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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

7 years ago

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#6671 3 years ago
Quoted from doublestack:

After a cliffy carbon ring I put on the magnet for the prison it seems like it's not registering hits to the doors as much? Thoughts? Anyone else experience this? Just cleaned it too and it's fast as hell so I'm not sure if that is altering it too.

It is the cliffy Carbon protector. That was an issue with mine immediately after the protector was put on. I removed it after trying everything else. Problem went away immediately I used dental floss under the cliffy to remove it by sawing back and forth and then goo be gone to remove the residue.

It is unbelievable that that thin cliffy can cause that issue but it does ( on some machines).

See post: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/twd-prison-optos-dont-always-register#post-4200067

4 months later
#7203 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

All double flipping does is start the magnet pulse early. Per Borg, a quarter turn of the magnet worked for me.

Isn't this just a simple science lesson - change the magnet orientation and the ball path will change? Not sure why folks that complain about SDTM haven't tried this. Many TWD do not suffer from this issue at all (like mine) but the one I used to play on location did it frequently - frustrating for sure.

4 months later
#7719 2 years ago
Quoted from manadams:

I'll remove it and see how it plays. Game is hard enough and don't need half my shots not registering lol.

That is 100% your issue. Just be careful when you remove it. You can reference my post on how I safely removed mine.


2 months later
#7939 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I switched all my cool whites to warm white GI in my LE and it's a huge improvement!

I did the same thing a month ago. I have no idea why Stern went with cold white on such a dark themed game. I went with warm white Comet LED bulbs for the GI and inserts. I have a few coloured Red LED bulbs in the inserts (Blood Bath & stab targets). Do it - it is a much better look. The bright white when playing in the dark was my only complaint with the game. It is perfect now.

1 year later
#9491 1 year ago
Quoted from lb1:

hard prisons shots don't register consistently. Maybe 1 out of 3 shots. I have a carbon-like magnet protector and I seem to recall seeing somewhere it could be part of the problem. I hesitate to take it out if it's not going to make a difference.

It is the carbon cliffy for sure. Remove it. You can use a piece of dental floss to pull underneath the lip to make sure that you don’t damage the playfield when removing. Then just remove any remaining glue.

#9505 1 year ago

Aaargh. I love to hate this game. Managed to get to LMS once in over 2 years. Siege maybe 3 times and only if I try specifically for that goal. I do manage to get to Horde a little more often now though - great mode! Geese this is a tough game. Between this and IM it is a wonder I am still sane! I love how it kicks your ass and makes you hit that start button again or sometimes just flip the switch off and walk away.

I may have to seriously think about adjusting my settings to make it a little easier. Owning this game makes me want to throw pinballs at my TV when I watch the show! Aaaargh!

2 months later
#9635 10 months ago

Just discovered a weird bug (I think). I had a ball get stuck because an LED came out of one of the spots and got in the Outland which caused the ball to get stuck. I removed the glass and put the ball in the trough. I didn’t turn the game off cause I was having a decent game and I knew that with the coin door ball save on I would get my ball back. However, once the ball was returned to play the prison doors would not open as if the high voltage coil for that did not get the message to get re-enabled despite the fact that all the other coils did. The next ball everything was good again.

So I tried to figure out what was going on and after a while I was able to recreate this. If you are playing a ball and open the coin door and let the ball drain (with coin door ball saver on) the ball gets put back into play when you close the door but the prison doors won’t open. Sometimes after playing a while (perhaps after a multi ball ends or something) the doors start to work again.

It was kind of frustrating during my decent game as I couldn’t start Prison multi ball for the second time on that ball. And my last ball was brutal.

Anyone able to confirm that this is a bug? Or is it something with my game only?

4 months later
#10047 5 months ago
Quoted from roar:

1)sure you can rotate the magnet core to help it from draining, but I really think that is just a placebo effect

Are you not a believer in science? How does changing the orientation of a magnet not affect the magnetic field’s effect on a metal object that passes over it? Of course it does. Even rotating the used core (which has a wear pattern) will have an impact. It may be subtle but it is there. The magnet pulses and no matter how you set it up it is going to sometimes throw in down the middle but in some games it is way too often. Rotating the magnet will change this behaviour.

4 months later
#10365 39 days ago
Quoted from setzkor:

So do the instructions detail where the holes need to go? Is it under the playable part of the playfield, or under a plastic somewhere?

Due to the under playfield mechanisms on each pin being different the locations will be dependant on that. Simply loosely attach them with the nut to the apron area first and then position them to where they will fit and not affect an assembly. Then mark the spot where you need to drill. I use tape on my drill bit (but make sure the tape does not slip down before drilling your second one). It is pretty simple - I have done 5 Sterns this way.

1 month later
#10445 6 hours ago

Why do tournament players not like this game?

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