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deeproot Pinball thread

By pin2d

3 years ago

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#3090 1 year ago

After watching this video - especially when JPOP asks if they want to go into the physical size of the business etc etc and the use of the plural word "games" and "my games" several times, I think each dev is working on a game or two a piece. To me this a legit go of a company. GAWD I want to see Alice in Wonderland become a reality. Screw Wonka - that's the real theme to chase after.

#3125 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

the bailout after TH had to be millions

What's your proof/source for this? I seriously haven't heard/read anything like this.

1 month later
#3462 1 year ago

The pressure to release a "superior" machine has to be soul draining. Superior would be code 100% finished and bug free, no design flaws (ball traps, crap ramps or need to add additonal hardware later on). They don't dare sell a machine with anything less or the community will tear them apart. Just remember DR, the kind of pie everyone likes is humble pie.

2 weeks later
#3696 1 year ago

I can understand the hatred from those who JPOP screwed. But what I dont understand is why the "ill will" towards DR? Yeah yeah the bluster comments probably could've been left out, but being excited about your own product is cool too! If they release AIW damn straight I'm ordering one. Missing deadlines .... is it really that big of a deal? I also dont see them holding anyones money hostage (excluding the JPOP mess) so not trying to be an ass but seriously ask really why all the hate? And to the haters, will you actually refuse to purchase a game even if it's majorally out of this world awesome?

1 week later
#3842 1 year ago

Don Bluth remains king of sexy cartoons. DR should reach out to him if they want to go down the road of cartoon characters that give the youngest and oldest alike a boner. See Kimmy (space ace) and Daphne (Dragons Lair).

#3898 1 year ago
Quoted from Fulltilt:

Choose wait for games or take the cash. I choose to wait

Unless your promised to get a game at a discount get your money back. Otherwise there is literally no point to take that gamble. My .02

#4034 1 year ago

Sprinkle of positivity. Now get off your asses and make me my AIW!

Positivity (resized).jpg
#4052 1 year ago
Quoted from Extraballz:

Well in the materials used department I will take the 90,s B/W all day long. Better wood, better metals,better plastics and better clearcoat for starters. And since this is a game of physics played with a steel ball I would say materials used matter. A pin made with stronger more durable materials will hold up better than one with lesser materials. I think the mechs where better with B/W also. I am not one to get distracted by a shiny LCD screen on the back glass. I mainly look down when playing pinball. So advances in the back glass dept mean much less to me than what is on the PF. IMO the standard for the back glass area has gone up as the standard for the PF area has gone down. Which area of the pin is more important? I have my opinion and I respect the opinions of others. Guess it just comes down to what each person is looking to get out of their pin.

I literally always agree with you and this time is no different. I think comparing a JJP to an old BW is almost disgraceful. Look at 30 year old machines and how long they've lasted and now look at the new machines. I'm not speaking of fun factor, I'm talking about reliability and longevity. It's a embarrassment that these companies are putting out products that are shelling out and literally from POOR design/quality and then stick the customers for replacing their screw ups. We need a system like the vehicle recall system. These manufacturers need to be held liable for their screw ups. It's bad enough to have a crap playfield and have to either fix it yourself or pay someone to do it, but it's quite another than you also have to eat the replacement part cost?
Thorin - you call that a fair trade?

Capture (resized).PNG
1 week later
#4171 1 year ago

An update would be fantastic actually. I'd sure have to speculate that there are more pro DR folks than anti. I think the silence speaks more volume than the few words and certainly doesn't help their cause. I'm itching to buy an AIW - but the money is burning a hole in my pocket and I need to unload soon.

Capture (resized).PNG
#4196 1 year ago

Modular is the key on so many levels. IIRC there"s an Italian pin company that made their games modular so operators could literally go onsite, unplug and drop a complete mech and replace with a complete mech. Sling shots, pop bumpers etc. No longer spending hours ... just freaking brilliant. Playfield swap times severely decreased as well. VERY cool.
Now if DR has a "brain" that runs every single game with a simple change of a USB stick/sd card/ssd ... and swap the playfield out by removing a couple plugs .... THAT would also be huge for operators. No more lugging games around from location to location. Install a kit and done. DR could potentially cripple the SHIT out of Stern or JJP if they used this and of course the games were actually good. Who in their right mind wouldn't spend ~$3000 for a kit that gave you a whole new game?

#4198 1 year ago
Quoted from NintenBear:

Wasn’t this concept Pinball 2000? Was JPOP involved with P2K?

Some what but not the modular mechs. IIRC the Star Wars release did so horribly and was their demise so in essence RFM release couldnt save them. William's never got the chance to prove/disprove the kit route is the way to go.

#4211 1 year ago
Quoted from Brijam:

I think you're forgetting things like cabinet art, backglass and toppers.
Are you an operator? Maybe your locations are different than mine, but the idea of a playfield swap on site, no matter how easy it is... just no. Hard no.

What operator in their right mind wouldn't spend $2k more to just buy an entire second pinball machine that earns right alongside the first one?

That's the beauty, they could service both types. Those who want full machines or those who would buy kits. As far as artwork goes ,they could easily make replaceable/swappable encased artwork. And to answer your question, no I am not an operator. However I'm good friends with a couple. They both agreed that if it meant a quick artwork change and simply unplugging, removing pf, inserting new one, plugging back in and a new USB with code theyd be onboard for a couple reasons.
1.) No lugging a machine back to the shop and or moving locations on a regular basis.
2.) Frees up money when they can't afford to buy a whole new machine and when the title stops earning. When I hear quotes like earning ~ $180 a month .... good lord.
3.) One would think the "hit" for depreciation on a "kit" would be much less than on a whole machine.
4.) The home market would benefit due to limited funds and/or limited space.

Still waiting on DP to actually participate in this thread.

#4218 1 year ago
Quoted from Brijam:

Really? Without adding significant cost to the cabinet? I'm less worried about the backbox but the sides of a pin take a lot of punishment on route. You have kids hanging off the sides, beer spills, what I like to call 'casual vandalism' - ("gee, I wonder if I can pry this off just to see if I can...").
I guess I'd have to see some actual working examples. It sounds pretty unbelievable to be honest, or expensive, or a pain in the ass to keep clean.

Those are some Very Big ifs. A fully assembled playfield with ramps and plastics and wired beneath is heavy and unwieldy. Your "removing pf, inserting pf" a bit of a scary operation without some kind of pulley system.

I personally can move a pin in and out of a van and on site in a few minutes. It's really not a big deal. I can't see how installing a playfield without some kind of portable pulley or weird gadget would work without getting another person to help.
And transporting a fully populated playfield, I guess you could store it upright on its side, but it gives me the willies just thinking about it.
As far as I can see, this new system at least doubles my labor cost for transport and replacement, adds cost to the cabinet for some whiz-bang playfield hardware, adds cost for a magical removable artwork system, plus some kind of weird transporter/installer thingy for getting the pf in and out of the van and into the cabinet.

I don't think you're looking at the math the way an operator looks at the math.
A pinball machine is generally an asset that holds a good part of its value, and if you're quite lucky, can even rise in value.
Every operator is different but when a new pin stops meeting our earnings requirements, we sell it or find another home for the pin at a site where the earnings don't justify a brand new machine.
Look at it this way, would you rather have a paid off pin earning $180 a month or pay storage costs on a playfield gathering dust?

I'm not an economist, but isn't depreciation greatly affected by the potential market size of buyers (e.g. demand?). In other words, all other things being equal, a smaller marketplace of buyers would generally equate to a higher depreciation, wouldn't it?
Maybe I'm wrong there. The examples I can think of would be for video game peripherals vs. actual video game consoles, in my experience the consoles hold far more value than the peripherals.

Maybe. One can just as easily claim that due to limited space people don't have room to store a playfield. Either way it's just speculation.

Given their track record I'd rather they waited until they had a product.

Ok, whatever you say is the Gods honest truth. Next.

1 week later
#4354 1 year ago

Makes sense if you think about it. It would be political suicide to launch a machine with this monkey on your back. I'd venture a guess DR will be announcing games very shortly because the monkey no longer exists. Being on AIW!

#4389 1 year ago

I just watched a 10 minute video of magic girl. 10 minutes of just nothing exciting, no multi balls (none), crappy "repetitive" audio sounds like a 70's clown sound of a straw with water in it being blown across and lazer sounds. It's like almost everything on the pf is bash toy.
It's really the first time I've ever really looked at/into this machine. This is kind of a crappy game honestly. I sure as hell hope they're planning on redoing this machine or the value better be ~ that $5000 mark. Seriously I think Cosmic Carnival is better than this. I've always enjoyed JPOP titles but this is a real Cleveland steamer. A good looking Cleveland steamer but a steamer none the less.

#4393 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Don't you think that the game being incomplete, as in, not even close to done, has a bearing on it being good or bad?

Certainly can't help the cause that's for sure. But it still looks pretty uninspiring to me. I certainly hope AIW is better than that - that's the one I'm hoping for.

1 week later
#4516 1 year ago

Another day of no updates from deeproot. Their silence is NOT doing them ANY favors. C'mon DR - sack up and provide the community, ya know.... the ones who will be buying your machines some sort of update? Anything..... just anything (other than artwork photos).

2 weeks later
#4749 1 year ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

Not this again. Every playfield dimples. Steel balls are harder than a wooden playfield.

You apparently haven't owned or are familiar with a playfield cleared by Kruzman. Dimples are NOT normal.

And for the other folks saying Robert should keep quiet - I do absolutely 100% fully disagree. I think he should be giving updates. Who cares if he misses so called dead lines. Being up front and honest about progress "or lack thereof" makes no difference to those who are reasonable. He's human and some things are just out of anyone's control. Honesty and sincerity will bring the people. However making a product, charging an arm and leg for it and have it falling a part and not owning it and fixing it will drive the masses away. Still rooting for AIW.

#4759 1 year ago
Quoted from xeneize:

Never seen a dimple on a Kruzman field.

Buh buh buh BINGO! kruzman

#4763 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Yea, because missing deadlines and being dishonest havent been a roadmap for 3 companies crashing and burning(customers $$$ in the past 10 years) , but doesnt matter to reasonable people?

So giving back the money to those who requested it isn't enough? He didn't have to do it but he did and you still want to ride his ass? I'l assume you have no dog in this fight?

#4797 1 year ago

Being the voice of reason, when it comes to dimpling EVERYONE is actually right. If all you've ever owned are games that end up with dimpling you're opinion is right. For instance 3 of my 4 pins are dimple free. One isnt. Oddly enough the one that looks like a damn golf ball surface is The Hobbit. The newest and played the least out of all of em and looks like hammered dog shit. However the one with a Kruzman cleared is proof that dimpleless non pooling playfields are still doable today.
Dont judge the "dimple is normal" crowd too harshly. They just dont know any better.

Anyway to be relevant to the thread DR can't wait to see AIW! I WANT AN UPDATE!

3 weeks later
#5056 1 year ago

I couldnt care less if DR copied some of the current tech such as a hard top and/or modular components. No more playfield swaps or having to work on something with the hood up, remove, rebuild (or swap the components/s, reinsert. And use metal ramps no plastic. The damn thing would last forever and be virtually trouble free (so to speak) Standardize the PC components. I know some people hate the idea (which fine dont be an a-hole) but enabling a quick switch of artwork, playfield and hard drive. No more lugging a game back to the shop or from location to location as more titles appear. For crying out loud golden tee and big buck Hunter are prime examples of how well it works. I just hope JPOP is only designing.... as for me, I think his titles thus far are gorgeous to look at but mediocre in the fun department. Skill shots based off a wire ramp in the shooter lane just sucks and his code has been just as weak.

1 month later
#5275 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I didn’t have time to go in. But will try this week
You are no fun Levee! Geez. I still love you man!
Let’s get excited fellas. The Oracle of Pinball is on fire!
Pinball is rocking right now
Woohoo. You grouchy Mfer's can't bring me down!

I'm with you brother. I'm sincerely rooting for DR! Call me selfish, but I sincerely could care less about the owners so called previous (pompous/arrogant) remarks or the whole Jpop debacle. If they can actually produce a fantastic reliable product and provide actual support for the product I'll very likely be onboard for AIC (as long as it doesn't suck). JPOP likes to F with the shooter lane making stupid skill shots - I hope he doesn't F up AIC in the same manner.

1 week later
#5348 1 year ago

I'm a big fan of common sense.
Is shooting your mouth off and belittling other competitors OK? Not ever.
Is said action a company ending action? No
Does someone invest that much money with plans to have nothing to show for it? No.
Does someone assume others debt and make good on it to produce nothing? No.
Are they under any obligation to provide updates? Absolutely positively no.

So with this being said, exactly what's the problem here? Debts have been satisfied and the public is owed nothing more. My .02

#5466 1 year ago

While RAZA isn't personally my thing, I think it does look great. And has the community not been clamoring on and on about the need for "original" themes? Well here ya go! I must admit, while I have a owned a few Jpop games, they have never been on my "gotta have" or "keeper" list. I've always despised his shooter lane "skill shot" setups. RAZA is "normal" - smart decision!
Congrats to those that want this title. I'm waiting on AIW.

I'd really like to hear about the "new tech" they floated here oh so long ago.

#5513 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

This prototype has a Mirco playfield......

Please tell me you're joking. If that is the case and if AIW is a title I want, I will be asking DR if it's possible to have a non cleared pf sent to Kruzman and then back to them.

#5515 1 year ago

AH, now that I've gotten on a pc and able to see more clearly, RAZA's "main toy" is a very much a recycled World Cup Soccer 94 moving target and if I'm seeing correctly in that same area are roll overs? Another WCS94 recycled idea. That's actually pretty disappointing.

#6061 1 year ago
Quoted from nogoodnames222:

I'm too young to actually know, but wasn't Cirqus Voltaire a flop when it was first released? I've heard there weren't many fans of the colors/theme but I personally think it's one of the most gorgeous games ever made. Hearing similar aesthetic complaints here, just my 2c.

Yep, CV was a flop. Agreed one of the best looking pins ever made. Ive always been a fan of his artwork... but that's where it ends. Jpop also has an incredible talent for adding annoying toys that affect flow and offer no reward and my biggest gripe is he always has to screw up the shooter lane. I see he's managed to do it to this game too.

#6083 1 year ago

I had Pm'd RM 4 months ago and told him with all the hype he's created, showing a game that was anything less than dialed in and done code wise (excluding bugs) would be suicide.
I understand because of RMs excessive hype they feel pressured to get something out there. I just cant believe their "debut" was like a WIP homebrew. Not to mention they allowed piss poor lighting, couldn't be bothered to "freshen" up rubbers or identify weak flippers let alone create a semi professional video if it in action. A real head scratcher. RM either needs to hire a PR manager or fire who he's got right now . This was their time to shine! The time to fire back and give a big middle finger to all the pinside haters ya know?

#6170 1 year ago
Quoted from Gasoline:

I attended the Houston Expo and played RAZA on and off over 2 days (probably put ~30-40+ games in). Here is a $.02 perspective on top of the other comments already reported in this thread. TLDR: Skip down to "Overall".
Disclaimer: I am not a tournament player, nor a pinball historian, have no fanboi allegiance to any manufacturers/designers, and just a regular novice pin enthusiast.
I spoke with the DR crew about their goal of attending the event and about the pin itself. They confirmed the machines brought to the show were not the final PFs, cabinets, art package, sculpted toys, code, etc... (RM commented on this in his last podcast interview so really no surprises there).
These machines were specifically put together to test at the show to collect data and get initial impressions on some of the design aspects. The goal of bringing to a small event like Expo was to view real life players of all skills interact with the game, collect data on a subset of code, and see what people liked/didn't like. In short, I gathered they wanted feedback but didn't want to reveal everything ahead of their premier early next year.
I don't know if one should hypothesis that there will be changes from what was shown in the actual PF/Mechs but I would expect tweaks and more layers added to the code. The DR reps kept telling me we were not seeing all that is in the game, they pulled a lot for the show, and there will be more in the final build (interpret how you will).
It was apparent that aspects of the code were not complete in that it was lacking full story integration on goals/objectives, fully implemented call outs, all wizard modes, full on light integration, etc. The modes that worked had the animation running like Atomic Mode, Zombie Multi-Ball mode, Duck Hunt. Other items like Bowling Alley, Daredevil Ramp, Dizzie Dozzie sort of registered and displayed animation on the screen but I didn't see how they integrated into the game play story or value to the game objectives.
The DR team did have laptops directly wired into the backbox CPUs of both pins (pins OS run on Unity) collecting data, turning features on and off, rebooting, viewing stats, etc... For example, there were a few times when i saw the ball go into the Xenon ball lock and the CPU ball register would lose track. The game would just sit idle and not do a ball check. They would have to reboot the pin from the laptop. Upon rebooting, a ball check script would run, find the missing ball, eject it back into the game, and cleared the error. By the second day, they must have tweaked code b/c when I saw it happen they said wait (which usually took over a min) but eventually the ball check would kick in and automatically eject out the lost ball. Main difference was no forced reboot.
The rep did comment that they have been play testing extensively in their labs but the show was definitely providing value in that they are seeing some new behaviors/issues they had not run across during their testing.
I was told RAZA's toys were 3D printed and not the final sculptured versions. The Ferris wheel was a pure white plastic wheel and not decorated. The toys (Dizzie Doozie, Zombie Ned, Jet Rocket, UFO Ship, Atomic Shop) looked pretty rough up close to be honest but they represent what will be in place.
They addressed the PFs being dark. The PF lights were not fully implemented for the prototypes and there would be a brighter/better implemented light shows in the final product.
Cabinet art was just a place holder. The silver plate around the screen and speakers was also just a functional cover.
As others stated, the conference area lighting situation wasn't ideal. The game's color palate has a lot of green, purple and blue which combined with conf area lighting (plus lack of full in-game light integration) hurt what can be seen in the photos/videos (green haze). The color scheme does have a feel as if it's being setup for a black-light neon-glow option (speculating). Plus the glass was standard "visiglass" which meant views were blocked by lights/reflections bouncing off the glass.
Screen/Animation: I liked the length of the screen, it felt natural, and didn't distract from game play. Animation was smooth, buttery and professionally done. Want to see more of what's to come in the animation department and how it integrates into the back story. The players' scores, objectives and understanding the layout was pretty straight forward.
Sounds: From what I heard, well composed, professionally done, crisp, and fit well with the game play. Buzz Lightyear meets evil carnival integration is the best way to describe it.
Flow: This is not a fast flowing game. It's a lot of stop, aim, and shoot at your targets. At first when playing, it felt clunky. As I got better on ball control and knowing objectives of where to shoot, the game felt smoother. It is a low scoring game where breaking 1000 was an achievement for many. Towards the end I was averaging 5k-10k scoring games with a personal high of 24k.
JPOP factor: Yes, this is filled with a plethora of past JPOP design concepts, game mechanics and toys. Does one stand out above all the rest? None did for me. I felt like each brought a small uniqueness to the game and as a whole provided entertainment but not one item dominated the game.
Zed Target: Moving target under Zed sculpture. Shoot moving target under Ned to spell out Zombie. Activates Zombie Multiball. Very satisfying and if missed, can lead to SDTM plunges. Most obviously thing to do and focus on at start of the game.
Multipliers: 3x, 6x, 9x underneath left wing of Jet Rocket above the Ride the Coaster ramp. Important to have these hit (often via nudging) and activated before multi-balls. Absolute must to achieve high scores!
Ride the Coaster Ramp: The ramp has a skill factor. Hit it with enough speed, you drive the ball to the top and it can divert to a left or right exit ramp (which direction it takes I could not determine but a majority of the time it would exit down the right ramp). If you try to dead flip it up, you usually won't have enough momentum, it rolls backwards down the ramp and drops off behind the Atomic Shop (Ramp chute has part of it's side missing) into the central top play area near the Zed moving bullseye target. I was in the 30-40% range of making it to the top. Some games it seemed easy to do back to back. Others it was near impossible to get the momentum needed. Partly by design? Or partly due to weak flippers? Lots of cheers when people made it to the top of the ramp tho.
Dizzie Dozzie: This is the spin toy (~TOTAN Lamp) on the left side which was pretty stiff on spinning. Spin it and get points. When I made the comment how it slowed down play, the engineer commented they've tried it where it spins much looser/faster. They tweaked it for the show to try it in the other direction. Most comments from players were that it got in the way, spins too slow, sort of useless, and slowed down play but I did see that it helped redirect the ball often in a positive manner to prevent SDTM. It's location sort of makes the left orbit difficult to hit and can get in the way of the Atomic Shop if the Dizzie Doozie bar is oriented in a blocking pattern of ball flow.
Daredevil ramp: I didn't understand the joy of it. Hit it just right and the ball jumps up an inch off the PF, hits a target, drops down behind the ramp, and pushes the ramp up to roll ball back into play. Code wasn't really integrated to show its value from what I saw.
Twister Spins: Spinning black disk which I saw activate 2x but had no idea why it activated. Just flung the ball in a random direction across PF. Injects risk but no major wow factor for me.
Bowling Alley: Three X's up along the right orbit have targets that call out spares/strikes when hit. They worked but again not fully implemented in how they are part of the game.
Atomic Shop: Hit drop target in front of shop to open the shop. Enter shop before drop target pops back up to activate a mode. I.E House of Mirrors, Duck Hunt,... Pretty straight forward. Noted that Dizzie Doozie's orientation often gets in the way.
Ferris Wheel: Soft right orbit shot I believe will get you a seat on the wheel which just slow spins and drops ball back into play. Not sure the value or if it was fully integrated into game play yet.
Duck Hunt: To the left of Dizzie Doozie is a carnival spin wheel with 3 duck targets that rotates. Hard to hit but one of the modes I believe from Atomic Shop.
Atomic Shot: Shoot left orbit to spell Atomic Shot. Activates modes. Can't recall which.
Xenon Tube: Just to the right of Zed moving target, locks balls for multi-ball mode.
MagnaSave: Above the right lane letter "D", there is a silver magnet that can be activated by a second button below the right flipper button. Press and Hold (as long as you like) and the ball will get pulled to the magnet. Release the button and it drops down the D lane. Great when you see the ball wobbling toward the "E" drain lane. For the show (at least on the second day), the magnasave was always available and never timed out. They said very few people tried using it. I found it invaluable. I assume in final code you will have to earn this function and it will only be on for a limited time.
Carnival Tickets: Throughout the game you collect carnival tickets for achieving actions. How you get to spend these to collect prizes or activate features was not explained or how to use. May be tied with Skill Shot Select item below but wasn't implemented.
Skill Shot Select: Before each plunge, you can choose with your flippers on the screen from 6 (I recall) skill shot targets to hit. You spend different points to select. Maybe this is where you spend tickets? The more points you spend, the greater reward if you hit selected target. For the Expo, it didn't seem to matter if you had points or not, you could select any skill shot to attempt. Maybe I just misunderstood the objectives of this skill shot part of the game. It seemed no matter what you picked, all the skill shots lit up to target. Someone else can correct me on this. There were blips in the code where a skill shot would auto select as you switched players and it ran out your save ball plunge timer before you had a chance to shoot.
Skill Gate: Upon plunging the ball, it sends the ball up a short ramp and dumps it right to your flippers every time. I assume this is aligned to coordinate with the Skill Shot you select.
Wizard Modes: Battle 1, 2, 3, 4, Save the Earth. I don't believe these were active or available.
Hurry Up/Get Ready: Above the R on the far left drain, when lit, actually shoots drained ball up to windy clear plastic trail and drops back to left flipper. Everytime I thought my ball was going to drain I was excited to have this kick in. Small gimmick but an enjoyable one.
Overall: There was a fun factor and challenge to RAZA. I kept going back to play more. I told the reps my curiosity was piqued, it had a lot of potential, definitely needs tweaks (PF mechs/Code), but I wouldn't buy it today in its current state. There has to be a deeper level of code play with objectives and wizard modes (which obviously weren't available for the expo) for me to see and play before I would purchase one.
The discussions on DR innovations under the hood and PF are interesting for long term support/maintenance/cost savings but obviously they were not available in this cabinet build to be shown at Houston Expo.
RAZA has the components to be fun but as a whole I wasn't sure they were fully implemented with code yet. If this is close to final form, then they may have problems with long term play-ability, attracting players, and selling large volumes of machines. As a prototype, this was a pretty solid showing. It definitely has created a spectrum of opinions on PS.
End message is that I am curious to see more and where this goes. They have a good foundation to build and tweak (layout, toys, code, animation). Can they deliver a "Wow-Factor" game in its final form and hit a price range that will draw in the limited dollars from potential pin buyers next year?
To be continued in 2020...

This ^^^^^; thanks so much for such a thoughtful and honest review.
Anytime a person states up front they are just an average player I tend to listen more closely. Your review has me super excited to see what they do with AIW.

So the question is, should they widen shots that are hard to hit or leave as is and let the code offer higher rewards? Greater the danger, greater the reward right? I feel like Houdini was deemed a clunker because of people feeling the shots were too hard. It also sounds like this is not a game to be considered flow. Personally I'm not a flow fan. Games get long for me and having a holdup/timeout is welcome

#6356 1 year ago

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasnt there talk at some point where there was supposed to be 3 machines released at the same time? I believe it came up around the zidware reparations discussion.

So anyway, if this did in fact happen why are we not seeing the other two machines? Clearly DR has no problems showing prototypes so I'd really like to see where AIW is right now!

#6524 1 year ago

Not providing a defense but rather perspective . Over the years, I have heard "figure heads" make what I feel were sketchy if not downright blustery comments. RM has done the same. HOWEVER I think painting pinside black as a whole is a TERRIBLE thing to do. The man is obviously frustrated, and if I had to guess he's extremely proud of his work and let's face it, no one in this world enjoys having people attack/poop on something you feel like you put your blood, sweat and tears into. Not to mention he's trying to offer us something and he likely feels the comments being made here are proof that he shouldn't even bother (thus the losing interest comment in the interview).
I think everyone (pinsiders and RM) need to pull their damn horns in.
My sun will rise and set whether RM succeeds or fails. I wish DR nothing but best wishes and hope a voice of reason at that company reads my comments and realizes not all of pinside deserves to be on a proverbial black list. Most of us just want to help things be the best they can be!

#6683 1 year ago

It's (when) not (if) the market takes a dump so what? Big freaking deal. Guess what happens after? The economy gets back on track and life moves forward AGAIN. Stop listening to all the raving idiots on the lame stream media promoting their warez fear tactics. If you're that worried sell all your shit and live in a card board box. If you love long enough you'll be able to tell the rest of us you were right.

#6689 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

High blood pressure much?.

Nope! Because I don't worry about things out of my control (aka sky is falling syndrome) and this is definently one of them! Life is great and people need to start realizing it.

#6748 1 year ago
Quoted from pin2d:

About that deeproot Tour
More details on the cabinet and the games

The end of that article NAILED it. "DR doesn't owe anyone anything so we'll have to wait and see what happens."

#6800 1 year ago

For those that actually played the pin, why not "tactfully" tell the attendants the flippers felt under powered and ask if they would turn the juice up a tad?
Why did no one "tactfully" ask to see the under the playfield and inside the back box?
Why did no one "tactfully" ask to see the "new tech" that RM has been boasting about?
I'm a firm believer you can talk about anything. It's all about the approach.
I've watched some of the videos and the attendants didn't "feel" like pinheads. They felt more like temp workers asked to baby sit a machine? They would've been prime candidates to catfish info from. Hell, even prototype cars at a car show will allow a look under the hood right? Worst case scenario you wouldve been told no. RM seems like a very proud man, I suspect he will go out of his way on the final product to give pinside the middle finger. "Let those who doubted us rule this day" ~Thorin Oakenshield

3 weeks later
#6970 11 months ago

I'm kind of scratching my head over this "release party". I thought there was supposed to be a 3 or 5 machine reveal upon the go live date? Now all there is .... is RAZA? I sincerely hope Jpop has been demoted/redirected to do artwork only. All of his "glory days" games included annoying shooter lanes and a toy that annoys me because it interrupted flow in a way that makes me feel like why even add it in the first place?!
WCS is probably the least annoying toy wise, still has a stupid shooter lane.

2 months later
#7741 9 months ago

I've been unplugged for about a month. Has there been any other info leaked/released other than on RAZA or MG?

IMG_5648-small (resized).jpg
#7792 9 months ago

Gosh darn it, I was really hoping there would be more info on the other releases by now. AIW has always been a dream theme for me. What really surprises me is that we live in a age of leakers and we haven't seen anything leaked yet. It's actually shocking to me. And why doesn't DR post updates? Who cares if it's not moving along at a speed they talked about. I for one dig humility, it shows sincereity ya know? C'mon DR let's see some new stuff!

#7799 9 months ago
Quoted from wrb1977:

Deeproot’s silence and the fact that there have been no leaks is quite impressive...adds to the anticipation in my opinion. 17 days and you are going to see some new stuff!

Could be and I hope you're right!

Quoted from Roostking:

Comey's not in charge! Hoping for some good things from them!


#7800 9 months ago

I feel like Jpop always seems to do something annoying with the shooter lane. If this is his "game signature" I guess he'll end up ruining AIW for me as well. :/
I've been debating on buying a MMR SE or Royale and have been holding out to see some real proof of AIW.

I highly suspect (and hope I'm wrong) that the only news that's going to pop on the release is RAZA and MG finished products. They've taken way too long on those two titles .... I just can't see how they'd be able to progress on the others.

#7803 9 months ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Robert already stated, AIW is a 2021 game.

Thanks for the info, I hadn't heard that.

2 months later
#8504 6 months ago

If it were my company, I would've done a live 3 hour online 4K stream to showcase the product, some in-depth game play and did some live chat Q&A.
Enabled the shopping cart and started selling. I can't foresee RAZA being much different/better than the last videos we were provided. This is literally a "go for broke" moment they should embrace. Seriously, a prime example is have you guys/gals noticed shipping from Amazon has slowed down? Have you noticed so many products are out of stock? Have you noticed that trying to get construction people in to do a job is super tough because they're booked out for months now? FACTOID: People spend money when they're bored (idle hands is the devils playground). He should capitalize on this moment especially since there's nothing new coming down the pike anytime soon that I'm aware of.

#8508 6 months ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I think everybody wants to see how this movie will end. And I want Popadiuk to settle his debts with everyone.

The JPOP debt was settled. (community wise) DR announced they'd take responsibility for that debacle and allowed people to get money back or when the time came to get two machines instead. The debt now belongs to DR not JPOP

#8514 6 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

nope... DR tried to buy off a bunch of zidware's customers to free up the liabilities against zidware, but that didn't mean DR aquired zidware at the time, nor did they settle all of zidware's liabilities. Which is why zidware is still trying to file bankruptcy...

After I read your post I put my chin into my chest lol. Sorry guys, it was my understanding that Robert settled JPOPS debt and that it was water under the bridge.

1 month later
#8770 4 months ago

I keep saying "what if" and man, I'm starting to run out of those. Robert could absolutely start the sales up. Virtual showing of machines and even if the roll out is slow due to pandemic it's still a start and gives the public one less thing to hang over their heads. I sincerely hope Robert can see that waiting for the spotlight to shine on him is still possible, just not when he wanted it too.

1 week later
#8819 4 months ago

I think it's safe to assume a few things here:
None of us truly know what's happening there and Roberts silence on the matter is potentially hurting if not destroying the companies image.
As I previously stated (and reaffirmed by the Rick and Morty comparison stated earlier) there is NO reason why they can't do a HD video ad and start selling them. But, we also don't know if he actually has the product to sell. At this point I'd assume no and why he's being quiet.

I can totally understand Robert wanting to have this BIG coming out production. Everyone wants to be in the limelight once in their lives. But is holding out for that moment worth the potential failure of the entire operation?? I wish I knew him personally. I'd encourage him to focus on the future of becoming a legend which is WAY better than a temporary limelight. My .02
Keeping going DR - waiting to buy AIW.

2 weeks later
#8849 3 months ago

Why not create informational videos talking about:
The board sets they've chosen to use and why?
Manufacturing processes?
Who's making the playfields? (would love to see a process video of that hopefully it's not Mirco)
How the idea came about for the specific title/s.
Interviewing the artist/s.
Are they going to allow a "Custom shop" option where a person could send the playfield to a person like Kruzman to clear coat.

I'm just spit balling ideas here but they could keep their current based energized and potentially energize potential customers. I wish them best, sincerely I do. I'm in no hurry whatsoever and willing to wait as long as needed to get an AIW.

1 week later
#8970 3 months ago

Assuming RAZA and MG are the primary focus, nobody is seeing workers at the factory yet .... looks like AIW is at LEAST a year out from being officially announced and then potentially another year before they ship it. Just wanted to say damnit. Just so much damnit.

I'm seriously perplexed as to why they would choose to release two original titles based off of "nothing" instead of a proven time worn "and more relatable" title like AIW? Is this a JPOP vision they're chasing money be damned or?
How many Disney based cartoon pins have we seen? Man, it just looks like they're betting on the wrong pony here.

#9044 3 months ago

We've already seen both games being released so ask yourselves what could possibly be the point of remaining silent?
What could possibly be left to reveal other than the price and when they start shipping? Huh, the price is actually irrelevant to those getting their Zidware reimbursement. So with that being said why have they not released a promo video of the machines in action? You would have to imagine everything is done (other than building them). In my personal opinion it wouldn't overshadow their official release, so it's not a thunder stealer so to speak.
All of the aforementioned would do nothing but add excitement and reassurance of this coming to fruition.

#9060 3 months ago

Having brilliance is pointless if there's no one to listen
As my grandfather taught me, "God gave you two ears and one mouth. Use them in proportion".

I'd love to see what Elon would come up with for innovation. Its so badly needed IMHO.

1 week later
#9128 3 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

If I bought all my games based on Others video reviews I wouldn't own any lol.

That's funny because I've sought out games based on others positive opinions to find they weren't for me.

Also - the earlier comment about the ramp being a disaster - it's totally a JPOP WCS94 inspired style ramp. Weak ass ramp shot exits lol

#9135 3 months ago

Personally I would laugh my butt off if after the initial release Robert came on here and posted a "suck it" animated GIF.

tenor (resized).png
#9158 3 months ago

I think history is important. I've only been in the hobby for about a decade so I don't know if Stern came out of the gate with a braggadocios approach or not. I do vaguely remember JJP came out fairly humble and over promised and under delivered. Of course both owners eventually fired some not so friendly comments at one another. Human nature - swinging D contest lol.
Not making any excuses for DR but I can at least understand/believe from the beginning Robert was truly excited. I'll "guess" he had somebody in his ear that he trusted implicitly promising things that Robert didn't have any real knowledge of and he "like us" felt incredible passion for pinball realizing that it's become over priced and uninspiring. It's kind of amazing really .... human nature. Where passion can lead us. Good or bad.
Successful corporations are successful because the founder surrounded his/herself with "qualified" people who share the same vision. If I was Robert, I'd hire a PR person to do damage control. Likely a female because most men won't attack a female. She could relay Roberts thoughts in such a manner that resonates more than if it came out of his own mouth.

Or I could just be talking outta my butt. I've been known to do that ...... a lot. LOL

#9191 3 months ago
Quoted from mikeflan:

>>>>>I do vaguely remember JJP came out fairly humble and over promised and under delivered. Of course both owners eventually fired some not so friendly comments at one another. Human nature - swinging D contest lol.
How in any way did JJP underdeliver? They threw literally everything in the pinball book at the game: Two mini playfields, flippers galore, rollovers, sculpted toys, crazy light show, the whole LCD in the backbox, sophisticated troubleshooting, a world class designer, wooden apron, etc, etc....
They invented the LE, and at the time it was their base model.

Under delivered meaning not the quality of the product but the timeline WOZ was supposed to start shipping.

#9217 3 months ago
Quoted from Makakka:

There are many who don´t "get" the JPOP magic and you are obviously one of them.

Interesting take. Words are tone deaf so understand I'm not attacking you at all here. For me, the JPOP "magic" is how he has always taken a theme and so excellently integrated it into pinball. The artwork has always been second to none. A JPOP machine is so easy to spot because of it.
Spinny toy (for me personally super annoying)
Weird short skill shot shooter lane (for me personally super annoying)
One "fancy" ramp

Theatre of Magic (for me) was probably one of the "less" toy annoying JPOP jobs. Still weak shooter lane and one fancy ramp.
Now look at RAZA.
CHECK - Spinny toy (Basically every JPOP machine)
CHECK - Weird short skill shot shooter lane (Basically every JPOP machine)
CHECK - One "fancy" ramp (Basically every JPOP machine)
Roll over switches ala WCS94 and CV
Moving target (NED) ala WCS94 striker the goalie

Anyway, Robert spoke quite strongly of "innovation." I'm NOT saying RAZA is bad - but what I am saying is this game is CHOCK full of JPOP recycled ideas. I don't see any innovation here?
In all fairness maybe I'm missing the innovation piece and someone can educate me.

#9295 3 months ago

Just posted on Facebook

Is the QUALITY of your Pinball WOOD Playfield important to you?
We at deeproot Pinball take wood playfield quality so seriously we are going to back it up with a hammer test and a warranty: if it leaves a mark, it doesn’t ship. As such, all of our playfields will proudly bear the Hammer Tested (TM) trademark. In honor (and anticipation) of the first public mark-free hammer test on wood, we want your help featuring some crazy quotes about how dimples and marks are normal in our public launch!
We will send a free limited run deeproot Hammer Tested (TM) T-Shirt (featuring this logo) to the first 50 deeproot fans who qualify by emailing ( a PUBLICLY AVAILABLE quote, statement, or policy of a company, personality, or forum moniker, where they state or imply that pits, dimples, cracks, pools, ghosting, etc. is normal, expected, or inevitable with a wood playfield.
To qualify: The quote must be unique (first received), accurate, publicly verifiable, not confidential, in quotes as a direct quote, and should be limited to no more than 2-3 sentences. Your email must also contain source material type (i.e. printed material, website forum, or hosted video) and cite the company, personality, or forum moniker. We'll be in touch with all qualified participants and plan to ship the T-Shirts in early October! qualify. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.
PLEASE DO NOT post any quote here as a comment as it will not

Hammer Tested (TM) quality coming soon from deeproot Pinball!

#9301 3 months ago

I'm pretty stoked about the news. I had every intention of asking DR to send a pf to Kruzman but now I won't need too.
I don't remember, but did DR ever discuss different models?

#9488 85 days ago

They just updated the teaser page

pasted_image (resized).png
#9526 84 days ago

My only suspicion is why MG isn't being promoted? That game (minus software and maybe a few hardware tweaks) was ready to go.
Maybe the secret is the obvious. If DR releases RAZA and MG in their first "official" year what bragging rights right? Now imagine if AIW is actually ready as well. They could brag 3 machines in their first official year. Not to mention the hammer proof play field and any other undisclosed new industry standards?

I'm excited to see DR moving forward! This little light of mine ... I'm gonna let it shine!

#9538 83 days ago

AH - mystery solved. B. D. stands for "Before Deeproot".

#9565 82 days ago
Quoted from ThisNotes4U:

For what it's worth, deeproot hinted and more than one game:
comment: "Ohhh.. this is not end well... you don’t even have 1 game out... It’s like watching a mouse that wants to fight the elephant... be careful what you wish for!!!"
deeproot: "Luca Varriale there are more mice than you probably think."

Deeproot"ed" thought was that their ace in the hole is going to be a major bomb drop of several machines upon release. But according to some only RAZA and MG next year.

#9609 81 days ago

They changed their website. Still very much under construction but it looks like they have a working contact form now.

#9664 79 days ago
Quoted from Scandell:

“for ages” it was added to Netflix a month ago

Cobra Kai is a "youtube original". Season 1 episode 1 was released on Netflix on 5/02/2018.
Anyway the more you know.

I think this specific well has been poisoned and might as well be deleted. DR isn't likely to come in here and post ever again. But I guess maybe let's shift gears a tad and discuss this upcoming title. In case anyone at DR is still reading this train wreck it might be good to give them some ideas/feedback.
What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you think would be cool to add? JPOP's artwork is really unique and I love it. Every game he's done I've loved the artwork. His signature is fancy ramps (AIC CHECK), goofy shooter lane (AIC no?) and usually an uber annoying toy that slows pace. (AIC no?).
And I believe this would be the first JPOP game with a mini pf right? Back to the shooter lane. It appears you have a choice to plunge to the pop bumpers or around the top side so no goofy ass JPOP shooter lane? Sweet. I hate his shooter lanes honestly. I'm wondering if the mini PF is the goofy ass toy replacement? lol Regardless I think IF AIC is to be a JPOP influenced machined I think it's fantastic that this isn't a machine comprised of ripped off ideas from previous games he's built.
As always go DR!

IMG_5648-small (resized).jpg
#9731 78 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

ET has been a famously successful IP property for gaming (the type of historic hit that any new game company would want to evoke!) so I'd say you are probably right!

Except for Atari ET cart landfill project lol

#9770 77 days ago

Since DR is doing original themes I think they should hire this artist. Look at the freaking imagination! Holy cow.

#9911 75 days ago

I think the "big release" lost it's glory because we've already seen the first two titles. Gotta give Stern props for their marketing strategy eh? I do believe the "big release" is about showcasing their hammer proof play field, production process and any other "new tech" they've created.
Best of luck to DR though!

#9916 75 days ago

My memory fails me but there is/was a foreign pinball manufacturer that made components of the playfield modular. I really think that was such a brilliant idea specifically for the OPs. No more wasting time on site trying to troubleshoot or repair. Remove a couple nuts and disconnect a plug and boom the whole assembly comes out. Aesthetically it's less pleasing but none the less I think it's brilliant. I hope DR has kept the OP's first and foremost in their design.

#9960 75 days ago
Quoted from proteus:

K Man is saying three versions. Pro will be 5k. That's just what he said.

I mean no disrespect to you (or anyone for that matter) but why would anyone trust Kaneda? In my personal opinion that guys opinion has been on the opposite end of the spectrum of mine more often than not. And I highly doubt DR would want any info leaking out and if he's doing it that's not the way to earn friends. If I remember correctly long ago wasn't it said DR would release one model and offer everyone a complete machine and best experience etc etc etc?

#9970 75 days ago
Quoted from Patrunkenphat7:

RAZA... Not for me. But an Alice in Wonderland that rivals WoZ for sculpts and toys but adds PotC flow? That’d be the dream!

That's the game I'm waiting on. That's definitely one thing you gotta give JJP credit for is the sculpted items. Can't snicker at their code either.
Changing gears if I was Robert I'd spill the beans about other titles and such that's "going to happen". Yes we already know RAZA and MG and AIC but past those. I've NEVER understood why manufacturers don't announce the next few titles. I mean for crying out loud limited budget people like myself would wait to buy pin X when pin Y is FOR SURE down the road. Yeah yeah I know buy pin X and then sell pin X when pin Y comes out. No thanks not my style. IF I'm going to lose money by god it's going to be on something I plan on keeping around for a good long while. Besides that moving pins in and out of my basement royally sucks.

#10815 74 days ago

I was so distraught over the news I went and bought a new hand gun. Life is great again. Thanks DR I needed an excuse to do it. lol

#11711 70 days ago

I agree with the previously made comment that having an LCD in the lockdown is distracting HOWEVER the beauty of this is, they could allow you to use that not only as a menu system but also a duplicate of the main screen - but also allow you to manually turn off certain features or ALL when not needed via software!

I have no dog in this fight but at this point can one "truly" "solely" blame JPOP for this launch failure? There's more than one designer at DR is there not? The old saying, "We win as a team and lose as a team" I believe holds true to this day.

I'm actually glad DR put the brakes on the release. The design is absolutely in need of redesigning. I suspect it's also crucial to their vision (guessing here) that having a modular cabinet for OP's to swap stuff out easily instead of having to swap machines they swap guts.

The last thing DR needs is to release something that is going to be a "standard" that most people hate.

#11835 68 days ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

it will more than likely be some kind of cross between a offshore built, China parts filled attempt at undercutting the rest of the market and some sort of “51% assembled in the USA” abomination.

Could be. But honestly (blanket statement) what isn't made over seas let alone in China? The majority of my house is sponsored by China. Since ~1965 we've done nothing but shipped jobs overseas due to taxes and/or environmental restrictions to a nation that is the main offender of pollution! I'm a proud American but by god call a spade a spade. We cut off our noses to spite our faces. It kills me to buy something that isn't stamped "Made in the USA" but when the price tag is substantially more that money is just as good in my pocket as it is theirs. If DR uses China or Taiwan for anything can we blame them? What about the other manufacturers? Is everything they use made in the USA? Those are questions not attacks on you btw

#11871 67 days ago

I think some pretty sweet innovative ideas are present. However I cannot force myself to EVER call adding several decades old technology to a pinball machine "innovation". I can accept using the the term "a more immersive experience".
I've bitched for a long time about why no one had added the ability for automated firmware updates - JJP and DR now add wireless which makes it possible. Sad that it's taken anyone this long to figure out what a common sense idea that is. It's long over due to retire USB drives.
So back to using WIFI and connecting the players online is great - but Sony had that available on the PS2.

I like the idea of the touch screen but with anything in life the fancier you get the more problems that can occur. I'd like to see their replacement parts price list. If it's not cost effective to maintain well then I'm against all this fancy stuff ya know? Speaking of, "IF" the touch screen is a DR proprietary design then that leaves you open to being screwed trying to get a replacement. Example is the small screen for the Hobbit. JJP is out and apparently there's not a suitable replacement. That[s bad .... like ..... really bad.

The tools to set pitch and level off the touch screen - now that's awesome! Now if they added hydraulics like on RV's it would literally do everything itself lol

I'm bummed though. After watching the above video (thank you sharing btw) it looks like Alice is down on the list. They're focused on many other things and obviously "Hey you guys" is goonies next year. Whether that'll be digital or not is the real question.

#12095 64 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

I don't blame deeproot for wanting to make a good GUI, especially when they're already committed to to the touchscreen.

Internet connectivity allowing remote firmware updates removes that issue UNLESS of course their end isn't set up to do it which would be DUMB.

#12107 64 days ago

The fact that any company is touting about adding technology that's been around for at least a couple decades is just embarrassing to me.
A common sense approach. After the machine boots if a wireless connection is present it does a firmware check.
If one is available it could simply be "visually known" by them programming a simple dot to appear on the touch screen and can only be applied with an admin login. They could also allow OP's/users to have a web login to simply check a box next to the machines (AND A SELECT ALL) check box and a drop down that can be set as default with options of to push the update immediately or schedule it.
They could also do something like a patch Wednesday and IF YOU SET IT UP then your machines/s automatically update at like 3am in the morning.
So many options they could provide to fit EVERYONES needs. In all fairness maybe they are/have ad we're just not privy to it yet. I HOPE SO!

And a person should NEVER lose high scores or personal machine settings. Having to backup to USB is just backwards thinking and downright dumb when a PC is involved. It's so easy to script backing up a file and then restoring it after the install/upgrade is complete.

Sorry for the rant but as an IT guy this is just embarrassing/irritating that PC's are being implemented and aren't cashing in on the benefits available by doing so.

#12211 63 days ago

In the beginning it was about offering great fun for an affordable price. The fact they added the pinbar and if they're using a PC instead of an MCU likely put it up at the same price of a Stern Pro model? Sorry I don't mean to sound negative but I "was" super excited about having a pin company with an affordable product for the average Joe. I fear the "Ferrari at a Kia price" isn't going to happen. Even if the DR model is "feature rich" it still misses the original quote just stated.
Pinball is either for the rich or incredibly dumb. I'm not rich

#12598 58 days ago
Quoted from benheck:

"Ben Heck's Des Moines Adventureland"
Coming 2036![quoted image]

Geez Ben, only losers go to Iowa for fun. The cool kids go to Worlds of Fun in KC.

#12680 55 days ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Pinball is pinball and it always will be

It doesn't mean it can't be done better than what it is now though right? Pinball is static and predictable and while static is largely what is necessary for league play it doesn't mean that creating a dynamic environment should be shunned either. THAT is where the line for "pinball is just pinball" lies. Something as simple as diverters in subways or ramp sections that tilt/drop/redirect.

For me pinball is like taking a car ride with a regenerated screen beside you playing the same video clip over and over. Right now the only dynamic play in a pinball machine is caused by either poor shooting or worn components.

And adding 20 to 30 year old technology into a pinball machine is tragically being considered as innovative. I just don't get it.
Just my .02

1 week later
#12922 43 days ago
Quoted from mr9865:

Deeproot needs A New Start[quoted image]

what is an anus tart?

#12924 43 days ago

As much as I hate the thought of "subscriptions" this is the world we live in. Websites created with Wordpress have plug ins that on their face look like a one time purchase only to find out that eventually Wordpress made a change that broke the plugin and you have to buy a new one. Microsoft is pushing for O365 subscriptions. Adobe is now pushing for it heavily as well. I hate it honestly but I can see why DR is taking this potential stance.
I've often wondered why companies don't hire someone to create new code for old POPULAR titles and sell the upgrade code. Maybe it's an IP thing when it comes to Williams stuff but Stern could easily put someone on LOTR to build new modes and such and the public would go nuts for it.

THEN comes the argument which I also understand. I shouldn't have to pay for anything extra for this machine.

2 weeks later
#13087 29 days ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

Well, I did hear that Robert was born in Nantucket...

If that be true then I am envious of his appendage LOL

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
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