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#6345 1 year ago

I joined this club today...sort of. I picked up the final boss of all projects. TZ is my one and only holiest of grail pins. This one is ugly, dirty, bent, broken, and incomplete, but its mine. I will likely spend over a year restoring this game but it will be worth it in the end.

It is VERY incomplete and so I will be looking for a lot of parts. If anyone has spare parts (especially boards) and would like to see this game get brought back to life please send me a PM, I'm still working on a complete list of what it needs.

Complete image gallery for your viewing displeasure:

2018-09-21 12.57.47 (resized).jpg2018-09-21 12.59.26 (resized).jpg2018-09-21 13.06.52 (resized).jpg
#6347 1 year ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

… and termite eaten! Good luck with it. Hopefully it will be looking like the shinny TZ posted above it soon.

Thanks, I don't know the signs of termites. Do you see evidence of them? Where?

#6357 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Just a suggestion but that game looks like it was under water for some time?? By the time you replace most every part and board many of which are game specific you may find it better to simply by a Beater game in need of some parts and use yours as a donor unit. Just a suggestion as your game may prove to be a money pit of sorts. My guess is you could then take some time and clean up a few of the salvageable parts from this donor to sell and recoup your beater game cost. Just a thought.

Game wasn't under water. I don't see any signs of that. It's got a thick layer of dust from likely sitting in a warehouse for years, but it comes right off when cleaned. No swelling of the wood anywhere.

The broken wood seemed like areas of blunt force trauma and some idiot used ratchet straps so tight it bent the metal rails and broke the cabinet in matching spots. In fact there is much more evidence of mishandling, many bent metal parts etc. I'll investigate closer for signs of termites now that I know what to look for. The contents of the debris pile in the bottom of the cab should be telling. If there are termite carcasses, wings, or pellets from eaten wood then I know for sure. If not, I'll ask my bug guy to take a look.

I do consider this project to have unlimited time. As I'm doing it for me, and there is no rush. as much as I'd love to buy another beater and use this as a donor machine, beater TZs aren't exactly common, and if I did find another I'd have to beat back the other vultures with a shooter rod and pay out the ass to get it home.

FJIMG_20180921_183448 (resized).jpgFJIMG_20180921_183702 (resized).jpg
#6361 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I do wish you the best. At the very least consider an inventory list of all of the must buy items before you start to see if this might be a “I can fix this but Should I?” project. Best of luck.

That's the first step. Planning the project out and seeing how much $ it will take, then deciding what to do. I'm currently working on the parts list.

#6362 1 year ago

Did a more throrough check after educating myself about termite signs, I can't find any evidence that the wood damage is anything more than trauma damage from mishandling. No soft wood, no pellets or termite feces/wings, no tunnels, no pinholes. Just an idiot tossing a game around. Thanks for alerting me to check for this, even if I lucked out and don't have to call my exterminator this time, I'll always know what to look for in the future. This is a lesson I'm glad I didn't have to learn the hard way.

#6365 1 year ago
Quoted from lordloss:

If you decide to back out, i'll buy it and ship it.

If I decide to back out, I'll contact you. Thanks for the out, even if I don't take you up on it I'll sleep better at night haha

2 weeks later
#6443 1 year ago
Quoted from Twister:

I have done a own mini switch kit. It has longer legs, so you can't see the pcb from the switch. It is made from 1,5mm V2A brushed look.Every bracket have 2 switches, 1 for optional mods. I can sell a few sets if you are interested. But it takes 2 or 3 weeks, at the moment I'm in Holiday in Egypt.
More information here https://www.flippermarkt.de/community/forum/threads/nachbau-mini-switch-kit-twilight-zone.196872/
Regards Sascha
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I'd be in for one of these if you did another run.

2 months later
#6715 1 year ago

lots of talk about clock boards here, Im still in the parts gathering phase of my massive TZ project. Is there any reason that the original board cannot be modded and have LEDs soldered in to eliminate the heat issues? Is heat the only point of common failure on these boards? I have two original boards and Id rather save money vs buying a new board. I'm no stranger to board repair, but I want to make sure I know the whole story.

#6738 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Seems to be a lot of pumping up on replacing a perfectly fine board. Strange. I pulled the board, reheated it, wired the sandwich connector, pulled the sockets, wired 555 LEDs directly to the board and put it back together. It's been running with no issues whatsoever for over 3 years. My buddy did the same with his, and his is just the same. The process takes about an hour if you wire the connector, but you don't have to do this, so it could be as short as half an hour.

This was my plan. Glad to see someone else has done this and had no issues. I actually have 2 original sets of boards, so if I have an opto die I can harvest from the other. Light diffusing is easy, heck a piece of paper works in a pinch. And yes, its always wonderful to have the option to purchase a new board. It's actually great for everyone. People who don't want to deal with board servicing sell original boards to those who do

#6739 1 year ago
Quoted from McSquid:

This was my plan. Glad to see someone else has done this and had no issues. I actually have 2 original sets of boards, so if I have an opto die I can harvest from the other. Light diffusing is easy, heck a piece of paper works in a pinch. And yes, its always wonderful to have the option to purchase a new board. It's actually great for everyone. People who don't want to deal with board servicing sell original boards to those who do

4 months later
#7087 9 months ago

Anyone have a cross over ramp they would sell me?
Marco part number: 12-7062
From the manual: A-16059

I have a spare power ramp I could trade. Or just cash.

#7105 9 months ago

Does anyone here who has completed a restoration or a teardown of TZ still have their reference photos from that process? I usually take hundreds of pictures as I'm taking things apart, but the one I am restoring was damaged/incomplete in many ways. I'm close to the point where I need to start putting things back together, but I know I'm going to hit an informational wall especially when I'm reconstructing the playfield.

My restoration is being documented here if anyone is interested:

#7107 9 months ago
Quoted from Mneubey:

I'm currently in the process of a full resto as well -
I'm happy to help if u need some extra pics

Thanks a ton! ill definitely need some. My game is likely missing parts I dont even know exist. So putting it back together is going to be a challenge.

I'll be following along with your work. Good luck to us both!

1 month later
#7268 7 months ago
Quoted from Phantasize:

Does anyone have experience with the one from pinballdecals.eu? They say in there description that theirs let more light through than other reproductions. But of course anyone can claim that...
But being located in the EU myself, I was thinking about trying it.

I can't speak to their translites, but I recently ordered cabinet decals from them and they are very nice.

1 week later
#7293 7 months ago

Anyone know where I can get a powerball trough sensor (A-16533)? New or used. I already have the eddy sensor board (A-16534) but everywhere seems to be sold out of both.

GS-TZA-16533 (resized).jpg
#7296 7 months ago

Thanks! Ordered.

You were apparently correct thanks!. Though its under a different part number than I thought.

Still cheaper to get the upgraded board set from AU.

1 week later
#7334 6 months ago

Anyone have a spare lamp board A-16514? For the inserts near the slot machine entrance?

Never buying a game that's incomplete again. I suppose if I can't find this one I can replace it with lamp sockets. Plenty of room in that area. Anyone have a good picture of one that would let me trace the pins?

Screenshot_20190725-235540 (resized).png

1 week later
#7363 6 months ago
Quoted from Alby87:

Hi guys! Yesterday, playing with my TZ, I just placed a compass over the glass for the pleasure to try it. It was fun see the compass spinning everytime the spirals or the powerfield magnet were fired. I just can't believe no one created a compass mod for this pinball... it is also thematically good, as mysterious spinning compass are a weird/horror trope!

Thats really cool! I may look into that!

#7364 6 months ago

Is this tab to the left of the U supposed to be straight out like this, or bent at a 90 degree angle like the U? It was damaged when I got it and I can't tell.

Can't find any pictures of this part. Need to bend it right before getting it powder coated

FJIMG_20190811_150319 (resized).jpg
#7366 6 months ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

Yes, straight out. It attaches on top of the metal that protects the wood rail of the shooter lane.

So this piece is in the correct shape currently? Thanks.

#7368 6 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Does anyone happen to have an extra through sensor upgrade kit? Everyone seems to be sold out online :/.[quoted image]

I bought mine here:

#7369 6 months ago

Does anyone have photos of a topside teardown from a restoration? I usually take hundreds when taking it apart, but much of my game was missing/wrong when I got it. Its tough to tell what goes where and what is missing. If anyone has detailed shots of various levels of assembly on the top playfield I'd really appreciate it.

If you have some from under the playfield that's bonus points.

Email to McQuaidr@gmail.com or maybe a Google drive / imgur gallery?

#7372 6 months ago
Quoted from Phantasize:

This guy have a lot of teardown pictures of various machines. Unfortunately the viewer implemented isn't the best, but perhaps you can use it anyway:

Oh wow this is great! Thanks!

1 week later
#7374 5 months ago

Can someone explain how this guide/plastic gets attached to the playfield and with what type of fasteners?

FJIMG_20190824_014647 (resized).jpg
#7376 5 months ago
Quoted from merccat:

It goes over the gap between the shooter lanes.[quoted image]

Yes but how is it installed. What fasteners are used? Which way does the gap in the metal face?

#7378 5 months ago

I don't see anything that matches that description in the manual. Is it not on the post list?

Screenshot_20190824-124646 (resized).png
#7381 5 months ago

Thanks alot for that info! It's difficult for me because my game came incomplete, so I don't have the original fasteners/spacers to trial and error with. I need to find the right parts to order.

Unrelated question: where do people get GI AC power for powerfield star post lamp mods? I got the double switch kit and want to wire them so the posts light up when the sides are hit. I've seen people do this before, but I'm not sure where they are sourcing their constant ~6v AC

EDIT: From my research it seems that the two bulbs in the overhead lamp are GI for the powerfield, but they may actually not be GI and instead part of the lamp matrix? But always on?

#7393 5 months ago
Quoted from NibbyNub:

Are we keeping these machines as stock as possible or can I tear into it and go LED everything and start my upgrades. I'm fine either way because it's never leaving my house.

You do whatever makes you happy. If you think stock is best, great. If you want to make it light up like a Vegas sign and it makes you happy GO FOR IT.
I'm personally doing a little bit of both with mine. we shall see how it turns out.

#7405 5 months ago

Check with Dangerdann he sold me a clock a while back and had another one I think.

1 week later
#7417 5 months ago

Can someone take a picture of their power input connector that goes from the power in/aux/switch box to their transformer? Mine looks like it's been (poorly) worked on on the box end and only has 2 of the 9 pins populated. Is this connection supposed to have loopbacks for more surface contact?

FJIMG_20190910_173539 (resized).jpgFJIMG_20190910_173557 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#7448 5 months ago
Quoted from sagejr:

Contemplating a refresh on my TZ. Anyone have cabinet decals for sale? Full or partial set? Also looking for a speaker panel.

I bought these ^ they are great.

I also have a used speaker panel plastic Id sell you. PM me if interested.

#7457 5 months ago
Quoted from Parker_tz:

Does any one have cabinet decals I want to restore my cabinet. And don’t want to spend 250 for decals


$214 shipped.

#7458 5 months ago

I know this is on the specific side but does anyone have any photos of the wiring for the left/main/plastic ramp? Doesn't have to be super detailed, Id mostly just like to know the factory wiring paths so I can recreate it as close as possible. Bonus points of course for connectors and wire colors. I haven't checked yet to see if those are detailed in the manual like the board connections.

1 week later
#7474 4 months ago

Can anyone tell me where these plastics go? Can't seem to find them in any pictures out there.

The only small clear one I was able to figure out was on the ball gate by the rocket.

FJIMG_20190927_173342 (resized).jpg
#7476 4 months ago

Is the bigger square one not used?

#7491 4 months ago

Does anyone have a picture of the wiring for the 3 standup targets surrounding the piano? I don't feel like I have enough wires coming out of the harness. I have a broken yellow wire that doesn't seem to have a home though...

#7493 4 months ago

Oh OK so the two red targets are sharing logic? That explains it all perfectly. Thanks!

#7496 4 months ago

Hi everyone,
Strange departure from my recent list of never ending "where does this go" questions as I finish off my restore:

So I had noticed a while back when playing emulated TZ (pinball arcade, VP) that the jackpot sound effect was just... wrong? It didn't match my memory of playing TZ as a kid. I figured it was because of the emulation and because its not original hardware, and I suppose this could still be the explanation. Ive only recently gotten my TZ to the point where it can be playtested. I was not too shocked to find out that my game too plays the "wrong" jackpot sound. (since it is running a pinsound board, although with the original sound pack)

Here is how the original sounded that my brain wants to hear:

And here is the emulated sound and my game:

Since I'm lucky enough to have a pinsound board, In theory I can just find or create a recording of the correct sound and make my game use it. so here is the question:

Is this a result of emulation, or was the official sound changed in a ROM revision? I could see where it might be as there is a much higher potential for distortion in the original.
If its a rom revision, does anyone know when the switch was made? and for the game trivia buff in me, why?

I can definitely do my own research on this one but I figured I'd ask in case someone knows the answer. Really hoping for ROM revision because otherwise getting a good enough recording of the original is going to be difficult.

#7500 4 months ago
Quoted from Coyote:

I've never heard your Jackpot sound before. (Or if I have, it's been SOO LONG that I just can't remember. I'm not a fan of it, honestly.)
Can you pull ALL your Sound ROMS and send me copy of each, so I can compare code/checksums?

as I said I'm using a Pinsound board so I don't have any actual ROMS. I'm using the original and reorchestrated packs available here:

Not sure where the original pack was dumped from.

#7508 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Do you have a sound board at all? Was your game missing this when you got it? Now I'm intrigued

My game was missing a LOT... including all the boards. So no I unfortunately don't have a sound board. Guess I'll load up some different rom versions in VP and see if I can find a way to record it.

#7510 4 months ago

Can anyone who has the old (correct) jackpot sound on their game confirm their sound rom versions?

#7511 4 months ago

I have plugged a few romsets into VP and L-1 through L-4 all have the correct sound. I managed to get a good recording through VP, but unfortunately I've hit a dead end. Pinsound uses sound effects the same way the game does, and what I have actually recorded is a whole bunch of them layered over each other. As far as I can tell the jackpot sound itself is comprised of 2 SFX and a voice clip; The build up, the crashes (the part that's wrong) and "jackpot" voice, some of which is layered over music as well. Unfortunately I believe this would be impossible to fix without going down the rabbit hole of extracting SFX from sound roms (which after briefly looking over the edge of the hole I have decided is over my head)

So unless someone wants to extract "1117896962-jackpot_score_pt_2_" from an L-1 through L-4 sound rom for me, It looks like I'll just be slightly annoyed every time I score a jackpot.

#7517 4 months ago

The normal sound has a sort of ring to it in the blasts where as the pinball arcade and pinsound just have a boom. Its not necessarily worse, but when you played it enough as a kid it just sounds wrong.

I understand now why the roms i tried made no difference. They are romsets and the underlying sound chip roms are the same. Thanks coyote for clearing that up. I no longer see a reason other than curiosity to find out where the altered sound effect came from. I care way more about getting a recording of the correct sound, so since all these roms are playing the correct sound in VP I wont be investigating here any further. I'll just be focused on ripping.

I found a program called M1 that supposedly was made to play sound directly off of old sound roms. I was able to get the windows version running, and Twilight Zone 9.2 is on the supported rom list, however when I hit play I hear nothing and cant control the player so I guess I haven't got it setup right or something. I haven't quite given up yet as for whatever reason having this silly sound effect right is important to me.

#7520 4 months ago
Quoted from Phantasize:

I think that perhaps the correct sounds are already in the Pinsound package, but just not being played. I think that originally the 4-5 booms in the end of the jackpot jingle are 2 or more different sounds played at once. And perhaps the Pinsound board and the arcade version only plays one of the sounds.
As far as i can tell, i think that if you mix the 1117896962-jackpot_score_pt_2_ sound from the original TZ Pinsound archive with the boom sound, you would be a lot closer? And ofcourse you would then have to overwrite the existing boom sound with the new mixed/combined sound in the package (correct folder).
So in short i dont think you have to rip anything, but do some fiddling with the existing sounds.

It is indeed several sounds played over each other, but I need the original isolated boom to mix/layer it. when you record the game, its playing too many things at once to get the proper recording. The problem is not the editing, but sourcing a pure version of the original boom to mix in. The boom sound is actually only a single boom, not the 4-5 we hear. The game is what handles the looping.

#7522 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

It probably is in the Pinsound folders - you should be able to go into the "SFX" or "Single" folder and play each file from the subfolders to find it

I did. "1117896962-jackpot_score_pt_2_" is the sound in pinsound folder. That doesnt help with sourcing the original recording to replace it with.

I followed a guide I found on youtube about import raw rom data into audacity with some success. I was able to listen to maybe a third of the sound effects, unfortunately the jackpot sound was not one of them. The rest were screechy garbage. I believe the ones I was able to hear were "samples" (hard to make a car horn with a synth chip) The rest were instrument instructions so they play as nonsense. Going to need to at least do some emulation to get the rest to play right.

all searching says M1 or BridgeM1 is the right tool for this job (especially since TZ is on their official supported rom list) but I havent had any luck getting it to produce any sound

#7525 4 months ago
Quoted from Alby87:

I've made some interesting progress.
So, as you may have guessed, there are two sounds layered to make the Jackpot sound. Those are in two codes.
7a 0d (7a is a bank switch command)
now, in my video you can see the difference between just the first sound called and the other with both sound called in togheter. My guess is that some audio cards misses the second sound, and the right (as the request by the CPU on the bus) sound is the one with the crashes. I've tested all ROM from P-4 to 9.4H, and all call this sequence. I've tested also with the Powerball, and I'm noticing that my real pinball when I get the jackpot with the powerball yells "Powerball" and then "Jackpot!". I've discovered that if you have the L-4 or the L-5, then you have this feature I think is neat Is in the code that transit in the bus between CPU and sound board. This is somewhat missing in 9.2 and 9.4H
Jackpot sound difference

L4 Powerball Jackpot Sound

Wow looks like you nailed it there! Can you dump that second jackpot sound? or both? Using that I could mix it into what I currently have and produce correct sound

EDIT: Nevermind I figured out how to use the sound command menu in pinmame (which i did not previously know existed)

#7526 4 months ago

That powerball callout is neat!

#7528 4 months ago

While I was able to use pinmame to record my own Wav I had a problem with the two sound effects playing at the same time not being in sync. Your Wav does not seem to have that problem so I guess thats fixed. for me the second sound effect would be delayed even when entered on the same command line. If I switched the order to F87a0d the delay would switch as well. Did you have this issue and if so how did you solve it? I suppose its not important. I'm dropping that wav into pinsound right now to test.

#7529 4 months ago

That worked pretty well. Its not perfect, but it does not induce the distracting feeling of wrongness.

Thanks Alby87 for the .wav that was better than the one I could generate and to everyone who took part in this oddly specific little discussion.

#7531 4 months ago

So to explain the root issue which I discovered while screwing with pinmame:
The jackpot sound effect is actually 3 separate sound effects: The build up, and TWO sound effects that combine (play over each other at the same time) for the second half/crashes. The pinsound and pinball arcade use the SFX at address F8, but they do NOT layer the other half over it (SFX 7a0d) The sound effect was never changed, it was just HALF ripped a few times.

EDIT: In addition, it is important that these two sound effects be played at the same time ON THE CHIP as they interact with each other and produce a unique sound that cannot be achieved by simply playing both sound effects at once in an audio editing software or platform like pinsound.

#7532 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

M1 does work - I have used that to pull sounds from Monster Bash, but it is NOT intuitive.
I am so fascinated by this whole thing, I’m sure it’s happened before, but I’ve not heard of a sound being replaced like this

Can you get Twilight zone to work? I couldn't. Id be interested to know what you did differently that it works for you if so. according to the list M1 supports TZ 9.2

#7537 4 months ago

I'm down to my last couple problems with my TZ restoration, which is saying a lot considering where I started. My pop bumper lamps are all significantly different brightnesses. The one in front is bright as expected, the one on the right is dim but passable, and the one on the left is VERY dim. Ive quadruple checked the wiring, all connectors and boards are new and wiggling them has no effect. wiggling lamps, wires, diodes, etc also all have no effect. As far as I can tell these are the only lamps I'm having this issue with. The lamps behave normally in that they are off when expected and on when expected without ghosting. Only the brightness is a problem. I am running an LED OCD board, but the problem is still there if I plug directly into the driver board bypassing the OCD.

Any troubleshooting advice?

Only other issue at this point is the occasional false positive powerball mode on the subway sensor, but Ive read that this can be caused by not enough incline of the game (mine is still on the shop table with only a 2x4 providing some very floaty gameplay testing.)

#7542 4 months ago

Bah, forgot some important information.

They are pop bumpers discs from comet pinball :

And they are hard wired in (no sockets.) Wiring has been checked.

#7543 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Get out a laptop and cable and you can increase the brightness of the insert strings. Don't go over 80% or so for most lamps, but you can increase the pops if necessary. Most likely it's not the board though; you may want to try cleaning the lamp contacts (Occam's razor!) and try replacing the LEDs in teh pops. DO NOT use incandescents in the game, LEDOCD is not going to be able to handle them

Good suggestions.

No incandescents in the game. All LED
I was going to try and fix it with the LED OCD software but when it was happening without it plugged in I figured I'd be masking a different problem.

#7548 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Why did you hard wire them?
Those pop lights have a little screw adjustment on them. It’s probably turned down on yours

Huh... I had no idea those had adjustment pots. I'll check that!

I hardwire them because I use clear pop bumper bodies to take advantage of the white LEDs on the underside of those discs. The connectors block light, are ugly, and dont really fit inside the pop bumper anyway without them being crammed in.

#7551 4 months ago

I rarely use the prop stick. I just lift it all the way up so its leaning on the backbox. Its definitely heavy

#7558 4 months ago
Quoted from DuffysArcade:

I wanted to share details of the custom television set topper I've made for my TZ. It's constructed of 3/8" oak plywood and pine. The screen is a 10" LCD from an old netbook computer. The TV is running on a Raspberry Pi Zero and is running software from MP4Museum which loops a B&W TZ video file I've made with clips of the old episodes. Blue LED strips on the back door illuminate the silhouette when the lights are off.
I haven't decided whether it will be an actual topper or I'll just hang it on the wall. It is quite large and I'm not about to drill holes into my TZ to mount it. I've considered using neodymium magnets to keep it up there. Open to suggestions on that. Thanks!

That is freaking awesome! Amazing job!

I've been trying to think of ideas for my own topper and considered something like this. Good to know it can look so good! I really wanted one of those slot machine toppers but dear LORD did those get overpriced.

#7560 4 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Why did you hard wire them?
Those pop lights have a little screw adjustment on them. It’s probably turned down on yours

This was it. Ive used tons of these and I guess they have always just came adjusted to the maximum from the factory. I never even noticed the adjustment pot. Fixed. Thanks!

#7566 4 months ago
Quoted from shokel328:

Could anyone share the process of replacing the bulbs inside the clock? How much of taking it apart is involved? Photos would be great if anyone ever photo documented the replacement. Time to stick in some leds in there, finally.

Here: the most 90s possible tutorial.

#7576 4 months ago

My restoration is finally complete! Thanks to everyone in this group who helped me out with my never ending questions and photo requests in the past months!

Final post with finished product image dump:

Shot for shot before and after gallery:

2019-10-09 17.40.58 (resized).jpg2019-10-09 23.59.41 (resized).jpg2019-10-09 23.59.58 (resized).jpg
#7578 4 months ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

Looks great. That flying streaming rig is interesting. It must be tricky with the bundle of cords.

The cable setup isn't bad. Kind of like gen one HTC vive. Doesn't get in the way for the most part.

#7580 4 months ago
Quoted from jjoravec:

I purchased a TZ without a clock, if anyone has a spare lying around they would like to sell let me know. Can't wait to get this up and running.

Clock isn't needed for game to function. Don't bother waiting to fix/play while trying to source your clock.

#7583 4 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I disagree with the majority about replacing the clock board. You can easily wire 555 LEDs to the old board. Why replace something that is functional and easily modded?

I got a used boardset, wired 4 LED strips directly to the board, replaced one opto, and am now done. It can indeed be done.

#7599 3 months ago
Quoted from Barr993:

Has anyone created custom TZ coin reject button inserts? Searched but didn't find any...

Not really good unless you have 3 coin slots, but here are mine.

FJIMG_20191009_174229 (resized).jpg
#7601 3 months ago
Quoted from Barr993:

Both cool.
I've been experimenting. My red buttons limit the options though.[quoted image]

You can buy the clear ones from pinball life. Mine were originally orange.

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#7650 3 months ago

Has anyone else had a problem with the SUBWAY powerball sensor? Ive seen that tons of people have issues with the trough sensor. Mine was missing so I went straight to the replacement trough sensor and it has worked perfectly. My subway sensor appeared to work, and worked in test, but I get random false powerball positives positives when the ball goes through the subway. I replaced the subway sensor with a new adjustable one from here: http://tanglestech.com/TPP-1037
and adjusted it to be as sensitive as possible without locking on (the LED wouldn't go back off once activated) the false positives reduced in frequency but did not go away. Anything else I can check?

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#7756 74 days ago
Quoted from Parker_tz:

Where can I get a blue powerball for twilight zone. I would prefer one of the original prototype ones but an exact repro is fine.
Thank you Parker[quoted image]

I'm making a homebrew sonic the hedgehog pin and I NEED one of these. I don't know exactly what ill use it for yet, but I know i need one. Anyone know HOW these were made? could something be done to an existing powerball perhaps?

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#7804 37 days ago
Quoted from lievyns:

Does someone have a High Res file for Twilight Zone side Backbox Decal (right part).
I scratch my existing sticker and want to print another one without having to buy the all bunch.
Thanks in advance

I have a set of backbox side decals I bought a while back and never ended up using. PM me if interested

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