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TWD Club, only walkers not welcome !!!

By pinball_erie

5 years ago

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#4568 2 years ago

I just got my TWD and after a day of use the crossbow stopped working. When the crossbow was fully extended it made a clicking noise and stopped. I called up Stern and they said it was the motor. I just replaced and the crossbow doesn't move at all. Switch 50 and 51 register in service mode so its not that. The firing solenoid works fine as well. They said this machine doesn't have a motor controller board. So my question is what tells the motor to turn on? Is it possible a fuse could of blown? Stern is closed today so any help would be much appreciated. .

#4573 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Yes, fuse is likely blown. One protects the motor in the backbox, can't recall which one it is, I believe it's 3 amps. Surprised stern didn't tell you to check this first. It's not likely the motor.

I pulled off backbox and looked at the main board and all the 13 fuses have a red led lite so I assume all fuses are good. I need to find my meter to check continuity. What else could it be?

#4575 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Did you check the connector underneath? Do you have power to the connector?

How much power is supposed to be running to motor?

#4576 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Did you check the connector underneath? Do you have power to the connector?

After further analysis, I am not getting 20VAC across the brown and brown blue wires of the relay assembly 511-619-00, instead I am getting 3.96v. Therefore I suspect the relay is not getting energize to turn motor on to activate the crossbow. How can I test the 20v source is working properly? Everything else in the game is working.

I checked all the fuses for continuity on the main board and found no issues. The main board has all Voltage leds lite up for all voltages levels. One other thing to note, There is a capacitor and a light bulb on the motor side connector. The light bulb looks like the filaments aren't touching. I am not sure wath purpose of this bulb this serves or if that's normal? Could that be an issue? I assume not as the relay is not getting voltage therefore the motor is not as well. I've attached a pic of the motor connector that has that light bulb solider on it.

IMG_1970 (resized).JPG

#4579 2 years ago

1. Is coin door closed when you are testing the motor and checking voltages? If not, power is cut. Not sure how you are testing the motor, but go into settings, coil test, choose 21, push start button. Nothing?

Coin door is open but you can pull out the white switch that actuates when the coin door is closed to enable high voltage mode and still keep the door open. 20v/50V. So no issues there.

2. Do you get continuity from the board connector for the motor to the connectors at the motor?

When you said board connector you mean the 2 prong connector in which the motor connector plugs into?

3. It's possible the transistor on the board has blown, check that with a meter. Meter on diode check, one probe on tab of transistor, other probe on game ground. If you get no resistance or a buzz, it's blown.

What transistor are you referring to? I am not sure of the location

4. To be honest, I don't know what that glass tube dies, the blue varistor I think helps regulate power, but I'm not entirely sure.


5. Pull connector at the board, measure voltage coming off the pin controlling the motor.

Which connector is that?

6. If motor works in test mode, but not game mode, I'd suspect the home switch.

It doesn't work in with. The motor is acutally pulling 16V according to Page Y30 in the Manual. Its not the switch.

#4581 2 years ago

Ok looks like J7 Port 7 is the what I would measure for 20vDC to see if board is telling it to turn on the motor. Where do I put the ground lead? There is not ground on J7 block? It also looks like J7P1 is the 20VDC constant so J7P7 is the trigger? Also whats J7P5 Key?

I attached the three pages in the manual needed to answer my question. I assume if this measure the 20VDC then we know the board is good but then it would mean the relay is bad?


#4587 2 years ago

Ok, so J7 P1 and P7 are a constant 22vDC. I then measured voltage from the connector side of the four pin relay. I also get 22VDC if I unplug the connector and measure it on the female side (closest to the machine). If I measure on the relay side I get 0V.

So the relay in not energizing, so it most likely is bad. Here is where it gets interesting . If I jump the black/org and white pins on the female connector of the relay to simulate the relay energizing the motor, the motor turns. The only thing is the motor moves very weak. Now the thing is, I replaced the motor so I am not sure if the motor replacement I got from Stern was bad or what. I cant put back the old one back as I cut the leads off it very short.

The other possibility is that the relay is not bad and instead the relay is not getting enough current to energize. The fact that the crossbow motor was turning weak could mean a power issue. Again its getting the correct voltage but maybe not enough current? I dont have a 24v powersupply to try and energize the relay to test to see if it works.

1 week later
#4626 2 years ago

anyone know where to find a listing of fuses on the main board? I noticed they range from 3A up to 7A.

I'd like to set a few for each range. Not sure if they are all slow blow vs fast blow. I couldnt find it in the manual.

2 weeks later
#4703 2 years ago

Has anyone colorized their weapons icon leds on a premium/Le? I see there is a large board under the inserts so I am not sure if there is another board underneath that?

#4711 2 years ago
Quoted from yoyokopter:

You can just install "color filter" betwen the LED and the insert , i make on a GB , it's nice , I use this part : http://www.exacompta.com/Intercalaires-PP-transparent-couleurs-avec-porte-etiquette-A4-12-positions--Ref-3912E

How did you get them to stay in place?

#4717 2 years ago

I went to staples and purchased some Avery transparent dividers to use as gels for the weapon inserts. They didn't seem to provide enough tint. It would be cool if someone designed a colored transparent plate that bolts unders the inserts and above the board. I am surprise mezel or other popular modders never came out with something like that. I hate the fact stern uses these damn led boards on the premium/LE. White is so boring.

1 week later
#4749 2 years ago

I just got done adding a bunch more mods and gels to my pin.

#4750 2 years ago

Anyone provide some guidance on how to adjust the sensitivity of the prison head behind the doors? If I don't hit him hard he doesn't register.

#4757 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Here's what I did that made him much better.
First gap the spot target under the playfield very very close. Then take 1 to 2 pieces of sticky felt, or the soft side of Velcro with adhesive backing and lay it on the metal arm that is attached to the walker head. That will effectively reduce the distance the arm needs to travel to contact the spot target. Shouldn't need to remove anything under the playfield to do this either.

Wasn't much to adjust on the leaf but putting the velcro made a big difference. I also adjusted my bicycle girl as well. Now if you breathe on her it will register.

#4799 2 years ago

I just nudge the machine right before it drops from magnet. It always releases at the same time so you should know when the dmd sequence ends right before the drop. All it takes is a little nudge

#4803 2 years ago

If you nudge as soon as the ball releases from the magnet, even a minimal nudge should prevent it from sdtm

1 month later
#5082 2 years ago

If any one is interested I have a RR crossing sign I am not using. $20 shipped. PM me if you want it. I take paypal.

IMG_2339 (resized).JPG

#5091 2 years ago
Quoted from bent98:

If any one is interested I have a RR crossing sign I am not using. $20 shipped. PM me if you want it. I take paypal.


4 months later
#5847 2 years ago

Anyone know if the color dmd guys are going to update the code to align with 1.6 firmware?

#5849 2 years ago

I remember you from Vpforums/Universe days.
Good to hear.

3 weeks later
#5975 1 year ago

Anyone get an ETA on when colordmd guys will release updated firmware for TWD 1.6 update?

1 week later
#6005 1 year ago

What’s the part number for the yellow leds?

#6009 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I went yellow 2led in place of the white and love it.

you you mind taking a quick video? I am wondering how green would look.

5 months later
#6797 1 year ago

Is there an official mod for this Prison Zombie-Head Lighting?

1 year later
#8590 58 days ago

I have a TWD premium Translite for sale $50 + Shipping. PM me if interested.

TWD TRA (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#8665 32 days ago

If anyone is interested, I made a few sets of the round custom Neegan coindoor magnet. Looks great on stock black or custom red powder coated machines. PM me or check my marketplace add. $10 each + shipping.
IMG_3187 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#8709 11 days ago

If anyone is interested, I made a few sets of Neegan and triangle Biohazard Backbox hinge magnets. Looks great on stock black, green red powder coated machines. PM me or check my marketplace add. $20 each + shipping for a set of 2

IMG_3247 (resized).jpgIMG_3248 (resized).jpgIMG_3290 (resized).jpgIMG_3291 (resized).jpg
#8711 11 days ago

Are you sure its coming from the speaker? On the SAM Stern machines the Flipper solenoids are quite loud.

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