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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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#217 5 years ago

Just picked up my machine this weekend.

I've determined am not very good right now and need to study the rules closely if I'm ever going to score well.

#222 5 years ago

Manufacture tag is December 14.

The original owner ordered the fix kit and was received last week. I left the original mylar on as it was not damaged.

Well Walker has a ring/decal or whatever it is and it is damaged already. Fewer than 200 plays. I'll take a closer look at it next time I open it up.

I went home for lunch today and put a respectable 111,000,000 on it, and had another game at 59MM.

I'm learning to stack the multi balls and some other tricks, but have a long way to go.

#233 5 years ago

Guys, I'm getting a switch #60 error on the report. When I look in the book, it appears its not used for anything.

Anyone else seen this, it is on a premium/le.

6 months later
#433 4 years ago

I agree the crossbow and BG ramp are not great additions above a pro.

If you don't like the BG ramp lifting, there is a menu adjustment to turn it off. That way it will feel very similar to the pro.

The CB seems to work inconsistently, both in timing with the button and the speed at which it sends the ball. If you have any suggestions to improve it please let me know.

#472 4 years ago

I've been whacking at this thing for months and need to learn the rules. What were the two green arrow inserts that popped up on me last night? I'm used to red, white and blue ones.

They startled me so much I drained immediately so have no idea.

So far my high score is 550K.

#476 4 years ago

Yes 550M, in budget season right now at work and used to the K's.

More questions, how do I actually cash in the WW jackpot? Haven't figured that one out yet either.

1 month later
#654 4 years ago

Man I hate this game!

Just scored 414million on the first ball.

Got to horde and choked bad.

Then 3 quick drains for a final score of only 426m.

Argh! Back to work.

2 weeks later
#682 4 years ago

My crossbow seems to have inconsistent power. Sometimes it makes it, sometimes not.

I think the plastic plunger needs redesigned or something. It has a long throw without enough guides.

There is also a delay when hitting the lock bar button. I notice it for the crossbow and when launching balls. You get used to it but it is annoying.

1 month later
#1013 4 years ago

Found one in the wild this weekend. Rocky Mountain Pizza at Georgia Tech.

Prison doesn't work but I set high CDC score. image.jpeg

1 month later
#1252 4 years ago

The crossbow shots are so hard, I'm not looking at the DMD when I'm shooting.

Not sure it matters since it's the shot that counts.

1 week later
#1477 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

PinballHelp said:
I disagree - for better or worse, the Premium has a number of features that all together add a lot to the gameplay:
* Bicycle Girl
* Crossbow (I actually like the crossbow, not sure why everyone is so negative on it)
* Well walker magnet (not a huge deal, but definitely makes the shot more risky and ads another random element)
* Walker Bombs
Nothing wrong with the Pro, but the Premium as a whole package is so much more.

Adding to your list:
Light show (mentioned above)
GI (mentioned above)

But the most important thing:
SPINNERS. nothing like ripping it up the barn orbit

I finally figured out the crossbow and shoot Arena, BG, and the Barn on a regular basis. I still need to add the new CB code though.

1 week later
#1586 4 years ago

I've had a ColorDMD and it makes a big difference, but I can't go back to dots.

Just bought a GOT Prem and I need another display, I can't play it like this!

1 year later
#5451 2 years ago

I swear every major update has come while I’m out of town.

#5460 2 years ago

I always assumed it was just a penalty for missing the shot.

#5564 2 years ago

Yes, BG on at start is setting. I turned it off right away.

2 weeks later
#5681 2 years ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Is there anyway to turn it up?

Don't think it is a Spike/SAM issue, more game to game based on the coding. The shaker kits are different across generations, but I assumed you bought the right one.

Have you adjusted or looked the weights on it? The closer they are together the bigger the shake.

Also check the feature adjustment and set it to max. It isn't intensity, just when it is used.

1 month later
#5877 2 years ago

This is a tough game and will make you a much better player if you stick with it. Here are a couple of thoughts for you:

If you are worried about the drops, then only attack them when you have ball save on, at the beginning of a ball and early in multi-ball. The best approach is a controlled shot that 'sweeps' all three drops. This type of shot sends the ball up the playfield and not back to the flippers and slings.

If you have adjusted your Pops, then your ball save times may be shorter. The pops freeze the timer, so popping and a quick exit to the flippers is better than just wandering through and down to the flippers.

While you are teaching yourself the Tunnel shot make sure you trap up the ball and let it come to a complete rest. Then make the shot. Don't try on the fly or as it's rolling through the inlane until you can make it from a stop consistently.

The Tunnel is a tough shot, but far from impossible and it is almost risk free. Try to play entire games where the only left flipper shot is aimed at the tunnel. Focus on the skill and not the score or mode progress and if you aren't better in 1 day, then you are doing something wrong and you should get out of pinball .

#5883 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Risky if you hit the pops and when the ball comes back down it drains STDM. That and the magnets (prison start) can make this frustrating for some people.

These are not shot risks but setup issues discussed forever here. Pop drains just mean u need better leveling. Prison magnet can be released when the crowbar hits.

Tunnel shot is safer than 99% of all other shots in pinball. To the left it hits the ww and slows the ball down. To the right it hits the ramp post and I don’t think I have ever seen it drain off that.

My point was it’s easy to practice with low risk compared to other shots. Brick arena or woodbury of the blue rubber and you r dead the drops are designed to be tough. Tunnel is designed to be hard but not dangerous- so practice and keep shooting it during a game.

#5910 2 years ago

Pops slingshots and magnets are there to introduce randomness to pinball machines. If they weren’t there the games would be boring and go forever.

A cheap drain now and then has very powerful Pavlovian effects on players.

There’s also the risk/benefit design considerations. If I could just hit the prison all day to get multi-ball several times without risk then where’s the fun. Gotta add some risk there.

2 months later
#6276 1 year ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

I had an LE and was forced to remove the tilt bob, otherwise it was unplayable.
Small Nudge = warning.
Not a game where nudging should be punished unfairly, seeing as it’s completely necessary.

Then your definition of nudging is way different than mine. There is no reason to remove the bob for modern sterns.

You know you can lower the bob right?

Also if you crank up the playfield slope you need to adjust the ring around the bob so it is centered when at rest.

#6283 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I wasnt talking about how to get there, just wondering if you can light 2 weapons inserts for completing the CDC mode or not.

I don't ever remember seeing that happen on its own.

Multiple weapons can come from a combo with a mode and BG, Fishtank or multiballs.

If you are having a great game, sometimes you don't notice 2 things going at once.

2 weeks later
#6419 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Guys Im having trouble with my TWD LE. I emailed Stern but no reply. The well walker multiball keeps triggering even when Im not hitting that bash toy. Do you guys have any ideas?

You need tshould adjust the well walker switch. It is making contact on its own. There are many posts here on it as well as separate threads.

1 week later
#6471 1 year ago

That's a setup issue, not a model difference. They do play differently, but not that differently.

Sounds like you need to level the one at work.

2 weeks later
#6575 1 year ago

The smoothing on the LCD looks great on this machine. I had it in the machine long before the color ROM was available.

1 week later
#6628 1 year ago

You will prob have to drill holes.

No software changes.

If it is your first install, just buy a stern kit. It has the board, hole template, t-nuts, instructions and it works. Make sure you order a SAM kit not a Spike kit.

Install takes 15 minutes.

1 week later
#6712 1 year ago

Looks like a Stern to me.

#6719 1 year ago
Quoted from Rensh:

It’s not stern marked and the PCB says Anarchy. So no stern. Built quality looks good by the way.

Sorry I just looked at the shaker itself. Looks like Stern and I don’t think they have any stern markings on them.

3 weeks later
#6784 1 year ago

Threads are likely in the rotating post and not on the door itself.

Since they get bashed and opened a lot, the prob just worked themselves loose. You aren’t going to strip three screws simultaneously.

Us a little locktite.

1 month later
#6956 1 year ago
Quoted from wtuttle:

Just wondering: has anyone installed a Lexan playfield protector on their TWD?

Man, why all the interest in plastic protectors these days? This is the third or fourth one recently.

My advice is to skip the protector and just clean the machine & change balls regularly. The playfield will last forever in your basement if you do that.

#6959 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Becuse sometimes when you drop 5000 or more on a toy, putting something on it to keep it in nice shape is a good idea.

You must know my grandfather who would put seat protectors on his trucks. The seats were always in great shape when he sold his old, beat up, rusty truck.

If you keep it clean, the machine will stay in nice shape. This is how most do it, but to each their own.

The lexan protectors will get dirty and scratched over time and are more work to refresh than just cleaning ad waxing a pf.

I only commented because there were a couple of other threads that have popped up recently and I was curious if there was a product announcement or some other dimple/cc thread that prompted people to think about pf protectors en masse.

1 month later
#7104 1 year ago
Quoted from jorant:

So why on earth is this not higher rated? It's like I'm going crazy here, this game seems way under rated. Is it because it's so difficult?

My favorite machine but suffered from:

The machine was dissapointing until the first good code dropped about 8 months in. Lots of bad reviews early.

Artwork turns a lot of folks off. Perfect for the theme but not family friendly.

Setup has to be good or you get cheap drains out of popps and magnets.

Oh yeah, it’s hard too. People who like long ball times don’t like it. It’s no LOTR.

#7126 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

in the meantime - can someone confirm if your backbox has wing bolts to lock in the head? or does it just rely on the two bolts in the back of the machine?

You can do either, there are bolt holes in the back and inside the head. Machines were delivered with only two bolts, and that's all you need to use to secure it. The internal bolts are used on location as a security measure

1 week later
#7144 1 year ago
Quoted from wtuttle:

I don't think that the replacement is possible. You need a mobile ramp to go up and down due to the Walker head under the ramp.

Feature adjustment 159 disables the ramp.

9 months later
#8235 7 months ago
Quoted from Beez:

*** Need a little help ***
Half of my lights (mostly the front and left half) seem to be extremely dim and flickering different ... something is obviously wrong just not sure where to start. Thanks for any clues!

Check the power connectors to your light boards. They get loose over time and need replaced.

The culprit is likely the power connector that is just forward of the center of your flippers. There are other boards daisy chained to it.

3 months later
#8610 4 months ago

I'm a tournament player and have always focused on maximizing points in 3 balls. But I got a BKSOR a few months ago and decided to concentrate on defeating the BK and getting to Rage multiball. To do it, I focused only on completing the modes to progress to Black Castle. I ignored MB, combos and other high-point activity, and only shot to complete the 5 modes. It worked and I killed the BK a couple of weeks ago.

I've never made it to LMS, so made it my goal over the holiday and started playing differently.

I ignore starting modes for the most part since drops are dangerous. But if started, will score enough for the multi-kill since it awards two Kills each shot. I let MB happen naturally as the game progresses but will shoot for prison and drops during ball save since you get a lot more kills during MB. I ignore BG since it is dangerous on a premium, and my well walker shots are targeted to avoid the outlane ricochet.

Ironically my scores are up, maybe because I am playing safer?

Anyway, with this strategy, I played all 3 MBs and finished horde on the first ball and ended up with over 70 kills. I thought I could do it since I had 2 EBs and 2 regular balls left.

Well, of course I didn't make it I ended up with 108 kills. I think I got distracted by all the count lights filling up on the pf .

My walker kills are up in general, but I think 108 was more of a result of a monster ball than a general change in strategy.

For those that have played LMS, did you think it was random, or was it because of the strategy you use?

I am determined to make it soon, but refuse to set it to 5 ball!

#8619 4 months ago

Well it worked. Hit LMS tonight after posting over 100 kills 5 times.

I guess my next goal is to finish it. Seems pretty impossible.

1 week later
#8625 3 months ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Wait: five times? You racked up 100 kills five times? Five times in your life? My kills record is below fifty.

It's worse than that. I posted 100 5 times in one week before hitting LMS. I brought this up in a post above that that my strategy was focusing only on walker kills and no modes or MBs. IF you trap a lot and make safe ramp shots, you can reach 100, it's just kinda boring.

2 months later
#8812 39 days ago

To get the best CDC mode scores:

Hitting the CDC ramp lights the other shots - Barn Riot Etc, they will be white.

So after you start CDC, shoot the ramp 4 times to light all the other shots, then shoot them. If you make them all and have time, do it again. Stay away from CDC - once you make a different shot, hitting CDC twice will end the mode.

To end the mode and collect you a big CDC score, shoot the CDC ramp twice. Use your in-lane multiplier on the second shot, and if you have your playfield multiplier going too, you will score big.

Remember that if you shoot the CDC ramp twice in the mode (after hitting a different shot) will end the mode. The shots do not have to be consecutive to end it, so multiball can make this more difficult.

I like to stack CDC and BG early in the game. I just shoot BG until i get multi kill. That will turn on the other CDC lanes , then I shoot those until the timer gets low, then I make sure I have time for 2 CDC shots.

#8817 39 days ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

In CDC, every CDC ramp you hit before hitting another shot builds the CDC value by only 25k or so. But if you complete another mode first that shot will build the CDC value by 500k.
Try playing Barn before CDC, then hitting some Barn shots before finishing CDC.

I dont think this is correct. CDC ramp starts at 750 and increased by 25 no matter what you have done before. But lighting and shooting the other shots within the mode will increase your scores.

To add to my description above, the more CDC ramps you hit at the beginning of the mode, the higher the value of the other shots.

If you shoot CDC 5-6 times, then the other shots are worth 4 million each. When you cash out your CDC, I think, but not verified the math, it doubles the accumulated mode value.

I just did this (OK with the glass off because I got frustrated):
Started CDC
Shot CDC 5 times for 750, 775, ... Lighting all the other shots
Shot Barn for 4M, shot all other shots for 4M each
Shot CDC twice to cash out, final shot was worth 28M, without any multiplier
Mode Total was 56M

With multipliers timed right, this mode can be huge

I also tested this after finishing Barn mode first, and saw no difference in scoring.

3 weeks later
#8883 14 days ago

The active Multi-kill shot - the moving yellow light, can have a big points value too. You get 5% (I think) of the points accumulated in completed modes where you earned the multi-kill.

As mentioned in an earlier post about maxing out Barn & CDC, the multi kill points could be 15M + if you blow out the modes.

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