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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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#4919 2 years ago

I just got a TWD premium. How high is your bicycle girl ramp in the up position? Mine came with the ramp fix kit already installed. Part of that fix was a few pads on the bottom of the metal ramp flap. My ball actually grazes those pads on the way under the ramp. It barely raises high enough to allow the ball under. Is there a way to get it to raise higher? The entire thing seems kind of rickety.

#4921 2 years ago

Already installed also. It just seems like the ramp should raise higher.

IMG_1946 (resized).JPG

#4923 2 years ago

I just took the pads off. Guess they don't need to be there with the Cliffy. That gives it a little more clearance. I guess that should be good enough. This pin also came with the carbon fibre Cliffys around magnets. They look good. I have noticed that sometimes the one on prison magnet makes the ball skip enough to jump over the opto sensor and not register prison door hits. That kinda sucks. I might have to remove it.

#4925 2 years ago

I think I have that too. I just traded my pinball Refinery AC/DC premium for a pinball Refinery TWD premium. I'm just in the getting to know you stage on this pin. I think I have it dialed in now. The only things bugging me a little are the left ramp being a little low when raised. And the Cliffy on the prison magnet making the ball jump.

#4927 2 years ago

Yeah, it may be coming off soon. But here is what I'm talking about with my left ramp. This is bicycle girl mode. The ramp is raised. I grabbed the ball and put it under the ramp flap. It barely has enough room to go under.

IMG_1949 (resized).JPG

#4928 2 years ago

Ok found the problem. The 2 screws at the top of the lifting ramp were both loose. I tightened those up and it lifts high. I knew there shouldn't be that much side to side play in that ramp. Now I just need to decide if I want to try and remove these carbon fibre Cliffys.

#4935 2 years ago

I had them on and took the prison one off as it puts air on the ball and the prison opto's won't register.

I'm afraid I am gonna have to do the same. This game is too difficult to give away prison hits. Starting a multi ball can save your ass. And if that is delayed due to ball jumping over optos it sucks! What method did you use to remove it safely?

#4937 2 years ago

The head registers fine. It can't be a really weak hit. But I'm ok with that. It's frustrating when the doors take a direct hit but the ball skipped above the opto because of the Cliffy and doesn't register. The harder the shot the more likely it is to skip. It happens way too often.

#4939 2 years ago

Great pin though. I traded my AC/DC for it and I'm am totally happy. I've only had it about a week. I got to horde the very first day I had it. Didn't have a clue what i was doing. I was just trying to keep the ball alive. Now that I am learning the rules and actually trying to accomplish certain shots it's kicking my ass. Multiple prison door shots not registering is unacceptable.

I think I'm gonna try a hair dryer to soften the glue under the Cliffy to start. Then slowly work goo gone under the Cliffy with a plastic razor blade scraper.

1 month later
#5178 2 years ago

On my premium the post on the bottom left of the right ramp usually deflects the ball from going STDM, especially when the ball is hugging the metal rail coming out of the pops. Sometimes if the ball isn't hugging that rail it can go STDM so you have to be prepared to nudge a little. Putting a thicker post sleeve on would probably make it even less of a problem.

IMG_2255 (resized).PNG

4 weeks later
#5264 2 years ago

By flipping the flippers I can keep it from going straight down the middle most of the time. But every once in awhile I miss time it and straight down the middle it goes. I don’t get it. Every other magnet of this type on all of their other pins grabs the magnet and randomly flings it around. So did did they design the prison magnet to do this on purpose??

#5297 2 years ago

It is 100% the Cliffy. Take it off and you won’t have this problem.

#5298 2 years ago

I had the carbon fiber Cliffy on my TWD premium prison magnet and I had to remove it. It made it the ball skip over the opto. I took it off and haven’t had a problem since. Also had to remove the carbon fiber Cliffy on my SM Doc Ock magnet. It made the ball skip over the optos and reject off of Doc Ock.

4 weeks later
#5392 2 years ago

I know everybody hates it when people put action figure mods on their pins. But I found these TWD mini figures and I couldn’t help it. Nobody even notices them unless I point them out.

They come in blind packs. So you don’t really know what your going to get. I wound up with Rick, Daryl, Merle and 4 walkers. It worked out pretty good. I put Daryl and a walker over by crossbow magnet. I put Rick and Merle over by Woodbury. And the rest of the walkers I put around the prison.

09284ACE-1C02-4FA0-BA6B-E001CECDBF64 (resized).jpeg

0FE643ED-C34A-4AE8-B5C8-783B5688BF97 (resized).jpeg

1FDDA35D-0A4A-4778-A7E5-736D9FCACC24 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#5514 2 years ago

I wonder if he did anything different on new code to pulse prison magnet. I mean we all know you can flip flippers at the correct point and it will keep the ball from getting slung straight down the middle. But why was it set up to do that in the first place??

#5521 2 years ago

Yeah Cleland posted in other thread he is hard at work this weekend updating his voices to go with new code. Might even get some voice clips from new season. As far as I can tell randomkg then takes clelands voices and adds NIN,Radiohead etc music.

I can’t wait, I’m not doing update until cleland finishes his work. Then I will probably load it and play some. Then when randomkg adds his music to clelands voices I will probably update again. Assuming I can find said updates.

#5523 2 years ago

No reason not to upload the stern version of 1.6 in the meantime

Yeah your right. At this point I’m losing all my scores anyway. I’ll probably upload the stern code. I’ve actually never heard the factory voices. My machine came with clelands voice mod.

#5538 2 years ago

Just updated new code with clelands voices. Everything went smooth. Haven’t had a chance to play a lot but I played enough to know it still shoots ball straight down the middle from prison magnet if you don’t flip flippers at correct time.

I mean that’s fine, its still my favorite pin ever. But why can’t it be coded to randomly sling ball like every other similar type of magnet? It’s definitely a turn off to newer players. That is a cool moment in the game when you spell prison and it catches the ball. A new player shouldn’t immediately get kicked in the nuts with an unstoppable straight down the middle sling.

I get it, it’s supposed to be a tough game. But should new pin players really be expected to figure out to flip the flippers to manually pulse the magnet if they walked up to this pin on location? If I wasn’t on pinside I’m not sure I ever would have figured that out on my own. Seems like a well enough known issue that should have been fixed.

#5540 2 years ago

Yeah, just seemed like a missed opportunity. You would assume every update on this pin will be it’s last since it is so good already. And I guess some people maybe don’t have the straight down the middle sling from prison magnet?? But I have it 100% of the time if I don’t “monkey flip”. And I think more people do than don’t. So just code it to mimic “monkey flipping” and give the non pinheads a break on an already tough pin. I mean from the overall all feedback I have heard about this code update it made the game slightly easier. This adjustment would have fit right in.

Oh well, it really doesn’t matter. We all know what to do if we have this issue. I’m diving back in to see what cool new stuff I notice.

#5542 2 years ago

Definitely hearing some new quotes on clelands update. That’s always cool!

2 months later
#6027 1 year ago
Quoted from wtuttle:

Question for those who've replaced light bulbs for the 'warm' white: how did you access some of the harder to access bulbs? I have got the 'low-hanging fruit' (slings, flippers), but the other lights seem really hard to reach. Are any of you accessing the fixture from under the playfield?

When I switch out bulbs I usually do all of them from underneath playfield.

1 month later
#6144 1 year ago

I had issues with my crossbow. The white plastic plunger that launches the ball out of the mech would stay out after shooting the ball instead of sliding back in. When the crossbow swung back against the apron that white plastic plunger would get wedged on a little metal tab that sticks out. Therefore the next time the ball got loaded it would not trigger the crossbow because the plunger being stuck out wouldn’t let the ball trigger the switch. It would go into ball search and swing the crossbow out. At that point the weight of the ball would start sliding the white plastic plunger back into the correct position and it could be fired, but that wouldn’t usually be until it was returning. I had to bend that metal tab up slightly so the white plastic plunger wouldn’t get wedged underneath it. Then the weight of the ball would push the plunger back upon entering the crossbow and trigger the switch and the ball would be in place to fire on the out swing instead of just the return swing.

#6145 1 year ago

Here is a pic of the little metal tab my plunger was getting stuck on.

994AE727-CED1-4A2E-B362-788831D73DEA (resized).jpeg

#6167 1 year ago

If you zoom in on Damien’s pic it looks way worse. The ribbing pretty much spans the entire playfield. That glare from the window really makes it look pronounced. I have a premium that I set up in my garage which is always dimly lit. The playfield looks perfectly fine when I am playing it. I just turned the machine off and turned on a bright overhead light and sure enough I can see similar ribbing from the glare when I look from certain angles. My advice would be move it away from the window and you won’t notice it. I’m pretty positive Stern will not replace it.

1 month later
#6447 1 year ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Opinions from Owners of This PR Mod Sought:

I traded an AC/DC premium for a Pinball Refinery TWD premium that had this mod installed. It does not light up a pin like Pinball Stadium lighting. But it is definitely a cool look. The metal fencing is not attached to any type of mirror blade or art. It comes with the light up wiring zip tied to the metal fencing. The fencing must be removed any time you want to lift the playfield and then slid back in place when you put it back down.

I really loved this mod but it did not agree with my machine for some reason. A few months after I had it I noticed it wasn’t working. I looked under the playfield and found a little blue box asssociated with the mod melted. I called Pinball Refinery, who could not have been nicer, and we determined one side of the light up wiring was the problem. I paid for a replacement light up wire and all new wiring etc under neath the playfield. It was a really simple process to hook it all back up. But a few weeks later the exact same thing happened. The mod stopped working and the blue box under the playfield melted again. I took the mod off after that. Which sucks because it looks really good, but it was a pain in my ass.

014B46E1-EBD5-4305-86A5-B09BED0EED6A (resized).jpeg

#6449 1 year ago

I m not typically a big mod guy. It’s not that I don’t like some of these mods. But these machines are expensive to begin with. I purposely don’t put things like color DMDs in my machines because I know I will love them and I don’t want to open up that can of worms.

The EL wire fencing looks fantastic on this pin. My pin came with it. And when it stopped working I was pretty disappointed. So I put a little effort into trouble shooting and spent about $100+ on replacement parts to get it back up and working. It failed again pretty quickly. So at this point I won’t waste any more of my time or money on it and I don’t want to bug the guys at Pinball Refinery over it either.

2 weeks later
#6518 1 year ago

Mcfarlane has a line of little realistic looking toys that fit on this pin pretty well without looking out of place. I know a lot of you hate dolls on pins. These remind of the figures on LOTR which came from factory.

I made this Daryl mod for right ramp using The spare left ramp plastic that keeps ball jumping off track.

48A90640-1615-4A84-9970-7631EBE654F1 (resized).jpeg654CCE8B-BA4C-4513-BF4B-6D19D27CB852 (resized).jpegCB5C5209-101E-4EE5-AD52-6C2395B711E5 (resized).jpeg
#6519 1 year ago

And yes I have went over board and I can see why some hate it when people put dolls on their pins.

3ACDDBA5-DBD1-4B2B-B738-68AC8FBE812D (resized).jpegC7B4EE4A-C1E3-430C-8308-7A8AD6039397 (resized).jpegE60ADA74-7CE3-4E52-9B51-BD3AE6F59831 (resized).jpeg
#6521 1 year ago

I have owned and sold BSD, TS, TOTAN, TOM, CONGO, STTNG, WH20, LOTR, Met Pro, AC/DC prem, IMVE. BSD and TS are about the only pins I would go out of my way to have back. I currently own SM, Sopranos and TWD. I play TWD 10 to 1 over my other 2 current pins.

Out of all the pins I’ve owned it is 100% my favorite pin ever. I have had it for close to a year and I am not even close to getting tired of it. I can’t say that about hardly any of those pins listed above. I still haven’t made it to Terminus, Siege or Last Man Standing but I am getting closer. Very difficult pin with great rules. There are plenty of ways to play and get on the scoreboard even if you aren’t gonna get a high score.

#6539 1 year ago

I stole the idea from another post buried somewhere in this thread. It’s kind of a pain in the ass to get the characters you want. Because a lot of them come in blind packs.

You have to build the little figures and they have a little U shaped clip on one foot that slips under a screw or bolt. All you gotta do is tighten them down. I did gorilla glue the figures together. Because airballs would occasionally take off a limb etc.

#6540 1 year ago

I managed to get a few walkers staggering out from around the prison. And that’s Merl behind bycicle girl yelling across the overpass at Daryl.

BE73AE42-985F-46BC-AD6B-22FD1BE57129 (resized).jpeg
#6541 1 year ago

And I got Rick and Coral on one side of playfield with The Governor popping up behind the Woodbury sign.

C45CEAEE-185A-4F59-91E7-9047864A2F90 (resized).jpeg
#6542 1 year ago

And Michone on the other side of the playfield with a couple more walkers.

BA05A546-7186-4D97-9B61-82748673EA7C (resized).jpeg
#6544 1 year ago

Lord we all got too much time on our hands. The little figures are easy enough to stick wherever. I was pretty proud of myself for finding the spare left ramp plastic I had and glueing some road squares to it that would hold Daryl’s bike in place. And it already had 2 screw holes in it. One for the interstate sign and one to attach it to the right ramp.

1DB7B89E-E733-43C9-BE02-1400D69749B8 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#6597 1 year ago

Everyone said double flip during the 2nd crow bar hit to the zombies head on the DMD. That usually works but sure enough during an intense game I have mistimed it and SDTM it goes. I have learned to give it a nudge.

#6605 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Honestly it doesn’t matter when you do it. Hitting both flippers at the same time will pulse the magnet. Where it will go is a game by game thing.

Yeah this is what I kinda figured. But I swear there are multiple posts that say it has to be done during a specific scene in the DMD animation. Basicly you double flip so you don’t have to sit through the full animation and it pulses the magnet. Most times that isn’t SDTM but sometimes it still is. So I double flip and nudge at same time and this seems to solve the problem 99% of the time.

It still seems weird to me that they didn’t make this magnet automatically pulse in the same way that the TOTAN genie magnet or the Sparkey magnet on Met do. They always sling the ball around randomly. Yes sometimes it’s SDTM. But with TWD it is always always SDTM on my game if you don’t actively do something about it.

Oh well your supposed to be fighting zombies so for people on pinside it’s no big deal. But if you want regular people to walk up to a pin and enjoy playing it seems like a turn off.

#6607 1 year ago

To be fair I have only played the TOTAN I owned and the MET I owned. And they both had nice magnet action all over the place. Even the Well Walker magnet on my TWD has consistently random action. But not my Prison magnet. If I sit there and watch the animation play out and do nothing it fires it SDTM every time. But like I said, to most of us it really doesn’t matter, this is still my favorite pin to date.

2 months later
#6871 1 year ago

When you shoot the woodberry shot it gives you multiple awards to choose from for hitting the proceeding skill shot. The more times you successfully make the skill shot the better the awards become. After 2 or 3 successful attempts Light Extra Ball is one of the awards you can choose.

#6876 1 year ago

I have a premium with a drop target in front of that shot. I guess the pro doesn’t have a drop target so it may be a slightly different process to get set up for the skill shot.

I used to think the Woodbury skill shot in middle of a game was kind of a throw away. But if you can complete it enough times the awards get better And eventually you can choose to light extra ball.

On my machine I always set the award to be collected on the farthest lane. Usually a hard plunge drops in that lane. Sometimes it will bounce out and go down first lane. But for the most part it’s a pretty consistent way for me to earn another extra ball.

4 weeks later
#6962 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Can someone tell me what retracts the plunger in the crossbow on the premium/LE? It seems like sometimes my plunger hangs up and when the ball gets diverted into the crossbow, the ball doesn’t drop all the way in because the plunger isn’t all the way retracted. When I manually push the plunger back and forth there doesn’t appear to be a spring or anything that retracts it.

As far as I can nothing pulls the plunger back. After firing the ball mine stays partially out. And sometimes it would stay almost all the way out. The weight of the ball hitting it after coming down the ramp is usually what pushes it back into place.

I had an issue where if the plunger stayed far enough out it would actually wedge up against this little metal tab once the crossbow went back to home position. Therefore the weight of the ball couldnt push the plunger back, and it wouldn’t recognize that the ball was in the crossbow. I had to take a pair of pliers and slightly bend the metal tab up. As long as the plunger doesn’t get stuck on that tab the weight of the ball does the rest. Here is a pic of the tab I had to bend up. My finger is pointing at it.

2FADE851-F3DB-4EB3-A14A-1A501F87C330 (resized).jpeg
6 months later
#7710 10 months ago

It is 100% your issue. I left the cliffy on the well walker but had to remove the one on the prison. It caused the ball to skip up and over the optos. I took it off and it registers every hit.

1 month later
#7877 9 months ago

I will say if you can’t find your key to the back box, try other stern back box keys if you have other stern pins. I bought a GOT and the guy could not find the back box key. Turns out my TWD back box key fit the GOT back box also.

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