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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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#3602 3 years ago

My top rollover inserts disappear during skillshot sometimes

Anyone else have that happen?

Also even if I fail @ my Woodbury reward the redneck still hoots n hollers praise as if I made the shot.

Aaaaand my Woodbury doesnt light for Horde but I think I read thats missing? My flasher lights up tho.

#3604 3 years ago

Upon further scientific research (taking the glass off) it appears the 2 upper skillshot inserts go dark if the skillshot leaf switches are not triggered within 3 seconds of the ball crossing over the initial star rollovers.

#3607 3 years ago

I too want to try out some homebrew software

I have a Pro

Hook it up

#3613 3 years ago


Skillshot goes dark from something else as well. Have not figured it out yet. Hope Stern rolls out a fix. It pisses me off to see a bug before Ive even had a chance to use my flippers lol

#3616 3 years ago

The skill shot can still be made when the inserts are dark tho.

Also the 3 second issue is pretty cut/dry. So I suspect there are multiple bugs. I mean if the 3 second one is 100% legit who knows what else is F'd.

I will try your theory out tho. Thanks!

#3617 3 years ago


So I'm 100% positive if you hit the tower insert after the star rollovers but then nothing else for 2-3 seconds the upper inserts will go blank but you can still complete the skill shot... blind of course.

However... it looks like the issue surfaces again, via some other order of events, if the prison doors are open. It sure as shit isnt the prison walker tho because that fucker wont register when a pinball hits it lol.

#3630 3 years ago

One button controls the award

The other button controls the shot

Sort of


#3633 3 years ago

Two things...

1. The top inserts go blank during skillshot when the prison doors open. Not every time, just enough to make me go to Pinside. I wonder if it's the opto registering twice or a code bug. Has this happened to anyone else? Its clear the tower target + 3 sec of inactivity cause the same problem.

2. The prison walker doesn't register worth a shit. The game Bowen used in PAPA tutorial had the same issue. I recall the one @ CP having the prison walker disabled for a while due to "issues" but I never did ask what they were. I bet it was the same thing. Anyway I flipped up the PF expecting to tune a gapped switch but it was already super tight. So I taped a thin spacer behind the red plastic target itself as a quick experiment & now my hits register 99% of the time from both flippers! Prior to this hack it sure seemed to almost never register from the right flipper & maybe 70% of the time from the left.

Anyway maybe #2 helps others. I know I sure feel better after a #2

#3634 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Only other thing I can think of. Take glass off. Turn on switch test and bang on the playfield in different spots and see if any switches register. If so, I think that switch is registering before you get through the skill shot, thus turning it off.

No dice.


#3640 3 years ago

Update. Appears to be a bug indeed.

Back to TWD

#3642 3 years ago
Quoted from Groo:

I just got my machine but can't seem to find this. Does it show up on the DMD or is it a hidden type of feature? Even scrolled through the options and see where it shows Woodbury SS options. Assuming that's what this is...
Another question, on my machine the pop bumper almost never fires when the ball goes down the left lane. it will fire just fine from the right lane and right side of it and below, just doesn't seem to coming down that left one.

Theres a screw in the PF to prevent the ball from getting stuck which as an unintended consequence also dumbs down the top left pop bumper. Thats likely the issue?

Mine appears to have been removed by the previous owner. I loosened up my tilt to the point of nearly non existence so I dont care if the ball gets stuck.

#3653 3 years ago
Quoted from setzkor:

Any chance you could throw a pic or two up for this I guess I'm not sure what you mean by a spacer here...but I sure would like to get to the 99% level. Not that that will help my score, but at least I'll have less to blame.

Buckle up for a surprise...

Its a tiny chunk of very thick heavy duty outdoor 40lb rated 2x tape from Home Depot plus a dime lol.

Yes. A $0.10 coin

Gonna remove the dime soon & use a nickel tho because I want really weak hits to count too.

Maybe I could disassemble the prison & adjust the zombie arm but I am not taking all that stuff apart for a maybe... especially when a taped coin closes the gap between the rear of the plastic target & the metal arm of the zombie assembly that strikes it.

When I do my $0.05 upgrade I will post a tutorial.

This hack really works & I am no longer furious with Prison multiball being a near worthless mode due to the zombie not registering.

#3663 3 years ago

Gonna stick with the dime vs nickel after all

Laugh all you want. I too find it funny.

Yet the prison walker registers like a boss now.

Odds are if your prison walker is fine then the bracket with the spring is closer to your target by the width of dime or two lol

Im sure a more elegant solution would be to put another legit switch spacer (whatever those tan squares are) on the actual bracket where the leaf switch attaches (not pictured)

I have a 2014 run if that makes a difference.

Perhaps Stern already added a spacer to the switch. In all likelihood tho these games are assembled by hand & although pilot holes are pre drilled for the brackets I know things can move a bit when fastened so each game will register a bit better or worse than others. Just my thinking

20161101_163348 (resized).jpg

#3668 3 years ago
Quoted from floyd1977:

I couldn't stand how only strong direct hits would register.

My game required explosive hits to register. Direct/strong was not enough lol

It really did make Prison multiball a total turd fest. But now I'm killing it. Best $0.10 mod for TWD

#3672 3 years ago

Dont fight it

Embrace your inner redneck. Have goat for dinner

Now you're just gonna fix it twice AND replace the red switch. Why make a larger contact area? Why install a metal standup? Why work so hard? Work sucks.

Just take the 45 seconds to tape a coin thick enough to resolve your gap. I'm sure a dime works on some, a nickel on others & maybe 2 pennies for the very unfortunate lol.

I'm just giving you shit BTW. Kudos on doing it proper with the leaf switch spacer.

#3678 3 years ago

The redneck is F'n hilarious

It was still incredibly cheap of Stern to go that route but I laugh @ TWD a lot when playing.

I swore I heard an F bomb last night for the first time.

2 weeks later
#3705 3 years ago

I no longer play MB's or modes

Its a sickness

All I do is build up my 2x timer by +10 sec over & over while collecting zombies to build up my X multiplier while intentionally avoiding starting a mode/MB.

Aaaaaaand then I drain before finally deciding to start a mode/MB

#3720 3 years ago

Picked up a set of boney flipper bats, experimenting with red titan silicon rings & found some $5 cling decals on amazon for the hand prints.

I'm close to temporarily installing one of my Color DMD's into TWD to run it in B&W to match the B&W inserts, cabinet art & comic books of course.

Tho I hope the hint dropped on Color DMD's FB page was in regards to TWD

IMG_20161107_164607 (resized).jpg

#3725 3 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

Do you like the white GI ? I have amber in mine. Gives it a sinister sunset look.

I bought my TWD 2nd hand... heck I think 3rd hand. Previous owner changed every LED. It had green, red & amber GI plus an assortment of colors for every insert.

I like the white LED's in this game for some reason. I like the white inserts too. Its such an unique color scheme for a pinball PF. I will say the white inserts need to be toned down brightness wise from stock IMO

#3726 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Look the hand prints on the glass, how did you do that? Looks awesome! do you have the blood splatter armour too?

Hand prints were applied to the underside of the PF glass. I put 3-4 of the spatters on the ramps. The rest of the cling decals were tossed.

amazon.com link »

I do not have the blood spatter hardware. The hand prints are cheesy enough & only $4

#3738 3 years ago

I'm unfamiliar with the Walker bombs.

Do the walker bombs make the Premium/LE easier to reach LMS & build up X multipliers?

What (else) do they do?

#3742 3 years ago

If there are say 3 zombie inserts blinking will pressing the walker bomb take all 3 down?

#3745 3 years ago

Thanks for the info guys

Another question...

My TWD translite rattles a ton.

TSPP, FGY & LOTR have foam strips on the backbox where the translite rests.

TWD does not. There are plastic strips with no foam strips installed.

Is this normal on the games with the new style backbox?

#3763 3 years ago

So you killed 220 walkers?

#3773 3 years ago

I often consider reducing the requirements of LMS

It feels like I'm missing out on a feature by LMS being so unattainable. To me TWD is a score based game disguised as a mode based game. Or some hybrid of the two. That's why I dont think of LMS as say Valinor or etc.

If it takes an epic 5 ball game to reach LMS via 110 kills then reducing it to 66 for a 3 ball game would effectively be the same AND less of a grind.

#3789 3 years ago



Maybe later I can take a game play video to better show things. Pretty cool how sometimes nothing is lit, then the red slowly pulses real spooky & then things go ape shit and both colors (red & white) flash like crazy.

#3802 3 years ago
Quoted from Groo:

After a month now I think I'm really annoyed at the left lane not activating the pop bumper because of that screw. Can I just take that screw out and not worry about it or do I need to cover the hole up? I guess I don't want it to chip or something from that screw hole and spread.

Mine was removed by a previous owner or not installed @ all via Stern

The screw is there because the ball will get stuck on the top corner of the wire guide. Happens to mine often. Wonder why it occurs on some games & not others? Maybe my upper left pop bumper isnt as sensitive as other games? Hmmm thats an idea to look into.

My tilt is loose as a goose so I just shake my game when it gets stuck. Not sure I prefer that or not. As for the hole in the PF... no wear has occured

#3820 3 years ago
Quoted from Groo:

I have a question on shaker motors. I put one in my GOT and didn't seem too obnoxiously loud. I put one in my TWD and that thing sounds like it's going to vibrate right out of the cabinet. I already turned it down to medium because it was way loud and still seems very loud. Just wondering if that is just the nature of the thing when you are in a quiet environment or do I have to do some adjust/tightening?

Is it a cointaker shaker?

That thing is F'n worthless in TWD

Its stupid how much it shakes. My playfield glass & translite sound like they're going to break. It's the worst mod I've ever done in my life lol.

I turned it off. Good thing I hate money & cool shit.

#3827 3 years ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

Anyone have a real weak right flipper on a pro? Can't seem to make it up the left ramp. Right shots seem fine.

No, something is mos def up w/your game IMO

5 months later
#4577 2 years ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Was playing a game last night:
Had Arena running then started Horde. Arena finished on 186mil, while Horde was still running.
One of the Walkers then reached me. I expected the flippers to die, it award me my Horde score then allow me to continue with a ball in the shooter lane.
Instead the machine reset and ended my game. It didn't allow me to enter my initials for high score on Arena.
Is this a bug anyone else has had, or is it a fault with my machine? I've never had anything similar happen before.

There is a Horde reset bug

Amazingly I saw it on two different machines within 18 hours but never before or since

6 months later
#5546 2 years ago

I too was disapointed with the magnet & thought for sure it would be resolved with this update.


#5574 2 years ago

My strategy for LMS is to make the game easier

Life is short. Play LMS before it's too late.

#5606 2 years ago

I have the boney bats w/red urethane or silicone (cant recall)

20171210_185656 (resized).jpg

20171210_185812 (resized).jpg

#5625 1 year ago
Quoted from chet218:

Joined the club again with a premium. Love the game, but one thing I want to change is the lit up “walking dead logo” on the backbox is super bright and reflects onto the playfield. Anyone have any suggestions to dampen the light itself or the reflection of it without having to buy anti glare glass and such?

Electrical tape on the lightbulb

#5626 1 year ago

Also, Daniel was the real Bully.

Johnny was the victim

#5648 1 year ago
Quoted from hanzie:

how hard was it to install these? ive been wanting to put some on mine but not sure if adjusting the gap etc would be a pain

It was easy!

Maybe just do one at a time, make sure nothing rubs, line it up & torque em down.

1 week later
#5716 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I am embarrassed with my 355 million high score........geeeze

No wonder your TWD never had a power reset (before the update) lol

#5749 1 year ago

I seldom encounter airballs

But when I do the ball is F'n blazing from an orbit & I almost squeal with delight when it zips around & pops into the glass after I time a magnificent combo ever so perfectly at rocket like speeds


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