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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

6 years ago

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Post #129 Link to EL wire kit from Pinball Refinery. Posted by Tmezel (5 years ago)

Post #236 Link to custom rules cards. Posted by gweempose (5 years ago)

Post #404 Burning barn mod. Posted by Tmezel (5 years ago)

Post #690 Evil Dead sound package link. Posted by ezeltmann (5 years ago)

Post #783 Link to LE/Premium sound replacement options. Posted by ezeltmann (5 years ago)

Post #2893 Link to rules doc for v1.60, still being updated as of May 2018. Posted by e4mafia (4 years ago)

Post #4216 Guide to Walker Bombs! Posted by ezeltmann (3 years ago)

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#5337 3 years ago


What are NIB buyers paying for their TWD's right now?

I realize that a person can easily search for current prices online ($5.6K and $7.2K for Pro and Premium, respectively), but Pinsiders I talk to say, Don't assume that posted prices are the lowest prices. Call the dealers and ask!

So, did buyers of NIB TWD's on this thread get better deals than the prices above? Did you buy from regional dealers 'cause there is no other option? You can't, for instance, buy from some distant dealer 'cause his price is lower than your local dealer? I thought Stern was fairly strict about such things.

I would like to buy a used TWD, but the few I find are priced at very nearly the cost of a new machine. As a result, I'm looking harder at buying NIB.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks for reading my post!


1 month later
#5704 2 years ago

*** Flipper Bats for TWD Premium ***

Are they unique to the Premium to accommodate the crossbow? As in, are they a little shorter in profile than those of other Sterns?

Or can something like this work if I want to replace the bats?

Thanks in advance.

#5736 2 years ago

*** TWD Pro Bulb Breakdown Requested for DIY LED Kit ***

I've been looking at the Stern manual for this pin online, hoping to figure out just how many of each kind of bulb are used on this pin, but the numbers I see listed are none that I can cross-reference to common numbers - 44, 555, etc.

If any of you have recently LED'd your TWD, or have bought a kit which included a list of the included bulbs, I would love to hear an approximate breakdown. Something like, 35 2-LED 44's for the GI; 49 1-LED's for the inserts; 5 4-LED ? for the flashers. That kind of thing.

And no, I've never done this before, so excuse me if my request is newbian.

Thanks in advance!

#5759 2 years ago

*** Pinball-Browser; Cataloging Sounds in TWD ***

Has anyone done any cataloging of the sounds in the v.1.6 code in Pinball-Browser?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, Pinball browser displays "Requests" by number, which correspond to sound samples. There is no description of the sound. For example, the sound for an inserted coin is listed simply as Request 168, 01s770ms. This makes it impossible to scroll through and find the samples that interest you.

It would helpful to know, for example, the request numbers of, say, the main song, etc. I have started cataloging, but there are *many* requests/samples. Has anyone here on this thread who has been using Pinball-Browser done any cataloging he/she can share? I will certainly share mine when I have more, but if there is work done already by another person, I would love to see that rather than slog through this myself.


#5763 2 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Unfortunately , i do not have an index , but the options for sorting sound samples can bring all of the longest sounds to the top or bottom (V or ^) . All music will be longer samples.
There is another option which sorts sounds in groups by events. Ex. all of the sound relevant to a mode will appear together.

Thanks for your reply, E. Sorting by duration helps, as it put the main song sample at the top, allowing me to find it for the first time. Sorting by group, however, is proving elusive. Can you be more specific?


#5764 2 years ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Thanks for your reply, E. Sorting by duration helps, as it put the main song sample at the top, allowing me to find it for the first time. Sorting by group, however, is proving elusive. Can you be more specific?

Er, wait. I *may* have it now. Searching by "Scripts" allows me to see certain script numbers that have multiple entries, each with a different alpha ending. Trying one example - "It's gotta be in the brain!" reveals a series of similar/related callouts. Is that what you mean by "groups"?



#5781 2 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

FYI - when sounds are added in an update, it changes the address of some of the sounds.
So a lot of those sound locations (0x32) will be shifted , which is part of the challenge of re-compiling custom for each software revision.
Pinball browser has the capabilities to redefine the positions once the "shifts" are identified.
Here is the shift id info from 1.43 to 1.56 (which may apply to millhouses document)
Bottom line is the document will most likely not be useful for locating exact locations anymore (once a shift is encountered) and certainly will not contain any new sounds that were added. However, the gaps or additional sounds might be revealed in the ShiftId's listed above.
If you are confused , so am i.

Thanks, E, for your help - again!

And I agree: sample lists compiled for older code versions are useful only in so far as they indicate the length of a given sample, not its true request number. I will replace all the of the lacking songs (which play during modes) and perhaps a handful of the SFX I can identify. I just thought it would be fun to customize the sound of my pin. That's all.


#5798 2 years ago

*** SALE PENDING: Suite of mods for TWD ***

All mods are in good shape. They were installed/removed carefully in/from a new TWD pin. When taking them out, I used the original instructions to guide me, so as not to leave any parts of the mod behind. Still, just to be clear, I encourage you to look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

1. Speaker Light Kit w/red acrylic TWD grilles.

2. Mezel Mods TWD Tower mod

3. Laseriffic Fishtank mod w/strip LED and leads. I can’t find this particular mod on Joe’s site, but I’m fairly sure it’s his work. It ties in with splice clips to the Tower flasher – or so I read in the instructions. It adheres (double-sided tape) to a piece of aluminum that is screwed to the back panel (hole already present) and the leads snake into the cabinet through the left ramp’s hole in the back panel. If I had to guess, I would say this was made by Pinsider mod maker “mikeincali,” but I don’t know.

4. Cointaker Lighted Flipper Kit, clear

5. Woodbury sign

6. Hand-painted Zombie shooter rod, 7-7/8” x 3/8”. I don’t know what artist made this fine mod, but the quality is a notch or two above “cheap toy,” for sure. This is hand-painted. It’s made from a fairly hard material, so it doesn’t “squeeze” when you pull against the plunger spring, etc.

Retail for this set of mods is approximately $300. I’m asking $150, shipping in the cont. U.S. included. All mods were in good working order when removed, but they are sold here AS-IS.

To see a gallery of images of these very mods…

Payment via PayPal is fine, but only as “Friends and Family.” Otherwise, add four per cent.

Thanks for looking. (resized).jpg
Tower.mod (resized).jpg
TWD.speaker.light.mod (resized).jpg (resized).jpg

#5805 2 years ago

*** Struggling to Update Code on Pro ***


At the risk of revisiting an oft-discussed subject, I can't get my board for recognize the freshly formatted USB drive with code that was downloaded directly to the drive from Stern's site. The file, as you all will remember, is apparently a BIN file. Can such a file just go straight onto the USB drive, or must I extract it first? In which case, what freeware extractor would you suggest? When I read threads about other people who have struggled with this process - for SW, for instance - they talk about "sdk" files. Is that what I have to extract from this BIN?

And if you're thinking my drive needs formatting, I have formatted this drive in all available formats, one after the other, and none has worked. I have also tried a second USB drive, from a different manufacturer, again using all three formatting schemes (exFAT, FAT, NTSI).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


#5808 2 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I thought there was a switch you need to turn on for code to update. Thats the only thing i can think of.


Sorry to leave that detail out: you're right, dip switch #8 must be in the on position to do this procedure, followed by a resetting of the machine, followed by the insertion of the USB, etc.

I know the sequence. I have the manual pages in front of me, as well as links to at least a few YouTube tutorials. The drive is my undoing. I don't want to drive to a computer store to buy yet another drive if I can make either of my current drives work.


#5811 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

If you just placed the .BIN file on the drive and formatted in FAT32 it should work. Only thing that can be wrong is the size of the disk. It should preferably be as small as possible. I always use a 8GB Kingston drive and it has never failed yet with any machine (updated many Stern and JJP).

That's all I've done, and the drives are small - 4GB Data Traveler and an 8GB Micro Center.

#5813 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

I just checked, the file for the PRO on Sterns website does not need unzipping or anything. Does the Pin go to the updater screen when switch 8 is turned on ?

Yes: flipping dip switch #8 switches the pin's menu to the update sequence, first asking me to press select to reset the pin, and then prompting the insertion of the drive, etc.

#5821 2 years ago

*** Aggravated by Ball Lingering in Pop Bumpers. Are There Fixes? ***

I just bought a TWD Pro. I played another example of a Pro a fair amount at my local barcade, so I understood the pops and how the ball can hang out in there for too long before it dribbles out into the area above the flippers.

Now that I have the pin in my home, I'm truly exasperated by the pops. The ball can't escape. That lowest pop bumper is like a gate keeper. Each time the ball tries to trickle past, the pop says, "Not so fast!" and sends the ball ricocheting back up into the pops for yet another bash around, etc., etc., etc.

I want to disable the pops. I hate waiting for the ball to escape from the pops. It's just too much time to stand there and watch the ball dance. I did see a game-settings menu item addressing how "hard" the pops are. Could that have anything to do with how sensitive/powerful they are? Or is that just about scoring?

Would the game's scoring be completely disrupted if I disabled the pops? Obviously I wouldn't get my pops points, but would other scoring sequences be foiled, etc? What would be the simplest way to do it? I looked at their connections beneath the PF but there are no simple connectors, only soldered leads.

I've played perhaps a hundred games and the problem isn't getting any better. What can I do? It's really turning me off.


#5829 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

Or he could adjust the switches of the pop bumpers to be just a little bit less sensitive.

Thank you, all of you, for your helpful replies.

Are you telling me an adjustment of the pops will have to come from the switches themselves, *not* from the Service Menu?

If so, just what is that setting in the menu for the pops ("Easy," "Normal," "Hard")?

FYI: the pin's pitch is set to slightly steeper than normal, but nothing crazy.


#5832 2 years ago

Thank you, Gweem, for your photo of the pop mechanics. I addressed the switches, one by one, widening the gap, and that helped a lot. My first go 'round, I all but disabled the pops with a gap of 2.5mm. Now I'm at c. 1mm and things are a little better in terms of time lingered in the pops. SUPER helpful!

And thank you, Fox, for your suggestion re: leveling the PF, not the cab'. Got it.


#5850 2 years ago

*** Source for Replacement Star Rollover Switches? ***


Speaking to a tech at Stern today I learned that my star rollover switches in my TWD Pro need to be replaced. I'm disappointed, naturally, but better to just replace them and move on. So, my first impulse was to check Pinball Life, Pinball Resource, and Marco to find replacements.

Nothing doing!

I'm thinking that some of you have had bad star rollover switches in your TWD's in the past and might have been in this position. If so, where did you get your replacements if not from a Stern distributor?

Part number is 520-6824-18.


#5863 2 years ago
Quoted from stevevt:
I have 2 of the PBL ones in my TWD Pro, and confirm they are the correct part and work great.


You are so helpful!

This is just what I need!

Of course, I missed this in my own searches as apparently I didn't know how to look properly, using the right terms, etc.

Actually, I'm out big money, 'cause, not finding these switches at either PBL or Marco, I ordered them from a Stern dealer, plus shipping. Argh! I ordered them only hours *before* your replied to my post!

Live and learn, I guess. (Grumble, grumble...)

#5871 2 years ago

*** Can't Hit Tunnel Shot to Save My Life! ***

I'm a novice player. I bought TWD because I'd read how fabulous it is and because I'd enjoyed playing a hundred-or-so sub-twenty-million-point games on one at my local barcade. Now that I own one (my first pin of any kind), I'm really struggling to be play it well enough to actually advance through the game.

In ascending order of difficulty, I rank the shots as follows:

6. CDC
5. Barn
4. Riot
3. Arena
2. Woodbury
1. Tunnel

Tunnel, as you all know, is a "Borg" shot. It has no margin for error, as even grazing/activating a pop on the way by deflects the shot. You can't "rattle" your shot through there. It has to sail through without touching a thing 'til it finds the corner at the very back/right of the PF, etc. I first experienced a shot of this kind on KISS, and I thought it was absurdly hard there, too.

I hit Tunnel by accident far more often than I do aiming for it. When I aim, I hit it perhaps once in twenty attempts. This is a problem. To help me avoid total frustration, I have set the game to settings that allow me to make at least *some* progress toward scoring goals. I still find it murderously hard. (Believe me, I don't advance all that far, despite all the gimmies!) I typically spend most of each ball trying to clear a single bank or drop targets to earn a shot at starting a mode. I rarely get to the mode as I more often just drain trying to clear the target bank. Clearing the target bank keeps you down near the deadly slings, and once the ball gets to ricocheting around between them, it will all too often find its way into the outlanes in a flash, etc. Still, on rare occasions, I have actually started Horde. (I count four times at this point.) Being resolutely unable to hit Tunnel, this a problem, as it's just a matter of time before I'm "bitten" by an advancing walker on the middle-right. Really, my skills are not up to Horde in general, but in particular because I can't hit Tunnel.

Oh, if you're thinking my pops have switch gaps that are ultra-tight, making them ultra-sensitive, I actually got in there already to *expand* those gaps to make the pops *less* sensitive, as all that pop-bumping on every plunge was driving me bananas.

Any suggestions?



#5898 2 years ago

You funny, bruh'. That was sixteen years ago! A.I. is still my dawg!

#5899 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Practice! Seriously play for a week straight and only concentrate on getting the ball on the left flipper on a trap and hitting tunnel.
As for the game overall, it’s extremely hard. It takes practice. Lots of practice. 100s of hours of practice.
Skills you need to master to be successful at TWD:
Outlane nudging, drop catches, live catches, dead flips, post passing, slap saves, and depending on the tilt, slide saves.

Fair enough. Time to put in a solid week of practice and see where I end up. I've played c. two-hundred games to date, averaging 10M on three balls.

My nudging is poorly timed and ineffectual. I often drop catch, but I flip instantly. It's not like a true "catch." I just meet the ball with the flipper up, then decelerate the ball by lowering it with my flipper, then flipping instantly. Kind of like a tip in basketball. I rarely if ever do live catches on this pin. I began learning them on my first love, IM, since the ball comes to the right flipper from the pops on that pin in a way that invites a live catch. ToM is another title that invites *lots* of right-flipper live catches. My dead flipping has come a long way. I'd say it's one of the first flipper skills players begin to improve on when they commit to getting better. I can post pass reasonably well, allowing me to transfer a cradled ball from one flipper to the other, etc. I will invariably post pass to my left flipper whenever Extra Ball is lit. I've never done a slap save, I don't think. I don't really try to save SDTM drains. I fight outlane drains as much as I can, but not well.

Thanks for your reply to my post!

#5907 2 years ago

*** Where to Buy Well Walker Plastic Alternate-Strike-Point Mod? ***

At one point I noticed a mod here on pinside for a red plastic alternate plate, to be fitted at the Well Walker's belly.

I'm convinced that the bulk of my ball wear comes from strikes to the stock steel plate, so I'd love to get a plastic one in there instead.

I've searched the Market section devoted to new mods but don't see it.


#5911 2 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Does anyone know why Stern made the skill shot zombie male? Seems like it was female originally.

That's interesting. I guess shooting a woman - albeit a zombie woman - in the head for a skill shot was just too insensitive to AMC. Come to think of it, all of the mutilation animations that mark walker kills are of men, no? I would like to see the rejects. The keepers are gruesome enough!

#5913 2 years ago
Quoted from woody76:

I believe that is Mezel Mods

Thank you, Woody!

#5923 2 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

I'm having the same issue with my new Pro.
Not certain, but it seems to happen only/most often when I plunge manually, and not from the auto-plunge.
I was poking around with the glass of yesterday to see if the guide rails near the exit area could be easily bent, but they appear to be in there pretty solid.
Would love to hear others opinion. Otherwise, it'll be a call into Stern to see what they suggest.

I've developed this issue with a Pro, too. I plunge, and rather than see the ball glide smoothly out of the plunge lane and up past the star rollovers, it gets snagged/disturbed at the one-way gate, there at the top of the plunge lane. This becomes a problem when trying for a Woodbury shot, as I can't gently plunge all the way to the star rollover switches.

I believe this problem arose when the one-way gate shifted position, perhaps as a result of the shaker I just installed. Moreover, the one-way gate at the very top of the "Woodbury" lane, just before the ball is dropped above the rollover lanes, is misbehaving in the same way, although worse, as sometimes it will simply block the ball entirely.

My intended fix will involve shifting these one-way gates (each has lateral adjustibility +/- 3mm) and then tightening them down properly. The trouble will be accessing the gate at the top of the plunge lane, as it sits below the Arena ramp and some additional plastics.

Good luck to the rest of you who will address this on your own pins.


#5924 2 years ago

*** Pro Owners: How to Trap Ball Returning from Arena for Controlled Crossbow Shot? ***

To load the Crossbow, I must hit an Arena shot (at the prescribed moment). Fine.

The problem comes *after* I hit Arena, when the ball returns to the top of the left inlane, stops, drops to the PF, and then trickles down to the left flipper. It has just enough pace that I can't trap it on the left, and too little pace to allow either a roll pass or a tip pass to the right. This forces me into a rolling Crossbow shot, as I can't trap first.

How are other Pro owners trapping in this scenario, for a better chance at a good Crossbow shot? (I say "other Pro owners" because I assume that the Premium's return ramp, with its alternate design, delivers the ball slightly differently to the left flipper.)

Is the only move here a tip trap, where the ball is moving with pace enough to dribble over the flipper and you tip in a way as to keep the ball on the same flipper? This is an advanced move, for sure. I've had zero success with it in this situation so far.

Any suggestions are welcome.

#5925 2 years ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

I've developed this issue with a Pro, too. I plunge, and rather than see the ball glide smoothly out of the plunge lane and up past the star rollovers, it gets snagged/disturbed at the one-way gate, there at the top of the plunge lane. This becomes a problem when trying for a Woodbury shot, as I can't gently plunge all the way to the star rollover switches.
I believe this problem arose when the one-way gate shifted position, perhaps as a result of the shaker I just installed. Moreover, the one-way gate at the very top of the "Woodbury" lane, just before the ball is dropped above the rollover lanes, is misbehaving in the same way, although worse, as sometimes it will simply block the ball entirely.
My intended fix will involve shifting these one-way gates (each has lateral adjustibility +/- 3mm) and then tightening them down properly. The trouble will be accessing the gate at the top of the plunge lane, as it sits below the Arena ramp and some additional plastics.
Good luck to the rest of you who will address this on your own pins.

#5931 2 years ago
Quoted from setzkor:

For the Crossbow shot, on my Pro, I have plenty of pace coming down the ramp to allow it to jump over to the right I typically go after CDC, Barn or Riot. What is your pitch set to?

Oh, my gosh! You can roll pass to your right flipper after an Arena shot return! My Pro just has the ball drool off the end of the left flipper and drain!

My pitch is set to normal. (Bubble sits dead center.) I have no idea how I can improve this.

Thanks for your reply.

3 months later
#6440 2 years ago

Please tell me who makes this "chicken wire" side art for TWD.

Thanks. (resized).jpg

#6443 2 years ago

Opinions from Owners of This PR Mod Sought:

To any of you who have this Pinball Refinery mod in your pin, I'd like to know how you like it.

It seems to introduce quite a lot of light - more, perhaps, than Pinstadium.

Also, is the "blade" portion of the mod simply mesh, or is it mesh over mirrored art?

Thanks! (resized).jpg

2 months later
#6815 2 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Work in progress.
Installed first the tower mod a friend made. Now installing the fish tank mod. Playing with the leds now. Will finish it with the next few days. Now lighting from above, think will add also from below.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Your BG toy is kind of hot.


8 months later
#7775 1 year ago

** An Upcoming Run of TWD Premiums From Stern? **

Who is hearing rumblings about a run of TWD's this spring/summer? Anyone? I was talking to another collector, telling him about my hunt for a HUO TWD, and he casually asked if I was hearing that a run of NIB games might be coming. I told him he was the first to mention it. Is he onto something? We did get a run of MET Premiums last summer, so why not some TWD's *this* summer? Who has the inside scoop?

3 months later
#8160 1 year ago

Left Ramp Fix For Premium?

Please steer me to the mod that improves the initial roll up onto the left ramp. I believe I remember reading about an extension that makes the transition from PF to ramp slightly less abrupt. Hopefully it's a completely different ramp section with a longer acrylic face and a spring-steel tongue/flap.


2 months later
#8410 1 year ago

Ramp Fix Mod: Still Available? If So, From Whom?

I asked on this forum recently for a referral to a source for the mod that extends the left ramp flap on the Premium/LE. I got a friendly reply and a link. The link led me to a three-year-old thread, a portion of which I've pasted below. You'll notice the author tells interested shoppers to contact PinPlay to order, but that Pinsider is now "inactive." So, where can I find this mod or does none actually exist?

"For all you TWD LE/Premium owners, we will be making a left ramp fix kit that will make it super smooth. I came up with the idea of putting foam pads under the ramp flap to make it play better a long time ago, but that is nothing compared to this. If you bought a pro instead of a premium because the left ramp was smoother - sorry

Installation takes less than 1 minute!

Price: $29 including shipping in USA

Please PM user PinPlay (see post #41 - or me) if interested."

#8431 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I bought mine from Pinsider T7. The mod does work well. If he no longer sells them I'm sure you could make one easy enough. It's just a piece of spring steel with double sided 3m adhesive to attach it.

Oh, gosh.
It's only adhered? I was sure it was riveted!
The real question might be, why not make yourself a longer ramp from plexi and rivet a ramp flap on it? Maybe that's in my future.

#8460 1 year ago

LED Color DMD, anyone?

Just wondering if any color DMD users recommend LED over LCD for TWD if your taste leans to dotsXL and away from smoothing.

1 week later
#8522 1 year ago

Where to Find Magnet Surround Mylar?

Just wondering who sells a pre-cut mylar ring for the PF that surrounds the magnets. I guess I'm less keen on the carbon-fiber ring I often see. Just mylar is fine. Or is there no such thing?


1 week later
#8589 1 year ago


Archived after 216 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “For Sale: Stern “The Walking Dead” Premium Pinball Home use only c. 500 lifetime plays No PF wear apart from light/normal dimpling No shooter lane wear No Well Walker hip...”
Minneapolis, MN
5,925 (OBO)

1 week later
#8614 1 year ago

Crossbow Multi-ball, anyone?

The Rulesheet at Tilt Forums says you can start a MB in Crossbow mode if/when you finish all the Crossbow shots.

Who has done this?

It seems impossible to me. I mean, how on earth do you hit Tunnel with the Crossbow? You can't see it. I s'pose you could carom the shot off the hip of Well Walker, but what are the odds of that? This MB must be for PRO owners only, as only by using your flippers can you hope to hit all the Crossbow shots. I s'pose you could disable the Crossbow mech on the Premium/LE and use your flippers like PRO owners do. That doesn't seem right.

1 week later
#8621 11 months ago

Setting your Premium/LE to shoot crossbow shot with flippers, anyone?

In the "Game" adjust menu, there are what appear to be the only three adjustments related to the crossbow:

* Disable Crossbow Motor
* Disable Ramp Magnet Diverter
* Crossbow Motor SW Lockout

Disabling the first two succeeds in basically taking the whole mode out of gameplay. Crossbow will light on the right ramp, but then hitting the ramp does *not* begin the mode.

The default setting on the switch lockout (whatever that is) is 750.

Has anyone succeeded in setting his Premium/LE to shoot Crossbow shots with his flippers? I figure flipping is the only way I'll ever hit Tunnel.

#8622 11 months ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

Well it worked. Hit LMS tonight after posting over 100 kills 5 times.
I guess my next goal is to finish it. Seems pretty impossible.

Wow. Impressive!

#8623 11 months ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Same. I would love to put it in my game too!

The "Fence"mod with the EL wire was made by Steve at Pinball Refinery in MI. He goes by HemiOrange here. You might look on his website or drop him a line.

#8624 11 months ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

Well it worked. Hit LMS tonight after posting over 100 kills 5 times.
I guess my next goal is to finish it. Seems pretty impossible.

Wait: five times? You racked up 100 kills five times? Five times in your life? My kills record is below fifty.

1 week later
#8671 11 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

Funny you mentioned this. I hit the tunnel shot by accident today. So it can be done and it was a clean shot from the cross bow

This makes no sense to me. I can't see Tunnel from my Crossbow. Like, the sight line does NOT reach the Tunnel lane in the upper-right corner of the PF. The ball would have curve around to the right, like a masse shot in billiards. Impossible!

3 weeks later
#8742 10 months ago

Roll Pass, Anyone?

Just wondering if most of you have games that can reliably roll pass. By that I mean, will the ball roll through the flipper lane after returning from a ramp shot with enough momentum to roll up/over a raised flipper and across the gap to the opposite flipper for a trap, or is a tap pass necessary for most of you? I find tap passing exceedingly difficult as it requires the faintest contact of the flipper switch. When I try to tap pass, I almost always flip too vigorously, creating the chore for myself of regaining control of the ball, etc.

#8743 10 months ago

Schatz, Anyone?

Not sure on spelling here, but a "Schatz," as far as I understand it, is a late flip to the opposite flipper lane. (IMDN even has a Schatz target above the left flipper lane.)

I can't Schatz deliberately, really, but it happens by accident on many layouts during multiballs - or it happens in many games but not, for some reason, on my TWD. If I inadvertently Schatz during a MB on TWD, the ball will race to the elbow of the ball guide and then get rejected and return to the flipper. It will *not* proceed past the elbow and squirt out the top of the flipper lane. I attribute this to the molded-plastic ball guides used in this layout. Their elbows may have tighter radii than the laser-cut stainless guides of, say, MET or IM. It's not like I *need* to Schatz, particularly, but I do like the ball to flow through the flipper lanes in either direction. It's part of the action of the flipper zone and I miss it when it's not there. Are the rest of you Schatzing regularly? Just wondering.

#8744 10 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I think a spring washer between the coil and stop helps the most.

I have grappled with noisy/buzzy Stern flippers on a few games and tried a fistful of things and NONE of them made any difference at all. Dressing the original stops with a file, replacing the stops, changing the coil, changing the plunger to a Williams version, dressing the plunger with a file, omitting the expansion washer, substituting a spacer for the expansion washer, etc., etc. None of these measures resulted in a quieter game. My buzzy games were TWD, MET, and IMDN. You will read testimonials from people who succeeded in finding solutions, but I'm not among them. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but my "help" to you in this case is to suggest you prepare yourself for no solution.

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#8769 10 months ago

In The Dark!

I'm having trouble seeing the ball during many of the modes in TWD. I get that the lighting is supposed to be chaotic and generally dark, but many modes seem to kill the GI altogether - or at least the white GI - and suddenly I'm all but blind when tracking the ball. Has anyone here ever used brighter GI bulbs? I was thinking about the absurdly bright Optimus Maximus bulbs from Comet. Not the entire GI, but a fistful scattered around. I have one OpMax wedge for a spotlight and it's stupid bright. If only I had a #44 instead, I could try it in my GI. Even the throbbing red GI during Horde leaves me basically blind. I have factory GI, which, as many you know, is clear-lens 2SMD. Pinball Life makes his "Bright-Fucking-Bulb" 4-SMD's, but they are lensless, which is less ideal for GI. Is the OpMax my only alternative to 2-SMD frosted if I need more illumination in my GI?

#8771 10 months ago

Thanks, Erik.
Good point!
Still, more intense red GI will help me during Horde.

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#8802 9 months ago
Quoted from stoptap:

The Riot shot is tighter on the Pro.
TWD is such a fantastic game. Brutal but so rewarding (like Iron Man). I played it earlier today and had a 300 million plus game followed by about 10 games in 5 minutes.

Riot tighter on the PRO? How do you figure?

#8803 9 months ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

my wd climbs the left ramp from the left flipper without any problem and with force

Hold on. You can backhand CDC on a Premium? My god! How?

#8804 9 months ago

Speaking of backhands...

Just how many are there on this layout? On the Premium, I count two: BG and WW.

Really, I can only hit BG from the left flipper from a trap, and it's debatable if a shot from the right flipper to WW is actually a "backhand." Perhaps there's only one backhand on this layout.

#8805 9 months ago

In case any of you out there is curious about what Comet 2SMD Warm White frosted look like in *all* of the GI, here you go...

The upper PF still looks quite red, thanks to the red and amber Op-Max bulbs that are in the back panel. I also have several accent lights in place, two of which are 2SMD Red Clear. Lastly, I have a 10SMD Sunlight strip light on the return ramp, just above Woodbury. Plenty of you appreciate the dark, red lighting design of this game, but I struggled to see the ball much of the time, so I tried my own mix. The Tilt artblades help reflect at least a bit of the light and add some design interest, too.

TWD.Warm.White.GI.jpg (resized).jpg
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#8907 8 months ago

I Dream of "X."

I flub my "X" pretty much every time. I read about this feature of the code before I ever bought my game and I was excited to really exploit it for big payouts. I haven' all! I piss it away 'cause I can't possibly manage the "X" on the inlanes during multiballs - precisely the time when I must! I don't toggle the "X" away first to preserve it when a ball comes to the end of a return ramp. Sometimes I score huge "X" shots by accident. You should see my high scores. They're pretty crazy. My "X" high score is more than 200M. You can read how it was accomplished in the scrolling high scores and it might surprise you by just how busy/layered it is. You can stack a fork-ton of stuff in your "X" shot rather easily when things really get going.

#8911 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Also remember too. If you can roll through the X and get the ball on a trap without hitting a major switch, you can take you time and lineup the shot. It’s not timed.

I dearly wish I could trap balls as they roll through the flipper lane after dropping from a return ramp. My game, for whatever reason, will impart just enough velocity to the ball to *not* allow a trap on that flipper and too little velocity to roll to the opposite flipper in a roll pass. If I raise the flipper as the ball rolls though, it will dribble off the tip of the flipper and drain. The only option is the much-harder tap catch, where you flip oh-so gently as a slow-moving ball reaches the apex of the flipper, allowing you to then catch and trap on that same flipper. I succeed at this maneuver perhaps once in twenty tries. Ditto: the tap pass.

#8916 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Tip pass or rolling post pass is what I would recommend. Practice those. Or an alley pass.

A "rolling post pass"? Oh, man! A post pass from a trap is hard enough! I'll never get that one!

What improves roll passing on any table? More- or less PF pitch? My game is set to 6.5-degrees of pitch. Would roll passing become more reliable with *less* pitch? Perhaps it's a wash. I mean, less pitch means less velocity rolling to the flipper but also less resistance from the raised flipper. Still, less pitch means less eagerness for the ball to drain off the flipper tip, mid-pass. A roll pass with less pitch is a bit like doing an Evel Knievel Super Jump with a bike with fewer horses in a stadium with less gravity, I guess. (Who doesn't like a simile!)

#8920 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Could reduce the flipper travel by getting longer flipper plungers or coil stops. That would make ski jumps easier.

"Ski jumps"! Funny.

Interesting idea: longer plungers would mean less flipper travel and less flipper angle - harder for trapping but easier for ski jumps. Got it. I've never seen a longer Stern plunger.

#8922 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

video on increased scoring with doing cdc after barn and combining some barnshots, hit the last cdc with 2x playfield and the x going . ( have never pulled this off myself)

Great tutorial.
It reminds me of how little I know my own game!
You make it look easy - surviving, hitting shots, etc.
Nice play!
(Oh, but get some light on that PF for your next video! I can't see anything!)

#8926 7 months ago
Quoted from multibrawlr:Renting a Premium. Very fun, especially with the added strategy from the walker bomb mechanic.
[quoted image]

Game looks great!
I don't really use Walker Bombs all that strategically. I find them less useful than you might assume. For example, if I'm about to be killed by an advancing Walker in Horde, a Walker Bomb at that instant will more than likely kill a *different* Walker, allowing me to be "bit" just the same. Not helpful!

#8927 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

yah that's not me just a link to a video I came across.
myself I started paying more attention to using the x but it is messing with my mind flow --- scores going down!!

I need some "mind flow" myself. I think I generally have "mind stop-and-go."

#8929 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That’s not all they’re used for. The main thing is using them to keep you ball alive by keeping them in your back pocket to spot a well Walker or prison hit to start MB as you drain, or collect a JP. Also I’m pretty sure you can use a walker bomb after an inlane X and it will count.

Well, I don't doubt you know their utility far more than I do, but the Walker during Horde was a good example - to me, anyhow - of how using a Walker Bomb does *not* keep my ball alive. I use it, the wrong advancing Walker is killed, the Bomb is gone/wasted, and I still get bit. Brilliant!

#8947 7 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I found that what helped me with the prison just dropping the ball SDTM is taking the magnet ring and flipping it 180. Not rotating it, flipping it. I found that turning the metal core didnt do anything. YYMV. I couldn't tell you why mine works after flipping it but it flings the ball much more than it ever did before.

Hmm. This sounds promising. I'm trying to visualize quite what you mean by "flipping it 180." I will have to investigate. My solution to this point has simply been to disable the magnet. Thanks for the tip.

#8948 7 months ago
Quoted from Completist:

I am aware of the ball guide mod (adding thin felt to avoid the pops on a left orbit shot).

How many TWD owners are doing this? I would love a true orbit from Barn, but there's a reason why the ball snags a pop as it goes by after a shot to Barn. It's a bit of a marvel, really. Every time I witness it, I'm impressed and I imagine that Borg gave it a lot of thought. The pop fires at just the right instant to redirect the ball into the last segment of the plunge lane, before finally stopping at the Tower target. It's quite a ride! Still, I would rather have the ball sail through to my left flipper!

#8971 7 months ago

The Dark Ages...

So, you need a custom part for your TWD, but you don't have CAD expertise and a 3-D printer?

No problem! Just go *backwards*, all the way to that nostalgic era when people used handtools! Imagine!

Get out the following:

1. Scrap of 16-guage stainless
2. Scissors
3. Posterboard/paper/tape/string/black sharpie
4. Hacksaw
5. Files/pliers
6. Bench vice
7. Drill press/drill bits

Throw in a lot of time and a taste for fabricating stuff and you can make...


(What do you mean you have no idea what it is? Just ask yourself, what would be darned handy on the TWD playfield?)

Installation images to follow...

IMG_0865 (resized).jpg
#8973 7 months ago
Quoted from pkrobin:

Haven't the foggiest idea what this is going to be but anxiously watching! Nice workmanship if that's all the tools you used.

Not a single guess so far.
C'mon! Let's hear it!

IMG_0864 (resized).jpg
#8976 7 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:<snip>Just ask yourself, what would be darned handy on the TWD playfield?<snip>[quoted image]
Quoted from pinballjj:

Is it something for practicing with the glass off?

So, no. Good try though. This is a DIY mod to address perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this layout. Anyone?

Quoted from chuckwurt:

Help guide the ball into the crossbow better.

Interesting. A mod to guide the ball into the Crossbow better? No. I have looked at how the ball makes its way to the Crossbow after the lane magnet does its thing. It basically dead-ends at a large rubber stop, then rolls gently to the Crossbow. It would be cooler if it glided right in there rather than first bump against that stop, but I wouldn't muck with that.

#8978 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Disables the well walker magnet?

That can be done in the settings, as you know.

Again, what is the aspect of the layout that frustrates the great majority of players of this game? What pisses players off to the point that they just want toss the game in the river?

#8980 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Everything I can think of already has multiple solutions. So it’s one of these:
Pops feed
Right ramp return launching balls.
Crossbow not firing on the way out
Prison magnet firing SDTM
Prison head not registering
Up/down ramp killing ball momentum
Hungry outlanes
Bricking drop targets
Ball getting stuck on the ramp behind the backboard.
Ball jumping the prison optos
Well walker not registering or phantom registering.
Ball getting stuck behind the well walker.
Well walker getting stuck tilted back
That’s all I can think of. Haha

Wow. That's quite a list!
And, not surprisingly, the answer is here.
Let's see a photo...

#8981 7 months ago

Guesses now?

IMG_0868 (resized).jpg
#8982 7 months ago

I see you!

IMG_0867 (resized).jpg
#8984 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

You added a center post? Cheater. Haha

Cheater? Sure.

IMG_0869 (resized).jpg
#8995 7 months ago
Quoted from Sparky:<snip>I don't think the post or the metal behind it are touching the playfield<snip>

You are correct. The vital support tang behind the post is nowhere near the surface of the PF.

Quoted from chuckwurt:

I would just be careful with all that sharp metal being there to possibly nick up the pinballs and damage the playfield.

Good point. I took your advice and made Center Post 2.0. Cut away the sharp "nose" and excised as much non-essential material as I practically could with a hacksaw and files.

Quoted from pinballjj:

I would be interested in hearing how your scores change with this in place , have fun with this mod .
for me the outlanes are the momentum killer I either end up tilting or nudging the wrong way .

The post has been in for two days now. New GCS on the first night. So, yeah, BIG advantage. But you know what: this layout in stock trim kicked my ass mercilessly and it made it hard to enjoy the game. You could argue that I won't get better if I take away the challenges, but I'm able to do a fork-ton more shooting this way and see more of the game, rules-wise, so it's helpful to me and I'm glad to try it.

TWD.Center.Post.II.from.right (resized).jpg
#8996 7 months ago
Quoted from pkrobin:

Ok sure but changing the intended gameplay isn't normally the goal of mods. But hey have fun.

Yes and no.
It's uncommon, but there are "mods" that address PF "flaws." The layout of Ghostbusters, for example, inspired mod makers to offer both a lane-hop-stop mod and a center-post mod. Fezmid suggested I simply use that mod on my TWD, but such a mod can't work on a TWD Premium as the Crossbow would conflict with it. The challenge of making a bracket for my TWD came from designing it to reside in the sliver of space above the ball and beneath the bottom of the Crossbow housing. Low tolerance!

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#9036 7 months ago

Scoring Strategies for Horde?

Just wondering if there are ways to boost score during Horde. I find I zone out, just trying to make shots lest I be bitten. I never have a plan while I'm in Horde. I must be wasting opportunities. I have no "X" to work with, but can I light the 2x Playfield? The only score booster I sometimes take advantage of is to allow a given Walker to advance 'til more of the inserts at that shot are lit before I kill that Walker, etc, although I only dare do this on reliable shots like Barn, CDC, and Arena.

#9037 7 months ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

Can't comment on the color changes in the premium but I think the ramp inserts strobe when you are in phase 2 of prison mb

I believe the arrow inserts at CDC and Arena strobe blue during Phase II of Prison MB on the Premium. That reminds me: is there strategy in Phase II of Prison MB? If I ever get that far, I'm too tired to do much more than pick off a few ramps and drain. Is there a Super' that lights at Riot for Phase II?

#9038 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

You cannot turn up individual callouts without messing with pinball browser.
I’ve only seen green on the ramps during WW MB.

Chuck is right, but you can turn the "Speech Attenuation" setting down, which I believe will effectively raise the volume of all callouts relative to the music.

A note about Pinball Browser:
Right now Stern is doing its darndest to thwart alteration of SPIKE 2 firmware using Pinball Browser by adding code to flummox the program. The good news is, I don't believe any SAM firmware has this new code. So, if you want to experiment with PB on your TWD, it's still smooth sailing. I have fun with PB. It's tedious, but it's another way to customize your game to "make it your own." That kind of thing. To me, it's the best mod' out there.

#9054 7 months ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

To score big in Horde:
Get high multikill value before you enter it by playing good modes/multiballs.
The higher the multikill value the bigger the horde scoring values.
Go trough 5-6 levels if you can and when escaping Horde start double playfield before you cash in. The escape bonus is doubled then
Should be good for about 500M

Thanks, David!
Super helpful!

#9056 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

I read the old code updates for version 1.6 , apparently siege does not end if you drain and have more balls to go.
I will let you know if that is true if I ever get there again!

Siege progress carries from ball to ball in v1.6, yes.

#9061 6 months ago
Quoted from cysnake:

TWD almost done. Need to get the train track and railroad crossing mod, and im calling it done. So far i have added:
Factory topper<snip>

Sharp game! And loaded! Wow!

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#9084 6 months ago
Quoted from Bubbatom:

Hi guys,
Was playing TWD Prem tonight and may have stumbled upon a bug with the "X Champion". Here's what happened:
I had Well Walker Multiball going with 2X playfield. I had a massive "X" waiting to be used on the inlanes (not sure on value). I got up to the Super Jackpot in Well Walker, rolled through the lit inlane and pressed the lockdown button to score the Super Jackpot. Shot was worth 488 million! After this my Multikills were worth 30 million at base value.
Was looking forward to putting in a new "X Champion" highscore at the end of the game (my previous best was 370 million) but for some reason I didn't get to put in my initials?
I don't know whether this is a bug or what? Maybe I'll play around with the glass off and see if I can work anything more out.

Awesome work to set up that huge payday! I never thought to use a Bomb to collect a Super. Smart!

#9085 6 months ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

I played a few games last night and I had never had a combo greater than a two way but by some miracle I scored a 6 way combo!!! All shots on the right side of course but damn that felt good!

A six-shot combo on the right side sounds sweet!
Frankly, twice around Tunnel is the best combo I know. Love it!
I've never strung together six shots in single-ball play. Nice!

#9086 6 months ago
Quoted from Yfichelle:

I have sold my JP premium for a WD LE.... wow, no regrets... WD is really a great pin, difficult to finish it but so great when you get the horde, and others wizards... try to play on a premium or LE.

Interesting! You traded your JP2 Premium for a TWDLE! You're a retro' baller! Either that, or you just like to punish yourself.

#9088 6 months ago
Quoted from McDoom:

Joined the club today!!
Special Thanks to:
Can’t wait to spend some time with this beast.
[quoted image]

What's the paperwork?

#9106 6 months ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

I'm running Sterns... little more consistent package.


Don't mind the "redneck" at all. I've tried the Cleland ROM, and while it's impressive, it's also slightly confusing. The stock callouts tell you enough to help you navigate. The Cleland callouts are often only tangentially related and not immediately helpful to people who don't know the show well, etc. Just my opinion. To be fair, though, I didn't give a fair shake - perhaps a week.

#9129 6 months ago

A game lasting nearly an hour, but just how many points? Does the game roll over at a certain point?
Where does he get the energy?
That's a heck of a lot of pinball!
It's a bit challenging to simply watch the clip, frankly. It's so bright/flashy/red.
Numerous great outlane saves!
Expert use of "X" and 2x PF scoring, plus stupid-large Multi-kill values.
A chance to see LMS completed!
This is how TWD can be played if you can actually stay up and advance through the game!
Hats off to KME. You make it look easy!

#9130 6 months ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

i picked up a premium few months ago. Have noticed this happen a few times. Ball bounces back into trough and sits on top of the one on the VUK. Game doesnt seem to want to try to clear it.
I assumed it was a loose or flakey optic sensor.
Havent spent much time debugging but i did have some time today and put the trough through its paces. I expected the opto switch for the second ball in the trough not to register. But it was working 100 percent.
Anybody see this with their TWD prem/LE?

I would try to attentuate the coil.
I've been through this myself on my game.
The ball eject from the factory was like a gun shot. I thought, fork, this is going to pulverize my poor shooter lane if I don't do something about it!
So I asked Chas at Stern about it and he suggested a substitute coil - which I bought/installed.
No help at all.
Then I tried a mechanical solution and it worked like a charm. I took an 11mm, six-point socket and cut the driver end off of it with a hacksaw, turning it into a sleeve about 15mm long. Then I put the sleeve on the coil's plunger (below the coil) to limit its travel, effectively scrubbing about a half of the coil's power. The result is a gentle-but-effective ball eject and no unnecessary wear to the PF in the shooter lane.
It would surprise me if your problem is being caused by a trough snout whose welds have failed. Did you take a closer look?

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#9140 6 months ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Scored a 639M CDC yesterday... love this game!
My X champ recorded a (final) CDC shot worth 588M. This means all scoring in that mode except the final shot only scored 51M?
I think I shot a past mode shot twice, then 5 cdc ramps, then a lot shots before cashing in, but all unmultiplied till the final shot.

Sweet! Rock that shirt!

#9149 5 months ago

Bicycle Kicks Rule!

How many of you are hitting new shots on your TWD thanks to "bicycle kicks"?

In case it's not obvious, a bicycle kick in pinball happens when you backhand a ball out of the air, high on the flipper, sending it on a trajectory that is otherwise impossible from that side. For example, it's not all that uncommon to bicycle kick the Arena ramp from the right flipper, or the CDC ramp from the left flipper.

Today, for the first - and probably *only* - time, I bicycle kicked Tunnel from the right flipper. I know, I know! Tunnel is IMPOSSIBLE from the right flipper - even as a BK - so I must have caromed off the Well Walker's hip. It was CRAZY! I do wish there were more shots on this layout, so adding one, BK-style, is always welcome!

Pele.bicycle.kick (resized).jpg
#9150 5 months ago

First-ever BB Super for me today!

#9152 5 months ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

I bicycle kick the drops from the left flipper all the time. I start by trapping up, then easy flicking it so it rolls back up the flipper a bit then kick flip to hit the drops.

Nice control.
"Easy flicking"? "Kick flip"?
Unless you are flipping the ball right out of the air, mid-post-pass, you may not in fact be bicycle kicking to the drops. Impressive though.

#9153 5 months ago

Pinball Browser Request Number, Anyone?

Just wondering if any of you know the request number for a Well Walker strike. It's a dull/bassy thud that lasts about a second. Could it be 281?


#9155 5 months ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

Correction to my earlier post: According to Lyman the latest version uses 64 bit scoring and can go to 18,446,744,073,709,551,615‬ points before rolling. So a 'bit' over 18 Quintillion.
Elwin's nine billion point game on YouTube took just under an hour. With non-linear scoring, let's assume he scores an average of ten times that fast for the rest of the game, 90 billion per hour. It would only take 2.33 YEARS of continuous play to roll it.

I thought you were mistaken - no disprespect! - because I know I have posted higher scores than your rollover mark suggested I possibly could.

You do like your stats, YeOld. Nice work! Perhaps you love "maths," as they say in Great Britain.

#9157 5 months ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

Played one game on my TWD LE and got smacked down. Love and hate relationship with it.

Just one? Get up on your feet!

#9158 5 months ago

Personal best Horde today. Not my highest Horde score as I never Escaped, but longest effort and most combos. Still can't focus on much aside from juggling balls though. I play my game with headphones and the volume quite low, but there's no mistaking the energy/intensity of the mode. Great sounds and callouts and, of course, the throbbing light show!

Keep movin' and keep shootin'!!!
Go, go, GO!!!!

#9159 5 months ago

Sweet deal!

Archived after 39 days
Sold off Pinside
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Documented (Home Used Only) “game has a few hundred plays, its been moved once. pretty much looks brand new ramps plastics cabinet playfield No mods 100% stock -”
New York, NY

#9172 5 months ago
Quoted from Lostcause:

Just got this and it’s kicking my arse, I thought BSD was a bitch but this is on another level![quoted image]

Ooh! An LE for you!
I s'pose you could buy a set of Yoyokopters outlane extenders to make the outlanes a little less ravenous.
The layout is diabolical. It has more ways to drain SDTM than you might readily notice. I hope you have a big collection. I have a one-pin collection and it's TWD. I could use something kinder to be go beside it, believe me!
Congrats on your pickup!

#9192 5 months ago
Quoted from Vimtoman:

The one I had ,had the leds and wire all along the plastic. Just under that silver plate on it.
Maybe you had a different version.
If so then you should be OK.
Heres a mod you should do. Light the drops and woodbury drop.[quoted image][quoted image]

Great job. Looking sharp!
Love the firey glow of the drops.
Also noticed you applied alternate decals to your drops rather than "Will, "You," and "Survive?" Fly!

#9203 5 months ago

100M or 200M bonus upon completion of L.M.S:
What determines the doubled bonus? "X"? PF Double Scoring?

4 weeks later
#9230 4 months ago

Fix For Reluctant Drop Targets, Anyone?

I realize that sluggish drop targets on MET are common, so I looked at that owners' thread for a fix, but the discussion is about the opto involved getting tripped by the light show.

My farthest drop target will often fail to drop, despite being squarely struck or glanced. What's the mechanical solution? Do I replace the drop target or do I tinker with the spring and the perch?


#9233 4 months ago

Prison Bash Toy: Why it Deserves Praise

Have you ever thought much about the kinetics of the Prison? That "toy" is *solid*! With the doors closed, it's basically a rebound machine. Every strike to Prison with the doors closed is reflected right back, like a standup target would. It makes a cool "pop" sound, too. Dwight Sullivan said recently on Loser Kind Pinball Podcast that Borg focuses on kinetics and really *only* on kinetics. Well, he designed the Prison to be a solid little hut of bent steel and it really does add to the kinetics of TWD, all because he made it so solid, with a rubber stop at the peak of the doors. It's a big part of why Prison MB is my favorite MB. Up the middle, baby!
Kudos to Borg!
Prison.toy (resized).jpg

#9241 4 months ago
Quoted from Rensh:

<snip>Must admit though that terminus was a bit underwhelming compared to Horde. Was expecting a multiball which it is not.<snip>

I agree that EFT is a small reward for the work required to get there. You can complete EFT in five shots, unless I'm mistaken. Indeed, the faster you complete it, the higher your score, as it's your basic hurry-up. It does have some fun surge-of-footsteps sound FX with each completed shot, and a dope'ish animation of what appear to be people scrambling out of a train car en masse. (Never saw the show, so I don't know what all is happening, frankly.) Oh, and a good piece of music! There are many good, original pieces of music in TWD. EFT is one of them.

#9242 4 months ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

I found a Premium to buy, but it is bone stock. Is there anywhere I can buy the Bicycle Girl ramp extender anymore? I know that the last source ended up being a scam.

Hi, Gambit.
I have some info for you - although not a source of this extender.
I have a Premium and I find the cause of rejects from CDC is a combination of the "transition" from the ramp flap to the fixed ramp section behind it, and the "topper" plastic that contains the ball as it launches at the peak of the ramp.
Adding the flap creates a bit of slop/flex in the ramp - which I find less desirable.
If I were you, I would first address the topper plastic. It looks like a - well, I don't know what, but it's mounted at the top of the ramp. On my game it does *not* sit low enough to truly cap the ball as it sails into space at the top of the ramp, so I do sometimes get rejects. The "lip" that forms at the transition can also launch the ball, but that lip is *not* addressed by the ramp extender. (Indeed, that lip becomes *more* pronounced with the extender.) TBH, the only fix I see for that lip is to plane off a few millimeters of the hex spacers that support/mount the upper ramp section. That would effectively lower the section to meet the ramp more flush, etc.
Sorry if this is hard to follow without photos. My point is that the extender is less of a fix than people imagine.

#9243 4 months ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

<snip>Curious as to why the cut out on the left return from the Right ramp. Is that just to cause some randomness?<snip>

The cut-out in the return ramp from Arena is an "escape" for any airball that happens to land in the trough of the ramp but isn't rolling quickly enough to make the full trip to the flipper. There's one in that spot on IM, too, or on any ramp that has a deep dip where a ball might otherwise get stuck.

#9244 4 months ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Mr. Jehosaphat, Here's what I do to all my modern Stern drop targets banks (including TWD as pictured): I put a strip of shim stock beneath the rear of the drop target bank mounting foot, in this case .030" (thirty thousandths of an inch) thick. This tilts the entire drop target bank rearward slightly. Why do I this you may ask? Because the Stern drop targets have an angled face on them, probably designed with good intentions to stop air ball rebounds off them. However, when that angled face is hit at certain angles and speeds by a ball (mostly straight on and hit hard AF), it will cause the drop target to be lifted up while the angled face is in contact with the ball. Sometimes (maybe often times), the ball will stay in contact with the angled face of the drop target when the target is lifted and bent backwards by the momentum of the ball, then the ball will rebound while still in contact with the angle face of the drop target, and it will allow the drop target to set right back down on the drop target support, quicker than the blink of an eye, making it appear that the ball full on smashed that drop target with no resulting drop.
This shim helps negate that drop target face angle to a degree (that's almost a pun). You can experiment with shim thicknesses. I found .030" worked perfectly on my TWD. No more drop target bricks at all.
The suggestion of strengthening the drop target spring by loosening an end and re-hooking the spring farther down the body of the spring (about 1/4" or so) can also help, as it pulls down on the drop target with more force when the ball is in contact with the angled face of the drop target as previously noted. Maybe doing both will help you. It's something to try.
Good luck and happy flipping.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Hi, Rum.
Wow. You're a champ!
Super helpful post!
I will give this a try.
I did notice that Stern drop target faces aren't quite true vertical, as you say, but I assumed there was real engineering in that aspect of them that worked to their benefit. Perhaps not.
I don't know where I will find shims of this thickness. I do have some sheet aluminum. I will measure it with my dial calipers.
I would love to have hair-trigger drops. The more those buggers drop, the faster I can get to BB and the faster I can collect that BB Super!
Thanks for noticing my post!
Much appreciated!

#9246 4 months ago

Trans-red Pop Bodies/skirts:

Got some inspiration from other TWD owners and bought some dope trans-red pop parts and put them in.
A word to the wise: these bodies are a tad squatter than stock, so you also have to convert your sockets from wedges to bayonets, to give you a couple of millimeters of extra clearance for the sockets to nest properly below the cap, etc. (In this photo I still have the stock wedge sockets in, and you can see how the bulbs protrude too far above the cap. The bayonet socket addresses that.)
I also tried Brite-Caps, which I found lit the trans bodies a bit *too* much, so I went back to the stock 2SMD clear-lens bulbs. I always thought the stock white bodies/skirts looked out of place on this layout, so I switched it up.

IMG_0984 (resized).jpg

bc_classic-1_300x225 (resized).jpg
#9254 4 months ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

Love those red skirts. Try these caps they are fantastic. hooked
[quoted image]

HOP pop caps are fab'.
Would love a set.
Too expensive for me though.

#9255 4 months ago

I'm always surprised by my own X-Champion scores as I don't really notice what I'm doing when when they happen.
Case in point:

IMG_1010 (resized).jpgIMG_1011 (resized).jpgIMG_1015 (resized).jpgIMG_1013 (resized).jpg
#9263 4 months ago

New personal-best Escape Terminus Champion score:

Ball three, with both 2X Playfield and 2X shot multiplier on the last shot. I don't even remember playing the modes all that well, but somehow I was rewarded anyway. I never make good use of my "X." This time, I did.

IMG_1017 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#9330 3 months ago

Decoding Inserts After L.M.S:

(Spoiler alert!)

Just wondering what the strobing inserts mean at the end of L.M.S. while the long/funny animation plays.
Sometimes I get a strobing red RGB arrow at each of the main shots, sometimes four red and one blue.
Is the game telling me something? Like, what could the single blue RGB arrow insert mean?
In the attached photo, I was missing CDC. Why? If I remember correctly, I can only start modes during Horde, not L.M.S, so the arrows shouldn't be indicators of which modes I played during the wizard mode.

IMG_1043 (resized).jpg
#9331 3 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Anyone know the best way to hook up the Burning Barn mod (Hooked on Pinball) to the insert for a pro machine? Should I just tie these into the wires for the insert?

Use the included alligator clips to tie the mod to the socket that lights the insert. You'll have to shave off the heat shrink where the wires meet the socket to expose the socket leads, to give your clips something to connect to, etc. Premium/LE owners have to settle for a tie to the GI - which is less cool, naturally. I did notice that HOP talked about posting additional instructions on their website to guide Premium/LE owners in a proper tie-in to the insert. Can't guess how you would pull that off as the Premium/LE Barn insert is part of a lamp board. No insert sockets for the Premium/LE! Only GI!

#9332 3 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Anyone know the best way to hook up the Burning Barn mod (Hooked on Pinball) to the insert for a pro machine? Should I just tie these into the wires for the insert?

I was just looking at that mod this past weekend, asking myself if I would truly like to have one on my playfield.
I think the truth is I can't look at it without thinking of the Wizard of Oz. Why? Well, it looks like a tornado just laid the barn there - sort of like Dorothy's house getting picked up by a tornado and dropped on the Wicked Witch. Also the scale is funny to me. I don't expect scale to be entirely consistent on any playfield, but there is already a bit of scale conflict on TWD as it is with the giant head in the Prison. Add the RV mod and/or the Barn mod and things really get whacky. Just my opinion.

#9333 3 months ago
Quoted from HIPPY:

I have a premium, the Walking Dead on the translight was very distracting on the glass. After a lot of looking, I changed it to one of the Governor, no more glare of the logo. It made a lot of difference. A lot cheaper & an upgrade. The art matches the premium, too.

The Governor translite? What does that one look like and who sells it? I'm curious.

1 week later
#9394 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Not sure if this is what you are referring to, but I had balls flying off the arena/crossbow ramp in the area pictured. I put some magnetic tape along the sidewall of the ramp and it completely eliminated the problem.
[quoted image]

That's very interesting. Your balls were launching out of the trough spot of the Arena return ramp? Weird. Clever that you sorted the problem with magnetic tape! Your game must be particularly fast if your ramps are behaving like jumps.

#9430 3 months ago
Quoted from Rickwh:

Set my x champion high score today with a 41m riot shot that felt so so good.
I need to review the riot mode rules cause the mode stopped with this shot. Dunno if the timer happened to run out or if i completed it. Or if that is even possible to complete. Didnt even know there was a multikill going on that shot too. But the high score pages says so[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Nice shootin'!
How do you like the LED version of the color DMD in your TWD? I've seen only the LCD version in TWD.

#9431 3 months ago

In Praise of Magnets:

I played some TMNT yesterday. It has the spinning disc mech, not unlike those on Whirlwind or JJP's Pirates. It imparts some spin/English to the ball, but the mayhem/danger it causes is a shadow of that caused by the magnets on TWD. Magnets are a blast. They fling the ball much more unpredictably, in directions that will surprise you, sometimes violently, sometimes gently. I get balls tossed in the oddest places. The Prison magnet will sometimes send the ball up through the Riot shot. Sometimes it rifles the ball at the flippers. It just blasts down there during a multiball and crashes into the other balls or a flipper. The Well Walker magnet is just as ornery. It will fling the ball through an outlane! Not helpful! Like people so often say, TWD "fights back," and the majority of that fight - to me -comes from magnet action. Is there a playfield in pinball with more magnet action? DI? JJP magnet action tends to me much more subtle.

1 week later
#9444 3 months ago

Mostly down to luck here. Rarely build up high Multikills as I rarely blow up the modes. Had a banner CDC on this game and managed to combine the mode-end shot with a Multikill and a Crossbow Kill. Honestly, I was just hanging on. It was just coincidence that I had playfield double scoring going and an 8x shot multiplier accumulated. I included a screen shot of the final score for CDC - which you can see is only a few mil' above the points earned for the single mode-ending shot. Perhaps my Multikill was built up like that from big scores in the other modes, too. I did get to Horde and LMS in this game.
IMG_1146 (resized).jpgIMG_1148 (resized).jpgIMG_1153 (resized).jpgIMG_1185 (resized).jpgIMG_1193 (resized).jpgCDC.Champ.screen.shot (resized).jpg

#9450 3 months ago

Better, More Creative Pin-Stadium Triggers for TWD?

Just wondering what better triggers users of Pin Stadiums have found on TWD.
Yeah, we all know about tying the flasher portion of Pin Stadiums to the Well Walker's flasher, but I would rather try something new. My original hope was to tie the lights to the Prison Walker Head's switch, but, sadly, one can't tie the lights to any switch on the matrix. Gotta choose a 4V-24 lamp or power source that's not on the matrix. What's working for you?


1 week later
#9480 83 days ago
Quoted from embryon:

For those playing at home. I have had about a year of Xbow intermintent fails with times of few fails and days of lots. The symptom I had was the xbow would come off home slightly, stop, and then proceed to empty xbow itself.
Well I finally decided to replace the ball loaded in xbow switch diode. After 30 plus xbow loads during gameplay I have had no fails at all. I have switched the game off and on and still not fails. Early days but I'm feeling pretty confident after trying all the other fixes presented here.
So before going to the expense of replacing the motor mech try the diode and or switch beforehand.

Good for you to sleuth out that fix!
Thanks for sharing, in case any of the rest of us end up in that position, too.

#9481 83 days ago
Quoted from beergut666:

Joining the club on Saturday if everything goes according to plan. Will probably be looking to get a new set of balls and rubber kit. I've never owned a game with a magnet, are there balls that are preferred for games with them?

Good for you!
Do you have your game set up?
How are you liking having your a__ handed to you?
I wish I could recommend truly shiny carbon-steel balls, but the only shiny balls I know are either Titan Super-Shiny or Ball Baron's Super-Ninja, and both are chromium steel. Ball Baron's carbon steel balls are okay, but not all that shiny. I would say that Pinball Life's common pinball is a *wee* bit shinier and, thankfully, it's carbon steel.

#9482 83 days ago

My Worst Mode:

I seem to always botch Arena. My Arena high score is well below the high score for any of the other modes.
I think this is the result of shooting Arena late after starting the mode and hitting Woodbury instead, instantly ending the mode. A one-and-done kind of thing. It's rare that I can hit a fistful of Arena ramps - and even rarer to do it while the mode is running! How about you? My record is probably four Arena ramps and then Woodbury. Maybe only three!

#9483 83 days ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

Inspire by jasonjehosophat I switched out the white bumper bodies and skirts.
I was going to do translucent red for both but the black for the skirt looked badass so went with that along with the trans red body and red inlane guides[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Oh, fork!
Those black skirts look superfly!
Awesome choice!
I may have to do a switch-a-roo!
Great photos!

#9484 83 days ago

Struggling with Cheap Drains!

I'm getting too many cheap SDTM drains from Arena ramp rejects. They happen when the ball gets tossed up there by the left sling just ten inches or so. Then it comes back with just the right trajectory to go SDTM. I find this happens once per game if not more. Plenty of examples of TWD rarely have this problem as their Arena ramps are mounted in a way that the ball gets a healthy bump from the Woodbury bumper as it comes back down into the playfield. I don't want to remount the ramp as I don't dare drill any additional holes. You can't really mount a one-way gate there at the foot of the ramp to stop/redirect the return because a return from the peak of the ramp would destroy it. I mean, I don't know of another ramp in pinball that is quite so long as Arena. A reject from the peak comes back like sledgehammer!

#9485 83 days ago

First Time Ever!

CDC shot that went to the crest of the ramp behind the back panel and came to rest. I had to jostle the game to encourage it on its way to the return side! That ever happen to you?

Oh, and I recently had the ball stall/park on the peak of a rollover lane. That was a mind blower!

#9496 82 days ago
Quoted from lb1:

I'm still having trouble understanding how to exit the Horde. I finished it a couple times where the flippers dropped and the ball was returned to the shooter lane. But I was never able to exit the Horde with a Woodbury shot, though I made the shot many times, with one or two balls in play, after finishing at least 3 rounds of kills. What's the deal here? I'm on version 1.56.
Also, hard prisons shots don't register consistently. Maybe 1 out of 3 shots. I have a carbon-like magnet protector and I seem to recall seeing somewhere it could be part of the problem. I hesitate to take it out if it's not going to make a difference.

I think the chance to "escape" Horde is qualified by clearing a few waves of Walkers. You might even be able to set the number of waves in the S.P.I. game settings in the Service Menu.

#9497 82 days ago
Quoted from lb1:

Protector removed with some floss and the shots are registering fine!

Good that you licked that issue.
I find it hard to imagine that the Cliffy launches the ball above the opto's beam, but apparently it does!

#9498 82 days ago
Quoted from Fezmid:

In addition, if the ball save is active, I don't think you get the EB either.

I concur that EB's are often *not* awarded. Like, the shot is lit, and I hit it, and it's not awarded. I chalk this up to confusion. By that I mean, the code can't process the award because at that moment something else is happening concurrently and it's overload for the processor. Something like that. It happens to me once in a few games, for sure.

#9499 82 days ago
Quoted from weeze:

<snip>this is my back yard neighbor.
[quoted image]

Is he your house guest from time to time?

#9500 82 days ago
Quoted from gumnut01:

Arena has been my best - 62m. I know that's nothing compared to others, but great for me. My others are around 20m. Tunnel shits me though.

62M for your best! Nice work!
Bowen mentions in his tutorial that the points available in Arena are scant and he doesn't invest much effort in the mode. Ditto: BG.

#9502 80 days ago

Decoding Inserts After L.M.S. Please Help.

Each of these photos was taken at the conclusion/completion of an L.M.S. wizard mode. (Caveat: my game is set to four balls, with a ten-second ball-save, and 100, not 115, Walkers.)
If you've been there, you know that there's a long/amusing animation that rewards the player and can't be double-flipped away. While it runs, the main insert on some of or all of the main shots flickers like a torch in red/orange.
You'll notice that in each of these photos, one main-shot insert is *not* lit.
Much more often they are *all* lit when the mode is completed.
What does that mean about one's performance in the mode?
How do your inserts look when you finish L.M.S?

IMG_1043(1) (resized).jpgIMG_1072 (resized).jpgIMG_1236 (resized).jpgIMG_1265 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#9542 70 days ago

"Keep movin' and keep shootin'!"

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