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5 years ago

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#668 4 years ago

Excited to be in the club as of 12/13/14. Sold my TFTC prototype for $3450. Picked up this players TZ for $3850. Its been HUO since about 1999. Just a little fade to the decals, looks uniform (as opposed to one side full color, other side faded to B&W). Invested about $900 in a new clear plastic ramp, new german clock board, NOS clock plastics, new reinforced slot scoop, cliffys, lastrotienda piano mod, new legs and a few new PF plastics, along with new side rails, glass guides, new carriage bolts and mirror blades which will be installed in a little over a week or so when my stepdad visits to help with his mad carpentry skills. She isn't perfect, nor will she be after these changes, but I think she's gonna be a very pretty girl

IMG_20150125_172448~2 (1).jpg
IMG_20150208_143530 1-287.jpg

1 week later
#683 4 years ago

I added some cool new decals today to TZ, one for the lamp and one for the backboard

#701 4 years ago

Finished my TZ restoration yesterday with the help of my stepdad. New side rails, mirror blades, and some touch ups. Before and after restoration pics, below

image-263.jpg image.jpg image-404.jpg image-277.jpg
1 week later
#721 4 years ago

Yesterday I re-grained the steel inside TZ using the Rejuvenate stainless steel scratch remover kit from home depot. Hopefully regular use of their steel polish will keep the pieces looking almost as nice.

2015-03-03_11.10.03.jpg 2015-03-03_11.20.39.jpg
#726 4 years ago

Sammy I'd probably just regularly wax it rather than put on some sort of fugly overlay

4 weeks later
#744 4 years ago

The laretrotienda piano and rocket have landed in TZ


#750 4 years ago
Quoted from DefaultGen:

This Ebay store, I just ordered the piano myself:
ebay.com link
Just tore down my playfield. Lots of things behind other things, I can't wait to screw up putting it back together. Feels more annoying than STTNG already.

Just be careful with the Piano install- and be extra careful too when working in your game around the rocket, lest you break it off its perch and have to run for the superglue, or even the touch up paint.

The Piano I believe needs to be elevated a millimeter or so above the piano "swamp" hole, otherwise the ball will on occasion collide with the bottom lip of the piano, eating away at the finish very quickly. See above picture installed elevated above the two screws, the second directly on the bracket (seated too low, bottom edge damaged by balls from playfield). I wouldn't even worry about the supplied tape on the bottom of the piano, just leave it be and wedge it "high" like so.

Laretrotienda's pics showing recommended install position I believe are extremely hazardous to this mods condition and I've reached out to tell him so and discuss my proposed solution.


#751 4 years ago

Mirror blades are back in. This game just isnt the same without them.

IMG_20150408_112432.jpg IMG_20150408_105559.jpg
#753 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

When u get a chance put the pop caps in the correct order they sld match up with upper playfield

Check out the original flyer from Bally, that's not actually the case. The yellow always went upper right

3 months later
#1014 4 years ago

Check out the red clock housing from Bay Area Amusements (brushed finish, not the EMS one) with the Ingo clock board and white face



1 month later
#1139 4 years ago

For a moment I flirted with the idea of selling my TZ to fund an MMR but they're too expensive still, even from people who bought them and regret the purchase. Maybe I'd regret the purchase too...

Anyhow! I finished a mini Playfield Swap...now it has the prototype look without "flip here"


1 week later
#1172 3 years ago

Submitted for your approval, the original mini playfield vs. installed CPR repro prototype variant with HSA clearcoat. I also put on black switch covers. No more ball drop wear and the mini PF sides are also now clearcoated, thus the cliffys are no longer needed.


2 weeks later
#1225 3 years ago
Quoted from dgoett:

OK - As requested.
20150911_175023.jpg 20150911_175008.jpg 20150911_174959.jpg 20150911_174414.jpg 20150911_174344.jpg 20150911_174019.jpg 20150911_173934.jpg 20150911_173549.jpg

That's a really terrific looking, fully restored TZ. It should command quite a premium

1 month later
#1370 3 years ago

Slot mod is in da house!


4 weeks later
#1450 3 years ago

Big shout out to Lermods for helping bring Robby to life. Love the slot, too.


1 week later
#1476 3 years ago

Now a two time simultaneous member of the club! I picked up my second yesterday and will move my restored playfield from my first TZ into its cab, then sell the old cab- with the unrestored playfield.

#1483 3 years ago

My restored TZ playfield has been permamently rehomed to a new cabinet (original decals!) for Christmas



1 month later
#1642 3 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

shhh don't jinx it! :p

Do what you wanna do...in living color


#1671 3 years ago

Cleaned up the inside of the cab today, probably the first to do so in 20+ years. This towel took quite the dirt/grime beating!




#1673 3 years ago

I sprayed this natural cleaner into a terry towel and buffed out the dirt gently


#1685 3 years ago

Hey guys- Im looking for the 4 gray TZ mini playfield covers. If you recently upgraded to the great lakes kit without these big switches, these should be leftover in your coin box. Even 2 would help- I have a lead on another two. I dont want to buy an untrimmed aftermarket set. Thanks in advance if you can help!!

#1687 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

I've got some NOS spare left here somewhere.... I'll PM you.

A member based here in the states has me covered now, I think. Thanks for stepping up, dude!

#1689 3 years ago

What so proudly we hailed, at the Twilight (Zone) last gleaming #ColorDMD #TZ #Now


#1690 3 years ago
Quoted from DefaultGen:

If you can't get them NOS, I'll send you my old ones.

Sent you a PM! Thanks!

#1694 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

There is just one thing that I definitely didn't like: the door colors.... I'd rather have an all-white door....

The four door panels were shaded in the original ROM, so a color had to be chosen. Personally I'd have gone with dark orange, given that's the color of the panel inserts, but the blue lightning strike on the white door with orange panels may not have looked right (Randy would have to comment, Ill ask him at TPF). As is, the game is far more eerie and sinister feeling in color than it was in black and white.

Side note, I just novus 2'd my decals. Amazing how even a super clean game's original decals just caked on the dirt over the years.


1 week later
#1724 3 years ago
Quoted from scampcamp:

Bump... which/who's piano do you like & why? Thank you

The Laretrotienda Piano is the bomb, but you need double locking Velcro and to mount a clock connector on top the piano just right for the vibration of the ball to not knock it loose or for the ball to careem into the finish. It's a pain in the a#$

3 weeks later
#1837 3 years ago

New additions to TZ this TPF weekend- Pinsound sound board w/Chris Granner's original DCS encode, Red LED strip for slot scoop, blue for skill shot scoop, white for piano trough.


#1839 3 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

how do you like the pinsound board with Granners DCS ver?
Any pics of the LED install underneath? did you go with some sort of a kit? (or pure DIY)
I am considering both of these (I have a ton of LED strips from other projects)

It's way higher fidelity. But as such, a bit different. You can hear instruments, its not just computer synthesis. It takes all the DCS tracks Granner recorded and replaces the low res downconverted ones. The callouts, which weren't in DCS to begin with, were ported over from the original mix.

The LED strips weren't too difficult. I got 3 cointaker bonus strips, one for each scoop/trough. They connect to regular GI lamps with included alligator clips. I definitely recommend the configuration I chose (slot red, skill blue, piano cool white). I more or less just affixed them to the underside of the scoop apparatus.

#1841 3 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

Can u post a video?

I'll be making one for Pinsound within the next week or so. Meanwhile, one last thing...I put in Cointaker's new afterburner pop LEDs. Who needs a dead end sign to light up town square now?!


#1874 3 years ago

Submitted for your approval, Twilight Zone in DCS, featuring Chris Granner's original soundtrack, plus color DMD, from start all the way through Lost in the Zone.


4 months later
#2395 3 years ago

Be kind to your TZ. If it doesn't play right, restore it, don't sell for a Ghostbusters. Btw, is it just me or has the value on the pin gone up on avg $1K in the past couple years?


#2397 3 years ago
Quoted from ramegoom:

It took me almost 20 years to find the right TZ for my collection. The Ghost Busters is just an addition to the collection.
DO NOT give up your pins - just keep on adding, justifying, over-spending and rationalizing. Take it from an expert...

I believe it's ok to let go of pins sometimes but a BW TZ for a Stern GB? Reaally....?

1 week later
#2415 3 years ago

Submitted for your approval- my Twilight Zone room.


3 weeks later
#2586 2 years ago

Fun story to share. I'd been exploring letting go of my "TZ room" concept to get a TAF and Ghostbusters Premium. TAF was the game of my childhood, and I figured it would be good to "switch it up."

A buddy of mine who is seriously a Stern defender told me "sell TZ now to get GB/TAF- GB is way more fun and the playfield issues have been solved."

I did a little more homework and it seems we have no evidence at all their quality issues have been resolved- so I deleted my for-sale ad for TZ.

The very same day, I finally figured out the simple mystery of how to hit the Camera shot. Id racked up many LiTZ wins and high scores, but generally hitting the Camera shot had been all about luck for the first two years of ownership. Understanding this elegant shot now, the real purpose to the magnets in the game become, for the first time, all too apparent- opening up a new dimension to this game I have not seen before.

#2588 2 years ago
Quoted from d0n:

Hitting the camera is always luck for me too. I find making the path to the camera less obstructed by opening the mini flipper, helps to make the shot. Otherwise, my shots bounce off the flipper most of the time.
Maybe you can let us in on the mystery shot?

The second before the ball comes down to the middle flipper, hold down the left flipper and keep it down, till you smoothly slam the ball with your middle flipper into the camera. This necessary TZ pin skill is required for re-liting jackpot, ball control, jet bumper added, camera bonuses. The real purpose of the right magnet in the game is so you can time and then make this classic trick shot.

#2590 2 years ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

Sorry if I sound like a dick, but everyone I know that's been a TZ fan since day 1 (1993) and an avid player of the game knows this!!

That would be par for the course on Pinside right lol. Actually, I was really young on day 1- frankly, I don't think I played pinball except incidentwlly on a TAF in a bowling alley my parents took me to- so I consider myself excluded from that class. No offense taken, good sir.

I've also started to play the "shot through the bumpers" intentionally, when lit, as well. Really fun and a more difficult shot, one that requires probably the most precise timing in the game. As before, TZ seems to take on a new level of enjoyment when just focusing on high scores and not as much on mode progression.

#2597 2 years ago
Quoted from d0n:

I picked up my TZ today from http://www.pookiespinballs.com today. Perry stripped the PF, shopped it and installed a bunch of mods. I can highly recommend his services. If you're near Locust Grove Ga. (1 hour south of Atlanta) check him out.
I have a TV coming that'll be stocked with the top 20 Twilight zone episodes. The TV has sound too. I'll install the under cabinet lighting tomorrow. After that, I'll need more mod ideas. I want it all except for the kitchen sink!

The TV is one mod that always made me very curious, but the $200 pricetag always gave me pause.

Side note/fun fact- the Mini-PF lamp decal was both my idea and design concept...though Pinball Pimp created it and with his graphic software/printing tools has both created it and manufactured it.

#2600 2 years ago
Quoted from AlexSMendes:

I'm kinda going the opposite way.... I'm currently "un-modding" both my TAF and my TZ... and slowly recognizing that less is actually more!

Less is more, but some mods like the Piano and Robby really do belong. I initially put in both the slot and the rocket. The rocket blocked views and got knocked down by air balls, the slot never looked right when looked at from more than a foot away.

#2602 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

I agree with that. I prefer the more subtle / tasteful mods on TZ versus a total bling of the machine. Not saying that's right or wrong...just my personal taste.
If you haven't put a Pinsound board in your TZ yet your probably missing the most unbelievable mod for that pin. Something to look into if you haven't already done so.

Agreed. I custom spliced the best of the DCS Granner and remastered mixes plus the opening track from the TZ Horror show track to make an "ultimate" TZ track. I also have the Horror Show and original tracks separately loaded onto the thumb drive on the board. The TZ Horror Show mix is a total riot especially around Halloween.

#2604 2 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

I really like the Horror Show mix. A crazy change of pace for sure! The remastered original mix is ear candy for those that like the original sounds and music of the game. For some reason I didn't really care so much for the original Granner version that never made it in the game. So fun to be able to switch the music mixes on the fly and have the opportunity to create your own.

A few cues from the DCS granner track are far superior to the remastered- the super skill shot track, the piano track, etc. I also am in love with the actual Rod Serling/TZ episode opening to the game from the horror mix. Its all about finding the ones you like and making your own.

#2612 2 years ago
Quoted from d0n:

I've heard a pinsound board in a TZ and it wasn't for me. IMO the TZ needs to make certain sounds with certain shots. And, I sure like the TZ song as background music. If I'm not mistaken, the pinsound boards loses that song completely.
The TV mod I'm going with is for a dollhouse. It's on ebay for $95 which includes the seller putting whatever episodes on the TVs memory that you choose.

The DCS track loses the golden earring melody that plays during main gameplay, not the 'TZ song' which plays during multiball. That said, the remastered Golden earring is in my remix.

#2616 2 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I make the TSPP TV mod, and I have a similar "generic" TV custom painted by The Modfather that I'll be listing on Mezelmods. I started with 15, but they all sold out to customers waiting for it (can be used on TZ, Ghostbusters, TAF, Family Guy, South Park, or any game where a tv is appropriate).
I'm not sure if I'll be including the red LED power light or not. Some customers like it, while others think it looks out of place. Price without the LED would be the same as TSPP: $149. Price with the LED is $159, if I decide to keep it.
For TZ, I have a video file with highlights from 14 episodes that are featured in the game. The video is about 60 minutes before it repeats.

There's actual sixties looking TVs on ebay- I think I'll pass on a "generic mod" for $50 less. For my part, I'm weary of "generic" mods in pinball. Look at all the junked out TZs out there now- $5 rockets, $2 dolls, generic plastic TVs...

#2618 2 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Aren't those Ebay tv's for $100 just slideshow tv's?

Yes, but variants of the same that were $200 used the thumb drives.

#2657 2 years ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

The Red one is pretty sweet as well!!

If you go with the red clock, you have to switch to the white face for optimal look.

#2658 2 years ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

Joined the 3rd magnet club today. Wasn't as scary or difficult as I expected. Still need to clean up the hole a little.
Looks like it is time to clean up the other magnet poles too. Ha!

You did have to strip the entire playfield top and pop the PF out of the cab- right? I figure if I were going in that direction, I may as well attempt a playfield swap with a brand new 3rd hole already pre-drilled and give myself a perfect glazed donut

1 week later
#2748 2 years ago

But what about when the Powerball releases from Lock? If memory serves, powerball doesn't always register on dispense. I think it does when I hit an orbital immediately after though, perhaps it senses no magnetic presence from ball?

Quoted from Coyote:

That's correct.
The reason why I, personally, don't use it is this - If you shoot the jackpot, or the camera, and quickly after that shoot the slot machine, the game will see the ball in the slot machine before the prox sensor was read, and mistakenly put the game into thinking the powerball is out. That allows some cheating (trying to get jackpot doubler) as well as shutting down any 3-ball grab at multiball start until the real powerball comes out of the gumball and is loaded back in. With a properly working trough sensor, the game will put multiball into powerball mode - no special detection is needed.

Essentially, as summarized as possible -
It was a blow to Ted Estes' pride. And while it may not sound like much, it was enough to stop him from working on 9.5H, and fix bugs in 9.4H.
Honestly, I put coins in my games too. Turn 'Free Play' message off, and put coins in. There's nothing stopping you from paying for games while it's on free play. (Hell, I'm SO into paying for my games, I got an electronic coin mech for my TZ - it accepts Nickles, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollar coins, as well as having a bill acceptor in. Yeah; I'm a geek.) In short, I won't touch it because it prevented any future revisions. If Ted had no issue with it, then I'd be running it. (Maybe except the one that has the strange adjustment in adjustments where one second award can override the first award.)

1 month later
#2928 2 years ago

Pending a cleared cashier's check, my beloved TZ is sold. I am, as such, making a number of my special framed TZ Tom Whalen matching numbered Artist Proof Lithographs for sale. These are $100 each including the frame (trust me, you want the frame for this price, super nice) PM me for the ones you want. I'm only keeping Time Enough At Last and Eye of the Beholder, that is, unless you make me an offer on the whole set!

20161112_115612 (resized).jpg

#2929 2 years ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Pending a cleared cashier's check, my beloved TZ is sold. I am, as such, making a number of my special framed TZ Tom Whalen matching numbered Artist Proof Lithographs for sale. These are $100 each including the frame (trust me, you want the frame for this price, super nice) PM me for the ones you want. I'm only keeping Time Enough At Last and Eye of the Beholder, that is, unless you make me an offer on the whole set!

Living Doll has been claimed. The Invaders and Nightmare at 20,000 Feet still available!

20161113_172609 (resized).jpg

#2930 2 years ago
Quoted from cheshirefilms:

Living Doll has been claimed. The Invaders and Nightmare at 20,000 Feet still available!

On second thought, I'm gonna keep the rest of the art. Shifting two pieces to the bedroom, leaving the other two in the pin room! Living Doll was actually the only one I really wanted to sell. Just needed to figure out the layout to keep the rest!

20161113_213101 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#3196 2 years ago

With TZ re-homed and new art on its way, I decided it's time to move the rest of my wonderful litho collection. Ask is $100 framed each. These are truly fantastic. Send me a PM for the one(s) you want!

IMG_20170201_202930 (resized).jpg
IMG_20170201_203033 (resized).jpg

#3220 2 years ago

Last two art pieces, $100 each. Looks great next to your game. PM me if interested! Thanks

IMG_20170201_203033 (resized).jpg

#3225 2 years ago

Amazing TZ Litho Art, Artist Proofs, by Tom Whalen! I have these two for sale, $100 each, framed! The Invaders and Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. Send a PM for one or both! Comes from my former TZ pinball room, would look great in yours!

IMG_20170201_203033 (resized).jpg

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