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#7294 7 months ago
Quoted from McSquid:

Anyone know where I can get a powerball trough sensor (A-16533)? New or used. I already have the eddy sensor board (A-16534) but everywhere seems to be sold out of both.[quoted image]

You can buy a set of TZ trough sensor boards from http://tanglestech.com/Twilight-Zone--Trough-Proximity-Eddy-Sensor--Replaces-A-16534-and-A-16528-Switch-26_p_36.html

#7308 7 months ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

Is there a good option for the trough eddy board/sensor? I'm working on another TZ and this one has already been hacked to bits.

Tangles has both the trough and subway eddy sensor boards available



#7314 7 months ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Might have been my post
The one I've got provides 12v and 5v to mods that would normally plug into the power driver board using the standard 3-pin connectors. It is wired to the transformer so it comes on when the game is switched on.
applejuice is the guy that sells it, his website is
I'm very happy with mine. Even though I only have about 3 mods plugged into it currently (including ColorDMD), I'm glad the power draw is removed from the main board.

Looks like he's changed his URL - it's now https://mypinballs.com

The "Mod Power Expander Board for WPC and WPC-95 Games" is listed in his store https://mypinballs.com/electronics/store.jsp

1 month later
#7419 5 months ago
Quoted from McSquid:

Can someone take a picture of their power input connector that goes from the power in/aux/switch box to their transformer? Mine looks like it's been (poorly) worked on on the box end and only has 2 of the 9 pins populated. Is this connection supposed to have loopbacks for more surface contact?[quoted image][quoted image]

It depends what voltage your country has, as to which loopbacks are required. The front page of the WPC schematics manual has the different pin connections required for the different voltages they supported at the time

#7425 5 months ago
Quoted from Barr993:

In the midst of my first under ramp cleaning, is this plastic supposed to be bent like this?
[quoted image]

Mine was exactly the same, the 2 spacers that the plastic is screwed through are different lengths, so either the plastic sits up on an angle was was bent to that shape. I do wonder whether it was changed through production, so interested to see what spacers other found when they stripped their game?

20180413_153420 (resized).jpg
#7429 5 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

It is possible to reboot my friend’s TZ when hitting both flippers at the same time, but oddly enough this only happens after you first turn it on. To me, it seems like a cap issue, but I don’t know which one.
After 2-3 minutes it is impossible to reboot in this way.
Any ideas?

Sounds like a 5v reset - the MPU has a watchdog circuit that will trigger a reset of the machine if the 5v line drops too far below spec. Quite often you see this when both flippers are pressed at the same time. This can occur at random times. There is plenty of info around on troubleshooting 5v reset issues - http://pinwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Williams_WPC#Game_resets but the first thing I'd do is re-seat the connectors J101, J102, J114 on the power driver board and J210 on the MPU board

http://www.kahr.us/daughterboard.html also makes a workaround for the 5v issue which can be useful as a temporary fix.

#7436 5 months ago
Quoted from Coyote:

I actually NEED one of these longer posts. Anyone have the measurement of it?
I AM sick of my balls getting stuck there. (My diverter sometimes likes to pretend it's CV Ringmaster, and throw balls.

My machine is stripped and yes it 1-1/2"

#7447 5 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

Does that still make sense if it is no longer possible to reset after a few minutes of being on? I thought it might be a cap issue because of that. I experienced something similar on an older game.

There are many reasons why the 5v can drop below spec and cause the reset, which are all covered by http://pinwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Williams_WPC#Game_resets - "If the game is resetting only within the first minute or two, and plays fine after that, skip to Step 8, Failed Thermistor."

#7459 5 months ago
Quoted from McSquid:

I know this is on the specific side but does anyone have any photos of the wiring for the left/main/plastic ramp? Doesn't have to be super detailed, Id mostly just like to know the factory wiring paths so I can recreate it as close as possible. Bonus points of course for connectors and wire colors. I haven't checked yet to see if those are detailed in the manual like the board connections.

Let me know if you need any others

14909302-DAB9-4559-89C2-DDD613AAF437 (resized).jpeg33A1179D-FE0A-4D62-B216-BE8E5E246A95 (resized).jpeg47F74ED6-7415-48EA-B44F-33132EB50BD8 (resized).jpeg594B0675-84B6-44C0-BB0F-E99CEE983AC6 (resized).jpeg62A4C3AA-2496-483E-A859-BFDD7999DF25 (resized).jpeg7CBCA105-B89E-44A8-A208-C5C53742D08B (resized).jpeg
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#7535 4 months ago
Quoted from AD72:

Looking for a trough proximity switch that is reliable (not the Pin Point POS).

Recommend this one http://tanglestech.com/Twilight-Zone--Trough-Proximity-Eddy-Sensor--Replaces-A-16534-and-A-16528-Switch-26_p_36.html

3 weeks later
#7634 3 months ago
Quoted from Wmsfan:

The top habit trail seems to give me a bit of a bounce often when it first hits the diverter(?) that lowers it to the playfield. What are you guy doing to address the bounce? Some of that blue Stern dead rubber?


Quoted from Wmsfan:

I believe I read that 9.4h is the ROM to get for home, is that correct? Game currently has L3- any big differences?

9.4h is the latest. This shows the fixes of the various releases up to 9.4 http://www.robertwinter.com/pinball/dotcom/tech/roms/twilight.html
I can't find the list of enhancements in 9.4h but the main things are LITZ practice mode and pause mode (catch the ball on a flipper and press the "Extra Ball" button while holding the flipper button and it'll hold the ball on the flipper for 15 minutes).

Quoted from Wmsfan:

I want to say I remember playing someone's TZ that had some sort of lit up backboard decal or? Is there one, or am I not remembering it correctly?

Twilight Zone PlexiGlass Custom Backboard and Custom PCB PDI - L.E.D. Light Strip For Plexi Backboard from Pinball Decals https://www.pinballdecals.com/PartsByGamePages/TZ_Page.html

Quoted from Wmsfan:

I don't remember seeing those gray switch covers on the mini pf, and there was a game HEP was working on a bit ago where he was mounting them on the underside. Is there an actual kit/mod for this or is it completely custom?

That's the way the machines came from the factory but OPs sometimes never put them back on after fixing the machine. Marco sells them - they are in small, medium and large sizes

Quoted from Wmsfan:

While I'm on it, how does the mini pf come off- waiting on a manual to arrive.

You can download the manual from https://www.ipdb.org/files/2684/Bally_1993_Twilight_Zone_Operations_Manual_OCR_searchable.pdf

#7635 3 months ago

kevinleedrum haha you were clearly faster than me - nice work!

1 week later
#7660 3 months ago
Quoted from jjoravec:

Anyone know where to get the Blue Clock housing, everywhere I checked is out of stock?

Looks like Pinball Heaven has them https://www.pinball.co.uk/?product=clock-housing-03-8833-blue

1 week later
#7688 3 months ago

Methos The ball sensor pictured above is the one that is working one your machine - it'll sense a metal ball coming from the gumball or camera or deadend, so when the ball triggers the microswitch in the trough but the above sensor doesn't sense a metal ball then it is the Powerball.

Switch 26 (where your issue is) is made up of 2 small PCBs, one is located at the right-hand end of the shooter trough. This switch is a common issue with TZ. There are improved replacement boards available or you can repair/improve the original if you have the skills

1 month later
#7796 39 days ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

The look really similar to mine that I've had for 4 years plus[quoted image]

I really like the look - do you still have the file you made?

#7799 39 days ago
Quoted from spblat:

“Details here” in my prior post has links to the source artwork used in my cards and in seatmandan’s.

I missed that - thanks I'll take a look

#7808 38 days ago
Quoted from Green-Machine:

Yes under all star posts on mini playfield. Lightens it up quite well. The link is above LOL

Did you use the cool white (natural) or sunlight?

#7887 33 days ago
Quoted from monkfe:

Ok, what's the shadow? Not sure I've seen that one...

Bally "The Shadow" 1994 - one of my go-to favourite machines. Based off the movie starring Alec Baldwin (bit of a flop), which in turn was based off the comics of the same name.

cbcefb3131852992696cb72230de8b5d96edef61 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#8057 18 days ago

Awesome - I went looking for those instruction cards but the only version I could find had different artwork on the right hand one.

Looking forward to getting these printed and on my machine

#8065 17 days ago
Quoted from birdman665:

Anyone know of a place that has the trough proximity kit in stock? Seems like everywhere I look they're sold out...

Tangles has some coming in later this month if that helps https://www.tanglestech.com/Twilight-Zone--Trough-Proximity-Eddy-Sensor--Replaces-A-16534-and-A-16528-Switch-26_p_36.html

1 week later
#8105 8 days ago
Quoted from BenB:

Got an error for extra ball in gum ball machine. I have 4 in the gum all machine and 2 in the trough. Is it simply a setting for the number of balls in the machine do I have off or is there another issue in the gumball machine?

Normally you have 3 in the gum ball machine and 3 in the tough

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