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#4716 2 years ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

Started tear down and cleaning of my barn TZ today after I got it mostly running.
I was having this happen (yes, with the rest of the guide on it too ). I don't even know how to describe it to google it.
» YouTube video
Only switch that I can tell is not working is the left ramp exit. I think it worked during an early test, but I'm not sure. Continuity on the switch wires but nothing when I close it, even by hand tight.
I expect to have this running with minimal parts and a LOT of cleaning. Time to order bulbs though.

When you put the top of the trough on there there is a flap you can bend down slightly to guide the ball into place.

I also removed the rubber from that post because it still bounces it back sometimes.

#4732 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

So I'm having some new hardware powdercoated for my game - all gloss black. Does anyone have an opinion on powdercoating the wireforms for TZ? Should I do it / not bother? I understand the desire to keep the game 'stock' - I basically fall into that category already, but I figured it might be worth a look.
I've seen some amazing work on STTNG where the wireforms seem to disappear into the playfield because there's less light bouncing off of them. (too bad we can't use that photophobic black hole coating that completely removes all light).

It's your game, do what makes you happy. I mean, who really keeps their TZ "stock"??

#4740 2 years ago

Ha ha, there had to be someone.

3 weeks later
#4793 2 years ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

Looks like I may have the clock situation under control.

"Quit playin' with the clock!"

1 week later
#4817 2 years ago
Quoted from MrsHardy:

First day in the club & got LITZ already !!! I was so shocked. Amazing

Turn off all the door spots so it doesn't give you any freebies, that makes it a lil tougher!

Congrats on your new TZ!

#4821 2 years ago

I think I do worse when I try to "make shots and do things" rather than just keep the ball in play and take what I get, lol.

2 weeks later
#4853 2 years ago

Ooops, never mind, covered better above.

4 weeks later
#4947 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

I know that it's meant to pay homage to the B/W era, but TZ's colordmd could use a little bit more colors...

I don't quite get what you mean... pretty much everything that can be colored is colored. The JACKPOT animation and LITZ start is fantastic.

1 week later
#4961 2 years ago
Quoted from Ozzy:

Hello all. Quick question for all you tz owners. Whats a minty tz with color dmd and just about every mod avaialable (to many to list)? Thanks

$5550 - $6450

#4972 2 years ago

That green is WILD. does it show up like that in real life or just in the pix?

I would've stayed clear myself, but a dear friend gave me a blue one so blue it is.

2 weeks later
#5033 2 years ago

I spot at least one BIG part... cab bottom!

Incredible work all the same! Well done.

#5034 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Fact is my (pin)balls aren't getting stuck, but rusty/oxided pretty fast (it's much worse with my TAF). That's why I desperately need a similar solution for these pins...

Well, obviously Alex, your issue is dry balls. You gotta use some ball oil on those things man!

1 week later
#5074 2 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Question for anyone who has switched to LEDs: which type of white did you use in the backbox, cool or warm? I'm working on mine right now but my translite is quite brown (maybe from cigarette smoke?) and it's making it hard for me to judge.

I just put the frosted sunlight ones from Comet in my CFTBL and they look pretty great, bright but not unnatural and no hotspotting.

#5106 2 years ago
Quoted from Durzel:

What's the consensus on clear (OEM) clock housing vs blue?

I have the blue one, it was a gift, and I like it a lot, I think it looks great. If I had to choose for myself tho I probably would have went crystal clear, not OEM clear.

#5158 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

So... today I intended to tackle that issue (I'm planning on putting a film protector on the ball-trough), and when I lifted my TAF PF up, I realized that I ain't got the skills (and the guts) to disassemble/reassemble all the mechs.... I'll have to call my tech support....

It's not hard, remove the 4 screws from the trough bottom, then the 4 screws from the switch plate, then just slide it on out.

#5187 2 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Personally though I think it looks fine if your ball slips away into the shadows, especially in an area where you don’t need to track it.

Into the... TWILIGHT?

2 weeks later
#5319 2 years ago
Quoted from pzy:


There is another mix I heard on YouTube that keeps the golden earring intact as the main play/lock themes as well as the Granner music in the other spots. Very awesome, if I needed to replace a sound board I'd be very tempted.

1 week later
#5377 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

You know, I really like how the playfield art is directly continued on the blades, that looks really cool

Oh! I didn't notice that. Okay, that actually is kinda cool! I think the only part I'm not digging is the "Lost in the Zone" on the backboard.

#5379 2 years ago

Yeah look at the auction link. It's not the same, but it looks cool.

#5392 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Pics may be brighter... still... colors off / lines discontinued (no matter the perspective)...
Orange pop bumper cap must be corrected!
And what's up with the flipper bat decals?

Dude, Alex, I think you're a cool guy, but who died and made you the pinball critic?? The guys game looks fine. People aren't slamming your sticker mods, are they?

#5394 2 years ago

Hahaha, well you gotta be you I guess.

#5412 2 years ago

Hahaha, I'm sure it wasn't pinball specific.

#5449 2 years ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

Also, dirty or failing flipper button optos will cause weak flipper issues. Try giving those a clean and swapping the two opto boards.

Yes. Last time I had flipper issues (weak upper right) this is exactly what it was, but because it was working fine in test I had no idea. Ended up swapping it for one from a game that had no upper flipper and it's been fine ever since.

#5472 2 years ago

A bad plunger will typically have a tip that looks unevenly worn, worn out, or even broken off, a bad sleeve will typically look blackened, dirty or melted, and a bad spring will probably look kinda flattened, maybe rusty? Imo, you're gonna replace one, just replace all 3 and call it good.

#5493 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

To the guys that have the LED COLORDMD installed, does it also happen with you
1) Skill shot - when you get RED, ORANGE or YELLOW awards, the respective colors are appearing when the award animation is transitioning, but by the time the game actually gives you the award, the RED, ORANGE and YELLOW lines are presented in WHITE.
2) Same thing for the JET BUMPERS ADDED award... The YELLOW color appears on the transition animation, but when it comes to stop, it's GREY and WHITE!
BTW, I'm running ROM 8.4H.

Usually when the animations go grey it's because something happens that wasn't colored. Like on my Stern Star Trek it happens when you get a character combo... or when I set the replay to extra ball.

Color DMD basically expects you to use a certain ROM version, so if the one you are using is older, newer or custom, you'll see more non colored scenes. They had me send them a video.

#5495 2 years ago

I think that's the long and short of it. I imagine it generally comes down to how much the colorist wants to go back and complete the job I guess.

#5501 2 years ago

Huh. I will need to check mine, but I stole the CDMD from it for Creature right now. I feel like mine stays in color tho.

4 weeks later
#5600 1 year ago

Does that have a protective film on it? It looks awfully cloudy.

#5614 1 year ago

My TZ has been damn reliable. Only recently has the clock gotten a little twitchy.

#5622 1 year ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

My TZ arrived with only the gumballs mod. So far, I am not feeling a strong desire to get a bunch of mods. Game plays just fine as is. Just keep me away from eBay!!!!

There are some cool mods... Pinbits door flashers and gumball machine lighting kit, GLMs cool powerfield switches, led clock boards... and there’s some decent ones, like backboard and inner cab art, piano mod, rocket ship, colored clock housing... and a lot of just kinda cheap plastic junk like car toys, cameras, etc. But at the end of the day tho, it’s your game, and whatever you feel looks best, is best.

2 weeks later
#5730 1 year ago

I believe there are 3 eddy sensors... one at the gumball, one at the trough/shooter lane and one at the slot scoop.

#5733 1 year ago

Actually that would makes sense, as the gumball one doesn’t usually announce until we’ll after it ejects the ball.

2 weeks later
#5810 1 year ago

The pachinko balls look much better than the beads.

#5813 1 year ago

Maybe I’m alone here, but I never saw the attraction in those lamp mods? I’d much rather see some kind of light strip mod that lets those lamps be removed forever.

Also, pinball decals is almost always a massive rip off.

However, the GLM powerfield switches that get rid of the big grey covers, now THAT’S a great mod!

#5830 1 year ago

Looks good!

#5848 1 year ago

The clear ramp looks great... but I like the smoked one too!

1 week later
#5868 1 year ago

It should be the brown lowest strength one: http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/10-148-6

#5905 1 year ago
Quoted from Harvey27:

Hello, I'm new to repairs and would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction.

Start with your flipper opto boards and connections, and the connections to the fliptronics board. The intermittent-ness makes me think you might find your issue here.

If not, check your flipper mechanisms, move the flipper manually and feel for any drag. If you feel any, troubleshoot. Might just be a loose coil stop or something.

If the flipper parts are worn or dirty, you can refresh with new stops and sleeves, but if your tips are mushroomed, rebuild. If they’ve never been done I’d do the flipper bushings while you’re at it. Lots to check!

#5933 1 year ago

Is it a new board or an original? Check your connectors. If they’re clean and well seated you should be good on a new board. On old boards the optics eventually will wear out and discolor, or could be heat damaged. My clock board is old and does the same kind of things.

#5940 1 year ago
Quoted from mettle64:

Just picked up a TZ with a Pinball Decals Invader Topper. I'm not big on toppers and would just as soon part with it, but can't find any recorded eBay or Pinside sales so I have no idea how to price it. Any ideas?

7 day auction, no reserve, ending on like a Sunday evening, and I bet you'll do pretty well.

#5959 1 year ago

Have you tried using a q tip and some alcohol and cleaning the optos?

#5960 1 year ago
Quoted from jmountjoy111:

Im super confused about flasher bulbs on this game. Are there none in the backbox? My game was missing bulbs in all the black sockets in the backbox so I assumed those were flashers. When I put bulbs in they are locked on. I am flipping through tha manual and do not see mention of flashers in the back box. They are on the same line with regular GI bulbs. So am I missing something

No flashers. The black sockets were the blinky bulbs, but they’re pretty much unobtainable now.

#5964 1 year ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Those are blinker bulbs - #545s. There are no flashers in the backbox, correct.

There was a guy selling boxes of 100 of them for about $25, I think. I got two boxes. He MAY still have boxes of ten listed, I don't know.
Having said that, if anyone needs any, let me know. I have 200 of them. this should last me the rest of my life.

Huh, I didn’t even think of evilBay, the only place I’ve ever seen them is Pinball Life and they want $2 per bulb.

I’ll send you a message because I could use a couple sets, thanks coyote!

1 week later
#5984 1 year ago
Quoted from starslugger27:

My TZ display is shot and need to buy a new one. I was thinking of buying a color dmd, but not sure what to buy between the 2 choices of LED or LCD and really don't know where to begin. Any suggestion here would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy Father's Day to all you dads!

They’re both great. If you’re not sure, get LCD. That way you get all the display options like HI RES, as well as dot options. If you’re a hardcore dots only type of guy, LED is the way to go. It’s a little cheaper and the colors are nice and bright.

1 month later
#6074 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Still no joy on the clock, I am clearly missing something.
But I did remove the gumball decal - I have been wanting to do this for quite a while. Funny how basic the old plastic looks. I’m keeping it!
[quoted image]

Does it bother you that it’s wrong now?

I think I’d prefer the decal, unless it was in poor shape.

#6080 1 year ago

Where can we order Ingos board?

My OG one is getting pretty flaky.

#6099 1 year ago

I don’t think that’s his game, I think he said he’s missing that part.

Maybe you can have one made if you can borrow one to use as a template?

1 week later
#6172 1 year ago

“There is no light, without Shadow... in the Twilight Zone.”

1 week later
#6197 1 year ago

What? That’s hilarious. Doesn’t TZ predate Dumb and Dumber?

1 week later
#6264 1 year ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Also, when you Defeat The Power with the Powerball, it will 4x the power award instead of the normal 2x.

#6268 1 year ago

It doesn't know, that's why in multiball you can get a Powerball to the Powerfield... you just can't do anything with it...

UNLESS... you got a steel ball up there as well and bounced the Powerball into the Power with the steel ball. BOOM 4X POWER!!

2 weeks later
#6353 1 year ago

Wow, you got your work cut out for you. You’ll probably spend a decent TZ in parts alone!

#6401 1 year ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

Is it easy to put NVRAM in Rottendog MPU boards? While it won't keep your game's time correct (and some people like having the clock on the playfield show the correct time), it does mean never having to deal with this problem ever again.

Both of my Rottendog CPU boards have NVram and seem to work great. Rob Anthony preinstalled mine when I got the boards from him, but I don't think it's supposed to be difficult.

1 week later
#6441 1 year ago
Quoted from wizard_mode:

TZ Rules question: Does it matter how I start the door MB mode? Are jackpots worth more if I lock 2 balls (as opposed to only locking 1), then start MB with the ramp? How about if I start MB with the lock shot on 3rd lock? Does it matter which way I go as far as points?

Two locks = higher jackpots, but hmmm, I don't know if starting at the lock vs. the ramp makes a difference. I'll have to try that.

The jackpot is also doubled if you score it with the Powerball.

1 week later
#6475 1 year ago

Of course the sad thing is you want the ball to bounce out, since the rocket shoots it into the pops and probable death.

#6477 1 year ago

I have a post on mine too, FWIW.

#6480 1 year ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Excellent, thanks I'd rather it be consistent than randomly falling out to be honest.
How do you screw that in when there is barely clearance there?

I used a metal sleeve type post with a long cap screw.

1 week later
#6543 1 year ago

Rule cards should have rules. #justsayin

2 months later
#6769 1 year ago
Quoted from MMP:

I can see why TZ is a generally expensive machine. I just dropped $500 in parts orders from PBL and Marco today. That does not include the LEDs, ColorDMD, clock board and Mantis parts that I'll be ordering. Oh well it will look real purdy when I am done with it. Going to do a mix of WW and Sunlight on the GI. Previous owner had the Cointaker LED set in from ages ago, and the inserts look quite nice still. The cool white was just a bit too harsh on my eyes but the bulbs were the kind without domes. Mostly I will just need to do GI and maybe some sort of backboard / spotlight combination. Either that or just break down and go pinstadium.

Not sure if TZ expensive because of parts...

...or parts expensive because it's TZ?

NOTSUREIF (resized).jpg

1 week later
#6774 1 year ago

Is the kicker itself broken or worn?

1 month later
#6882 12 months ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Anyone buy one yet? I am curious how they look and worth the price.

I have seen the BOP and SoF ones in person installed in games and can say they're both really awesome.

1 month later
#6977 11 months ago

It’s supposed to go above the left orbit, but it was removed before production.

3 weeks later
#7022 10 months ago

Make sure you don’t have the low line mode on in the settings.

#7031 10 months ago

Welcome. You unlock this door with the key of imagination... oh and money. So damn much money.

#7051 9 months ago

I usually order mine from Action Pinball, since JWJ kinda fell off the map. Did he ever show back up?

2 weeks later
#7110 9 months ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Having issues with the powerball not being detected in the trough. What opt or board needs to be replaced?

There’s a eddy sensor right by the trough with a wire that goes to a little board. Try reseating that wire in the board, that usually fixes the issue for me.

1 week later
#7162 9 months ago
Quoted from Green-Machine:

Has anyone seen this mod before?[quoted image]

Yup, that’s an older style rocket mod. Pretty common as far as TZ mods go.

3 weeks later
#7246 8 months ago
Quoted from Coyote:

This is what I do - sometimes. It depends on how much time I have left.
But - one thing I notice with everyone else's playing - they treat the flipper buttons like.. they're playing with flippers. Since these are magnets, and the 'pulse' of the magnet DOS varfy depending on how fast you hit that button, I've found I do MUCH BETTER if I 'slap' the flipper buttons and not try to just 'press' them.

I alternate taps. You want to cause a fling effect. I have maybe a 50% success rate.

I’ve tried the “flip like there’s a flipper there” and if doesn’t work as well for me. Maybe if I practiced it...

3 weeks later
#7288 7 months ago

That PinWiki link really is the place to look. It walks you through the steps and gives you solutions.

If you're feeling lazy, throw a Kahr board at it. It will probably fix your issue, but it's considered a band aid solution. I'll admit tho, I have one in my TZ.

2 weeks later
#7352 7 months ago
Quoted from gjm7777:

Thanks for that!
Forgive me for being dense here - so it's normal that the flippers/high voltage work with the coin door open then? I guess I'm trying to understand if the switch even does anything.

Tells the game if the coin door is closed?

4 weeks later
#7394 6 months ago
Quoted from NibbyNub:

Are we keeping these machines as stock as possible or can I tear into it and go LED everything and start my upgrades. I'm fine either way because it's never leaving my house.

Congrats and welcome to the bolted to the floor club!

Personally I’ve done some functional mods (LED, speakers, ColorDMD) some lighting mods (Pinbits door flashers and gumball lights) and one kinda blingy one (colored clock housing) on mine.

I’d really like to do the upgraded powerfield switches one of these days, as I think that’s one of the best looking mods you can do to this game.

TZ might have been the most modded game at one point, but to me it’s already so busy you don’t need to go too nuts, just pick a couple you love.

#7399 6 months ago
Quoted from jjoravec:

Anyone know where I can find a complete TZ Clock assembly? Pick up a project TZ and it was missing.

ebay.com link » Nos Bally Twilight Zone Pinball Tz Clock Assembly A 16124

#7404 6 months ago
Quoted from jjoravec:

$500 seems a bit much for the clock.

I thought that too, but honestly by the time you’re done piecing one together out of parts I don’t think the money you’d save would be worth the hassle. Looking over that parts list it was like $200 before you decided on a clock board (Ingo) or had to find/fashion the mounting bracket, wiring harness and line up the hardware.

The only other hope is maybe someone has a used working or a rebuildable unit?

Luckily the clock isn’t gameplay essential, so if you decided to forego it you’re not ruining the game or anything.

4 weeks later
#7488 5 months ago
Quoted from Binger:

Hi all. I have a question about the pinbits? Gumball light. It has both red/white leds with a 4 position plug with red/black and 2 yellow. I picked up the mod and it did not have instructions. I have played around with diff wire connections but was curious if someone knows the preferred placement of the connection wires under the playfield. Thanks

I know they have directions on the site... which seems to be down. I reached out to them tho, hopefully that will be addressed soonly.

It’s been so long since I installed mine I wouldn’t even know what to tell you.

4 weeks later
#7638 4 months ago

Message twister, he was making the switch kits last I knew. They were about $100.

#7641 4 months ago

TZ has like what, 4 electromagnets in it? What’s one more magnet gonna hurt?

Besides only certain kinds of balls are susceptible to magnetism, and it’s really only an issue on the gravity feed trough games.

3 weeks later
#7689 3 months ago

You probably just need to reseat the sensor to the board, seems like it works is way loose every so often, probably from trough vibrations.

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