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deeproot Pinball thread

By pin2d

3 years ago

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Post #6050 Closeup pictures of key playfield features Posted by Potatoloco (1 year ago)

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#584 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

You can buy a 55” OLED TV for like 800 bucks


2 weeks later
#731 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Is there an estimation on when the "Days of Deeproot" reveal is supposed to happen?

Between now and when the games are due to start shipping in June 2019. I would expect sometime in Spring 2019 before we see some sizable information.

1 month later
#841 2 years ago

1 physical game, 5 different themes? I think Stern has that down.

4 weeks later
#869 2 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

What’s the current go with Deeproot, weren’t they set to unveil some new groundbreaking technology that is going to rewrite Pinball production as we know it? Any updates?

TPF 2019

1 month later
#1133 2 years ago

I am hoping DR's Houdini becomes Copperfield upon release. I hate always having to ask the manufactures name when just talking about a game.

#1171 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Did deeproot ever mention how they were going to be making their playfields or out of what material? I remember the hammer test statements so assume their playfields won’t be made out of wood?

I believe that will be revealed day 5 at TPF. Only 8 months away now!!

2 weeks later
#1332 2 years ago
Quoted from jimjim66:

I would love to see original themes, as they don't have constraints from a licensor. I also think a theme can be implemented better without having to tie in mechs with the license allowing more creative toys. Rudy and exploding castle in MM come to mind.
Modular would be awesome too. The Pinball 2000 idea comes to mind. Being able to easily change games by easily swapping playfield and art packages, and keeping the costs down would be awesome.

You had me until you said modular like Pinball 2000.

1 month later
#1470 2 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Define "morning".

I normally see postings by 7:30 am Central time

1 month later
#1909 2 years ago

The announcement and reveal of the games will be at TPF

2 months later
#2419 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Stern has said many times they are doing at least 50 games per day.

Of course, Stern NEVER exaggerates.

3 weeks later
#2445 1 year ago

Overseas cultures tend to spell things the way it is pronounced.

1 month later
#3354 1 year ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

So you can cash out?

Iceman is in it for the pinball, not the money. I can see that within every post he makes when referring to the DR agreement.

2 weeks later
#3418 1 year ago

The updates are pouring in.

#3443 1 year ago

Don't forget the money shot.
RAZA proto playfield (resized).png

#3459 1 year ago

"At a minimum, several RAZA prototypes will be available to play at the Houston Arcade Expo."

Better get your room reserved now.

4 weeks later
#3869 1 year ago

I hope the DR game is close to this Zidware layout.
ad0c73195bb6fbfa4c673f05a080ec9bd256e4fe (resized).jpg06bdbebdbc19e64f0529f0adef5f9ecbdf42be04 (resized).jpg

#3871 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I kinda think thats ugly as clown puke.

LED bulbs can be changed. Look beyond that. I believe this is some of Zombie Yeti's artwork.

3 weeks later
#4193 1 year ago
Quoted from frolic:

Here's a deeproot topic:
Some pin friends and I were discussing that the only plausible explanation for the number of games under development there is some sort of modular swap system. Otherwise the cash being spent is being wasted. Discuss.

I hope this means it will be easy to remove and clean the playfield, just like on the P3 system.

2 weeks later
#4438 1 year ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

In this case, looks like I missed out.

Correct. Since you did not read the whole thread, you missed out on a free machine.

#4451 1 year ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Which November


1 week later
#4489 1 year ago

2019-08-17 08_53_12-deeproot Studios - Home - Internet Explorer (resized).png

#4543 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Ok white wood, cost, designer, who's on software, music and video assets. You know, relevant information. Oh, there is a new pic of hybrid dinosaur! Yay.

Relevant info will be announced no doubt in due time. So toss your broken record

1 week later
#4718 1 year ago

2019-08-28 18_09_09-Facebook - Internet Explorer (resized).png

#4721 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Not too sure I like the style BUT it certainly looks different and fresh for pinball.

Looks like the mean Queen in Alice in Wonderland?

#4733 1 year ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

So, well, any games been revealed yet?

Since there are no new threads on any individual titles, that is a negative.

1 week later
#4778 1 year ago

2019-09-04 22_34_09-Facebook - Internet Explorer (resized).png

#4839 1 year ago
Quoted from Brijam:

How many people think they will bring at least one completed game to the November show?

I think there will be 2 games there. Robert stated in the public announcement that RAZA prototypes will be there. I hope that means production prototypes with artwork on them.

#4853 1 year ago
Screenshot_20190910-175736_Samsung Internet (resized).jpg
#4861 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballwil:

Still no news after 300 post.

Why would you expect any until Nov 15/16 weekend?

#4870 1 year ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Closing in on 100 pages of nothing

Actually, DS_Nadine recapped the last deeproot announcement.

#4911 1 year ago
Quoted from RonSS:

I'm new to this thread. Can someone summarize the last 98 pages for me please?
30 words or less.

Come back Nov 15/16th

#4982 1 year ago
Quoted from insx:

How would anyone know if they want to license their "package of innovations"?

Probably will be based on patented items.

2 weeks later
#5061 1 year ago

Said it before...nothing to see here until November.

2 weeks later
#5084 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I thought I heard they were bringing some cabinets and maybe a white wood game to expo, I must have heard wrong.

2 RAZA prototypes are coming to the Houston Arcade and Pinball Expo.

#5088 1 year ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I hope what they bring is ready to impress. Otherwise the negativity is going to be tough to bear.

Robert already stated these are prototypes with no artwork. This is not a full production product launch. Don't be expecting to be more than that.

#5160 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

Well, it's an interesting tease for sure. I've been trolled before and probably again... wouldn't be the first time I fell for it.
But I'm game to at least pay attention to Pinball Profile over the next few days to see if anything unfolds.
[quoted image]

I have ask, who is his source? I do not see anything on deeproot studios FB page or related pages. Odd that that would start on a Sunday. I call BS.

#5165 1 year ago

Nov 3rd is a Sunday, so I call BS.

#5200 1 year ago

Always good to hear from the experts.

#5216 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'm LMAO right now while i eat a bowl of chili.

Hope you are drinking a beer with that chili.

Glad you picked getting a pin over the money. I would have done the same if I was in that boat. I almost got reeled in on AIW on the tale end of it, as I was very close to sending in a deposit.

#5222 1 year ago
Quoted from La4s:

Anyone else think their statements on Houston are some sort of deception, and the game they show in Houston will be complete and available for purchase?

With a 10'x20' booth, I think not.

#5242 1 year ago

I am expecting a TPF reveal and ready to ship shortly after.

#5244 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Yes, Deeproot even confirmed multiple game reveals at the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival 2019 in March. The 5 days of Deeproot.

Now we'll see part of what they are up to with the RAZA prototypes next week at the Houston Arcade and Pinball Expo. This is why I am confident in saying TPF2020 will be the big reveal. Sure some of the games maybe shown or announced sometime before then, but I would believe TPF will be the first time for the public to play any production games.

#5247 1 year ago
Quoted from frolic:

What else can you tell us?

There is a building and a parking lot.

#5249 1 year ago
Quoted from adol75:

How many cars are in the parking lot ?

I only seen a picture of the building and parking lot, nothing more. I hope to visit that facility in the future.

#5265 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Stay tuned for all kinds of "what's next" this month.

Did you get to see a few potential games you can choose from?

1 week later
#5977 1 year ago

I just played the game and enjoyed it. When I first walked up to it I noticed M and I, in ATOMIC, were not lit in attract mode and carried through my game I played. The staff was quick to jump in and look at their log file.

I am looking forward to their actual launch of their first games. I am a very interested buyer just on seeing and playing this prototype here at the Houston Expo.

#6146 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Because Robert said they didn't need to make prototypes.
So is this really a prototype ? Or production game ?
Is Deeproot at the show and declaring it one or the other ?
LTG : )

Yep, the staff said at the Houston show both were prototypes.

#6190 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I have a Raza coming

Do you have a potential arrival date already?

#6332 1 year ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

Ghostbusters is a zero. I noted that as you can’t put zeros. With that said, JP at 1 is saying its better than Ghostbusters
This means I’ll play JP, not Ghostbusters.
Get it?

You are trolling. Got it.

#6364 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Just look what Haggis did in only a year.

And they used an off the shelf board set. Deeproot will not be.

2 weeks later
#6857 1 year ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

I'm getting depressed... I want my money back.

Keep calm. March reveal at Deeproot is around the corner. Are you attending?

1 week later
#6919 1 year ago

Because he stopping paying.

1 week later
#6945 1 year ago

On Wednesday March 25, 2020, deeproot Pinball is hosting a day long launch event starting at 8:55am Central.

4 weeks later
#7342 1 year ago
Quoted from ufotofu:

I'm definitely sincere! Deeproot has no track record, aside from the well documented bluster and lies of their empty suit CEO. To their credit, they seem to have hired a lot of really great talent (aside from Jpop), so for that reason I hope they're successful. Maybe their launch event will happen, maybe it will deliver everything they've promised, but traditionally that isn't the case with Deeproot. I'm expecting they'll show the same two prototype machines from the Houston Expo, a slideshow (but no working examples) of their "innovations", and promise a release schedule starting in late 2020 (which will never be met).
I think your Heighway Pinball comparison is appropriate, though. Andrew basically sailed off on a yacht after running that company into the ground, screwing over everyone else in the process. RAZA will probably end up in the same place as Alien- a cool-looking game which is a nightmare to operate and receives zero support once Robert Mueller gets a chance to run away with everyone's money. Assuming it actually gets released, which- it won't.

Worst speculation post, like ever.

2 weeks later
#7371 11 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

They have an full unveiling event the week of Texas Pinball Festival.

I would not expect to see nothing other than RAZA based on the last interview that Robert did with Kaneda.

#7373 11 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

The 5 days of RAZA? What a letdown compared to the earlier expectations that Robert was setting.

He learned the hard way not to announce anything beforehand.

#7378 11 months ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

Wait, are you saying you do expect something else besides RAZA or you dont expect to see anything other than RAZA? This double negative is confusing me.

I did not realize how tired I was when I had typed that. Just RAZA is all I expect to be revealed.

Double negatives don't make a positive.

#7381 11 months ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

Gotcha. Well that will be disappointing to say the least. Id like to see a game apiece from each designer. If not, what the hell have they been doing this whole time?

Each designer has 3 games in different levels of design. Robert mentions that in the interview. He mentions generically how far along some are, but not specifically mentioning designer names/games.

Fret not, they will be releasing games throughout the year.

#7382 11 months ago
Quoted from Sinistarrett:

If not, what the hell have they been doing this whole time?

It does take much longer to build a company from scratch, especially when they are making their own board set.

#7391 11 months ago
Quoted from Pinballer67:

I wouldn't be surprised if they offer custom options for each design, as well.

Robert said in the last interview some titles will have options/tiers and some titles will not.

#7392 11 months ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

I personally was rooting for a Deeproot, but I no longer believe a damn thing that Robert says. He reminds me of a fake politician that spins the truth to suit his needs. Deeproot will go nowhere and it has failed before it started like so many before them. The very people working for the company know this and are just happy to milk the cow while they can.

You are in the dark, knight..

#7394 11 months ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

About deeproot? Aren't we all?

I am strictly talking about his assumptions that the company is going to fold even before the launch that is happening in less than 43 days.

#7462 11 months ago

What did Robert say, in the last Kaneda podcast interview, or write in any public announcement, that makes some of you think that deeproot would be going the route of swappable playfields? I just don't see any evidence.

#7466 11 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

They patented a playfield removal mechanism.

That just looks like something to allow for easy game repair/shop out.

1 week later
#7650 11 months ago
Quoted from pinlink:

Flippable games? Or just more artwork of what's to come?

Quoted from wrb1977:

Yes...much more. They are not having their launch event and flying people in to show a “further along prototype of RAZA”.

#7678 10 months ago

24 days

1 week later
#7801 10 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

I feel like Jpop always seems to do something annoying with the shooter lane.

Then you just may not be a JPOP fan. I like the overall feel of his games being different so adding a special skill shot is another plus for me. There is not a real special skill shot on CV, so that is lacking on that game.

Quoted from CLEllison:

holding out to see some real proof of AIW.

Robert already stated, AIW is a 2021 game.

Doubt it will even be a 2021 game. Robert said they are going to turn it into something really special.

#7802 10 months ago
Quoted from razorsedge:

I doubt they only have RAZA to show.

The launch event is only one day and only RAZA is scheduled. So expect only RAZA.

#7806 10 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Thanks for the info, I hadn't heard that.

Have a listen to Kaneda's podcast with Robert from deeproot.

#7807 10 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Wow really? Thats shocking. They would fly previous jpop buyers to the show to see RAZA as their only offering? So the 3 days of deeproot is one day and one game?

Doesn't mean they will not give out some sneak peaks on launch day. After listening to what Robert says in the interview on how far along other titles are, that is why I only see RAZA being revealed to the public at this launch.

There are 9 more months in the year to roll out more titles.

#7837 10 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Will the Deeproot reveal and/ or TPF be cancelled due to Corona?

There is a dedicated thread on that and the answer is no cancellation.

#7851 10 months ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Yeah. Pretty sure nobody knows what refreshments Deeproot will be serving at their reveal.

Root beer.

#7892 10 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Or still do... but I am the most interested in seeing his newest design, not JPop’s. I asked him at TPF last year if working at DR was like working at B/W and he said it was better than working there, they give him way more freedom to do what he wants, and he can’t wait to show it to us.

Did Barry say if it was a licensed or unlicensed theme? I am looking forward to it as well.

#7942 10 months ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

I have to say, this thread gets the Seinfeld award. Almost 8000 posts about nothing. I saw it getting hot and low and behold, it was about Robert being racist now. At this point I never want to see the pins released at risk of this thread dying
Keep it going Deeproot thread about nothing![quoted image]

then exit stage right.

#7944 10 months ago

Barry has an impressive list of unlicensed themed games that are very popular.

Seems Dennis was more involved with licensed themes.

3 weeks later
#8283 9 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Robert originally had the hot wheels license, Jon Norris had an amazing layout for this theme. Robert is working on a license that's hotter and harder to get than harry potter that this layout is going to be used for

Sounds like it could turn into the Fast and the Furious.

1 week later
#8414 9 months ago
Quoted from zr11990:

Is this out or is it in the works. I may have to go in debt

No games have been revealed yet for sale.

1 month later
#8554 7 months ago

Good news is on the way!

#8566 7 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

...12 weeks since the last update.

Stay tuned....

#8573 7 months ago

Since they are based in Texas, I can't help but want to root for their success. I am looking forward to what all the designers have to offer in these new games they have been working on for 2 to 3 years now.

I enjoyed playing the RAZA prototype at the Houston Arcade and pinball Expo back in November. It will be nice having new games revealed at this show.

Unleash the games!!

#8576 7 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Not to take from that but that's not the reason you wrote what you did, was it?

Not just looking forward to the reveals, but actually wanting to support the company by purchasing one game this year, which is all I am able to afford to buy NIB every 2-3 years. I am not just going to jump and purchase the first title out the game, unless it really appeals to me in all aspects. More games they reveal, more chances for Deeproot to get my money over the other companies.

I almost sent in my AIW deposit to JPOP years ago before things started to flop. It was a close call. I was just waiting to see the potential playfield layout and to my knowledge, that did not happen at that time.

Keep the faith, just as I am. JJP took 3 years to get WOZ out and I never expected Deeproot would had been able to do any better starting a company from scratch.

#8578 7 months ago
Quoted from Tomass:

I am also hoping they pull off something great. I was hoping Stranger Things would have been my first NIB, but it was just another Stern, which is not my cup of tea. I am at least gonna wait to see what comes out of Deeproot at this point.

No harm in waiting, especially if you are still considering any NIB Stern. Might as well let the code progress more before purchasing.

#8583 7 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Ok, just listened to TPN Podcast and it seems Deeproot is not giving in but ramping up...

See? Stay tuned!!

#8585 7 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Ok. Hopeful again.
Buuut, I want to see them play their cards until July 1st!
(Germany is dropping it's sales tax there for 5 months as an economy "stimulus" and I would want to buy a BKSoR if there's nothing of interrest on the horizon for me. )

I guess that would depend on how many games they reveal before the end of July. Good luck on your decision.

1 week later
#8630 7 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Website updated!
So I start my "count-up" over.

See....you have to have faith.

#8649 7 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Faith in Deeproot, thats roll over funny.
Cue the George Michael song.....

Such a hilarious post, just like many others.

#8657 7 months ago
Quoted from frolic:

Any word for those of you approaching the June 2020 deadline for delivery of your games?

Hopefully they have been contacted and Deeproot is waiting for all the replies before posting an update July 1.

#8661 7 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No contact to me re the agreement and upcoming deadline.

I hope you get contacted within 8 days.

#8663 7 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I just hope they can get it together and launch some games soon

I am ready for the launch.

1 week later
#8714 6 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

We've already had a 3-4 month delay due to COVID. This is another 3-4 month delay on top of the original 3-4 month delay. They were initially supposed to start production in April (Same as AP). Somehow American, Spooky, Dutch, and CGC are all able to overcome global supply chain issues and produce games, yet Deeproot can't. JJP is moving and setting up a new factory half way across the Country and will also likely beat DR to the punch.

Why are you worried? Do you have preorder money sent in?

#8717 6 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I'm not worried. I just think it's time for Deeproot to shit or get off the pot. Aren't they the company that boasted that they would ship more games than Stern in 2019? I just want to see them start backing up some of their bluster. Honestly, if they would have taken a more humble approach instead of denigrating the other Pinball Companies in the process I would be more forgiving.

I hear that. On top of that, I hate to see them rush out games and then scramble to resolve major issues on games they had shipped.

I looked passed those bold statements long ago, especially since JJP took 3 years to get WOZ out the door originally.

I plan to purchase a game and I sure would like to see the first few games go out with very few minor issues.

#8719 6 months ago
Quoted from doghouse:

I did not get this and I'm on their email list. Can you post the exact wording?

Zidware vapor owners received the email. I am sure something more public comes after all the owners have been contacted and a new resolution has been met for each one.

1 week later
#8742 6 months ago
pasted_image (resized).png
3 weeks later
#8839 5 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Someone told me it‘s only days away..

I am wondering if that would be for the people who are owed games, not necessarily a full public reveal.

1 week later
#8940 5 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I took the deal DR because i wanted to support pinball and their efforts to bring more of it to the hobby.
I also decided i had to take some personal responsibility for making a terrible decision in supporting the JPOP follies during those "noodling" years of nothingness.
No matter how it turns out i made the right decision for myself all the way around. I'm still in a great position here barring some sort of bankruptcy filing.
Even still, as poor as the execution has been by the management team at DR, its hard to fathom that you could blow that much money and pinball talent and end up producing nothing for actual sale.
Bottom line, i'll be made whole, along with others, via that contract signed with DR, in September, one way or the other.

I rather see you get machine(s) that you are owed, as I am wanting to support a new Texas pinball company with a NIB purchase.

#8977 5 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Alice in Wonderland cartoon is a disney property. This is not a disney AIW that is in progress (supposedly). All I've seen is a black and white drawing from years ago, hope they got further than that.

Did the drawing look anything like this?

pasted_image (resized).png
#8993 5 months ago

New FB page is up. https://www.facebook.com/deeprootpinball

pasted_image (resized).png
#8996 5 months ago
Quoted from Quadrat:

Didn't say what year

That really is hilarious. <Very heavy sarcasm>

#8997 5 months ago

Apparently, Dennis has 2 in the pipe before he left the company. Looking forward to seeing what those are. I recall him saying this was his chance to do his dream theme.

1 week later
#9092 4 months ago

Looks like 9 days to go until they turn on the spotlight.
Screenshot_20200827-231634_Samsung Internet (resized).jpg

#9106 4 months ago

Seems it is just referring to the "9 days of deeproot" slogan?

#9137 4 months ago

Imagine if you will, a triangle if you connect the three dots. Symbol of?

Looks like in the blown up picture, a dog, horse, a planet, or just horetshit?

Screenshot_20200830-092003_Samsung Internet (resized).jpgScreenshot_20200830-184108_Messages (resized).jpg
#9163 4 months ago

This is still a Deeproot thread. I dont care about history from any other manufacturer. Can't we move on already from this?

#9183 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballwil:

Yes your right sorry, but there is nothing to move on at the moment.

Plenty. Whose games are you most interested in.. Barry Oursler, Dennis Nordman, JPOP?

Dennis has 2 unlicensed titles. I hadn't heard much about Barry's games whether any of them would be licensed. JPOP has MG, RAZA, AIW in process as well as 2 others that Robert mentioned one of these is licensed.

#9192 4 months ago

Robert talked about some Deeproot titles only having one version and other an LE and lower model(s).

#9309 4 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

I don't remember, but did DR ever discuss different models?

Well, yeah. I posted about it.

Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Robert talked about some Deeproot titles only having one version and other an LE and lower model(s).

#9346 4 months ago

I agree it being Ned.

#9356 4 months ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'd be excited if it weren't for that piece of dung Jpoop.

Be excited for there is more than just JPOP working there. Dennis had 2 themes in the works before leaving and sounds like Barry has 5 themes in the works.

#9368 4 months ago
Quoted from hank527:

And Dennis left Heighway before they crashed and burned. Its a sign.

And he did Lexi Lightspeed for P3. How many games did he do for Stern? Neither one of those companies crashed and burned. You cannot compare Heighway to any other company except for Those Boys in Grandma's Basement who did manage to do a few Predator prototypes.

Dennis also left JJP before WOZ was finished. JJP is still around as well.

#9369 4 months ago

B.d. = Birth day

#9373 4 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Before Deeproot

What seem logical with deeproot, isn't always.

#9457 4 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Isn’t the fist from the video / game - guy with antennas on his head?
[quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


#9460 4 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

Noone wants to spend 20k on pinball in 1 month.

Some do. Many more than you know.

#9529 4 months ago
Quoted from GuiitarMan:

Magic Girl was no where near ready to go as most of the mechs didn't work/weren't even in the game.

Correct. Robert said in the Kaneda podcast months ago, MG is a 2021 game at the earliest, along with AIW.

#9566 4 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Deeproot"ed" thought was that their ace in the hole is going to be a major bomb drop of several machines upon release. But according to some only RAZA and MG next year.

I only commented as RAZA at launch and AIW and MG at the earliest would be 2021 per Robert's comment on Kaneda's podcast from 8 months ago.

#9580 4 months ago
Quoted from mbeardsley:

...while they watch all their potential customers buying Avengers instead...

I am not a buyer of it anyway, just as sure as many others are not.

I await Deeproot to reveal since I can only afford maybe one NIB every 3 years, so I need to find the right game for me.

#9582 4 months ago

In 7 days, I hope when we find out how soon RAZA will be shipping. I sure hope some are already boxed up.

#9602 4 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

3 cornerstones a year. Rest don’t count.

Why not? Stern is still the one who builds the contract games.

#9858 4 months ago

I am only expecting 250, 500, or 750 RAZA games. Robert already stated 8 months ago and that it will be limited. Since it will be limited, I expect 10k price.

#9862 4 months ago
Quoted from underlord:

supposed to be announced again?

Tomorrow 9/21 CST.

#9865 4 months ago

Yes. CST because Deeproot is in Texas, not Norway, Australia, nor any where else where it will be 9/21 before it is in Texas.

Time of the day was never mentioned.

#9868 4 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

So is the rumor still 3 titles tomorrow one being licensed theme and ready to ship by 10/5?
Should be interesting if this happens.

Wishful thinking is not a rumor.

Go back to Robert's interview from 8 months ago. He only states RAZA for the reveal. If another game title is even announced, I would be surprised.

I really do not think another game will be announced until at least half of the RAZA production has been boxed up.

#9870 4 months ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

We all know where TX is. Just saying.

Guess you hadn't been reading all the comments like I have. You cannot always tell who is joking, or who really is serious about their comments or whether everyone is aware deeproot Pinball is even in Texas.

#9898 4 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

Is John Popadiuk working on the games (MG, RAZA, AIW)?

Yes with colaborative help from the deeproot team."


According to the last interview with Robert 8 months ago, JPOP is also working on another original theme and a licensed theme.

#9901 4 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

Didnt hear that

Quoted from PinballManiac40:

According to the last interview with Robert 8 months ago,

That re-aired interview was on Kaneda's pinball podcast. Did you listen to it?
Start at 55:00.

#9922 4 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

My memory fails me but there is/was a foreign pinball manufacturer that made components of the playfield modular. I really think that was such a brilliant idea specifically for the OPs. No more wasting time on site trying to troubleshoot or repair. Remove a couple nuts and disconnect a plug and boom the whole assembly comes out. Aesthetically it's less pleasing but none the less I think it's brilliant. I hope DR has kept the OP's first and foremost in their design.

I never heard of deeproot talking about this. What you describe is the modular assemblies in Heighway Pinball games.

#9946 4 months ago
Quoted from rai:

hopefully it's meaningfully cheaper than a Stern pro.

What if Kaneda just made most of that up to stir up some things?

#9975 4 months ago
Quoted from Tomass:

Where is that posted?

youtube. Just click it

#10217 4 months ago
Quoted from slghokie:

Stream aside...the teaser appears to state 9/21. And TWIP posted this today 9/21: "TWIP will have a comprehensive overview and deep dive regarding deeproot Pinball’s launch later today.
We also plan to include an interview with Robert Mueller. Keep any eye out for the post later today!" So something had to be planned for today.
Seems like deeproot need to get something out before the day is over. To delay due to a fake countdown and to counter your own teaser seems very short sighted. If the plan was for today sometime they need to make that happen.


#10692 4 months ago

You are just joining us? That was posted 14 pages ago.

#10696 4 months ago

I do hope RAZA eventually gets released.

#10710 4 months ago
Quoted from RCA1:

So I guess there is no warehouse full of games ready to ship.

images.jpeg-1 (resized).jpg
#11506 4 months ago
Quoted from wrb1977:

Where in the world did you come up with this???

He is always making up all kinds of stuff.

#11842 3 months ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

When I read that they have a full blown PC inside as well as a second power supply I don‘t see how they want to undercut Stern Pro pricing.

Probably was comparing to a Stern Premium, not a pro. Was "pro" a word Robert actually used? I think he just stated "cheaper than a Stern".

#11915 3 months ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

Did I miss something....

Not yet.

#12481 3 months ago
Quoted from BazilBLast:

I've always tried to be positive about them but after their latest debacle , I just don't care anymore .

And yet, you are still in this thread.

1 month later
#13191 64 days ago

Maybe some news coming soon. I sure hope that we see a picture of the factory building the arcade style of RAZA.

#13203 64 days ago
pasted_image (resized).png
#13209 64 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

My favorite part of this field test is where the testers are expected to drop coin on beta testing this product

Says quite clearly that RAZA will be on free play.

#13212 64 days ago

I am willing to bet the arcade style cabinet version will not have a Pinbar, just as it was at the HAAG show in 2019.

#13220 64 days ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

What exactly is an 'arcade style cabinet' ?

WPC style cabinet without a Pinbar. This is what was at HAAG 2019.
pasted_image (resized).png

#13224 64 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

The Arcade edition will have the Pinbar. But yeah, WPC cabinet.

Not from the based on the podcast(s) in the past. You are basing that on TWIP article?

#13227 64 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Yes. The TWIP article was very clear that the Pinbar would be on all models, including the Arcade edition (as well as the fancy lift glass). The game software relies too much on it to not have it. Not saying it's a good choice, but that's their choice unless they've spent the last two months figuring out how to make a model without it.
I think it'd be somehow even more troubling if it showed up without the Pinbar.

I don't see how. Many played the non-Pinbar version a year ago in Houston. I can completely live without a Pinbar.

#13229 64 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Wasn't the Houston thing just a barely flipping game though? Like hardly any rules and such to it.

It was a prototype. So until the reveal tomorrow, no reason in a whole year the couldn't have expanded on the game play since then. That was my only point.

#13231 64 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Well yeah, they have expanded on the game play...and it's centered around interacting with the Pinbar at key moments for gameplay and narrative reasons.

Stern has pro games without an action button and premium with one along with other features the pro doesn't and the code works around what mechs and action button are in/out of the game. So it is not impossible to work around it in software.

#13235 64 days ago
Quoted from noitbe1:

Is there any streaming video or else? I mean is this something like a 2nd reveal?

You probably will not want to see a comparison of the prototype from a year ago vs tomorrow's final production model. Hopefully, a real online stream will happen tomorrow.

#13238 63 days ago
pasted_image (resized).png
#13248 63 days ago

Bars are open in Texas. No one is being forced to go to this.

#13252 63 days ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

But going to play a prototype pinball machine

But a prototype it is not.
pasted_image (resized).png

Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Full disclosure; i also felt going to protest or attend political rallies in a pandemic was dumb to.
No one should risk there life to play a pinball machine. Especially this deepshit fiasco.
Good luck, stay safe.

I don't see how it is any more dangerous going to a restaurant, going to work or school, going to the grocery store or home improvement store, or even to get gas for your vehicle. Everywhere you go, you will be touching something that someone else has. Anyhow, there is a Covid thread for this already to make your thoughts known.

#13255 63 days ago

Streaming will be on twitch.tv/Fliptronic at 6pm tomorrow San Antonio, Texas time.

#13256 63 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

This is all nonsense of course.
There are prototypes. There are production games. It’s simple as that. Ask anybody in the industry.
If these are “production games,” then the game is in production. Does anybody actually believe that?

Even JJP did a small production run before running many of their titles. It is supposed to work out any issues, parts/tools/labor time, at any station to help the line move in an equal pace so one person doesn't get several staked up and then cause a bottleneck to the rest of the production line.

Same thing happens at my work and I'm in the seismic equipment industry.

#13258 63 days ago

Yes! 6pm today! I took that from Facebook, which happened to be a post from yesterday. Thanks!

#13261 63 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Those were “prototypes.”
It’s a thing.

Prototypes definitely were at the HAAG show 2019, no doubt. Totally agree.

#13262 63 days ago
Quoted from frolic:

So..... will the leg levelers on the front be extended tomorrow? Curious minds want to know.

Today, 6pm. Guess we'll see.

#13264 63 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

If it didn’t roll off a production line, it’s a prototype.
Deep root has their production line going?

I would hope they talk about it since they are supposed to be shipping games to the goodwill people before end of the year.

#13274 63 days ago

I call BS on a NDA.

#13279 63 days ago
Quoted from kermit24:

[quoted image]

Yeah, that was hilarious!!

#13322 62 days ago
Quoted from crujones4life:

How do I watch the stream now that it's over?

May not be available to watch until tomorrow

#13348 62 days ago

The RAZA stream is now archived and available. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/811329223

#13362 62 days ago

JPOP, time to finish this one up! According to Robert, this is to be a 2021 game.

AIW (resized).png
#13410 62 days ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

That was the biggest train wreck I have ever tried to watch! I just couldn’t watch it, I fast forwarded several times hoping it would get better, but it did not. Deeproot continues to look amateurish with everything they do. There is no way they produce this game! The only thing I got out of that stream was they need more investor money. On a positive note, they fixed the ramp shot, but unfortunately that is the only interesting element related to game play and it cannot save this game........The layout is boring and uninspiring. So much time, energy and money spent on things that have nothing to do with game play. I wouldn’t touch this game with a ten foot pole. So sad as I really wanted them to succeed.

How many times have you played it?

#13737 59 days ago
Quoted from Mr68:

The topper could be a microwave.

to make popcorn?

popcorn (resized).png

4 weeks later
#14916 30 days ago

These look like to me to be the neon rings as shown in TWIP article. I think you would want to confirm that with deeproot.


pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#15099 23 days ago
Quoted from pinlink:

Yeah because everything that has come out of RM's mouth has been 100% accurate

Always subject to change.

#15308 18 days ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Are any of the RAZAs, avail to play on location in NYC yet?

Are any Aliens?

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