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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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Post #404 Burning barn mod. Posted by Tmezel (4 years ago)

Post #690 Evil Dead sound package link. Posted by ezeltmann (4 years ago)

Post #783 Link to LE/Premium sound replacement options. Posted by ezeltmann (3 years ago)

Post #2893 Link to rules doc for v1.60, still being updated as of May 2018. Posted by e4mafia (3 years ago)

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#780 3 years ago

Hey folks, I just made deposit on a TWD Premium Refinery Edition and I'm beyond pumped to get it home and start playing. I've heard there is a really good alternate sound file for TWD LE/Premium out there...Can anyone point me to where I can get those files? Thanks very much!

#782 3 years ago

Awesome sauce. Thanks!

#784 3 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Believe it or not there are 4 sound replacement options . this thread should contain links to all of them. I do 2 of them. One being Evil Walking Dead (based on the Evil Dead movie Evil Dead2) Enjoy
BTW the Bicycle Girl Light mod is another must-have. I tried to get Lyman or someone to answer as to why this was never provided a light on the Dead Flip stream last night. But no answer.

Wow great, thanks for that link. I can't believe I didn't find it before while searching on my own, but that will be a great help. I'm having the Refinery guys put all the trappings in, including the great bicycle girl mod.

1 week later
#882 3 years ago
Quoted from sublime90803:

Does anyone know if the premium version is still in production? I'm trying to get my hands on one and several distributors are saying its no longer in production, but Stern "might" rerun it in January. Any way to confirm this?

I just ordered a Refinery Edition and those guys have said that another Premium run will be made in January or February 2016. My impression was that this is pretty firm, so you should hopefully be able to find one then.

2 months later
#1324 3 years ago
Quoted from kcZ:

Crossbow is definitely a little buggy... I often have to hit both flippers in order for the crossbow to sense a ball is there. I'd say about 25% of the time it will not shoot until its on the return part of the swing.

I think I've observed that the crossbow won't fire until the ball is settled snuggly against the firing post at the bottom of the trough there. Sometimes it takes a second or two for everything to get loaded up, while other times it seems to work fine right away. I usually find Riot, BG and Barn are easier to hit on the return anyway, so it works out.

#1376 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

People need to get over the ocd of thinking that tweaking their game to be more fun is cheating.

I couldn't agree more, especially for something like SDTM drains out of the pops. It's hard to imagine the designers wanting the game to function that way, and in any case, whatever is more fun more you is best! My Premium virtually never sends the ball DTM from either pops or prison, but that may be thanks to Gio at Pinball Refinery giving it some extra attention for me.

#1383 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Interesting. Do you have a digital leveler you can verify your leveling pitch and side to side numbers???

I'm at almost the exact same place as bigd- level from side to side and about 6.9 top to bottom. The Pro WD I've played at Modern Pinball is just a nightmare coming out of the pops, drains at least 20-30% of the time, so I know how frustrating that can be.

#1479 3 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

But the most important thing:
SPINNERS. nothing like ripping it up the barn orbit

Don't forget the equally awesome clean tunnel shot -->> Massive Woodbury smash. Man, that is satisfying, especially if there's a tasty extra ball waiting for you.

#1541 3 years ago

Quick question - What is the deal with the "Gas Mask Walker" that comes up on the DMD after a couple of successful shots in Riot mode? Is there any particular code functionality for this, or is just a little piece of extra flavor for the mode?

#1564 3 years ago
Quoted from craigj:

Ok, dumb question here. I have a 5 year old and a 10 year old. Not too worried about the 10 year old but how about the little one playing TWD. Just being a protective parent, of course I don't let them watch the show, but I was concerned about the DMD animations for a little 5 year old. Can they be changed at all in the settings. Maybe I'm overthinking it a bit. I turned off the bad language on my star trek, it wasn't too bad but had a few words occasionally. Maybe those without kids wouldn't quite understand these concerns, haha.

I have a five-year old as well, and he does play the game and notices how "gruesome" it is, but it is extremely cartoony. My kid also has seen Star Wars and read the Lord of Rings with us, so the actiony / battley stuff is not new for him. Honestly, he didn't love the pin compared to some others he's played more because of the rules complexity and the challenge-level, so that's something to consider as well.

1 week later
#1661 3 years ago

Here's a quick finnincky/stacking question for you TWD experts out there:

Let's say I have a dead feature running and I keep knocking down drops during the mode...If I knock down two more sets while the mode is running, can I start the next dead feature concurrently with the current one? If not, will the next dead mode at least be lit once I finish the current one? I'm usually too busy paying attention to playing the mode to notice how this works exactly...

#1665 3 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

completing drops adds time to the mode (dead feature) so you can collect a lot of millions.

Those millions sound really juicy, now what do I do to avoid draining right away so I can actually collect them?

#1756 3 years ago

I think when talking about the difficulty of the pin, you have to factor in both ball times and code complexity. For instance, while Iron Man may have slightly shorter ball times than TWD, there is so much more to do in TWD (perhaps excluding Do or Die Multiball) that TWD feels "harder" to me because it's intensely difficult to survive long enough to reach the major goals in the game. Iron Man is a fast and furious title, but the goals feel eminently achievable by comparison to TWD. I completely love both games, not intending to critique or preference one over the other, just a thought about it means for a game to be "hard".

#1769 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

After watching the latest episode of TWD, the pinball machine needs an Alexandria mode. That was just insane.

Assuming for a moment that TWD has a nice healthy run with a number of additional seasons that continue to be excellent, wouldn't this machine be a great candidate for the first true "sequel" pin in quite a while? Specifically, a follow up TWD pin could focus more intensely on the wonderful, complex characters of the show, who are basically absent from this machine. Perhaps the core "Walker kill" mechanic could be maintained/adapted as a tie-in? A new set of dead features based on plot elements from the later seasons? Probably just a pipe dream, but it seems like there's plenty of material here for more pinball.

1 week later
#1934 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

One thing I notice the ST is more predictable when you miss a shot, TWD has more deadly miss shots = drain shots.

This is a big part of what makes TWD extremely challenging for me: several of the main shots are very difficult to make, and it's pretty tough to regain control of the ball after a miss. Often it's just one or two mistakes before you find yourself in trouble, and those mistakes are unusually hard to avoid.

1 week later
#2067 3 years ago

Quick rules question for you guys:

It seems to me that my "X" multiplier shot doesn't always activate when the ball passes through the inlane. Does the "x" shot only trigger if you have some kind of dead feature or mulitball active for it to reasonably multiply? I'm just trying to figure out exactly how to optimize the "x" ever since I got "X" champion for about 50M without having any clue when/how it happened.

#2074 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Using the X shot only makes a big difference when hitting a lit dead mode, BG, etc. The best time to use it is when 2X playfield is lit as well. I hit a couple 45M barn shots in a row after using my X .. it was insane

Thanks, I actually figured out that the switch on my right inlane was stuck down and not registering, which was why my X wasn't ever triggering on the right side! Now it all makes sense.

#2109 3 years ago
Quoted from sublime90803:

Has anyone ever lit the "siege" mode insert? I can't seem to figure out what it does.

Siege mode apparently requires a large number of jackpots during prison Multiball (maybe 12 total)? You can earn them across multiple different instances of prison multiball, but it's still very difficult to achieve.

#2126 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

OK, in all seriousness, has anyone actually hit the tower shot with the crossbow?

I hit it once, and even on purpose, but I have no idea how. It seems like it should be impossible geometrically. :\

#2134 3 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

3 of 5 crossbow shots to get to frenzy indeed.
Sometimes scoring can be insane because of the multipliers. I once had a (legit) 500M+ Riot mode
And also an X champion of a single (the last though) terminus shot being worth 130M.

I feel like I got three crossbow shots once but didn't start Frenzy. Is there something you have to do to start the mode once you qualify it? Maybe I'm just remembering wrong...

#2156 3 years ago
Quoted from freakandgeek:

Pretty in depth write up what makes TMD Premium so great here...in case anyone missed it.

Thanks for posting that - perfectly captures many of the things I love about this game. I especially like the mention of the bank shot, the difficult shot to earn the extra ball/start horde mode, and the necessity for constant nudging. My typical scores have creeping up in direct proportionality to my physical engagement with the machine. A loose tilt is a necessity for TWD, in my opinion!

#2165 3 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

can anyone point me in the direction of any threads that discuss tweaking the leaf switch on the prison zombie?
mine is currently working but not as sensitive as I would like.
I took out the leaf switch that is triggered to the bottom part of the zombie head. as the head moves backward from the ball hit, the piece underneath strikes the leaf switch, triggering the hit.
I noticed after tweaking the switch leafs nearly touching, that they moved slightly while tightening them to the mechanism.
(I removed the switch from the assembly as i couldn't get at it when its attached.)
Wondering if anyone can weigh in on this.
Did you have the front leaf touching the trigger, or leave a bit of space?
Did you leave extra space to account for the movement when tightening them back in?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I had this exact same issue on my machine. Went online and bought of those leaf switch adjusters, I think from pinballlife, and just fiddled with the switch to bend the small piece back towards big piece. There is still a gap, but it's pretty small now, and it's at a great sensitivity - any strong shot will trigger it. I didn't take anything apart or out of the machine, just pulled up the playfield and tweaked the switch. It was kind of a tricky angle, but with the leaf switch adjuster I got it to work. Good luck with yours - it makes a big difference!

1 week later
#2193 3 years ago

Quick tech question from a total novice -

Tonight I was playing some games on TWD, took a break between games to fiddle with the plumb bob a little bit, and when I got back into it both the well and prison magnets were offline. Everything else seems fine, but both magnets are totally non-functional. Seems like maybe a fuse or something, but as a general idiot about all things mechanical I'm not sure how to approach the problem. Anybody have any tips?


#2195 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

It's F7 I believe, mine popped on both I owned so far.
Take your translite off and push in the button inside the coin door, it won't be lit.
It's a 4 amp slow blow.....
Anyone try a 5amp slow blow yet?

Thanks a bunch, bud.

#2219 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

What is "boost"? Any other tips from people on game settings?

The one thing I've done that I really love is take the tilt bob off altogether. I don't do bang-backs or death-saves on principle, but between the prison magnet, the pop return, and the vicious outlanes, I love how an extremely lenient tilt lets you always be fighting your life - that fits the flavor for me. A big slide save will still register a danger, but run of the mill nudging is essentially risk-free. To balance this, I have my outlanes pretty wide and a pretty short ball-save. It makes the game a real battle, but there are lot of satisfying/exciting moments.

#2237 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I was going to post about this. I have the exact same issue. Its almost to the point of being somewhat foreboding. I know the only logic is that I get excited and stop playing smart, but man, it really feels like the game is giving me the finger every time I light the dead features or a second after starting one.

The drop targets can also be pretty dangerous to shoot for, especially so when there is just one target. Often I've noticed the ball will hit the target right on the corner and rocket back down towards the center drain. I know for me there is a psychological element as well, of course. Get excited, shoot badly, drain - pretty common sequence of events on this game. There is a game option in the menus to have dead features lit carry over from ball to ball.

1 week later
#2323 3 years ago

Mine was definitely a blown fuse, but I'm not sure if there is a long-term fix yet. I put 1000 games on mine before the fuse blew, and the second one has been fine so far.

3 weeks later
#2653 3 years ago
Quoted from Kcbbq13:

I just got my premium, and 3 out of the 1st 4 games the ball gets stuck on the ramp behind the PF... At one point I had all 4 balls stuck back there. Kept thinking a clean shot would knock them out, no such luck... Any thoughts? I've checked pitch, pulled pf to make sure nothing was blocking balls.

I had the same issue with mine at first - some plastic tubing back there was protruding where the ramps are and catching the balls. Try pulling up the playfield and gently pushing the tubing up into the backbox, and you should be good.

1 month later
#2839 3 years ago

To address questions about Well-Walker multiball - this multiball mode is pure frenzy style. Hit x switches and light the Well for a jackpot. As you continue to hit switches the value of the jackpot builds. Once you hit the well and collect the jackpot, you will start building again towards the next letter, and each letter requires more hits than the previous to become lit. After collecting three letters you earn your multi-kill, after collecting four letters you get the super-jackpot (not sure how the value compares) and you will have CDC and Arena ramps lit (green arrows on Premium machines) for victory laps. If you drain out of well multiball without collecting the super, your progress with letters carries over to your next well multiball.

Overall it's not particularly high scoring, but you end up moving forward on it pretty much no matter what you do, so you might as well mash those drop targets to get modes/blood bath going.

#2847 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Couple of clarifications:
1) does it matter which switches are hit?
2) to light jackpot, you only have to hit one switch? If you hit more before hitting WW, then the jackpot value is bigger?

There is a fixed number of switches you need to hit for each jackpot - I think it's around 15 or 20 for the first letter, then going up by 10 for each subsequent letter? Something close to that. Any switch/trigger on the playfield will count, so hitting the barn spinner into the pops is the best way to go to specifically finish those letters. The WW multi-kill (three jackpots) is, in my opinion, one of the easier ones to achieve, so it's reasonable to make Well a part of your plan if you're hoping to work towards Hoard mode.

#2859 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Sweet. Got it.
I don't remember seeing switch hits counted on the DMD.... no?

The number of hits needed to get your next Well jackpot will appear on the DMD during Well mode, but with two balls bouncing around, there is usually some other graphic that trumps it, so you won't catch the count too often.

1 month later
#3215 3 years ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

I'm 90% sure the kills relight after your next kill shot. So if you hit cdc for a kill then you hit riot cdc will relight. Kind of like iron man and the drone targets.

On default settings, only three shots (I think three, maybe four) are lit for walker kills at a time, with the exception that all six are lit at the start of each ball. So to begin a ball, any shot will net you a kill, but they won't start relighting until you knock down your fourth walker. You can adjust this in the settings to make more shots lit at any given time.

1 month later
#3485 3 years ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

Does anyone have issues with their Horde Light? I have a premium and whenever I light up all the multi kill weapons the flasher above the Woodbury shot flashes rapidly but the horde insert does not.
Never had this issue on my Pro.

This is a code issue, I believe. As far as I know all machines runnining the current Pre/LE code have this issue (I know mine does).

1 month later
#3750 2 years ago

Hey everyone, my crossbow has been having two small issues. First, maybe one in every five shots when the Cbow is lit, the magnet that pulls the ball over to crossbow fails to pull hard enough and the ball goes back to the inlane instead. Second, maybe one in ten successful crossbow shots, the ball hits black stopper at the bottom of the ramp (lower left corner of the machine) so hard that it jumps over the ramp and drains (extreme frowney face).

Anyone had any experience with either of these two issues or ideas about how to fix them? Any help would be much appreciated! =D

3 weeks later
#3846 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

I'm a pretty solid player and can eventually reach any wizard mode I set my mind too on games I enjoy.
Last man standing on factory setting however is simply never gonna happen as it sits. So I've decided to start nerfing the game and then progressively dial it back down towards factory. active walkers settings and multi-kill requirement settings make a huge difference of course. With the very significant nerfing of no tilt bob, 6 active walkers and a couple lowered multikill requirements I was able to reach LMS! It was not extraordinarily difficult but you still have to hit a ton of shots and ctrl the ball. So now I'll slowly dial it back down....Tilt bob is the last thing I will put back to factory. My game drains so many successful shots that it is routinely not fun.

Nice! I think this game is made to be played with no tilt bob in. That feeling of fighting with the machine the whole time fits the flavor of the game and is necessary to handle the difficult layout.

1 month later
#4076 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

I know it's all a matter of opinion but I think I may have a trade in the works. Trade my Avatar pro for TWD pro, straight across. Who would make that trade? I really like Avatar, some of the best in game effects and call outs ever. I don't have a lot of time on TWD, I like the theme but don't know if I will like the layout. I like the deep rules that TWD has to offer but I also like the mode stacking in Avatar. Tough choice.

If both games are essentially stock and in comparable condition, you are definitely getting the better end of this deal from a pure value perspective. I also think TWD is a better game (I have both), but that will vary from person to person.

1 week later
#4142 2 years ago

My understanding is that you can "roll the game" just like with an old-school EM. In other words, there is a max possible score the programming can handle and then it resets to zero. If I had to guess, the max score might be 8,589,934,592, which is 2^33, but I could very well be wrong.

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