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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

7 years ago

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#2908 5 years ago

Prison magnet question (Pro)...Is there any way to adjust the height? I'm noticing some wear around the bottom edge, and it feels as though the magnet might be a little below the playfield on that side. It's right on the "lip", so it doesn't seem like mylar would sit well there. Any thoughts?

#2911 5 years ago

OK thanks I'll check it out tonight. I thought that screw was the adjustment... But I've never seen anything that size under the playfield. Didn't want to monkey with it without confirming.

#2914 5 years ago

Thanks guys/gals for the help, I got it adjusted in short order. While discussion about Stern quality, inflated game prices and craigslist etiquette can be entertaining...this is the real reason to come to pinside!

#2917 5 years ago

Well, I guess your off the hook...I didn't really notice a difference in where it shot the ball. I only had to rotate a bit, so maybe not enough to affect. I think by rotating, it did change which part of the magnet was the highest, not sure if that would adjust trajectory. But then I haven't had an issue on mine with the ball coming straight down as long as I hold the flippers... At least now I'm not going to worry about any more damage...but I will keep an eye on that bolt.

2 weeks later
#2961 5 years ago
Quoted from goldant:

When you shoot the ball into woodbury and it gives you a choice where you pick one skillshot for one reward, why would you ever pick 250,000 points instead of 1,000,000 points? I'm confused why there are several point options that are less than the 1,000,000 available.

Probably because some of us aren't good enough to make it stop on the right target for the million..and get stuck with 50k.

3 months later
#3652 4 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Two things...

2. The prison walker doesn't register worth a shit. The game Bowen used in PAPA tutorial had the same issue. I recall the one @ CP having the prison walker disabled for a while due to "issues" but I never did ask what they were. I bet it was the same thing. Anyway I flipped up the PF expecting to tune a gapped switch but it was already super tight. So I taped a thin spacer behind the red plastic target itself as a quick experiment & now my hits register 99% of the time from both flippers! Prior to this hack it sure seemed to almost never register from the right flipper & maybe 70% of the time from the left.
Anyway maybe #2 helps others. I know I sure feel better after a #2

Any chance you could throw a pic or two up for this I guess I'm not sure what you mean by a spacer here...but I sure would like to get to the 99% level. Not that that will help my score, but at least I'll have less to blame.

#3671 4 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Gonna stick with the dime vs nickel after all
Laugh all you want. I too find it funny.
Yet the prison walker registers like a boss now.
Odds are if your prison walker is fine then the bracket with the spring is closer to your target by the width of dime or two lol
Im sure a more elegant solution would be to put another legit switch spacer (whatever those tan squares are) on the actual bracket where the leaf switch attaches (not pictured)
I have a 2014 run if that makes a difference.
Perhaps Stern already added a spacer to the switch. In all likelihood tho these games are assembled by hand & although pilot holes are pre drilled for the brackets I know things can move a bit when fastened so each game will register a bit better or worse than others. Just my thinking

As awesome as the dime solution is...I went with the extra spacer on the back of the switch stack. However, based on the dent already in the plastic target from the small contact area of the metal bar...I'm guessing in a year, I'll be switching back to the standard spacing and the dime for protection with the new standup target I'll need. Perhaps a metal standup? Or somehow make a larger contact area?

Right now the result is great...thanks for the info!

#3673 4 years ago

Maybe I will have goat for dinner. Or maybe I'll have Ma make the meatloaf! Just not sure. Either way, my inner redneck was pretty disgusted with my actions, and only let me get away with it because it was technically cheaper. Although I was eyeing down some token that came from Siegecraft or another supplier...

One of these days I'd like to put in the voices from the show...but the wife loves the rednecks. My personal favorite is the "you pretty much suck at this" at the occasional ball save. At least now when I open "THAT door" I can hit the zombie.

#3677 4 years ago

Why are those cats suffering?

2 months later
#3931 4 years ago

Picked up a tower mod a bit ago and installed it today. Just curious if anyone else made a harness for the 2 pin connector? Couldn't bring myself to alter the original wiring. Not sure why the did the 3 prong with a harness and not the 2 pin. Also how did everyone else get the thing to hold tight to the back, adhesive? Mine tilts forward a bit.

#3933 4 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

I also had a slight tilt to the tower but found if I pulled a bit on the black connector that comes out of the tower to down under the PF I could get it to stand just right. Then I secured the connector under the PF to keep it in position.

Thanks, I'll give that a shot later

#3945 4 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

I also had a slight tilt to the tower but found if I pulled a bit on the black connector that comes out of the tower to down under the PF I could get it to stand just right. Then I secured the connector under the PF to keep it in position.

Quoted from setzkor:

Thanks, I'll give that a shot later

Didn't really work in my case. What I ended up doing was unscrewing the screw on the back graphics that is near the tower about half way. Then I put in the tower and lightly tightened the screw around the left rear post on the tower...held it tight to the box. Now I just hope it holds/doesn't break the tower there...

1 month later
#4259 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

At what point? I've heard this multiple times now and it has never once happened to me.

Usually happens for me on the way back around the arena ramp when it goes over the hump on the left side... Has a bad habit of jumping directly into the left outlane.

2 months later
#4605 4 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

There is another available as a Woodbury award but it takes multiple fishtank completions before it shows up. 3-4 I think. I'm pretty sure it's in the video of either Bowen's tutorial or one of Elwin's monster games.

I think there is another you can light with tower shots as well...5 or 10?

3 weeks later
#4722 4 years ago

I would assume the coding "problem" would be no way of reliably determining if that switch was activated by a ball going up or down the shooter lane when multiple balls are in play. Thus you can shoot the extra ball with Ball Save on during single ball play.

2 months later
#5100 4 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Vampire red powder:

Love the powder coat. If you want sliders that "fit" better, I've found these are just the right size and cup the feet so they won't fall off.
IMG_20170831_182927 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#5200 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Bricks:

The only reason turning the magnet has any effect on ball trajectory is because the magnet is not perfectly level. It's off by a half a degree or so. Rotating it changes the orientation of said angle, thus imparting a change in trajectory. You guys with your concepts of magnetic fields are hilarious. This is my opinion based on my experience with TWD.

This is correct. The magnet has a magnetic field perpendicular to the playfield. And it must be perpendicular... It's an electromagnet/coil. Turning will not change that, but will change the level of the core with respect to the playfield, changing the trajectory. Even strong changes in the core metal composition should not effect the fields orientation much, even at the edges.

1 month later
#5346 3 years ago

I think most states have this kind of clause. I remember seeing it in other states when filing tax returns. I also know that the compliance rate is low enough that MN joined a lawsuit against Amazon for not collecting the sales tax. I assume we bailed out once they put in a physical location and were required to collect sales tax on MN sales. So while the law says the buyer is supposed to pay, any law which assumes the buyer will maintain a meticulous and accurate spreadsheet of purchases online throught the year for the sole purpose of sending in a check for 7.5% of the spreadsheet total on April 15th makes me chuckle.

2 months later
#5839 3 years ago

All of the talk of air balls recently reminded I'd been seeing a few more than usual. Can't say I've ever seen flipper rubber wear like this... Maybe I play it too much...

MVIMG_20180114_134626 (resized).jpg

MVIMG_20180114_134525 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#5926 3 years ago

For the Crossbow shot, on my Pro, I have plenty of pace coming down the ramp to allow it to jump over to the right flipper...so I typically go after CDC, Barn or Riot. What is your pitch set to? In terms of the plunge, I too see that maybe 20% of the time now, both manual and auto where it will glance into the pops. I haven't dug into the adjustment yet, most likely will at 30% But for the Woodbury shot, I find it is easier to move my desired reward to one of the lane rollovers...the stars are just too inconsistent for me.

2 months later
#6176 3 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Also, can anyone tell me how to lower the power of the shooter lane eject. It's my first Stern and I can't seem to find it in the menu.

Yes, is there an adjustment? Mine was a little strong but I played on, and as I went to do some maintenance for a little "ping" on the ball eject, I see I ignored it for too long. I guess some welding is in my future...

IMG_20180414_202201 (resized).jpg

#6180 3 years ago

I'm going to replace the spring with something stiffer. That should slow it down some...

3 weeks later
#6360 3 years ago

I think the Yoyokopter mod just narrows the outlane more that the post adjustment is able to. Not completely block. Now Ripleyyy's link...well, that's something completely different...but definitely cheaper.

1 month later
#6580 3 years ago

There should be no extracting. The file from the link above should be the .bin. that goes directly to the machine.

1 month later
#6773 3 years ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

I feel that a shaker is a part of pinball and should be in anything coded for one. My Pro has the Stern shaker and I can't imagine the game without it. It's like the machine is fighting back!

I agree, you are fighting zombies...the game is supposed to fight back not sit there and take the knife to the head. Preferably with a shaker and not by sending the ball straight to the left outlane...

#6775 3 years ago

Indeed, the Welcome to Woodbury sign was a must have!

3 weeks later
#6850 3 years ago
Quoted from DNO:

Make sure the welds aren't broken at the top of the trough kick out scoop, happens a lot, and causes this when they break

Had that happen to me, was making a weird pinging. Saw the broken scoop, replaced it and haven't had an issue since.

2 weeks later
#6907 3 years ago

285 million on ball one, with an extra ball waiting, 4 Multi-kills. Ended with 315 million, and never got the 5th for Horde. Sometimes I hate this game...

1 month later
#7075 3 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

When you have young children, but you still want a TWD...[quoted image]

Is that mod available for purchase?

3 months later
#7503 2 years ago

Finally joined the 1B club after 2 years... Even escaped horde after 440M. Still 30 kills away from LMS.

IMG_20190131_164236 (resized).jpg
1 year later
#8826 1 year ago

It's also possible to hit the ramp so hard that it jumps off that bump, into the glass and right down the outlane...

2 months later
#9127 1 year ago

I tried that ... it looked like hell and I was afraid it would scratch the balls. For $35, it wasn't worth going back to my friends house to try again...


edit: I see your location...yeah, with shipping, you definitely would be better off getting it welded if that's the issue.

9 months later
#9851 7 months ago

I actually don't mind the red DMD given the theme.
Of course the ColorDMD would be great. However, I can't imagine TWD without a shaker motor. How can you fight zombies without a little rumble?

1 month later
#9987 6 months ago

Yeah, it's just a sticker, comes off easily. I think it's stocked at most places, e.g.


1 month later
#10118 4 months ago

If not, they are available for purchase...I had to get one for mine as well when the welding I had a buddy do wasn't as smooth as I felt comfortable with.


3 months later
#10361 37 days ago

Has anyone installed the upgraded bracket kit on their pro?


The spring things are not terribly useful, but I was wondering if and where you would have to drill holes into the playfield to install these.

#10364 37 days ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

I bought them but have been too scared to drill into the bottom of my pf...

So do the instructions detail where the holes need to go? Is it under the playable part of the playfield, or under a plastic somewhere?

#10387 33 days ago

I think others have used gels, kinda like this...

amazon.com link »

2 weeks later
#10411 15 days ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Any tips on tweaking the zombie head in Terminus to register hits better? I’ve really got to smack mine dead on and hard…makes it near impossible to get to Siege.

I seem to recall discussion in this thread where people added a coin to the standup that's triggered to help out as well.

Yep, found it. Basically the standup starts to dent from the metal piece it had to hit.


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