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#1826 3 years ago
Quoted from Bowlingpin:

I'm curious about the translights with the stars cut out. Is it similar to the games with the green lock? Is that part of the early production or samples or both?

May I ask a photo of a TZ with cut out for stars? It's the first time I ever read about these, and I cannot find on google or ipdb.

Thank you

#1851 3 years ago

Thanks for the photo of the cutout of the stars! Really nice indeed!!!

1 month later
#2036 3 years ago

Just dreamin'... A new mode, a "final battle" versus the Power.
One ball in play. GI of the powerfield off. Every standup target and hole qualify a quarter of hour on the clock. Starting Midnight, a shot advance the clock a quarter of hour.

When the ball is shooted in the right ramp, the ball goes to the powerfield: then the clock start running towards midnight again, clockwise, GI of the clock and powerfield ON, everything off. You have to keep the ball in the powerfield as long as the clock is running. No drain, no going to the top hole. Just shooting without going down or up. When the clock hits midnight again, you have to shot the top to win!

The idea is to wander as you want in the main playfield to reduce the time in the powerfield to stay before you can shoot the top to win.

I don't remember if willigly keeping the ball in the powerfield is an easy task or not. What do you think about it?

3 months later
#2485 3 years ago
Quoted from Luppin:

Checked the clock test after the problem disappears, and as expected now the clock test works fine, forward and backward no problem.
So basically what happens is: I turn the machine on, the clock start and keep moving backwards, I enter the adjustments for a few seconds, I exit the adjustments and back to attract mode and everything is perfectly fine and stays fine all the time I keep playing.

Maybe it is software related: did you try to remove the batteries to do a Factory Reset?

(P.s. Lancette: Italiano come me? )

4 months later
#3157 3 years ago

Oh my, probably that lamp has been burned for ages in my TZ, I don't remember that zone being lit! Need to check next week!

1 month later
#3327 2 years ago
Quoted from Deadpin:

What's the 'proper' leveler mark when you set up TZ (sorry for the noob question)

The nose of my bubble is in the first line after the thick one, going from bottom to top. So, is my game faster or slower than what intended by factory? Cannot check as I'm not near my game, but just asking

1 month later
#3642 2 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Gum is the left ramp, ball is the right ramp. After they are lit you can load the gumball machine by shooting the right loop.
To get LitZ you need to light all twelve door panels. Generally those are lit via the piano and slot machine. The camera can also light some of them.

Gum-Ball does two things: lights the Gumball machine and the lock above the piano. Locking a ball turns off the gum and ball lights. re lit them to enable the lock again, the lock the ball, turn off the gumball lights, lights gum and ball and go for multiball. This is the complete sequence, but TZ in default shortens keeping lock enabled or activating multiball with just one ball locked.

Another thing: panel can be lit (and you need ONLY the orange panels to LITZ, no red panels are needed) by Piano, Slot, winning against the power and, operator dependend:

Getting any feature extra ball on game -> Light extra ball on foor (not operator selectable)
Lighting both Gum and ball ->Light Gumball
Getting the yellow skill shot -> 10 Millions
Light the Power -> Battle the Power

You cannot lite a door panel by the camera

#3686 2 years ago

Hi guys. I saw the PAPA finals of yesterday, and noticed that powerball is not greatly equalized.

In the heyday of Williams, programmers made special ROMs for tourney. I was thinking: why there wasn't a "virtual gumball machine" system:

Keep only the powerball in the gumball, and no other balls.

When gumball is lit, and you need 2 or 1 shot to get the powerball, the right magnet catches the ball, animation and all, and release it. When it's time for the powerball, it can be released via a normal gumball cycle.

With powerball in play:

1)Gumball machine is hit: normal play

2)Powerball is locked

At the drain of the ball, lock area is emptied with flippers off to get the powerball in trough. Earned locks are still lit

3)Powerball is trough, about to be served

Powerball is sent to the gumball machine via autolauncher, the steel ball is dispensed via gumball machine, drained, and new steel ball is served in the launcher.

4)Multiball start when powerball is in trough
During the "don't touch the door" animation", balls from trough are cycled (steel balls sent to the autolauncher, shooted and waiting for drain. Powerball: in the gumball machine, steel one from it and the multiball as normal)

I think this would be optimal solution. I know it's too late for ROM changes, but was my idea too far off? Thank you


1 week later
#3869 2 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Yup, that's the Powerball exploit I mention in my previous post.
While I know why they didn't add a switch to verify the shot (switch matrix was full!), I only *think* I know why Ted didn't/couldn't address it better in code -
I have a vague memory of Ted mentioning during the beta that "new features" couldn't be added because available memory was almost nil. I.e. He didn't have enough side to add a variable in RAM to store the # balls entering the mini-PF vs exiting. However I no longer have my 10+ year old emails anymore, so I can't be positive on that.

Wow. That counter is just 3 bit long (0-7), plus some space for the code to add, remove balls and an "if statement" on the jackpot routine. But the 9.4H adds many features that eat memory (light shows, hickhiker lightshow, litz cheat and pause).

The real solution would be to add an opto on the top chute, once they decided to not use the clock passage opto. But I understand that after a cost cutting phase, you can't have a cost adding phase again

9 months later
#5350 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

The cool thing about it is it’s Chris Granner’s original score as intended to go on the DCS sound board, until he had to scramble to rewrite the music / add golden earring as they delayed DCS until IJ. Even Granner isn’t 100% sold on the DCS music thoufh, he really didn’t finish it.
What’s extra cool about the PinSound is that you can switch back to the original music in 3 seconds. Open coin door, put volume down to 0, press down once more, raise volume. You’ve switched to the next mix.
I always wanted to rebuild the TZ music to sound more like the original show score... so I did! And I can switch it back immediately.

The good thing about DCS TZ soundtrack is that is different from production... And is still Chris Granner quality! But TZ Yamaha is so full of effects, sound tricks and samples (thanks of a lot bigger ROMs chips) that's a pity remove it completely

1 year later
#7362 6 months ago

Hi guys! Yesterday, playing with my TZ, I just placed a compass over the glass for the pleasure to try it. It was fun see the compass spinning everytime the spirals or the powerfield magnet were fired. I just can't believe no one created a compass mod for this pinball... it is also thematically good, as mysterious spinning compass are a weird/horror trope!

3 weeks later
#7406 5 months ago
Quoted from NibbyNub:

I'm excited. The game is fully functioning. I havent found a single bulb out yet. I need to fix a couple things that cause fly balls and replace a few worn pieces. I believe that I have a first production. I have the white clock face, posts in town square, green lock and the dates of manufacture are April 20 1993.
Are we keeping these machines as stock as possible or can I tear into it and go LED everything and start my upgrades. I'm fine either way because it's never leaving my house.

Congrats! If I remember correctly, my TZ was built the same date of yours... so cheers! Just out of curiosity, your "shoot gumball" sign is screened or is a sticker? Mine is screened, but I'm pretty sure it was changed over the life of my pinball machine, so maybe your may help me to know if I'm right or wrong
And your original rom revision was L-5?

Piece of advice: I really like the stock aspect of the pinball. The only cosmetic mod I did to mine was the gumballs inside the gumball machine, then it's prisitine factory

1 month later
#7515 4 months ago
Quoted from McSquid:

So I had noticed a while back when playing emulated TZ (pinball arcade, VP) that the jackpot sound effect was just... wrong?

If you're interested, mine does the first sound you remember (with the "sparkling" sound), and I cannot remember if visual pinball did it. Mine has game rom L-5 and sound ROMs P-3. I think that also the game rom can influence the sound, as I think the jackpot sound is made by different sound board calls. If memory serves me right, I had some problem with the flat between CPU and sound board, and I heard totally random the first part of the jackpot sequence (not the part after the explosion). I will investigate with pinmame

#7519 4 months ago

I will check later, this really intrigued me. Yesterday I just couldn't do it after work, I'll do today

#7523 4 months ago

I've made some interesting progress.

So, as you may have guessed, there are two sounds layered to make the Jackpot sound. Those are in two codes.

7a 0d (7a is a bank switch command)

now, in my video you can see the difference between just the first sound called and the other with both sound called in togheter. My guess is that some audio cards misses the second sound, and the right (as the request by the CPU on the bus) sound is the one with the crashes. I've tested all ROM from P-4 to 9.4H, and all call this sequence. I've tested also with the Powerball, and I'm noticing that my real pinball when I get the jackpot with the powerball yells "Powerball" and then "Jackpot!". I've discovered that if you have the L-4 or the L-5, then you have this feature I think is neat Is in the code that transit in the bus between CPU and sound board. This is somewhat missing in 9.2 and 9.4H

Jackpot sound difference

L4 Powerball Jackpot Sound

#7524 4 months ago
Quoted from McSquid:

I did. "1117896962-jackpot_score_pt_2_" is the sound in pinsound folder. That doesnt help with sourcing the original recording to replace it with.
I followed a guide I found on youtube about import raw rom data into audacity with some success. I was able to listen to maybe a third of the sound effects, unfortunately the jackpot sound was not one of them. The rest were screechy garbage.
all searching says M1 or BridgeM1 is the right tool for this job (especially since TZ is on their official supported rom list) but I havent had any luck getting it to produce any sound

You hear a third because some sound are called via 2 byte and some with 4 byte. The ones called via 4 byte are in the "second bank", and need to be prefixed by 7a. For example, 7a 0d should give the first layer of jackpot sound. See my post for more info

#7527 4 months ago

Here are the Wav file. Please keep in mind that Pinmame emulation don't recond the cleanest of the files


#7545 4 months ago
Quoted from Parker_tz:

On my twilight Zone I have a 3 slot coin door. The coin door mech closest to the lock gets stuck on the lock down reciviver yellow lever when the lever is flipped in the open position and you close the coin door. Is their any way to stop it from getting stuck because every time it happens I have to lift the playfield and fiddle the lock down reciver lever out of the coin slots. Is my coin door the wrong one does this happen to two slot coin doors? Is this normal on Williams WPC

games?Happens to mine too. I usually flip the yellow level to normal after I remove the bar, so I don't forgot to not close the coin door.

1 week later
#7588 4 months ago

Coming soon, the dump of the L-5

IMG-20191019-WA0001 (resized).jpeg
#7591 4 months ago
Quoted from spblat:

I thought we went from L-4 to 9.2 to 9.4 to 9.4h. How does L-5 fit in?

That's something I'm asking to myself since I got my tz. Finally found someone with a rom programmer to dump it. Then with a disassembler I'll try to understand the differences.

#7594 4 months ago
Quoted from spblat:

Given the aftermath around 9.4ch it seems unlikely that “L-5” would be the work of anyone who was originally involved with the design of TZ.

This is not a rebranded 9.2 or 9.4H, because it doesn't have the "last ball free ride" setting... Free ride only works on ball 1. It does have the "Powerball Jackpot" audio call like L-4 unlike 9.2 or 9.4H. coin operations was perfect.

#7604 4 months ago
Quoted from jay:

Anyone with a 3rd magnet in their TZ have problems with the multiball staging? I’ve got one that just seems to do nothing no matter what. All optos and magnets verified working and the 3rd magnet MB staging setting is set to ON in the home rom.

Powerball have to cycled (out of gumball, then inside again) since last reset/power on/menu exit, and you have to have the factory setting for multiball. Third magnet works when you have one ball locked and you start multiball via ramp

#7611 3 months ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

According to my notes, ROM versions L-5, L-6, L-7, L-8 and L-9 were created. Likely, not all of them made it out to the field.
After L-9, the 9.X numbering went into effect.

Thank you for the info! Always had the curiosity of the jump between L-4 and 9.2, now it's more clear

2 months later
#7861 38 days ago
Quoted from Bestshore:

Hello TZ people,
I’ve got a new problem that hopefully someone has encountered, and knows a solution.
When I drain a ball, the game begins totaling up bonus points, stops, then goes back into game mode, shortly thereafter a ball search.
During ball search, the game then completes totaling bonus points, and the game continues normally. If I engage the flippers a few times before ball search begins, the scoring completes.
This is an intermittent problem, probably around 40% of the time.
I recently cleaned the playfield, adjusted a few switches, cleaned the ball diverters, etc.
I also went ahead, after the problem arose, and reseated the ribbon cables and connectors to the MPU. I checked the trough switches, and optos, and they tested good. I actually checked all the switches. At least the ones I could reach without removing plastics.
Batteries are on a remote location off the MPU. All the boards look perfect. No visible burnt connectors.
Thanks for any help on this.

Is the outhole kicker working 100% of the times?

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