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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

7 years ago

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#8675 1 year ago

Erratic Crossbow Fix
My Crossbow was a real pain and moving erratically.
I had a replacement motor but it did not cure the problem.
As I had two I decided to take one apart to see what the issue was.
The gearing looked solid but the coil was pretty loose. You can tell by just moving the lead on your to see if its loose.
But bending the prongs internally that place pressure on the internal coil fixed the problem.
I did end up adding some spots of adhesive on the base of the coil to make sure it does not move again

To take apart use a screwdriver to lever the lid off.
Start at the cable end. It's glued but does come off.
Just inch around the base of the cap bit by bit to raise the cap.

There are three parts so its a pretty simple design. Just the movement of the coil effects the rotor.
I placed the coil back into the same way but probably does not make any difference.
The cable does have a plastic clip which I placed down.

Lever all the tags out slightly ,so spreading out.
Careful not to over do it as they have to allow the coil to go back on.
Do the same on the cap.
Check that the coil and cap fits.
If you dont want to glue just check that the cable does not wiggle and your good to go.

I placed some Araldite on the base internally so that the coil stuck in firm.
Push the coil in and press firmly and allow to dry.
Using a quick set Araldite speeds things up.

Once back together it will run smooth with no judder or change of direction.

motor 1 (resized).JPGmotor 2 (resized).JPGmotor 3 (resized).JPG
#8678 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

After your thoughts. I still have issues with my crossbow moving a minute amount and then stopping causing a failed crossbow shot.
I have noticed recently my well walker being awarded without hits. It can happen in the pops and on other places. I'm just wondering if this can have something to do with my crossbow issue?
Also does the well walker problem simply sound like a switch adjustment fix? Thank you

My crossbow would sometimes not start ,it would inch out slightly then go back.
Other times it could go half way and back or do a compete cycle.

Do this tweak on the crossbow motor and that would fix your crossbow issue.
I also have a random wellwalker trigger.
Ive checked switches and all ok.
Its random so could be a sticking switch.

OK adjusted the well walker switch and seems better.
Looks like Stern dont have any real adjustment and they crush the switches.
The crossbow switches are forced too hard also.

Anyway thats sorted my random switch issue.

3 weeks later
#8758 1 year ago

I have the bubble in the middle.
Level from left and right.
95% ok.

If you still have issues then adjust your pops so that they just need a touch to kick.
That way its always going to bump the ramp side.

1 week later
#8775 1 year ago

I've noticed that occasionally when getting a Woodbury and Extra ball at the same time the drop target jumps twice and cancels out Woodbury.
Has anyone else had this happen?

4 months later
#9180 1 year ago

jokerpoker watch that Led lit airball protector as the ball does foul on the wiring. I have gone back to the original.

#9188 1 year ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

I had one before with no issues. I will keep an eye on it though. Wiring is tucked nicely down the side.

The one I had ,had the leds and wire all along the plastic. Just under that silver plate on it.
Maybe you had a different version.
If so then you should be OK.

Heres a mod you should do. Light the drops and woodbury drop.

Drops lit (resized).JPGwoodbury lit (resized).JPG
#9200 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

Looking for advice. I have been suspect on my well walker switch for a little while now. Have adjusted etc because I thought it may have been activating on it's own. Now I have had an issue where drop target bank not resetting on occasions. Tonight it happened again after a few months of no issue. It didn't reset even after losing a ball, so I turned the game off. Powered on and they reset. Knocked them down and they didn't reset. So I was going to check my switch settings but flipped the ball which hit the well walker. The targets reset.
So could the well walker switch have been left open and caused the targets to not set or was it just coincidence?

The most common switch issues are the Wellwalker,Prison head and crossbow switches.
The prison just needs the leaf switch pulled back slightly so that it's not triggered by the pops.
The wellwalker just needs the micro switch metal blade bent slightly .
You can also add a stronger spring on the wellwalker or just make the original one stronger so that it does not trigger so easily.

The crossbow you need to take the apron off and check the switch on the motors cam.
Dont force the motor manually as you can bugger that up easily.

Always use the menu switch test to test the switches.
You can test the drop target switches on this menu switch test,

Crossbow tests on the another menu page. Not sure where though

#9201 1 year ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Great job. Looking sharp!
Love the firey glow of the drops.
Also noticed you applied alternate decals to your drops rather than "Will, "You," and "Survive?" Fly!

Picked an orange led to make them stand out from the red GI.
The stickers to try and match the food ,weapons and first aid. Well close ish.

4 months later
#9565 12 months ago


Just finished a mod for TWD.
Pictures and video below.
Slides onto the hump section of the left ramp and is triggered by the pinball rolling underneath.
Easy install.
Zombie inside will raise the lid and try and break the chains.
Its pretty fast so you only get a glmpse of him
He's painted and has reflective opaque eyes...
His hand grasping through the hole of the lid.
Has a hook on the playfield side for added movement.
Chains all round crate.
Has a clear ball activated lever underneath so modders can light from under the clear ramp.
Detailed by hand. All painting and decals done myself.
Each one will be slightly different.
Limited numbers being made so contact me to be placed on a list should you want one.
Being made bespoke for each person.

PM me for contact details.

P1050424 (resized).jpgP1050428 (resized).jpg
#9567 12 months ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

Very nice, that looks great. Yes please put me down for one
My wife can buy it for my birthday, Halloween

Cheers Lostcause No1 is yours

#9569 12 months ago
Quoted from beergut666:

Anyone run into issues with prison optos and drop targets? A couple of weeks ago the prison would constantly register hits after the ball was plunged. I checked the connections, cleaned the optos and the problem went away. Just last night game started acting up again. Now after a plunge the drop target bank fires three times in succession, and continues to do so almost constantly while a ball is in play, it doesn't do it when the ball is in the shooter lane, and now the prison opto is not registering at all. Haven't had a chance to get under the hood yet, just seeing if anyone ever had a similar problem.

Try pushing all connectors home under the playfield. Theres a lot of Z connector connections that also come loose.

#9574 12 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

You didn’t mention this but it will also stop airballs from happening at this spot. Very nice, if I didn’t already have the burning barn mod I would hit you up for one. Could you also fit a red led inside?

Yep stops the airballs from happening.
I originally designed a clear plastic but then it sort of branched into this design.
I've made a clear lever system underneath so you could plant an led just below the clear ramp.

Could everyone PM me if you want the mod etc .

#9577 12 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

Are you able to manually activate the crate and take a photo so people can see what's under the lid.

I hope to improve the painting of the zombie
The main thing was the shake and rattle of the chains and the lifting of the lid.
I added him just for fun as the movement is pretty quick

P1050435 (resized).jpg

#9579 12 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Well done on the hand above and below the crate. Great detail!

Thanks . It looks better in blender The print loses a lot of detail .
Plus he's stumpy as there not a lot of room for the lever action.

#9581 12 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

You won't need too much detail as the lid raise is pretty quick. I reckon it's pretty good as is, but there's no harm in improving stuff

I'm going to add a servo and maybe some lighting to the crate so started a new thread for updates etc.
Link below

#9583 12 months ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

cool idea!. I like that it is all mechanical , it seems like it would be better if zombie stayed up a little longer, without getting into servos maybe you can have the lever activate and catch on a little ledge (ala drop target) and keep the zombie up until the next ramp shot where he drops back in to the box ? just an idea..

Im quite liking the servo version. I can add some random behaviour to it.
Posting a vid on my thread of a test i have done.

2 months later
#9689 9 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

yeah just not sure the game I've picked up will have it. It doesn't seem to have the bike girl ramp mod which I've got by the photos. Need the part number.

Theres a bicycle girl ramp mod here if Phil has none.

Maybe ask this company about the loom

1 week later
#9729 9 months ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

found the problem, something gone bang big time on the board.
also what's the part number for this plastic part above the ramp?
[quoted image]

Col makes those ramp plastics Neil.

Not had any issues with the Cleland regarding audio.
Did you transfer using verify?

#9751 9 months ago

I used to be fixed on having LCD but now a LED convert.
Using the DMD antiglare sheet and LED just looks perfect.

1 week later
#9776 8 months ago

Dont sell it

#9779 8 months ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

I know I’m gutted but both sides of the chassis by the rear axle has rotted from the top and the front inner sills/sills are starting to go, I’ve done 190k miles in it so had my money’s worth. Not sure if it’s worth spending a load of money as it just can’t be patched up for a proper repair plus the high mileage.
My bro-in-law passed the mot and said I’ve done you a favour

Yep she's done you proud on 190K

1 month later
#9919 6 months ago
Quoted from EEE:

Here are a couple of pics of the 3D printed colordmd gasket when installed. It’s a tight seal and an easy install.[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks good. Maybe add a nut under the standoff to lock it off.

5 months later
#10341 50 days ago
Quoted from Glarrownage:

Has anyone broken this plastic? Have you found plastic protectors anywhere that includes this one? Thanks in advance!
[quoted image]

yes mine also snapped. I ordered these protectors. There may be a US distributor


#10345 47 days ago
Quoted from Glarrownage:

Thanks Vim! This is exactly what I was looking for. I assume you are overseas. Do you know anyone that has had them shipped to the US?
Does anyone know of a US distributor for these plastic protectors?

In the Uk.
I've browsed and cant see anyone else making a full set.

#10358 44 days ago
Quoted from Tjohejsan:

My barn magnet locks the ball, but do not relise it?
I havet to nudge the game very little to realise it.

Balls magnetised.

Change them

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