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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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Post #129 Link to EL wire kit from Pinball Refinery. Posted by Tmezel (5 years ago)

Post #236 Link to custom rules cards. Posted by gweempose (5 years ago)

Post #404 Burning barn mod. Posted by Tmezel (5 years ago)

Post #690 Evil Dead sound package link. Posted by ezeltmann (4 years ago)

Post #783 Link to LE/Premium sound replacement options. Posted by ezeltmann (4 years ago)

Post #2893 Link to rules doc for v1.60, still being updated as of May 2018. Posted by e4mafia (4 years ago)

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#266 5 years ago

I actually like the pro default bright leds.
Though bouth some double leds in red from cointaker. And will add these perhaps in the empty holes found in the playfield. But will wait till I find a premium or le to take some detailed pics.

Just installed the fishtank mod yesterday on my pro (not the topper). Looks really great.

2 weeks later
#272 5 years ago

TWD is a great game. I just love the layout and feeling it has. I had star trek pro before, but thought it was too easy and modes were to similar. Walking dead is a whole different kind of machine and haven't regret it a minute I upgraded from ST to the TWD.

#287 5 years ago

I'm curious now for what's the correct position of those plastics.

All pro, LE and even premium stern official pictures show this in the setup, smallest is below, largest is on top.

Changing it gives indead more room for the well walker to move (especially on direc thits) and most likely triggering the base assy switch better. But if that plastic was intended to limit it's movement,...

any official input from Stern on this? People who received them nib and those plastics were installed with smallest on top?

#291 5 years ago

Just had an above average CDC mode... 600M

But I guess these kind of cdc's will be history with the next code update.


2 weeks later
#309 5 years ago

A topper max number was never mentioned. So this will be limited in time, just like any titles is I guess.
It would be unfair too if they would limit it. If you missed out on the first batch..

#315 5 years ago

I truly love this game. Very nice layout, multiballs, sound and modes.

Today I got a new Arena highscore of 103M! I was shooting the ramp really a lot and in the end I hit the ramp a last time for a single shot value of 54M! (with the knife stab animation)
I did not have double scoring running and I even believe that 54M was unmultiplied.

TWD is really a great game and I still enjoy it as much since day 1. Can't wait to discover how it plays with the new software.


3 months later
#445 5 years ago

No it's mechanic.. use a softer spring on the prison doors or see where you can adjusted the mechanism. There's also a switch I believe to see if they are open or not.

Regarding strategy Eskaybee.. yes it works the way you say it. Though not every mode has a repetitive shot (tunnel, cdc and arena).
Clearing the prison yard is of choice, you can shoot the arrows or shoot the prison each time for one of the arrows to clear. Shooting the prison is more dangerous for stdm drain risk.
Though with the shot multiplier that can add up to f.e. 5x, dubbele playfield and shooting modes and score big at the right time is really great.

A Multikill goes together with an obtained weapon once you did something to get them.. But if you score good in a mode, you're multikill is worth a lot more and can really ad up to the scoring.

For me weapons vs multikills should need a little more (for example shoot 3 yellow multikill shots to change an obtained flashing weapon towards a solidly lit weapon).

#448 5 years ago

Huge score! congratz!
3 or 5 balls? Dflt settings?

104 walkers... that's close to last man standing (not there yet but hey)

#461 5 years ago

Optimize scoring... 2 stacked multiballs together with double scoring and a good mode like riot, tunnel, cdc, barn. Hit the drop targets a lot to extend the mode timer.

My riot high score is 240M. And even if i try to play it the way i wrote here, and even succeed. It's still difficult to get a huge score.

And that's why twd is such a great game. Sounds easy, isn't easy, but feels great when you succeed in it.

#465 5 years ago

So this makes the LE/premium the 'easy' game then

#488 5 years ago

I have a question regarding the modes and their related episodes

cdc = end of season 1
barn = season 2
arena = season 3
riot = ?
tunnel = ?

prison = season 3 a 4
well walker = season 2
siege = season 4
terminus = ?
last man standing = ?

2 weeks later
#523 5 years ago

I listed them to be set a little more difficult. Keep playing and don't forget the importance of the drop targets.

1 week later
#641 5 years ago

TomDk that weight is too heavy on the flipper bushings, it will break them causin the flipper to drag on the playfield. (seen it from experience)

1 month later
#799 4 years ago

Stock has double leds white cold

#818 4 years ago

Horde has no ending at this moment (you get bit or you drain all balls)

1 week later
#980 4 years ago

Random well walker hits.

I solved it on my machine:
Bad connection on the z connector from the switch to the main switch matrix wire loom. I inversed this connector 180 degrees and haven't had any since.

2 weeks later
#1036 4 years ago

Switch should be enough (without the target). Adjust it (or replace in worst case) and you should be good.

#1061 4 years ago


siege is lit by doing this:
start prison multibull, shoot 6 jackpots (alternate shots and prison walker) so you get the super through the riot shot

For 6 to 12:
After the super jackpot you can shoot victory laps. You must alternate too doing this, you shoot a ramp, you shoot the prison. However prison doors stay closed now and you only see that you have to shoot the prison by it's flashers. This was so in previous code, don't know if it has changed but I think it's the same.

After 6 succesfull alternates after the super, siege is lit when multiball ends at the prison.

ps: If you make a superjackpot during prison, but do not qualify for 12 jackpots, I think in the next prison multiball, you start with jackpots again in stead of victory laps.

#1063 4 years ago

No, I think you can get to Siege by shooting 6 jackpots in a first prison multiball and 6 in the second.

Don't know though if you can do something like 8 and 4. Or 4 and 8. But I think it will work this way.

#1074 4 years ago
Quoted from IBARAKURO:

also had the problem ...
I am reassured that it's software
and no material ...

Quoted from ectobar:

Anyone else experience a game reset during Horde?
I've had it happen once on the last code, and once last night after I installed the new code.
The lights in the game are going crazy during Horde which makes me think maybe I have a GI short somewhere, but I haven't really looked under the hood much yet. Figured I'd run it by you guys first.

Also had a reset today during Horde:

Horde was running combined with riot, just reached level 3, then boom a reset.

Played some games with multiball afterwards, no issue
Played a Horde game later today, no issue...

Never had an issue before.. but I think Horde with a certain combination of things can cause this to lock up the software so it causes a reset.

2 weeks later
#1151 4 years ago

The insert surely lights up when Horde is lit. (on my pro)
it should also flash when a multikill shot is made I think.

Is it a lamp or a flasher underneath it? If both, check if both work. Maybe only the flasher is used then during the game.

I will check on 1.56, but this was the way it has been on previous releases.

#1159 4 years ago

Confirmed: horde flasher works on the pro when making multikills on 1.56. Haven't reached Horde today (I have all my multikill settings on the hardest setting )

1 week later
#1192 4 years ago

Has nothing to do with the top lanes near the bumpers.
X inlane multiplier is advanced by killing walkers. Every 2 walkers give you an X. So 2 walkers = 2x, 4 walkers = 3x.. this is untill you 'use' it.
You can combine it with double playfield (3x + double = 6x).

X champion is the highest value made in one single shot. This can consist out of different items (mode shot + walker kill + multikill + past mode shot + combo + ...)

#1206 4 years ago

My phantom well walker hits were caused by the z connector (the switch is always closed, so a bad connection and some vibration caused it). Switching the zconnector with another one solved it completely.

#1234 4 years ago

This would be a really nice mod to place under the pro ramp!

#1241 4 years ago

To fix some drains, you can increase the pitch of your game by using the levelers (bottom quite up, front quite down).

#1264 4 years ago


Also registered a 84M crossbow champion


#1269 4 years ago

A 500+ Million Riot:

Well that riot was played in a double multiball (well and blood bath).

I played it as the fourth mode, meaning 3 other modes were already played and next to switch hits, those shots also added 500K up to the riot value, this is what is called 'a past mode shot'.
But very early in the riot mode I shot the riot 3 times in a row (on double scoring) and then continued to hammer that shot with multipliers and double scoring (for a long time). In the end I shot a few shots 6x (double + 3x) shooting at 99m a shot
Off course keep hitting the drops to extend the mode timer.

1 week later
#1508 4 years ago

Suggestions for software would be:

- woodburry machine determined skill shot and not selectable by player
- make horde itself ( a lot) harder and when you drain all balls, keep shooting instead of moving to the next ball in play (like you would have been bit) --> now i find myself avoiding horde because it is too easy, you can keep it going for too long.
Also because I will loose the ball eventually during Horde and I cannot advance my walker kills towards LMS.

Serious question, how many of you have had Horde ended because you were too slow shooting the shots and got bit?

#1511 4 years ago

Getting to Horde on default settings is not hard, but you must play it right and focus on the drops:

1 multikill from bicycle girl (this is a must)
1 multikill from prison multiball (3 or 4 jackpots on default)
1 multikill from well walker multiball
1 multikill from bloodbath superjackpot (the drops)

Others that come in easy why playing the above:
- mode multikills (5 modes so options enough)
- x time droptarget bank completed
- x time fishtanks completed (right ramp)
- woodburry skillshots made
- combo's

Especially if you combine blood bath with another multiball and a mode, you can easily get 3 multikills from that combination.

#1514 4 years ago

Yes, there is, I have it a maximum, but it's still too slow

1 week later
#1714 4 years ago

Horde ends with all balls drain, you move to next ball (or gameover if it was the last)
Horde ends when you got bit (means your shooting is really bad ) --> flippers die, and you keep shooting in normal play mode.

Walker kills and played modes stay lit but all weapon inserts are reset.

#1718 4 years ago

Then what.. you go for Siege, Last man standing, terminus, or go for Horde again.

Lots to do, for you to decide

#1805 4 years ago

When exactly do you get the killing spree quote? I like it, here it from time to time, but don't know the exact criteria.

#1849 4 years ago


A second bicycle girl will not give you a multikill, unless you did not earn it the first time.
If you play for example terminus (6th mode) and then play the modes all over again, I think you can earn them back for the modes.

Just heard the greatest quote today (factory software):
"they're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out, ..."

2 weeks later
#2087 4 years ago

To me there's no need to add cliffy protectors to the magnet with the new magnet system.
I have mine a year with zero wear.

#2092 4 years ago

Off course it is. The core is surrounded by a metal. So the magnet has it's own protector

#2112 4 years ago

Siege is lit by hitting 12 jackpots in prison multiball.
If you have hit the superjackpot, you must shoot a ramp and then the prison (doors closed). Iin this victory round each prison hit after you have shot a ramp counts towards siege as well.
You can qualify for siege in 2 seperate prison multiballs (7 jackpots for example in the first multiball, 5 in the second)

#2132 4 years ago

3 of 5 crossbow shots to get to frenzy indeed.

Sometimes scoring can be insane because of the multipliers. I once had a (legit) 500M+ Riot mode
And also an X champion of a single (the last though) terminus shot being worth 130M.

#2138 4 years ago

You must start the frenzy at the right ramp (lamp blinks faster). Also meaning that if a super would exist, it would not work because of this

#2172 4 years ago

I made a little topic about TWD X champ high score scroll down with a video of my scroll down:

Curious for what others pulled off!

2 weeks later
#2284 4 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Yep, there's nothing like the first time you get to Horde. It may very well be the best mode in all of pinball. Absolutely brilliant!

The music, light, concept is great but.. in it's current state.. no it isn't..
you can't beat it..
it's too easy (who has been bit yet during horde?)
mostly ends with a ball drain and advance to next ball in play which isn't something you want in a wizard mode, especially on 3ball games.

#2287 4 years ago

@Gweemposte Flippers die and you get a keep shooting (i once had a stuck ball, that's why I know this )

#2361 4 years ago

Crossbow frenzy is no multiball but a frenzy (you have a timer in which you have to make crossbow shots, during that time right ramp is always lit, and making a shot resets the timer.

Xbox champion qualifies for the highest value of a single shot made in a crossbow shot (in normal mode or in frenzy mode). I have it at around 80M (you can use the multiplier on it)

#2377 4 years ago

@tp: just to be sure, swap the Z connector going to the well walker switch with another one from the game.. just to rule it out

#2477 4 years ago

Mezelmods has the light
Laseriffic had the aquariums

1 week later
#2573 4 years ago

Magnet cliffy's not needed with the new stern magnet system.

#2576 4 years ago

No, games like metallica (simple magnet core) need it
Games like twd, spiderman vault, ... do not need it. They have a magnet core with an additional metal area around it.

1 week later
#2674 4 years ago

The horde light lights when a multikill shot is made (i think it's the flasher). This is certainly 100% sure pro behaviour.
On the pro it also lights when Horde is lit.

And so causing the confusing 'my horde light works on my le/premium'. That it only lights for multikills being made but not when Horde itself is lit.

1 week later
#2695 4 years ago

With Lyman, nothing is ever finished

3 weeks later
#2797 4 years ago

I have my pro at about 1.2B (3 balls, harder multikill settings). But I managed to pull of a 550M riot A few riot shots were 100M a shot. Multipliers, double playfield... no bug!

#2802 4 years ago

Is it broken now (backbox, playfield glass, ..)?

#2864 4 years ago

Black decal is factory. It loosened on my first games already, removed it immediately then.

3 weeks later
#2970 4 years ago

Woodbury is a bit easy now but this is intended because some games in the field have inconsistent plunger behaviour.
I thought you can set some options that an already made woodbury skillshot cannot be repeated on the same selection.

#2974 4 years ago

Are any of the mode champs set now with his initials?
However, a good combination multiball, mode, horde, etc... can give you a good score.
3 ball or 5 ball game, extra ball or replay settings?

Latest software? (earlier ones had bad scoring on cdc and riot)
That or a flaky switch

1 week later
#3025 4 years ago

LMS strategy.
Get a multikill going and focus on making lit crosshair shots, if possible combined with the multikill insert (yellow). Then they count double.
You need quite some multiballs and then focus (more) on the walker kill shots than you normally do. Also get to 60 multikills for your second extra ball, and if possible focus on the lit towers (at the 10th you earn another extra ball).

I play mine on 3 balls, hard multikill settings and got to 114... (at 110 the wife walked in and asked me some questions.. i was like sstt ssttt don't don't.., but too late)

#3054 4 years ago

Horde kills shouldn't count for LMS imho... would be too easy then. That's the cool thing about LMS, it's a hard wizard mode to achieve but certainly achievable if you focus on the crosshairs.

My game play without focus averages at around 45
My game play with focus averages at 90 walker kills

DAV (default walker kill champion)

#3060 4 years ago

I play my games on 3 balls, all factory and the hardest multikill settings (f.e. complete tunnel for multikill, complete bicycle girl for multikill, 5 barn shots for multikill, complete cdc for multikill, which is normally a lot less...). Extra balls enabled but not through a replay.
Left outlane post in the down position, right outlane post in the up position.

I do have an excellent feed from the pops and prison magnet (no stdm)

1 month later
#3396 4 years ago

Your well walker switch probably needs adjustment. (in normal position the switch is closed, which is the opposite of most other switches!)
Also reseat the connectors below the playfield for the well walker.

Best to test using the switch test! .

2 weeks later
#3487 3 years ago

Correct a code issue

1 week later
#3550 3 years ago

Today my prison doors smashed the plastic on the left hand side (continues behind it) of the prison in 2 halves ...

This was during a ball search without a ball in the neighbourhood..

Anyone have a spare they would like to sell me to help me out?

#3552 3 years ago

That's the one

twdplastic (resized).jpg

1 month later
#3854 3 years ago


build up the drops and one of the multiballs, combining a multiball with blood bath is key.
During multiball make sure you extend a running mode by shooting drops (certainly easy in blood bath as the drops are the one to shoot for).

Score big in barn and riot by using the double playfield multiplier and the x shot multiplier.

But the way you build towards multiballs is also important... never bash the head until the last 2 shots, never hit the well on certain area's (I usuall hit him towards the pops area so it feeds back from the pops).

Also make sure that when you have a crossbow shot, you multiply it as max as possible.. these can score really big!

#3856 3 years ago

fyi: This is twd pro play, so I have no crossbow but inlane feed before making the crossbow shot
Premium/LE probably needs you to cash in when shooting the right ramp to load the crossbow.

No, when you made the weapons drop.. the yellow light above the right ramp will be lit... if you have double playfield and an inlane multiplier ready (for example 4x). Then shoot the right ramp, cash in your inlane multiplier and shoot a crossbow shot.

4x and double playfield = 8x so when making a succesfull crossbow shot: 5M can be worth 40M due to the 8xmultiplier.
If you combine this with for example a running barn mode and you shoot the barn shot this way... you have

5M (crossbow) + 4M (barn) + walker kill/multikill/... = 10M x 8 = 80M in one shot

To pull these things off isn't always easy but this is how you try to play the game continuesley. Multiplay on modeshots, higher multikill values, well walker jackpots, etc...

I have shot 100M riot shots this way too (my riot champ is f.e. now 500M+)

ps: to build your inlane multiplier, shoot lit crosshairs, every 2 shot advances the multiplier by one.

4 weeks later
#3917 3 years ago

If you want to play more features... focus on the drop targets during multiball.. every multiball is quite certain a combination with a mode then.

I have factory settings but increased multikill difficulty (complete bicycle girl for multikill, complete tunnel for multikill, 5 barn shots for multikill, etc...) so horde is more of a challenge

#3918 3 years ago

After hitting 114 walkers once and 113 walkers once... finally after 2,5 years I reached Last Man Standing!

Very nice mode, worth lots of points! (3balls factory settings, extra's enabled (25 kills, 60kills and 10 lit tower hits)

The bonus burning pile is also a nice touch

#3920 3 years ago

Game is a pro.

Finished abit above 2Billion. Last man standing was worth 492M. Could have played it better but was too excited

There is so much potential in this game on the scoring part that I always leave the game thinking "that mode could have scored a lot bigger if I didn't miss the multiplied shot (with double playfield) I had setup ".

#3927 3 years ago

Actually I played horde in that game and terminus.
I actually abuse horde to get playfield multiplier tower hits so it counts up towards 10 hits for an extra ball. When I'm down to one ball in horde, I cradle my ball and time out Horde so I get bit (and the ball is reserved as 'keep shooting' instead of the risk of draining the last ball during horde and moving to my next ball in play for that game.

And by the time last man standing was lit, horde was also lit for the second time.
I made the shot, curious what mode would start but Last man Standing has priority above Horde.

Keep in mind that I have my multikill settings to the hardest (so it takes more shots in a mode (or complete) to get a multikill. For example cdc and tunnel and arena require you to complete the mode for a multikill. Barn needs 5 hits, riot also needs the maximum number of hits. Bicycle girl needs to be completed, etc...

#3938 3 years ago

It's prison multiball (watch season 3/4 for this)

#3950 3 years ago

With Lyman I would not doubt about it. For reference, think about Tron and MET.
The premium/le 'horde' light is a known bug so someday in the future I figure it will get fixed

ps: manic... nice location 'Alexandria' (season 6)

#3996 3 years ago

In order of easyness for me:

- horde
- terminus
- siege
- last man standing

It all depends on how you focus your game.
If you try for Siege during multiball you'll get it at some point. Especially if you combine prison with blood bath.
Now Siege is a bit difficult for most because it's not really clear how to qualify for it.
For me:
- shoot the six jackpots then the superjackpot
- then alternate prison (doors closed) and a ramp for six times
- then siege is lit after multiball

I believe that if you have hit a superjacpot, the next prison multiball starts again like the first (so no doors closed/ramps only to shoot the jackpots, but the normall way)

4 weeks later
#4185 3 years ago

Finally a big CDC and new X champ

#4191 3 years ago

Nothing robotic.. been trying this cdc score for a year now. Lots of times close but always failed when trying to go for the big payoff on the left ramp.

I build the cdc value by looping the left ramp a lot and then go into multiball, shoot lots of shots and avoid the left ramp untill the value is really high. It sounds easy but is really hard to have the cards right.

#4199 3 years ago

Yes my Riot score is indeed great Managed to do it once on another machine too.
I made a few 100M shots during that riot mode

Insane crossbow shot Wayne! Crossbow frenzy can be worth at lot too. Though hard to get cause you mostly go for the different drop target inserts.

#4245 3 years ago
Quoted from captkirk:

Any of the 4 Billion guys care to give a rough outline of their game strategy? I'd sure be interested in learning something.

Score big in modes, multiballs... --> high multikill value

For example score 100M in barn, score 100M in riot. This alone makes a multikill value worth a lot (5% or 10% of the modes total?). So if you have for example a 20M multikill and you shoot it quite a lot with multipliers, this can add up quite nicely.
20M x 3 (inlane multiplier) + double playfield = 120M a shot

And in competition mode, multikill values do not reset after Horde so this is a very important setting (you can change it as desired).

Next to that, terminus, horde and LMS count big.

But then again, you have to play it all to get to those billions

#4248 3 years ago

Main shots yes. Small switch hits (popbumpers, prison targets, slingshots, inlanes, etc...) not.

A disabled crossbow on a premium/le will not act as a pro, you cannot make any crossbow shots in a game with a disabled crossbow.

3 weeks later
#4332 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

anyone had random activations of the well walker? notably when the ball is in the pops?

I had to swap the Z connector towards the well walker switch (located near the drop targets)

1 week later
#4384 3 years ago
Quoted from wtuttle:

I am getting depressed. My drop targets are getting less reliable. They either fire pre-maturely (happens to the best!) or they get hit and go down legitimately, but don't come back up. Any drop-target experts out there? I called 'Chaz' from Stern, but he wasn't super helpful, unfortunately.

Did you reset the connector(s) to the drop target board(s)?

#4429 3 years ago

There is knowledge of a very rare Horde reset and what I heard, should be covered in a future update.

1 week later
#4463 3 years ago
Quoted from Gnassel:

I have a stupid question about the well Walker multi ball.
I save a Well Walker bomb, which I want to use if the ball goes out. This is of course only possible if only one hit is left.
How can I indicate that only one shot is missing?
Sometimes the DMD show me other animation then left hits.

You can't, just try to keep count in your head.

1 month later
#4627 3 years ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

It's a great video, but I don't think anyone with a Pro could ever put up that kind of score. Without the walker bombs, his score would have been significantly lower. Don't get me wrong, I'm in awe every time I see him play, but there were a lot of times he was able to cash in a huge jackpot or recover a lost ball just from hitting the button.
I watched the one with commentary and even the other guy was giving him a hard time about the walker bombs.
Bowen did a good tutorial on the Pro.
» YouTube video

Incorrect... I have 2B scores on my pro without even playing LMS.

Try and play the crossbow frenzy with double playfield.
Or play a good mode (200M+) and then start cashing in on multiplied multikill values

#4637 3 years ago

Ok correct, just watched the tutorial vid and saw the end score of that video that was a lot lower. So my reaction was based on that

The main reason the scores got so high on keith's game is also the fact that on tournament settings, the multikill value doesn't reset when horde is played. This makes a huge difference. On the other hand, you cannot start modes during a multiball. But 9B is indeed a crazy score.

I'm having a blast now with this game. It only gets better

#4647 3 years ago

yes, very fast tunnel to arena jumps sometimes in my cdc too... (and goes then stdm)

2 weeks later
#4721 3 years ago

No coding problem, as long as ball save is active, you cannot shoot the extra ball in multiball. Only when the ball saver is out.

#4725 3 years ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

You'd think that would be easy to get around since there are two switch in the shooter lane. One right below the Extra ball shot that would get triggered first and the one at the trough eject that would be triggered second. If it was a ball being launched, it would be the other way around.

It is probably done the current way because of this reason:

Multiball and ball saver has the possibility to launch a ball when another ball is right in front of the gate in the popbumpers. If the launched ball would hit another ball at the exit and so not fully exit the shooter lane... it would roll back. This way the game cannot know this happened, or you shot the woodburry shot yourself. So I think it is solved correctly

#4759 3 years ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Does anyone know what registers a hit on the prison doors? Is it just the optos in front of the door? Mine has a habit of not registering a door hit sometimes, especially if the ball is really flying. I know it's passing the optos, because you can hear it smack the door.

It jumps above the opto because of the magnet, mine does it from time to time on fast balls.

#4777 3 years ago

All modes score big... CDC is the one with the nice cash out, but the others build up quite nicely when being played for a longer time.

If you play tunnel, try looping the tunnel shot a few times before making the first red arrow shot, value increases by 2,5M a shot.

1 week later
#4877 3 years ago

GI 'animation' on Horde is a LE/Premium thing only.

After playing the premium again, I really think the pro is the better playing game.
More flow, faster (through left loop - no spinner, left ramp, no corssobow...)

And the fact that you can multiply crossbow shots

I added the prison tower official mod and a fishtank alike to fill up the emptiness.
Other than that, the GI is the best about the premium.

I even like the flashing of the mode inserts better on the pro (completely different).

Can you imagine that I've reached LMS once and played it,a few months later reached it twice and on both drained while trying to shoot the woodburry shot.

#4887 3 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

What are your best modes scores?

480M on arena
600M on riot
280M on cdc
245M on tunnel
180M on barn
1.2B on terminus *
632M on X champ
300M crossbow champ
600M on horde
5.6M on combo champ

My favorite mode now is actually Arena

#4910 3 years ago

Stern is aware and knowing who programmed this, this certainly will get fixed sooner or later...

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#5086 3 years ago
Quoted from pin2d:

Curious - when going for Horde, are there certain multi-kills you all focus on?
Right now I usually try to stack bicycle girl and CDC mode, but then I just kind of randomly go for modes/multi-balls after that.

My most commonly achieved:

- prison multiball after x jackpots
- well walker after x well jackopts
- blood batch after x jackpots at the drops
- x times drop completions
- bicycle girl

And of course all mode multikills are easy to achieve

Sometimes I get the x combo's multikill and x fish tanks multikills too.

If I need one more multikill for example, I mostly go through a mode if multiball is too far away to start.

#5093 3 years ago
Quoted from doublestack:

Not a bad stratagy. I too like to stack cdc and bicycle girl as it's just so easy. So I haven't noticed yet but is completing a fish tank awarded with a multi kill? The points on that shot (not in a mode) are pitiful for such a dangerous ramp.

No you have to complete x times the fishtank, don't know exact how much but in longer games you get there eventually.
Especially when you run through tunnel, cdc for those modes, or crossbow shots.

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#5265 2 years ago

I advice to set up your games a little steeper, so the ball hangs more on the lower side of the magnet.

It sure pulses but with a more flatten game, the ball will not move much from it's core.

#5276 2 years ago

Killing spree: hit all the walkers in the yard quite fast and you get this awarded

Horde rules (at this moment! ): starts at the woodburry with 2 or 3 balls and every x lit shots you get an add-a ball and move up one level. The closer the walker the higher the points you get. Points depend on how high your multikill value was before starting it.
Horde ends:
when a walker is too close (all lamps on a certain shot lit + some extra time) and bites you, you keep playing on your current ball in play
when you drain your last ball, and then you advance to next ball in play

#5278 2 years ago

Crossbow frenzy can run together with horde.
You start crossbow frenzy at the right ramp after you shot 3 succesfull crosbow shots.

#5281 2 years ago

I hit a 6 or 7 way combo once (right ramp and tunnel alternation) but combo champ is on one shot I think.

#5286 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

There is no end to Horde unless you get bit our drain

not yet

#5288 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

You're nuts if you think this gets another update. Haha

Time will tell I suppose

1 week later
#5318 2 years ago

12 prison jackpots during prison multiball (first 6 = prison then another red shot, followed by the superjackpot. The other 6 are a ramp and then the closed prison, unless you play it in two times then you continue on you count but with the behaviour of the first 6 again). Siege starts after prison multiball has ended by shooting the prison.

1 month later
#5465 2 years ago

Played a lot on this code and it's great. (Who said I was 'nuts' believing another update would be released )

Especially this:
increased arena mode scoring (double playfield, ramp ramp multiplied ramp and boom goes your score)
increased tunnel scoring
Horde Escape: the most import one and the solution for not being blocked on this mode and resulting in a drained ball /advance to next ball. Especially the double playfield that works on the horde escape bonus is a thing to shoot for!
Horde more walkers lit
Normal gameplay minimum 4 walkers lit instead of 3 gets last man standing more within reach
Progress of Siege qualification during prison multiball
And of course the terminus scoring:
hurry up 1 : 20% of the last (5th) mode played
hurry up 2: 20% of the 5th mode played + 20% of the 4th mode played
hurry up 3: 20% of 5th + 20% of 4th + 20% of 3rd
hurry up 4:...

So for good terminus scoring, play a really good 5th mode and you can cash in big!

'DAV' (walker champ)

#5480 2 years ago

LMS will be easier to achieve because of these 2 changes:

3 to 4 walkers lit at all time
The horde escape because horde was basically a certain lost ball when you entered that mode (unless you got bit), now with the escape you cash in and continue to play towards last man standing. This was my biggest problem with twd actually.

But not in a way that you get often to LMS now on the new code

Siege will be a little bit easier but it was never achieved much by players because you needed to keep count yourself for it. Not that it's easier to play now but the progress indicator you see during prison multiball will make you more focus on it. And nowing scoring increased a lot in the mode will make it a better goal to go for.

#5500 2 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

the BELGIAN players tag are still in than !?

They sure are

#5545 2 years ago

The fact that not 3 but 4 walkers are lit makes you build up your multipliers faster (every 2 walkers is + one X on your shot multiplier).
That and increased scoring on barn, tunnel, arena. But also higher crossbow values, higher victory laps in multiball, ...

So yes higher scores is a logic thing.

But who played the horde escape already? I did for sure, but what do you think about it?

#5554 2 years ago

Horde qualification difficulty is exactly the same. Which is good as it is imho

#5556 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I thought i seen someone say it was a little easier to achieve.

Trust me it isn't
LMS is easier, weapons/multikills qualification towards Horde is exactly the same

#5565 2 years ago

Yes correct, horde itself was too easy. Getting bit was such a rare thing. And you just kept playing (most of the time) untill you lost your ball.
Now it's perfect because:
You drain your ball before level 3 --> bad luck but you really should have played better because the lower the level the less shots you need to advance
You get bit (more often now) --> horde ends but you loose your horde bonus
You play good / take some risk and cash in big with the horde escape bonus. (even doubled with the 2x playfield).
And then you continue to play toward LMS.

Before it was a real cool mode but it blocked your path toward LMS. Now it's perfect and really balanced in the risk vs award

#5573 2 years ago

For LMS the way I reached it (3 times already) was mostly with multiple blood bath multiballs in my game.
I also try to hit my prison multiple times before adding well multiball with my blood bath.

Also important to focus on: in well or prison multiballs, really focus on complete drop set completions.

That's my best strategy to qualify for last man standing.

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#5676 2 years ago

Congratz Michel!!

#5678 2 years ago

Yes... hope it's an easy fix.
ps: I like the original more than the modified. Modified to me feels not so consistent (content, quality of samples differs, volume levels, ..). Lots of effort and appreciated by a lot, but not my preference.

2 weeks later
#5794 2 years ago

you drain your ball so you've been bit... what's there to miss?

#5814 2 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Bit value can build quite high, although no one is trying to build it up. with double scoring and an accidental X you could win a match by draining!

I paid attention to it and X doesn't work on the outlane drain.

2 weeks later
#5912 2 years ago

Luckily we have bicycle girl!

Walking dead is indeed a hard game, been trying to beat the last man standing champion (my friend Evert B - EB ) which I did 3 times in the past but can't get past 80 walker kills per game (factory 3 balls, extra's enabled). My left outlane is just so tough on me.

#5948 2 years ago

@Luvtataphex: My X champ is now 339M... I believe it was a huge value terminus shot + a combo + a walker (2x with double playfield)

#5950 2 years ago

RipleYYY: High score roll will tell you in detail

#5953 2 years ago

Chambahz: you will probably have to adjust the lane guide a little where the ball exits the shooter lane (even bending it a tiny bit is possible).

Pintucky: officially it's a 3 language country (Dutch, French and German). German less common and few know how to speak/understand German. If one of the parties doesn't speak the other language, then we mostly switch to the language that we both know. If both don't know the other language we switch to English. With RipleYYY we mix. He knows Dutch, I know French, so we mix.
I speak Spanish too but this we don't need in Belgium

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#5969 2 years ago

wtuttle... you probably have problems with your drop target, verify it works correct.

#5977 2 years ago

15x wauw, I never am able to wait that long before I use it.

Tip of the day : If your use your inlane x multiplier the first next 'shot' will count multiplied.
Sometimes you miss your shot (post, etc...) but as long as your score is 'flashing' the x multiplier is still valid to make a shot.
No big deal but discovered this recently after owning the game for more than 2 years.

#5991 2 years ago

For the well walker: double check the z-connector that connects the wires of the well walker switch to the main wiring loom.

My problem was in my first walking dead related that connector, and on my second machine the exact same thing.
I ended up with swapping that small connector with another one (from somewhere else in the game) and all was solved.

But of course, a too sensitive switch is certainly an option too.

1 week later
#6000 2 years ago

Then I would suspect the switch. Mechanically probably ok but the switch that sees it's in the up or down position will probably be bad.

#6007 2 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Had my best game ever on Saturday, including 2 Horde modes in the same game. I nearly tripled the existing GC score.
Finally saw Last Man Standing, and despite all the ball saves and add-a-balls that occurred, I only made it about half way back down to 0.
That said, I have yet to see Siege mode.
Is it just me, or is Siege the toughest mode to get started in TWD?
I'm now focusing on just trying to get to Siege, so I'm focusing on the Prison, then when the red arrows pop up, hitting the easy shots like Barn/CDC/Riot, and then zombie head. Once I'm nearly there, it's all about getting BloodBath nearly lit and then trying to get both multiballs going simultaneously.
Once that drains, it's WellWalker multiball just so I can use two balls to focus on the target bank, working towards another Blood Bath.
Does anyone else have any tips on helping me get to Siege, or share my pain?

Siege qualify is 6 times the prison head and shot. Then the superjackpot.
And then you shoot a ramp, closed prison, a ramp, closed prison (do this 6 times) and siege will be lit. Unless you play it in two times, then it's again prison head and a shot.

You can continue your progress in multiple multiballs and you see your progress on the display during prison multiball.

But I think the only thing you can do is focus on the prison shots in prison multiball and ignore any mode that is running.

Siege is a cool mode, seen it 3 times and luckily it doesn't end when you drain your ball. It continues on the next one.

1 week later
#6028 2 years ago

Terminus tip of the day.
Warning a bit of a spoiler..

Terminus is started as the 6th mode by completing the drops again and making any shot to start the mode.
It consists of 5 times a hurryup value that counts down every time and can be made on every shot.
Once a shot is made, the value resets and starts counting down again. An already made shot cannot be used again.

1st hurryup value: 20% of the 5th mode
2nd hurryup value: 20% of the 4th mode + 20% of the 5th mode
3rd hurryup value: 20% of the 3rd mode + 20% of the 4th mode + 20% of the 5th mode
4th hurryup value: 20% of the 2nd mode + 20% of the 3rd mode + 20% of the 4th mode + 20% of the 5th mode
5th hurryup value: 20% of the 1th mode + 20% of the 2nd mode + 20% of the 3rd mode + 20% of the 4th mode + 20% of the 5th mode

So play your 5th mode big! As it counts in every hurry up value.
Actually during the 5th mode, every other shot adds value to the current mode value as all the shots from modes already played give/add you a 'past mode' value.

My strategy
I mostly light double playfield at the tower jackpot before I start.
Shoot CDC to start Terminus and directly I make the first hurry up in the riot shot so I get my double playfield going.
I then concentrate on the other shots but I try to get tunnel before the others.
On my last but one shot I go for a ramp so I can use my X multiplier to use on my very last hurry up and cash in big.

My x champ is currently at 350M+, and a terminus total of 600M+

TWD is such a good game . Noticed is it in the archives now at the Stern games page.

#6038 2 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Apparently if your score is flashing the multiplier is still active for your next shot. That was posted on here somewhere!

Yes posted by me, but in the past weeks, I tried to link the flashing behaviour to it and I didn't consistently succeeded in it. So scrap that remark of the flashing score.

#6050 2 years ago

Left will always be higher in numbers because of the playfield design. It's just the way the game is.
I have my left outlane post in the lowest slot and my right post in the highest.

3 weeks later
#6117 2 years ago

Can you imagine Horde how it was before the last update without the Escape possibility.
I always drained eventually and in the end I started avoiding Horde just because of that.
Now with the Escape I think it's perfect.

1 month later
#6304 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Lyman may have changed it in the most recent code update, but I know in the past I was able to stack Crossbow Frenzy with Horde.

Yes this was changed in the latest code. Before it was possible to start crossbow frenzy in Horde.
Now you can start Horde while crossbow frenzy is already running. But you can't do it the other way.

You could even start last man standing during blood bath in a previous code release, this is now gone too

Horde is not possible to start in a multiball, but you can start it while a mode is running, even in the latest software release. 100% sure.

#6328 2 years ago

This was actually all explained before in this topic
Part 2 of prison multiball (post superjackpot) is also different if you play it in 'multiple' times. If you score the superjackpot, score another jackpot and then end the multiball. The next time you start prison multiball it's back to the normal procedure for jackpots (prison doors open).

In the latest update, you can see your progress during prison multiball towards siege on the display too.

#6331 2 years ago


Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

siege is lit by doing this:
start prison multibull, shoot 6 jackpots (alternate shots and prison walker) so you get the super through the riot shot
For 6 to 12:
After the super jackpot you can shoot victory laps. You must alternate too doing this, you shoot a ramp, you shoot the prison. However prison doors stay closed now and you only see that you have to shoot the prison by it's flashers. This was so in previous code, don't know if it has changed but I think it's the same.
After 6 succesfull alternates after the super, siege is lit when multiball ends at the prison.
ps: If you make a superjackpot during prison, but do not qualify for 12 jackpots, I think in the next prison multiball, you start with jackpots again in stead of victory laps.

Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Siege is lit by hitting 12 jackpots in prison multiball.
If you have hit the superjackpot, you must shoot a ramp and then the prison (doors closed). Iin this victory round each prison hit after you have shot a ramp counts towards siege as well.
You can qualify for siege in 2 seperate prison multiballs (7 jackpots for example in the first multiball, 5 in the second)

Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

12 prison jackpots during prison multiball (first 6 = prison then another red shot, followed by the superjackpot. The other 6 are a ramp and then the closed prison, unless you play it in two times then you continue on you count but with the behaviour of the first 6 again). Siege starts after prison multiball has ended by shooting the prison.

Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Siege qualify is 6 times the prison head and shot. Then the superjackpot.
And then you shoot a ramp, closed prison, a ramp, closed prison (do this 6 times) and siege will be lit. Unless you play it in two times, then it's again prison head and a shot.
You can continue your progress in multiple multiballs and you see your progress on the display during prison multiball.
But I think the only thing you can do is focus on the prison shots in prison multiball and ignore any mode that is running.
Siege is a cool mode, seen it 3 times and luckily it doesn't end when you drain your ball. It continues on the next one.

#6333 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Somebody posted a fix for this months maybe even a year ago. I think it involves putting a washer or a dime behind a target and a few people all said it worked. Sorry this isn’t more helpful, this thread is very long but it’s here somewhere

The ball jumps on the magnet border and goes above the optic beam... so getting the magnet more flush is the solution.

#6348 2 years ago

gweempose: It has always been like this. Closed prison doors in 'stage 1' count as a shot too.

1 month later
#6696 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerBall:

How the heck that connector causes false well walker hits is beyond me, but sure enough I swapped it out and everything appears ok. I would never have thought to do that, so thank you so much for figuring this out!!!

The well walker switch is always closed in resting position. So whenever you have a interruption in the connection somewhere (caused by the Z connector) it falsely triggers. You're welcome, happy to help!

1 month later
#6858 2 years ago

The best thing about walking dead is... you need to focus on everything. It is so balanced.
Weapons/multikills (from modes, from multiballs, ..) bring you to Horde but also give you a higher walker kill count because the yellow ones are doubled! Playing modes good gives you higher multikill values, higher horde values, higher terminus values, ...
Higher walker kills gives you higher crossbow values.

To get to last man standing you need modes and multiballs. You need bloodbath so you need the drop targets. Drops giving you modes, timer extended in modes, ... everything blends in together so nicely

And reaching last man standing is one thing, completing it.. I have it on my todo list.

4 weeks later
#6950 2 years ago

Boom... 554M in one single shot!
This was during terminus.

This is why I love this game so much

42045470_405403576665506_8798178340499357696_n (resized).jpg
#6955 2 years ago

tx Mic!
Also failed one jackpot for Siege, and failed 5 walkers for LMS... hard to decide at that moment what to go for...I wanted to go for Siege

#6978 2 years ago

No all shots are lit for hurry ups..., but you can only make eah shot one, so after 5 shots the mode is done.
First shot you make is 20% of your 5th mode.
Second shot you make is 20% of your 5th mode + 20% of your 4th mode
Third shot you make is 20% of ....

So is it worth a lot. Yes! It does depend though and how good you played your modes.
But it goes really quick as the hurry ups countdown fast, so not much time to combine a playfield doubler in it.
And it's better to play the last modes very good instead of timing them out for this.

1 week later
#7018 1 year ago

Roar you also miss the plastic to the left of your prison doors

2 weeks later
#7060 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

not bad... but what about this ?
[quoted image]

That's huge.. Must be on a pro quite far in the game

1 month later
#7198 1 year ago

Setup your games a little steeper, this way the ball 'hangs' a little lower from the core of the magnet after the initial grab and may create more momentum when it's pulsed.

#7233 1 year ago

Yesterday I installed my governor's fish tank topper
The game awarded me because I got to play Siege together with Terminus.
Both very fine modes, and damn Siege has some very nice effects and sounds.
Too bad bicycle girl kicked in too I bricked terminus but completed Siege on the next ball. Thank god it carries over.

#7236 1 year ago

Did you guys try to set your game a little steeper? So the ball hangs more on the magnet?
Mine hardly goes stdm and actively throws the ball around, sometimes registering a prison hit, i even had two hits once.

My guess is, the steeper the game, the faster the ball goes away from the magnet core between the pulse cycles, that way creating more momentum.

#7238 1 year ago

I had yesterday... I focus on the shot, especially during multiballs. I often play Horde focusing on it too (next to my regular shot).
It's mostly the extra ball I need to reach LMS.

#7270 1 year ago

+1 for the pro.
One of my favorite machines ever, even in the dflt high score table with my name, but wouldn't upgrade to a premium/le.
The pro just shoots so good.

I did install the stern topper this week

1 month later
#7409 1 year ago

Monk: What you describe is the tournament play behaviour. Check your settings if you want it changed.

3 weeks later
#7524 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

So everything but the GC will automatically reset?
That sucks! I had some nice scores and walker kills that got wiped

So, who's your new default walker kill champ?

#7529 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

The game I played last night, I think I ended at 54 kills
Previously, it was 107.
Oh well, guess I have some work to do!

I meant the factory defaults , doesn't matter

#7530 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

How do you do that? I'm still trying to figure out how to get big scores out of these modes.

left ramp left ramp left ramp left ramp ... --> this builds the base value of all the other shots
shoot a lot of other shots but avoid the left ramp once you have made one of those shots
as soon as you decide to cash in, you shoot the left ramp. First time for the small pay off, second time for the big payoff.
Try to shoot the last shot with playfield multiplier on and use your x multiplier (i mostly save and build the x during cdc for the last shot)

You can go 300M high easily in the mode if you focus on it, especially in a multiball were you for example build the cdc value high then start multiball.
In multiball extend mode timer with drop targets, avoid left ramp, and while long in the mode/multiball, cash in

1 week later
#7580 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

He could also add something to let us know progress towards Seige.

That was added in the last code , in the multiball screen. X jackpots for Siege

#7582 1 year ago

What might help from the popbumpers is to make sure the lowest popbumper is super sensitive. This way you have less soft dribbles from the pops.

4 months later
#7947 1 year ago

The Z-connector that connects the well walker to the main wiring harness? Try reseating/replacing it.

#7970 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If that doesn’t cause you to light your game on fire, I don’t know what will.

I had the same once.. but had another ball... and I even bricked that one too...

#7973 1 year ago
Quoted from roar:

I don't know how heck you're supposed to even finish LMS... you need ANOTHER 115 kills once you start it!?! Unless you can light all the multikill weapons at once and start stacking kills somehow I don't know how it is possible to finish it.

SPOILER: there are some rules you can obtain the 115 a bit quicker

#7992 1 year ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

So I ended up trying out the original factory ROM after using the Cleland ROM for a few days. I realize this is an unpopular opinion, but I definitely prefer the original factory sounds. Sure, there's no post-season-4 callouts, but the ones in the Cleland ROM serve no purpose and are mostly random. Whereas the factory callouts are better placed and in many cases helpful. As far as the voice goes, it sounds enough like Yondu (I don't remember his char's name in TWD) that you can just pretend it is and it's totally fine. It's not nearly as bad as people say it is.
If there are any other 1.6 variant ROMs out there, I'd be happy to try them....

I tried it and went back to original too... so you're not alone

2 weeks later
#8032 1 year ago

12 jackpots in prison multiball will bring you to Siege after the multiball has finished.
You can see the progress in the display during prison multiball.

You can accomplish this in multiple prison multiballs of course.

3 weeks later
#8166 1 year ago

Adjust or replace well walker switch.
Also check the Z connector further up the loom.

1 week later
#8186 1 year ago

Just to add to this. You can spread the nr of jackpots (12) needed for Siege over multiple multiballs. And since the last update, you can keep track of this on the display during multiball.

The thing is that most people don't focus on jackpots alone but combine a mode in prison multiball, and start shooting the mode shots instead of the jackpots.

#8215 1 year ago

Key part is indeed multiple bloodbath mb's and shooting multikills for doubles.
In the first part of bloodbath, prepare both other multiballs to an 'almost level' and then start one of the two.
This way when you are out of the bloodbath multiball you can immediately start the other multiball, in which you concentrate again on the drop targets progress towards a new bloodbath multiball.

Have reached LMS a number of times on my pro grame (3 balls, 3 possible extras) but never been able to finish that wizard mode.

#8218 1 year ago

I have my left outlane in the lower position , and the right outlane in the up position.
I use Horde and while I make main shots (to the escape level 3), I then focus to get tower hits too for the extra ball

2 months later
#8418 11 months ago

Just doublecheck if you hook up the spinner to anything that this doesn't 'break' your x shot value.
For example if you want to 'X' the left loop shot when playing barn mode... hitting the spinner earlier might make the game think another shot was made so not awarding the multiplied barn shot from the X inlane.

#8445 11 months ago

What chuckwurt says. Especially sensitivity of the popbumpers! If not the ball rolls down the guide and stdm. A more active popbumper will put the ball with some effect towards the pops exit and often enough to feed the left flipper.

1 week later
#8516 10 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Just to prepare myself as I plan on reaching Siege soon...haha... what shots start it after its qualified?
Don't want to have an oh crap moment like when I first lit Horde and didn't know what to do.

When multiball ends, you start it at the prison.

#8545 10 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Is there a setting to spot more Prison letters the second time around?

Yes there is one, can't recall the name but there sure is one.

3 months later
#8849 6 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Is 85m a good Horde score?

Try to get to level 3 in horde and Escape when you can for a big bonus!

1 month later
#9039 4 months ago

To score big in Horde:

Get high multikill value before you enter it by playing good modes/multiballs.
The higher the multikill value the bigger the horde scoring values.

Go trough 5-6 levels if you can and when escaping Horde start double playfield before you cash in. The escape bonus is doubled then
Should be good for about 500M

1 week later
#9074 4 months ago
Quoted from atariaction:

Sweet thanks. I will try for Siege now that I know what the heck I'm doing!

You know you can see the nr of jackpots needed for Siege on the display during prison multiball? This was added in one of the last updates.

1 week later
#9093 4 months ago

I must say that if you have a warped playfield on twd... yes then the machine will be biting you all the time.

I haven't seen it much but I have played playfields that are warped around the edges and some balls that should have recovered get drained that way.

Regarding x champ, guess you will have to make the shot yourself... bombing will not count for the X recording I think.

#9100 4 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

Are most people running the Cleland code? I'm thinking about loading Stern on there as I've never played the game with factory callouts.

I'm running Sterns... little more consistent package.

#9136 4 months ago

Scored a 639M CDC yesterday... love this game!

My X champ recorded a (final) CDC shot worth 588M. This means all scoring in that mode except the final shot only scored 51M?
I think I shot a past mode shot twice, then 5 cdc ramps, then a lot shots before cashing in, but all unmultiplied till the final shot.

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#9416 41 days ago

Did you try lifting the back leg levelers? Maybe the small increase in pitch can be enough?
This way the ball 'hangs' just a little more towards the lower part of the magnet during the animation and get's trown around a bit more.

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#9449 31 days ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Mostly down to luck here. Rarely build up high Multikills as I rarely blow up the modes. Had a banner CDC on this game and managed to combine the mode-end shot with a Multikill and a Crossbow Kill. Honestly, I was just hanging on. It was just coincidence that I had playfield double scoring going and an 8x shot multiplier accumulated. I included a screen shot of the final score for CDC - which you can see is only a few mil' above the points earned for the single mode-ending shot. Perhaps my Multikill was built up like that from big scores in the other modes, too. I did get to Horde and LMS in this game.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Impressing! I'm hunting the 1B shot too but the stars must aline good. I'm tops at 600M now.
You had a multikill value of about 30M so that's perfectly possible.

Scored it once but this was on another 'earlier' software revision which had a less good balance..., so that didn't count for me

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Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Better, More Creative Pin-Stadium Triggers for TWD?
Just wondering what better triggers users of Pin Stadiums have found on TWD.
Yeah, we all know about tying the flasher portion of Pin Stadiums to the Well Walker's flasher, but I would rather try something new. My original hope was to tie the lights to the Prison Walker Head's switch, but, sadly, one can't tie the lights to any switch on the matrix. Gotta choose a 4V-24 lamp or power source that's not on the matrix. What's working for you?

I would throw those pinstadiums out.. our group of friends really think it's the uggliest thing ever
People talking about 'what shoud I add next' gives me this image in my head..

car (resized).png
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