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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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Post #404 Burning barn mod. Posted by Tmezel (4 years ago)

Post #690 Evil Dead sound package link. Posted by ezeltmann (4 years ago)

Post #783 Link to LE/Premium sound replacement options. Posted by ezeltmann (4 years ago)

Post #2893 Link to rules doc for v1.60, still being updated as of May 2018. Posted by e4mafia (3 years ago)

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#8302 74 days ago

new member here and loving TWD pro.

It had 2 black rubber post rings on both outlanes which I assumed to be prior mods , I removed as it seemed they almost prevented the ball from going doing the inlane rather than reducing the outlane drains. jury is still out on the drain status without them

in looking at pics I have seen what look like new machines with these in place ,was this the factory setup?

#8336 72 days ago

honeymood phase but I must say this game keeps me pressing the start button ! unlike my other often played LOTR where if you have not made a of progress on the first 2 balls , you can plunge ball 3 and pretty much know this aint gonna be a valinor run, an epic ball is always a possibility on TWD.

The other night on ball 3 had a mode stacked with prison mb and went from that to blood bath mb to well walker and maybe back to prison ? nailing shots, completing modes and multikills and killing walkers , ended up starting terminus and had horde light then drained,, when the dust settled had just shy of 600 mil and 95 walkers .

since then not so much.... love it!

#8343 71 days ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Anyone think this zombie would make a good topper for TWD? I have several for sale or trade if anyone is interested. The zombie is 26 x 18", 15 lbs, and made with self healing foam.[quoted image]

to talk like a graphic designer" It does not read like TWD"

needs more nastiness and paint job subtlety , varying flesh tones with decaying skin etc , scroll up to the topper on pic posted by chubtoad a few posts up from here for the "TWD look"

#8348 67 days ago

I felt like the ball was always ending up in the pops after a barn orbit shot so I added a thin piece of felt to the exit just above the entrance to the pops as others have suggested .

WHOA!! CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!. no more dribbling out of the pops to a dead flip on the left flipper to a safe cradle on the right, now from a clean barn shot 90% of the time the ball comes flying down at speed to the left flipper where it must be contended with !

Improves the flow IMHO and adds to the brutality !!!

#8360 66 days ago

will post a pic tonight if I can, but not much to see just a small piece of felt or foam stuck on the right exit wall of the right orbit, .

The thickness is critical too thin and the ball will trigger the right pop bumper , too thick and it will bump the ball into the left bumper.
I fine tuned it and found the thickenss of double sided foam tape about right for me.

Probably a good idea to have the thicker post rubber on the arena ramp to give the ball a bump the reduce the possibility of stdm drains as it comes down .

tradeoff with the flow vs the pop bumper scoring, I like the rest you get when a ball is in the pops but the ball can pop around up there for crazy long great during multiball less so during single ball , even with this some barn shots end up in the pops but if makes the glancing well walker or missed tunnel shot a better choice for the pops .

#8375 64 days ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Yea I hear ya. I have a pro also. I never changed anything myself but do see how people could think its a flaw as it does stop the flow big time..

Looking back on some older threads , the amount of thickness needed to allow the ball to mostly avoid the pops is minimal, machine dependent but someone found the thickness of a sticker was enough , I am using a piece of double sided foam tape(playfield side not peeled) which is at most 1.5 mm thick . this could as well be accomplished with a slight bend of the metal of the exit to the orbit itself.

Given how little change is needed I wonder if it was not the original designers intent for the left orbit shot to return back to the flipper. I could not find a any detailed discussion by john borg regarding his thoughts. , Not that I need it any harder but it plays much faster and more brutal with the clean orbit return fitting with the survival theme .

2 weeks later
#8392 45 days ago

have been busy playing and modding my pro

added a fishtank with mezel mod flashers,

thanks to an excellent link from cajuntrooper made a prison tower and added lighting to the spotlight and an extra light when the tower shot is lit ,
also added daryl under the cdc ramp and a walker guy to the left upper( might have to change his lighting to other than cool white)

was getting rare balls that would fly down the arena ramp exit on a super clean shot and hop over the exit wireform so added a sign that helps to prevent this. of course had to add a few figures as well

twd 041 (resized).jpgtwd 043 (resized).jpgtwd 056 (resized).jpg
#8393 45 days ago

Had a huge game for me the other night , have been playing a lot and nudging a hell of a lot more than i usually do to the point i have epicondylitis in my elbow.! loosened the tilt to a lot more than my other games maybe a quarter cone in the ring and have tower eb set at 8 and 3 tilt warnings .

monster first ball over 60 kills earning 3 eb , horde and all modes
got to terminus and with lot of mb action and bunch of clutch and lucky shots held it together and got to lms very cool. did not get very far but after lms still had a ball so figured ok now siege.... not to be.. still probably a once in a lifetime game for me.

since then it is back to owning me most games and my elbow still hurts!

twd 050 (resized).jpgtwd 049 (resized).jpgtwd 052 (resized).jpg
#8414 41 days ago

Seems like tapping a bumper switch for the spinner woulbe be about as close as you will get to mimicking their use on a premium

#8415 41 days ago

Putting in some spinners is on the twd is on my list of things to do when I get tired playing

I put some in my gotg pro tied to one of the hadron targets,minimal effect on scoring but though the magic of pinball browser Cleland was nice enough to add a cool spinner sound.fun to rip and a nice add to the game imho

On the premium is there a spinner mode? I thought they were mostly use to add switch hits during ww mb?

#8416 41 days ago

have been wading through all 168 pages of this thread. bunch of good ideas for mods that i have used, found a great idea about replacing the prison zombie head, i think around post 4084 but i have not been able to go back and find the original pinsider to credit the idea( how does one search and find " post 4084"? )

messed around with it this weekend and made "prototype" horde to replace the zombie head using material i had laying around (which does not include a 3d printer!) i have limited artistic and fine tolerance skills but i like it!

horde2 001 (resized).jpghorde2 003 (resized).jpgtwd ghorde 042 (resized).jpgtwd ghorde 041 (resized).jpgtwd ghorde 044 (resized).jpg
#8423 41 days ago

I love it!!!

#8430 40 days ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Look at the URL for this page. There are 50 posts for each page. So if you're looking for post #x go to page x/50 and scroll to the post you want.
The number by each post is hyperlinked, I long-press (Android) and click "copy link".

ah , of course !! thanks !

#8451 37 days ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

That is impossible. You changed the width of the tunnel shot from x to x minus (the increased radius of the new rubber).

theoretically impossible but in practice if x is 10 and the increased radius is .1 ( 10-.1 = 9.9) when you round out the answer which is fine for pinball (but not good for quantum physics) you still end up at 10- good enough!

the bigger effect is that extra .1 radius has an significant effect on the angle the ball EXITS the lower post area so when you factor in the remaining distance to the flippers the thicker rubber has a large effect on where the ball ends up.

the tunnel shot is just hard to dial in as you can not see the ball as it gets near the orbit entrance. I have the thicker post and it helps the exit and the difficulty of the tunnel shot seems about the same, everyone once in a while I will get some weird ball bounces from just below the last pop that sends the ball flying down the left outlane but the thicker post has nothing to do with that jusr random "that's pinball" irritations

#8466 35 days ago
Quoted from Sparky:

75 Walker kills on ball one (including 2 eb's). Guess how many I ended up with...

With 4 balls in the chamber not one more walker kill?

Pathetic but I can relate,great first ball though.......

#8482 32 days ago

I switched the outer perimeter gi lights to warm white with a few red sprinkled in , a lot better to my eye.

anyone switch out the cool white prison walker kill and rollovers insert bulbs with warm white ? if yes a picture would be great!

#8527 26 days ago

is there a required sequence of shots for crossbow mode?

I know if you miss certain shots and hit a nearby switch like tunnel or riot it ends but even when I hit any of the lit shots clean such as cdc ramp ,arena ramp or barn the mode ends

#8530 26 days ago

ah, thanks, I thought I had a faulty switch somewhere that was triggering the end of the mode.

I generally am not good at any execution of using the x to hit a big point shot....

if you do start crossbow 3 times and hit a lit shot each time you get a multikill weapon?

#8534 26 days ago

maybe the multikill award for 3 cross bow was taken out of the 1.6 code. it is listed on the pin wiki rule sheets ( code 1.56?) I will try for it tonight!

on the list I think cdc is 3 shots at least, from what I can tell for all mode mk awards the first shot to start the mode does not count towards the multikill award

I think crossbow is lit by dropping the 3 targets while on weapons , completing a tank lights the woodbury shot

#8536 26 days ago

I am amazed at all the little details about the pins we carry around in our heads , its not surprising we mix things up now and then

thanks for the answer to my original question you saved me a bunch of time by not having to look into something that was not broken !!

#8537 26 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

I've had a few close games getting to LMS, but feel like another extra ball could really make a difference.
I get my EBs from 5 and 60 kills, but I'm wondering what the next easiest EB would be?
I don't I've ever seen other EBs, although I think there are two others.

the factory setting is 10 tower shots for an eb , I rarely get more than 4 or 5 in a game , I lowered it to 8 and rarely get close to it. on a monster game 1x had 10 towers on the first ball !

if you get 4 woodburys I think one ofthe options is light eb

#8543 25 days ago

started watching the series have made it to the start of season 3 , cool to see where some of the cleland callouts come from and see the scenes for cdc, barn and riot so far.

awaiting tunnel and the arena scene looks like it will be "interesting" based on the dmd graphics.

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