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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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#4961 2 years ago

So how poverty is a pro compared to premium? The pro looks pretty damn cool to me still (watching Bowen and deadflip videos). Should I bother with it?

1 month later
#5118 2 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

Pro is on last call, another batch of premiums will be made in oct

Pro is last call for Walking Dead or MET?

#5120 2 years ago

So how much time is left when that happens?

1 week later
#5185 2 years ago

Guys. Why on earth would turning a magnet do ANYTHING to change how the ball reacts? It scientifically makes no sense. Has someone done this with reliably successful results?

#5196 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yes. Quarter turn made my magnet go from 100% sdtm, to 25%

They call that the placebo effect. But I'm glad you're happy.

Edit: and he negged me for telling a scientific truth. That'll teach me.

2 weeks later
#5236 2 years ago

Does anyone have a video of such an occurrence? I'd like to see what you're talking about.

7 months later
#6479 1 year ago

I want one so bad. Been dragging my feet on it for months. Was sure I was gonna do pro.... now not so sure.

3 weeks later
#6638 1 year ago

I may get a biased answer here, but as I await my iron maiden pro to come into stock, I have the option to get a walking dead premium (for more money of course). What do you guys think is the better game? Honestly.

3 weeks later
#6740 1 year ago

I generally dont like over the top mods, but that one looks super cool!!

2 months later
#6992 1 year ago

Still debating as to which version is the better purchase. Pro or premium. I've not played either and this game looks just super duper awesome. I've had people swear up one side and down the other that the premium is better, while others say the pro is better.

Clearly the premium has better lights and Walker bombs. But beyond that I dont know that I care about the other features? I hear the left ramp sucks?

#7010 1 year ago

Looks awesome!

2 weeks later
#7066 1 year ago

Went to the expo tonight with the full intention of buying a batman 66. I was super impressed by walking dead premium. It's such an UGLY pin, and yet, it's supposed to be. You're killing zombies the whole time, after all. And the flow of the shots are so smooth. I may have to get twd instead.

#7070 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I thought you just put 5k down on a batman 66 premium 10 days ago. Are you now getting both?

I sure did.... but I'm debating on calling back and asking to move it to twd (or dialed in) after the expo. Whatever I'm gonna do I need to decide quick, as I'll be pulling the final trigger soon. Having limited space and only 4 pins is making me crazy picky right now.

1 week later
#7088 1 year ago

Speaking of the flap extender: The Walking Dead premium at expo;I didn't notice any bad left ramp issues that I hear people crying about. Does anyone know if that one was modified? Because it sure seemed good to me!

1 week later
#7095 1 year ago

So why on earth is this not higher rated? It's like I'm going crazy here, this game seems way under rated. Is it because it's so difficult?

1 week later
#7140 1 year ago

When did Stern officially stop producing this pin and what was the latest code that it was shipped with?

#7150 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

I've previously read about people complaining about the premium ramp. I'm not sure what the problem is as mine works perfectly fine assuming you hit the shot!

Me too. No clue what the whining is about.

#7157 1 year ago
Quoted from DNO:

The ramp entrance IS different, it is a sharper angle where it meets the playfield, and actually a narrower shot because of the metal sides.
Add to that the hinge at the top, that can get a little slop over time, and take energy away from the ball, and you have a good amount of rejected shots.
The ball also rolls back down the ramp differently, it just kinda plunks back down the lift ramp (again due partly to the metal sides), where the pro smoothly comes down and often gets a little kick off the post at the entrance.
Finally, when it lifts to bash the BG, it kills the flow, and doesn't allow for putting the inlane X on big money shots sometimes.
Add it all up and that is why people "whine".
Enjoy yours, I'm glad it shoots without issue, but many of them do not, and perfect shots that brick and reject right back to the drain are reasonable complaints IMO.

Calm down, buddy, I didn't say it wasn't different (not sure why you had to capitalize "is"), I've played two versions and both are super smooth. So, take a breather. I get it, some are messed up. I'm saying it's an overblown issue.

#7165 1 year ago

Hey guys, I just noticed my lock down bar light isn't working at all. I checked it out, and all the connections are soldered nicely into place. I'm unsure how to solve this. Does this ever go out for anyone else, or am I just unlucky?

1 week later
#7208 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

Just double flip to pulse the magnet when the ball is being held. It rarely sends it SDTM if you pulse the magnet.

Not this shit again.

#7210 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

All double flipping does is start the magnet pulse early. Per Borg, a quarter turn of the magnet worked for me.

This also is snake oil. That's not how the magnet works. But if it makes you guys happy, then enjoy your placebos.

#7219 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

Oh look, it's the guy who knows everything about pinball again. How did that work out for you in the Iron Maiden thread? LMAO
Hint, it ended up with you apologizing for your "stupidity" because you are a "moron" and I was "absoultely right". You were "humbled" after finding out that I was correct, even after you told me that I was "literally wrong".
I'm still waiting for you to post a video (as you offered to do) where you proclaim your ignorance to the masses by misunderstanding how pinball works and then arguing about it like an asshole.

I sure did apologize because I was wrong. Perhaps you could learn from that in this scenario? It pulses the same no matter if you wait out the animation or fast forward it.

As for the turning of the magnet core, if this is the case then why don't they do it at the factory? Sincere question.

Edit: why is it okay that this guy is making personal attacks here? I literally took the high road in an entirely different thread and he's being a fucking baby.

#7223 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I think the magnet changes as the game breaks in.

I agree with this assessment!

#7237 1 year ago

Is anyone able to get extra balls by hitting the tower? My tower awards an EB at 10 hits and then every 30 after. Like lol, yeah.... good luck with that.

#7262 1 year ago
Quoted from vbittnv:

Back in the club, but this time with a premium!!! I had to get a premium after playing the one in the pinstadium booth at expo. Man, the premium has so much more than the pro. Love it!!
[quoted image]

Correct. I'm pro-pro person, and even I couldn't justify the things I'd be leaving on the table with a pro. I'm not saying the pro is bad, but I just love the extra features this time around.

#7281 1 year ago

I'm having an occasional problem with my Woodbury drop target. Sometimes when the ball is plunged into the shooter lane, that drop target falls by itself. Has anyone had this same issue? It seems very secure on the ledge that the drop target sits upon... is it possible the mini coil is activating when the shooter lane coil activates, or is it just a case of vibrations making it drop?

1 week later
#7331 1 year ago

After playing a premium, I was convinced I couldnt miss out on the extras. And normally I'm a pro man.

But yes, both are awesome.

1 month later
#7448 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Aren’t the light changes minimal on the le vs pro? If I recall the arrows were color changing and maybe gi was red during horde?

Minimal my butt. The entire gi pulses with the music and goes from red to white. It is awesome.

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