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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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#4448 2 years ago

For the last few months I've been sacrificing and saving. The waiting is almost over!!!! I will likely join the club within the next month or so!!! Going to get the premium for sure, just deciding on what mods to get done upon purchase. Potentially buying through Melissa at CoinTaker. She seems very straight forward and has been extremely helpful thus far. Who else has some ideas for mods? Right now I'm thinking Shaker, Pop bumper mod, tower mod, survivors inside mod for the prison. I know I will need Bicycle Girl light mod but cointaker has been sold out of those for awhile. Any other suggestions guys?!?! I can't wait to have it home!!! I've only played the pro and my high score in limited play on that was 97mil.

#4453 2 years ago

Do you have those available for sale?

Quoted from Lermods:Cliffy for under the bg ramp. I wouldnt play a single game without it.

#4457 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Best bang for buck:
the gnassel bicycle girl mod should have been included from the factory. Same for shaker. I also recommend a 8" flipper fidelity system
and my Cleland/NIN/RH music mix or someone else's. Approx $300 and new code from me or another pinsider and you've transformed your game
I'd even get the few listed above before a colorDMD, which is extra impressive for this title.
The rest of mods are typically dress up and lights (which I LOVE personally but get quite expensive).
If you want to see them all in action look at my ended for sale thread of my extremely done up LE.

So the Bicycle Girl mod will be included on a NIB Premium? Just want to be sure I'm on the same page. And yes the shaker will be included I know for sure. I was actually speaking with Cleland the other day about potentially making my own music mix. And likely implement his R rated call out mix. What is this flipper fidelity system? Thanks!

1 month later
#4521 2 years ago

I've never played the premium/LE. Can anybody tell me if the flow of the game is that much different between the pro and premium/LE? I played the pro for a couple hours last night and love the flow of the game, but I'm still leaning towards getting the premium just based on what I've read. Can anybody offer up some opinions? Thanks!

2 weeks later
#4608 2 years ago

My new high score! I have had it home since last weekend and finally got to horde mode! Such an intense game!!!! Worth every penny!!!!

IMG_3338 (resized).JPG

1 month later
#4890 2 years ago

So I gave my pin a good cleaning the other day with some novus 2. The game plays ridiculously fast now and I think because of the super bands coupled with the novus 2, I'm getting a lot of back spin. Also noticing it's harder to try to save a ball in the outlanes. Any suggestions or is this just one of those things that the playfield has to get "rebroken in" so to speak? I enjoy the challenge but some of my friends aren't exactly loving the increase in speed.

#4893 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

It's normal. Simple physics. Less friction = more speed. You'll need to break it back in to your comfort level of "dirtiness".

Perfect. Thanks. I don't mind the speed whatsoever but the inability to save a ball in the outlanes has been frustrating for us all. Only a matter of time before I break the 1 billion mark! I recently conquered siege for the first time and I usually get to horde once a day if not more.

#4896 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

A fast game is a clean game. A clean game plays as it should. For this game, brutal is an understatement. I've only gotten Hoard once in the week and a half I've owned it. I'm trying different strategies, and I'm like a dog with ADHD when it comes to trying to stick with one strategy. It never works for me! I seem to have the best scoring games when I try to lock in Blood Bath with WW and Prison MB with modes running. I have the hardest time hitting shots other than Barn in this game for some reason. Just have to stick with it I guess and learn the timing of the shots.

You will get better as time goes on man! Ive had the game for about two months and I'm absolutely hooked still! Even my wife loves playing it! She's getting pretty good too!

#4897 2 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Crossbow is nice but what I regret is all shots are not possible. Who has succeded Tunnel?

While the tunnel shot is a damn hard shot to hit with the crossbow, I can officially say that I witnessed my wife nail it last night! I was watching and I was like whoa did you just crossbow the tunnel shot?!?! Her response was yeah, I had one more blue shot lit for a prison kill there so I just went for it. I was indeed impressed!!!!

#4916 2 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Lyman has confirmed he is working on one final update to twd, hopefully that will fix it

Any idea what this final update will entail and when it may be available to us?

4 weeks later
#5060 2 years ago

Hey guys! Was playing Walking Dead Premium last night and after playing for a bit, the high scores all reset except the grand champion score? Anybody ever had this happen before? Is it just an automatic thing that can't be changed going forward or is there a setting for this? At least my GC score was saved but it sucks losing everything else!

#5063 2 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

There is a setting. Standard adjustment 37 HSTD Reset Count. Factory is every 2000 plays. Page 13 in your manual.

Thanks! Now I at least know it's there! My friends are all happy because now they can possibly get their names on the scoreboards, haha.

1 week later
#5102 2 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

No you have to complete x times the fishtank, don't know exact how much

You have to fill 3 fish tanks. You complete a fish tank by filling it and then hitting the Woodbury shot. Or if you fill a fish tank and drain a ball, it will register as well. The points for completing the tanks is atrocious but it's all working towards something bigger!

1 month later
#5254 2 years ago

Anybody have the customized survival instructions for sale? Looking to buy a nice unique set to replace the standard instructions and price cards. Thanks guys!!!

2 weeks later
#5332 2 years ago

Finally joined the 1 billion club yesterday!!!!! Had horde and terminus. Put up 80mil in Horde and 117 in Terminus. Ended 5 walker kills shy of last man standing with 110. Was an intense game until the very end!!!

2420259B-CBCF-45C5-8353-323103E42A7D (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#5448 2 years ago

Just read the read me file. Looks like a lot was indeed updated. Question is has anybody done the update yet? If so, how much better is the code? And can somebody explain how to actually update the code? I’m new to owning so this would be my first update of any coding! Thanks guys!

#5473 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The only way I’ve been able to see siege and last man standing is to set the game on 10 ball. Haha

I’ve been fortunate enough to really get deep into this game. Highest on 3 ball setting was over 1B, but I’ve only done that once. Had several games over 800mil and a couple over 900mil. While I seem to get Horde daily, I’ve only had Seige once in the 6 months I’ve owned it and still haven’t been to Last Man Standing. I had 113 walker kills on 3 ball play but that’s the closest I’ve come. Needless to say that’s an accomplishment in itself! Still love this game, it’s a keeper and can’t wait to get the new code uploaded!!

#5474 2 years ago

F623FA34-29FA-48D5-A313-C25ADCF09FE4 (resized).jpeg

#5485 2 years ago

I’m just excited that we got a code update! Was not expecting this, especially since their focal point has been Star Wars as of late. I really hope they finish that soon and put the finishing touches on Ghostbusters. I think it’s fair to say that they addressed many things regarding TWD, but I still do think during horde mode, walker kills should keep racking up. Other than that, Lyman has gotten his code to being nearly flawless. Only reason this is ranked #22 is because it took such a beating in the beginning.

#5505 2 years ago

Shot 805mil with the new code 1.60. Definitely nice to see the Horde light flashing when it’s available. Love that the counter shows up during prison multiball as well. Barn, Arena and Tunnell updated scoring is fantastic as well. During my game, which was a 3 ball game plus a few extra balls earned, I got to Horde and Terminus. Ended with 105 walker kills, so close yet so far from LMS. God I love this game!!!

#5536 2 years ago

Absolutely one of the most intense games of pinball I’ve ever experienced! Tonight I finally made it to Last Man Standing!!!! While I didn’t beat it, I got 75 out of 115 walkers I needed. Game itself lasted over 30 minutes and yes, factory settings!!! It will be a long time before I achieve a score like this again!!!

97597E76-67BD-4E89-8447-85030032ED22 (resized).jpeg

#5561 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I sold my LE before Horde was programmed and now that I've experienced it I'm blown away, I thought Siege was cool but Horde is now my favorite mode in all of pinball hands down.

Horde is definitely one of the coolest modes if not the best mode in all of pinball! Keeps you on your toes and will absolutely punish you if you miss your shots! I do enjoy the fact that all shots are lit except for the most recent hit with the new update. It really gives you that feeling that they just keep coming!! And while last man standing is somewhat more attainable due to the changes in 1.60, let’s not fool ourselves, it’s still a difficult task! And horde, nothing was really altered to make it any easier to get to, so it’ll always keep you coming back for more!

#5563 2 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Horde is much harder now. Used to be, it took forever to get bit by a walker who was really close to you. Now they don't give you much time. Makes for a much better mode.

I did notice this! Again going back to if you miss your shots, the game will punish you. This game really does offer a different experience every time which is what makes it great!

#5570 2 years ago

Whoa!!! How’s that for an “X” shot?! 10x Multiplier on a well walker super jackpot!!! Shot 1,404,277,460 this game! Good for my second highest ever. Killing it on this new code!!! Wish I could stream this for you guys!!!

F56FC27B-3642-4441-9B1F-6688A6293EC4 (resized).jpeg

3 months later
#6058 1 year ago

Hey guys. My airball protector on my bicycle girl ramp just broke. Anybody know where I can buy a new one? Thanks!!

#6060 1 year ago

Thanks so much! Just placed my order for my replacement!!!

2 months later
#6403 1 year ago

Hey guys! So I really want to get the most out of my shaker motor but man when it goes off, I feel like the glass is going to shatter. I’m getting a lot of rattle from the glass as well as the translite area. What is the best way to settle this down so I can enjoy the shaker and not have a heart attack every time it goes off? Thanks guys!!

#6406 1 year ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

You can mount it on a rubber pad or move the weight so it doesn't shake as hard.

From what I’ve read, shifting the weights on a Cointaker shaker won’t exactly do much. Should I go with electrical tape for best results or spend the extra few bucks and get anti rattle tape? Anybody done either of these if not both and had a comparison?

#6414 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

My MET would shake the whole house. I tried electrical tape, and it helped a little, but became a PITA to remove the glass because it was so tight.
Someone suggested a motor speed controller from Amazon, and that worked like a charm! Easy to install and very inexpensive. I now have the shaker dialed to the perfect amount of shake.
RioRand™ Upgraded 6V-90V 15A DC Motor Pump Speed Controller amazon.com link »

The shaker I have from Cointaker is a regular one not a red tremor. Does this controller require any soldering or anything intricate? I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to making installations on my own. Thanks!

#6415 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

My MET would shake the whole house. I tried electrical tape, and it helped a little, but became a PITA to remove the glass because it was so tight.
Someone suggested a motor speed controller from Amazon, and that worked like a charm! Easy to install and very inexpensive. I now have the shaker dialed to the perfect amount of shake.
RioRand™ Upgraded 6V-90V 15A DC Motor Pump Speed Controller amazon.com link »

And also, does anybody know of any installation videos for this so I can see if this is something I can easily install myself? . Thanks to all!

#6421 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

No need to solder. Strip the wires and clamp down with a screw driver. Look at the diagram fxdwg posted above.
1. You would cut the two wires coming off your shaker in a spot where you have enough slack to mount or set the speed controller.
2. Strip the cut wires from the shaker and clamp them at the appropriate +/- motor terminals.
3. Use the loose wires with the connector that you cut off by stripping the ends you cut, and attach them to the appropriate +/- power terminals.
4. Plug the connector back into the game.

I’m just nervous that I will cut or install something wrong. A video or pic by pic instructions would be the best route here but I’m sure I can figure it out if I tinker with it. Doesn’t seem difficult.

#6431 1 year ago

So I decided to see how the electrical tape ideal worked out. Put it in a few we’ll placed spots around the glass and the translite. The rattle I would say is about 85-90% calmed down for sure. The shaker motor is already more enjoyable. I did order the controller yesterday so I will probably still install that as well so I can get the desired shake. Thanks all for help, I will let ya know if I need further help installing!

#6442 1 year ago

Hey guys!!! Shaker motor controller is all installed on my TWD Premium! Have it set to the right amount of shake so it’s very subtle and enjoyable!!! Thanks so much to all that helped with instructions and pictures!!! Was a lot easier than I thought it would be!!!

#6459 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Wasn't aware the slings could be adjusted. Might give that a shot. Most of the side drains come right off the slings.

Stresses me out so bad when I get a right slingshot to left out lane drain!!!!

7 months later
#7345 11 months ago

Here’s my all time high on default settings. Was an absolutely insane game! This game will make you a better player all around!!! Can be insanely brutal but so rewarding when you blow it up!!

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