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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

7 years ago

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Post #404 Burning barn mod. Posted by Tmezel (6 years ago)

Post #690 Evil Dead sound package link. Posted by ezeltmann (5 years ago)

Post #783 Link to LE/Premium sound replacement options. Posted by ezeltmann (5 years ago)

Post #2893 Link to rules doc for v1.60, still being updated as of May 2018. Posted by e4mafia (5 years ago)

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#238 6 years ago

Nice cards!

Fun Fact: According to the Stern video there are also 2 other programmers on TWD (Tanio Klyce and Mike Kyzivat). I assume Lyman is the lead, but I'm sure these guys are putting in their fair share of the code work and you never hear them mentioned.

1 year later
#2783 5 years ago

There's a little more to see after that too

Quoted from iceman44:

For the newbs, here is what you have to look forward to.

5 months later
#3754 4 years ago

I keep hearing about the RGB lighting for the premium/LEs. I thought the RGBs on this game were only RED on playfield or GREEN (fishheads) and RED/GREEN/BLUE for the lockbar button. Are there other colors on the playfield during modes?

#3756 4 years ago

Interesting, what colors do the arrows change? Are they like Star Trek where there are 6 or so different colors?

Quoted from Lermods:

Yes, all of the arrowsame change color.

#3758 4 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

The arrow inserts cycle all colors in attract mode. In game I have seen red (combo), light blue (prison hit) dark blue (bicycle girl) and lime green (super jp). There's probably more.

Wow that's a nice effect to remember the mode/award. Thanks for the info.

#3766 4 years ago

I thought beating LMS would reset all of the mode lamps including HORDE and LMS. Basically you start over after beating LMS. Did you see the animation after beating LMS? Great stuff!!!!

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

I am talking about LMS. After you kill 110 walkers, LMS is lit and mode begins. Surrounding the LMS insert are 40, 30, 20, 10, 5,4,3,2, and 1 inserts. You'll notice they add to 110. As you now have started the mode, it is time to kill 110 more. As you tick off kills the inserts begin to unlight, showing how many remain. After you win and watch the dmd, the LMS insert should stay lit. I finished off the mode but LMS insert did not stay lit.

2 months later
#4038 4 years ago

This sounds dangerous to put on the backbox no matter how you secure it. Maybe put it on a stand next to the machine with some lighting in it.....

Quoted from Pintucky:

I need some suggestions here, please.
I made my own 'fish tank' to mount on the top of my TWD. It was an old real glass tank and heavy, but looks like the real thing. I'm confounded on how to mount it on top of the head. It's pretty damned heavy and I would hate for it to come tumbling down onto the PF glass!
I wish I could think of a way to mount it without having to drill holes in the cabinet. I WAS going to drill two holes about 1/4" in diameter in the bottom of the fish tank, and then drill two matching holes on the top of the head and place a bolt through it with a wing nut to secure it on the inside of the head. But I'm wondering if I'm making a mistake and will harm the re-sale value of the pin. At this time, I can't think of another way to get it mounted where it is safe to stay there.
I have thought of glue, but what a mess that would make on top of the head! I have thought of Velcro, but I'm not sure it will be strong enough to keep the fish tank secure.
If anyone who has mounted their own homemade fish tank has a better idea on how to do it, will you please share that with me?
Mike in Kentucky

1 week later
#4117 4 years ago

Holy smokes that is some incredible play KME. INcredible. So cool to see the end of LMS...

1 month later
#4405 4 years ago

Page 10 in the manual shows the first trough switch is an opto like most other SAM games. This is a common issue with these games. Most times the opto boards either have a loose connector (rarer) or the opto board needs to have the solder reflowed. Try unplugging the small power cable on each side of the opto and reseating it. That may fix it temporarily or you may need to reflow the solder on the boards to fix it for good.

#4430 4 years ago

All of the programmers (except Lyman) worked on XMEN, but Waison took lead for the final 2 or 3 updates.

Quoted from rai:

I believe Roop was involved with XM as well
As it is now it's code is fair but not outstanding.

3 months later
#4918 4 years ago

I wouldn't count on a TWD update for a couple of years if ever. Lyman always has a list of improvements for his games that he would like to do someday, but there is only so much time for him to work on older games when he has new ones he's coding now.

2 months later
#5251 4 years ago

Does anyone know what LEDS are used in the walking dead topper? It appears they are 12v LEDS(based on connection to J7) and the topper changes color from WHITE to GREEN so I assume they are RGB LEDS, but I haven't seen any 12v rgb led boards.

#5256 4 years ago

I just picked up an awesome MOD from Mezelmods and added it to a TWD fishtank from the season 3 DVD boxset (thanks Scott).


The Mezelmod is used to add gameplay controlled lighting to the flat plastic heads on the PRO to at least mimic the lighting of the Premium/LE, but this takes it one step further. Here are some pics. Very happy with the mod. The mod is hooked to the same control for the topper (J7) so it works just like it (in green lighting only, no white). I inverted the lighting and installed it under the tank with some clear adhesive.

IMG_0029 (resized).JPG
IMG_0028 (resized).JPG
IMG_0026 (resized).JPG
IMG_0024 (resized).JPG

#5268 3 years ago

Fish Tank Animations.

I saw an additional animation today on the fishtank. I completed it like 20 times today and usually you get like 250-500k for a completion, but this one time I got 00, then the middle zombie head made an O shaped mouth, then another animation showed a 600k or 550k completion for the 3 heads. It was very cool!!!

Did I hallucinate this, or did anyone else see this easter egg?

#5271 3 years ago

Here's a good rulesheet for reference. I just got mine a few weeks ago too and its helped me understand the game.

Quoted from Sparky:

I have a few questions about Horde. I've owned the pro for about a month, and I started Horde for rhe first time last night. I lit all the weapons, but I didn't know how to start Horde.
I might have already been in a multiball, but I don't remember which one. One of the balls went through Woodbury, and Horde started. Other balls were hitting things, too, so I just want to confirm that Woodbury is the shot to start Horde.
Also, a few more balls entered the playfield when Horde started. How many balls is Horde?
Will the multiball end when a walker gets too close, or does that just light the "Bit" outlanes? Will the multiball end if one ball goes down the "Bit" outlane?
I was down to one ball and it drained down the left outlane with "Bit" lit, so I'm unsure of the behavior while more balls are in play.

#5279 3 years ago

Here's a couple more questions:

How high does the Woodbury award go with fish tank completions and woodbury completions? I've already seen 3,000,000 as an award with the woodbury shot, does it go higher?

Combos. This game isn't really setup for combos but Lyman does give you points for combos. I've shot a 4-way combo several times (right ramp, tunnel, rightramp, tunnel) but does it go any higher than 4-way combo?

#5316 3 years ago

See Post 5256 for an option.

Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

I just posted looking for the same thing as well. I was late the TWD party and hate that I missed out on this one...

1 week later
#5340 3 years ago

I just installed a SainSmart PWM DC 6V 12V 24V 28V 3A Motor Speed Control Switch Controller inline with my Cointaker shaker and this is a must have controller for the shaker. Its cheap ($10-$12) and allows fine control of the cointaker shaker. At 1/3 speed the cointaker shaker is equivalent to the stern shaker. Thanks for the tips guys! The shaker is used so many times in this game and with various levels of shake for effect. Very nice.

Quoted from PW79:

Is it a cointaker shaker?
That thing is F'n worthless in TWD
Its stupid how much it shakes. My playfield glass & translite sound like they're going to break. It's the worst mod I've ever done in my life lol.
I turned it off. Good thing I hate money & cool shit.

#5349 3 years ago

The red tremor shaker was included in my purchase. It would be $100.00 extra to purchase the Stern shaker. This controller gives people an easy way to tone it down for a few dollars.

Quoted from gweempose:

If you are going to all this trouble just to bring the red tremor shaker down to Stern shaker speeds, wouldn't it make more sense just buy the Stern shaker in the first place?

1 week later
#5376 3 years ago

ok, I found the animation with the help of pinball browser. I have no idea how to trigger this, maybe its just random during gameplay, but its a cool easter egg.
Here is an animation I made from still frames in the pb browser with a colored background to see it better.


Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Fish Tank Animations.
I saw an additional animation today on the fishtank. I completed it like 20 times today and usually you get like 250-500k for a completion, but this one time I got 00, then the middle zombie head made an O shaped mouth, then another animation showed a 600k or 550k completion for the 3 heads. It was very cool!!!
Did I hallucinate this, or did anyone else see this easter egg?

2 weeks later
#5458 3 years ago


Quoted from Jakers:

So since they updated some things in the DMD does that mean ColorDMD is going to need an update as well?

#5459 3 years ago

Can someone explain ARENA to me. I know you start ARENA and hit the right ramp to push the guy into the zombie. It scores 3 million first undoubled shot, 6 million, 9 million, etc. If you have WOODBURY lit (3 heads in the fishtank), you complete the mode and you get BITTEN by the zombie on the neck (hell of a rip out of your neck if I say so). But why do you end the mode if you hit WOODBURY? You aren't draining. Is it because you have the WOODBURY SKILL shot to do and that would be messy programming to have ARENA and WOODBURY SKILL shot running at the same time? I mean I feel jipped by getting bit when I have WOODBURY lit.

1 week later
#5599 3 years ago

I was told Borg, Gary and Lyman are the zombie heads in the small fishtank on the premium,LE.

Quoted from Who-Dey:

I wonder if Gary is in there anywhere? That would be hilarious lol.

#5657 3 years ago

yes, all bulbs on the pro (leds bulbs)

Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Coz there are bulbs on pro?

1 week later
#5713 3 years ago

Wow incredible. I don't know any that have done that. Well done. This is on 3 ball, yes?

Quoted from RipleYYY:

well, i didnt know it will be so quick... 25 games played on our brand new TWD, and my son did reach LMS ...
we're good players of course, but not wizards (right now 403 & 425 at IFPA)
for what i've read here & there, LMS is easier to reach since 1.60
and also have to say that our pinball is playing (by luck) very nicelly : only few SDTM from the prison magnet, same from the bumpers exit
off course factory setting, slope already set higher, still misses 1 cm to be to the max
final score is still "low", need more tactics to use better the modes/multiplicators...
ok than, here's a 3 minutes video as resume enjoy !
» YouTube video

1 week later
#5792 3 years ago

I have the same new TWD PRO and no airballs on the right ramp. THe only way I can get an airball is if I do a combo of inner loop and right ramp with left flipper if I fire back at full speed. This is rare and no ramp guard is necessary IMO. The game slows down after a few hundred plays.

Quoted from RipleYYY:

nope... may be another direction to try
and until now, no more airballs with my mod, as of course, the ramp is nicely "closed" as it... will remove it next week-end, and try to cut a smaller lexan one

1 week later
#5848 3 years ago

It's updated. It's not on the Colordmd site yet.

Quoted from bent98:

Anyone know if the color dmd guys are going to update the code to align with 1.6 firmware?

#5858 3 years ago

Yep several of us have done this and it looks awesome, especially when you add the mezelmod game controlled lighting installed under the tank

Quoted from MightyGrave:

here you go amazon.com link »

1 week later
#5896 3 years ago

AMC request, along with a few zombie death DMD animations they had to change.

Quoted from Chambahz:

Does anyone know why Stern made the skill shot zombie male? Seems like it was female originally.

#5943 3 years ago

I was in tunnel mode today and got 60 million for a single shot. I have done 20 million point shots before (with the x), but 60 million? I guess the value must have been 15 million and I must have had double playfield and X on, though I didn't realize it at the time. 120 million point tunnel mode champ today. I'm sure others have done better but I am still warming up to the game. What a game!

1 month later
#6030 3 years ago


This explains X and 2X and everything else you need to know.

Quoted from Sparky:

Thank you for this detailed and clear explanation! Understanding the nuances of these rules makes playing such a great game even better!
The first time I reached Terminus, I was timing out each of the modes, just to play it safe and get there. Now I know that playing at least modes 4 and 5 are extremely important to improving scores.
I bought my Pro toward the end of 2017, so I'm still trying to figure out some of these nuances. I still don't think I have a full understanding of the "x" multiplier on the inlanes, or how to build them by not using them. I also don't have a full understanding of the playfield 2x multiplier at the Riot shot.

2 months later
#6344 3 years ago

Switch 3, page 11 of the manual. Access to the switch under the playfield under the head.

Quoted from Damien:

So played a couple of games last night and realize that the problem I'm having is not the optos at the door. It's the zombie head. It often does not register hits. Is there a switch on the back of it like the troll heads in Medieval Madness? What's the easiest way for me to fix this?

#6383 3 years ago

That looks good. Its functional AND cool. Do you recall who makes this track or have a model number for it? I assume its HO size.

Quoted from crwjumper:

I got this at a hobby shop for $15. I was getting way too many air balls hopping off of that ramp.

1 week later
#6425 3 years ago

I like the CT shaker with the PWM board installed. It allows me to control the intensity of the shake. Win/Win.
For those that couldn't care less there are other options

Quoted from FatPanda:

Easier solution would be to sell the CT shaker and get the Pinball Life shaker.

4 weeks later
#6574 3 years ago

IMO LCD looks better with this game (and most games).

Quoted from Palmer:

Are most people using the ColorDMD LCD display?

#6591 3 years ago

Wow, I had no idea you could continue with subsequent Prison MB attempts! I have never gotten to Siege since I could never get all 12 jackpots in a single Prison MB. Now I have hope! Thanks for the tip!

Quoted from Maken:

It's pretty tough, but you can continue your progress on subsequent Prison MB attempts. When I got to Siege it was not my first Prison MB attempt of the game.
During the first portion of Prison MB, just shoot the prison over and over - that seemed to help me beat the first part quickly, as the prison awards a lit arrow shot.

#6619 3 years ago

ColorDMD is the best mod for this game. Its a game changer!

#6629 3 years ago

My PRO from October 2017 was already drilled and ready for the shaker install. 10-15 minutes tops to install it. Super simple.

Quoted from Damien:

Are there already mounting holes in the cab, or would I have to drill them?
And does the game require new software to run shaker?

#6646 3 years ago

FWIW Red Tremor is fine for TWD if you use the additional pwm controller board to turn it down. you get full control of the shaker intensitity.
Something like this:
amazon.com link »

or you can just install the pinball life shaker.

Quoted from jetmechinnc:

I bought Cointakers "Normal" shaker for my Iron Man, shakes my space shuttle pin next to it big time. They recommended me to NOT buy the red tremor for that pin, shaker is used a lot in that game. I did not have pre-drilled holes in my Iron man, but cointaker's shaker came with sheet of paper to mark the holes. Looked up installation on youtube, and wamo, it all worked! For my walking dead, I put in Flipper Fidelity's Speaker kit with the 10" sub and couldn't be happier. That sub shakes the pin just enough, especially when you hit the well walker so it's a nice trade off.

1 week later
#6725 3 years ago

or you could just order this and have it done for you.


I took it a step further and added the fish tank and heads from the DVD boxset (same dimensions and head size of the stern premium/le fishtank/heads)
ebay.com link: The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Zombie Head Fish Tank Blu ray

Here is a writeup

Quoted from Rensh:

Just ordered an EL panel for behind the heads and have it hooked to GI. How did you mount the leds? This as the backboard is flat mounted, you removed some wood?

#6728 3 years ago

Are you talking big about the mexelmod led board? It comes with directions on their site. Plugs into same connectors as the topper. I mounted the led Board under the fish tank with wide clear tape. The order of the leds is important. When you turn on the game the first 2 green leds under the tank from left to right will be on. One right ramp will complete the 3 heads the 3 leds will flash and all will be out for the next tank completion.

This is a really cool mod site since it’s controlled by the game in many events

Quoted from Rensh:

This picture is unfortunately not visible
Puzzled how you installed the board.
Was unaware of the fish tank from the dvd box. Search has begun.

1 month later
#6822 3 years ago

Nice job mounting the fish tank and heads. Adding the mezelmods lighting for the fish tank would make a huge difference since there are many gameplay cues that light the heads. The mezelmod lightng uses the same connection as the topper. I also glued the heads to the plastic lip that they hang on so they won’t fall out when lifting the play field

1 month later
#7020 3 years ago

Check the size in the manual. its online at sternpinball.com

Quoted from Maken:

Anyone happen to know the size of the large nut that is used on the magnet core?

1 week later
#7052 2 years ago

Text is very hard to see. Maybe you can use a darker or different font?

Quoted from Mikonos:

Hi everyboby!
I developed some custom cards to this pinball. Opinions and improvement suggestions are welcome!
I hope you like!

2 weeks later
#7114 2 years ago

I was playing this last night and wondering why the heck is this so hard? There are just 5 main modes with 3 helper multiballs. I usually get through 3 or 4 modes in a game and rarely get the 5th dead feature. Most times I get all 3 multiballs (WW, Prison and Blood Bath), but I never get Siege or Terminus and forget LMS! Tough game, still love it, but tough game! YMMV

#7122 2 years ago

You can’t adjust back box lighting in Sam games. You’re thinking of spike games.
You can wrap some printer paper around the fluorescent tube and it dims the lighting. Easy and cheap

blockquote cite="#4675122">thanks.
Checked the menu - can't find the brightness level for the backbox. Odd - I could find them in the settings game specific for my other sterns. Maybe you can't reduce the light in the BB?

1 week later
#7141 2 years ago

I bought my TWD in October 2017 and my distributor said this was one of the last off the line. Other distribs had stock but mine was out of stock except this last one. So somewhere around October 2017 Stern stopped making TWD. Code = 1.60

Quoted from jorant:

When did Stern officially stop producing this pin and what was the latest code that it was shipped with?

1 week later
#7196 2 years ago

Maybe you are double flipping at the wrong time. I double flip at when the animation shows the crow bar hits the zombies head. This pulses the magnet and the ball MOVES. If the ball doesn't move, you are missing the timing and get ready for SDTM!

Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Mine too. I've tried double flipping, single flipping, hitting the flippers about 300 times and I still get SDTM drains about 20% of the time.
I'm in for a 1 - 1.5s ball save. Who's going to start the petition.

1 month later
#7442 2 years ago

Aren’t the light changes minimal on the le vs pro? If I recall the arrows were color changing and maybe gi was red during horde?

Quoted from roar:

Hopefully if timebandit returns to the scene after a break his TotalLightShow kit will implement them for the pro along with an enhanced light show... that would be perfect.

1 month later
#7554 2 years ago

Its all in the setup of the game. Both the playfield angle and level have to be set properly or you;ll get SDTM from the magnet even if you flip at the right time. Day one I was ready to give the game back but after leveling and raising the game pitch slightly it was a totally different game. I rarely ever have a SDTM from the magnet, but I still get occasional bumper SDTM if the ball doesn't slide down the lane guide. Brutal game but it keeps me coming back for more.

Quoted from FatPanda:

I think the software could be improved to give more random action when the ball is held at the prison magnet. There's nothing worse than playing a kickass game only to have the game throw the ball SDTM. If i brick a shot and drain, that's my fault and I earned it. If i'm playing well, don't stop my groove and kill my ball.
Pop drains happen 2% of the time. Prison SDTM drains happen more than it ever should.

#7556 2 years ago

He didn't want to. He added the magnet pulse if you flip as the ball is being released from the magnet to change the ball direction. This added strategy and some skill to saving the ball instead of just watching it drop and be released again.

Quoted from gweempose:

I don't know why Lyman never put a ball save on the prison magnet. All you would need is like a two-second ball save, and it would completely eliminate the issue.

#7589 2 years ago

A Herd, also known as a Horde or a Swarm, is a large group of zombies.

Quoted from Sparky:

Just curious...why "Horde"? I watched the show as it came out, and I'm currently re-watching the entire series with my daughter, and the show never uses the term. It uses "herd" several times, but never "horde."

#7591 2 years ago

Since the word is synonymous with herd, Stern probably felt it sounded cooler as HORDE.

Quoted from Sparky:

I know what the word means. I was curious why they didn't use the word used in the show.

#7598 2 years ago

I've seen both and LCD all the way!!! I bought the LCD for my game.

Quoted from Rensh:

Trying to convince myself to drop coin Into a colordmd for my twd pro.
But than which type? Led of lcd? The videos I found look to be all in high res eg lcd Display.
I have an acdc and met with smartdmd in highres mode but also a tspp with a pin2dmd which is a led display and these colors really pop. However, tspp is also cartoonesk so this fits led better I think.
Any opinions out there?

1 month later
#7740 2 years ago

How about attaching to the sling GI or arch GI? Where do you need more light? In the center of the playfield? Try some dual spot lamps

Quoted from HIPPY:

I have been thinking about this, too. Problem is, the only steady GI lights I can find to attach to, are the backboard. Pin stadium are too bright & a pain when you need under the playfield.

1 month later
#7831 2 years ago

Try adjusting the WW switch first, ie. move the blades apart slightly.

Quoted from Indusguys:

Hey guys, my well walker started registering phantom hits and I am thinking it is the switch, does anyone know the part number for the switch?

1 month later
#7998 2 years ago

If I recall there is a backup option in the UTILITIES menu. Backup your current code, try the stern standard code and if you want to go back, restore from your backup stick.

Quoted from gliebig:

Ok. If I switch to Sterns most recent code, should I later want to switch back to Cleland...where do I find that? Since my game came with Cleland, I don't know where it came from.

3 weeks later
#8092 2 years ago

I'd go one step further and combine the mezelmodes pro aquarium light mode with the aquarium from the walking dead dvd set like a bunch of us did. It looks just like the Stern Premium/LE aquarium (with different heads). I documented my install earlier in this thread if I recall. Its a great visual indicator and the LEDS are controlled by the game rom.

Quoted from Rum-Z:

I will say that I really like the Mezelmods Pro aquarium light mod. It easily lets you know how many heads you've collected in each aquarium. Collect enough heads to fill up 3 aquariums and you start a Multikill, which is one step closer to getting to Horde Mode. Looks like it's out of stock now. You could get on the waiting list. Trust me, it's cool! https://mezelmods.com/collections/walking-dead-pinball-mods/products/illuminated-fish-tank-walking-dead-pro

#8095 2 years ago

In the DVD box set there are 2 fishtanks. Both the same size. One has 2 heads, one has 3 heads. They slide out of the packaging as 2 separate units. Its a perfect fit on the backpanel, just need to make a bracket and mount it, then move the LED unit from the mezelmods to under the tank and tape it/glue it there.

Quoted from FatPanda:

The fish tank that I see has two tanks in it. How did you remove the bottom one with the 3 heads?

1 month later
#8239 2 years ago

LED types are noted in the manual. No need to look at schematics.

Quoted from toeskneez:

This may seem like a strange question, but has anyone customised their premium or LE led colours? Because of the surface mounted led’s I appreciate it’s a fair old job, but would love to change some colours to similar to what I had in my customised Pro when I had it. And if you have or looked into it, does anyone have a list of the type of led’s in the machine? I know there is some info in the schematics, but some of it is hard to read. Any tips, help or info greatly appreciated. Thanks.

#8246 2 years ago


page 5-7 identifies the leds used and if they are white led boards or rgb led boards.
page Y7-Y9 show the led boards and location.

I suppose you could replace an rgb board with a single color board though I don't know anyone that has.

Quoted from toeskneez:

I have a premium which has all surface mounted led’s. not bayonet or plug ins like the pro. I don’t believe there is a list in the manual, at least not that I could find after searching high and low!

2 weeks later
#8275 2 years ago

Why not contact Modfather?

Quoted from Rager170:

Speaking of which, has anyone else purchased the topper from Modfather? It came with no instructions and has two connections and I have no idea where they go. They are different connections than the Stern topper..

1 week later
#8327 2 years ago

The adult setting is for the stock rom. The R rated audio that is in the adult cleland rom can't be changed with game settings since the audio files were changed. Cleland offered a PG version with a few of the choice zingers taken out (see referenced link below). best to just install the PG version since the actual show voices are way better than the stock rom and family friendly. Its nice we have choices!

Quoted from FatPanda:

LTG made a post a couple years ago about an "Adult" setting in the code? Might be worth checking out if you can turn it off without having to install new code. Links to two different threads.

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#8367 2 years ago

Colordmd lcd and shaker!

Quoted from JohnDeere:

Great thanks i just sent him a PM. Any other must have mods from a playability or protection viewpoint?

#8382 2 years ago

Barn shots (left loop) can hit the pops or sail right through the loop. People added the velcro to stop STDM as the ball exits the loop. Its adds just a little bump to push the ball trajectory over to the left flipper. On my machine a slow roll off that loop will go STDM everytime but I usually just give it a shake. Fast balls are no problem.

Quoted from jalpert:

Barn shots are supposed to go to the orbit and sticking down Velcro is a fix?
I’ve only had my game a couple weeks but that doesn’t sound right.

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#8458 1 year ago

Well I have the same issue and never fixed it. I added the same post as you both and it deflects approx 75% of the STDM from the right loop. If I get a little bound off the lower bumper and it hits the right loop it almost always is headed for SDTM. I've gotten better at nudging but it is encouraging to hear someone got it 100% reliable so maybe there is some leveling involved.

Quoted from HIPPY:

I added the same post you did. I believe he was asking about the 100% statement. It helps, but, by no means stops them. There are still plenty of sdtm.

#8464 1 year ago

I have ColorDMD LCD with the hirez setting and it looks awesome.

Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

LED Color DMD, anyone?
Just wondering if any color DMD users recommend LED over LCD for TWD if your taste leans to dotsXL and away from smoothing.

#8467 1 year ago

Thanks I will try this!

Quoted from mthirkell:

This flipper rubber was a total game changer. I hated this machine until I added it; now I love it. Sdtm is no longer an issue.[quoted image]

#8500 1 year ago

all of the original leds in my TWD PRO were natural white.

Quoted from Rager170:

arent most of the inserts lights white? Except for the red arrows..

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#8612 1 year ago

You can drop the number of walkers to kill to 60 or 80 just to reach LMS and see what its like, then set it higher....

Quoted from Black_Knight:

I'm a tournament player and have always focused on maximizing points in 3 balls. But I got a BKSOR a few months ago and decided to concentrate on defeating the BK and getting to Rage multiball. To do it, I focused only on completing the modes to progress to Black Castle. I ignored MB, combos and other high-point activity, and only shot to complete the 5 modes. It worked and I killed the BK a couple of weeks ago.
I've never made it to LMS, so made it my goal over the holiday and started playing differently.
I ignore starting modes for the most part since drops are dangerous. But if started, will score enough for the multi-kill since it awards two Kills each shot. I let MB happen naturally as the game progresses but will shoot for prison and drops during ball save since you get a lot more kills during MB. I ignore BG since it is dangerous on a premium, and my well walker shots are targeted to avoid the outlane ricochet.
Ironically my scores are up, maybe because I am playing safer?
Anyway, with this strategy, I played all 3 MBs and finished horde on the first ball and ended up with over 70 kills. I thought I could do it since I had 2 EBs and 2 regular balls left.
Well, of course I didn't make it I ended up with 108 kills. I think I got distracted by all the count lights filling up on the pf .
My walker kills are up in general, but I think 108 was more of a result of a monster ball than a general change in strategy.
For those that have played LMS, did you think it was random, or was it because of the strategy you use?
I am determined to make it soon, but refuse to set it to 5 ball!

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#8706 1 year ago

Interesting I got to Siege first time a few days ago too. I wished to see my Siege score in the attract mode but its not a high score that is saved, while just about every other high score is saved. Wonder why?

Quoted from Fezmid:

Got to Siege for the first time tonight - what a rush! Sadly, I lost two balls looking at the cool animations...
Got there by combining Riot, Prison MB, and Blood Bath. Talk about a rush!
Got 131M on Siege mode - no idea if that's good or not, since there's no score saved for it.
Overall, only had 298M for the game. It was still fun.

#8748 1 year ago

You're thinking of Shart, not Schatz.

Quoted from NoQuarters:

I thought Schatz is when you are a little loose and you fart and then you realize quickly that you have to go clean up, shower and change into some fresh underwear.

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#8772 1 year ago

Add a little room light, like turn on a small light . I have one of our basement lights on and it helps tremendously while still playing in a dim room.

Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

In The Dark!
I'm having trouble seeing the ball during many of the modes in TWD. I get that the lighting is supposed to be chaotic and generally dark, but many modes seem to kill the GI altogether - or at least the white GI - and suddenly I'm all but blind when tracking the ball. Has anyone here ever used brighter GI bulbs? I was thinking about the absurdly bright Optimus Maximus bulbs from Comet. Not the entire GI, but a fistful scattered around. I have one OpMax wedge for a spotlight and it's stupid bright. If only I had a #44 instead, I could try it in my GI. Even the throbbing red GI during Horde leaves me basically blind. I have factory GI, which, as many you know, is clear-lens 2SMD. Pinball Life makes his "Bright-Fucking-Bulb" 4-SMD's, but they are lensless, which is less ideal for GI. Is the OpMax my only alternative to 2-SMD frosted if I need more illumination in my GI?

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#8815 1 year ago

Sliding is not necessary, just good nudging.

Quoted from Rickwh:

Ok so im new to TWD. My game room is carpeted and the games sink deep into the carpet. Nudging is possible but it seems TWD may require some more aggressive nudges/sliding.
For those if you with carpet in your game room. Do you have suggestions on ways to allow the game to slide better. I dont want to stress the cabinet etc. ive tried the sliders that slip on the legs. But the carpet still swallows up the leg and slider.

#8841 1 year ago

October 2018 I bought mine from the last production run (or so I was told at the time).

Quoted from hwol:

I'm just curious, anyone knows when the last TWD machine has been produced by Stern?
December 2016?

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#9101 1 year ago

People that enjoy the series are running Clelands code since you get the real actor voices instead of a single southern impersonator. If you have no interest in the show then I could imagine not caring about the voice changes and run the stock software. I will always run Clelands sound mod, its soooooooo much better. So may different voices and entertaining call outs. Love it!

Quoted from gliebig:

Are most people running the Cleland code? I'm thinking about loading Stern on there as I've never played the game with factory callouts.

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#9235 1 year ago

It is an ugly game which is the point - post apocalyptic dead corpses running around and you are trying to survive in this bleak world.
To make it a little prettier colordmd makes the animations colorful and more pleasing to the eye. Enjoy your new game and wait until you stack 3 or 4 modes on top and mayhem ensues. Great stuff! Excellent coding. enjoy the journey.

Quoted from gumnut01:

Just got mine and put on cleland sound. Came with version 1.4. New code and sound is awesome. Wife loves it. I love it. Daughter hates it. Says it’s “the ugliest thing You ever bought. Why did You sell pirates. This is awful.” Never seen her get emotional over pinball.
Can’t please everyone.
Getting a few drains out of pops. Maybe 1 in 8. Its when it goes round clean mostly. I have left side slightly lower maybe should level.
Wife got grand champ so she’s chuffed.
It’s not as hard as I was led to believe. Each shot is very manageable. Tunnel is hardest but not impossible. I mean I don’t expect to get that far through it as ball times aren’t long. Even though it does seem to drain easily, It’s still heaps of fun. And great multiplayer game as ball time doesn’t go for 20 minutes.
[quoted image][quoted image]

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#9288 1 year ago

Flipper rubber on the wireform to the right of the well walker worked for me. Its not 0/10 STDM but maybe 1/10 now.

Quoted from MightyGrave:

Still have some stdm from the Popbumper.
I have Seen different ways how to fix ( Flipperrubber, larger postrubbber,) but i still have 4-5 stdm out of ten.
My game ist leveld correct but 6.9° steep, the Tunnel Shot is Butter smooth and repeatable.
What helped for you?

#9348 1 year ago

Great work man. This makes the game look so much better and the prison make sense. That big head always bugged me.

Quoted from pinballjj:

everything was from the McFarlane kits, got some of the zombies from the kit with rick shooting the gun and then a zombie or two from the prison set. . I made the tower from the prison set and there is a lot of leftover blocks from it that I glued a few together to make a u shaped piece with one of the legs of the u being the wall they stand behind. I added a smd above their heads
I have some pics of the construction I will try to dig up .Have been meaning to redo the original design with some tweaks but have not got around to it..
the original design of twd had like a pinwheel with 4 rotating heads that was simplified to the one head for budget constraints.

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#9368 1 year ago

Some of us wanted a fishtank like the premium/LE so we combined the mezelmod
and the fishtank from the dvd box set with a self made bracket for mounting.


Quoted from Taygeta:

Could someone PM a link to the R rated Tool mix for the pro? I'm only finding expired links manually searching.
Also is there a DIY fishtank mod for the pro, a specific action figure set that includes it? I see a $60 light up option from the Modfather and a $150 3d fishtank elsewhere.

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#9538 1 year ago

LMS? Seriously you will probably never see LMS.

Quoted from pintuck:

I did the Comet Sunlight change also. Looks totally sick.
Thanks for the opinion on the Pinstadiums and agree that it might ruin the ambience of the game. Just thinking about LMS and how important the light show is for just that.

4 months later
#9759 8 months ago


but the real magic happens when you team up the medelmods led mod with the fish tank from the DVD boxset! if you can find it usd

Quoted from EEE:

Does anyone know who made this back panel plastic illumination mod? It lights up the flat plastic with heads on it in the back right of the playfield.
[quoted image][quoted image]

#9762 8 months ago

You have to make a bracket and attach it from the top or back.
See #6816 in this thread for a quick method attaching from the back of the tank.

Quoted from Jecco74:

How do you mount the fish tank from the box set? I purchased it and never installed it. Never found a good way to secure it.

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#9941 6 months ago

ColorDMD is the only must have mod.

Quoted from Reefkeep:

Guys, just ordered a NIB premium, excited to get it, love the theme. Can anyone point me in the direction to the Cleland code? I just ordered the speaker lights, considering PinWoofer’s as I have them on some other pins. Any must have premium mods?

4 weeks later
#10068 5 months ago

If I recall the leds on the premium are white/red/green leds not rgb.

Quoted from Fezmid:

I didn't go premium, but for me the RGB inserts are huge - one of the reasons I went Pre with MET.

3 months later
#10310 46 days ago

I checked my TWD and there are no settings for slings. I think they came out later with the spike games.

Quoted from chuckwurt:

Can you do this on SAM games?

#10312 46 days ago

wow where is this setting in the menu?

Quoted from RikeIsland:

I just changed mine last night. It was set to 32 and I dropped it to 25.

#10321 46 days ago

ok, I found it in Feature Adjustments - 151 Slingshot Power. THanks so much!

Quoted from RikeIsland:

I believe it was 152 in the adjustments give or take a number or two.

2 weeks later
#10371 29 days ago

Its one of the coolest toppers and won't be easy to reproduce. At $400 it was a pass for me (so I made the little aquarium for the upper right of the playfield like the premium/LE). Same function, same look but small.

Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

could somebody post some close-ups of their topper, gotta be an easy way to reproduce so i don't have to pay for an original.

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