with these guys. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with. It's new pinball from a company that has their own money and just about every available well known designer onboard. Oh, and they are not asking anybody for any money! That's a refreshing change.

True, but you just have to question what they do when they hire someone that has fucked over plenty of people and the pinball community. They either don't give a shit....OR, they are really trying to make things right. Only time will tell....

#946 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Jpop is not Hitler.

Stop insulting Hitler!

3 weeks later
#1075 12 months ago

In a nutshell.....

At this point it is not logical to offer a deal to any current or former Plaintiff with this litigation still pending. It is unfortunate that the Plaintiffs chose to reject the settlement and ultimately choose nothing over something.

3 weeks later
#1381 11 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Yes, as they do have a functional website, and that is one of the most important things pinsiders need to give them confidence in any company.

1 week later
#1401 10 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Why does everyone want to see Dennis Nordman's tits?

I guess you haven't seen them yet! Worth it!

#1407 10 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Of course you'll need a stool to stand on.

LTG : )

Heh heh heh heh heh...you said stool....

1 month later
#1485 9 months ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

80's license they just got better be BTTF.

Nope...it's Deadly Spawn...

KS Header Variant Logo (resized).jpg
#1502 9 months ago

Interesting article and Tour! I'd love to get behind this company if it weren't for Papadouchebag!

#1570 9 months ago

Just sayin'!...........

Explorers30 (resized).jpgThe-Father-72 (resized).jpgexplorers7 (resized).jpgexplorersmovie (resized).jpg
#1614 9 months ago

Beat me to it! I was looking for photos!

#1632 9 months ago

Take my money!!

download (resized).jpgimages (resized).jpgthe-thing-1982-screenshot-1 (resized).jpg
#1645 9 months ago
Quoted from Frippertron:

This is FUN! It's like the Ted shed pic thread. (What happened to the pics Ted?)

I agree! We SHOULD get back to me!

ted park and orch (resized).JPG
#1661 9 months ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

some type of Margarita ted?

Yes! (Deeproot)....a Margarita make with Don Julio 1942 tequila. (Deeproot) ....just to keep "On topic"

#1682 9 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

And what I can’t comprehend is that your company continues to get and receive so much hate and it’s simply not warranted.

Nobody hates the company! Just Poppadouchebag!!

1 month later
#1979 7 months ago

Dennis has a darn good bullshit-o-meter! If he leaves, that says it all!

#2019 7 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

I've been curious if fiberglass reinforced plywood would be a way to make playfields much more durable.

Why can't they be made out of that fake wood look-a-like stuff they make decks out of?

#2027 7 months ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

Stupid 3D glasses for 3D televisions are definitely the reason it died.

The passive glasses are the same ones you wear in the theatre. Almost every major film still comes out in 3D. Many of the 3D Blu Ray releases sell out except now we send our money overseas to get them. Most of my "film friends" have 3D TV or 3D projection. A bunch of them have bought extra TV's and store them. (just in case) Some of the 3D capable TV's are now in the $1,500 to $2,500 range! Bah!
When the new Avatar films come out, maybe there will be a resurgence....

#2053 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballlife:

I wish them all the best. Pinball is a big commitment and getting it right always takes longer than expected.

I'm not wishing them anything! They hired a scumbag thief! THEY have to prove themselves to US!

#2111 7 months ago

I heard .....two weeks.....

3 weeks later
#2237 6 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

"The designer will also help set up the machine, discuss the design process and the game, and play your game at your place of residence!! You can invite up to four friends."

lol...yeah...have Poppadouchebag come over someones house. I'm sure they will have 4 "friends" there.....

#2269 6 months ago
Quoted from PinBackpacker:

Here we have a new pinball company that has not asked any customers for deposits, is trying to compensate individuals impacted by the Zidware fiasco (which they have no obligation to do), and has offered to give away 5 machines after they launch, yet all Pinside does is bitch. What a bunch of babies we've become.

You missed the point. It's that they hired that crook to begin with. That's the main problem. When they do that, ALL of what they do or say is suspect.

#2273 6 months ago
Quoted from PinBackpacker:

Then don't buy from them. Life goes on...

Yes, I understand that....i'm just trying to explain why the mistrust, etc....

3 weeks later
#2303 5 months ago

Yeah, saying it like that is not like saying..."We do not have the rights."

#2338 5 months ago
Quoted from deeprootmatt:

I will also preface this message with this: I get it. He screwed up. A lot of people here are upset. And i completely understand that.

Yeah, he screwed up...and screwed MANY people. And his reward? He gets hired.......

#2340 5 months ago
Quoted from Borygard:

However, I don't think JPop should continue to be chastised so much. He definitely screwed up, and obviously has issues, but he's never thrown his hands up and said fuck it. He's continued to look for some kind of solution to get what he's promised done. He could have very easily just done what SkitB, Heighway, VonnieD, and Dutch have done and just walked away. He continued to try to get the games built though, to the point of getting two different, new pinball manufacturers involved.

Good point!

#2368 5 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Funny though this doesn't work like that in voiceover acting. You can copy
Someone's voice all day long and you don't owe them a dime. (Which, to be clear, is a good thing)

Not entirely true. A radio commercial was run here with an Arnold impersonator. They had to remove it.

1 month later
#2590 3 months ago


[0009] The present invention improves the basic functions of pinball cabinets. The present invention improves the system for accessing the playfield without removing or handling glass. The glass top assembly is lifted from the front edge and rotates upwards around an axis created by a four bar linkage assembly. The use of a four bar linkage assembly lifts the glass top assembly over the top panel which provides an unobstructed area to access or remove the playfield. Furthermore, the present invention calls for an automated or power assisted lifting mechanism through use of pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders.

[0010] The present invention improves the mechanism used to fold down the backbox without interfering with the artwork on the exterior surfaces of the backbox and side panels. The present invention utilizes a pillar assembly which permits an upper sleeve to slide over a lower sleeve and eventually fold over the lower sleeve. The present invention does not mount or utilize any components that interfere with the exterior surfaces of the backbox or side panels.

[0011] The present invention improves access to the playfield for servicing and maintenance through utilization of two pairs of four bar linkage assemblies. The playfield exists in four positions with the first position in the cabinet ready for use. The second position exposes the playfield outside of the cabinet but partially positioned over the cabinet. The playfield is positioned outside the cabinet and not above the cabinet in the third position. The playfield remains generally level with the ground in the second and third positions. In the second and third positions, the playfield may rotate 360 degrees such that the underside of the playfield may be rotated to be in the up position. The fourth position results in the playfield rotated down where it is perpendicular to the ground. Each position provides different advantages for accessing all sides of the playfield.

[0012] Due to the limited space within a pinball cabinet that exists under the playfield, the mechanisms for the above components and systems are designed around each other as spacing for one component may interfere with spacing of other components. The present invention provides a single solution for the problems of accessing the playfield, servicing the playfield, and folding down the backbox without interfering with the artwork.

2 weeks later
#3120 82 days ago
Quoted from herbertbsharp:

Surely that can't be the only reason

...and stop calling me...

1 week later
#3344 69 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Well if delivery isn’t coming by June 30 then I’m rolling my claim to whenever it is.

TWIP: As part of the Goodwill Terms on the web page, you state “deeproot Tech will deliver elected game(s) no later than June 30, 2019″. Is that when we can expect to see a deeproot pinball machine for sale?

dr: When the masterpiece is ready, we will let everyone know. By the very terms, that would be the latest date permitted.

3 weeks later
#3529 48 days ago
Quoted from deeproot:

Don’t worry, but for the drama around Jpopalicious

How can you even joke about this jackass, lying sack of shit crook?

3 weeks later
#3813 27 days ago
Quoted from PoppyCock:

so did deeproot take care of the zidware and magic girl guys? I thought I read that deeproot was making an announcement on how they were going to take care of you guys around June 1st. Has this happened?

laughing girl.gif
1 week later
#3892 18 days ago
laugh ass off.gif
#4016 14 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I can't wait for the announcement that they've plugged the "Countdown to Awesomeness Clock" in the break room back in.

I heard they now have a Countdown to when the Countdown Clock will be plugged in....

#4033 13 days ago

Fear Of Missing Out, used to describe that feeling of anxiety which many people experience when they discover that other people have had fun together, been successful at something, or done just about anything ...
As opposed to Mo Fo.....

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