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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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#1177 3 years ago

Anyone playing this game on 4 ball? It seems very hard, any reason u wouldn't use 4 ball in a home use situation?

#1181 3 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

you can tweak extra ball settings if you want to be a little more subtle about it

Good idea! I am going to do just that. I actually just put my MET back onto 3 ball last night and took the training wheels off. I'll just give it a more generous extra ball setting then

#1220 3 years ago

Just started playing my new TWD Premium.. man, this game is awesome. So much depth it blows my mind.

The main thing I noticed as a newer pinball player and only 1 day in with this pin- this game will not be fun and will not impress you if you do not clearly understand the rules to a certain degree, and rely on luck for shooting different shots. If you are hitting balls randomly it just doesn't click. When you start actually strategizing what steps to take and actually aiming for shots, and understanding what to do and when to do it- the game just clicks and makes you want to keep starting a new game over and over again.

There was talk of drains out of the pop bumpers but I don't see it being a problem on my machine. The outlanes are brutal though and I will be adjusting them in a bit more. The SDTM off the prison magnet does suck, and thats with using the 2-flipper method- but its about 1 in 7 balls or so that it actually happens.

Overall, its a great compliment to my MET Premium. Great game and sound (which an external sub is a MUST!!). It will be here for a long time, thats for sure!

#1229 3 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

If it does become a problem on your machine, follow this thread for a GREAT fix:

It seems like we have a lead or two on how to fix this as well lately. Check this post out for a possible solution.
Agree with you, fantastic game!!! Watch Bowen's tutorial video if you want a real treat; he totally rocks the game: » YouTube video

Ok man - the down the middle drains from the poppers did become an issue once I realized and it and paid attention during a multiball. Hit prison multi a few times and so many balls drained from the poppers!

I did the slingshot rubber mod using the thread u linked to, and low and behold- WAY BETTER. This needs to come this way from the factory!!! Thank you.

#1235 3 years ago

I am about 3 days into this pin and I feel I am bi-polar with it. One second I love it, the other second I am frustrated with how it plays. When you get a good game going its great- but problem is, it takes forever to get one going due to the cheap drains like the prison magnet (which isn't often) and the prison walker head hit either not registering, or registering then draining. The drains off the pop bumpers even with the slingshot rubber mod that was most recently posted doesn't help much.

Last night I had a friend over who has a few machines himself, who has logged many entertaining hours on my Metallica Premium, get so frustrated with the machine. The fact someone cant come up and just play a casual fun game without getting frustrated is a bit disappointing. We played for 1.5 hours or so, never scoring over 20-30M (most were less than 10M games) because of cheap outline drains, SDTM off the prison, and pop bumper exit drains that you literally cannot save unless you dump the machine over on its side. Out of 10-15 games, maybe 1 or 2 were fun and not frustrating last night.

I have messed with the leveling, and other tricks- what am I doing wrong here? What side to side and pitch level have you found to be the best? I am not a great pinball player, but I can put down 90-100M score games on MET without too many issues, but most of all that pin is FUN every time you play. I find myself more frustrated than having fun with TWD because it takes too long to get a satisfying game in - and I am even playing on 4 ball...

Any advice is welcome.

#1243 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

TWD is a TOUGH game, and is much easier for a really good player to enjoy, than more mid level players - please don't take that the wrong way. Having said that, go ahead and make adjustments to fit your tastes - it's not hard to do.
-------------- BALL SAVE -------------
- give yourself a long ball save - 30 seconds - to avoid the frustration of "I didn't even get to flip"
-------------- EXTRA BALLS ------------
- Fix a free extra ball at 15 million --- IMO this is better as a reward than just setting the game to 4 balls
- Set specials to award extra balls --- in home use free games are worthless, but extra balls aren't
-------------- OUTLANES -------------
- move the outlanes in
- use larger posts or rubbers on the outlanes
--- outlane problem fixed (you can practically close your outlanes)
-------------- SO CALLED "Cheap" DRAINS - PRISON ---------------------
- leveling
- rotate the magnet core
- disable the prison magnet - just unplug it - if it's too frustrating for you
- fix your prison zombie switch - just adjust it - mine has zero problems since adjusting
- disable the prison doors if you can't get it to your liking (in the menu)
- focus on your save skills - shaking the machine and slap saves
-------------- SO CALLED "Cheap" DRAINS - POPS ---------------------
- leveling
- use a bigger rubber on the post left of the right ramp entrance
- focus on your save skills - shaking the machine and slap saves
Please stop complaining about "Cheap" drains and start realizing it's a TOUGH game with danger areas -> play better. Plus, if you do ALL of the above I'm sure you will have much longer games.
For many better players, games get to be TOO LONG - we need some tough, short play games.
BUT it makes it SOOOOOO much better when you have a great game - you feel like you accomplished something-> and you did!
Think about this -> you've had the game 3 days! If you were having great games already, you would see everything within 1 month! A big part of the awesomeness of TWD is the challenge - are you up to the challenge?

Quoted from Lermods:

Make sure your game is leveled correctly, 6.5 pitch.
Don't shoot straight up the middle, you are asking for trouble.
You have to get the drop targets down to do well and score in the game, if you can't do that, your scores will be low.
You have to make the shots to do well, like most pins. Like IM, lack of control is deadly.
Use the flippers to control/release the magnets.
If I play 10 games, I might average somewhere around 20-25 mil. My high is over 500 mil and have scored over 200 mil several times since owning it the past month or so. I don't get drains down the middle from the pops like others report and have made no adjustments.

Just an update- I took some advice here and just had the best scoring games (consistenty 20-30mil and 3/10 games 120-140M which was rare, even on 4 ball!) and most of all - I had fun playing the machine! These simple tweaks turned this game around completely for me.

1) Barn loop fix- put some square fuzzy side velcro on the metal wall near pop bumpers- it now loops around and doesn't hit pop bumper.
2) Slingshot rubber on posts coming out of pop bumpers
3) Previous level was at 6.8 pitch. I used a digital level and got it to 6.5 on the dot.
4) Leaned machine over to the right 0.2 degrees
5) Ball save adjusted from 10 seconds to 15 seconds (max you can set)
6) Reduced from 4 ball to 3 ball
7) Changed reward from credit to Extra ball at 20,750,000
8) Changed extra ball % from 25% to 35%

What a difference it made to this game. I also ordered some larger star posts and rubbers from PBL and will be putting those on when they come in. Thanks for your input !

#1260 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Just like in Tron, the game is designed so that a left orbit shot feeds into the pop bumpers. A lot of people don't like this, so they tweak the game so that it bypasses the pops and goes straight to the flippers. It speeds up gameplay and reduces the chance of a center drain, but it's not how the game is supposed to play.

Since making the left orbit shot avoid the poppers, the game plays much better for me. Especially during a multi ball when the balls constantly get stuck in the poppers, just to drizzle out and go down the middle. By avoiding the poppers, the ball has more speed through the exit near the well walker, and far less drains. It is super frustrating to get a prison MB and have 2-3 of them stuck in the poppers, just to find them drain one by one as they come down. This helps it tremendously and should have been designed that way IMO.

#1285 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Thanks Gweem! I noticed Markmon had the prison tower mod installed on his machine and I like the way it looks where is the best place to buy the lit tower mod, also who sells the BG lighting mod?

Get the BG lighting mod from a guy named "Gnassel" here on Pinside.

I just installed mine yesterday- what an awesome mod- I wouldn't want to play another TWD LE/Prem without it. Can't believe they allowed it to ship from the factory without lighting that area and head up. Gnassel's version is great, it lights up with a little eery flicker, then a splashes a red fading effect on the BG zombie head when u hit it, then flickers fast when you "defeat" it.

#1297 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Anyone try the red/blue ramp lighting from Mezel mods? In the pics the red doesn't show up as well as the blue but red seems like a more appropriate color.

Yes I installed them, the blue versions- the game has plenty of red already. The lights look great showing the ramp back there- the little blue hue in the back looks killer in my opinion.

I also have the well walker flasher mod from PBR, but I'm going to change the white LED flasher to green since that color represents the mode better, and adds a little more color splash to it as well (and will match the green colors in the fish tank, and walker bomb fire button color)

#1304 3 years ago

Wondering what everyone's strategy is with the game. Having it for a little over a week now has given me time to appreciate it more, and come up with a game plan with it- curious to compare.

Here's my go-to strategy with it:

1) When starting a game, hurry and attack the prison during ball save in order to open the doors. This way if the magnet drops SDTM, then you get the ball back- and the prison doors are already open. I try to attack prison only during an active ball save.

2) When ball save is over, I then move to attacking the Well Walker. Reason for this is that going for the WW usually results in rebounds that hit the drop targets and allow modes to be active. Another side effect is that a missed WW shot can hit entrances and result in walker kills, so it's a win/win strategy to go for WW because it's also easy to start a multiball with him too.

3) By going for WW and getting drop targets from the rebounds, I'll have usually collected a walker bomb. I save those bombs as a ball save, so I leave one hit remaining on the prison or WW and when my ball drains I use the bomb to "save" my game and start a multiball

4) Since WW multiball is pretty simple, activating Blood Bath isn't very difficult here either- just keep going for the WW and rebounds to the drop targets have started Blood Bath numerous times for me so far.

Since I changed to this strategy I've had many more 100M+ games, consistently, vs 25-35M games.

Curious what game plan other people use immediately after shooting the ball at the start of a new game.

#1306 3 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

You need to get dead features going so focus on the drop targets first. Watch Bowens tutorial.

I watched it, but he's such a good pinball player doing it his way is difficult for a mediocre player like me. I think TWD is such a hard game that there are probably many strategies to play it, simply based on player capability alone. I've just found that hitting the well walker makes it easier to start those dead features vs just aiming for the drop targets themselves, because when I do, I drain almost immediately afterwards because the ball goes out of control.

#1331 3 years ago
Quoted from spandol:

There might be something wrong with that LED board. I don't remember one being green at that point in the game. I had one bad LED board and Stern replaced it. Maybe go into test and check the colors of the insert. I will check later to confirm when I'm able to.
Hope this helps.

I think you are right - only time the arrows turn green sometimes is when in Well Walker MB and you hit a crapload of shots, then the arrows flash green for a reason I am unaware of still..

#1333 3 years ago
Quoted from spandol:

I think that's another Super or it may be a victory lap type shot. Funny how at that point we just are in a frenzy to shoot the green lights because we've never seen them before, but it my case, I drain down to one ball so I was never sure what the shot was.

haha! Same here. When I see those green lights I pretty much drain right away and have no idea what they were for, or what they do. At that point the game gets intense and frantic and everything is going crazy, which is when it all comes apart for me every time.

#1352 3 years ago
Quoted from kcZ:

It is a frustrating game. I went thru the audits and most of my games are 1-1.5min long. 2 ball saves per game seems to be the norm also. I like the rules of the game but these drains are ruining it for me... and I refuse to cheat and put some odd rubbers to help with the drains. On a positive side, I think it is making me a better player as I am learning when to take certain shots and when to avoid them. After a frustrating session on TWD the other day, I took a couple rounds on Met... made Grand Champion score plus a bunch of the top mode scores.
I think that I need to learn nudging better in order to save the ball. I watched Bowen and he is great at saving the ball from the outlane. If I could save some of those outlane drains then I would be much better off. Yes, I have plenty of center drains... out of the pop bumpers, off the prison, ramp shots that do not make it but most of those can be fixed with smarter play.
On a side note: I did fix the crossbow switch. Ball registers every time now. Took some frustration out of normal game play there

We've had our TWD Prem for almost 2 weeks now. After the first week I felt similar to you, and my wife also said she didn't like it. She wouldn't have cared if I told her I sold it, just out of frustration.

Fast forward to a week after that, and this machine will not be leaving my home any time soon.

Did I "cheat" by making adjustments? Maybe to some people. I got down voted earlier for stating the things I adjusted.. Which I'm fine and the hardcore pinheads don't like. But the custom adjustments I made to the game made us have more *fun* with the machine and we now play it all the time and my wife is now consistently hitting new Grand Champion scores over 200M (beating me!) and having FUN. Which matters more than anything. We are not great players, and frustration drains SDTM and through the outlanes made me want to get rid of it. I'd have 20 horrible games and 1 great game which after that game I'd love it.. Then 20 more horrible games I'd want to sell it.

After my adjustments I get a much better great to horrible game ratio lol.

My recommendations:

1) Slingshot rubber mod on the tunnel entrance metal rails- it's mentioned in this thread. Definitely helps the ball going in the center drain just by the ball exiting the pops. Reduces drains by 50% over factory I'd guess.

2) lean the machine to the right 0.2-0.3 degrees. This helped a lot.

3) get fatter star posts and close the outlanes as far as possible- trust me you aren't cheating! It still drains out the sides more than my Metallica.

4) give yourself an extra ball reward at a fixed score amount- ours is at 35,000,000

5) Change ball save to 15 seconds. This allows you plenty of time to either open the prison doors (and get a SDTM drop but your ball back) or get the drop targets down to start a mode- or both. WAY less frustrating when you can safely go for these items.

As you get better and better than you can turn the ball saves down- but seriously, we play pinball to have fun- if the game layout and cheap drains are ruining it for you, make adjustments so you have more fun games more often. I'd say it's now just as fun, if not MORE fun than our MET Prem. I'd have never said that before making the aforementioned adjustments.

#1357 3 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I have 6 second ball save, extra balls at 25, 100 and 200 mil. No other adjustments.

I like that idea!

How do you go about making that change? Is it a Dynamic replay adjustment, and messing with the Replay levels?? I want to have multiple extra ball rewards like that..

#1362 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

So what do you guys think of the shaker in this game? My premium is on order and I'm trying to decide it its worth it here. Where exactly does it active in the game?

I have a shaker in mine and its much weaker feeling than the one in my MET. Both were purchased from Pinball Life, both games set to Maximum use.

TWD's shaker effect works pretty good, but after a while you just get used to it and don't realize its working. I'd say it is still worth the $120 bucks or so just to have it in there though.

#1368 3 years ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Did you check the positions of your weights?

Yeah, they are both pointing down. Screw is in set position. Strange because my MET shaker is so hard I had to mess with the cabinet just to calm down all of the squeaks and rattles. The shaker in my TWD seems like it takes a bit to get started and actually shake the cabinet.

#1378 3 years ago
Quoted from Radagast:

I couldn't agree more, especially for something like SDTM drains out of the pops. It's hard to imagine the designers wanting the game to function that way, and in any case, whatever is more fun more you is best! My Premium virtually never sends the ball DTM from either pops or prison, but that may be thanks to Gio at Pinball Refinery giving it some extra attention for me.

Interesting. Do you have a digital leveler you can verify your leveling pitch and side to side numbers???

#1386 3 years ago
Quoted from Radagast:

I'm at almost the exact same place as bigd- level from side to side and about 6.9 top to bottom. The Pro WD I've played at Modern Pinball is just a nightmare coming out of the pops, drains at least 20-30% of the time, so I know how frustrating that can be.

Ok so I just re-leveled the machine again, for the 20th time in 2 weeks, and I think it made a big improvement. Beat my walkers killed record, along with putting down a few of my highest scores ever.. Consistently.

I think the steeper pitch helps with the side drains and also the drains from the poppers. I really think 6-9-7.0 is the pitch it needs to be, while leveling the side to side dead level. Thank you for this, I'm going to leave it like this for a while. This game is so sensitive to leveling it's crazy.

#1406 3 years ago

I have the EL wire on mine (white color). I removed the relay and have it so that the fence is on all the time, versus turning off and on a lot. Just a preference though. Kind of felt pointless with it shutting off quite often during the game.

#1411 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Ok I need to look at the prison wire mod.. Some one post pics of it installed please.
I just installed the tower.. is it only supposed to flash with the pop bumper flash? Also really like the blueMezel ramp lights but I'm super bummed when I went to install it one of the wires broke off at the solder joint and the fans LED strip is nearly impossible to get a good solder joint on. I got it working for now but I don't think it will last.. Sure looks cool though!

EL wire mod

Has ramp lights and well Walker flasher too

Also just put a ColorDMD in there but it's not pictured here. Has LED speakers that are wired to be interactive


#1416 3 years ago

also I do not think the EL fence wire is a "must have" mod even though I run it.

The must haves for this pin is the Gnassel Bicycle Girl mod (should have came this way from the factory!), a subwoofer, and a ColorDMD

#1425 3 years ago
Quoted from Fliptastic:

I'm a premium owner with a translite glare issue. The words "The Walking Dead" reflect horribly right across the prison doors so much that I can barely see the guy when the doors are open. I bought and installed the pinball side mirrors back box reflector replacement with some results, but still not what I was hoping for. Does anyone else have this problem and/or a solution?

I had the same problem!

I took printer paper and cut out rectangles and taped to the back of the translite for the entire AMC The Walking Dead letters. Still shines through white but WAY less bright. Try it out.

#1426 3 years ago
Quoted from pauloz:

The question to ask is ' was the glass on or off'

The glass was off, no way this came from some great player.. Unless he has some type of magical powers. LOL

#1434 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

I know a cool trick take some blue painters tape put it all the way across the light bulb it will dim it just right no glare

Tried that first myself, but it put out a blueish color that looked weird with the translite

#1446 3 years ago

Love the ColorDMD in my Premium !! Modernizes this game completely even though there's no color-specific ROM data yet for it. I have a Sigma cable connected to it so it changes colors interactively with the speakers which is cool. The animations really pop and honestly I couldn't tell what was happening very well until now. I won't own another pin without a ColorDMD.

Also in this shot you will see the translite letters "The Walking Dead" are not nearly as bright. Behind the glass is where I cut out printer paper to dim the lighting the shows through as it caused a lot of reflection and glare on the play field glass


#1450 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Is there a red filter that cant be removed in the speaker panel?

Yes I use the clear screen for it. I just have it set to red as the default color, but it changes depending on whats happening with the game which is cool. I just couldn't find another default color other than red that I liked - I can't wait until its fully colorized one day though !

#1459 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

armor is no longer available.
kpg, is the sigma cable tie-in to colorDMD as easy as I want it to be? plug and play right?

Yeah, the sigma cable is awesome. Got it with my LED speaker kit from http://www.speakerlightkits.com and hooks into their LED light kit. If you want it interactive, then you need both the under cabinet and speaker interactive lighting kit from Rock Custom Pinball. Problem is the harness he sent me didn't last long and the connectors fried today so its not working right. The guy that runs the site (Chris) will hopefully send me a replacement, but it doesn't seem to be very willing to do so yet which is a bit disappointing- hoping he makes it right because it wasn't cheap for the setup.

Quoted from Humph:

Love the mods kpg. I have a TWD LE now and a NIB MET Premium Monsters (hopefully) coming my way this week.
Never bought a ColorDMD display before, but am thinking this is a must for either or both games.
Can the display be swapped out from one pin to another and then download/install the color ROM code from ColorDMD's website for that specific game?
Maybe swapping out is too much of a pain?
Also have a friend who owns an ACDC Premium and he doesn't want to get a Color DMD for it, but would like to see how it looks in color by temporarily installing a color display (although it may convince him to buy one).

You can definitely swap the display to other Stern (and maybe WPC games too) and just download the ROM into it, if one is available for that game. Metallica has a custom colored ROM available, TWD does not and may not for a long time (Randy at ColorDMD stated no one is currently working on the game, sucks!). The good thing is ColorDMD running in HiRes mode looks WAY better than dots on TWD even without a custom colored ROM so its still worth it to me. Installation is super easy too, but make sure you get the clear display shield and standoff kit ($25 on ColorDMD.com) as you need that to mount in newer Stern cabinets for MET and TWD.

#1469 3 years ago
Quoted from Humph:

Great -- thanks kpg!
Prob'ly be getting 2 ColorDMDs in the long run when they become available.
Yeah, it does suck that TWD isn't in ColorDMD's queue yet, it would be one of the better uses of color for blood & guts, etc.

I couldn't wait for ColorDMD.com to get more stock - so I ordered from PlanetaryPinball.com.. no tax if ordering in CA too, unlike ColorDMD.com.

If for some reason the site doesn't show stock, email sara@planetarypinball.com and tell her Kris sent you. She really took care of me - package was stuck in USPS mail center somewhere, she even offered to immediately ship me a new one even though it was only delayed by a day. Awesome experience and she said they have ColorDMD's for Stern's in stock. Just make sure to get that clear shield + hex standoff kit at ColorDMD.com

#1470 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

However, IMO, I think the Pro version is better than the Premium. The crossbow seems to be more gimmicky than anything else. The extra features of the Premium/LE don't seem to add very much more to the gameplay.

Two words:

Walker Bombs.

No way I would want the game without it, seeing as to how using those bombs in a strategy makes all the difference. Stern did this on purpose of course.. but its a key feature.. total money grab on that one, but fact is, the full game is the Premium.. the Pro is more of a Trial edition with limited features...

#1493 3 years ago

I think I finally did it. I wanted to wait to post this until I could definitively say I came up with a solution for the crappy drains out of the poppers. I thought the slingshot rubber trick did it, but nope, it was still a problem.

To follow this fix, please level the machine to 6.9-7 pitch, and using a bubble level sitting right after the slingshots make sure the play field is perfectly level side to side.

1) Put a standard size non-silicone flipper rubber on the metal rails

2) remove black post rubber from Arena ramp

3) put larger rubber shown, 5/16 on post - all the way down (I show a white rubber, I've since ordered a black one). I did put a smaller rubber on top since the 5/16 one was a bit loose, this made it sit still

Enjoy 90% less drains out of the poppers !!!!



#1496 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Does this impacts your tunnel shots at all?

Not at all. In fact, my first game with this change I beat my record on Tunnel mode

I had to move the black rubber on the post a bit up as I was getting airballs on bricked shots, but the post rubber shown above is probably a better idea. The slingshot rubber on the metal rails is key though!

#1497 3 years ago

ANOTHER FIX.. this one calms down the excessive side drains that frustrate you like no other. Now it plays like a normal pinball to me. First game I played with this change I beat my previous scores and had zero frustration playing. Just normal drains. Why frustrate yourself with this game if you are not a Pro? These changes are meant to have fun for the casual player, so your friends can come over and still have fun without having to spend hours trying to get good at it.

I replaced the dinky rubbers on the outlanes under the ramp with a single 3/16", removing the 2 small ones. Also, the star post works good too.. but in all honesty, it didn't make much of a difference. This combo makes such a huge difference and I feel I don't even need to nudge it much now. If you are a great/pro level player, maybe this isn't for you, this is aimed at the casual player who has a good game every now and then.

Today I was so frustrated with this game, draining ball after ball for reasons that weren't my fault. When I had a 4 ball multi ball happening, I drained 3 in a row from the poppers, nothing I could do- just one after the other leaking into the middle.. then the last ball bounced off a slingshot which shot it directly in the outlane. I decided to rip off the glass and solve this problem once and for all, trying boatloads of different things. Sorry, but you can't have fun when the game is so brutal it just drains your ball helplessly with no possible way of saving over and over again.

These changes I guarantee will keep those on the fence with selling it in their collection for a long time. When you get better and it somehow becomes easy (yeah right) then change it back.. until then, this is a great solution for those who struggle with it and feel more pissed off then entertained:


#1517 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Wasn't sure what expect for drains out of the pops when I unboxed my LE this weekend, but I have been pleasantly surprised that I am getting at most 1 in 14 balls goes STDM out of the pops (no modifications to the game). I have the game perfectly leveled and at roughly 6.8 deg pitch. The left outlane is a bit brutal I guess I need to work on my nudging skills (I have a set of yoyo lane extenders on the way just in case)

I thought mine was fine too once I first got it. Put some games on it and you will find it frustrating - after about a week I had to many situations where I would have 2-4 multi ball happening and they would just leak out the tunnel/pop area in the drain. I didn't catch on to how bad it really was until 100+ games later.

#1518 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Tried this last night even know mine wasn't bad from pops. It actually made my machine worse lol. It made the tunnel shot easier but I got more drains out of the pops . So I went back to just a bigger post rubber and everything is fine again . I definitely need to do something for the out lanes(still factory) bc they are just ridiculous especially the left one . I actually just started having center drains from my prison magnet which I never had before so not sure what changed but between that and the out lanes im gonna turn hulk and flip twd on its side lol.

Interesting - did you check your pitch and level? That fix works great for my machine still, maybe 1 in 20 balls go in the drain now. I guess each machine is different, but I came up with that idea based on my leveling/pitch settings though.

The outlanes are SO much better with the bigger post rubbers I showed in my pic above. Big difference.

#1519 3 years ago

Ok so I have had the game for 3 weeks or so now. I have blown 2 F7 fuses (the ones for all magnets) and have used both replacements in the goodie bag. I thought the first one could be a fluke, now after the second one I am wondering if anyone else had this issue.

ALSO.. the 2X scoring light seems to flicker on and off at random times when 2X scoring isn't even running.. any ideas?

#1521 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

regarding flickering- make sure all your pf underside board connectors are very snug. sorry no ideas on the fuse. fingers crossed I don't run into the same but I'll be watching closely.

Thanks - I checked all that. Talked to Chas @ Stern and he wasn't much help other than "LED's have low resistance so these kinds of things can happen and are normal". I don't know how this is normal, seeing as how it looks like 2X scoring is on for many games when its not. Even though its a different/quicker flash that happens, still - I dont think its acceptable..

#1537 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Tried this last night even know mine wasn't bad from pops. It actually made my machine worse lol. It made the tunnel shot easier but I got more drains out of the pops . So I went back to just a bigger post rubber and everything is fine again . I definitely need to do something for the out lanes(still factory) bc they are just ridiculous especially the left one . I actually just started having center drains from my prison magnet which I never had before so not sure what changed but between that and the out lanes im gonna turn hulk and flip twd on its side lol.

I took the flipper rubber off the metal rail for a couple days after reading your post, just to see if I am going nuts and made things worse- but I had the crappiest games ever with a lot of pop drains again w/ just stock metal rail and larger post rubber.

I put the flipper rubber back on and even though there are still down the middle drains from the poppers (but MUCH less then without), I could consistently get 100M+ scores then hit my all time high which was 365,000,000 ! The flipper rubber on the metal rail makes the biggest difference during multi ball to me - I think you need to try it again after triple checking your level on your machine. 6.9-7* pitch, and perfectly level side to side (level on play field and not glass!)

This fix has worked for my machine and after a dozen+ games last night its staying on. Wondering if anyone else has tried this yet?


#1539 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I just received my BG lighting mod from Gnassel. I wasn't sure what to expect but I have to say this thing looks well engineered! any tips or tricks on installation?

It works awesome. No tricks, just connect the wires. I ended up removing the alligator clips and soldering the two wires that do not connect to the coil (i left the alligator clips on for the connection to the coil)

#1543 3 years ago
Quoted from PinLen83:

In regards to the drains STDM, it has prompted me to learn how to curse in multiple languages. Matter of fact, side drains are almost as bad as the STDM. Want to hit that BG ramp? You best hit it straight on...god forbid you hit a post, it will most certainly earn you a drain. When playing this game, I have to remind myself that putting my fist through the glass is a BAD IDEA. Reciting this one line in my head has kept me from going apeshit: "This is an $8k game, you cant break an $8k game". My TWDLE has climbed my "most agrivating pin" ranks rather quickly during the 8 months I've owned it. While I thought of parting ways with it (mostly for financial reasons), a huge part of me doesn't want to let go of my VERY FIRST pin! As much as it makes my blood boil when playing it, there is so much to do that I haven't even come close to accomplishing. I figure, if I can hit LMS with zero mods to the outlanes/pop bumper feed, then i'll be able to part ways with it. I consider myself an excellent player...not just because I say so! For once, I can say that I found a machine that will consistently have me coming back for more.
FWIW, my best score with 3 balls and 1 extra ball was 699M.

You sound like me with the game. Frustration isn't supposed to be what you feel when playing a game. My MET is anything but frustrating, its fun as hell but can get your blood boiling at times, but in 10 games 7 of them will be fun. With TWD setup from the factory, its maybe 1 in 10 games that are fun and not frustrating.

I can tell how you feel with it - its your game, you spent the money for it- it sits in your home. Why not adjust it to play better and more fun for you? Tighten up those outlanes with star posts and larger rubbers, or even post extenders. Try my flipper rubber mod on the metal rail next to the well walker. Give yourself a 15 second ball save and extra ball rewards. The goal is to have FUN with the game and not thinking about selling it. You keep coming back to it because you are frustrated and want to beat certain goals which is fine, but shouldn't you want to come back to it to have FUN? Its like being in a bad relationship. You keep trying and trying because you hope it gets better and improves, fact is, it probably won't and you need to move on and find someone else who is more fun and you enjoy yourself around. Not around because its a challenge and jerks you around. That's how you are with TWD right now. Change it up, and use it to blow off steam.. not to get you more frustrated !

#1548 3 years ago
Quoted from craigj:

Thinking of joining TWD Club... with a purchase. Actually I am really stuck between deciding on several machines, Metallica, TWD Premium, Hobbit, WOZ. Are there any TWD owners that really regret their purchase, in regards to the Premium? I think it looks fun, but I don't have any opportunity to play it beforehand. I've heard the ball gets bounced around up top forever, much longer than it should. This next purchase will be my last for about 3 years, so I want to feel I got it right. Currently I own a Star Trek Pro with no regrets.

That's a tough one. Id probably go with the theme that speaks the loudest to you. MET and TWD (both premium) are my only two pins and it would be tough to say which one I prefer. Both I love for different reasons. I hate WOZ theme so I'll never get it, so unless you are a wizard of oz fan id skip that machine.

MET does well with non casual pinball players as they are immediately excited to play and it's easy to figure out.

TWD isn't immediately appreciated because it's very tough to get to the "good stuff"

If playing on your own a lot id choose TWD because it has the "one more game" feel more then MET, but in a different frustrating way. When I go to play my machines I almost always hit TWD first.

#1551 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

in a small collection (and in a big one...) MET is the first game I'd get. MET is indeed a LOT more accessible for guests to boot. but I love met so much it's hard to pay attn to me ha...
TWD is awesome- esp prem/LE. it's a great 3rd+ pin. not a good 1st or 2nd pin imo. for what it's worth, TWD prem/LE has more moving parts and potential issues as well.

I agree with the above. MET is definitely a better first pin choice, but TWD compliments it so well.. So it should be your second!

#1561 3 years ago
Quoted from craigj:

Ok, dumb question here. I have a 5 year old and a 10 year old. Not too worried about the 10 year old but how about the little one playing TWD. Just being a protective parent, of course I don't let them watch the show, but I was concerned about the DMD animations for a little 5 year old. Can they be changed at all in the settings. Maybe I'm overthinking it a bit. I turned off the bad language on my star trek, it wasn't too bad but had a few words occasionally. Maybe those without kids wouldn't quite understand these concerns, haha.

I have a 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. They play TWD without issue and I wouldn't worry about it. We won't let them watch the show, but the animations are cheesy and cartoonish and its nothing to worry about IMO. Obviously every parents opinions will vary, but they have never commented on any of it and are too focused on the actual gameplay.

#1565 3 years ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Im sorry mate but that's just closed minded as all get out! My WOZ sits right next to my walking dead and xmen. At the moment I play woz and twd 95% of the time splitting 50/50 time share between the two games.
Yes WOZ is a completely different theme but it's an awesome game! Everything is well thought of. My only real gripe with the game is that if you're walking up to it for the first time you have to look at the screen to tell you what to do. They playfield doesn't really tell you that. The attention to detail with The sounds is amazing. It's certainly one of my favourite games. Play one before saying oh no the theme isn't for me because you'll be missing out on an awesome game if you don't!

You are right, maybe I am being a bit close-minded. I haven't played the game but if I ever get the chance I'll try and be open minded about it. It does look pretty cool with the big LCD and crazy lights on the play field... Who knows, maybe I'll like it even though the theme isn't my thing.

#1587 3 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

I've had a ColorDMD and it makes a big difference, but I can't go back to dots.
Just bought a GOT Prem and I need another display, I can't play it like this!

My ColorDMD in Scan mode looks awesome on my TWD. I have it wired into my color changing LED speaker lights, so the screen colors rotate. You can also make all of them interactive so the screen changes colors with the action on the game.. either way, it looks so much better than a crappy DMD screen.

#1592 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

I just realized, neither of my magnets are working. Didn't have time to check connections. I never disabled them in settings. if it turns out they are fully connected when I check later, could it be a fuse(s)?

Probably the F7 fuse in the backbox- blows on me every so often. Make sure to replace with a 4 amp Slow Blow fuse.

#1601 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

is someone confirmed to be working on it?

Randy from ColorDMD as of last month said there is no one currently working on colorizing TWD.

The best thing I have done so far until it is fully colorized is use it in scan mode, hooked up to sync with my LED speaker light kit from speakerlightkits.com. I took a poorly made video to show how this works:

#1611 3 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

So, funny story...
He has hinted at this a couple times in other threads too.
I am not saying for sure he is dedicated to doing it, but he has hinted that it has his attention and maybe some of his spare time....

Let's just say I've learned some new info that would suggest TWD having some color in the future isn't so far fetched after all...

#1614 3 years ago
Quoted from Humph:

kpg -
Well, you were spot on with Planetary Pinball.
Got my ColorDMD & adapter kit in a matter of a couple days & is now installed in my TWD.
Sara @ PP was amazing getting both orders out superfast & even shipped the adapter kit before the item was posted on their website for ordering. Sara & PP HIGHLY recommended.
Display is awesome on TWD even though in monocolor, but will swap into MET Premium when it arrives (where is that thing anyway? -- Gondwanaland?).
Thx for the advice, kpg.
(BTW, Sara remembered you when I mentioned your name).

Awesome, thanks for updating me on that! I had to give her a shoutout, because her customer service was great and she went above and beyond for my particular order. Glad to hear you had a similar experience as well

#1626 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

The well walker doest go all the way back if you look behind him youll see a plastic peice that stops him from going back you take that plastic off wich is the upper plastic and switch it with the lower plastic night and day difference

Yeah but I can see a ball getting stuck under him then. If it goes too far back in multiball, seems pretty easy for that to happen..

#1639 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

Hasn't happen to anybody thats tryed this mod that i know of makes the game funner especially when u hit the ww and see his guts glowing red

I did what u suggested and switched the lower plastic with the top and u are right- the well Walker does go back further and it makes a suttle improvement to seeing the guts below him when he's hit hard. Thanks for the tip!

#1640 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

I have to admit the el wire fence looked real crap imo
Too neon, more fitting for Trond than for a zombie apocalypse, but hey, different taste

I know we all have our opinions, but I don't think if u saw it in person u would think it looks like crap. It's not very bright neon at all, it's very dim compared to the rest of the game and makes it feel as if the play field sits inside the prison's barb wire fence. Lots of compliments on it by friends and family. But obviously it's your choice and taste.


#1642 3 years ago
Quoted from pauloz:

The downside of that for me is that sometimes the WW stays back and hits don't register.

Interesting - I kind of thought that could be a possibility. If it does that I'll switch it back then.

#1646 3 years ago
Quoted from PinLen83:

I dunno. I think I like the dot matrix display better than a color dmd.

Here are some pics that may sway your opinion...





#1671 3 years ago
Quoted from Radagast:

Those millions sound really juicy, now what do I do to avoid draining right away so I can actually collect them?

That is probably the most frustrating part of the game.. Work for the drop targets, enable dead features, and then drain ball. That process can make me want to just give up right there. But when you finally get everything going and are hitting the same shot successfully over and over and progressing to multi-kills, that's where the game is enjoyed.

Personally, I can't wait for my extended post savers that will close up the outlanes more- then I'll just have the SDTM's which is extremely frequent in this game. That should balance out frustrating vs fun games. As it stands now, frustrating games outweigh fun and when friends are over they just can't get the hang of TWD. Example last night - friend comes over for pinball, we couldn't get anything interesting going except drains on TWD, so we moved on and played Metallica and WOZ the whole night with nothing but fun games and no frustration. TWD collected dust.

#1680 3 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:


Curious will the BG ramp dimple the cliffy without a little piece of foam on it?

I have about 100 games or less on my Cliffy BG ramp protector and its dimpled and pretty beat up, but you only see that when the ramp lifts. When it is down it looks perfect. But it really takes a beating instead of the play field which is the point.

#1721 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Well last night I finally spent some time moving the out lanes down and put a starpost on the left (only had 1) . Needless to say after playing a bunch of games it didn't make a difference lol. What a evil game .ugh... . If anyone is ever over my way and wants to play ,please come show me how its done bc after close ton 1k games it has gotten no better

I ordered those outlane post extenders from yoyokopter .. they shipped from France, so hopefully they will be there soon. Those outlanes must have been designed with the mindset of racking in big amounts of money for machines on location, because they are set up to eat balls faster than a $2 prostitute

#1726 3 years ago

Just played a dozen games or so of TWD.. One of those times where nothing could come together and I walk away frustrated and wondering why I keep coming back to the thing. I am starting to think I don't play it because it's fun, but because it pisses me off and I want to conquer it. It's like torturing myself. I just can't explain why this game was made this way. The down the middles are so much more frequent than any pin I've ever played.

I decided to check out my audits. How do these compare to yours? This seems WAY too center drain happy to me, but maybe these are normal numbers for this pin?


#1730 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I dont get many cheap drains from pops or prison magnet. But man the out lanes especially the left give no chance for nudge save.20160215_021505.jpg20160215_021511.jpg20160215_021459.jpg20160215_021443.jpg

Interesting - you could definitely use some outlane adjustments. Close them up and put bigger rubbers on inner post/metal rail on the outlane. That helped a little, but my post extenders will be much better. I also have star posts on my outlanes too which didn't help much. If you can tighten that up, and you don't have too many bad SDTM's already- you might be able to really balance it out well !

#1731 3 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

Here are my numbers:
Plays: 328
Balls: 1050
Left Drains: 261
Center: 575
Right: 214
So...yeah. My drains are nearly equal on the sides. Center is definitely brutal.
I suggest doing what Lermods suggested: make some extra ball score goals. That helps A LOT. I have definitely been blowing the game up a bit more. In a way, it almost is like having a 6 ball game, but you're earning those extra balls; they are not givens.
I am all about doing what makes this game fun to me. It is WAY harder than most Sterns. After playing TWD, I wiped the floor with IMVE (well......better than I ever used to before TWD). My ACDC I can nearly call any shot and make it when I want.
TWD is a whole new level of "kicked in your mouth" difficulty. Do what it takes to make the game fun for you. Don't play in misery.

I have 4 extra ball rewards- 35M, 100M, 200M, and 350M currently. I'll probably lower to 25M, 75M, 150M, and 300M next. That does help, but it takes me way too long to get anything going. Sometimes I feel this game is weighed too much on luck rather than skill.

Sure we have all watched that PAPA tutorial with Bowen. But we have no idea if he played 5 games or 500 games while recording and cherry picked what he uploaded on YouTube. Even he makes the comment "this pin gives me problems" in the video, or something to that effect. I really want to pick John Borg's head and see why he designed it this way lol

#1743 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I don't agree with a ball save for any sort of *missed* shot. If you don't want to drain them don't miss.

Man I wish just missed shots are what did me in on this game, then I wouldn't get so frustrated with it. I hit many of the shots I want now. It's the cheap drains that piss me off. Example:

1) Bicyle Girl. I hit that ugly b*tch perfectly.. 1,2, then the 3rd perfect hit- goes right in the damn middle. Perfect aim, perfect shot. Just luck has it that the ball goes in the middle- this happens almost ever single time I go for that piece of crap

2) Prison zombie head. I go for the blue arrows first of course, but a shot to the middle and a dead on perfectly aimed shot to the head results in a SDTM.. Once again, why design a game when you score a perfect shot to a target that u get punished?

3) Balls coming off the Riot entrance often go SDTM if not perfectly hitting them. I get it, missed shot, but this one is just too often you can't save it.

4) Shots coming from tunnel entrance or pops. Sometimes the ball just floats by the well Walker, taps the side rail at the tunnel entrance, and even with a nudge you have no possible way of saving it. Happens too often.

5) Slingshots are extremely dangerous. 2/4 times if the slings hit back and forth it's going in the outlanes. Every time
the ball hits the slings you know there's a high change the ball will drain with absolutely no way to save it. Just bad luck the ball hit the slings. I have the power turned down a bit to them to prevent this, but honestly I don't think it helps.

6) Prison doors opening. This isn't so bad, but 1/7 times the magnet throws the ball SDTM- once again, what were the designers thinking here?

I get its a hard game. It's brutal. But the "bad luck" portion of the game is much higher than normal. I don't see how ball times are long on this game. When I have friends over and we play 4 player on TWD, MET, and WOZ- TWD we are changing over extremely fast and WOZ and MET we get longer player times and people are happier/having more fun with it. The other night TWD just put everyone in a pissed off mood yet WOZ and MET were all laughing and having a good time. I think that's a big deal with pinball. Yet I keep coming back to TWD because it's hard, but in a bad way- I think in a way of "I spent a lot of money on this machine, and I need to figure a way to get good at it and actually have fun!"

Theres such a long list of potential things that result in drains on TWD compared to other machines which really is the worst part of the game.

"Tigerpin": I see you down voted my post, maybe you could offer some advice instead of just throwing a down vote there? Does your machine have the same problems or is there a reason you don't agree with me? Speak up man ! lol

#1754 3 years ago

Iceman probably does have some good points, but I feel his playing skill level exceeds the average/better than average pin players out there.

One thing is that it keeps me going. I don't want to sell it because I just can't throw in the towel. Must.. Win.. It. This morning I had one of those games which reminds me of why I need to get better at it.. scored my second highest score at 311M and was one multi-kill light away from Horde which I have never experienced.

As much as I love to hate this machine, it keeps me coming back and wanting to play it over and over again. This is simply NOT a machine for you to play with your friends- or an only pin- but for a 1 Player game its great. I just will refrain from messing with it or inviting people to play it when they are over as it doesnt seem to click in that situation with non-pinball hobbyists.

#1758 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Kpg: make some set up changes until the game is fun for you. Some games are more brutal than others. As I said the LE I bought was way more frustrating than the premium I now own especially the pops.
Sdtm means *straight* down the middle. It's when the ball is lined up perfectly vertical and falls down the center. The prison is the only place this an happen in TWD. Otherwise you're coming in from an angle not straight. Most those angled shots do have some possibility of being deflected by a perfectly timed flipper even if it seems it doesn't.
Loosen your tilt. If your game is being cheap with you then set it so you can fight back. TWD isn't a game that deserves a tight tilt bob. Nudge it hard and enjoy saving those things that use to frustrate you. Learning to nudge is part of the game.
If the outlanes are frustrating then install one of the outlane post fixes. Learn to death save etc. If the pops are frustrating you then install some of those fixes. Dont be ocd about cheating or playing the game as intended. Sounds like your game is already not playing as intended. Pops should not drain more than 10% of the time for example.

Great advice. I actually do not have any tilt bob on it at all, so no worries there haha!

I will report back once my post extenders are installed. I think the main reason this game is hard is because you need to hit the drop targets to start modes, then hit consistent shots to score big. That seems so hard if you keep draining after those dead features are lit - its one of the few games you have to "warm up" before anything big happens first, unlike a game like MET.

#1763 3 years ago

After watching the latest episode of TWD, the pinball machine needs an Alexandria mode. That was just insane.

#1768 3 years ago

Why no tilt bob? Because the game requires nudging so much that it would tilt out right away. It's hard as it is, it's probably the only pin that requires me to do so. I'm constantly trying to toss the machine all over the place to save the ball- and nudging rarely helps. SDTM's still happen because they are so fast- no chance to save them in many cases.

Nudging only seems to work for me on failed Arena ramp shots, pops/tunnel exits, and also exits from the Riot entrance. I don't see how nudging stops SDTM's on this game whatsoever.

#1771 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

hey kpg- (again..GREAT initials..) I'm tempted to have wife take vid of me playing so you can see an example of nudging (sometimes) effectively. Sometimes a slap- sometimes a double slap, often for the prison a firm push slap. anticipation and failing to spectate are key

Thank you sir, I officially vote we have the best initials on Pinside! haha

I would love to see a video of how you use these methods on this game. Anything to help that would be cool. I don't know how I could explain to my wife how you have to beat the game up to play (she talks crap about me nudging any pinball, saying it never helps so what is the point) but if I can get it to work and make a difference I am up for it!

#1793 3 years ago

@RandomKG - Thanks for the video man !!

I *FINALLY* hit Horde mode yesterday! I had a mission to figure out what I am doing wrong yesterday, and after leveling my machine .2 degrees leaning to the left and watching this video here of a guy scoring 1.8 Billion in the game

- my next set of games I broke my all time score and hit horde mode, finishing at 480M. The guy in the video has some awesome nudging skills, and his strategy seems to work great. I think its better then the PAPA/Bowen video for showing you how to play this game, assuming you already understand the rules.

After that I was consistently scoring 100-150M and almost hit Horde again scoring 315M. This is definitely a pin that must be enjoyed once you improve your skills, it is definitely my favorite out of the 3 I own for sure.

#1797 3 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Maybe time to put the tilt bob back in.

Funny thing is I just did that today

#1813 3 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Has anybody seen the Refinery Bicycle Girl light mod in green? I keep seeing the red & purple one, but I'm thinking green would look good on my incoming Premium. Green LEDs under & behind and a white LED on the face.

Trust me, the Gnassel BG mod is the best. I love mine. Lights up white with a horror movie-like flicker, then splashes red on the face when you hit it- and flashes quickly when you complete it.

#1816 3 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Wow! That sounds awesome. I'll drop him a line. Thanks.

Heres a video on how it looks, and the various options he can program for you- mine works like the first example in the video, I love it! Should have came this way from the factory:

#1830 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

This pin got my girl playing pinball i have so many mods red translucent apron two lcd tvs ect ect no sdtm on mine this pin has played great from day one » YouTube video

Why is your Siege light always on? That doesn't seem right

You also have only the Pro version, I believe the Premiums have the issue with some SDTM's off the prison magnet.

Where did you get the lighted apron setup?

#1831 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Pics of audits or it didn't happen.
I checked mine out the other day to see the horror I expected, excessive left drains and center drains.

I put the Yoyocopter post extenders on mine the other day, now left/right drains are about the same as other pinball machines. My wife actually got to Horde mode finally with this setup, and now shows a renewed interest- before too frustrating and she wouldn't touch it.

#1890 3 years ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Both of these mods are a must on Prem & LE models.

If there is a must-have mod for my Premium, that no way I could live without- would be the Gnassel BG light, period. I have no idea how Stern released this game where the ramp pops up and u are required to shoot some dark hole, because you can't see shit in there.

When that mod works and the head lights up and illuminates red when u hit it is awsome. If I could have one single mod only, it would be that.

#1898 3 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

Man, screw waiting until the weekend...I went and got it tonight!!!!
Setup this weekend .

"Screw waiting until the weekend"

"Setup this weekend"

I'm confused


#1921 3 years ago

Finally broke 500M tonight, hit Horde mode and just had so much fun. It took some dialing in, but my machine is perfect and I don't get frustrated with it any more. It's so much more balanced now with the Yoyocopter Lane extenders- my wife actually wants to play it now, I have actual fun games and am not frustrated, and it's soooo damn difficult still - it's crazy, but in a good way. I just can't see myself ever wanting to part with it. MET rarely gets touched at all now.

#1955 3 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Got my BG lighting kit from Gnassel and ordered my pdi glass and shaker. Just waiting for my premium to arrive. Was told its being shipped out today.

I'm really contemplating PDI glass for my TWD - please tell me how you like it when you get a chance to install !

#1958 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

PDI is a must on TWD - especially with the light show. And because the GI is fairly dark, it really looks like there is no glass.
Only downside is the white writing on the Premium backglass. There is still a small amount of reflection on PDI, but significantly less than regular glass.
And KPG, your avatar...



Quoted from vicjw66:

I'll post before and after pics.

Yes please do!!! TWD is so dark, I can only imagine how much it must help...

#1971 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, whilst loving the game there are a few things that are driving me nuts!
The biggest issue is the SDTM from the pops.
I added this rubber which stops the balls that stick to the side.
Just wondering on how level to make the pf?
My game is set at 6.8 degree pitch measured by flippers.


Lean the machine to the left .2 degrees, and put a larger rubber on the post- the one shown here is too small. That should help a lot

#1976 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

It seems very,...strange having to make a machine unlevel to make it work more like one wants to.

I know, but once you do, it works much better. I am thinking many of the people not experiencing the problem probably do not have completely level side-to-side machines. No other explanation as to why some have the problem, and some don't, as the playfield is exactly the same on each machine.

The design of the Tunnel entrance / left side of Area ramp / exit from pops literally was designed to point right down the middle between the flippers. Looking at it seems completely intentional. By unleveling the machine it helps the ball roll to the left flipper better, and the post rubber helps to make the ball bounce off of it as it runs along the metal rail, typically in a perfect drop off down the middle of the flippers. Unleveling + post rubber really reduces the chances of those cheap and annoying drains.

#1977 3 years ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

One thing I had found is that the Stern fix for that ramp cause the ball to go to the air many times on shooting the ramp. So to fix this I ordered the Cliffy protector, removed the Stern felt strip and both meet pretty flush now and hardly ever get any airballs. In addition you might want to put that rubber ring on one side of the shaft that the ramp pivots on, this will hold the ramp steadier as well and should have very very few denied shots now.

^^ This

I installed a Cliffy BG ramp protector, and removed the felt from the ramp. I don't have a problem with the shots now, there are some rejects, but thats simply because its not an ideally aimed shot rather than a ramp issue.

#1980 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Do you know the exact rubber as I don't have any that will fit?
And will try the 0.2 suggestion.

I think it is a 3/8" rubber. You definitely have very little room to hit it near that ramp, but it does work, and it makes a big difference.

#1981 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I just ordered from Cliffy. He ran out but back in stock now. Hoping it makes a big difference.

When I first got my TWD it pissed me off like no other. Took a bit of time to dial it in the way I and the rest of the family liked it. I had to also buy star posts and post extenders for those ridiculous outlanes. Now, the game is dialed in to the point I cant even think about not owning it. I will admit, the first month I almost wanted to get rid of it.. but once you tweak it to your liking, it is simply an amazing game when all things line up and you are scoring huge points during a game. Enjoy!

#2000 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

It won't play much different once you install them lol

Very true, you need star posts and lane extenders or else the the play field will eventually wear in the outlanes LOL

#2002 3 years ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Anyone else notice their Cliffy BG ramp protector getting dimples in it from the screws? To be fair I did remove the Stern fix to seat the ramp flush with the PF.

Yep, its happening to mine too, but you don't see it unless the ramp is up anyway.

#2008 3 years ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

This frigging BG ramp is frustrating me to no end, my shots are now getting denied more times in the past 3 games then I have been denied asking my wife for sex in the past 26 years of marriage.
I'm sure it all has to do with the metal flap on the ramp with such a steep angle that causing the rejection, but come on Stern really. You guys couldn't have made the flap wider then the current 3/4" to give the ball a better surface approach.
Now if I make a new flap the cliffy is useless, if it stays this way the game is very frustrating. Piss poor design, they should produce a new drop ramp with a bigger flap to address this and it will address all the airballs as well. I can see this LE going up for sale very soon....
okay rant over

Trust me, the frustrations I initially had with the game almost made me want to sell it. Once I dialed it in that's not the case anymore.

I don't get many rejections off that ramp - can you take a picture of how it sits on the playfield? I fully removed that foam and have a Cliffy's there so it sits flush with the PF. Now, I can't say it never gets rejects, but when I nail the shot it works 99% of the time. When it rejects it means I had a bad shot and I know that was the reason. I actually find it to be one of the easier shots in the game besides the Barn shot. There must be something that can be done to make your ramp shots better...

#2012 3 years ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

It was fine until I took off the protector cleaned and waxed under it, changed the mylar underneath which was wrinkled to no end and put a fresh piece and then reinstalled the cliffy. Like yourself I took off the Stern weather strip fix and it does sit pretty flush. I think it's the bend in the very short flap.


I just looked at mine and it looks very similar. What pitch is your machine set at? Mine is 6.8-6.9 - wondering if too steep or not steep enough affects how the ball rolls up the ramp?

#2041 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Oh boy, I feel your pain. Very frustrating indeed.
I added the cliffy under the BG ramp today. Hit a good ramp shot and very smooth.
But miss it a bit to the right and still big air balls.
And I have this bit above my ramp and I don't see this on other games......black wire ...... is this a mod of some kind?


Looks like that might be a BG light mod - different than mine though, but clearly its a mod of some sort. Does your BG head light up when the ramp lifts? If so, thats what it is..

#2066 3 years ago

I just put a sheet of Invisiglass on my TWD... holy crap .. it makes a HUGE difference with this game. It is so dark and glare is so obvious (I even have bent plastic shielding the topper glare, and also covered most of the bulb in the head to dim the backglass) that this makes a big difference. You can see the prison, Riot, etc so well now- its like playing with the glass off. Probably the best mod I have done to the game thus far.

#2068 3 years ago
Quoted from Radagast:

Quick rules question for you guys:
It seems to me that my "X" multiplier shot doesn't always activate when the ball passes through the inlane. Does the "x" shot only trigger if you have some kind of dead feature or mulitball active for it to reasonably multiply? I'm just trying to figure out exactly how to optimize the "x" ever since I got "X" champion for about 50M without having any clue when/how it happened.

Using the X shot only makes a big difference when hitting a lit dead mode, BG, etc. The best time to use it is when 2X playfield is lit as well. I hit a couple 45M barn shots in a row after using my X .. it was insane

#2113 3 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Siege is lit by hitting 12 jackpots in prison multiball.
If you have hit the superjackpot, you must shoot a ramp and then the prison (doors closed). Iin this victory round each prison hit after you have shot a ramp counts towards siege as well.
You can qualify for siege in 2 seperate prison multiballs (7 jackpots for example in the first multiball, 5 in the second)

I have this turned down from 12 to 8 jackpots and still have never hit Siege- I've hit Horde a couple times, but getting to Siege seems impossible for me at my current skill level, maybe I'll switch the game to 5 ball

#2118 3 years ago

I honestly don't think cliffy's are required on any magnets, just mylar- cliffy's are probably the only option if there is wear around the magnet from not properly protecting with mylar, so it covers up the damage. There is absolutely no wear even beginning to show on my TWD any where, including the magnets. If you are worried about it, put some mylar around it and skip the cliffy's on this game IMO.

#2121 3 years ago
Quoted from charles4400:

Quick question for all you premium owners, is the fishtank on the playfield lit up and interactive (reacts to gameplay modes) at all or just randomly lit?
I'm late to the twd bandwagon here and am feeling the need to jump in on it and get one very very soon.

It is interactive as it shows how many heads need to be collected when hitting the Arena ramp

#2137 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

yeah I'm gonna go glass off and test this crossbow stuff tonight.
yes I've hit the riot crossbow shot a handful of times but the risk reward is crazy bad and a foolish move with my poor accuracy... I settle for barn/bg

I go for BG first as its safer, been nailing the barn shot no problem too- and even Arena isn't too hard.

Tunnel is next to impossible, hitting that is just pure luck. Riot, is also a luck shot- way too slim of a chance to hit the right angle on that one.

If crossbow frenzy starts with 3/5 CB shots, then I'd probably do BG first, barn second, and arena to start it. Any attempt at tunnel/WB/riot is likely going to end bad.

#2144 3 years ago
Quoted from JJ101:

Its the stock rom at this point. I'm reflashing it right now. Also noticed F7 is blown already.

Make sure to replace with 4A Slow Blow fuses- not the 3A they put in the goodie bag as a spare! They will keep blowing. Mine blew too, until I put a 4A in there, no problem since.

For your flash issue, re-flash it and try again.

1 week later
#2180 3 years ago

After 2 full months of owning TWD, I have to say, it just gets better and better. It is now my go-to pin, and the one I always look forward to playing first. It's probably because it's the hardest machine I have, and I am always trying to get a great game going, but it takes an act of god to actually make that happen. The constant strive to finally get everything lined up, to surpass 400-500M in a game, and when it happens- it really defines how great it is, and it makes you wonder why this isn't ranked #1 above MM and TZ, because this game is SO MUCH better in every way (in my opinion of course)

2 weeks later
#2431 3 years ago

I have modified Eskaybee (SKB's) modified show sound file using Pinball Browser, but added a few more show sounds. I've tried Cleland and Milhouse's, and they were too heavy on show sounds. This version retains a lot of factory call-outs that relate to the gameplay, but adds in quite a few show sounds that make sense to play without removing instructional call outs.

Changes from original SKB version to note:

*Changed gameplay music to a Walked Dead remix - in person the music sounds much higher quality then the original Stern mix
*Changed crossbow music
*Changed music for Woodbury shot to more upbeat music that says "Welcome to Woodbury" when it starts up
*Added various Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Eugene and Rick callouts
*Added Negan's whistle sound when draining in outlanes (a few varients also in gameplay, but not overdone)

LINK TO v1.56 MODIFIED CODE (For PREMIUM/LE machines ONLY): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23412786/TWD/TWD156LE_KPG.BIN

Here is a video of it in action:

#2435 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

Imo cleland for the win all day everyday

I had Cleland's on my machine for a while, and while it was cool it had nothing but show call outs, nothing was specific to the gameplay at all. I got rid of the super cheesy ones (and so did SKB for the most part) but still have specific call outs pertinent to gameplay. I think it's a good mix.. But Cleland doesn't have Negan's whistle or the bad ass music I just added to my version... Feels like a totally different machine now in a way

#2437 3 years ago
Quoted from Fliptastic:

Don't know if anyone else has tried Lazer Bond, but I tried it on a cracked Potc ramp and it worked great!


I always heard that thing was a scam and never worked?

#2442 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

What game adjustment # allows dead features to continue if you drain ?

I don't remember but it's in the game features settings, maybe 20 in. After months of never hitting Terminus, I finally enabled the dead features to carry over and hit Terminus for the first time. Now I need to somehow see Seige and Last Man Standing Mode.. But that could mean playing with the Glass-off Mode

#2443 3 years ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Just got to Horde and holy snapping duck do! It's awesome! I've been a Woodbury shot away 2 or 3x from memory and had it ready second ball and was crapping myself hoping not to choke and nailed it! 227.5mil later and I'd crapped out on horde and set a new GC on my game mind that game was after 10x 10-20 mil games if I was lucky! Thanks Lyman for this code it's sweet as bro!

Horde is one of the best modes in any pinball machine, period!

#2446 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Tempted to try this at some point just to change things up.
Do you put it on a memory stick same way as Stern updates?
And where is the Cleland link as I don't have it downloaded other than on the game?

Yep! Just put the .BIN file on a USB stick and flash it same way as any other update.

I'd say this is a much bigger change than Cleland's version, it makes the whole machine feel different because of the music changes- especially if you have a sub hooked up to it.

The Cleland version is cool if you want the machine to sound like a Walking Dead soundboard with random sound clips shooting off all the time, especially Hershal- his "step outside" call out is used a lot in that version and wore on me quickly. The SKB version is a perfect combination of show and Stern callouts that balances well, I've just taken it a step further.

#2449 3 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Anything for the pro anywhere?

Sorry man ! I have a premium and it takes quite some time to do this to a separate .BIN file, so I don't think I'll be making a different version for a Pro. Maybe someone with a Pro out there who knows how to use Pinball Browser wants to give it a shot? It's a pretty easy program, just very time consuming to mod the code files.

#2451 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Yes it is, but wait until you get to LMS!
And Escape from Terminus.
And Siege.
Greatest pin ever. For you guys that are still working your way through the epic journey all i can say is that it only gets better.

I keep playing this pin over and over hoping to get good enough to hit Siege and LMS, and even Terminus- soooo hard but so addicting!

#2454 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Still Learning rules. When it says Woodbury is lit and you enter Shooter lane, there are 4 diff point values on dmd. How do you score them. Plunge ball a certain time ?

The trick is to hit the right flipper button as many times as possible to get the upper right lane lit up, select the 1M option, then hit the Fire button. 8/10 times it will score u the 1M points and go right into the upper right lane no prob. Personally, I think it's a software glitch that allows u to do that and score the highest value so easily.

#2464 3 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

If there is anyone out there on the fence with respect to Gnassels BG light... get off your ass and buy it. It is extremely well built, works exactly the way it should have from the factory, makes a bland area of the playfield brighter and interactive, and he has improved its function from his earlier version. Seriously it is well worth the cost. Its a MUST have mod for a TWD prem / LE.

Agreed 1,000,000% !!

Mine died after a couple months, and Gnassel immediately sent me a replacement, it was awesome.

Let me tell you how I absolutely hated it not working and the BG ramp not lighting up. Going from having it and back to stock sucked big time. It's a must have mod and Gnassel's is the best. I have to always say, how the hell did Stern decide to not include a light in there?? It's ridiculous this needed to be a mod, but I thank Gnassel for doing what Stern failed to do.

#2508 3 years ago

The tunnel shot is possible from the crossbow, I've done it a couple times.

Basically, you have to get lucky and have it rebound from the well walker guy, hit a popper, and hope it sends it through the tunnel, because not only from a geometrical standpoint, it is physically impossible to make a clean shot from the crossbow to the tunnel. No matter how you try, it could never happen as the pictures with the arrows show.

#2510 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Like others have said, the shot geometry makes it impossible for a perfectly clean crossbow shot to the tunnel. With the current rules, I don't even think there is a reason to ever attempt it.

Exactly. All that really matters is 3 of them anyway - I can nail the BG, Barn, and Arena no problem. The Riot and Tunnel shots I feel are there to punish you for even attempting it.

#2518 3 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

I can hit the BG and Barn shots consistently, but I still haven't made the Arena shot yet. Maybe it because I save it for last and thus never get too many chances at it. I did finally make the Riot shot one time, but it was not intentional. I had overshot BG. I'm sure that the reason for three is because they knew that 2 shots are nearly impossible and no one would ever see the mode if you had to make all five. Still I do love me some crossbow.

You would be surprised just how easy the Arena shot is - I think its easier then the Barn shot now that I have gotten good at it - try hitting it first and you may like it as your first go-to crossbow shot after a while

1 week later
#2591 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Im guessing evryone is in the 6.5-7.0 range, but I was hoping to hear a few more responses from other people. Come on guys, tell us what you have your playfield angle set at! I know its amazing how much just a couple degrees can change the gameplay of a machine. It can mean the difference between being a boring game or a kick azz game thats a blast to play.

Mine is 6.8-6.9 because anything lower then that causes a lot of outlane drains and also drains straight from the pop bumpers.

TWD is a machine that needs to be set up just right or it won't play well. I also have it leaned .2 to the right to help avoid the BS drains from the pops/tunnel area as well.

#2592 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Oh ok, I dont remember reading it I guess. Thanks for replying though. I think im going to raise mine up to 6.8 and see what happens. Its at like 6.6 now and playing so good that I hate to touch it but I can always put it back if needed. I was having a lot of drains from the right ramp and I tweaked the leveling a little bit and it made a huge difference in thd ball drains coming from the right ramp. I love TWD, it is such an awesome machine!

Are you talking about drains from the right/arena ramp if it doesn't go all the way around?

The trick it to give it an upward nudge just as its coming back down, right at the beginning of the ramp so it makes the ball go back to the left flipper.

#2629 3 years ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Got to horde again last night damn it was a rush! I didn't even know it was ready to start until I accidentally hit Woodberry to start it

Horde mode is awesome.. the rush you get every time you play it is awesome.

With that said, it would be easier to see when it was ready if they fixed the code to actually light the Horde insert and flash it. It seems they decided to leave it finalized with a few bugs, and one of those being the Horde insert only lights during attract mode.

#2631 3 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Umm...mine works fine. How do I know this? I lit it for the first time last night. Then watched it happily blinking away at me as I drained the next THREE FREAKING BALLS trying to hit Woodbury to start it. Dead serious. I can usually hit Woodbury with no problem...not when that insert is blinking! LOL
But seriously, mine was definitely blinking (and mocking me).

Do you have a Pro or Prem/LE? I've always thought the problem was only on the Prem/LE's only

#2634 3 years ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

The Hoarde light blinks correctly on my current-version ROM premium.

Interesting - when does it blink, letting you know its ready, or during Horde mode? My light works fine during the attract mode, and also in test mode- but never during gameplay. I also have the latest code on my machine.

#2636 3 years ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

It flashes (blindingly) when it's ready to start Hoarde mode with a Woodbury shot.

That's weird as hell. I thought I read of other people having that problem - maybe it's just my game then..

#2660 3 years ago
Quoted from SteveNZ:

Pro / Premium or LE?
I have tested this every which way and the Horde insert does not light on my LE, in game play. Looks like I'm not the only one with this issue, maybe its only the LE with the problem, but LE and Premium have the same code - so that doesn't make sense. Or maybe it's one of those it works under certain circumstances but not others type problems, which seems most likely.

Quoted from tigerpin:

I have an LE and the horde does not light when ready either. Only get the red flasher on the right side.

Quoted from crwjumper:

Mine's a Premium and it lights every time. I try to get to Hoard when playing so I've seen it many times. Mine was built in February of this year if that helps.

Very interesting - I am wondering now if it is not a code issue, but rather a lightboard problem on certain builds then.

Mine has a build date of Nov 2014, anyone else having this issue have similar build dates?

#2663 3 years ago
Quoted from JJ101:

Mine is from 2/16 and it doesn't even light.

Quoted from gweempose:

Regardless of the build date, all the LEs and premiums are running the exact same software (assuming they've been updated with the latest code). If the Horde light works on some games and not on others, the logical conclusion would be that it must be some kind of weird hardware issue.

So strange.

Interesting thing is the Horde light works in test mode, and actually has two different flashing light tests- one seems very hyper/bright white, the other test is almost a warm/sunlight color - but both work, just not when Horde is ready. The only time you know Horde is ready is the red flasher by the Woodbury shot. I am thinking its a board revision problem, and not code as well.

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