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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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#6147 1 year ago

Picked up a pro today... Does the very noticeable wood grain seem normal?

20180412_124005 (resized).jpg

#6149 1 year ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

in mine it's the same

Anyone else? None of my other games look like this.

#6157 1 year ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

In the wide variety of pf production that seems to happen with every big manufacturer out there, it's a ribbed playfield. A well known and trodden topic on the forum, especially recently. That pf is not perfect, but it's essentially cosmetic. In the wide variety of "minor" pf issues that occur, such as ghosting, CC chipping, misaligned pf colors, off-color production, or worse, ribbing is generally considered to be the most minor (fwiw). The TWDLE pf here is great in every way. But OTOH, there's also an older early DMD pin here that has some significant wear and tear around the inserts which I would consider much worse than ribbing. However, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't bother me. YMMV in either case if you're a pin perfectionist.

It's definitely disappointing to get a brand new game, and see this sort of blemish. I've accepted no game is perfect, but this should have been recalled in the QC process.

#6158 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

We have a few games like that. There are plenty of threads on Pinside about it. It is mainly on newer games. We do not worry about it but other people do. Most people will tell you that their machine does not have it. To see it, you have to get the light in exactly the right position. How many photos did you have to take before you could see the ribbing in the photo you posted? If you go through your other games with a magnifying glass or microscope, chances are you will be able to find it in them too. You do already know about it, you were in the CGC playfield shitstorm on the AFMr owners thread. What exactly are you asking here?

Are you married? If so, please send my utmost sympathy to your wife.

#6160 1 year ago
Quoted from dzoomer:

It would be nice if it were recalled, but that isn't the case at all, with any of the major manufacturers (Stern, JJP, CGC). The foolproof way to avoid any blemish issues is to buy a game used. At least then one can put their eyes on the game and fully know and understand what they are getting. NIB is great, but it's no guarantee of a perfect game.
Sorry to see it happen again.

Stern did loads of recalls on Ghostbusters with ghosting. Not sure why this wouldn't be covered. In my opinion it's harder to accept and ignore compared to ghosting.

#6168 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I am extremely happily married and love live. Unlike yourself that wants to destroy every thread you are apart of with your constant complaining. I just love that you did not answer honestly how many photos you had to take before you could get one to show the ribbing. This is a great thread with many genuine pinsiders that all help each other with their machines. Have you put some cliffys on the shooter lane yet or do we have to listen to you complaining about the shooter lane chipping too?

Hahaha, so by posting a photo and asking if something appeared to be normal about a game I just purchased, I'm making this thread toxic???

And do you think for a second I cared that you asked to see more photos? When I saw you post, I rolled my eyes and skipped over it. You're a shill that tells everyone with a problem to just suck it up.

I think you should do two things:

1) Look up the word empathy.
2) Ignore my posts the way I generally ignore yours.

#6169 1 year ago

On a positive note, I played a few games last night and ended up getting to Horde. That is one of the best wizard modes I have ever seen!!!

#6172 1 year ago
Quoted from Manic:

No not at all. Actually none of my games (even earlier WMS) have the grain showing as prominently as this. Sometimes really fine vertical lines are sanding marks left from the drum sander as they smooth the entire PF but then you'll see them even over the plastic inserts.
TWD in particular usually has a thick perfect clear when you get it NIB (which then gets some pretty heavy dimpling from presumably softer wood - more so than earlier Sterns or MM, AFM, etc)
Did you buy it used? (NM - read more after your post)

I've seen a couple of other TWDs and didn't notice the ribbing. Even saw one last night and put a good light to it.

We'll see what Stern says. In the meantime, I'm loving this game! I got to Horde, but really not sure how it even happened. I need to figure out the rules!

Also, can anyone tell me how to lower the power of the shooter lane eject. It's my first Stern and I can't seem to find it in the menu.


#6177 1 year ago
Quoted from setzkor:

Yes, is there an adjustment? Mine was a little strong but I played on, and as I went to do some maintenance for a little "ping" on the ball eject, I see I ignored it for too long. I guess some welding is in my future...

Not sure. No one replied.

Let's try again... Does anyone know if you can adjust the shooter lane ball eject strength? If so, what menu is it in?

#6179 1 year ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

I don’t thik there is a setting for just the auto plunger coil. Changing the coil pulse power may be your only option. Short of swapping the coil itself

My friends Ghostbusters has the option, so thought this might too. Guess it's the new system.

#6182 1 year ago

Read the ruleset and I'm still totally confused! Even made it to Horde, and not even sure how got there haha!

So as far as I understand, to get one of the weapons, you have to take down the drop target (not sure if it has to be one that isn't lit yet) and then start a mode (such as CDC).

The you just have to do the minimum amount of shots to that mode to get the weapon.

Am I correct here?

#6185 1 year ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Here’s the list from pinwiki on how to get a multi kill (weapon inserts)
Three Barn shots during Barn mode.
Three CDC ramps during CDC mode.
Completing CDC mode.
Three Riot shots during Riot mode.
Two Tunnel shots during Tunnel mode.
Completing Tunnel mode.
Two Arena ramps during Arena mode.
Completing Arena mode.
Completing the Bicycle Girl hurryup.
Clearing the drop target bank 10 times.
Clearing the drop target bank three times during Blood Bath.
Scoring three jackpots during Well Walker multiball.
Scoring four jackpots during Prison multiball.
Completing three crossbow shots.
Collecting the Start Multi-Kill award.
Completing three fish tanks.
Completing two Woodbury skill shots.
Making 10 combos.

Makes sense now because I just played a game and the first two weapons took a while to get, but the last four came quickly.

Had Horde lit, but with two balls left, I couldn't make it! It seems almost impossible to hit intentionally.

Now next question... How do I start Terminus?

#6187 1 year ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

You start Terminus by first lighting all five mode inserts. Then you complete target banks to light the mode shots again, as if starting another mode. Hitting any mode shot will start Terminus.

Do you have to complete each mode, or just start it?

Also, do you guys get brutal drains out of the tunnel when the ball drops out? And prison magnet also spits a lot of balls down the middle. To be expected?

#6190 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

You said you are toxic, not me, and I agree with you. I understand empathy, I also understand "trouble maker". You knew about the ribbing before you bought your machine, why didn't you check it first? Call me whatever you like, I will always say something when you are looking to cause issues and stir BS. There are plenty of genuine good people on this thread, just like the AFMr and MMr threads.

Where is the middle finger emoticon?

#6191 1 year ago

No, you just start, or no you need to complete it?


#6195 1 year ago

Weird thing happened... After upgrading from 1.56 to 1.60, I've noticed twice so far, that when Well Walker multiball, I drain one ball, and although the "shoot again" is flashing, I do not get the ball back.

Anyone else get this?

#6196 1 year ago

So after hitting Horde on the first day, this game has been completely humiliating me!

My average ball times is 1:10, and I just can't get anything going. I hate that you get a mode started and the game screws you with a stupid drain from the prison magnet or from dropping out of the tunnel.

Not sure about this game!

#6206 1 year ago

How do you start Siege?

#6243 1 year ago

Finally put up a respectable score!

IMG_20180421_163129 (resized).jpg

#6245 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Put the glass back on

Haha. I may need the glass off if I ever want to reach LMS, but for that score, I did it fair and square.

People have posted much higher scores on this game, but for me and my skill (or lack thereof) I'm content with it! Not sure I'm ever going to beat it though haha!

#6248 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Haha. I may need the glass off if I ever want to reach LMS, but for that score, I did it fair and square.
People have posted much higher scores on this game, but for me and my skill (or lack thereof) I'm content with it! Not sure I'm ever going to beat it though haha!

If you were here to witness the amount of ass whipping this game has put on me, you'd realize that score was probably a gift from the Pinball God's, and won't be seen again!

I only say lack of skill because I'm very inconsistent. I do occasionally have a game where I'm locked in, but as a general rule, I'm throwing up middle fingers and yelling out stuff I prefer not to write here haha.

#6254 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

And Just think You were on "UP THE IRONS" Yesterday with this : Just bought a TWD Pro, and the game is brutal. Too many nearly unavoidable drains for my liking. Iron Maiden is looking really interesting to me, but I'm curious to know about ball times, game difficulty, and most importantly to me, having achievable and enjoyable wizard modes.
Now What Say You

Yeah, I still think the game is a bit brutal and not sure it's a keeper for me. I'll have to give it more time to see.

Quoted from RipleYYY:

just a reminder (because i'm proud of course), my son beating LMS on our PRO (factory settings, including sensitive tilt)
» YouTube video

That's unreal! And only on ball 2??? Now that makes my 700M game look pretty sad!

#6258 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

yep, but he gots the usuals EB balls too...
my son & i we are "players", and my best is "only" 1.3B... than, again, 700M is a very good score on TWD

I'm guessing"player" means you're competitive, but regardless, yours son's control of that game is unreal!

Doubt I'm ever going to see LMS, and even if by some luck I do, finishing it seems so unlikely.

I'm shooting for Terminus next... Nowhere near it yet!

#6260 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I've gotten to Terminus a couple times, but I've never started Siege even once, and I've owned the game since it first came out.

How many times to Horde or LMS?

#6264 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

yes, right now ranked 381 & 415... than means not pinball wizards, but we are able to play pinball
about LMS, dont forget not only you have to kill 115 walkers to launch it, but than 115 more walkers to win it !!!

I knew that about LMS, and that is why I said it's likely never going to happen haha!

Pretty awesome rankings too! I don't even want to know where I am on that list, but I can tell you, it's nowhere near you guys

Do you have your game set at 6.5 degrees, or steeper?

#6267 1 year ago

Was watching this video of Elwin massacring this game, but one thing that stuck out is the ball seems to move slower and floatier than any TWD I've played.

Do you think the game is under 6.5 degrees to improve control and frantic bounces?

#6272 1 year ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

A steeper game is not automatically harder. I'm familiar with setting up games for competition. Side to side action is more difficult to control.

So based on that video, do you think he's at the standard 6.5? I really have a hard time believing it just from looking at the sling action. When the ball hits the slings, it gets shot out to the direction of the outlane very quickly. His ball sort of lobs over to the side.

Just seems odd.

And I'm not taking anything away from him as a player. Clearly he is a monster.

#6284 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I wasnt talking about how to get there, just wondering if you can light 2 weapons inserts for completing the CDC mode or not.

I think you can if bicycle girl is lit.then I think a few shots will get you two weapons. At least that what my game seems to do on code 1.60.

I also have a question about Terminus. After starting all 5 modes, how do you get to it? Do you have to hit more drop banks?

#6286 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

well, 2 times, as its the next mission, and than 1 shoot in any mission to begin

So is it two drop banks to start each mode, including Terminus?

Maybe I have this all wrong, but I thought it was one set of drop banks for first mode, two sets for the second mode, three sets for the third mode, etc...

Or is it just dropping two sets of drop banks for all modes after the first?

Also, what multiballs can be used to progress the modes? I believe that you can't advance through modes in Well or Prison multiball.

Am I right?

#6288 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

And every other mode including terminus

Stock settings allow you to start and complete modes during Well or prison MB.
Tournament mode doesn’t. Have to at least have the dead features lit before starting MB

Hmmmmm... So if you focused on modes during multiball, then Terminus seems pretty attainable.

Also, modes just needed to be started, not completed right?

#6292 1 year ago

How do you start horde mode? I've done it a couple of times but it just sort of happened. Last night all of the weapons and lit but could not figure out how to start horde.

#6294 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

After all weapons are lit, hit the woodbury shot to start.

Horde was nice t lit. How do I do that? Is it basically the 7th weapon?

#6296 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Once all six weapons are lit, the Woodbury flasher (red) will pulse. Shoot the Woodbury shot (extra ball shot), horde starts.

I thought the Horde insert had to be lit. Or was it not lit because I was in one of the multikills? So basically it would have lit once it timed out?

#6298 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If all 6 weapons are lit, horde will be lit.

One was flashing. I'm guessing it's a timed mode? Would it go solid after timing out and then Horde would have been lit?

I've been to Horde two or thee times, but can't really understand how I'm getting there haha.

#6300 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If a weapons insert is flashing it means you got that particular one on the current ball. If it’s solid you earned it on a previous ball.
If you’re in a multiball you cannot start horde. If you’re in a mode, I don’t think you can either.

That's likely what it is then. I must have ben in a mode, because all weapons were lit, and one or two of them were flashing.

I also had all modes lit, and just needed tunnel (yeah, easier said than done). But after getting all modes lit, is it one of two drop target drops that get your into Terminus?

#6307 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Congrats! I know you have to score a certain number of jackpots during prison multiball, but how do you know when Siege is ready? Also, how do you start it?

Was about to ask same thing. How is it started?

And I occasionally noticed that I hit the prison door and do not get credited for a hit. Is there any way to adjust that?

#6313 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Do you have a Cliffy on the magnet? If so, take it off. When this was suggested to me, I didn't think the Cliffy could make the ball lift high enough to miss the opto, but it does.

No Cliffy.

#6323 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

my son not home, cant ask now sry...
from what i've understand as he told : SIEGE did NOT start while in multiball, insert start to flash when player is back to 1 ball
than shoot prison to start it
and yes, it was still available at next ball

So is Siege a MB mode, and can it be completed, or is it just for points?

#6343 1 year ago

So played a couple of games last night and realize that the problem I'm having is not the optos at the door. It's the zombie head. It often does not register hits. Is there a switch on the back of it like the troll heads in Medieval Madness? What's the easiest way for me to fix this?

#6349 1 year ago

Does anyone know if the outlane posts can be moved down?

It looks like there is some space for it to slide albeit very little.

#6351 1 year ago
Quoted from HIPPY:

If you are wanting help in the outlines, look in the market section for ball save, Walking Dead, helps a lot.

Not a bad idea, but not sure I'm wanting to change it up that much. I just thought that because there was a bit of a space, maybe I could move it down 1/16 of an inch.

#6353 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

You can. That's the whole purpose of that space.

Hmmmmmm... Is it like WPC games? Just loosen nut underneath? At quick glance, it looked different.

#6363 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

my son not home, cant ask now sry...
from what i've understand as he told : SIEGE did NOT start while in multiball, insert start to flash when player is back to 1 ball
than shoot prison to start it
and yes, it was still available at next ball

Would you say that reaching LMS might actually be harder than Valinor due to how hard it is to keep balls from draining in TWD?

#6367 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

LMS way easier than Valinor. Not even close.

Really? I feel I've been much closer to Valinor than LMS. LOTR allows players a lot of ball control, where TWD is nearly uncontrollable.

#6372 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Although I have not yet reached LMS, I have come much closer than I ever did with LOTR. I've owned TWD for about 9 months, and I got 91 kills the other night, and I did this with one drop target not registering consistently (only able to start two modes and no Blood Bath). I attained multi-kills in other ways. I haven't done anything to change my outlanes, and I still seem to get more outlane drains than other games, but it doesn't seem to happen as often as it used to (or maybe I'm getting used to it)
I owned LOTR for over three years and never even sniffed Valinor. Although I had epic length games on LOTR, earning the Gift of the Elves seemed to make Valinor nearly impossible. That, and getting all Super Jackpots in all three MBs.

What level do you have your game set at? At 6.5 degrees it almost seems like there are strong magnets in the outlanes.

#6384 1 year ago

Just played a quick game on my lunch, and ended up being a couple of drop banks away from Terminus! DAMMITTTTTTTTTT!

When you light all modes, do you need to drop the banks once or twice, before starting any of the modes again for Terminus?

#6388 1 year ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

Just curious, you seem like you're actually having a lot of great games on TWD but I sense from reading your posts that you still don't really like it. Is is just the nature of the drains that get to you? I've thought about getting a TWD off and on, but I'm sort of worried I'd have the same reaction to the game that it seems like you're having to it (I could be wrong though).

Shouldn't complain. The game does grate on your nerves, but I think people should probably get the game knowing it's not going to be a smooth, flowing shooter. It's a war when you plunge that ball. I guess it sort of fits the theme. I find the good games are far and few between, but I do confess that I keep coming back to it for the inevitable punishment.

Seeing that you have a TAF which is a fairly friendly game, you at least have something to turn to when TWD hands your ass to you!

#6390 1 year ago

Can Terminus be started while in Bloodbath?

#6392 1 year ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

There is a competition setting that does not allow you to start modes during multi-ball. If you don't have that setting on you should be able to start Terminus during Blood Bath.

Sweet, I was one bank shot away twice yesterday... Getting closer!

LMS seems unreachable! Anyone have any suggestions?

#6395 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

"Play better!"

That's like setting a video game difficulty to "Normal" for this game at least. It comes set as "Extra Hard" from the factory lol. I'll probably never see it without the glass off...

The most I've had is 54, and I've been to Horde and I'm very close to Terminus. Considering Terminus is pretty tough to reach, and even at that point, you might be at 40-50 zombies, it's insane to think you're still not even halfway.

#6435 1 year ago

Got to Terminus tonight... What is the objective? I hit all shots except tunnel.

#6456 1 year ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like if you have this game set at 6.5 degrees (bubble between two lines) that it basically is non-stop draining down the sides.

I have played a few different machines, and they seem to be set steeper, and don't drain out of the side as much.

Just wanted to get some feedback on what you guys have done to make this game a little more playable. I've had some really good games, but it just seems to drain so much that stringing together a decent game is very rare.

#6458 1 year ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

If you want to reduce side drains on any table you have two main options. Making the game steeper is one, reducing sling sensitivity is the other.
Most modern tables have adjustable outline posts. Alternate thickness/hardness post rubber will also make nudging more effective. Experiment and see what you like best.

Wasn't aware the slings could be adjusted. Might give that a shot. Most of the side drains come right off the slings.

#6461 1 year ago
Quoted from TheWombat2430:

Stresses me out so bad when I get a right slingshot to left out lane drain!!!!

I swear, at least once everytime I play this game, I flip it the finger, yell out some profanity, and then say I'm selling it.

To me the most frustrating part of this game is that the majority of balls that drop into the inner lane usually roll out to the drain.

#6465 1 year ago

Took a little break from work and had a game where I got to Horde and Terminus in the same game (my first time). I was one shot away from finishing Terminus, but of course, The Walking Drain did it to me again.

I have such a love hate relationship with this pin haha!

#6474 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

It’s interesting how different a pro plays compared to Prem (I can’t speak for every game out there obviously) . We have a pro st work that I play almost every day. It’s brutal as hell, millions of center drains and just tough. 75k on that machine is a stellar score. Then in league we have a premium, so much more forgiving and in my opinion much more enjoyable because of that.

I personally think the pro plays better because that left ramp is so damn rewarding to hit. I'm not a fan of the lifting ramp and bicycle girl.

Both games are tough as nails and make you want to leave the hobby sometimes!

#6481 1 year ago

Can someone help me understand the difference between these two?

How many games have actually been played?

Is the higher number games started, and the other is games played all the way through?

I feel like I've played more than 80 ges, but definitely less than 600.

IMG_20180526_011051 (resized).jpg

IMG_20180526_011045 (resized).jpg

#6483 1 year ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

634 total games played.
82 free plays have been earned (i.e. matches, high scores).

Yup, that should have been obvious to me haha.

Now, is that games fully played, or would game started and then restarter after the first or second ball also count?

#6488 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yes. And Why are you doing this?

I'm pretty sure my B/W games show a separation between game started and games played.

So I guess this makes sense... I've had the game just over a month and was wondering how the hell I've played 600+ games.

Probably 400 restarts in that stat!

What causes most of the restarts is having a ball drop out of the tunnel exit after a ball save and go SDTM with zero chance of saving it.

Should it be this brutal? It happens pretty often.

#6490 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

You restart a game when this happens? Not judging, just curious. Do a lot of people do this? I have always set my games to "Never" on the game re-start setting, and I play everything out. Sometimes my goals and objectives change if I have a bad ball 1 and/or ball 2, but I would go insane deciding what criteria justified a re-start.

When the ball drops out of the tunnel on your first ball right after the ball save it's pretty frustrating. I usually just restart and try it all over again.

My average ball time went from 0:21 to 1:20 and average score is 107M, so I'm doing decently.

#6493 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Your ball save should catch at least the first STDM drain after the first plunge into the pops. Timers stop when the balls are in the pops, so you wouldn't have lost it on your first plunge. Play it out, man.
If you see a lot of these, check side to side level. It happens to me maybe 10% of the time, if that.

I don't restart when the ball save gives me another chance. It's when the ball does that cheap drain right after a ball save. It's weird because some machines seem to experience this cheap drainage much more than others. Not sure if that's a leveling issue or just a quirk of certain playfields.

I personally feel like if this part of the game had been thought out a little bit more and didn't cause such a disruption to the flow it could be a much better game.

#6499 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Haha. Dude seriously just play better. And turn off the game restart setting.

Disagree. Learning to nudge effectively will help immensely

Think I'm playing alright. And everyone will have a different feeling about a game. I find it a little too drainy at times, but overall I thoroughly enjoy it.

And IMO having the restart on is great. Everyone who plays here uses it too

#6501 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Damien you keep complaining about how unfair and brutal TWD is but you have been to Horde and other modes several times and your high score is really good the best that i recall so it sounds like your kicking its ass instead of the game kicking yours.
When the ball comes out of the pops my game rarely sends the ball SDTM but you can tell when its going to happen and you can absolutely nudge at just the right time and prevent the ball from draining between the flippers.
TWD is definitely harder than 99% of the games out there but it sounds like you are an above average player and are doing better than most people that play it. TWD is hard, its that simple.

You make a very good point... I think my griping is a testament to how much of an ass thrasher this game can be.

Despite the many middle fingers I flip this game, the rush you get from a good game on TWD is epic! Horde is such as thrill!

And at the end of the day, despite how brutal or forgiving a game may be, we should all be grateful that we're fortunate enough to even have these games in the convenience of our homes

Tonight I go for Valinor! Haha

#6505 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yeah its a brutal game for sure and im not getting on you or anything either about complaining, just letting you know that you're actually doing pretty well at the game. Just think how scrubs like me feel.

No worries at all. I had a good friend come by to play some pinball tonight, and he played a couple of games on TWD and said he's done with it. I told him to give it one more shot, and he ended up with a 100+ million game and said it was really fun when things got flowing.

It's a tough game to play when you're playing Attack From Mars right before jumping on it.

#6512 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

can you explain what I should do, I lifted the playfield up, and see the switch. Do I insert something between it and the metal plate that it touches?

Buy one of these. You'll end up using it for slingshot switches, and many other switches in games.


#6515 1 year ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

cause 100 would be way too easy

Do you collect zombie kills in Horde mode?

#6528 1 year ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

I'd get DI , made me and my whole family happy! TWD made me and my buddies happy!

Can't go wrong with Medieval Madness. #1 for a very good reason.

#6533 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Just posted to your slope poll. 7.1 for me, only player at that slope. I'll level it down to 6.5 - 6.8 and see if that don't help my game.

I have my MMR, DI, and LOTR at 6.5 and I love how they play.

AFM is at 6.7-6.8 because I find the outlane drains in that game almost defeating. Probably one of the reasons I'm parting with it.

LOTR is even worse for sure drains, but I think the depth of the game will keep it around for a while. And Horde mode is just epic!

I have it set at 6.5 right now, but might raise it up to see if it plays a little kinder.

#6559 1 year ago

Had some family over last night and my brother-in-law wanted to play Pinball. I put my games on for him and he started with Medieval Madness. Said it was a fun game to play. Then he went over to Walking Dead and was like "what the hell is this???".

Hahaha... He couldn't believe how brutal it was but he kept playing it.

#6566 1 year ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Agreed I love the shaker in my game

What parts does it shake for?

I nudge this game so much, it's almost like a shaker!

#6569 1 year ago
Quoted from gorgar007:

Shakes to a lot of features. My favorite is when it shakes to the beat in Horde mode.

That does sound pretty awesome. I'm going to do ColorDMD first, and then maybe look into it. What's installation like?

1 week later
#6627 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I have one from PBL it's been inuse since Dec 2014.

Are there already mounting holes in the cab, or would I have to drill them?

And does the game require new software to run shaker?

#6680 1 year ago
Quoted from DNO:

Made Siege today for the 1st time!

How do you do it?

#6686 1 year ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Nice job! I was debating on adding speaker lights, but after adding a color DMD yesterday, think I’m done with my mods, for now, maybe, lol. How did you make the speaker lights and where do you get the power for them? I do like your color choices. Mine has green in the upper playfield area installed by former owner compared to your blue area.

Looks sweet.

Where'd you get the fish tank?

#6707 1 year ago

I know a lot of people say that wizard modes for LOTR, MET, and Simpsons are among the most difficult to reach, but to me it feels like TWD is even harder (can't speak to Simpsons, as I've barely played it).

I've been a few shots away from Valinor, I'm pretty sure with a lot of time in I could possibly get to EOTL, but getting 115 walker kills in TWD seems impossible. My best is 74, and that is a game with two Hordes, Terminus, and just a lot of really good control.


#6714 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

Listen to them.

So LMS isn't one of the hardest?

#6716 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I owned LOTR and never even sniffed Valinor. I currently own TSPP and I don't know what's required for Super Duper Extreme Wizard Mode. I've owned MET since it was released, and I've completed 4 CIU modes a handful of times, so I foresee this as a possibility. I've owned TWD for less than a year, and my highest walker kill is 91. I did this with a drop target registering intermittently, which means I wasn't able to qualify multi-kills through mode completions. I see this as the easiest to reach out of the four mentioned
In order of difficulty:
1. Valinor
2. Super Duper Mega Extreme Wizard Mode
4. LMS

Interesting order. I feel like I've been much closer to Valinor than TWD and I've owned both of them now for about 3 months.

I've had 6 gifts collected, with only two levels of ROTK to finish in order to enter DTR and go for Valinor. To me at least, that seems closer to the goal than 74 walker kills in TWD.

The reason I find TWD to be exceptional hard, is that it's hard to control the ball. So if I see a multi-kill shot flashing, I know that going for it put me in danger. In LOTR, I feel like if I'm having a good game, I can pick my shots and recover from misses pretty regularly.

Haven't put enough time into MET to comment, and I think I've played TSPP three times in total.

1 month later
#6848 1 year ago

Got 420M on my first ball last night then have extra ball left, and of course ball 2 and 3, and end d the game at 440M! Turned it off and just walked out... What a ball buster!

Lately I can't seem to get more than 40-50 kills. My record is 89, but seems like this LMS mode is never going to happen.

The game just has too many side drains to ever imagine getting to it.

#6854 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr_Bricks:

You have been talking about excessive side drains in one way or another since you got your TWD. I think it's about time you get the YOYOKOPTER mod.

Nope... Going to get to this damn wizard mode and then flip this game for a MET!

#6856 1 year ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Haha, man. If you think these wizard modes are hard, good luck with Metallica.

Meh. Everyone says that LOTR is the toughest, but I've been three DTR shots away from Valinor.

With TWD, I can get Horde almost every game, but strangely, I always have a ridiculously low number of walker kills.

#6860 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

Game setup is a huge factor. Your LOTR outlane posts were closed. That's a massive difference, and I wouldn't put any stock into getting close to Valinor on an easy playing LOTR.

I moved the post to default and almost did it again, so telling someone not to feel good about achieving something on their game is pretty petty.

I get it, you're highly competitive, and when i told you that i almost hit Valinor the first time, you reply had nothing in the way of congratulations, and everything about how my game is probably set up easy.

If you want to dedicate loads of your time to being a top pinball player, then all the power to you. But don't discount others highlights because it isn't up to par with your standards.

Pinball is supposed to be fun before it's competitive, and everyone plays at different levels.

I started about a year ago. I've had LOTR for about 3 months, and to get a few shots away from Valinor a couple of times if a pretty cool thing to me... It doesn't have to be to you.

Play pinball. Smile a little.

#6863 1 year ago

Are there other extra balls to be earned aside from the default of 5 and 60 walker kills?

#6867 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Collecting ten LIT tower hits gets you one as well.

How do you light towers?

#6869 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The stand ups on either side of the prison. This also starts 2x pf when collecting the tower shot.

So hittung the targets light up tower, then make Riot shot to collect?

Do that 10 times for extra ball?

Any other extra balls outside of the 5/60 walker kills?

#6872 1 year ago
Quoted from rawbars:

When you shoot the woodberry shot it gives you multiple awards to choose from for hitting the proceeding skill shot. The more times you successfully make the skill shot the better the awards become. After 2 or 3 successful attempts Light Extra Ball is one of the awards you can choose.

How do you even light Woodbury? I know i usually get it 1-2 times per game, but never really paid much attention to it since the rewards are piddly.

#6874 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

By shooting the arena ramp 3 times. But 1 time at the beginning of a game.

So lighting Woodbury 3 times awards a EB?

#6879 1 year ago

488M on the very first ball... 500M as the final score! GTFO!

#6881 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Sounds like my games but change the 4 to a 1. Then drain the last two balls. Every time I seem to get something lite and action going I drain. Dead feature lite, drain. Well Walker MB lite, drain. Extra ball lite, drain. Good thing I have other pins to play when it %#@* me off.

Haha I hear ya.

This has to be the most brutal game I've ever played. I had 45 walker kills on that first ball and started feeling like it might be the LMS game.

Ya right!

#6890 1 year ago

Getting closer...

Does LMS start once you reach 115, or do you have to hit Woodbury to do it?

MVIMG_20180829_175344 (resized).jpg
#6909 1 year ago
Quoted from setzkor:

285 million on ball one, with an extra ball waiting, 4 Multi-kills. Ended with 315 million, and never got the 5th for Horde. Sometimes I hate this game...

I had that last week... 410M on the first ball, 430M final. Wanted to tip the game right over haha!

2 weeks later
#6969 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

So close to LMS! Can you collect walker kills while in Terminous? Terminous started when I thought I was already around 110. I made several shots while in Terminous and thought I was around 117 to 120. After I drained during Terminous, I showed only 113.
[quoted image]

That's damn close! What was the final score?

I've made it to 100 kills, and drained right before starting a MB that would have hopefully helped me get the remaining walkers. The part that kills me is that you still have to make that Woodbury shot to start LMS!

#6971 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Score was only 781mil, but I was focused on walker kills the entire time, not multipliers and jackpots. LMS is the only part of the game I haven't reached.

You're right on the doorstep!

I hit my GC of 970M the other day, and that was with 100 kills.

Have you been to Siege?

#6974 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Yes, I knew that, but would I need to get out of Terminous first? I thought I was over 115, even after a quick glance at the count between the slings, so I was thinking to let Terminous end. Turns out I wasn't at 115, which made me think I wasn't collecting kills during Terminous.

Yes, I've been to Seige once. I had to concentrate on making that my specific goal by utilizing Blood Bath. Now I'm focusing on multi-kills and getting to LMS.

Is Terminus worth a lot of points? Been there 3-4 times, and always drained really quickly.

#6977 1 year ago


What's the objective of Terminus?

Do you hit all shots then escape via Woodbury?

1 week later
#7004 1 year ago

Good video of getting to LMS.

How many walker kills have you reached?

My personal best... 100!

#7012 1 year ago

Quick question... Are both prison doors supposed to open up all the way. Right door does not open the same as left.

MVIMG_20181001_155649 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#7023 1 year ago

I thought tonight was the night! 61 walker kills on my first ball! Then pinball happened... 77 kills to finish

#7025 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

That first ball would give anyone false hope. Once again have you walking away dead.

Hahaha yup. I had one shot left on prison to start that MB, but it hit the door and dropped sdtm.

Game is fun though. Brutal, but fun.

#7029 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

If prison MB is lit, the doors should be open.

By door, I meant the head. All letters solid, one hit to go. But my right door is not opening fully, so that makes sdtm drains more frequent.

1 week later
#7073 1 year ago

When you have young children, but you still want a TWD...

MVIMG_20181021_202707 (resized).jpg
#7076 1 year ago
Quoted from setzkor:

Is that mod available for purchase?

Hahaha I'd have to ask my wife.

#7077 1 year ago

Took a work break for a quick game, and it ended up not being so quick.

Got myself into the 3 comma club, and was 8 shots away from LMS!!!

IMG_20181022_154450 (resized).jpgIMG_20181022_154454 (resized).jpg
#7084 1 year ago

I've only had a short bit of time on the Premium/LE, and own a Pro.

How much different is that left ramp shot? I love how smooth it is on the Pro... Is it very different on the Prem/LE?

1 week later
#7117 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I was playing this last night and wondering why the heck is this so hard? There are just 5 main modes with 3 helper multiballs. I usually get through 3 or 4 modes in a game and rarely get the 5th dead feature. Most times I get all 3 multiballs (WW, Prison and Blood Bath), but I never get Siege or Terminus and forget LMS! Tough game, still love it, but tough game! YMMV

I think the secret sauce of this game is that there are so many things to go for, and they aren't too crazy like Valinor or TSPP.

But... And big but. This game requires careful play, and mistakes are punished. So although the goal-line isn't set far the path to it is treacherous.

1 week later
#7147 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Best post of the day! Just tried this and it's perfect. Gives me the loop shot I enjoy from the pro and my premium ramp is smooth no issues. Awesome. I guess ideally it would be nice to have a mix of loop bash loop etc but I'll take this.

When the left ramp is disabled on Prem/LE, does it shoot as smootas the Pro?

The shape of the ramp looks slightly different, so just wondering.

#7192 1 year ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Whenever that prison magnet grabs the ball I have a moment of anxiety.
I would LOVE a 3 second ball save option. Maybe even a 1.5second ball saver would cover those drains. It happens so fast!

I think this is the fatal flaw of this game.

When you have no control over a part of a game, and it generally leads to a drain, it totally ruins it for me.

I've had amazing games going that come to an end from a magnet drop.

Just deflating.

Metallica just got a code update after 2 years. Hopefully Lyman will revisit this one and address the issue.

A ball save (like they put on GB scoop drains) would be great.

3 weeks later
#7305 1 year ago


Very first ball, I put up 600 million and 60 walker kills. Drain, get two extra balls, and then pinball happens!

Ended with 84 kills, and 824 million.

This game is rough!!!

#7312 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Seriously, how are you guys getting these scores? My GC is ~435 Mill with two extra balls (one for walker kills and one as a replay award). All settings on default, 7 degree incline, no outlane saver mods or anything.
On a Pro.

That's the best ball I've ever had on TWD, and probably any game for that matter!

I haven't played it in a while, but I did play it last night about 3 times, and my average score was about 70 million. Then today working at home, I decided to put it a game after lunch, and that first ball was just bananas! I really thought this was going to be my LMS game!

I'm not an experienced pinball player, but from my knowledge of pinball and this game, I think the goal is really to time the your bloodbath with your well walker, and then get that target bank down before it times out. When you're in that big multiball, you really need to do you best hitting as many shots as possible. I had a multi-kill going, and I was able to hit the 2x kill shots a few times.

I no longer focus on Horde or Terminus. I am in it for the walkers, and I try my best to make good use of multiballs.

But for every good game I have, I have about 50 terrible ones haha!

Quoted from chuckwurt:

Play better. Haha. Also the Pro is harder than the prem.

I was wondering this the other day. Seems the Prem/LE is a bit easier because you can be saved by that lockdown button. At least that is what I thought I saw watching MicSirTuna doing it. I've played a premium at a friend's place a few times, and even the side drains seems kinder compared to mine (likely due to just game-to-game differences and set up).

I keep all my games at 6.5 by the bubble, as I want to try playing them as close as possible to the way the designer intended them. Just my personal preference.

2 weeks later
#7382 1 year ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

Anyone have any pointers / recommendations how to clean&/or restore this scuffed up shooter lane? The wood feels rough (like it’s splintering), so I’m hoping there’s a way to fix it or at least minimise further damage.
PS: I bought the machine like this, so perhaps I should’ve been more observant. However, it has been working like clockwork, so no real gripes apart from this.
[quoted image]

Clean it up with the I instructions others gave (I personally would not sand it) and then install a Cliffy over it, and you'll never have to look at or worry about it again

The game ejects balls pretty violently (at least mine does), so even if you clean it today, it'll get scuffed up again soon.

Install Cliffy and be done with it!

2 weeks later
#7429 1 year ago

Anyone want one of these carbon fiber magnet protectors from Cliffy?

Make an offer

Screenshot_20190114-111028 (resized).png
3 weeks later
#7507 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I haven't had my game that long. Was playing a "quickie" Saturday before I had to head out. Of course, I lite Horde for the first time ever. Was running late and was so excited...I forgot how to start it. Wound up draining. F*$# me. Don't know when I'll get there again. Oh well, will give me motivation to play.

I remember I was one shot away from my first Battle for the Kingdom on Medieval Madness, and had to leave for hockey.

Let the ball drain, and continued the next morning on my last ball. Going to bed that night, it was nothing but pinball on the brain! Hahaha

#7514 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I got to Horde the other night and was really excited and it had my adrenaline really pumping big time because i havent got there many times and ive never yet really had a good horde mode. Anyway here comes the 2 ball multiball and im determined to blow it up and ended up not making one single shot lol. I'm just going to guess that i had the worst Horde mode score in the history of TWD! Oh well, I'll get em next time!

That's pinball

I know the feeling for sure. I've had so many important multiballs in that game that I've just pissed away.

Next time

#7516 1 year ago

Weird thing happened last night. I moved my machine just a few inches to line it up with the rest of my games, and took off the glass to level it.

Played one he, and noticed all my scores had been reset except for the GC!?!?

Anyone know what might have caused this?

#7518 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

All I can think of is you accidentally turned the other high scores off in the settings menu. Did you try to adjust anything?

Nope, that's what is weird!

#7520 1 year ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

They automatically reset themselves after a certain number of games. I think factory default is 2000.

Noooooooooo! Really???

Why did the GC remain?

#7522 1 year ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

It doesn't automatically reset.
Standard adjustment 37 HSTD reset count. The manual doesn't say what the range is. Maybe you can disable it by setting to zero or off?

So everything but the GC will automatically reset?

That sucks! I had some nice scores and walker kills that got wiped

#7525 1 year ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

So, who's your new default walker kill champ?

The game I played last night, I think I ended at 54 kills

Previously, it was 107.

Oh well, guess I have some work to do!

#7527 1 year ago



But man it's going to take me a while to reach that again since I don't have a lot of time these days to play.

1 week later
#7543 12 months ago


IMG_20190219_002245 (resized).jpg
#7545 12 months ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

The hardest thing about LMS is that after you reach the 115 walker count, you then have to hit another 115 walkers to complete the mode!

Yup! To be honest, I don't even care about the second 115 walkers. I just want to start LMS, and I'm satisfied

#7549 12 months ago
Quoted from Pinash:

I'm considering a Pro, but the comments about the pop bumper/magnet drains SDTM have me a little concerned. Can someone confirm that their machine was remedied with leveling, or is it really a design flaw that required additional rubber etc.

My magnet drops it SDTM 89% of the time. It's infuriating.

I am going to try adjust the magnet and see if it does anything.

My game also sends most shots to the prison doors SDTM, compared to other TWDs I've played.

TWD is a designed to be tough, but like all machines, there are small variances between each one made. Mine plays much tougher than any other one I've played.

#7579 12 months ago

This is exactly what was happening with Dialed In. Some owners were getting cheap drops from the theater magnet. Ted Estes added a couple of different magnet behavior options to try to remedy this, but in the end, they used the sliding QED guy to get in the way of the ball when it drops.

Just like Dialed In, some people were fine, some weren't. It really would be amazing if Lyman revisited the code to see if he could reduce SDTM drops from the magnet, or just add a quick ball save to it.

He could also add something to let us know progress towards Seige.

2 weeks later
#7609 11 months ago

I've played four different TWDs now (pro, premium, and LE models) and they all suffer from the same SDTM out of the pops and prison magnet.

For the pops, I can't see how it could be sorted out with a code update, as I believe the issue is a design flaw.

But the prison magnet drop is definitely avoidable. The magnet behavior can potentially be altered, or there can be a ball save out in place as they've done on many other games.

I know a lot of you have not experienced this issue, but there are definitely loads of people who have.

Come on Lyman!!!

#7618 11 months ago
Quoted from BrewNinja:

If you are getting SDTM out of the pops, its a setup issue.

I really have to disagree with this. I have 3 digital levels and OCD! Haha

You're not going to find many game more perfectly level than mine. I also believe in playing all games at 6.5 exactly as intended by their design.

You play steeper, you reduce the side drain, and I prefer not to do that.

Also, the fact that I've played all 4 machines, and saw the same issues, would mean every game is set up wrong. Impossible.

And the last one I played was a premium set up stupidly steep. Game was much easier to control than my game, but the SDTM issues still occurred.

#7620 11 months ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

If you're having an issue with SDtM out of the pops then it's not 'supposed' to be level. Set the game up so the issue goes away.
Alternatively, play it as the designer intended and learn to nudge appropriately.

I nudge like a mutha!

and if you are tilting the game off to one side then there is something wrong with the game. take a look in your manual. One of the first things that says is to level it perfectly side to side.

And really dude, a downvote? Your life that shitty?

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