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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

7 years ago

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#6601 3 years ago

Sold my TAF and choose my next pin to be a TWD pro. Did think about Iron Maiden but TWD is a Great pin of my favorite TVseries. Can play if for a year and still get a Iron Maiden down the road if I want.

Have an appointment setup for tomorrow evening. Let’s hope it’s a successful one . It’s a ex routed one but appears to look good, on pictures anyway. Besides shooterlane and some minor damage on the head. Price is decent enough and they rarely are for sale over here.

Main items to check are prison and well walker i guess ?

05322E94-4E99-49B2-8D64-14E8328402D8 (resized).png193D31C8-651E-45EC-B07B-2E7C45F62366 (resized).png1DC36C63-4DD6-4F2B-AA1E-D648F6F79B1E (resized).jpeg32EC435E-A142-4320-AA1E-8AA42A745944 (resized).png3D714FBD-BAC4-409D-ADF0-9CD37C9F9108 (resized).jpeg410C595E-F57D-4CDF-9239-BD37D0607D9C (resized).png4651D44E-16AF-4036-8F55-1C2B264AD106 (resized).png59E03D55-AE49-444F-880C-8C7FFFA6F64A (resized).png74C1FAA6-CB49-44C8-BAB0-36DAF48145CF (resized).png7AB12466-006C-4C41-8EFC-06D553F4A7AE (resized).jpeg98846862-1C8B-483B-B87B-C6963278DA7C (resized).jpegAC1E77FE-6E7A-41F5-BDCF-148B445406B7 (resized).pngCCECAD80-2D70-47AF-87BB-104C40BC9BB1 (resized).pngDE1A6FA4-CC14-47A8-9B93-E6A0914B3FD3 (resized).jpegF88AA0FF-0C9B-410C-8401-71BC451E9DE2 (resized).png
#6610 3 years ago

:party:So I joined the club today . Played some games at sellers house, all great. Price was decent so took it home. Played 2 games at home and guess what, the hinge of the wall walker broke

Did a quick survey on the usual shops but no luck. Anyone has a partnumber which makes it easier to search? The manual of Stern is the usual rubbish ....

Nice start of a new relation with a pinball. Its already frustrating and I havent hardly played it yet

C65B28B7-A5CA-4869-B172-601142FDBF8C (resized).JPG
#6612 3 years ago

Found the partnumber. Contacted local stern distributor. To be cntd. If I find one I will get two for safety

E4AC6A50-350E-4C84-85FB-03BD465653B4 (resized).jpeg
#6615 3 years ago
Quoted from DNO:

aside from being a ball trap, wouldn't it play just fine w/o Mr. Ugly there?

Yes. It is playable, purely cosmetics. Will visit a local hardware store to see if I can make something as it is after all just a hinge.

6960E415-9308-415F-818C-B9FC42DF4D21 (resized).jpeg
#6616 3 years ago

A friend with a TWD visited a local hardware store and drilled the holes according to the original and voila, operational again.

So removed head and transported the pin upstairs. So officially in now

Installed also Cleland sound package a d off we go

61A253BA-6FBF-4D63-999D-20613A233982 (resized).jpeg7F485711-CA18-48AF-B814-8F803AF1DBB9 (resized).jpegB6EB0F07-06BD-4A58-9455-0F9362D521D3 (resized).jpegCA2EA0BE-E915-4380-AAB6-C14DBC2967EC (resized).jpeg
#6618 3 years ago

So, is there consensus on the must have mods?

Thinking about

Convolux red set (or better to use red leds?)
Cleland sound mix (already installed)

Colordmd not on the list yet, find the red dmd quite fitting, perhaps as a Christmas present for myself

6C15EA0E-7CE9-4B36-9DD6-D1312D227B69 (resized).jpegEAD94592-9B0B-4D63-B29A-4E3B7479E645 (resized).jpegECFB6561-BC1E-47CA-B460-20E045128FA9 (resized).jpeg
#6631 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Unless its a very early game the holes will be there.

Mine is October 2014 Built date and has already the predrilled holes. And October 2014 was also launch date if I am not mistaken.

#6642 3 years ago
Quoted from jorant:

I may get a biased answer here, but as I await my iron maiden pro to come into stock, I have the option to get a walking dead premium (for more money of course). What do you guys think is the better game? Honestly.

I made the same choice last week. Was between twd pro and imdn pro and I choose for the twd. Better theme for me and I really like the pin. TWD is also out of production and imdn for years still in production. So choose for an used twd and if I get bored of it I can still sell it in a year, hopefully have only minor loss and get a imdn pro used. Plenty of those will be available than.

#6653 3 years ago

Isn’t she a beauty

FC131C74-C59E-406C-AF83-2BAB06C0918F (resized).jpeg
#6662 3 years ago

So, stripped the machine, cleaned and reassembled. Also changed out some led’s. Went for GI warm white and some red. Installed mirror blades and upgraded speakers. Also went for white rubbers.

Turned out quite nicely . On the list is still speakerlighting.

2D547BB6-3B0D-4AC9-AB9F-0412AF7137DB (resized).jpeg5CAA2BFD-A2EB-4839-A558-074D65694D01 (resized).jpegA7A3AA82-E1F0-4182-85EA-330E3918D128 (resized).jpegD88B496B-B12A-48E1-9DB8-729DA27CE641 (resized).jpegF4D8BD7E-4C61-463F-B16B-213B1FC3CD50 (resized).jpeg
#6665 3 years ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Ok what is and where did you get that crazy lady for your left ramp????

Something a friend of my picked up at a garagesale. It’s not really a walking dead figure I think, just a zombie.

#6668 3 years ago
Quoted from doublestack:

After a cliffy carbon ring I put on the magnet for the prison it seems like it's not registering hits to the doors as much? Thoughts? Anyone else experience this? Just cleaned it too and it's fast as hell so I'm not sure if that is altering it too.

Shouldn’t be but why would you put a carbon protector? Is this a small protector only around the core or ...? Design is nowadays very robust. My Twd has like 8000 plays and zero wear around the magnet.

D1DC3055-185F-411F-BC6E-9A2A958F2883 (resized).jpeg
#6674 3 years ago

Remove it. Close up of how it looks after over 8000 plays. As you see no need for protection

0101DA43-17AC-4F31-A05C-7BA575A7BA77 (resized).jpeg
#6675 3 years ago

Added slingshot spots. Spots off

2461F344-6AFA-49BA-8AEA-B8A7C72DE374 (resized).jpeg
#6676 3 years ago

Ultra bright warm white

37250110-E264-4CBA-8A36-F5AC29C9058D (resized).jpeg
#6677 3 years ago

Incandensent bulbs. I find the ultra bright to bright. Need something between bulbs and those in. Guess I need to order some with next order at the led shop

The warm white does make the colors more alive. Tried cold white to but didn’t like it. The warm white just makes the colors look more natural.

38C1B713-521B-44AF-AC3A-38D15B68B7E6 (resized).jpeg

#6678 3 years ago

Quiet club over here

Added DIY speaker lighting. Color is RGB but only 1 color really fits a TWD

33D947F4-7974-4C48-8869-50602E635BBF (resized).jpeg
#6683 3 years ago

Used in this case rgb5050 operating from 5VDC. Couple of dollars in parts only. Power comes from the 5V going to the display.

2B0B962E-2E1A-4448-A08D-ADE74E2AB1D5 (resized).jpeg64D280EB-0E70-4AE1-A809-83FFCB0EA89E (resized).jpegCD311AE8-0AC0-4A22-BF43-1D3A17B11D01 (resized).jpeg
#6694 3 years ago
Quoted from MightyGrave:

@ rensch: how to you connected the speakers with the LM57 sound controller?

I have upgraded speakers in cabinet and head. This LC57 is in series with the head speakers and give me now the possibility to get a better balance between head and cabinet speakers. With TWD I prefer more bass

#6706 3 years ago

Yeah, it really uses some words from the show which are not really for young children. As an adult fan of the show they are fine with me though

#6711 3 years ago

Man. The shaker is used a lot in this game. Bought an after market shaker which is a little to wild for my feeling, especially when used so often. Reminds me of my roadshow

I ordered the PW controller as suggested in another thread. Can tell you that changing the resistor value also helps but the tunabolity of the PW is interesting and as I am going on holiday anyway deltime is not an issue.

Does anybody recognize the brand of shaker. Was bought in europe but could be a Pinball life shaker or ...? It comes with a cover by the way.

01FC4573-DD23-40D6-BDF6-550F477C4374 (resized).jpeg
#6718 3 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

Looks like a Stern to me.

It’s not stern marked and the PCB says Anarchy. So no stern. Built quality looks good by the way.

#6722 3 years ago

Just ordered an EL panel for behind the heads and have it hooked to GI. How did you mount the leds? This as the backboard is flat mounted, you removed some wood?

#6727 3 years ago

This picture is unfortunately not visible
Puzzled how you installed the board.

Was unaware of the fish tank from the dvd box. Search has begun.

#6730 3 years ago

It’s this picture I am missing

6BBB5728-32AD-44AC-B257-AF3B60FE3AE0 (resized).png
1 week later
#6739 3 years ago

My friend has also a TwD to and he had a prison set. My luck is that you need to cut it in half in order to fit so 1 toyset makes 2 mods

A55D0016-329A-4A6C-9866-5F9621D7FDCF (resized).jpegB1F3719F-575B-499C-8C91-39CFF12AAC63 (resized).jpeg
#6743 3 years ago
Quoted from jorant:

I generally dont like over the top mods, but that one looks super cool!!

IT was Made from this set


As you have to cut it vertical half you can make two of them. There is also a cheaper smaller set I believe with just the tower

#6748 3 years ago

So, my friend finished yesterday his prison tower mod. Lights inserted. He even used some of the left over bricks to make a roof above the doors.

To the right you see an own made fish tank mod by the way.

3D0F2D80-54F5-4B46-89D8-FCF8B6D99C1F (resized).jpeg52F82958-8E64-4B32-974F-E819781659D5 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#6801 3 years ago

Please don’t order there. Known to not deliver or take a long long long time. If You really wanna give it a shot, use PayPal as payment option.

#6803 3 years ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

How can you adjust the post to stop the center drain from the pops?

Leveling the game and changing the slope is all you can officially do. It will never be zero but for me acceptable.

The left outlane however .... ordered the Yokocopter outlanr extenders.

#6812 3 years ago

Work in progress.

Installed first the tower mod a friend made. Now installing the fish tank mod. Playing with the leds now. Will finish it with the next few days. Now lighting from above, think will add also from below.

5488A9B0-A90E-4404-A858-036446AB9F00 (resized).jpeg98B5D470-B1C1-4EC9-890D-59A59A4E9EA2 (resized).jpegA9AE970B-F0FD-4B4B-BA72-EF8168949ACB (resized).jpeg
#6816 3 years ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

What is your method/plan for attaching the tank to the back board?

At the moment very simple. Will see if it holds.

7C35285E-F0B6-4EFA-931C-13F9540B384A (resized).jpeg
#6817 3 years ago

This is how the tower is attached.

0A72E02F-956F-486A-AD1A-2AD5BD7D842C (resized).jpeg72F10B0B-66AF-4D38-A96C-EDF84F5C8075 (resized).jpeg95E440C9-DE8E-43B8-8908-1BCD294A3998 (resized).jpeg
#6819 3 years ago

So Made a ledstrip below and above in green ofcourse. So for the moment it’s finished, perhaps add extra leds for the topper functionality in the future. Now let’s see if the heads stay in place.

CD32B012-5031-4139-B998-342126BC2006 (resized).jpegF661D2B1-7AE2-4BE2-BA3A-E3A73203668D (resized).jpeg
#6821 3 years ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

About the tower. I'm building one now but I'm not at my game.
How many DOTS on Lego. Or how many inches from backboard is tower at the base. I believe It's 3-1/4" wide. And 7-1/2" tall does that sound right? Thanks

Sounds right without measuring it. You can’t built the complete tower as I understand from my friend. It will than become to tall. So first built the upper part and than extend it to the correct length. You can see in my picture how many blocks he used so you have a good idea

#6824 3 years ago

The “R” Rated version really kicks in your nuts to stay in tune

#6842 3 years ago

Made iT to Horde first time yesterday evening. And than of ofcourse f*cked as I just couldn’t make the right shots, especially Riot so the walkers got me quickly. And drained the ball finally with extra ball lit leaving me with approx 260M

But what a thrill

And in regard to Met vs TWD must admit that TWD is leading at the moment. But have MET already like 5 yrs and TWD like 2 months and new pins are always more attractive. They are both great.

1 week later
#6885 3 years ago

So proud. Made it to hord and did for the first time decent in Horde. What a game

EB927CA6-2E22-4B30-B6BB-DC9967EE2799 (resized).jpeg
#6888 3 years ago

So, a one dollar DIY external volume controle mod

Soldered to the keypad. 20 Minute Job.

Turn up the walkers

082190EE-7A7F-43DF-BCC2-6037B5D16702 (resized).jpegE71DB2D6-C3F4-41A5-A48B-1C0C0D548B40 (resized).jpegEC6EC400-7C0B-4976-975E-205BF91D9E74 (resized).jpeg
#6894 3 years ago
Quoted from roar:

Any shots of where you soldered those wires to on the keypad? Would love to do this on my MET.

Just put them parallel to the buttons on the keypad.

Used switch: ebay.com link: 0

You will need the file of an edge of the switch to make it fit.

77B701A6-7F81-499F-9318-4934B947DD59 (resized).jpeg79931E20-5C78-422A-849C-38AF398CF47B (resized).jpeg80266094-1F70-49F0-AC3A-4AD252170A88 (resized).jpeg
#6896 3 years ago

300M on first ball and You end with only 400M and miss the chance to start Horde


#6897 3 years ago

Ok. A little show off

#6904 3 years ago
Quoted from Goalie:

Is there a good version of the Pro code with moded sound clips from the show? I love the game but the factory call outs get old fast.

Google in pinside on Cleland. He did excellent work

You can hear it at

1 week later
#6928 3 years ago

So installed the yokocoptor mod on left out lane only as that one was really killing my games

Drain Audits prior to the mod

Right 118 is 17%
Left 179 is 26%
Center 391 is 57%


Right 53 is 19%
Left 45 is 16%
Center 188 is 65%

Clearly shows left and right are now more in balance. And more important, game has become much more playable

#6938 3 years ago

Another 1 dollar mod

ebay.com link: 0

8506F4C4-BE39-4AB0-94F0-D07217DF4B48 (resized).jpeg
#6949 3 years ago
Quoted from wtuttle:

Just wondering: has anyone installed a Lexan playfield protector on their TWD? Wondering how long it took you. I am scared to remove the plastics for fear I won't get my game working again...
Cheers from Canada,

No experience with TWD (die MET and AC/DC) but don’t think it’s a difficult one. Ramps have to be removed ofcourse, not difficult, and wouldn’t be surprised if that would be all

1 week later
#6988 3 years ago

Made myself a DIY backbox mod. Think around USD 15 material tops. It’s some led strip, cable, connectors and a piece of cardboard

Little show off:

#6999 3 years ago

Pro premium LE, the never ending story

Can only state I have a pro and am happy with it. Don’t feel like I am missing something crucial but have only played a LE couple of times. If you don’t mind the money I guess a premium or LE should give you at least equal fun to a Pro. And as you have played neither of them you wouldn’t know it anyway if you were missing out on something

1 month later
#7160 2 years ago

Saw this first with a friends TWD and than checked mine. The popbumper hits the metal post in front of it and slowly eats it away. Don’t think this can be adjusted or is it??

65E2A3BA-E351-4D0E-B86A-E2933B7B2DA5 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#7272 2 years ago
Quoted from Maken:

No doubt. Many prefer the pro anyhow, myself included.

+1 from Holland

1 week later
#7293 2 years ago

So, gave my well walker yesterday to friend Steigerpijp. The famous painter who also did my Sparky Hawai style.

Told him to do as he wishes as I am sure he will make something nice of it. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with !!

Did a test play without the wellwalker and ended up with a new grand champion score. Does the wellwalker influence me, am I afraid to be eaten?

3A129587-7E03-43D3-BC12-EE9346155994 (resized).jpegB8DE3490-AABC-495E-82EE-0BBA74F8BBB7 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#7371 2 years ago

Awesome work from steigerpijp


65CE2BD2-6E40-4358-96FA-D65A6A1A4220 (resized).jpeg
#7389 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

My MET ejects the ball so damn hard that sometimes it bounces off of the side rail and flies backwards onto the playfield. I got cliffys on it but i am still worried about it. Wish there was a trough eject adjustment for it.

Just set a resistor of 5W of a few ohms in series with this coil. This will lower the voltage going to the coil and lower thus the strength.

1 month later
#7597 2 years ago

Trying to convince myself to drop coin Into a colordmd for my twd pro.

But than which type? Led of lcd? The videos I found look to be all in high res eg lcd Display.

I have an acdc and met with smartdmd in highres mode but also a tspp with a pin2dmd which is a led display and these colors really pop. However, tspp is also cartoonesk so this fits led better I think.

Any opinions out there?

#7601 2 years ago

A friend has a colordmd led version which I could try out.

Made a quick movie to be seen at https://photos.app.goo.gl/or93babCgtCBgBtg8

I think I will like lcd better in a twd when I compare this video to some YouTube videos.

1 month later
#7742 2 years ago

I placed two spotlights on each slingshot which gives a decent amount of light on the playfield

Befor and after picture

5E4C319C-7AB9-41B7-8F40-3590575E7E7D (resized).jpegA0E8A102-B1F0-4CD7-958C-C5FA2DF30ED9 (resized).jpeg

#7745 2 years ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I am not the most technical, can you explain how you did this with pictures?

What is to explain? Just mounted two spotlights as you see on many sterns and the two wires are connected to the nearest GI light.

#7750 2 years ago
Quoted from HIPPY:

On a premium, all gi are CPU controlled. The only steady burning lights are on the backboard. Looks easy to do on a Pro.

Interesting, thanks. I would still hook them up to the closest white GI as I would prefer these spotlights to go out with the other leds if a Lightshow dictates this. But that’s a matter of personal taste.

#7770 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

After I install the dmd do I just update the code for Cleland like I normally would by putting usb in that board on the backbox?

Yup. And it’s a must have for fans of the show

3 weeks later
#7814 2 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I added a flipper rubber to the right ramp area to try and cope with drains from the pops. It has helped a little but still extremely frustrating. Not sure what to try next.

Try leveling or on purpose slightly not level it. 100% drain free will never happen though, at least not on mine.

#7820 2 years ago

Have a pro ad finally played a premium last night several times. Men, what a difference is the bicycle girl ramp. Also the steepness is a lot different. My pro is much more fluid. The well walker magnet is not as active as I expected to.

Anyway, both are great pins and for those having a pro like me, don’t worry, you are having a great pin.

1 month later
#7910 2 years ago

So finally bit the bullet and bought for Father’s Day a long overdue colordmd lcd

6B6AA54C-7973-4E6B-842F-F510530F6D5B (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#7942 2 years ago

Warm White with red accents

A9DD18AA-18D8-45B3-B389-DFE4BE393D63 (resized).jpegD93DBC3F-BD3C-41FE-9C9F-8578D37738AF (resized).jpeg
1 year later
#9231 1 year ago

I would tinker with the spring and mech. Don’t think the droptarget itself is the issue. If the plastic worns out the complaint would be that they drop to easily and you have the opposite.

#9237 1 year ago

Reached terminus this week for the first time after almost three years of owning it. Decided to concentrate solely on missions to reach this and see it once. One hell of a game.

Must admit though that terminus was a bit underwhelming compared to Horde. Was expecting a multiball which it is not. Horde is so intense, especially with an external subwoofer

And ofcourse I f*cked it up

Twd is one hell of a game

1 month later
#9462 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Does anyone know what battery TWD takes? Im not home and just remembered I need to order one.

According to the manual CR2430.

Must admit I am a little bit surprised it isn’t a cr2032 but the manual states this very clear. Replace with power on to retain the settings.

2 weeks later
#9524 1 year ago

You can collect for sure EB during MB but not while the balls are being launched. As soon as they have launched you can shoot Woodbury and collect the EB

100% sure this is the case on latest code.

3 months later
#9674 9 months ago

Received the Crate mod today and a big shout to Andrew who went above and beyond and delivered a great product

59977859-3870-44C6-A7E4-08D90BB1AD0E (resized).jpegBBF202F8-661A-4169-88D6-CBEB5B2D16EC (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#9699 9 months ago

Looks like DIY

#9724 9 months ago

It will return to zero.

This is why looking at played games is more or less useless. It doesn’t mean anything in the end, condition is King.

#9726 9 months ago
Quoted from EEE:

Thanks. Should I use the Stern 1.60 or a different one?

I prefer the Cleland version with real voices from the series. If you are a walking dead fan this is a must.

But you can try out stern version to see how you like it.

1 month later
#9825 7 months ago

Twd has no specific weak spot besides the usual checking of the mechanisms as far as I know. Just make sure the prison doors open and close OK and zombie head register the hits.

Pictures look fine as far as I can tell.

#9839 7 months ago
Quoted from Kingpin22:

Finally found my grail LE, it has the original speech and I have to say it is so much better than I remember. Does anyone know what the red light means located halfway down the CDC ramp?

I have a pro but think this is Bicycle girl ready?

And congrats. Twd is a great pin. Already thought several times about upgrading to a LE or premium but my pro already gives plenty of fun and is smooth as butter so its hard to justify the extra couple of thousands for me.

#9855 7 months ago

Agree with a lot of the above

First mods would be

External active subwoofer
Cleland audio mod
The Crate
White silicon rubbers (I really dislike black rubbers)

And for topping it off prison tower and fish tank mod

1 month later
#9947 6 months ago

Yes, for TWD lcd is the way to go and set it in hires.

2 months later
#10151 4 months ago

Gave myself a present, eg a red translucent apron and lit it up. Incl flasher connected to the prison multiball

F0AEA798-4446-4059-9817-444E7435A9E5 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#10172 3 months ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

That is pretty frickin cool! Its synched to the prison flasher? Can you post a vid?
As far as the DVD fish tank mod, is it independently lit or just lit through the GI on the backboard?

Made a quick and dirty video


Problem is that effect on video is always less as real life. Have some dim leds tied to the GI which are thus on when GI is on and two flashers leds synced to the prison Flashers

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#10236 71 days ago


I have a pro for 3 yrs which I really really like. Great pinball and my favorite for already several years. In fact I love it so much I am considering upgrading to a LE but that would set me back like usd 4000

Has there ever been a discussion which is better? Pro or LE ?

Man, normally I would say no but as it’s my no 1 theme and pinball choice is more tough. Damned, life is full of choices and some you have to make yourself

From a technical point of view my only content is the bicycle ramp but can try that out prior to buying ofcourse.

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#10286 60 days ago

In Spike flashers are 5V so bulbs won’t cut it.

Don’t see why bulbs flashers won’t work. AC/DC premium is also Sam and has GI led but flasher bulbs.

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#10318 53 days ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:

lol did get it NIB about 6 months ago. Not sure what I would need to look for to find out.

That’s easy. Just have a look in the backbox. Do you see there just a little board it’s a spike. With SAM the whole backbox is filled.

2 weeks later
#10382 34 days ago
Quoted from SpinnerAddict:

The balls seem to eject hard into shooter lane. No setting to lower the power?

As it’s not a setting you can also insert a few ohm resistor of let’s say 5 watt. This will reduce the current going to the coil making it weaker.

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#10394 27 days ago

So, bit the bullet and decided to upgrade my pro to a LE.

I just find the twd such a great pin that I wanted to try this out and get the full experience.

So today picked it up and moved the pro downstairs and LE upstairs.

B5BA1549-A921-4260-BF10-BEC0C905CB19 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#10397 20 days ago

So, transferred the bling from the PRO to the LE, pro is to his new owner and the upgrade is finished.

Must say that the BG ramp shoots great, better as I expected. Have ordered the cliffy for it (the playfield below is OK but the mylar is damaged already from the rivets). Just paging Gnassel for his BG mod but no reaction sofar

16A49B14-D95F-48C8-B93F-F0F9D0C74986 (resized).jpeg262294B8-BF04-4FBE-899D-CC4FFD78C158 (resized).jpeg6BF5970B-415E-4B32-9E64-DF612D14EBCE (resized).jpeg908666DF-E6C5-4308-AFF9-9A7FE588DAE2 (resized).jpegB66D7391-BD30-4AFA-B853-84796CC17666 (resized).jpegC3AC1E00-8F92-4BF1-B0C2-990DA522F9F7 (resized).jpegE75EDAB0-8E5F-457C-941F-C9BA68560AC4 (resized).jpeg
#10400 17 days ago

Added some cLear orange backlit droptargets

Idea from Vimtoman , thanks.

AF3C6CCD-B2DA-47B8-AEBB-D3004B7DF50B (resized).jpegE98D24A7-F718-4153-BBF5-0B56DABADE0F (resized).jpegEA95A0ED-1157-455D-9A4F-088301F97EC0 (resized).jpeg
#10420 12 days ago

What a rush. Horde twice. Made it to terminus.

This is such a great game

8F5DD20A-64B6-4EFB-A084-8641C7FB94F8 (resized).jpegC3E9F7F7-3477-431A-A3C9-84BB73A33CEA (resized).jpeg
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#10436 5 days ago

Added a pair of bony flippers and transparent silicon rubbers. Quite pleased with the result

48BD746A-D997-4B2B-8912-7B972852495B (resized).jpeg60B758BF-AA34-4BC3-A067-B586C5893410 (resized).jpeg6822064C-1D2B-458F-A0C6-F1D730C343AA (resized).jpegAFCEBD9B-8463-4AAA-9C5B-C640AF1FD3D4 (resized).jpeg
#10437 5 days ago

Forget the bony flippers for a premium and LE. It blocks the crossbow

9668B41D-260F-4607-B322-DD4DCE786AF0 (resized).jpeg

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