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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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Post #690 Evil Dead sound package link. Posted by ezeltmann (4 years ago)

Post #783 Link to LE/Premium sound replacement options. Posted by ezeltmann (4 years ago)

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#8073 4 months ago

I'm new to the club - looks like I have some reading to do! Any recommendations on where to start?

I think I'm going to order service rails tomorrow -- not sure I trust the sticks.

It already has the R-Rated Cleland code, so we're good there.

Anything else I should consider?

IMG_20190723_193316 (resized).jpg
#8077 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Call me crazy, but I’d play it.

Now that's just crazy talk! LOL

#8084 4 months ago

Thanks for all the feedback! Definitely going to watch the videos to learn more about the game. I played this game quite a bit on location, but never even noticed the drop targets on the left until last night!

Maybe I'll play around with the sticks a bit before spending $50 on the service rails...

Quoted from Rager170:

"R-Rated Cleland code"
I wasnt aware of this being done. I guess its been a while since ive been checking this thread.
Can anyone tell me how I can get this? Is it just a simple game update install?

You can message Cleland or find links in the forums. Here's links to the Premium/LE version:

#8109 4 months ago

So like I said, I just bought a TWD Pro. In the back box, I see this connector with nothing plugged into it. I also have a wire that looks like it could connect, but I have no idea what it would connect to (nothing right now since the connector broke off when it got stuck after folding the head). Everything seems to work - any idea what this is for?

IMG_20190725_203616 (resized).jpgIMG_20190725_203649 (resized).jpg
#8112 4 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I thought that connector had something to do with the DMD. I thought I had to remove that when installing my color DMD.

Ok, cool, so it's legacy and I shouldn't worry about it since I'm not going back to the red dots anyway?

#8114 4 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Thats what I think. The directions didnt say anything about that cable and when I was done, I was like "What is this?" Couldnt find where it would go. A buddy of mine on here told me he took it off for doing his Metallica also. You should be all set.

Awesome, thanks for the confirmation! I suspected as much, since everything appears to be working.

3 weeks later
#8183 3 months ago

Yes! When you get to LMS, the topper tips over and pours you a glass so you can celebrate!

#8212 3 months ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Unfortunate luck on both accounts, but that makes for a pretty cool pinball story. It's kind of like the pinball equivalent of the early 90's Buffalo Bills going to 4 consecutive Super Bowls and never winning, LOL.

As a lifelong Bills fan, I had to downvote that comment if for nothing more than the bad memories you brought back.

1 month later
#8368 71 days ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Colordmd lcd and shaker!

I just put a shaker in mine this past weekend, and really like it!

#8378 68 days ago

Argh! Was having a good game (for me... 100M, 35 kills on the 2nd ball), when I made a shot on the CDC ramp and... the ball got stuck on the ramp behind the back (so you couldn't see it). Ball search didn't dislodge it, I shaking the machine, nothing... Eventually game thought the ball was lost I guess... And the game got confused with two balls in play during ball three. Grr....

1 month later
#8541 31 days ago
Quoted from Manic:

I'm thinking about finally getting a shaker for my Premium for the hell of it. If you have one... is it well implemented in the code? I assume it bangs along with the subwoofer in Horde but when else do you feel it? Worth getting or annoying?
Also is Pinball Life's shaker decent?
Thanks gang

Yeah, I love the shaker in my Pro. I've never had Horde, so don't know about that... But it rattles around with zombies, sometimes at random times when they growl or something. Really adds to the experience, love it.

#8563 29 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Until multiball starts you haven’t started any stages. The stages mentioned by Brian are the stages of multiball.
Have to get to multiball first to play the stages. All the yard is doing is giving you prison letters. Spell prison to light MB.

Wait, now I'm confused... When I hit the door, it lights letters until it fully spells "PRISON." Then the magnet grabs the ball, the door opens, and I have to clear the yard. I've already got the PRISON letters at that point. So I cross my fingers that the magnet doesn't fling the ball SDTM. If it doesn't, I can shoot either the zombie head or the flashing red arrows to kill a zombie. Once I clear them all and hit the zombie head, then the magnet grabs the ball again and I start multiball -- are you saying THAT'S when stage 1 starts? If so, I'm never going to get SIEGE....

#8570 27 days ago
Quoted from mthirkell:

The prison magnet won't go SDTM if you hit your flippers before it lets go - kind of like when cancelling the bonus animation.

I always do that and it still frequently does. I saw a thread that said to do it when the crowbar hits the zombie so I will try that. Otherwise the magnet doesn't do much so I might just disable it.

#8572 27 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Per borg, turn the magnet core very slightly and retighten. That worked for me.

Cool will try that, thanks!

#8578 23 days ago

If I want to get rid of some of the white inserts on the game, what bulbs are people recommending to replace them with on a Pro? I've never bought bulbs for a game yet, and when looking at PBL and such, there's a dizzying array to choose from! Any specific recommendations?

Any suggestions on colors would be nice as well, as I've only seen a couple of pictures of people who have changed the lights.

#8581 23 days ago
Quoted from zrbrt:

What are you looking to replace? I think the best colors LED colors are typically warm white, cool white, green, and red. I guess you could color bomb it with pink or whatever. Since you're in mpls, I have a stash of old LEDs that you could poke around with to get some ideas from if you'd like. Send me a DM if you want and we can try to figure something out so you can at least try some colors / variety of lights before purchasing anything.

I don't really know what I want to change... there's just too many white inserts I think - the three drop targets, all the weapons, the number of walkers killed, LMS, Horde (not that those two ever light up for me except in attract mode LOL), the mode lights, the crosshairs, the "bit" lights for the outlanes, the skillshots, the Tower target. I don't want to color bomb it, I just want to try adding a little more color to at least one of those groups, just not sure what exactly because I don't want it to look like clown puke either...

Thanks for the offer - I'm not looking to move fast on this, but might take you up on it after the holidays! PM incoming.

#8587 23 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions Spider and Panda!

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