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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

7 years ago

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#9592 11 months ago

Joining with a premium. Installed a pin2dmd and some mods coming for fun.. this is a pin I see where a good amount of mods available all look pretty cool.

Curious about those that have installed upgraded speakers — do they make a big difference? I could go for a bit more bass over stock, but not sure if upgrading is worth it..

2 weeks later
#9602 11 months ago
Quoted from 2manyhobbies:

I have a premium myself that I picked up a little over a year ago. Great Game! If you want to upgrade speakers I would go through PinWoofer. His system works off a separate amp and won’t stress your audio board out and will be much louder for both channels.
I recently had a problem with my lower cabinet speaker which one of the two previous owners upgraded to flipper fidelity speaker. All of a sudden I had a Bad humming coming out of and no sound coming out of it which is where most of the sound comes from I learned after my failure because before I fixed it I had that speaker unplugged. In short, with PinWoofers help, identified the audio chip on the board was bad. I felt there was a chance that the flipper fidelity speaker if it is going to make it louder had to stress that board out so I put the factory speaker back in, and for me I didn’t think it made that much difference between the two speakers. Now I could have just got unlucky with my audio board or it may have been the flipper fidelity speaker but at least with PinWoofer systems his is completely separate from the board. I got lucky and was able to solder in that chip, even two local shops near me said they send the board in to get rebuilt ( I have no idea if I was contacting a quality tech) but if I was to buy that board it would have been $550.

That looks like a great setup but ouch on the cost!!

2 weeks later
#9626 10 months ago

Props to pinballjj for the horde mod implementation— I took his idea and tried it with some 3D printing. Took some iterations and patience with plastic glue but happy with the outcome .. photos don’t really capture it but shooting a giant zombie head never really made sense so this a nice upgrade .. works perfect!

77138973-5994-41A1-A550-DB4BC0AC530F (resized).jpegABA3A240-889A-4853-AE98-456D70C70117 (resized).jpeg
#9634 10 months ago

Did pin graffix only do a couple of the x-bow wraps fir the apron? I see there’s one example at pinball refinery- don’t see any others really? That is really cool looking! Is anyone rocking a red translucent apron? I’d be interested to see pictures, or video with the lighting kit below it..

1 week later
#9644 10 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Do the pin2dmd ones work? They are reasonably priced here, just got one for the getaway.

They work but you didn’t get the full colorization w/out a ton of work coloring it for pin2dmd..

#9647 10 months ago

Between colordmd or pin2dmd? If someone colored the game it’s installed on already I’d go with pin2dmd probably.. I mean cost wise it’s a big savings but otherwise I’d go colordmd. I had a pin2dmd in Twd briefly before swapping with my sopranos colordmd. It was fine.. very red and pink pallete. But with colordmd there was so much detail that you just couldn’t see before because of lack of contrast between shades. Esp with the stock dmd. Also I generally really like the smoothing effect you can apply with the LCD.

1 week later
#9681 9 months ago

Ramp I’ve heard yes. I assume Xbow as well, given an operator probably would want to do that if it breaks

3 weeks later
#9755 9 months ago

Any chance you’d share the STL for the box?

1 week later
#9773 8 months ago

It’s pretty easy 1 man operation to load and unload if you do it correctly— cardboard on ground in front of back bumper. Dolly game over about 6” off bumper. Shooter side (front of game) goes in first. You just tip the game over to rest on bumper, then 1 heave ho and push into car. Exact opposite coming back out of the car. Pull it out till it’s close to balance point, then swivel down to ground and tip out of car. Hand truck the rest of the way to game room. Just make sure the head was ratchet strapped down to the body.. in case it was loaded in off a lift table.

2 months later
#9950 6 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Hi Res mode
I prefer XL Dots myself (FWIW)

Ha!! I prefer hires on most games but never put that together that it meant hi-res lol

#9960 6 months ago
Quoted from jvivlemore:

Have another maintenance/repair question for everyone on my TWD Pro I acquired. I discovered some damage to the PF when cleaning this week. Notice the series of lines pointing at the well walker.
Is this normal? Obviously fixing the damage would be a huge task but what can I do to prevent in the future?
I'm doing a new coat of wax this week and ordered new balls from the ballbaron (carbon). Is the metal lip on the well walker the reason the balls are being damaged to the point they develop damage and dig into the playfield? I'm assuming that's what is happening here.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Stared at pictures for a while. I don’t see any lines or damage pointing at the well walker. Balls get worn and dinged up hitting anything metal, over time. Personally I think home owners are way to anal about it.. I almost never change mine. I’d take a look in a year and see

#9965 6 months ago
Quoted from jvivlemore:

Someone in another thread thinks it's actually rubber debris. I may give it another go with NOVUS 2.
I circled in this picture where I'm talking about by the way.
[quoted image]

Ah ok I see it now. Yeah, pretty certainly debris - rubber or from the walker belt sticker wearing off

2 weeks later
#10032 5 months ago

I feel like watching the show is mandatory for long term owners of the game .. I honestly hated the game when played on location before having watched the show. Love it now.. we’re rewatching all the seasons in fact.

1 week later
#10064 5 months ago

Ha! I discovered that this year as well, few months after picking up a premium. Pretty decent stuff, price not too bad.

1 month later
#10132 4 months ago

What it that between the posts and the board? Are Those plastic ‘locking’ insert things? If so, I’d try pliars on each corner on the plastic and see if you can loosen the tabs and pull each corner of the PCb off them carefully one at a time

2 months later
#10340 48 days ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

sadly not either one of those. it was another more realistic creature to replace the cheesy fat walker

I know what you’re talking about - I swear I’ve seen it too.. a more typical zombie rather than a well walker. To me, while the well walker is ugly it makes a lot more sense than the alternative. On the other hand - the giant head in the prison makes zero sense so I did the McFarland zombie diy mod as well.. and damn it looks sooo much better than that head. Surprised more people don’t do it.

1 week later
#10366 37 days ago
Quoted from Faust:

Anyone has a link or info on this mod?
the DIY mod I mean

There were a couple posts about it here. I have posted my version as well. That’s about it afaik.. not many people doing it as it’s a little involved (buying McFarland characters, cutting and gluing them, creating a bracket/carrier for them.

I would share the carrier I created for 3D printing if interested Pm me. It slides onto and bolts to the same hardware that the giant head is attached to. But it requires heat set nuts and new bolts..

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