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deeproot Pinball thread

By pin2d

2 years ago

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Post #111 Firsthand information from the Magic Girl programmer. Posted by applejuice (2 years ago)

Post #3026 RAZA promotional video Posted by vireland (9 months ago)

Post #5771 First RAZA gameplay video Posted by ZMeny (74 days ago)

Post #5874 RAZA video with more audible game sounds Posted by zaphX (73 days ago)

Post #5926 First RAZA video with successful ramp completion Posted by zaphX (73 days ago)

Post #5967 Another RAZA gameplay video Posted by flynnibus (73 days ago)

Post #6050 Closeup pictures of key playfield features Posted by Potatoloco (72 days ago)

Post #6133 Video of display animations Posted by LateCenturyMods (71 days ago)

Post #6329 Summary of Robert Mueller's interview Posted by jeffspinballpalace (69 days ago)

Post #6724 RAZA Gameplay video Posted by DS_Nadine (63 days ago)

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#180 2 years ago

is this guy serious? that interview came off so egoistical and brash.

#184 2 years ago

pinballseasy (resized).jpg

#193 2 years ago
Quoted from clempo:

When I read this I thought they would make the code open source, or make the system user programmable like Little Big Planet on PS4.

I kinda thought the same thing, rendering their machines ineligible for competitive play

#197 2 years ago

not really...

how about just shoot the left orbit all day for theater letters till you play for 10 days

#208 2 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

This company reminds me of a hybrid between Dutch and Highway Pinball. The brazen "we will crush you" attitude is similar to Dutch early on. Heighway has also retained the services of Dennis Nordman and Barry Oursler. So having names and an attitude doesn't really equate to any level of success historically.

those companies didnt know how easy it was tho

#223 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

If I do that, how long will it take me to beat the 5billion score I put up the other day?

I dunno, you literally never drain tho if you can hit an orbit. Which makes it a shitty tournament game like the post said you were responding to. I play my first two multiballs with combing the last theater letter into the hurry up mb start. I can beat you score in like 15-20 min? That's not a great score for a decent player O_o it's coded with flaws like most of the jpop games which was the point of the prior post.

#252 2 years ago
Quoted from alveolus:

Then take it up with Jeff Johnson.
ToM has a great layout, buttery-smooth flow, great toys and features, and is gorgeous.
I hope to own one someday, even with subpar software.

I was responding to the guy who was listing it as a well coded jpop game. it can still be a fun game but its not a great rule sheet by a long shot.

#262 2 years ago

Wow this guy tho. mind blown.
i can feel his ego popping thru my screen

#271 2 years ago

But guys... Hold on...
All will be revealed during the FIVE days... Yes FIVE days as in 120 hours... At an undisclosed time...


WTF does one company need 5 days to talk about their company... Apple? Nope, Google? Nope...deeproot???

How long is CES?? Lol

#307 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Honestly, I just cant figure out WHY he would have Jpop involved at all.

because mister big shot is convinced he is going to manufacture alice, zombie and magic girl and make dem big bucks

#381 1 year ago

download (resized).jpg

1 month later
#652 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Can’t argue with any of that .

whats the point of being on pinside if you arent going to argue

#666 1 year ago
Quoted from brucipher:

Would it have been your preference for JPop to completely vanish and those people to get nothing?

that is exactly what he is saying, he thinks people who made a bad decision should have to live with losing their money.

1 month later
#771 1 year ago

hah, i almost posted that i bet he violated his terms by posting as a joke but didnt want to troll. wtf. I had it typed out by deleted it lol "good will" my ass.

1 month later
#887 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Depends on how you define "the process".
If you take the manhours of the whole manufacturing afterwards (of all the games made) into account it's propably 0,00X%.

quad assembly bro

#904 1 year ago

so they are just getting a building ready and are waiting on machines to produce parts and build the games yet they still are on track to have at least 3 finished games by March of 2019 or maybe sooner?

That would be amazing, I wait here with bated breath

#920 1 year ago

Can Robert do another good will for the community and buy the imamaculate baywatch and bring it to TPF each year for us pinheads to pay homage to and add up the play count past 600 in 12 years?

maybe flight out wantdataeast for a meet and greet slash dirt sale and a seminar on how to sell stuff

3 weeks later
#1048 1 year ago

when will the deeproot tote bags come out?

#1085 1 year ago

A forum is "a public meeting place for open discussion"

dissenting opinions are allowed in such an environment

4 months later
#1916 1 year ago


Gonna be hard to fill up the 5 days of deeproot

Maybe they will steal "stay tuned!"

#1925 1 year ago

waiting for levi to come in and make a sarcastic statement about how everyone says stern sucks even tho they are the only ones to ship games at 5k blah blah blah

#1938 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Like you, I'd probably rather eat Kryptonite than be one of the investors in this venture.

apparently kryptonite is more real than deep root games at this point


#1978 1 year ago
Quoted from Manimal:

The vast majority of Stern's production staff are all working for a labor firm. Some are long-term temps, but temps none the less. I was using the same agency for some of my staff down the street from Stern. Just a fact of life in the production realm anymore. If you are going to compete using US workers, you often end up going with temp staff to save the cost of benefits, HR department, etc. My temps got the same benefits as regular staff, but most companies don't go that far. Even some of the design staff are contractors, in that they get paid a flat fee and/or commission. Stern (and pretty much all of the other manufacturers as well) have very few actual company full-time staff. This way if your lines are down for the day, you send everyone home and you don't have to pay them. So while Deep Root's claim to having the most full-time staff may actually be true, it is a play on words and not what folks think of in the actual sense of what was said.

can you make it into a cargument tho?

#2056 1 year ago

I like to merge my VR and Pinball together in one easy package:

!!e!VRp!!WM_$(KGrHqJ,!hYE0fG)ZqRWBNP4Pt8huQ___1 (resized).jpg

#2077 1 year ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

yancy, do not bring teledildonics into this discussion... I am a happily married man... I am not looking for VR sex. I just wanted to state that for the record... and in case the wife is reading this...

for someone who knows what the hell teledildonics is... fishy at best

im not even gonna google it lol

1 week later
#2155 1 year ago
Quoted from Methos:

What made people believe that JPOP could run a pinball manufacturing business?
What makes people believe that Robert can run a pinball manufacturing business?

sleight of hand?

4 months later
#3018 9 months ago
Quoted from branlon8:

So you‘re saying if somebody likes TOM, TOTAN and/or CV they are at best casual players? That „serious“ players would not be impressed by these games? Nice touch.

they just dont hold up to a good player... i was amazed by TOTAN when i was new to the hobby but would never own one now that I know how to play pinball.

i mean, you could literally play the wizard mode in TOTAN until the earth ran out of electricity or your game melted...

1 month later
#3522 8 months ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

"At a minimum, several RAZA prototypes will be available to play at the Houston Arcade Expo."
Better get your room reserved now.

I mean, people went and got plane tickets and hotel rooms for TPF 2019 for the 5 days of Deep Root and game reveal... didnt pan out for them. Wouldn't jump on a room and trip for just this and assume it is happening. you know what happens when you assume. you become the (old) deep root logo

#3527 8 months ago

he also says he doesnt take posts on here seriously but im pretty sure he said on here he blacklisted folks from the zidware claims for posts on pinside... that seems serious?

2 weeks later
#3688 7 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

This way, next time when you're being a jerk to people, they won't immediately disregard what you say simply due to poor grammar.

or just be really condescending to win over the people with grammar policing on a pinball website

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