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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

4 years ago

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#927 3 years ago

Great game, shame that one little tunnel exit post causes more aaaaarghhh in 60 games than the whole of ACDC ever gave me in a 1000...

2 months later
#1334 3 years ago

Anyone with some tech insight and help as to how my horde insert lights up fine in attract mode, but wont come on when its activated during play on completing the weapons?

Woodbury flasher and insert do work as they Should indicating mode start is active.

2 weeks later
#1746 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Theres such a long list of potential things that result in drains on TWD compared to other machines which really is the worst part of the game.

KPG, I feel we're suffering the same deal , some machines really suck, but try to stick with it, you will get better, and you will have to fight it harder. mine also gives me the cheapest of cheap drains, I can score a 400 plus game, the next, I'm left with a score below 10.. go figure..?! same machine , same player, shitty magnets.. especially that well -f#@cker! Prison drops it straight down the middle too, I've considered disabling both to make it less luck based, as they don't do much really for play, or try to adjust the cores like described.

In any case, hang in there, been at the selling/burning/throwing of a building stage before with the the thing myself, but a few months on, its a favorite, but not for friends or family , that won't change I think

1 month later
#2324 3 years ago

Ow man.. still a great game, I know its brutal, thats cool, I love it everywhere i play it , such a shame my own particular LE seems to have the evil magnets from hell installed.. if i can survive the continuing pop drains !

Adjusted it each and every way, truly, pimped the crap out of it every way for fun, but If I can't get a decent fair game out of it on skills before the 1000th its still flying out the door soon

#2327 3 years ago

Its just so random and strong of both magnets I dont think that would change things.

Plus I cant find any benefit of actually having them other than screw up an otherwise good scoring game

#2329 3 years ago

I have , but it does'nt feel like the right thing to do..

I could sell this particular machine and order a premium, but that doesnt seem right either and no guaranteed a fix..

I wish I just disliked the game and sell it!

But.. That doesnt feel right.. Yet again

#2338 3 years ago

This now redundant playfield protector was installed when new, not by me, I never liked the milky look it gets from playing but hey.. no harm done leaving it there..

But my continueing magnet issues made me decide to junk it, and so glad I have.

Balls no longer get the crazy swirls anymore, plus check the big bulges created by the magnet pull on the field.. Even without the magnet this was creating weird ball movement


#2343 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I'm obviously missing something. What the heck is this a picture of?

Yeah its the part around the prison magnet, I cut the playfield protector into segments to remove it, it was toast anyway..

So anyone fitting One of these to a magnet involved game, save yourself the hassle and play natural wood , much better!!

#2346 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Judging from the photo, the protector looks pretty thick. I've never seen something like this before. Does it cover the entire playfield? What is it made out of?

Made Out of macrolon, 0.75 mm thick.

Goes to show that those magnets really gets a grip on the ball when its about to kill you by drain

Got three good consecutieve scoring games all into horde after removing the protector. Decided to slide my machine over a bit to fit smve in the line, and gave it a good clean and wax.

Next 10 games..sub 10 mils & cheap drain after drain, aargh.. man this thing is so touchy to set up lucky



#2350 3 years ago

Im thinking of getting some super slippy teflon feet machined for serious side to side action ..

#2362 3 years ago
Quoted from goldant:

So I just got a playfield protector for my TWD Premium which is on its way. Now I'm not sure if I want to put it on or not.
How long did it take the playfield protector to begin affecting the ball? Is there a way to turn the strength of the magnet down perhaps?

I bought it in November, with little play, I scored some big points during the first week, after that the pop drains took most of my time to fix, and in the following months it must have gotten worse, but offcourse my skill on the game improved. I was surprised too just how big of a bulge it was creating.

I would never fit one myself to a game i own , its much prettier and vibrant colourwise without.

#2403 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Got horde lit for first time last night on 2nd ball. Drained both 2nd and 3rd ball and couldn't stick the Woodberry shot!!Also had 2nd blood bath lit with one drop to go! aaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Almost threw the freakin game across the room. No other game gets me so worked up.
F**k I love this game.

Familiair feeling.. Managed horde and 519 mil on ball one, collected extra balls at 10/60 walkers and tower, so basically 5 more balls to go.. Lets go!!

Then it slaughtered me, the cheap way , barely managed a 600....f#*k

I just switched off and called it a night, back tommorow

#2473 3 years ago
Quoted from JJ101:

Have had this pin for about 2 months(ish)....I posted a few weeks ago about an issue where the right drop target (Premium) would randomly fall, and sometimes double or triple fire when resetting... Switch test showed nothing.... I would lift the PF fudge with it and it would be fine for a bit then act up again. Well I put it back in switch test mode and now get this:
» YouTube video
That's a failing opto correct?

Mine did this too, target edge was not catching enough on the top position and would slide down by itself or the slightest touch. Its adustable when you go under

#2480 3 years ago

Bye bye guys, suffered enough, truly a great game, but the aggression it creates inside of me … never again, sorry.

good luck all with the killing!

#2483 3 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

I almost left the club but I just couldn't do it.. This game rocks.

I said that too, to myself, to others, but now its for real.

Game will always continue to rock for sure, just not at my place .

#2491 3 years ago

Great score!!

Now do it again )

#2494 3 years ago
Quoted from hassanchop:

I saw your ad. I would buy it if you didn't have so many mods
too much $ for me

Hey Fedde, It was sold within a few hours .. you'd have loved it .. brutal deluxe version !!

#2502 3 years ago

its possible, but almost impossible.. jou clip the well walker so light it doesn't register, and you're in, you register the hit on well walker, and its a non crossbow hit..

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