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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

7 years ago

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#9937 6 months ago

I’m excited to possibly be joining the club with a Pro. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll keep looking. I wanted to buy it new when it came out (2014), but my wife hated it. Fortunately she’s mellowed over the years, she doesn’t care now.

I can’t wait to explore Lyman’s rule set. If it’s as good as his work on Metallica, I know I’m gonna love it.

#9969 6 months ago

[[DELETED - I just realized I posted about my JP post fix in the wrong thread, sorry!]]

#9979 6 months ago
Quoted from sliprose:

This is the most frustrating game to play. I'll have a number of horrible games and threaten to trade it out, but then I'll have an incredibly intense heart pumping session that makes me say that there is no way I would ever get rid of it.

That’s pretty much the reason TWD on my wishlist. I absolutely hated this game when it came out, I went to a launch party and my games were all around a minute long. Playing around 50 games at an arcade changed my mind. And last week I had a nice 130M game during league, pure adrenaline. I miss getting that feeling from Iron Man.

3 weeks later
#10060 5 months ago
Quoted from BowlingJim:

I had my pro for a little over 3 years traded my pro plus some cash and brought this home on Sunday.
[quoted image]

What was the main thing that pushed you to Premium? Cab/translite art, magnets or crossbow? I’m curious because I’m still thinking Pro, although the Premium cab is waaaay better.

#10063 5 months ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

I didn't go premium, but for me the RGB inserts are huge - one of the reasons I went Pre with MET.

My ‘13 MET pro is so old, it came with incandescent insert lighting, and the snake had fangs. But it’s still one of my favorite games.

1 month later
#10130 4 months ago

I have an annoying problem. I’m buying my friend’s TWD Pro (currently at my house), and he’s keeping the topper. I got the topper off safely, but the little resistor board refuses to come off the posts, even after removing the 4 nuts. I used as much force as I dared to, and not a single bit of it will move. Almost feels like it’s glued in place. I think I may have to get out the Dremel - any other ideas? Thanks

70C87B1B-09F4-482A-965B-9C09238F85E8 (resized).jpeg

#10141 4 months ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Worse case, just cut the top off and order some new ones.

This is what I ended up having to do - I cut off all 4 pairs of ears, total pain in the ass. I’m going to give my buddy some ear-less spacers, since these are evil.

#10142 4 months ago

I was considering adding the “outlane reducer” mod, but I had a game at lunch today where I stacked Bloodbath and Prison MB and got 277M, but more importantly I had played all the modes and was ready to start Terminus when I drained. This is with the outlane posts in the middle position. I think I’ll keep playing it stock for a few more months. I’m really loving this game.

#10159 4 months ago

What kind of GI and insert lighting did the Pro originally come with? I just bought one where almost everything was bright cool white LEDs. I switched them all out to warm white LEDs and to me, it looks much better. Were any released with incandescent?

EDIT: I see from the oldest YouTube videos that it was cool white, so these were probably original.

#10162 4 months ago

Would anyone care to trade translites? I have hassanchop’s Pro/Blood translite, and I’d prefer the same translite, but without blood. I have the original packaging with the sketch and limited edition stickers.
AAABF6FD-2E41-4505-9D6A-D54AE1EF3A92 (resized).jpeg

This is mine:

36E69980-BAED-45D6-B0F1-AD7109DD18CD (resized).jpeg
#10164 4 months ago

Say hello to my little Rick (made by Eaglemoss). I like the scale and the detail. He just sits back there, keeping the peace.

6F6622AC-0CBC-4224-BC2B-6C4E847B326F (resized).jpeg
#10165 3 months ago

My Pro came with TiltGraphics blades. I pulled those out today, and installed the official Stern blades. I feel like Stern’s are better for this particular game, for lots of reasons. The zombies match the scale of the roads and toys on the playfield, and the colors seem like a better match too. I know art is really subjective, but I’d like to know what you guys think of these 2 options. First 3 are Tilt, last 2 are Stern.

Sorry for crappy photography.

116E1EFF-F90C-4E91-8270-7C2A981AFA8E (resized).jpeg74354338-B7CA-4F5C-9FF0-444C4C26F4DC (resized).jpegD73F7F4E-F3CA-4DB0-BB61-25C096F4E492 (resized).jpeg75F9AC9A-FF3D-4851-B9F6-0408E913458E (resized).jpegFD4E93C1-2B4C-43C7-8B5F-A3756BCD73A9 (resized).jpeg

#10168 3 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

I have stern ones but I still never understand why they have blood splatter on the sky? Just makes no sense to me. Other blades are similar with blood splatter like this.

I just tell myself that I have blood on my riot helmet and that’s what I’m seeing.

#10170 3 months ago

I think every WW should have some rope around him. Here’s the link to the twine I used:

amazon.com link »

302355E4-3843-41B5-885C-388C37EC6B5D (resized).jpeg
#10174 3 months ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

Luckily I was not having a particularly good game, but in the last ball, it somehow flew up, hit the glass, and landed here. By the time I went to get the key and take the glass off to put it in the shooter lane, the game aborted.
[quoted image]

Interesting. My GOTLE and POTC have metal post there to prevent that, but my MET and TWD don’t. Always wondered what they were there for…

#10178 3 months ago

I just had a 120M crossbow shot, and I’m wondering how that’s even possible. I guess I could have had a good inlane multiplier built up, and 2X playfield running. I might have also started Crossbow Frenzy without realizing it. I love the big scoring opportunities in this game.

#10180 3 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

If you watch the dmd long enough between games it should tell you

Thanks! I looked, and I guess 120M wasn’t enough to wipe my previous X-champion slot:

A 4X multiplier shot that scored:
A Crossbow Kill worth 74,000,000
An Arena Shot worth 62,400,000

Setting up another massive Crossbow / Arena shot is my new goal.

2 weeks later
#10183 88 days ago

Fun trivia question: how many names can you list for the zombies? For example, the Whisperers called them “guardians”. Another group called them “sickos”.

#10184 88 days ago

Biters, walkers, rotters, creepers…can’t think of any more

#10186 87 days ago

Here’s my last comment on the show itself, and then I’ll shut up for a while.

I got caught up tonight (finished season 10), and I highly recommend the final episode, “Here’s Negan”. It’s an origin story, and a really good one. Season 10 overall was a big redemption arc for Negan, and this final episode ties it up nicely. No spoilers - just go watch it, even if you skip the rest of season 10.

3 weeks later
#10250 66 days ago

cleland’s ROM - which replaces all of the cringe redneck callouts with actual clips from the show - rescued this game from obscurity. My friend ATLpb changed up the music from there. They’re both easy-going good dudes, and they don’t charge $150-250 like the douchebag in the Aerosmith thread.

#10256 63 days ago

So my wife is watching Sense and Sensibility on PBS, and who should pop up but The Governor! A little fatter, accent more British of course.

#10281 58 days ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

Played Swampfires beautiful TWD in the match play tourney Friday and the Pingolf tourney on Saturday at SFGE.

Neal, it was nice to meet you and put a face to the Pinside profile. I was surprised that TWD only got 179 plays in the tournament area. When I put a game on the main floor it’s usually closer to 600 plays. I was hoping to play it in the PinGolf finals, but I missed A division by 2 spots, and B division got a different set of games. My favorite pin of the 23 there was my friend’s ‘80 Rolling Stones.

#10288 57 days ago

LED flashers are a downgrade from incandescent, IMHO.

#10290 57 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

All led companies need to discontinue them to save pinheads from themselves.

My 2013 MET Pro is a weird hybrid: incandescent GI, and LED flashers. I need to see if I can retrofit the flashers to be incandescent.

#10297 56 days ago
Quoted from jandrea95:

Not disputing this claim, but why do you say this?

My experience is kind of the opposite of chuckwurt’s - the flash seems brighter from incandescent, and because it’s a filament the flash lasts just a bit longer. Also, it’s just a more pleasing light to me. I’ve swapped most of my games to LEDs for GI, but I still prefer incandescent flashers.

I’ll try both tonight on my MET (Sparky) and see if I’m remembering any of this correctly - it’s been several years.

2 weeks later
#10349 41 days ago

I have come to love the Well Walker in the game. Just throw some rope (twine) around those man breasts. Looks great. See:


1 week later
#10381 31 days ago

The way I handled this on my LOTR a was to add some rubbers to the mechanism to restrict the amount of travel. It works great. I have it folded up right now or I’d take a picture.

#10391 28 days ago

You guys are missing the point, it needs to be YOUR OWN blood. Open a vein and let ‘er rip!

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