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By pin2d

1 year ago

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#258 1 year ago

Actually you can thank me for Elvira 3. I’m the one who came up with it back in 2015 and told Dennis and Greg I wanted them to do it. I even reached out and spoke with Cassandra’s agent. I came up with a theme and fleshed it out with Dennis to present Elvira in a more timeless fashion. Dennis and I let things go after working with Charlie didn’t work out. Then at TPF 2017 I sat in the back of the room smiling when Cassandra Greg and Dennis announced that it was going to be made in the breakout session. While I don’t know what the current design or status is, if rumors are true that Stern is going to delay it’s release, I would love to purchase the license from them and finish it right. —Robert

#379 1 year ago
Quoted from AmericanPinball:

American Pinball has recently become aware of statements made by DeeprootTech in an interview. Deeproot's statements misrepresent the situation and in particular the status of any rights of John Popadiuk relative to his work on the first Houdini™ pinball machine concept. In brief, only API has the rights to market or produce a Houdini™ pinball machine.

Our only response to AP's post is that their statements are not true, they contradict their attorney's private statements, they contradict the contract they voluntarily drafted and entered into with John, and (as to the trademark) appear to contradict federal law. We are proceeding with John's original Houdini design but not the Houdini name; which is consistent with our prior statement.


1 week later
#432 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

You can say 'F this' and take nothing.. but keep your right to sue the guy and company with no assets and enough flip flops now to make it difficult to collect anything
You can sign up for a promise of discounts on deeproot games
... And at the end if you don't like the deeproot games, you can walk away... and depending on your 'tier' will dictate what relief you would have.
It's basically a tease for huge value on vaporware to lock in people waiving any claims against Popadeuce.
If deeproot fails to deliver... you get your money back (but they'll never let this happen)
If you don't like deeproot's games... if you were in for <5k.. you can get 50% of your money back AFTER the 'delivery date'. Those that put more money in the pot... you would be eligible for that money back (again after the delivery date).
The model is setup to encourage new deposits... with a promise of no risk.
But you know nothing about what games they are delivering... they've made zero games yet plan to be delivering 'multiple' games in less than 18months.
You also stand to be in the same situation you were with zidware... money or things owed to you, with potentially no way to collect.
They are selling promises in exchange for you signing away your claims against Popadeuce. The flip side is... 'something' even promises is still better than 'nothing'. But you get to ride the wave for another 12-18months

Thank you for your assessment, but you missed most of the points I tried to emphasize in the Webinar. Zidware customers who file a claim and are approved will get advanced access to play all titles *before* they have to commit to anything, or pay in any more money. It is completely no risk.

I would say you did get something right. We are sure that once Zidware Claimants see what they will be getting, most will likely max out the top tier. That benefits them; and admittedly us as well. I guess 'Sizzle without the zizzle' was overlooked in my last interview. I thought it was clever at least. Hehe.


#490 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

1) Will 5 days occur in 2018? 2) Is the ruleset for any game divided into selectable preprogrammed components? 3) are the pinball machines modular and/or swappable into a cabinet? 4) will layout be dependent on a screen embedded in playfield? 5) will games consist of a console and virtual reality glasses? 6) is there anyplace to read about their 30+ patent applications filed so far? 7) what kind of company doesn't care if potential customers are turned off by their hiring of JPOP and they don't mind losing sales?

1) Stay tuned. This interview will likely be our last major statements before that time.
2) Even better than that.
3) Hell no.
4) No.
5) No comment.
6) That’s not how the patent process works.
7) That is a very common response (or lack thereof) for most companies.


#509 1 year ago

Because this discussion might affect Zidware claimants decisions, we’ll say we have tested AR, not VR. But it’s not something that is going to be in the 1st generation of games.

What we are working on will be better than AR or VR and would likely be able to be retrofitted to other machines. 80% of what we are doing are based on our frustrations with existing machines.

On the sledgehammer, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but not a metaphor. Warranty for PF will be unheard of, so we take its durability seriously.

— dT

#511 1 year ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Wait, you mean you aren't going to take a sledgehammer to every playfield? No kidding, it's dumb.
Maybe cut back on the over-exaggeration. You completely discredit other things you say when you say obviously wrong/incorrect things.

You misunderstood. We will be taking a hammer to every PF.


#565 1 year ago
Quoted from oopsallberrys:

Has anyone heard back after filing a claim? The initial auto reply email went to my spam but haven't seen anything since.

We are going through them one at a time. There were a lot of claims filed and some of them with volumes of proof. We appreciate your patience.

—Robert dT

2 weeks later
#639 1 year ago
Quoted from TecumsehPlissken:

Anyone else have trouble with the "Start a claim" link on this page ? I want to file my claim but the link doesn't work for me

Hi. It appears working just now. If it is not working right for you we need a little more information to recreate the scenario and fix. Please PM if any personal info.

Thanks —dT

#653 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I just don't really think the lesson should be "don't worry, someone will bail you out" and then Jpop gets to have a job again. He should never get to work in the industry again, instead of being enabled. That's my perspective at least.

I think it is natural to have this perspective without the facts. However you have no idea what is going on behind the curtains. JPOP is not getting a free ride. He is not getting bailed out. He is not being enabled. And he is not getting an amazing compensation package that our other designers enjoy. The price he has paid and will continue to pay will be stiff. He knows it and still is committed to seeing things through. He does not need support or forgeiveness. He needs to finish what he promised. Period. And I am making sure he (at the end of the day) does just that. In fact, this last visit we had some tough love talks about several design issues. It wasn’t pleasant at all.

So, where is it right for anyone (especially someone who has no stake in the Zidware mess) to dictate whether someone has a right to right wrongs, finish what was promised, pay hard punishments, or be employed or involved in an passionate, diverse industry...all with no stake in an outcome and little to no real knowledge of what the facts really are?

—Robert dT

1 month later
#768 1 year ago

Mr. Brandes,

On January 31, 2017 Pintasia by and through its President Sabrina Wei entered into a certain Confidential Settlement & Release Agreement with Zidware, Inc. that became effective February 3, 2017. I have possession of the agreement because I am an excepted party to it. It is my understanding through counsel that Zidware satisfactorily performed under the terms of the agreement, and there have been no attempts by Pintasia to claim otherwise. That agreement had very strict confidentiality covenants in which you were a intended party and therefore required to keep them. You have made multiple comments on this public platform in violation of the confidential terms of the agreement, mischaracterizing confidential terms of the agreement, and dishonestly misrepresenting performance by the parties.

You are also in violation of several of the pre-requisites to qualify under the Goodwill Terms. Rather than tell you in private and have you dishonestly report the denial publicly...your Goodwill Terms claim is hereby denied. Your claim is the first, and I hope the last, claim we have to deal with in this fashion.

--Robert J. Mueller, Esq. dT

1 month later
#879 1 year ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

If Deeproot wants to succeed, the first step is to take ANY foamcore playfield on the wall that resembles GB and toss it in the closest available dumpster fire.

Good catch! So when we started, I got 4 games for the guys to show them what not to do in pinball. One of them was GB. Back early 2017, we used this foamcore mock-up of GB as a control to test component reaction on our boards with the actual game. It was actually a very important developmental step. We thought we'd have a little fun with it by hanging it up. It might be silly or stupid to y'all, but it is an important piece of our history.

--Robert dT

#881 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

9 months till TPF. Tick,Tock.

Tis true... At what point should we start panicking?

-- Robert dT

#884 1 year ago

If you only knew how little any of the designers have a role in the process, I think it would be much ado about nothing. Maybe <5%. Wasn't much different at WB either from what I hear.

Doesn't mean they aren't important. Also doesn't mean they don't work very hard. Just a fact of the beast.

-- Robert dT

3 weeks later
#1051 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

Hey now they are giving me a big FU in that those of us who took Jpop to court got the big FU treatment.


#1082 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr68:

It might be better if you knew what you were talking about before expressing your opinion.

Curious... facts aside, is he not allowed to have or post an *opinion* that you don’t approve of?

#1084 1 year ago

I was actually trying to ask an honest question that always puzzles me about posts on Pinside. My apologies if you felt it was provoking.

#1164 1 year ago

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but we have way too many amazing projects to worry about. Houdini or anything like it, is not amongst those.

—Robert / dT

2 months later
#1456 1 year ago

deeproot is announcing the addition of Steven Bowden to its ‘Future Worlds with deeproot Pinball’ seminar panel at 5:15pm on Friday 10/19 at Pinball Expo.

Steve has only been with us for six weeks but has pounded out more ingenious rule script than the best in the biz. It’s been a treat to see a master at work.

— Robert dT

#1459 1 year ago

DS_Nadine Yes.
Only_Pinball No

— dT

1 week later
#1526 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

That's Stern using replacement parts as a profit center.
Why can't node boards be repaired?

If only one could get the benefits of SM and the ease and cheapness of TH. Hmmmmm...

3 weeks later
#1839 1 year ago

Nearly all of the distributors that have contacted us sell Stern already. We’ve had some amazing conversations.


1 week later
#1867 1 year ago

This is fake and illicit use of our logo. Our law firm is contacting the authorities for original creator, and any subsequent posters, as this directly impacts our current and future relationships with IP holders.

BTW, It is common knowledge by anyone who has inquired that BTTF is not available to be licensed.

-- Robert, dT

4 weeks later
#1985 11 months ago
Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

This year, I booked a flight and a hotel room, for the "Big 5 Reveal". I'm real bummed to hear about the delayed reveal. Hopefully, there will be something to share with us, as a pinball community at that festival.

Call me sometime and let’s discuss.

Robert —dT

1 month later
#2242 10 months ago

2232 was a post of a repost from TWIP repost from early 2018. And if you win the game and you don’t want us to bring it out for you, I’m sure someone else would love to have it. We are just trying to help Jeff out.

— Robert dT

3 weeks later
#2300 9 months ago

We already answered it.

—Robert dT

1 month later
#2548 8 months ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

Everyone is focused on J-Pops next Machine, but what about Nordman’s? I see him on the roster, what is his next Pin?

The first has internal code of MA. The second he announced at Expo.

—Robert dT

2 weeks later
#2724 7 months ago

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but maybe not share stuff that’s inaccurate. That number is too low.

—Robert dT

1 week later
#2933 7 months ago
Quoted from arcadehero:

...I was able to ask a question about who it was that was backing them...

So that was you... good thing I prepared them.

—Robert dT

#2936 7 months ago
Quoted from arcadehero:

I wanted to ask more, but time was limited and the panel wasn't about pinball per say, so I held my peace

Hehe. I was sitting and standing right next to you. You could have just asked me


—Robert dT

PS adol75: I’ve already answered that on 2 podcasts

#3035 7 months ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

Sounds like maybe you need a hug from J-pop Levi?

I can help arrange that!

—Robert, dT

2 weeks later
#3324 6 months ago

I can’t believe I have to remind users here on Pinside, or listeners of podcasts, to assume anything posted (or disseminated) as fact by anyone other than me (personally) is guaranteed to be nothing more than unsubstantiated speculation. Letters went out to a few Zidware customers that said nothing more than (paraphrasing): get in the contract sent to you last year by May 31st or else your claim will be denied.

We plan to make a statement on or about June 1st regarding the Zidware claims. A statement will also be made as to the launch date of deeproot. A date we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring will be met this time.

Lastly, I agree with Kaneda that it is not fair that people are holding money back from making other purchases (pinball or otherwise) expecting us to imminently launch. We won’t be. I’ve said two things from the beginning. Pinball is easy; everything that goes into making pinball is not. We will launch when we are ready, and no sooner.

— Robert, dT

3 weeks later
#3482 5 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Boy was I stupid.

Haha. Not stupid. If we don’t make Dec 31 and you have to pay up I’ll cover you Send me a bill.

Quoted from JamesUK:

I posted this about deeproot pinball this morning, focussing on what it meant from a UK perspective, already out of date.

Thank you for the write-up.

Quoted from NeilMcRae:

maybe they should focus on building games rather than reading what folks are posting about them!

Actually Jeff and I had a great time playing RAZA and a few other games the other day. Can’t play games that haven’t been built, now can we? And no, I spend as little time as possible reading anything on this forum. Let alone taking it or anything posted seriously.

Quoted from Rondogg:

At least they changed their... logo...[quoted image]

My Utah creatives are pretty amazing right?

Quoted from russdx:

I think they should of stayed quiet until the actual reveal, now that would of been cool! But I guess to many big names working on it for rumours not to start

We needed to make an announcement regarding Zidware. Only made sense to address launch expectations. Don’t worry, but for the drama around Jpopalicious I would have rathered that no one knew that deeproot had anything to do with pinball.

Quoted from LTG:

Thank God we have all this outdated and uninspired crap to play until your games come out.
LTG : )

You mean like a GB that won’t turn on half the time, the two brand new premium Batman 66’s I bought that are already more dimpled than the moon and with broken mechs already, a Hobbit that’s been dead for months, a Dialed In with constant sound and rebooting problems, and a TNA with so many problems that it has kept my eningeers from engineering on deeproot stuff? Playing and maintaining a deeproot game is pretty refreshing for me thus far...

— Robert dT

#3566 5 months ago

Kaneda, you rock!

1 month later
#3916 4 months ago
Quoted from benheck:

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Stay out of it Ben. I consider your comment to be providing legal advice without a license.


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