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Post #5897 Updated 9.4H manual with corrections from Coyote Posted by Coyote (3 years ago)

Post #8716 Have your picture taken in the translight Posted by Neal_W (1 year ago)

Post #10381 Switching to stereo sound. Posted by hawknole (4 months ago)

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#7311 2 years ago

Hey, can someone help me out. I read through this whole post and saw a post for a expansion board for all the added mods you add to the TZ. It separates them from your driver board. I didn't write down. Can someone redirect me to where to purchase one from.

#7316 2 years ago

Yes, mypinballs expansion board is the one I am looking for. Appreciate everyone's help.

3 weeks later
#7373 2 years ago

Hello TZ owners. Thought I would share a mod I added to my TZ machine (modified more!). I purchased a rocket mod and was disappointed with it. That is it came with a single light for under the smoke trail. So I decided to mod it further. First off I wanted the smoke trail to be always lit like it was taking off. I then cut/removed the rocket and smoke trail apart from each other, drilled out the rocket exhaust so that I could install a red led in the inside of the rocket. This gives the rocket a continues red glow to the back end of the rocket ship and a glow to the smoke trail. Next I wanted to add a flasher to the underside of the smoke trail so that when the ball comes into the kick-out would give the illusion that it was taking off as the ball kicks out! This was done my grinding out the underside of the smoke trail with a dremel tool and modifying a pink flash bulb (I found pink was the best color) and gluing it (epoxy) on the underside (this was done after testing). I think the end results is impressive.

IMG_20170328_2341432531(1) (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#7411 2 years ago

I had a similar problem as my lower right flipper would work sometimes, but very weak. I found out the issue was the small opto board on the inside of the cabinet behind the flipper buttons. I first tried switching the two boards (left to right and right to left) to see if the problem moved. It did and caused other issues with the left and right flippers. I just replaced the boards as they are not too expensive and my problem went away. Hope this helps.

1 week later
#7466 2 years ago

I color match my inserts to the color of the inserts and have found cool white the best for yellow inserts and pink for orange. I agree orange and yellow just don't provide enough brightness. I also use frosted LEDs on the top of the playfield. This let's the LEDs not glare back at you so much during playing the game.

9 months later
#8801 1 year ago

Hello TZ owners. Want your input, I will be soon starting a complete restoration of a TZ machine. This machine will need a new playfield replacement and want to know where you would reccomend to purchase one from. I see searching that Microplayfields sells them, but are concerned of their reputation and quality. Some Pinsiders state to purchase from a distributor that will stand behind what they sell as Microplayfields are not. That is hopefully like Planetary Pinball as they also show it available.
Let me know your thoughts.

#8803 1 year ago

Thanks Coyote. Don't have one I can buy from you like I did with TAF?

1 month later
#8892 1 year ago
Quoted from sliprose:

I'm thinking of adding a TZ as the second pin in my collection (Stern JP Pro is my other).
What are the critical areas I should be inspecting when evaluating a machine? I know that the clock can be problematic, but what to look for exactly?
What would be the issues that make you run like the wind from buying?
I'm reasonably capable in diagnosing electrical issues, but I'm a newbie to pinball and have never bought a used machine, so I'm little nervous. When I bought my JP Pro, I was looking only at NIB because I was scared of maintenance issues. Since then, I found pinside and gained a lot of confidence and that if I do have problems, I can get advice in how to resolve.
Any advice or thoughts from those that own TZ would be appreciated. Thanks!

First off welcome to the world of collecting pinball machines! You will find out in a short order that one, two, three is never enough and will finely realize that you have been bitten by the bug.
I agree with Manny65 of all his suggestions on what to look for and at on a purchase. As far as mods I think the TZ is one of the most and if not the most modified machines you can add to. Be careful of what you do. Modify it, but not too much. I have over $2500 in just mods in mine, some personal that I have done and some purchased. Also be careful of how you LED the machine out and/or any machine. LED's are great, color matching under inserts and mostly white LED's on the playfield. I do some color, just to break it up to give the playfield I feel a good look, but not a rainbow effect.
TZ is a great machine to add to anyone's collection and has a deep rule set.
I am just in a full restoration on a friends TZ machine right now, brings back memories as when I did mine.
Good luck on your quest!......Mike

2 months later
#9096 1 year ago

Thought I would share that I am doing a full restoration on a TZ machine for a friend that he decided to have me install a set of RAD decals on it. Not sure if anyone has done this yet, but the decals were mostly easy to install and looks great! I have finished the cabinet and am going to start on the playfield restoration soon.

20201006_170332 (resized).jpg20201006_170342 (resized).jpg20201006_170348 (resized).jpg
3 months later
#9686 8 months ago
Quoted from RobDutch:

Felt like taking the whole thing apart today
It will get brand new leds, new silicone rubbers, new foam pads behind the targets, a spotlight or two, all plastics and metal parts will be cleaned, new balls, new coilsleeves and coilstops, cliffy protectors and the whole playfield will be cleaned.
Anyone got advice on making the game lighter in the back? Thanks
[quoted image][quoted image]

Quoted from yzfguy:

I have a white led strip tucked up in the back tied into the g.i.

I found that an LED strip was just too bright and washed out colors around the back. Tried separating small strips of LED's, but again too bright. Not sure if you want to do this, but I lowered the head and drilled 1/2"+ holes through the upper wood of the cabinet, just in front of the back of the playfield. I did just four holes and mounted lamp sockets tieing them to the GI circuit. Had to modify the lamp sockets to work this way. I felt this hid the lamps and was just enough light and looks great. Here is what it looks like.

20201007_164545 (resized).jpg
#9690 8 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

That looks nice. I don't think mine is overly bright, but it's not the full width. Maybe some electrical tape over parts of the strip would be easier and more temporary than drilling holes if it's too bright.

Quoted from PinballAir:

Comet sells a dimmer for the strips.

I did this about 12+ years ago and we didn't have that many options then. Again it's a personal choice, what do you like?

3 weeks later
#9961 7 months ago
Quoted from atg1469:

I recently added a lighted speaker kit to my machine but it seems I have to many mods hooked up on the board as I keep blowing fuses now. In addition to the speaker lights, I have a color display and the gumball dazzler kit all getting power from the same board, so I’m guessing it’s just pulling too much power. I removed the dazzler light kit off one of the outlets and everything seems to be working fine now. Does anyone know if I can pull power from somewhere else for the gumball lights or am I shit outta luck?
I’d rather have the speaker lights lit if I had to choose between the two but figured I’d at least throw it out there in case someone here has had a similar situation. Right now I have the color display linked to J116 and the speaker lights are on J 117.

To fix this problem in my CFTBL, TAF and TZ machines as I too had added many mods to these machines and had the same problem with fuses blowing. I added a Power Expander Board for WPC and WPC-95 Games from My Pinballs found here: https://mypinballs.com/electronics/store.jsp They are a bit expensive, but worth it in the long run.
I also added a separate power source for this board so that it has no power connection to the main driver board. I added this so that the power source did turn on/off with you main on/off switch for the game. You can follow through what I did in the CFTBL thread found here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cftbl-fans-and-members-welcome/page/59#post-5608713

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions....Mike

#9974 7 months ago

Just finished a full restoration on a TZ for a friend. It turned out amazing! Thought I would share.

20210302_123551 (resized).jpg20210302_123603 (resized).jpg20210302_123609 (resized).jpg20210302_123616 (resized).jpg20210302_123621 (resized).jpg20210302_123627 (resized).jpg
#9976 7 months ago
Quoted from PinballAir:

Where did the side art come from?

It's the RAD decals from Micro. They look amazing!

#9994 7 months ago
Quoted from BrianZ:

Beautiful machine. Where did you get the black trim from? I need to replace all of mine, and want black. Did you send it out, and to whom?

I did power coating on all trim and coin door parts from a local power coating company called Oregon Power Coating https://www.orpowdercoating.com/
I talked to the manger and created part numbers and a price list for each part so that when I need something done I just email him a list with the part numbers and the quoted price and color/texture I want. I then just drive to there location and drop them off. Usually it takes them about a week or so to complete. Have been very happy with the process and quality when I get them back. I can email and/or post it here if you want to see the individual price break down.

#10017 7 months ago
Quoted from BrianZ:

Would love to see the pricing. At least give me an idea on what it might cost (or should). I'm sure I can find someone locally to do it.

Here is my price list from Oregon Power Coating:

Some of the coin door smaller parts are a bit expensive and you could just buy them new instead of plating.
Hope this helps....Mike

pasted_image (resized).png

2 months later
#10304 5 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Quick question as I’m chasing down a few issues with my new TZ: the manual shows J124 is being used on the driver board. There is nothing hooked up to my J124 pins nor is there anything corresponding to that connector in my back box. Is this an error in the manual or is there something hiding in my back box somewhere??

Can you double-check J124 on the PowerDriverBoard as for some reason people like to plug it into J132 to see if that's where its at. Do this by checking with the manual matching the colors/wires on the plug as I had this same issue with a Demolition Man.

#10307 5 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Found it!! It was plugged into J131. Kudos to Mike, led me down the right path!

Glad you found the problem!

2 weeks later
#10349 4 months ago

Wow! Looks amazing. Well done as many Pinsiders would not have taken on the task.

1 month later
#10673 3 months ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Just added a nice Twilight Zone to my small collection. Playfields, Ramps, and plastics are all perfect. I already ordered the CPR mirrored backglass and flipper fidelity speakers for some nice pop. Nice to have great Pat Lawlor games next to each other.
Only issue I have since bringing it home yesterday (didn’t happen when I looked at the game) is the left lower flipper sometimes doesn’t have the power to move the ball as it should. In switch test mode, it’s fine, all three other flippers work great. When I push on the flipper with the glass off, sometimes it struggles to move my hand. The other three flippers are all great.
Than at times it’s perfect.
Could this be a flipper opto board or flitronic board issue? Will have to check voltage, but if the upper left is fine, and the others are fine,wouldn’t that suggest it getting the proper volts? Will take out the fliptronic board out and check for cold solder joints. Maybe time to replace all the flipper boards??
When I talked to the seller, he said he had the same issue when he bought it. But after checking connections , all started working correctly. Hate intermittent issues. That’s why I’m leaning on cold solder joints?? Or am I wrong?
Thank you and glad to be in the club!!
[quoted image]

Had the similar issue with my TZ. One weak flipper. It turned out to be a dirty flipper opto board and a missed alignment of the flipper opto plastic that breaks the eye. Once this was corrected I had full flipper power again. Try this first as its just cleaning and alignment.

1 week later
#10828 88 days ago
Quoted from Slugmeister:

Anybody in the states (international shipping sucks right now) making/selling these mods nowadays?
[quoted image][quoted image]

The mini playfield lamp is available at Pinball Decals: https://www.pinballdecals.com/TwilightZoneLampPage.html. The slot machine I have seen on Ebay, but the quality is not the same and the slot wheels do not turn when the ball goes through. A few posts ago they discussed this. Hope this helps....Mike

2 weeks later
#10998 71 days ago
Quoted from Purdue:

Hello, i was wondering if anybody has used pop bumper LED rings on their TZ?
I think they would look great but amplify the need for LED_OCD GI, which im already thinking i will need anyways?
Im planning out a full led swap (minus the flashers and blinkers in the backbox).
Comet sunlight frosted 2smd
LED-OCD GI and Inserts
pop bumper led rings
Am i missing anything here? We've got a first timer here

I love the look of the EVO bright lights from Pinball Life. I have done them on all of my machine's. Color match the pop bumper caps to the color I install. Also like the down light "cool blue" lighting the pop bumpers bases. I use this same LED'S color "cool blue" throughout my GI's in the machine's along with some color LED'S. Not too much color GI's, but enough in my opinion that looks good.
20210812_064843 (resized).jpg20210812_064854(0) (resized).jpg20210812_065012 (resized).jpg20210812_065020 (resized).jpg20210812_065028 (resized).jpg20210812_065034 (resized).jpg20210812_065041 (resized).jpg

#11001 71 days ago

I also just recently picked up a William's IJ that had a GI-OCD in stalled. I don't like this added feature and removed it and would be willing to sell if someone is interested.

#11002 71 days ago
Quoted from Gingerbloke:

That is an awesome collection my friend!!! The caps look great.

Thank you! As all you know it's a labor of love and enjoyment you can share with family and friends.

#11003 71 days ago
Quoted from Purdue:

YES!!! thank you for affirming i made the right decision!
Man that clear ramp looks so good too!
Who's side art blades are those, really nice!
[quoted image]

The side art blades comes from a guy on ebay judge-dreads-pinball. It is a complete set that matches the sides with the playfield back board. He sells alot of mods out on Ebay. I didn't see this pickular mod right now for sell, but look for him on other mods with this name and contact him directly. He will give you a discount if you buy multiple mods. His mods are greatly done and have many of them on my machine's other than the TZ.

#11006 71 days ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Curious what you didn't like about the GI-OCD board?
I love the one I put in my TZ... didn't realize all of the dimming and other effects I was missing after I went with LED lighting.

I didn't have it in my TZ. It came with on my William's IJ I recently purchased. I just don't want to add additional boards for something else to go wrong. Plus I own 7 90's Bally/Williams machines and that would be alot to add to each one. I have lived without this long and not sure the effect benefits the results (for me in general). As some of you have said it does, but like LED lighting and colors it's a personal choice, so I am happy without. Someone would have to convince me differently that's all. I would rather add up graded speakers and color DMDs.

#11008 71 days ago
Quoted from awesome1:

I hear you... it can definitely snowball! On my TZ it started with Invisiglass and then LEDs and then upgraded speakers and then GI-OCD and LED-OCD boards and then Color DMD (LED) and then Pinsound Plus and then mini playfield hidden switch brackets and then external subwoofer... I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of other mods and upgrades!
window.__mirage2 = {petok:"d492fd6f46c422eb74d43e5005db071075217542-1628819801-1800"};

I now have Invisiglass or other non glare glass and external subwoofers on all my pins. Also LED alphanumeric display, Color DMD and LED's and some type of dimming control like the Gizmo board or OCD boards on compatible games, etc...

I hear you. I have over 2k in mods on mine. It's just where do you stop?

#11047 67 days ago

I wait until the ball hits the lower rubber bank(s) and then activate the coils. This way it throws the ball up towards the top. I usually (most of the time) defeat the power, but not always! Ha ha ha ha

#11056 65 days ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Pinsound + Motion Control Shaker, Anyone?
Just curious if any of you Pinsound users also have a Pinsound shaker installed. It sounds cool - programming the shaker yourself, choosing the cues and the style of response. I know that Stern programs shaker cues into their gamecodes. There are probably *many* lines of code devoted to them. I wasn't thinking I would buy a Pinsound board, but that customizable shaker does sound fun.

I just added Pinsound and a shaker to my William's Indiana Jones and updated the sound to one of their files. What a difference it is. Love it and really like how this makes the game even more fun to play.

1 month later
#11379 10 days ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I’m finding nothing. That IGT slot topper is the best I’ve seen and I can’t find one available any where.

The IGT TZ slot topper had been on my radar for over 10+ years. Bid on one off Ebay up to $1.5k and gave up. It sold for around 2k. Finely found one here on Pinside and purchased it for $950 shipped which I felt was a good deal. One of the best toppers you can find as it's very mesmerizing to watch even though it's not interactive with the machine.
I do have a 2nd one that I did buy off Ebay, but is missing the computer board for the light effects. Have been looking for a board too to complete it. Since I now have a completed working sign, may sell it off and let someone else chase after a board.

#11395 7 days ago
Quoted from Bundy:

Hakko is da shiiit
Have been using their products for decades and never looked back, money well spent in this hobby.

Quoted from PinballAir:

Yeah what he said.
I broke down and bought one last month.
Money WELL spent!

Okay, what model number would you recommend?
Always thought to buy one, but never pulled the trigger. I should though.

#11399 6 days ago

Thanks guys, I will do some research and pick one up.

#11419 1 day ago
Quoted from Purdue:

Anybody else using pinstadiums in the TZ? Thoughts?
I am in the planning phase and have been dragging my feet on led swap for gi and inserts due to the needing 2 LEDOCD boards to pull it off well. Ran across this post showing incandescent bulbs with the use of pinstadiums and it looks pretty nice.[quoted image]

I don't have pinstadiums in any of my 90's Bally/Williams machines or LEDOCD boards. I actually pulled out the LED OCD board out of my William's IJ that I got from a Pinsider. Just too much and more boards to make issues. To me and this is my opinion their just not needed (there a personal choice). The pinstadium makes the playfield too bright and are in the way when the playfield is lifted. All my GI's and inserts are the super brights and frosted dome style on the upper side of the playfield and are from Coin Taker. I have owned my machine's way before both of these options were available and are very happy without them. I have through added extra GI lighting in the playfield in areas to help brighten it up along with 4 GI bulbs that shine down along the playfield back board.
Again this is just my opinion. Take a look at what mine looks like and draw your own opinion.

20210812_064854(0) (resized).jpg
#11421 1 day ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Your TZ looks great!
TZ does have a fair amount of GI manipulation, especially dimming, that you will lose out on if just running straight LEDs and not a GI-OCD board though. That's why I added one in my TZ, but your mileage may vary.

I have heard of this, but still very happy the way it works as of now.
Good luck on your choice. It is all about what an owner wants and/or does to their machines.

#11425 6 hours ago
Quoted from Damonator:

Nice looking TZ - it looks like you might benefit from a sheet of invisiglass though? That's usually the very first "mod" I make to any machine I get.

Thank you! Yes, invisiglass would be an improvement. I'll see if I can pick one up at the next pinball show.

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