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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

6 years ago

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Post #129 Link to EL wire kit from Pinball Refinery. Posted by Tmezel (6 years ago)

Post #236 Link to custom rules cards. Posted by gweempose (6 years ago)

Post #404 Burning barn mod. Posted by Tmezel (5 years ago)

Post #690 Evil Dead sound package link. Posted by ezeltmann (5 years ago)

Post #783 Link to LE/Premium sound replacement options. Posted by ezeltmann (5 years ago)

Post #2893 Link to rules doc for v1.60, still being updated as of May 2018. Posted by e4mafia (4 years ago)

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#6135 3 years ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

I added some extra light to the game .... I love the game wAlking dead ....

I'm a fan of green, the color of money.

#6136 3 years ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Can someone confirm the screws above this guys head are supposed to come down that far?

I'll check next time I'm at home (12 hours). I played this morning but don't recall bolts sticking out that far.

#6140 3 years ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Can someone confirm the screws above this guys head are supposed to come down that far?

YES Mine are the same and I never noticed until you shown picture. Now I'll be getting shorter screws and half nut. Would that be counted as a mod. lol

#6152 3 years ago
Quoted from MMP:

You have a leaf switch outside the rubber on your right sling.

Sure does good catch. Rubber to the outside. My playfield, I'm sure it doesn't look like that.

#6197 3 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

So after hitting Horde on the first day, this game has been completely humiliating me!
My average ball times is 1:10, and I just can't get anything going. I hate that you get a mode started and the game screws you with a stupid drain from the prison magnet or from dropping out of the tunnel.
Not sure about this game!

TWD will get you a score of 100 million plus one game and the next 10 game you'll strougle to get 10 million. Great game

#6199 3 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Would love some strategy advice, have watched Bowen’s video as well cheers

I went to YouTube and typed in "twd pinball tutorial" and watch your score triple

#6201 3 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

So we got a walking dead pro st work, and I have been so much fun playing it. Only issue is I have no strategy best I can get is like 34k. Would love some strategy advice, have watched Bowen’s video as well cheers

Also make sure the new code is install on game 1.60

#6223 3 years ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

Which of the two do you prefer?

Top with a dash of green. On well walker

#6251 3 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

If you were here to witness the amount of ass whipping this game has put on me, you'd realize that score was probably a gift from the Pinball God's, and won't be seen again!
I only say lack of skill because I'm very inconsistent. I do occasionally have a game where I'm locked in, but as a general rule, I'm throwing up middle fingers and yelling out stuff I prefer not to write here haha.

And Just think You were on "UP THE IRONS" Yesterday with this : Just bought a TWD Pro, and the game is brutal. Too many nearly unavoidable drains for my liking. Iron Maiden is looking really interesting to me, but I'm curious to know about ball times, game difficulty, and most importantly to me, having achievable and enjoyable wizard modes.
Now What Say You

2 weeks later
#6400 3 years ago
Quoted from francky93:

My Walking Dead Premium with LED corner legs

Looking good. I just play TWD today after reading all the tips and what to hit and when. I played the worst games almost ever. After game 10 I called it quits and went to AS. My best game was. So low I'm not going to post it. I have to go back to my old style of play.

1 week later
#6466 2 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

I know this well. I keep wondering if my playfield is warped at the outside edges because when it hits that post between the in and out lane even when it seems that natural physics should cause it to bouce to the inlane it bounces out...

Yes how can the ball start down the inlane and then some how back up (go up hill) and go down the outlane. That's Just Not Right

1 week later
#6526 2 years ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Soooo glad my wife loves it, because if she isn’t happy, nobody is lol.

I'm on pin #11, still looking for the right pin. I'm trying to make Mama Happy just can't find the right one. Maybe it not the pins she's unhappy with. Say it ain't so, it must be me.

#6529 2 years ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

TWD made me and my buddies happy!

This game kicks my #&&, check degrees at it's at 7.1 is that to steep. Look at scores, I played a total of 8 games. I was player 1-4.

20180604_160915 (resized).jpg20180604_162332 (resized).jpg
#6530 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Can't go wrong.

Just posted to your slope poll. 7.1 for me, only player at that slope. I'll level it down to 6.5 - 6.8 and see if that don't help my game.

#6531 2 years ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

I'd get DI , made me and my whole family happy! TWD made me and my buddies happy!

I want MET NIB while they still are available. DI I haven't played yet, but should in about 6 weeks. I'll checl it out.

#6538 2 years ago
Quoted from rawbars:

And yes I have went over board and I can see why some hate it when people put dolls on their pins.

I'll be adding some little people to mine also. Aka copy what you have. Looks good to me.

#6543 2 years ago
Quoted from rawbars:

I did gorilla glue the figures together. Because airballs would occasionally take off a limb etc.

Air ball would be like a big ass canon ball unloading on them. That was funny reading that part.

#6546 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Finally got my pro setup last night and was able to play a handful of games!!! I’ve played the game dozens of times on location, but it’s even more fun now that I can go to my basement whenever I choose and play.
I now don’t even have the slightest remorse over selling my Fish Tales.

If your like me, I like this but at times it kicks my @&&. See my post #6529 and I've got this game on Dec. 2014. It's a challenging game for sure. Great code to boot.

#6548 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

My machine was doing it’s fair share of ass kicking, but one game I felt I was working her over. I put up 475 mil and was two weapons away from qualifying horde. That game was so intense and fun!

What you just got it and your putting up that kind of score. Put the glass back on.

1 week later
#6586 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

I'd like to add the railroad tracks mod to the top of my right return ramp. I've seen a couple versions on others machines, but can't seem to find one for sale. I did read that a couple had been "limited" by individual modders. Anyone have one for sale or can point me in the right direction to one for sale?

I'm going to do mine. I have an old train set in attic that go around tree for Christmas and I'm sure it has flexible track in it. As soon as I can get up there and fine box, plus see if it's the right width I'll let you know. I'm extremely busy so it may take me another week.

1 week later
#6624 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

What kind of shaker are people using and liking in TWD?

I have one from PBL it's been inuse since Dec 2014.

#6632 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Are there already mounting holes in the cab, or would I have to drill them?
And does the game require new software to run shaker?

Holes are already in cabinet on left side ready to accept bolts that come with shaker. Plug in and go into feature adjustment #149 check settings. Think that it.

#6633 2 years ago

Shaker motor (Rev-B) for TWD pro, premium or LE https://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=1352

1 week later
#6704 2 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

R-rated has more curse words and would not be as "family friendly as the PG-rated.

I've heard some sayings from the. R-rated that I was glad I was alone.

#6731 2 years ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Just thought I’d throw up a picture of my Walking Dead since machines with no legs are all the rage these days! .
All the armor is off to be powder coated by Robert Stone.

One of the first Low Riders. You can sale any bar stools you own.
Is your Dead Walking yet?

1 week later
#6741 2 years ago
Quoted from jorant:

I generally dont like over the top mods, but that one looks super cool!!

That does have that, must have it. Cool

1 week later
#6767 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

This is truly the best tutorial I have ever seen for any game, long, but well worth watching if you want to understand what is a pretty complex game.

I just finished watching. I can't wait to play my next game. I seen quite a few thing to help my game and feel as if I can double my score. Of course TWD will try to keep me down. That was better that lame movie that I watched the night before. How It Ends

#6769 2 years ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

Does a shaker motor have a lot of use in this game. Trying to figure out if buying one would be worth it.

I'll let someone else answer that because I sell them. ebay.com link: The Walking Dead Pinball Machine Stern SAM System Games Shaker Motor Kit Rev B

#6770 2 years ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

Does a shaker motor have a lot of use in this game. Trying to figure out if buying one would be worth it.

Nice collection you have. I have TWD Pro and shaker motor is great for game. I just put shaker in my Mustang Premium and it's like stern put very little code in game for shaker. That's why they didn't get a capital "S".

2 weeks later
#6820 2 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

This is how the tower is attached.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

About the tower. I'm building one now but I'm not at my game.
How many DOTS on Lego. Or how many inches from backboard is tower at the base. I believe It's 3-1/4" wide. And 7-1/2" tall does that sound right? Thanks

#6829 2 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

This was a pretty epic game, got to Seige a few games earlier.
This one I got to Horde (almost a billion in that alone, couldn’t miss and the cash out was 136 million) also got to Last Man Standing.
Great code.
[quoted image][quoted image]

This is proof that I suck at the game. Most of my LED's on playfield don't get used except in attract mode.

#6878 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

So lighting Woodbury 3 times awards a EB?

You must light the skill shot (Woodbury) and make it to advance to the better awards.

#6880 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

488M on the very first ball... 500M as the final score! GTFO!

Sounds like my games but change the 4 to a 1. Then drain the last two balls. Every time I seem to get something lite and action going I drain. Dead feature lite, drain. Well Walker MB lite, drain. Extra ball lite, drain. Good thing I have other pins to play when it %#@* me off.

1 week later
#6898 2 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Ok. A little show off

I like your tower and did one myself. Thanks for idea. I put a spot light on my tower and wired it to the "TOWER" insert on pf. When you light tower on pf spot light comes on and stays on until you get 2X pf or drain. I'll try to video (show off) soon. I also did a custom topper with lights. Not finished in this pic. Will show that also, soon.

20180809_134535 (resized).jpg20180812_131413 (resized).jpg
#6899 2 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Ok. A little show off

Also great idea with volume control. With a $1.00 part. Sweet

2 weeks later
#6966 2 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Becuse sometimes when you drop 5000 or more on a toy, putting something on it to keep it in nice shape is a good idea.

It's called Blitz Carnauba Paste Wax and new Ball.

1 week later
#6998 2 years ago

Pro, Premium. The grass is always greener on the other sude of the playfield.

1 week later
#7024 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

I thought tonight was the night! 61 walker kills on my first ball! Then pinball happened... 77 kills to finish

That first ball would give anyone false hope. Once again have you walking away dead.

1 week later
#7069 2 years ago

I thought you just put 5k down on a batman 66 premium 10 days ago. Are you now getting both?

Quoted from jorant:Went to the expo tonight with the full intention of buying a batman 66. I was super impressed by walking dead premium. It's such an UGLY pin, and yet, it's supposed to be. You're killing zombies the whole time, after all. And the flow of the shots are so smooth. I may have to get twd instead.

#7071 2 years ago

I've just about did the same thing. Was going to get SW premium looking at GotG premium then found a GoTLE and bought it. Alot to choose from that's for sure.

Quoted from jorant:I sure did.... but I'm debating on calling back and asking to move it to twd (or dialed in) after the expo. Whatever I'm gonna do I need to decide quick, as I'll be pulling the final trigger soon. Having limited space and only 4 pins is making me crazy picky right now.

#7074 2 years ago

There's an artist in the family.

#7078 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Took a work break for a quick game, and it ended up not being so quick.
Got myself into the 3 comma club, and was 8 shots away from LMS!!! [quoted image][quoted image]

That seems to happen when you play a quick 10 minute game. It just goes so long that your like wishing it would end, but not really. Man that's close to LMS

#7082 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

so I'm about to join the club - this time premium. Giving TWD one more look as my pro experience wasn't the best but that was older code.
For premium owners, I'm hearing about a few must have mods to correct things such as the lift ramp. Can someone confirm what to ensure is on there or buy? Thanks!

I see your Hobbit sale is pending. If we weren't 400 miles apart I would've contacted you. Plus after 3 pins this year told wife that was the last one, for the year. Good thing New Year is 67 days away.

1 week later
#7123 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Checked the menu - can't find the brightness level for the backbox. Odd - I could find them in the settings game specific for my other sterns. Maybe you can't reduce the light in the BB?

I put a black light in mine, just to dim it. Then put a 10' strip of red LED's in BB and connected to prison. Have red glow pulsating at times.

4 weeks later
#7288 2 years ago
Quoted from Beez:

Sold my Premium TWD December 2017 / just purchased a Limited Edition TWD this week !!!
Super happy to have this machine back home - Incredibly fun machine - one of my all time favorites.[quoted image]

Welcome back, but your no stranger.

2 weeks later
#7348 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

New to the club. Is there a rule list somewhere that explains the modes? I've watched a few vids but would like to read them.


#7368 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Put this up last night at a friend’s house.
[quoted image]

Then he said it's time to go.

3 weeks later
#7449 2 years ago

Will someone with a Premium or LE take a closeup picture of the Barn spinner. I have a Pro and think I'll add a spinner to my game.

#7474 2 years ago
Quoted from newtoit:

Just got a walking dead pro. It has the code version 1.11. How much better is the game after i update it to 1.6? What are some of the biggest changes?

Get to reading:
V1.60.0 - Nov. 30, 2017

- The CROSSBOW mode was allowed to start during HORDE and LAST MAN
STANDING. This has been corrected.
- Added dynamic stacking of background display/music for PRISON and
WELL modes, such that the player will see/hear the backgrounds that
correspond to the last mode that was started.
- Changed background lamp effect priorities so more important lamps
could be seen (i.e. CDC lamps over PRISON lamps).
- Trough ball serve at the start of HORDE / LAST MAN STANDING was not
being held off long enough for the ball-in-play to be cleared from the
shooter lane. This has been corrected.
- LAST MAN STANDING was allowed to start during multiball (PRISON, WELL,
BLOOD BATH) and HORDE. This has been corrected.
- The accessibility of the WOODBURY SKILL SHOT awards is reset when all
of the awards have been collected.
- Fixed a problem with the WOODBURY SKILL SHOT where none of the good
awards would show up unless they were all lit on one ball.
- Lowered scoring for LAST MAN STANDING.
- Removed shot scoring cap for LAST MAN STANDING.
- Added sounds for PRISON MULTIBALL victory laps and WELL MULTIBALL
victory laps.
- Fixed a bug in the auto-percentaged extra ball module that would
sometimes set the extra ball value (walker kills) to an out of range
- The background lamp effect for SIEGE was allowed to run when the awards
for SIEGE were not allowed (due to other rules, e.g. HORDE, etc.).
This has been corrected.
- Changed the number of target bank completions to light modes for
COMPETITION to always be 1.
- PRISON MULTIBALL super jackpot now starts at 1M instead of 0.
- PRISON MULTIBALL victory lap jackpot now starts at 500K instead of 0.
- Added SIEGE status to PRISON MULTIBALL background display effect.
- CROSSBOW scores carryover ball to ball changed from NO to YES. This
should help make CROSSBOW FRENZY more valuable.
- HORDE background now renders the text over the advancing walkers.
- Added an adjustment (default=YES) to HORDE that relights all killed
walkers with the exception of the walker that is associated with the
shot that was just made.
- Fixed a bug in the HORDE mode which would cause the game to reset when
the last walker was killed to advance to the next level.
- 2x playfield status now displayed in the shot multiplier HSTD roll.
- Added and adjustment to light "ESCAPE" for HORDE after a certain number
of levels have been completed (default: 3 levels).
- After the required number of levels have been completed, when the
player is down to 1 ball, the WOODBURY shot is lit for ESCAPE.
- Shooting the WOODBURY shot with ESCAPE lit allows the player to
either continue to fight the HORDE (left flipper: FIGHT) or to ESCAPE
the HORDE (right flipper: ESCAPE).
- If the player chooses FIGHT, the ball is auto-launched back onto
the playfield and the HORDE mode continues.
- If the player chooses ESCAPE, the HORDE mode ends, a bonus is
awarded, and the SKILL SHOT is started.
- If the player plunges (launches) the ball back onto the playfield
without making a choice, the HORDE mode continues.
- Added a setting (default: OFF, competition default: ON) that pauses
the advancement of the walkers during HORDE when the FIGHT/ESCAPE
screen is being displayed and the game is waiting for input from
the player.
- Added an adjustment for losing HORDE (the walkers advanced too far
and bit the player) to either serve a new ball (default, as before)
or go to bonus (competition).
- Added TOWER HITS and TOWER EXTRA BALL to instant info.
- Increased the scoring for the ESCAPE TERMINUS mode.
- Fixed MULTIKILL mode start display effects from showing "MULTIKILL
VALUE 00" when the values are set to reset at HORDE start and HORDE is
started before the MULTIKILL start display effects have had a chance
to run.
- Changed the update priority of the background lamp effect for the
fire button so it will run first and not be excluded by in-game lamp
effects that cannot run.
- SKILL SHOT scores now rendered using the outline font.
- Changed score type to 64-bit so scores will not roll at 4B.
- Fixed a render-order bug in the LAST MAN STANDING background display
effect that was causing the back right walker kill to be rendered over
the far right walker.
- If the player scored an 8X, 11X, 18X, or 80X-89X multiplier for the
X champion, the prefix (A) was wrong. This has been corrected.
- Fixed an issue where fading the music volume would cause the music to
cut out entirely.
- Removed score caps for BARN, TUNNEL, and ARENA modes (shot acores are
allowed to increase without limit).
- BARN shot score increase per shot changed from 500k to 750k.
- SLINGSHOT types were not baing flagged as such; this has been corrected.
- Increased consecutive ARENA ramp shot score multiplier from x3, x4, x5,
... to x3, x6, x9, ...
- TUNNEL mode scores increased by 2.5M a shot when all shots (not
including the tunnel shot, of course) are completed and reset.
- BARN mode switch hit increment (one for each barn shot made) increased
from 10K to 12.5K.
- Fixed player up effects so they wait for speech and don't end on a
blank frame.
- Changed previous mode scores for TUNNEL from 1M to 1.25M.
- Tripled the scores for SIEGE.
- Fixed a bug in the loop code that would allow multiple X shots within
a time period.
- WALKER KILLS minimum # lit increased from 3 to 4.
- The "timers off" logic was not checking for HORDE or LAST MAN STANDING.
These modes CAN be multiball, but also run with only one ball on the
playfield (the mode does not end when the player drains down to 1 ball).
This has been corrected.
- Changed previous mode scores for ARENA from 250k to 500k.
- Fixed switches from showing up in the tech alert when they are not
broken. These include:
DEDICATED #6, #7, #8, #14, #16, #20 (NOT USED)
DIP #1 - #8

V1.56 - Dec. 1, 2015

- Added the crossbow mode timer to the background display effect for the
crossbow shot (when it is ready to be made).
- Paused the crossbow mode timer while the player is allowed to make a
crossbow shot.
- "Other" switches not part of crossbow awards during crossbow or crossbow
mode awards during crossbow mode no longer kill off the sequence during
- Added background art for crossbow HSTD in attract mode and the crossbow
mode total page.
- Multikill scores carryover at HORDE start set to YES for competition
- Knocker sound/q24 option synced better with the replay effect.
- Crossbow mode was not blinking the crossbow lamp. This has been
- Combo was not recording the combo champion properly. This has been
- Crossbow mode was not un-lighting itself after it was started. This
has been corrected.

V1.53 - Nov. 23, 2015

- Added a background image for the crossbow HSTD display during the
attract mode.
- Center crossbow walker "killed" image for the background display
effect was incorrect. This has been fixed.
- Y coordinate for crossbow walker "killed" images 1-4 for the background
display effect were incorrect. These have been fixed.
- Added a mode for killing "crossbow" walkers. Once lit, it can be
started at any time (while any other game mode is running) by shooting
the right ramp.
- Changed the scoring for the combos. 250,000 + 25,000 is now
500,000 + 37,500. Now maybe someone can get a combo champion HSTD.
- Changed the HSTD music so it is not so repetitive with the game
over music.
- Removed the display of the playfield multiplier timer (prison
standups completed) while it is running. The timer is not allowed to
be reset when it is running.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the Magnet device driver(s) to ignore
the "disabled" adjustment.
- Changed sound levels for HORDE sounds -- these were too quiet.
- Added a lamp effect for the burning pile of zombies in the bonus.
- Cleaned up last man standing reset, along with walker kills. Walkers
killed are reset to 0, so bicycle girl and extra ball awards can be
cycled through again. Walkers killed champion still keeps track of
the total number of walkers. Bonus accounts for the sets of walkers
not counted via the burning piles (1 burning pile for each time last
man standing is started).
- Added burning pile of zombies to bonus for completing a set of
walkers (115, adjustable).
- Changed the arena collect value from 1 base value (~1M) for each right
ramp shot to 1/2 of the unmultiplied value (~3M/2, ~4M/2, ~5M/2, ...,
- Cleaned up some issues with horde and last man standing when the balls
are collected. The trough kick now waits until the "player X keep
shooting" effect runs. Horde "keep shooting" effect was being queued
instead of requested, which caused it to never be seen, because the
horde lost effect would never exit (it now times out).
This has been corrected.
- Added speech for last man standing (add-a-ball).
- Added art to the shot multiplier (X) champion HSTD display in the
attract mode.
- Added a large celebration effect for winning last man standing.
- Left target bank initialized at the start of every ball (instead of
just the first one). This way, the supply is never locked in at the
start of a new ball.
- Added artwork for X lane shot multiplier.
- Changed Arena scoring from 1M, 4M, 8M, 1M, 4M, 8M, ... to 3M, 4M, 5M,
6M, 7M, 8M, ... Lowered previous mode shot award for Arena from 500K
to 250K.
- Added a setting to multiply the zombie kills when the kill is made
with a multi-kill (MAX=2X).
- Added an adjustment for the number of zombie kills needed to light
last man standing.
- Added breakdown (source) of scores to the attract mode HSTD display
for the X champion.
- Walkers remaining for next level during HORDE was being rendered over
the score. This has been corrected.
- Added a sound for an already-lit top lane. Removed a duplicate sound
request for completing the top lanes. The duplicate request was tying
up a track that could have been used for the pop bumper sounds.
- Added narrative w/ Rick speech.
- Reworked the prison doors driver to re-fire the doors coil 1 time per
request to open if the doors fail to open. Added logic for compensation
(detect stuck closed / stuck open) so awards can be given if the doors
are unable to open or close.
- Raised the volume of the horde music + shooter music.
- Added speech for lighting the tower (2x playfield + jackpot).
- Set some defaults (not ABC) for the HSTD tables.
- Added criteria for BIT speech. The speech is only requested if the
drain will probably result in end of ball.
- Last man standing was not being stopped properly. This would cause
the total for last man standing to be displayed at the end of every
ball. This has been corrected.
- Added crossbow sounds and speech.
- Added lamp effects for bicycle girl.
- Added a lamp effect for combo award.
- Prison letter effect was not requesting the prison sounds when the
prison yard feature was started. This has been corrected.
- Prison yard walker killed effect was not requesting the yard walker
killed sound when prison multiball was started. This has been
- Added art to the prison multiball total display effect.
- Well walker was occasionally repeating the same phrase. This has
been corrected.
- Changed multi-kill mode carryover scores adjustment default from
YES to NO.
- Added HSTD speech for near-timeout. Fixed other HSTD speech from
being too repetitive.
- Prison doors were allowed to re-open via the flippers after being
closed at end of ball but before bonus (and also during test mode).
This has been corrected.
- Added speech to the terminus mode.
- Fish tank lamp on the entrance to the right ramp is now lit solid when
ready to collect heads #1 and #2 and blinks only when ready to collect
head #3 (to light woodbury).

V1.41 - Aug. 25, 2015

- Added a setting to the woodbury skill shot that allows the skill shot
positions to be locked out after a woodbury skill shot award is collected.
This prevents the player from being able to continually collect woodbury
skill shot awards from the same position.
- Collect bonus from woodbury skill shot now shows the bonus that is
- Added lamp effects, sound effects, and increased scoring for Siege.
Added score display for final shot.
- Added switch compensation for the prison.
- Increased the volume of the prison doors open/closed sounds.
- Added sounds for multi-kill weapon wipe.
- Added display effects for HORDE and LAST MAN STANDING "keep shooting".
- Added a rule for killing all of the walkers (Last Man Standing).
- Added a rule for playing all of the modes (Escape Terminus).
- Fixed bugs in CDC and TUNNEL mode that set precondition data for BARN
mode instead of CDC/TUNNEL modes. This resulted in multi-kill starts
for BARN (as long as it had not already been played) and an additional
multi-kill start for completing CDC/TUNNEL. This has been corrected.
- Added settings that allow the user to control the behavior of the
multi-kill modes better:
- Starting a multi-kill from PRISON MULTIBALL or WELL MULTIBALL can
be set to "collect super jackpot". This is the default for
- Starting a multi-kill from the CROSSBOW can be turned off, or
be set to "kill all walkers". Multi-kills from the CROSSBOW are
turned OFF for COMPETITION mode.
- Starting a multi-kill from the ARENA mode can be set to "complete
mode". This is the default for COMPETITION mode.
- Starting a multi-kill from BLOOD BATH MULTIBALL can be set to
"collecting all supplies (jackpot)". This is the default for
- Starting a multi-kill from the TUNNEL mode can be set to
"complete mode". This is the default for COMPETITION mode.
- RIOT mode default number of shots for multi-kill changed from 2
to 3.
- Starting a multi-kill from the CDC mode can be set to "complete
mode". This is the default for COMPETITION mode.
- BARN mode for COMPETITION requires 5 shots instead of 3 for
multi-kill start.
- Starting a multi-kill from collecting all of the heads in the FISH
TANK can be turned off. This is the default for COMPETITION mode.
- Starting a multi-kill from the BICYCLE GIRL can be turned OFF, or
started when the mode is completed. The number of hits to the
BICYCLE GIRL for completion has been lowered from 4 to 3, and the
default number of hits for starting a multi-kill has been lowered
from 4 to 3. The bicycle girl mode must be completed for COMPETITION
- Starting a multi-kill from the SUPPLIES can be turned off. This is
the default for COMPETITION mode.
- Starting a multi-kill from the COMBOS can be turned off. This is
the default for COMPETITION mode.
- Lowered the switch score for the RIOT mode.
- Increased the final jackpot value for the ARENA mode.
- Fish tank lamp (on the right ramp) now updated properly.
- Reorganized calls to award functions for the shooter lane shot. The new
BALL display effect was not being queued. This meant that if there was
a higher priority effect running (prison, mode, replay, etc.), the EXTRA
BALL display effect would not run. This has been corrected.
- The sound effects for extra ball would sometimes not be made due to
higher priority sounds interfering. This has been corrected.
- Added HORDE fail art with sounds.
- Fixed a problem with mode scoring. When the last mode was started,
"modes completed" was being bumped, which caused the last mode scores
to be higher than normal, since modes are worth more the next time
played. This has been corrected.
- Fixed problems with the return lane sounds. When the X shot multiplier
was lit (or running), the normal return lane sounds would not come
- Added a lamp effect for activating the "X" return lane.
- Skill shot maximum increased to 5M.
- Added a lamp effect for extra ball.
- Added a lamp effect and sound effects for extra ball lit.
- TUNNEL multi-kill was specifying the preferred starting shot to be the
left loop shot instead of the right loop shot. This has been corrected.
- Shot multiplier, along with X champion HSTD sequence, has been extended
(instead of terminated) when the left prison standup target is hit. The
only follow-up shots allowed at the moment are the center lane and the
center lane standup. This allows the player to clip the left prison
standup target and still get credit for COMBO/MODE/PRISON.M.B./etc.
awards on the center lane at the multiplied value.
- Added speech for lighting woodbury; fixed speech spacing with fish
tank and woodbury lit.
- Removed woodbury lit/start effects. These were getting in the way of
- Limited the follow-up speech that is requested for blood bath multiball
jackpot and super jackpot.
- Fixed issues with resetting the multikill data for the preconditions
when HORDE is started (CROSSBOW and FISH TANK were incorrect).
- Reworked the multi-kills such that the modes that start them will
continue to add points as long as the multi-kill mode is still active
(effectively, until the end of the ball).
- BARN mode start instructions were not being rendered using the outline
font. This has been corrected.
- Increased the scores for the bicycle girl mode.
- Added topper effects for game start and player added.
- Fixed up skill shot background so it shows billion scores correctly.
- Added extra sounds to the attract mode. When a walker growl sound is
made, there is a light show and a topper effect that will run with it.
- Added a setting to keep modes from being lit/started during multiball.
The default has been set to YES (this is the same behavior as all
versions prior). The setting for COMPETITION mode only allows lit modes
to be started during multiball.
- Shortened the lighting effects for the skill shot.
- Tightened up the well walker start display effect.
- The bicycle girl feature was allowed to start during HORDE. This has
been corrected.
- Added a lamp effect for well multiball victory lap jackpot.
- Display effect sequence was not clearing pending effects when a TILT
occurred. This has been corrected.
- Fixed up some background lamp effects. Some background lamp effects
(modes, specifically) were running at end of ball when they should have
been killed off.
- Fixed more bugs/problems with previous mode shot scores.
- Crossbow scores carryover was set to YES instead of NO. This has been

V1.28 - July 2, 2015

- Reworked the scoring for the crossbow. The crossbow score is based on
the number of walkers killed since the last time a walker was killed
using the crossbow. Added a setting that allows the score to be carried
over from ball to ball (default=NO). The score goes up at a reasonable
rate based on the number of crossbow kills.
- Added topper effects for prison yard walkers.
- Added topper effects to HORDE.
- Removed switch hit information from the RIOT gas mask walker display
effect. The score that is awarded for the shot is displayed instead.
- Removed an unused audit (skill shot star rollover).
- Added a lamp effect for the walker grunt during the skill shot.
- Added lots of shaker motor effects.
- Changed global "timers off" function. The timers are no longer paused
due to ball location during multiball.
- Added "reset shots" settings for CDC and TUNNEL modes. When the main
shots have been completed, they are re-lit if the "reset shots" setting
is YES. (The default for both CDC and TUNNEL settings is "YES".)
- Increased the additional score that is added for each shot during the
BARN mode.
- Decreased the additional score that is added for each shot during the
TUNNEL mode.
- Reworked the crossbow background to show the walkers in fixed positions
and at the correct Y coordinates (ex. - the hanging walker).
- Added logic to keep the prison doors closed while the woodbury skill
shot is running and the ball is sitting in the shooter lane. This
keeps the doors from timing out and the player re-opening the doors
(excessive) when the flipper buttons are used to perform lane change
for the woodbury skill shot.
- Added more crossbow walkers.
- Added audits to the woodbury skill shot awards.
- Fish tank head collected display effect was always showing 1 head and a
score of 100,000. This has been corrected. Adjusted scores.
- Removed the "light" code for the fish tank. The fish tank is always lit,
and always available, except during multiball and HORDE. This allows
stacking of lit woodbury skill shots, so multiple non-point awards may
be available at one time.
- Added a mechanism to the woodbury skill shot that allows the player to
select any award at any position (bottom rollover, top rollover, left
top lane, right top lane). Added code to disable flipper select of the
awards after the ball is plunged (may be disabled by adjustment).
Fixed (corrected) scoring/awards/display of items. Limited lane change
of awards to only happen when the background display is running.
- Reworked woodbury skill shot to add a number of "feature" awards.
These include:
- Light outlane (bit). This also works if an outlane is already
lit. The additional outlane will have the same value as the
outlane that is already lit; otherwise, 500K.
- Double outlane (bit) value. If both outlanes are lit, doubles
both outlane values.
- Light X return lane. This also works if a return lane is already
lit. The additional return lane will have the same X value as the
return lane that is already lit; otherwise, 2X.
- Light crossbow.
- Collect bonus. This is affected by the 2X playfield multiplier.
- Start multi-kill.
- Light extra ball.
After factory reset, "light outlane" will be the first award. Then
awards are lit in sequence each time the fish tank is completed on the
right ramp. At the end of the game, if an award was collected during
the game, the award that follows the last collected award will be the
first award that is lit for the next game.
Adjustments control light/carryover:
Multiple awards may be lit before shooting the "Welcome to
Woodbury" shot.
Lit awards are not carried over from ball to ball.
Number of times "Welcome To Woodbury" must be lit before the
"Start multi-kill" award is offered.
- Added lamp effects for HORDE.
- Added some speech for walkers advancing during HORDE.
- Added effects for walkers advancing during HORDE.
- Fixed problems with previous mode scores. The base score (+ increment)
was always added regardless of whether any shots were made. Making
shots would not increase the values added as advertised. These have
been corrected. CDC mode was only adding to the left ramp value. It
now adds to the left ramp value, the shot value, and the final shot
- Added speech to the ARENA mode.
- Added a background lamp effect (flasher) for the ARENA mode that lets
the player know the mode collect shot is available.
- Removed woodbury background lamp effect flasher, as it makes things too
confusing with other things (ARENA final shot, HORDE lit, etc.) The
"WELCOME TO WOODBURY" lamp is sufficient.
- Changed the ARENA mode. Instead of completing (finishing) the mode
by shooting the right ramp 3 times in a row twice, the mode can be ended
(completed) by shooting the right ramp and then shooting the shot that
leads into the shooter lane at any time. This makes the scoring for the
ARENA mode a bit more open-ended, and puts more points for X champion on
the shooter lane shot. It also makes it easier to see the finishing
animation, as the ball isn't out of control on the playfield.
- Added lamp effects for the ARENA mode.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the totals for the RIOT mode and the ARENA
mode to be displayed incorrectly.
- Fixed a bug in the ARENA mode where the final jackpot value was not
being multiplied by the shot multiplier (X) value.
- Changed/added some sound effects (walker grunts) for the ARENA mode.
- Reworked speech for the RIOT mode.
- Added art to the ARENA mode attract mode HSTD display. Changed ARENA
total art so the text is more readable.
- Fixed the background display effect for the RIOT mode to show the score
- Reworked scoring for the RIOT mode.
- Added art to the RIOT mode HSTD display and the RIOT mode total.
- Added lamp effects for the RIOT mode.
- Added lamp effects for the CDC mode.
- Added lamp effects for the BARN mode.
- Reworked the TUNNEL shot award animation and light show so they are more
in sync with the sound effect.
- Added lamp effects for the TUNNEL mode.
- Improved shaker motor effects for prison multiball super jackpot.
- Changed the background lamp effect for prison multiball. During the
victory lap stage, the prison does not flash unless the victory lap
jackpot is lit.
- Added prison yard walker killing spree info. to the display effect
for prison yard walker killed. Added speech for killing spree.
- Fixed a long-nagging choreography issue: prison yard walker killed
animations are now requested as foreground display effects at higher
priority, instead of only running when the background is active.
- Added lamp effects for prison yard walkers and prison multiball.
- Added prison letter multiplier for completing the prison standup
targets; it was not implemented.
- HORDE was allowed to start when blood bath multiball was running. This
has been corrected.
- Added settings to allow or disallow walker bombs for prison multiball
super jackpot and well multiball super jackpot. The default for
competition mode is to not allow the bomb and force the player to make
the shot.
- When HORDE is started, all multiballs (specifically, grace periods)
are stopped.

V1.25 - May 29, 2015

- Fixed machine reset issue that occurred on some machines at system
start up, during attract mode, and/or during gameplay.

V1.24 - May 22, 2015

- Added first pass HORDE wizard mode.
- Horde "timers off" function modified to not include ball location
(pop bumpers).
- HORDE is now lit by starting all of the multi-kill modes.
- Reworked the HORDE rule so it is started by shooting the woodbury shot,
instead of automatically when the last multi-kill is started.
- HORDE walkers are present on each shot -- left loop, left ramp, center
lane, right loop, and right ramp. Each walker has a distance from the
player, 1-5. Distance is shown in playfield lamp state on each shot
(the number of lights lit, except for #5, for which there is no light),
and in the display. Walkers advance towards the player, and the player
can kill the walkers by shooting the appropriate shots. Killing a HORDE
walker at distance = 1 scores 20% of the multi-kill value the player
brought with them to start HORDE. Killing a HORDE walker at distance
5 scores 100% of the multi-kill value the player brought with them to
start HORDE. HORDE ends when a walker advances past level 5 and bites
the player. The flippers will turn off and any balls on the playfield
will be collected.
- HORDE starts as a 2-ball and can be built up to 4-ball via add-a-ball
each time a level is cleared. The first level requires 3 walker kills.
The second level requires 4 walker kills, etc.
- Changed the rendering for the HORDE walkers. If a HORDE walker is
advanced up to a distance where there are neighboring (adjacent) walkers
at the same distance, then the newly advanced walker is rendered before
(on top) of the adjacent walkers.
- Changed the rendering for the HORDE walkers. Walkers that are closer
to the player are rendered before walkers that are farther away from the
- Horde scoring now incorporates previous multi-kill mode scores.
- When horde is lit, it now leaves all of the multi-kill shots alone,
so the player can continue to score points from them. When horde is
started, the multi-kill shots are reset.
- Added the right ramp dome flasher to the horde ready background
lamp effect.
- Fish tank heads now show for most lamp effects.
- Fish tank head collected and fish tank completed priorities were too
high. This has been corrected.
- Changed display effect sequence processing to keep low-priority display
effects from displaying a quick frame before a higher priority effect
takes over.
- Added head impact sounds to the TUNNEL mode award animations.
- Added gunshot sounds to the BARN mode award animations.
- Prison doors diverter test was opening the doors on (-) and closing
them on (+). This has been swapped.
- Previous multi-kill scores are now saved for each player when the
multi-kill modes are reset at the start of HORDE. This way, score
progress for multi-kill only ever increases throughout the game as
each new multi-kill is started. (Carry-over behavior is controlled
by an adjustment -- i.e. this can be turned off).
- Generic walker kills (which light the return lane X feature) disabled
during HORDE (it interferes with the lamps that display the HORDE
walker progress). The X lane WILL score properly during HORDE, but
there is no way to relight it once it has been used.
- Shortened the match animation. Re-synced music.
- Cleaned up multi-kill animations, added sounds, added light shows.
Removed unused background effect. Changed speech. Made the intensity
of the speech reflect the scores being awarded.
- Added lamp effects for BARN/CDC/RIOT/TUNNEL/ARENA mode totals.
- Reworked the post super jackpot stage for prison multiball (victory
laps). Because it's not much fun starting over from the beginning.
- Implemented a better victory lap stage for well multiball.
- Implemented well multiball state carryover from multiball to
multiball. Got rid of fixed well multiball super jackpot (this is
cumulative now).
- Added settings for prison/well multiball state carryover from
multiball to multiball. Added a victory lap stage to prison multiball
that allows shot looping (left ramp, right ramp) with increasing values
for the remainder of the multiball. The victory lap shots also count
prison walker kills for lighting SIEGE.
- Lowered max. well walker hits to 9. Added hit count left for well
walker multiball start.
- Added a lamp effects the well walker.
- Default # of spotted prison letters to open the prison doors for
bashing the prison walker head has been increased from 4 to 5.
- Prison targets are now always allowed (as they were before, but a
dependency has been removed) such that if +X prison cannot be awarded,
the targets will still light the tower jackpot and light the 2X
playfield values.
- Made a short version of the well hit sound that doesn't take so long
to finish up. The short version is used for WELL letters 1-3, and the
long version is used for the last letter.
- Added infrastructure for scoring with previous modes played.
- Reworked scoring for tunnel mode.
- Removed "prison letters qualify" nonsense, as this proved to be too
difficult and confusing, even for seasoned players.
- Added a setting for blood bath multiball add-a-ball autofire time.
Blood bath multiball is some work to get, and should have a somewhat
reasonably long autofire time. The add-a-ball, however, is relatively
easy to get, and should have a shorter autofire time. Otherwise, we
are going to spend all day playing blood bath multiball.
- Added speech limiter to CDC mode. Some shots can be made repeatedly
(i.e. - the left ramp) and there was too much speech.
- Fixed the priorities for blood bath multiball and crossbow multiball.
These were lower than the modes.
- Added art to multi-kill totals.
- Added speech for supplies. Speech for specific, more valuable awards
(modes lit, blood bath lit, crossbow lit, etc.) have priority. Added
art for first aid, weapons, and food. Supplies are rendered in the
lower left corner of the left target bank display (this provides more
space for text). Changed left target bank completed text so everything
fits more cleanly on the display. Added lamp effects for collecting
supplies, lighting modes, and lighting blood bath multiball.
- Removed "advance prison" from the set of woodbury skill shot awards.
- Despite there being multiple animations for weapons and food, only one
was being used for each. This has been corrected.
- Reworked the generic walker kill speech such that the requested speech
is more appropriate for the type of generic walker kill animation that
is played.
- Added new adjustments for multi-kill, to make some of the requirements
easier. This still needs tweaking.
- Added bonus score for killing all 115 zombies.
- Reworked generic zombie kills. Changed scoring so scores increase
with each new zombie killed. Added a large score bonus for every 10
zombies killed. 2nd extra ball awarded once instead of multiple times.
Hooked in last man standing (light). Added HSTD for last man standing.
- Added missing sounds to generic walker kill animations.
- Reworked the walker killed display effect to show a larger number
(like the type on the playfield) and the information more clearly.
Cleaned up score blinking, where the score would be missing from the
frame when the display effect would exit.
- Added art to tunnel champion display in the attract mode.
- Target bank adds more time to the BARN/CDC/RIOT/TUNNEL/ARENA modes.
Added a setting to clear woodbury lit count at ball start. Added new
woodbury skill shot awards.
- Added art to CDC attract mode HSTD display.
- Added a setting to allow woodbury skill shots to stack -- i.e. more
than one good award may be lit at a time.
- Return lanes now disabled when the shot multiplier is active or in
the grace period. This keeps a new lane award (say, during multiball)
from stomping all over an existing (extended) multiplier.
- Pop bumper jackpot, tunnel mode start, tunnel mode awards, and right
loop combos are now awarded from the full right loop, instead of the
right loop switch.
- Reworked the shot multipliers and the shot multiplier HSTD total
sequence logic such that there can be continuation (i.e. left loop
switch -> left loop, center lane rollover -> center lane (tower)
standup target, right loop switch -> right loop), instead of the
sequence being killed after the first group of awards.
- Fixed multi-kill total initialization problem that was causing the
total to display as garbage if no shots were made that ball.
- Woodbury skill shot was allowed during blood bath multiball and
crossbow multiball. This has been corrected.
- Woodbury skill shot "active" has been added to the criteria for
"timers off". Added "timers off" logic to the star rollovers, the
second shooter lane switch, and the top lane rollovers.
- Cleaned up skill shot text (now uses game-specific fonts). Cleaned
up blinking -- starts with the title/score on the screen, ends with
the title/score on the screen.
- Changed multiball stacking. Prison and well and crossbow are no
longer allowed together. Blood bath is the only one allowed to stack
with something else.
- Added a HSTD for the most walkers killed.
- Cleaned up the pop bumper jackpot increased award display effect.
Fixed vertical spacing. Jackpot value now updates dynamically each
render, instead of the value being passed as an argument and rendered
- Well walker multiball -- Added more information to the background
display effect. Switch hits were not being added to the well letter
value. This has been corrected. Fixed the adjustment for well
walker so it is not so brutal to start it a second time. Fixed
well scoring (the values were adding an extra increment that they
should not have been). Fixed post-super jackpot scoring.
- Blood bath switch hit score goes up by 1K each time the drop target
bank is completed. Blood bath lamp turned on solid when blood bath is
active. Blood bath jackpot and super jackpot were not adding their
scored points to the total. This has been corrected. Blood bath
jackpot was not being added to the super jackpot when scored. This
has been corrected. Add-as-balls awarded for completing the bank and
collecting all of the supplies (controlled by adjustments).
- Added instructions and transitions to multi-kill mode start display
- Added sounds for game start start button and player added. Removed
weak sounds from the skill shot background.
- Added tilt warning and tilt sounds.
- Added an adjustment to control how the multi-kill shot moves around
after it has been collected (RANDOM, LEFT-TO-RIGHT, RIGHT-TO-LEFT).
Competition mode installs the LEFT TO RIGHT setting.
- Changed up multi-kill modes. Scoring is based on the achievements
earned to start the modes. Only one shot is ever lit, no matter how
many are started. Each start indicates which shot should be lit, so
there will be a connection to the achievement and the shot lit.
(For example, completing bicycle girl lights the left ramp multi-kill
- Changed multi-kill scoring to be based on the points scored during the
mode that started the multi-kill.
- Fixed issues with the background music and display being updated/run at
the proper time.
- Fixed up CDC scoring. When the mode starts, the left ramp is the only
shot that is available and it may be looped any number of times to build
up the value and light additional shots on the playfield (red arrows).
Shooting one of the red arrow shots enables the left ramp for mode
completion (2 shots). Completing the mode (1 left ramp shot, followed by
1 to 4 red arrow shots, followed by 2 left ramp shots) starts one of the
multi-kill modes (adjustable).
- Cleaned up attract mode display effects for blood bath HSTD and bicycle
girl HSTD.
- Added art for for the combo champion display in the attract mode.
- Match speech was running past the end of the display effect. This has
been corrected.
- Fixed up shot multiplier X champion to record the scores for each
individual feature that contributes to the total. Added logic to record
the X champion for HSTD.
- Fixed modules that weren't multiplying their scores by the shot
multiplier. This included combos and bicycle girl.
- Added flipper button speech to the attract mode.
- Reworked bonus so it counts up instead of counting down. Reworked the
bonus effect to show the number of walker kills while the zombie pile
animation runs. Added sounds and a lamp effect. Added left/right side
pile based on the last walker killed. The lamp effect shows the lights
in the order in which the walkers were killed. Fixed bonus scoring so
it only scores for walkers killed. This means it is possible to receive
no bonus if no walkers are killed. If that is the case, then the bonus
effect will not run.
- Food increases a shot multiplier for the well. The multiplier is
awarded for any hit to the well (letter, well, well multiball), then
- First Aid increases a shot multiplier for the prison. The multiplier
is awarded for any hit to the prison (letter, prison, prison multiball,
siege), then reset.
- Removed animals from the crossbow mode, per AMC request.
- Art changed for skill shot walker.
- Removed walker kills that AMC does not like (lawnmower, trident,
chainsaw attached to stump).
- Added art/sounds for BARN mode. Changed scoring. Barn walker types
(6) now added to a history list. When a walker is started the list is
checked and another walker is chosen if the walker has been started
recently. Added sorted rendering based on priority so the barn walkers
show up on the correct layers. Larger walkers move faster and are
rendered last. Smaller walkers move slower and are rendered first.
Changed the barn walker kill selection algorithm to kill the walker
that is the farthest away from the barn.
- Off-screen prison walkers were making sounds when it appeared that all
of the on-screen walkers had been killed. This has been corrected.

V1.19 - November 25, 2014

- Fixed wire colors for TOPPER coil (flasher) drives (BRN now ORG)
- Skill Shot:
- removed tower shot
- changed scoring
- changed animation to be a walker in a hallway
-- 0 rollover + top lane = shoot with pistol
-- 1 rollover + top lane = shoot with shotgun
-- 2 rollovers + top lane = shoot with bigger shotgun
- Woodbury: updated art and music.
- Multikill - added animations, VO, and sound FX.
- Reworked the CDC rule. The left ramp can be made repeatedly to build
a score and add shots (arrows). Once at least one arrow shot has been
made, the left ramp can be shot twice to finish the mode and start a
multi-kill feature.
- Added new art for CDC (passing through the door - the door opens down,
not up). Lowered the left ramp shot increment for CDC mode. This was
scoring too much.
- Reworked clear the prison yard and prison multiball scoring. Completing
the drop targets when "FIRST AID" is lit will permanently increase the
value of the prison yard walkers for the remainder of the game. During
the multiball, the value of the prison yard walkers increases each time
a prison yard walker is killed while the multiball is running. Added
all player scores to the prison yard walker background. Added animated
walkers to the prison yard background display effect. Every once in a
while, one of the walkers will start moving around and make some noises.
Killing a walker will play an animation of the walker getting shot in the
head. Dead walkers remain on the ground so the player can look at the
display and see how many walkers there are left to kill. Fixed walker
rendering (depth) based on distance to player. Prison multiball super
jackpot is no longer laughable.
- Siege: Added rules, animations, sound FX, music.
Light Siege by killing 12 yard walker during Prison MB.
- Reworked the TUNNEL rule. All shots are lit, and each shot collected
doubles the value of the next shot. Shooting the TUNNEL shot completes
the mode and starts a multi-kill feature. Added dots and sounds. The
award sound is now louder, and ducks the music. Added scrolling
- Added barn walkers.
- Added walker kill animations
- Made some sounds louder (bicycle girl, prison).
- Added art for combos.
- Added some high scores.
- Added stacking to crossbow lit. Lit crossbows can be stacked (via
adj.) by completing the drop targets multiple times when "Weapons" is
lit before shooting the crossbow ramp.
- Added add-a-ball to blood bath multiball. This is earned by completing
the drop targets.
- Added art to pop bumper jackpot display effect.
- Arena: Added rules/art/sounds.
- Added left target bank completion parameters for blood bath lit and
modes lit.
- Implemented drop target settings for lighting modes.
- Added settings for crossbow kills for crossbow multiball.
- Added new crossbow art (raccoon and half walker).
- Added player scores to well attack background.
- Well walker (non-multiball) was not allowing the woodbury skill shot
to be available. This is now allowed.
- Fixed a problem with the right drop target and WOODBURY that was causing
the drop target to stay down when it should have been up.
- Added a display effect for prison multiball super jackpot.

#7478 2 years ago

I just added a spinner to my Pro that I purchased from PBL. Have it connected to the right Prison target for now. Various Spinner value until I make a better choice.

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#7480 2 years ago
Quoted from Captainhook:

Awesome, please share the process if you don't mind.

You'll need to remove some screws to left ramp so you can lift it up. Then remove left plastic, playfield already has hole drilled for wires and spinner base screw. Purchased a spinner and decals from Pinball Life. Go to page 11 of TWD Pro manual and add a 1N4004 Diode (top photo) to switch make sure you get diode installed the right way. Add wires leads to switch before mounting spinner to playfield. I used a white wire for (Return) and a green wire for (Drive). Look in manul (page 10) to see what switch you want to tap into. I have mine tapped into the right Prison target (switch #45) for now. See page 11. I did a scan of the plastic so I would know what to cut out for spinner. You will need to cut a piece out about 2" x 3/4" so you can install original plastic.
Hope this help.

#7481 2 years ago

In my two photos (post #7478) I haven't install the plastic yet. It's a paper print out so I'll know where and how much to cut on the original plastic insert. Plus I couldn't wait to rip a spinner shot before securing everything back in place. Lol

#7482 2 years ago

I may tap into the left sling (switch #26) or right sling ( switch #27). After looking at page 11. Not sure what sling value is, Can't get to game now (@ work) but that may be the best place.

#7484 2 years ago

I'll do some test in the coming week(s). May use switch #33 top shooter lane I think it's worth 30 points. I wished there was an adjustment in code for turning spinner on (switch #40). Can anyone open code and copy and paste code line from "Premium" to add switch #40 to "Pro". Just a thought. If nothing else tie it into PinStadium lights for a light show.

#7486 2 years ago
Quoted from DNO:

I would think tying it to the sling would make the sling rapid fire with a spinner shot

You may have Something there. I'll find out before I rip the spinner with ball. I'll turn it by hand first. Thanks for your input.

#7489 2 years ago
Quoted from slikrik98:

Hey TWD club - has anyone with Premium/LE ever had issues with the crossbow firing reliably? My machine had a host of issues that I've been working through and this is the last remaining one I can't seem to get a handle on.
Basically, pressing the fire button usually only works 20% of the time, and it almost never fires until the crossbow is pointed directly "north" on the playfield. This means I can never hit any targets to the left of the prison.
I've been trying to "debug" this and based on my testing I think it has less to do with the fire button, and probably more to do with the position of the crossbow. I suspect there is a safety feature that prevents the user from firing *immediately* (which would fire the ball into the left wall of the machine at point blank range), and it's probably this that is malfunctioning. In my testing, I will rapidly press the fire button as soon as the crossbow begins to move and it won't actually fire the ball until it's to the Prison or more.

I don't own a Premium but have read that to shoot to the left of prison, fire crossbow when it travels back.

#7490 2 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

The code may already be there, try using jumpers to trigger switch 40 and see if anything happens.

I'll put my green wire that goes to: 03/Q3 DRIVE J1-P4 (Grn/Org) and my white wire that goes to: 08/IC-U16D RETURN J6-P1 (Wht/Gry) and I'll see what happens. Thanks, if nothing else it spins. LOL

#7492 2 years ago

I did watch it awhile back, and that's when I knew that I can't play. He makes it look so easy. But I'll watch it again

2 months later
#7656 2 years ago
Quoted from Captainhook:

I agree with Gord. The topper makes the game!

I like my homemade topper spent about $70 and had fun with kids putting it together. Hot glue to base and use screw holes on top of backbox. Hot glue as you build, Red LED lights wired to barn has a glowing effect to back glass and topper.
amazon.com link »

amazon.com link »

amazon.com link »

20190330_120825-1 (resized).jpg20190330_120800 (resized).jpg20190330_120811-1 (resized).jpg
#7658 2 years ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

Love it! Thinking of doing the same. What did you use to ensure the towers and figurines don’t go flying when someone nudges the machine while playing?

On top of the backbox there are screws for a tournament sign. I removed screws and marked my Lego base plates. I made a template out of paper and transferred it to base plate. I drilled holes in Lego base to secure to top. After making sure it fit I removed and built prison tower, hot gluing as I built it. I'll try and take picture of that tomorrow.

#7661 2 years ago

Put spotlight on tower and wired to "TOWER" on playfield. Lights up when "tower" is lite.

Have other lights (RBG) in left side tower, if I remember correctly wired to " FOOD, WEAPONS & FIRST AID" on playfield.

20190331_113321 (resized).jpg20190331_113339 (resized).jpg
#7662 2 years ago

Next pictures are wire running into backbox and base screwed to backbox. Also showing a few bases connected together and Hot Glued. Not shown is the fun the kids had and the reaction when we got it all working on game. Priceless

20190331_113422 (resized).jpg20190331_113500 (resized).jpg20190331_113633 (resized).jpg20190331_113704 (resized).jpg
#7727 2 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

If I've learned anything over my short time in the hobby, it's to save parts that aren't destroyed

That's what the coin box is for, parts removed from playfield.

1 month later
#7858 1 year ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

I have looked through the manual repeatedly, I have asked my fellow pinsiders, I have emailed Marcos and a couple other pinball sources to see which switch I need to order to replace the micro switch under the Well Walker. I guess since no one wants to help me, I should ask, what question should I ask and where should I ask it so I can fix my $11,000 machine. Like fuck, is it that difficult to help someone out. I have a hard time thinking no one else has ever ordered this part before. And then for everyone who checks this thread to just skim through my post and not a single answer? I have never been this frustrated trying to fix such a simple problem. Please don’t reply back trying to tell me how to fix the fucking switch, it is broken, and I need a new one.

Indusguys started another post but has not replied back to thank anyone, there or on this forum.

#7879 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

I bought this to try as a topper. Will work out how to mount and light this thing up[quoted image][quoted image]

That looks like he's in some pain. Mounting and lighting will be fun.

1 week later
#7891 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Anyone know where I might still find a NIB Pro or Premium TWD?

Www.pinballs.com may have one

2 months later
#8249 1 year ago

Here are LED RGB from PBL. Make insert any color you want. https://www.pinballlife.com/rgb-pcb-led-replacement-board.html

2 months later
#8583 1 year ago

Not a good picture on my phone but.... Here's one with (green) inserts for walker shots.

20190619_205908-1 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#8667 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

I bought them but have to admit, I'm a little concerned about drilling into the playfield to install them....

My game under playfield already had holes drilled for them. Don't drill from the top.

1 week later
#8695 1 year ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

Is there a cell battery (CR2032) in this game? If so, is there a replacement schedule?

According to Panasonic website:
Long shelf life
90% of the original capacity: that is what the Panasonic lithium coin CR2032 batteries still have after even 10 years. The combination of lithium and manganese dioxide results in a chemically very stable battery.

#8696 1 year ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

Is there a cell battery (CR2032) in this game? If so, is there a replacement schedule?

CR2430 is in my TWD Pro
Same 10 year life

1 year later
#9721 3 months ago

Can't afford a topper but I did Purchased a LCD ColorDMD for TWD today. Plus one for Metallica, GoT and Mustang. And saved some money.

#9732 3 months ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

I have a few spares from Col, I can post you one of the plastics if you like?
Off and on too quick shouldn’t blow anything should it?

I'm always waiting til I count to 15. Don't know if it helps it's just something I do.

1 week later
#9754 3 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Can't afford a topper but I did Purchased a LCD ColorDMD for TWD today. Plus one for Metallica, GoT and Mustang. And saved some money.

Installed all 4 this week. TWD,Met,Mustang and GoT. 3D printed box to block light and dust. Just noticed flash. My bad

20210123_120543 (resized).jpg20210123_120648 (resized).jpg
#9756 3 months ago
Quoted from Mbecker:

Any chance you’d share the STL for the box?

Not a problem. Can't do it until tomorrow. I'm just getting to work.

1 month later
#9805 76 days ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

I am hoping to join the club soon. I have been eying a pro model and I am about to pull the trigger.

Better hurry before some walker gets it.

4 weeks later
#9918 46 days ago
Quoted from EEE:

Here are a couple of pics of the 3D printed colordmd gasket when installed. It’s a tight seal and an easy install.[quoted image][quoted image]

I like how you did the Hex Standoffs.

4 weeks later
#10019 16 days ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

I have had the Pro about a week, and already thinking of getting rid of it. I have to spend some times learning the rules a bit better. I think the problem is I got an GOT LE the same day and this is taking away some of the fascination with WD. There seem to be a lot of comments about people not enjoying the game at first. So I will give it some time before I start spending tons of $$ on mods

I have both GoT & TWD. I've owned TWD longer can't seen to get to LMS or Siege. This game just kicks my a$$. this game is a keeper. But GoT I have made it to Iron Throne thanks to chuckwurt. It's also a keeper!

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