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TWD LE What # Did You Get?

By QuarterGrabber

6 years ago

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#40 6 years ago

My LE will be here Friday by 5pm according to the tracking. No idea what number, but I'll update. Counting the hours.

#52 6 years ago

I believe 600 is what's listed on the plates from the European ones we've seen on here.

#81 6 years ago

Uh, that's just a regular translite. Spray gluing it in place does not a mirrored backglass make. I mean that's just odd.

Frankly that doesn't look much different than my Met Prem translite, it had glue at the edges as well. I'm ok with code not being there yet, we knew that. I'm ok with the added cost, because I like the extras, but now one of those extras is now gone?

That is a Pro Cab in the background. Does anyone who actually has the LE confirm it's not a mirrored backglass?

#83 6 years ago

Ah, that was the coindoor up close. Damn I was hoping you'd just found that picture someone and that it wasn't your LE.

That is not the same process used for the ACDC BIB translite is it?

#90 6 years ago

The "mirrored backglass" is a $400 piece all by itself. At least according to Stern who charged $400 to replace one for a ACDC BIBLE owner.

#91 6 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

You guys need to send emails and make phone calls, thats not cool.

I'm hopefully going to tour the factory mid month, if it is in fact not a mirrored backglass I will ask about that in person.

#154 6 years ago

The thing I don't understand is the backglass wasn't just changed last week. To me this is a genuine bait and switch. There's just no way when they released the details of the Pro and the LE that the backglass/translite decision wasn't already made.

I still think it looks great, will know for sure in a few hours, but if this is "mirrored" could someone please explain exactly what the "mirroring" process is? I always assumed that much like a mirror it meant painted on glass.

#164 6 years ago

Thanks Aurich, that was a great explanation. I suppose at the end of the day as long as it looks great it doesn't much matter.
Where's my LE!!! I hate when they say by 8am-5pm. That usually means 4:58 and I'm left going stir crazy all day waiting.

#171 6 years ago

Since I'm still waiting, the more I see pics of the LE, the more the "rust" armor just looks like brown. Is that just the way some of the pics are or does it look more brown than dark metallic rust red?

#176 6 years ago


I called, since it's now 5pm and at that point they scheduled me to be delivered MONDAY! So my game is going to sit at their hub from 3am today when it arrived until Monday now.

So anyone who's got their tracking number may want to call and just confirm they have you scheduled, so you don't have to wait any longer than you should.

Why do I suspect this weekend is going to drag now.

#180 6 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

You think that's annoying. My game has been sitting at the hub since it was picked up from Stern yesterday afternoon. Like yours, mine is not being delivered until Monday. In my case, however, I only live about twenty minutes from the Stern factory. The game is actually now much further away from my house than when it was built.

I'm not sure how you resisted supervising it as it went down the line then boxed it up and took it home yourself. lol

Yeah the tracking on their site changed almost immediately after my call. I think they forgot to call me yesterday to schedule for today. Glad I called them myself I guess.

#224 6 years ago

Mine is going to be here in a few hours and will check in with the number.

#234 6 years ago

LE 514 is home.

Initial impression only after unpacking;
The art on the LE really is very cool. For my personal taste though, Stern's armor (or Pinball Refinery's) can't get released soon enough. The press shots from the flyer made it appear as though the armor was a metallic rust red. In person (to me) it looks like brown with tiny bits of black. Not my cup of tea at all.

I also prefer the Metallica backbox latch system to having to install bolts. I don't often put the backbox down, so it's a bit nitpicky, but just giving my thoughts right out of the box.

The Pro's art/armor would have gone perfectly in my basement as everything is black and red (to the point of color matched M&Ms and gumballs), but aside from the armor I fell in love with the art on the LE and after having played Met Premium I couldn't imagine having a game without all the features.

Worth the extra money over the Pro? To me yes, even factoring in having to buy new armor, adding the fish tank topper etc. Now time to go down and finish setting it up and start playing.

#237 6 years ago

Oh and now that I've pulled the backglass to install the Pinnovators SAM sub kit, I can say that the process may not be the same as BIBLE's but it's really great looking. I've never seen a BIBLE in person so I can't say whether it looks as good, but it definitely looks far better than any regular translite I've seen.

Oh and if anyone near Frederick, MD (21710) is on the fence about ordering one, feel free to PM me and stop by one day later this week and check it out. I'm working from home from Wednesday on so just about any time works.

I'm a horror fiend, so I already love it and I'm a terrible player, so I'm most likely to enjoy the game play regardless so to me the game's a winner already and will no doubt only get better with Pinball Refinery add ons and code updates. So if you're local come by and give it a more unbiased assessment. lol

#240 6 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Whoa there's a big hole in the bottom of the box. Is the pin OK?

Bout the shape of a fork too. Hopefully nothing was damaged.

#242 6 years ago

Ok, since I'm not allowed to even power it up yet (wife wants 1st game).

Everything on this game looks great, minus of course my personal preference about the armor (I get what Stern was going for there), but the one glaring thing that stands out as I've been standing there staring at it (since I can't play it yet), is that the apron looks like cheap junk. I've heard people complain about the plastic apron and I didn't have any experience with one before. but it looks out of place and considering the cost this is probably my only real complaint. Everything else is subjective, but find me one person who actually likes the apron and I'll be astounded.

Add a Pinball Refinery apron to the list of mods that I must have. Pretty sure when all is said and done this ends up close to 10k.

#258 6 years ago

Ok, now having played it. Super fun, but man I am terrible at it and the outlanes brutalize me it seems. I really need to learn the rules. At this point I may as well have gotten a Pro, because I haven't gotten to use the Crossbow once. lol

Only complaints aside from the ones I mentioned are:
1) Bicycle Girl is completely unable to be seen, what a waste. I'll look forward to Pinball Refinery fixing that. Why no spotlights? Met has 4, TWD has 0. Seems odd especially given how dark it is. Didn't anyone at Stern notice that you can't see what's under the ramp?

2) As many have mentioned air balls off the left ramp.

3) For whatever reason this game has some really wicked glare on it. PDI or Invisiglass seems like a must have. Chalk that up to pushing the grand total closer to 10k.

And of course the voice work is just not real good. Admittedly when you're playing the game moves so fast I don't notice it so much, but when you're watching someone play it just doesn't sound as cool as it would with Daryl or Merle guiding you, but apparently that's in the works.

#264 6 years ago

PDI glass ordered.

TaTa you have much more self restraint than I do. I was driven crazy knowing my LE was sitting in a warehouse all weekend not far from my home. I couldn't imagine not tearing into it immediately upon it arriving at home.

#275 6 years ago
Quoted from TaTa:

Where did you order it from?

Only one place,

Can't wait to see the difference. I just hope I don't love it so much I need it for the other 2 games, that's one pricey upgrade!

#298 6 years ago
Quoted from phishrace:

Should be adjustments in Feature Settings, although it sounds like the adjustments may not be working (software issue). If you turn it down to minimum and don't notice any change, it's likely a software issue. Changing the settings should be noticeable.


I was going through all the settings and the factory setting for shaker is high, you can adjust it down. Now I just have to get mine and install it.

I may have asked this before, so forgive me if I'm asking again, but how do you trigger the crossbow? I had one game where I got it twice, but was basically flailing about and none before or since then.

#304 6 years ago

I was just in there and Hazoff and gweempose you guys are correct.

I'm getting a "check switch 60" error and my crossbow definitely doesn't seem to be working properly. I pulled the glass and finally was able to trigger it and it loaded and then didn't move and just fired the ball while in place. The second time I was able to get it to do it, it swung out and auto fired it when it reached the end of it's arc on the right of the playfield. Is it supposed to auto fire?

#308 6 years ago

Well, something's off with my crossbow. Half the time it seems to "stick" and not be able to move out. On top of that, I don't think my launch button was hitting the switch, it wasn't until I pulled it off and pressed it with my finger I could actually shoot it myself.

#310 6 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

I went the opposite ice and asked for the last one made .

Did they say they'd give you 600? That would be very cool indeed.

#314 6 years ago

Ok, for lack of a better place to post this issue, the button that fires my crossbow does not seem to work. Looks like it should be making the connection, but I removed it and it feels kind of rough to me. Could part of the button be broken off? Here's a pic just to confirm it is all in one piece.

Even without the lockbar in place my crossbow often doesn't swing out. Is there a way to adjust it? It seems completely random as to when it willor won't swing.

#329 6 years ago

Hit the 3 drop targets when weapon is lit (I almost always seem to have to do it twice). Then the crossbow light comes on the right side ramp, fire it up there and it'll load the crossbow.

#352 6 years ago

Anyone have any ideas why the crossbow would just auto fire at the end of it's sweep to the right? Or why it sometimes doesn't move out of it's resting place, waits a few seconds and just fires the ball while it's there?

Seems like I may have to call Stern. Metallica has been hassle free since the day it arrived from Hemi. Definitely makes me wish I'd had the patience to wait on a Refinery Edition LE, but I couldn't stand waiting even one extra day.

#355 6 years ago

Trying to see the glass as half full, when the switch wasn't being flaky and the crossbow worked as it should I did manage to fire it up the left ramp successfully. As mentioned I did wait for it to make a full sweep and then head back.

3 weeks later
#496 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

My refinery edition should be done late this week. Can't wait to find out my number . . . I'm hoping for a Halloween born on date as well.

What are Gio and Steve doing to it for you? I think you'll have the first Refinery LE.

1 week later
#503 5 years ago

Nice low number Gibo, watch that Bicycle Girl ramp.

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