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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

7 years ago

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Post #690 Evil Dead sound package link. Posted by ezeltmann (6 years ago)

Post #783 Link to LE/Premium sound replacement options. Posted by ezeltmann (6 years ago)

Post #2893 Link to rules doc for v1.60, still being updated as of May 2018. Posted by e4mafia (6 years ago)

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#175 7 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Last night I stacked Blood Bath with Prison and WW multiball + had CDC running. It's amazing how fast the score shot up. I love this game!

And to get blood bath you have to hit all three drops to collect an item, and get all three items right? Did you work on that first and then start Prison and then WW? I want to try and get blood bath next time I am on location playing.

#178 7 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Yes. I started off the game solely focusing on blood bath. You have to complete the drop target bank for all three items, and then complete it a fourth time to start the mode. It took me two balls to qualify blood bath, and then I started prison multiball on ball three. I proceeded to pound the WW until that multiball started running also. With so many balls flying around, the drop targets got hit without me even trying. Bingo! I had very little points before starting Prison multiball, and I wound up with over 120 million when all the multiballs finally ended.

That's what I was looking for. Stacking WW and Prison was not enough for me to clear 100 million. I will try this. Thanks!

#184 7 years ago
Quoted from Pincrawler:

So guys...... now that the honey moon haze is starting to fade. How is the Pro treating everyone?
I put in a few games yesterday on location, and enjoyed it much more than the first time I played when it was poorly set up, with early code.
Let's here it from those still in love with TWD, and those who had the marriage anulled in the first month.
I'm considering moving Star Trek out and TWD in.
Thanks for your thoughts!

I have put about 150 games on it on location, and I love it. Very difficult. I finally stacked WW MB and Prison MB and Blood Bath, and still only got to around 80 million. haha. I stink, but love it. Can't wait to play it more.

#186 7 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

We have around 350 games on ours pro. We really like it. It has that one more game feel that not many games get. It is a hard game but stacking WW and Prison is very fun. I stacked Bicycle girl and CDC I got 122 mill just on CDC during that game.
Our game is up to about 12 walker kills to light extra ball and it keeps climbing.

how did you do that with the stacking of CDC and bicycle girl? so once you killed bicycle girl you had 122 mill just from hitting that ramp 5 or so times? Wild!

#188 7 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

I got Bike G light on then got the 3 drop targets the started WW. Hit CDC ramp started prison. Got red flashing shots then worked on CDC ramp. This game was 307 mill.
A couple games after that I got 92 mill on CDC. I started CDC then got most of the flashing red shots then was just hitting the CDC ramp for 6+ Mill a pop. This games was 248 mill.

You can start prison during WW? Or did your WW drain then you got prison.

#197 7 years ago

Man. I cannot get any big scores. I need lots more practice. You guys are out of my league. Haha

#200 7 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Keep at it Chuck, you will hit that magic moment when it all comes together!

Oh I'm gonna. Can't wait to get back at it!

#232 7 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

<<You can start Blood Bath on its own or during MB>>
Yikes, thats a bad rule. Way too easy to just go for MB only then everytime. Ugh, rules do matter unless you want another bash Sparky all day fiasco. No offense, I just can't buy a game with just one strategy. Sorry I won't be joining TWD club

It's not as lucrative as you think. You still have to make shots. I have started both multiballs and blood bath together and still not broken 100 million. Not sure where you are coming from. Multiples other have already noted other very lucrative strategies too.

1 week later
#250 7 years ago
Quoted from Jakenjoi:

Going for them in multiball is easier said than done.
It's a trade off really. The game continues to cycle through the 3 drop target modes. If you knock a drop down when it's on one you've already lit, you have to complete the bank before you can try for the other completions.
In multiball it's common for a stray ball to hit the targets at the wrong time, then you have to hit them all down and try again!
It's easier in single ball play to time it. It's less risky in multiball because you have more than 1 ball, but it punishes you for mis-hits.

That's why it's good to prime blood bath right before one or more multiballs startup. then you can just let they wildness of multiball complete the bank for blood bath, then just try and keep the mutliball going for the whole blood bath timer.

#252 7 years ago
Quoted from Jakenjoi:

Yes, though this doesn't always work (at least for me).
I like to do that and start prison, avoiding WW, and once prison drains play WW (usually some stray balls during prison get closer to starting), then use WW to prime prison, then go for drops with 2 balls. Once WW drains, next prison should be close, and at least a couple banks of drops will be down. I usually try and take prison, blood bath, a mode and then WW stacked the second time around.
That's just how I played my highest scoring game on location, but there are so many strategies. A decent mode can net you 120+ mil though. And Ive taken people to it in tournaments and not broken 10 mil! There are a variety of ways to play depending on the context. Every single shot is risk vs. reward! I really really want to buy one!

20150124_120332.jpg 244 KB

Totally agree. I think the sheer difficulty of this game and the many different strategies can keep it in a collection forever. Great game.

1 week later
#260 7 years ago
Quoted from mudflap:

Blood bath should illuminate red on the PF. Things happen so fast I never see it coming.

Quick fix. Put a red LED in there.

1 year later
#2150 6 years ago

Just wanted to pop in and say I played a just out of the box Prem last night and saw Horde mode in person for the first time. (Trent A got there, not me haha) Incredible!!

that is all....

#2167 6 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

It's almost repulsive.

Whoever invented the virtual knocker sound needs to be kicked in the head. Worst idea ever.

2 weeks later
#2292 6 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

If darl is dead we all riot

He's not. But this season finale is going to be insane.

#2334 6 years ago

Man this show is so good.

#2336 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

No spoilers, I haven't seen any of this season
I'm quite happy to be back in this club, I lasted a whole 3 months without one.
I'm going to start a 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse club, TWD-TRON-GoT-Met. We can discuss all things awesome about these games and lots of booze/beer and random nonsense.

Haha. I need to scrounge my pennies together asap as possible.

#2352 6 years ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

OK, so I accidentally walked ( no pun intended) into this club. I picked up a WD pro this weekend at the Ohio show. I have no clue how to plat this pin. Can I get the cliff notes on this game? ......Please

Hit the well walker a ton to start MB.

Hit the prison a ton to start MB.

Prison and Well walker MBs cannot be stacked.

Hit the drop targets down on the left to light the modes. you can play the modes with a multiball. if you light all the inserts in front of the drops, you start another MB called blood bath. That CAN be stacked with well walker or Prision MB.

If you are doing well in a mode or multiball you will start a multi kill (yellow blinking light on the playfield in front of the shot). Start 6 multi kills to reach Horde wizard mode.

There is TONs more, but start there and just ask more specific questions as you go. I'm sure there is a wiki rulesheet on tilt forums too. Good luck! Congrats!!

#2381 6 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

Are these plug and play?

No. Soldering required.

#2383 6 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

Thanks, knew there was a catch.

Yeah those new LEDs are cool cause they take up no space, but the soldering makes them a bit of a pain.

1 week later
#2512 6 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

That is because you lit up something that you already completed. For example, you completed "food", and as the light pulsed around the 3 options, you stopped it on "food" after it had already been completed. Stop it on weapons or medical, and the dead features should re-activate

I always thought that the first set of drops lit them, then to re light the features it takes two drop bank completions. Thanks for the clarification!

#2541 6 years ago
Quoted from NPO:

I checked this. You were right, and I was wrong. It is 1 complete drop target bank --> mode start --> mode end --> two more drop targets banks --> next mode.
My bad on that.

Cool! Glad you were able to test. I don't have regular access to one anymore.

1 week later
#2618 6 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

if it's that big of a deal, you could install this Harold's products
he has boards that "smooth" both inserts and GI.
experiment with diff bulbs and see if they all flicker. make sure all the connections are tight as well.

I don't think this works for any games that were designed with LEDs. LED OCD is used to make games that were stock incandescent behave the same way when you install LEDs. Could be wrong though.

#2620 6 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

it allows full control even over games that came with LED, granted the user has to hook cpu up to it and spend a few mins with the software

Oh wow. That's pretty awesome.

2 weeks later
#2728 6 years ago

1). Easy answer. Never restart after a bad first ball. Some of my best GC scores have come after a terrible first ball. If you restart after a bad first ball on this game in particular, you're going to be restarting more games than games you complete. That being said, if you're on ball two and hold in the start button, a new game will begin.

2)yes. I always get my BB close, start a MB, then keep hitting drops with the ball saver on to start BB.

3) I try to never hit him straight on. I have had luck by glancing off the left or right side of him like you would do to the Iron Monger on IM.

4) during prison MB, all the main shots are jackpots. Once you collect one, they go out, and you must hit the Prision to relight them. Well walker jackpots are built up from any switch hits on the playfield I believe and collected by hitting the well walker.

5). Read up on how to use the shot multiplier effectively (inlane lit X). Buy saving this for the right time, you can get shots worth 50-100 million fairly easily before you even get to a multiball.

#2730 6 years ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Thank you i found the rule sheet PDF that someone posted in a previous post. That helped quite a bit. Once the extra ball at woodburry is lit do you guys really go for it or is it kind of if it happens great kind of thing? It seems like a dangerous shot to attempt over and over again.
But reading that rule sheet has helped me quite a bit. i need to study that thing. I plan on playing tonight after work. Ill update you guys if i regained dominance on my own machine. lol

I hope to get it during multiball, but if I have a nice cradle on the left I will go for it. Every shot becomes easier with practice. Try to memorize on the flipper where the shot is. Then just repeat that over and over. If I have a shot on a game that's hard, I will play games that all I do it try and hit the shot over and over.

2 weeks later
#2763 6 years ago

Yeah. Get sliders or make the tilt tight. I slide my game all over but it has feet that allow for smooth sliding.

#2765 6 years ago

Get blood bath ready (meaning the insert is blinking), then start well or prison. Then when you complete the next set of drops, Bloos bath starts too and adds a ball. Then for each set of drops you complete after that it adds a ball. I think you get three add a balls. If you keep the multiball long enough, you can play at least one mode during it (preferably riot or tunnel IMO). If you can stack those three things and have a nice long multiball, you can get 300 million plus. Also make sure you're not using your lit inlane X until you have a big shot. Spend it wisely.

You can get at least 3-4 of your multi kills towards horde with this stack too. That's where the biggest points are.

#2774 6 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Here's the question: should I use an x-acto knife and score the decals around the metal cab protector?

Stern does that for you!

#2777 6 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Awesome! Been so long since I bought a new machine I'm completely out of the loop. Thanks!
Ok dumb question #2 then... where can I find these felt sliders (if that's what is best for a carpeted surface)?? Home Depot?

Can't help ya there. I have a concrete floor, so I have feet that are felt on the bottom so they slide better. You might want those sliders that are plastic on the bottom. Or the wood pin footies that pinball life sells.

#2812 6 years ago

There is someone on here that made another one, but I cannot remember who it was. Here is the one I reference the most:


#2817 6 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Cool. In a little confused about WW multiball. The jackpots seem random. What shots do I need to hit to make the WW eligible for a jackpot?
And is blood bath a mode that just makes shots worth more?

the rules read pretty confusing on both of those. I'll let others chime in, as I would like those clarified as well.

#2820 6 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

WW multi is switch hit count style. Not sure how many hits , but shoot the spinner or into the pops to light the WW for the jackpot.

How does the super jackpot work? That wiki rulesheet goes into it, but couldn't quite follow. So if you basically avoid hitting the WW long enough and hit enough switches to light all the letters of well, you get the super?

#2826 6 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

How is the multi-ball related to the switches being mixed up? Are you saying it's normal to start a two ball multi-ball by making the bicycle girl ramp during ball save?

I think he's saying that since the switches for the ramp and outlane are switched, the ball goes up the ramp during ball save time, game thinks he drained, kicks out another ball. Free 2 ball multiball.

#2827 6 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Each jackpot progresses to the next letter . So the last one is super? ..i don't even know .. im too busy trying to advance the drops or a mode usually. Sorry i am not 100% sure.

I'm the exact same way. I just hit the fat bastard and the drops the whole time during that stack. Haha. Usually works out pretty well.

#2829 6 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Here's a question: In the rulesheet it mentions hitting the tower target during the skillshot. All I have been doing is making sure I roll across the roll overs when they are lit and then light the proper lane to collect. But do I need to try to hit the tower target up there also?
Because on my machine it's tough to hit that target reliably during a plunge.

I think that needs to be deleted. That tower target only mattered for the skill shot on early code.

#2849 6 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Anyone know what would cause the skill shot to "cancel" before dropping in one of the lanes? It's all good 90% of the time, but every once in awhile the rollovers register correctly, but somewhere between them and dropping into a lane it cancels out (lit lane goes out) and I do not get credit for the skill shot. Does the tower target cancel the skill shot? Maybe sometimes it's hitting the tower before settling into a lane and that's killing it? I always do a full plunge as I assumed that target wouldn't cancel it, but maybe I should actually be plunging a bit softer to avoid the hit? It doesn't appear as though I have any phantom switch closings that would cancel it, but I haven't investigated that to be sure yet. Anyone else with this issue?

You might have a random switch that's firing and validating the playfield. Try putting the game into switch test and nudge the game to see if any switches are firing.

#2854 6 years ago
Quoted from mark9:

Is there an easy way to find out what value the x multiplier is? I know you can get it in the status report but that's a flow killer. Are people counting the walker kills to try and keep track, it seems quite hard to spot the value on the dmd?

That's what I do. Keep a mental count and know that I haven't used the X in forever.

4 weeks later
#2983 5 years ago
Quoted from busa32927:

can someone explain to me how to get to siege mode or post a link that explains how to get to seige mode.


12 walker kills during prison MB

#2988 5 years ago

I could be wrong, but if you make it to multiple prison MBs, your kills carry over. So if you get 6 in the first MB, you only need 6 to reach siege in the next MB.

1 week later
#3018 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

After you finish a mode should the Dead Features re-light after completing another bank of (unlit) drop targets ?
At the moment mine doesn't. I complete one bank (let's say Weapons). I play a mode. Mode finishes. I then complete another bank of drops (let's say Food) and Dead Features doesn't relight. I believe I have to complete the third bank (First Aid) to re-light Dead Features.

After playing a mode, to relight the modes you have to complete two banks. Doesn't matter what supply item you are doing. Just needs to be two completed banks.

#3028 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

I'm not sure I understand how the multikill works.
When you get the yellow insert lit are you awarded a weapon if you shoot it and are you then awarded another weapon for the next lit shot ?
Because mine doesn't award them that easily.

When you start a multikill, one of the weapon lights will start flashing. To start a multikill, there are numerous ways. Doing well in any mode (and I believe some modes if you do really well you can start a second MK), MB, etc.

You can start multiple multikills in one ball. The yellow roving shot is just to signify that you have a multikill bonus on that shot, and if there is a crosshairs lit there, you get a double kill towards LMS.

For each multikill you start in the same ball, a weapon will start flashing. When your ball ends, those weapons light solid. Collect six weapons to light horde at WB.

#3087 5 years ago
Quoted from T7:

The lockdown bar button will be lit in color: Blue, Green or Red - indicating which type of Walker Bomb you have.

What does red do?

#3097 5 years ago

what about if I have at least one prison and one well walker bomb, I have each MB one shot away, drain, hit button. What MB has precedence and starts? Not a huge issue, just curious. And I assume since I have the other bomb still, when I drain out of the first MB, I can just hit the button again to start the other MB?

1 week later
#3134 5 years ago

Hey guys, the TWD pro on location that I frequent has a slight flipper hop on the right inlane. I've tried to loosen the lane guide and push it up and retighten, but that was no help. Anyone have any other ideas?

#3140 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

Are they standard flipper rubbers ? I had some yellow for mine and they were thicker. Went back to black and they are fine.
Are superbands thinner ? You could try them.

Tried blue super bands, no help. There is blue standard rubber on them now. Still no help. I might bring a few different types next time I go up there and see if that will work.

#3143 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Titan recently started offering a thinner version of their competition silicone flipper rubbers. Perhaps these will solve your problem?

Good idea. Might try these.

#3144 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

Sounds like it could be a rogue machine where the tolerances for the hole centres slipped. Unless it is a dodgy lane guide. You can swap them over can't you ? Won't cure the problem but it is one more thing to rule out.

I'm thinking the same thing. Just a one off issue. This was a very early TWD off the line as he was an early adopter.

#3175 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Stern should make a pro plus
Spinners, lights, Walker bombs. Hold the BG ramp and crossbow.

I'd be a day one adopter of this.

#3183 5 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

RE: the Pro vs. Premium debate.
Can you disable the Crossbow in settings, and will it compensate the gameplay more akin to the Pro to keep the game moving?
I've only a played a Pro, and it was fun, although i hate the theme, but I'd miss the Premium's light show because i'm shallow like that and would like a best of both worlds.

Ramp and crossbow can be disabled. And the WW magnet for that matter. Haha

#3198 5 years ago

Pro is great, but this is one that prems are well worth the extra cost. Think ACDC.

#3232 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

Sadly I think you are right but it is certainly worth looking into for somebody with the know how.
I think a classic AROOGA car horn would make a great replay sound.

Bring back the physical knocker!! Man I wish they made kits for this. That is one stern accessory id buy for every game.

4 weeks later
#3347 5 years ago

Is anyone's game set up to only allow you to light and start modes outside of multiball?

#3349 5 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thats a good question? I think I can start modes in multiball if im not mistaken? There is so much going on during multiball that I cant remember lol.

Every TWD ive ever played you can start modes whenever. However, the one here at the CLE PIN tournament only lets you start them when not in a multiball. Brutal!

#3353 5 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Modes are started by knocking down the drop targets. What does mb have to do with starting a mode?

Shouldn't have anything to do with it, but I guess there's a setting that you can lockout lighting and starting modes while you're playing a multiball. That's how this one is.

1 week later
#3416 5 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Looks like my game should be delivered tomorrow, anything I know as a first time stern and NIB? I'm sure there's a NIB opening 101 tbread around here somewhere

Instructions should be included with the game. Just follow those. Inspect the stock balls and make sure they are nice and shinny with no nicks. If they are bad, replace.

1 week later
#3451 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Reading the rules what is the difference between starting a multikill (flashing) and completing the multikill (lit solid)? And once you get lit solid that will light the multikill shot?

If you have started any mutulkills during your current ball, a weapon will be flashing for each mutulkill you have started. It just goes solid after you drain out of that ball.

#3456 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

you mean Terminus?

Yeah it's terminus. LMS is from 115 walker kills.

#3469 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

It's awesome but aren't some of the Dead modes just like hit the shot x number of times?

Barn and riot are like that I believe. Just keep hitting that shot and it's worth more each time.

#3496 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

Collect the remaining shots and then try to finish CDC (one more shot up the left ramp) with a multiplier.

What's your strat on accomplishing this as the main way to feed the right inlane is from the CDC ramp?

#3498 5 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

It's the 2nd shot (2 left ramps) after shooting the other shots that completes the mode . So you can get the inlane x then shoot the ramp for the 2nd time.

Ah okay. Thanks!

#3506 5 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Any fix won't always work because the ball comes out at different angles, I'm thinking of putting a clear rubber for somewhere up higher to influence the ball towards the guide rail.

The best solution I've seen is just a big yellow post rubber at the end. 95% it's good. The other 5% takes some skillful nudging, but they can all be saved.

#3513 5 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Do you have a link to this post? Or is it not a new post just a new rubber?
My game started out with this not being a big problem now it seems to happen multiple times a game. I have it at 6.5 and like the speed of play but I'll probably adjust the legs to around 6 later tonight and see how it plays.

Just the regular old yellow post rubbers that are thicker than the stock stern ones. I believe they are for Williams games.

#3515 5 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Like this? Also a taller one and a tapered one. Guess it wouldn't hurt to get all three and see what plays best

This is what I was thinking. I would make sure the size you're getting is right. I'm sure others have bought them. Sorry. I didn't buy the one that is on the game I play.


#3528 5 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

I managed to light all the weapon inserts but didn't light horde. Ended up with 394million my personal best game by far. Linking multiballs/modes/2x scoring is crazy!

The horde insert doesn't work. Need to hit the Woodbury shot to start the mode.

#3546 5 years ago
Quoted from wtuttle:

All this talk of Shaker motors has got me, uh, revved-up to buy one. But they are out at Marco's!
I assume it is the Stern SAM system one I should buy, for $150, correct?

Id buy the $99 one


#3554 5 years ago

Did you contact stern for this? Probably your best bet.

#3561 5 years ago
Quoted from Diesel35:

Ive got a similar issue with mine. My crossbow fires intermittently. Sometimes it fires fine. Sometimes the ball barely makes it out of the crossbow and sometimes it takes to presses for the ball to fire. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks.

I don't think the ball is always sitting all the way back in the crossbow. Try and see if anything is causing it to hang up.

1 week later
#3605 5 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Upon further scientific research (taking the glass off) it appears the 2 upper skillshot inserts go dark if the skillshot leaf switches are not triggered within 3 seconds of the ball crossing over the initial star rollovers.

That was definitely true on old code. I thought that was changed on newer code? I used to hate that the skill shot would go away if the ball bounced around the inlanes for a while before going down one. Haven't seen that happen in forever though...

#3615 5 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Skillshot goes dark from something else as well. Have not figured it out yet. Hope Stern rolls out a fix. It pisses me off to see a bug before Ive even had a chance to use my flippers lol

Only other thing I can think of. Take glass off. Turn on switch test and bang on the playfield in different spots and see if any switches register. If so, I think that switch is registering before you get through the skill shot, thus turning it off.

#3625 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

I forget the sequence but there is a way to always put the million point shot up on the top lane - which is usually easier to hit than the rollovers. Something like left flipper twice then right flipper three times.

One flipper moves the award the other flipper chooses which shot you want to shoot for.

#3627 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Now you're making me think I've lost my mind

It's either you or me. I'm going with the former.

2 months later
#3954 5 years ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

Lyman seems like a perfectionist so at some point I believe he will come back and address those loose ends that need minor tweaking, as far as it goes for that horde light bug on my machine I would have never have known for I never even got there as of yet lol. (pathetic right)
Maybe I should take the glass off

I have put about 30-40 plays on a prem I just took in on a temp trade and I haven't even sniffed horde. I think someone said horde is similar in difficulty to getting HOTK on GOT. Not true. Haha

#3956 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

have to complete three modes.

4 modes but 100% agree. Well if you pick Greyjoy they spot you a house, but you get the idea.

#3959 5 years ago
Quoted from thunderking50:

I want a Twd but i'm waiting for the Negan premium version !

Then you'll never own one unless you make it yourself. Haha

#3974 5 years ago

Need clarification on the walker bombs. I feel like I don't always get a bomb for completing the drops when first aid or food is lit. Do I have to do something first before getting a bomb for completing the drops while one of those is locked in?

Also can I get multiple bombs? Like can I have two prison bombs from collecting first aid twice?

#4015 5 years ago

Just got to Horde for the first time! Great mode. What's everyone's strategy for scoring big in this? Feel like I got through 4-5 waves and only had around 80 million at the end.

I was trying to make sure I locked in at least one weapon for each wave, but that proved to be tough cause I kept losing one of my balls and also kept locking in first aid or food instead.

#4023 5 years ago

Just had my best game yet. This game is incredible!! Didn't think I could like the game any more but in the home setting it's so much better!

IMG_5454 (resized).JPG

#4043 5 years ago

so I need that clear plastic visor at the bottom of the premium bicycle girl ramp? The one on this one is cracked and broken on one side and I need to get it replaced. If I apply the various fixes to the ramp do they eliminate the need to replace this clear plastic?

#4045 5 years ago
Quoted from pipes:

Man I want this game. I'd love to get a Premium or LE as my next pin. Lucky bastards.

Find a friend that would do a temp trade with you for one of your games. That's what I did. Haha

#4047 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

My ramp is still the way it came from the factory and the plastic is still fine up there. If you need a new one there is a mod maker that sells it. That's if Chas can't send you one from Stern. Good luck with it.

Just to be clear are you speaking of the clear plastic at the entrance to the ramp or the one at the top?

I'm looking for the one at the entrance that overhangs the playfield.

#4049 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Yeah I'm talking about the one to the entrance at the bottom that sits off center . I was surprised to see someone selling these but now I know why...

Do you know who does? Haven't seen them for sale.

#4054 5 years ago

Gonna try for LMS tonight. Anything hat gets you more than one kill at once?

#4060 5 years ago
Quoted from rottenrobert1313:

When I get a clean tunnel shot the ball loops around the orbit so fast that it hits the left flipper and jumps up and over to a drain. Or back to the shooter lane.

From a dead bounce? I haven't seen this at all on the one I'm playing. I've been able to make a hard tunnel combo into the arena ramp butter smooth. I usually try to live catch a strong tunnel shot though.

#4063 5 years ago

Maybe mine is worn in. It's got like 4000 plays at least. Maybe will take some time if yours is newer.

#4067 5 years ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

I know it's all a matter of opinion but I think I may have a trade in the works. Trade my Avatar pro for TWD pro, straight across. Who would make that trade? I really like Avatar, some of the best in game effects and call outs ever. I don't have a lot of time on TWD, I like the theme but don't know if I will like the layout. I like the deep rules that TWD has to offer but I also like the mode stacking in Avatar. Tough choice.

I'd make this trade in a second especially if you've had avatar for a while and have seen all it has to offer. TWD is one of the best games ever created imo.

#4093 5 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

TWD ColourDMD preview is up on Facebook! Go check it out in all its gory detail

Seeing this pretty much solidifies my love of the stock callouts. Goes perfect with the color dmd. Not kidding.


1 week later
#4151 5 years ago
Quoted from Taygeta:

Anyone upgraded from the pro to Premium/LE? Thoughts?
I love the added magnet to the wellwalker and drop target to Woodbury. Crossbow is ok. Don't feel the lit arrows/color changing LEDs are as well integrated as on other Stern premiums.
Do not care for Bicycle Girl ramp from my short time on the premium but think I could like it more over time. Feel it kills flow since I'm used to my pro.

I have played a pro consistently since the game was released. Love it.

I recently did a temp trade with a buddy and I have put about 500-600 games on his premium in the past month. Overall, the premium is better due to the light show and walker bombs.

The main thing I dislike about the premium is that left ramp. The pro is so much better in that respect. Even after doing the mods that make the prem ramp smoother, still doesn't touch the satisfying feel of the pro left ramp.

I'd take the prem for sure if I got one, and I didn't think I'd ever say that. Always thought the pro was better until I got a prem in my house.

#4153 5 years ago
Quoted from T7:

Did the premium you played have the ramp extension on it?
Probably not, as that mod is the one that really makes the difference.

Ill believe it when I see it. Got a video? Just don't see how a ramp that has a flap in it can be as smooth as one that is one piece.

Found it. Yeah my ramp doesn't move or anything and is smooth as can be. It's just not like the pro. Pro feels better. Also agree that hitting the bicycle girl head is very unsatisfying. But small price to pay for the better overall game.

#4164 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I'm the complete opposite. Owner a prem for a few months. Tons of plays. Every time I play a pro on location I absolutely love it. Love the smoother, faster gameplay. Feels less unpredictable and just meshes better for me.
If I ever own Twd again, it'll be a pro.

Dammit SKB! I thought we had completely aligned pinball tastes. Haha

#4173 5 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

I should add- I'm pretty damn good at the game, get to Horde fairly regularly. I've asked this before and ppl always bring up multipliers and tower 2x. But that only goes so far when balls want to say bye bye. I'm on factory. I Get 100-200M all the time but this 4B is just in the clouds to me. Kudos to those who can pull it off.

Agreed. When I solicited help from iceman on getting to LMS he said that getting the tower extra ball is crucial. Haha. That is ten tower hits. I think I've gotten 3 tops. I've almost gotten the 60 kills EB. ONCE. Haha

#4177 5 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Don't forget the extra ball from Woodbury. It takes a bunch of Woodbury shots to get that as a prize, but it helped me get to LMS.

Let me guess. 10? Haha. I've seen double bit value. None of the others. I think these shots are just not safe enough for me to keep the ball alive for that long. Factory settings is pretty damn tough on this. Even the cheater bombs didn't help me as much as I thought they would.

#4188 5 years ago

How on earth did you build up the CDC shots to 70 million?

#4200 5 years ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Crossbow is also worth a big payoff for a single shot, I think my X Champion is only about 2 million more as I didn't having anything else lit on the shot, just a walker kill.
The other bonus of shooting for walkers on controlled shots is that it's easier to up, and only cash in when a big shot is lit, this was an 8X shot

Unfortunately this isn't possible on a prem. You can only multiply a crossbow shot by the 2x playfield. Can't combine an inlane X with it.

Unless you disable the crossbow then you might be able too. Not sure.

#4206 5 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

From.what I hear, bm66 is a disaster in terms.of quality and the pf being barren. Twd is one of the best games ever made, to me it's a perfect 10.

The views on TWD were all bad the first year plus if it's existence.

#4212 5 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Not sure if it has been mentioned , but it IS possible to combine inlane X with Crossbow by missing the initial crossbow shot and then having it roll over the inlane X during the grace period. Only major shots stop the crossbow shot-making time limit.

Good luck with that haha. But yeah that would work.

1 week later
#4254 5 years ago

Tunnel might be the best mode in pinball that isn't a wizard mode. Fantastic reward for a very difficult shot. So dangerous but I cannot help going for it every time it's lit.

#4258 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I love this combo, but I find that the ball sometimes gets so much speed that it will fly off the ramp.

At what point? I've heard this multiple times now and it has never once happened to me.

#4260 5 years ago
Quoted from setzkor:

Usually happens for me on the way back around the arena ramp when it goes over the hump on the left side... Has a bad habit of jumping directly into the left outlane.

Now I know why this is happening for others. On mine the owner put a piece of plastic as a roof right at that point. I suggests others do the same.

#4264 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

I don't have it come off the Arena ramp. It's when it's flying back at the left flipper from a fast tunnel shot that the flipper will make the ball go airborn. And this is with the flipper rubber raised on the bat to help prevent this.
But it's apparently calmed down and I can finally enjoy this combo on a more consistent basis.

Oh I see. Wonder why mine doesn't do this? I've played with regular rubber and now Titans and neither do it.

#4268 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

It's probably because I'm such a badass that I have the game set ridiculously steep so I can barely follow the ball at this speed.
Pure adrenaline with the added benefit of being able to justify my massively low scores

Let's see your bubble level cause mine is past the top line. Also my levelers in the back can't go any higher.

#4270 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

Don't try to out-badass me!

Haha. I'll defer to your superior badassness, just blows my mind that two games set probably the same way gets completely different reactions from the ball.

#4272 5 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

I agree with that. Before I got my TWD Prem I dutifully researched and prepared for re-doing the left ramp to get a smooth experience. I'm still nicely shocked I never had to do anything to it... ball shoots up there quite smoothly with no fuss. Maybe not *quite* as smooth as a pro but certainly not clunky with rejected shots, etc...
So yeah... Stern managed to deliver *variety* even within the same game title. "It's not a bug - it's a feature!"

Good points all around. Glad this one lets you crush that tunnel arena combo. So badass!!

#4288 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

No, that's probably the whole assembly. I just don't think you can buy it anywhere. Of course, I could be wrong.

I've bought parts directly from stern for my GOT. Don't see why not. But I bet it's expensive.

#4290 5 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I was under the impression that they often won't sell certain parts that are considered "upgrades" on the premium/LE's. This is to discourage people from buying the pros and then just upgrading the game themselves. Like I said, I could be wrong about this.

Yeah good point. Mine was a common part. They should allow it just charge a lot for it. People would pay, more revenue, bam.

1 week later
#4314 5 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Had my longest game last night. A little more than half an hour. Got to horde 3 times and last man standing for only the 2nd time ever. Four extra balls earned. Unfortunately, I immediately crapped out of LMS.

How did you earn 4 extra balls?

Also how the hell are people collecting 10 towers? I think the most I have collected is 3 maybe.

#4317 5 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Extra balls for walker kills at 5 and 60, 10 tower shots, and as a Woodbury award. You have to earn around 7 or 8 Woodbury awards before it pops up as a selection.
I think I had 16 towers in that game. I don't actively shoot for the tower standup targets except during Horde and multi-ball, but once the standups are lit through random ball hits, I immediately focus exclusively on making that tower shot. The tower doesn't stay lit when you drain and you can't accumulate the standup target hits when already lit so you should collect the tower asap. I find it a difficult shot trying to hit directly, but rather easy if I first make the left ramp then combo it. I only try for the tower directly if I am trying to avoid the left ramp for some reason.

Impressive. 7-8 Woodbury shots and 16 tower shots in one game under 30 mins. That's insane. Haha

#4326 5 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

anyone had random activations of the well walker? notably when the ball is in the pops?

If anything mine could be more sensitive. The well walker switch is just a standard micro switch. I'd try to adjust to to make it less sensistive.

1 week later
#4385 5 years ago

Is there a bug in the code that under certain circumstances an earned extra ball doesn't get awarded? I feel like I'll get one and have a decently long ball, then after draining, it gives me nothin.

#4394 5 years ago
Quoted from Pintucky:

I have had that problem too, and thought about posting it here. Glad you did. I think it has something to do with the rollover in the shooter lane. I notice if I hit the ball into Woodbury and if it goes WAY up and then comes back down, I always get the Extra Ball. But if it goes in there and does go over the rollover kind of quickly, I don't get it 1 out of every 3 times I hit it. I'm not sure how the code is written for when it is lit up during multi-ball, but I have been awarded the Extra Ball MOST of the time. I live with it, but someday when I have time, I'm thinking about pulling up the rollover wire a bit and see if that helps. If not, I might just change out the switch. I think the problem is in that area and nothing to do with code.

What in taking about is I got the EB, insert lit inbetween the flippers. Drain. No EB.

#4398 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

Is your Max Ex Balls setting really low ?

Default. I'm thinking I'm just seeing things. I've been playing so much, games are running together. I'll keep a closer eye on it.

#4402 5 years ago
Quoted from GhostThruster:

Well the latest development as of this morning.. played a couple games without issue and then when trying to start a game, no balls ejected to start a game. I tested the coil that puts the ball from the trough into the shooter lane and it works during the test but not outside of that. The machine then went into locating balls mode after I power cycled it and seemed to work for one game. A quick search told me that it may be an opto issue down there. I'll have to dig into it more after work.
I knew there would need to be repairs made but I didn't think they would start on day 2 lol

The trough has micro switches not optos. I would seriously check the balls to make sure they aren't magnatized. Take them out and line them up and see if when two are touching if you pull slowly does the other one come with it? Even slightly magnatized, they will not sit in the trough right.

#4432 5 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

i know there are lots of tutorials, but does anybody know if/what the name of the wizard mode is if you have all the modes lit solid on the pf? barn, cdc, arena, tunnel, and arena? thanks

Terminus. After you have played all them you have to complete two drop banks then hit any major shot to start it.

1 week later
#4440 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, had the game well over a year and still unclear how to best use multipliers and combine with 2x playfield?
Anyone have a quick explanation for best use of multipliers on this game?

Easy. Save them for a valuable shot and don't miss the valuable shot. Or if you have a walker bomb ready save it for the super jackpot of that multiball and use it after rolling through the inlane X.

I always use the multipliers on the final shot of CDC, or during tunnel, or during Barn or riot. Not really worth it in arena.

#4442 5 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

I thought the walker bombs were just used to start a multiball after draining a ball?
So, get SJ, then inlane X, hit walker bomb.... what happens as a result of this?

Spots you a shot in that multiball. If your next shot is the super, it will award u the super

#4443 5 years ago

Also another tip. When you hit the inlane X, it is the next major switch hit. So feel free to let the ball roll over it and run off that flipper to pass the ball over to your other flipper to a trap. Then take your time to line up the shot. if you brick and hit a couple slings or a spot target, it still should be active so trap up and try again.

#4445 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

How long until the X times out ?

It doesn't. It's based of the next major switch hit. So if you run over the inlane and trap up, you can wait for an hour before your next shot and still have it multiplied.

#4447 5 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

Well that will put paid to my mass panic trying to hit a big X shot.

Yeah it helps knowing this, but I still screw it up most of the time. Haha

#4464 5 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

You can't, just try to keep count in your head.

Shows on the dmd, but also after hitting the second to last shot the game had an audio cue that you're one shot away. Something like "were getting close"

#4470 5 years ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

Anyone ever have a delay on their crossbow? Then ball will load...the boom will start moving to the right. I'll try to hit the button to go up the barn ramp and it's delayed. Nothing happens. If I go a bit further towards BGirl, I can make the shot. It just seems to not want to always fire early in the arm moving

I've always tried for shots on the way back. Never on the initial sweep. Never had an issue.

#4475 5 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

I typically shoot for barn or the bg on the way out and then usually have a chance to recover any misses and frantically hit (attempt) another yellow shot while it's still active, there's also a slight grace period of course.

You can still do this if shooting the crossbow on the return trip. The only shot I go for on the initial trip is arena.

3 weeks later
#4512 5 years ago
Quoted from Groo:

I really liked this machine. My wife was wondering why I was playing it when I had it (PRO) at home. Got my high score on it at 278M.
Bicycle girl ramp seems steeper on the LE/PREM. Is that the case or just my imagination? Plus I totally wasted the walker bombs I think. Button was lit so I was hitting it.

Yes the ramp is steeper.

Yeah don't use the walker bombs unless your one hit away from a multiball or about to hit a big jackpot. Green is well walker. Blue is prison.

#4522 5 years ago
Quoted from WombatPinball:

I've never played the premium/LE. Can anybody tell me if the flow of the game is that much different between the pro and premium/LE? I played the pro for a couple hours last night and love the flow of the game, but I'm still leaning towards getting the premium just based on what I've read. Can anybody offer up some opinions? Thanks!

The only things that change the flow on the prem is that left ramp and crossbow. Bicycle girl is a bash toy instead of just looping the ramp. The crossbow is shot from a mech instead of just using the flippers. Crossbow is definitely cooler if it's working right.

If you do the half dosen adjustments or so to the left ramp, it should be pretty smooth. Get the premium for sure.

#4559 5 years ago

Looks like a solid option but I have to keep mine stock. I need all the help I can get with the tunnel shot. How is the feed out of there? Feel like it would throw the ball into the sling or left outlane? That was my biggest gripe with the fat post.

1 week later
#4612 5 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Thanks buddy, I need to check next time.
In this horde mode, I had some several location mode (arena, riot etc) lit (did I complete target bank? Can I stack all the location mode in the horde mode?). I don't know how it came and what is the interaction. Are you sure there is only what you said in the Horde?

The closer the zombies are to you the more of the inserts are lit on that shot. Also, if you complete the weapons item on the drops with a prem or Le, you get a red walker bomb which is one free zombie kill. So if you're a kill away from the next wave, use this to add a ball and advance to the next wave. There should be a number on the bottom left of the DMD that says how many more kills you need to advance to the next wave.

Modes you've played prior to horde have no bearing on what happens inside of horde.

#4615 5 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

That is exactly what happened. But I thought you needed to complete collecting weapon to go to horde?
Anyway, I need next time to care about these lights that noticed me I am closed to be bitten.

Yes to get to horde the modes matter. Basically doing well in modes or multiballs will award you with weapons (inserts in the middle of the playfield 6 of them). Collect all six to light horde at the Woodbury shot.

#4616 5 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Is Horde the final? Is there anything else? What is last standing man (I read somewhere you need to kill 100 zombies) and siege?

The wizard mode is last man standing. Need to kill 115 zombies on standard settings.

Siege is a mini wizard that you need to complete 12 jackpots in prision multiball to start.

Terminus is another mini wizard that starts after playing all the dead features (riot, barn, CDC, tunnel, and arena)

#4618 5 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Thanks for this rundown.
I've been playing my Premium for a little over a month, and have made it to Horde 5 times. Haven't reached Siege or Terminus and certainly not LMS. I haven't fully understood the rules yet though, so gracias.
Tough pin but it's just interesting every time.

Find the keith Elwin YouTube video. That really helped me with fully understanding the deeper parts of the code.

I've had a prem for about two months and haven't even sniffed LMs, been close to terminus and siege, but never reached.

#4620 5 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

About Siege, I can't remember how to get prison jackpot. You need to hit the blue shots and so relit them with shooting prison. Need to do 12 times?


Quoted from colonel_caverne:

The dead feature (arena etc) only need to be played or completed if this is possible to do?

Need to play each mode. No need to complete it. Then when you light the modes again, shoot any of them to start terminus.

#4622 5 years ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

Just joined the club, what's the verdict on the blood armor? Will it hold up and not flake off? Debating leaving mine stock or grabbing a set.

I think the blood armor looks awful, but that's just me. Looks way out of place and tacky.

#4646 5 years ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Does anyone run into this issue:
When I hit the tunnel and the ball comes around to the left flipper, I seem to be able to easily hit the Arena ramp. The problem is that the ball is traveling so fast, it jumps out of the Arena ramp and ends up on the CDC ramp and back on the right flipper.
Is that just my game, or does it happen to anyone else?

I think this common. Luckily I have one that is smooth as butta.

#4654 5 years ago
Quoted from kid_ego:

Just set up my NIB TWD Pro on code 1.56 and played a few games.
Is the skill shot that involves the rollovers not included on the Pro?
I don't see the option to select the rollover to attempt to hit at the start of a ball.

That's not how the skill shot works. You have to roll over the star rollovers as they both light then have the ball go through the flashing lane. You can change the lane that's flashing though.

Woodbury however, works exactly how you describe.

#4658 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Bricks:

Hitting Tower is also part of the skill shot.

Not since original code.

#4660 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr_Bricks:

I stand corrected, my bad.

No worries. I actually miss that part of the skill shot.

#4666 5 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

I think the blood armor matches the theme very well and looks good!

Yeah especially on the LE I don't like it. The stock armor is amazing!!

#4679 5 years ago
Quoted from kid_ego:

Having a high percentage of SDTM on exits from the pops on my NIB Pro.
I see a lot of posts from folks who have put a thicker post sleeve there to correct the issue, but I haven't found one that lists the size to get.
Looking on PinballLife (since I want to order some bulbs) and was hoping someone could tell me which sleeve to get/try.

Are you nudging the game to bounce it off that feed? That's the best way to combat it imo. Adding that fat post rubber can send the ball wild and towards the left outlane or directly into the left sling in my experience.


#4681 5 years ago
Quoted from kid_ego:

Yeah, I'm kind of torn on whether to attempt to 'fix' it.
I'm not the world's most physical player, and my pins are so close together, I'm afraid to get too physical.
I may just live with it as part of the game's unique charm and difficulty.

Yeah if you want to become a better nudger, TWD is amazing for that. Always be nudging with this one. But yeah if that's not your cup of tea, those bigger sleeves will do the trick, but may introduce other annoyances. Happy tinkering!

#4684 5 years ago
Quoted from IBARAKURO:

I find that SIEGE is too hard to launch
I lowered the number of blow ...
How is your game set for SIEGE?

24 shots. 12 jackpots. Hit a blue shot is one jackpot. Relight at the prison and hit another blue shot. That's 2 jackpots. Get 12, siege starts. Carries over if you get to prision MB again.

#4693 5 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

What's the best strategy to get to Horde mode? I've only been there like twice.

Three bicycle girl shots. Three barn shots. Three CDC shots. Two riot shots. Three arena shots. Hits lots of drops down. Or doing well in prision or well walker multiball.

#4697 5 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Pretty much. Always bicycle girl, always CDC, always barn- and then a misc mix of others, like, for example, I believe my horde weapons usually contain two of these: a "drop target" weapon, well-walker weapon also.
Chuck I think you mean two tunnel shots- riot is too tight and dangerous. Tunnel is too but only on the first shot, after initiating you can spread the love and get the best sound effect in pinball.

To each their own. I think riot is safer to go for than tunnel. But I love tunnel mode so I always go for that.

#4698 5 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

That's not easy to do! You forgot the tunnel shots also. I think you have to get two of those maybe?

No. Remember you only need six multikills to ge to horde. There's about 20 available in the game to collect. Choose the easiest 6. I listed what I thought were the easiest six.

1 week later
#4727 4 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Got my Walking Dead LE today. Wheeled it from the garage to my walk out basement and set it up by myself, pretty proud of myself. I don't think I will every buy a used pinball again.. it smells so bad like cat poop. Anyways, my MMR LE makes a very loud knock with free ball and credit etc, its awesome. The walking dead makes this weird sound from the speakers.. is that it?? Thats the knock?

Yep. Enjoy!

#4731 4 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Man thats sucks.. I like coil knockers. This pinball doesn't feel as well built as my MMR LE. Im kind of disappointed, who is this annoying voice actor and why he is he telling me that "bicycle girl is lit". What an annoying voice.
Im like shut up.

Haha. Why did you buy a game you don't like?

#4733 4 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Yeah I

Yeah I think I made a mistake. Oh well, I got simpson pinball party coming tomm. Isn't it possible to change the voice call outs or something, some mod?

Yeah I think someone did that. Not sure where the link is.

#4740 4 years ago
Quoted from Scott2dot0:

Any idea why my Arena and Tunnel arrows flash in multicolor? The others don't do that.
» YouTube video
Sorry for the crap quality. Could the previous owner have put the wrong bulbs in there, are they supposed to do that, or do I have other issues?

You have a loose connector underneath the playfield. Lift the playfield up and it will be on the left side inbetween the left flipper and the left ramp. Small little guy. Push it in tight. I added a zip tie to mine to hold the connector to the board tight or it will keep wiggling loose.

#4742 4 years ago
Quoted from Scott2dot0:

You're a lifesaver, thanks! It looked visibly connected but once I took it out and re-seated it, problem solved. I think some of my GI was out too. Thanks again!

No problem. Hopefully it doesn't wiggle loose again. Mine kept doing it, so I have to take extra steps to secure it better.

#4752 4 years ago
Quoted from bent98:

Anyone provide some guidance on how to adjust the sensitivity of the prison head behind the doors? If I don't hit him hard he doesn't register.

Here's what I did that made him much better.

First gap the spot target under the playfield very very close. Then take 1 to 2 pieces of sticky felt, or the soft side of Velcro with adhesive backing and lay it on the metal arm that is attached to the walker head. That will effectively reduce the distance the arm needs to travel to contact the spot target. Shouldn't need to remove anything under the playfield to do this either.

#4754 4 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

And not an ideal solution, but know that for tournaments, they have often disabled the prison door, so that the optos that are in front of the door register all the hits, instead of having that head come into play.

I wanted to avoid this at all costs. So my solution made it more than fine for tournaments.

#4769 4 years ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

The tunnel shot in the Tunnel Mode doesn't award a cash out value, it ends the mode. Once you've hit the other 4 shots for 5mil each, they relight and are worth 10mil each, etc. etc.

Not true. Tunnel is the best mode in the game imo.

Shoot tunnel to start. Avoid all other shots. Keep hitting tunnel to advance the mode shot value. Goes from 5 to 7.5 to 10 to 12.5 million and so on. When done, now all other shots are worth that and that value is locked in.

once you hit another shot other than tunnel the value of the shots is locked in, and hitting tunnel again ends the mode. Avoid that at all costs. Keep hitting drops to increase the mode timer, and hit all other major shots for a potentially endless tunnel mode.

So instead of that one big cash out shot in CDC, every major shot in tunnel can be a monster collect if timed with a built up X shot.

#4772 4 years ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Or you can spend the entire mode trying to make even a single tunnel shot until you clank and it goes sdtm. That's my strategy.

That's why I love it to be honest. Each hit to that tunnel shot once in the mode gets my heart pounding more and more! Best I've done is 12.5 million. Never had the balls to risk more than that.

#4774 4 years ago