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TSPP Owners Club..... Members Only!!!

By kwiKimart

6 years ago

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#1317 3 years ago

The mods have begun to arrive......thanks to indypinhead for the plastics protectors, sillyoldelf for the incoming side board decals, and passionforpinball's mandatory "Cliffy" ramp and shooter lane protectors.
You can also see part of one of the superkewl Simpsons room dividers I found K Mart blowing out after Christmas last year


1 week later
#1336 3 years ago

Mods shipment # 2 has arrived. sillyoldelf's decal set and Cliffys!
That leaves the LED OCD board, LED playfield lighting, and a Color DMD. Might be another Expo or MGC away, but they will be mine.
I am holding off on installing anything until I have all in hand to prevent subjecting the decals to undue scraping.
That may change if my 15 year old has another sleepover that puts over 100 plays on the machine in less than 8 hours like last time.
Then the Cliffys may move to the head of the line.
PS: that's my wife's handy work covering my machine. Custom fleece dust cover she made for me Xmas 2014, shortly after I brought it home.


#1337 3 years ago

I'm really digging the green under lighting, dontfeed. I have some RGB LED strips leftover from the home theater install that look like they might be getting a new home.
How are yours tied into the game?

#1355 3 years ago

how do side rails protect the start button?

#1373 3 years ago

interesting. Here is the same area on my machine, which I am pretty confident is all original as an undocumented early run, HUO with exceptional lineage. The unfinished wood on the insets for the start button and coin box are painted yellow.
Hard to imagine that the painting took place after the side panel decals were in place at the factory, but like you say, who knows?
Touch ups by previous owner?


1 month later
#1471 3 years ago

The tri-foil lighting on the speakers is pretty cool, hadn't seen that before, Zymotic.

#1493 3 years ago

This has come up before. The playfield blotch on Homer's head indicates an early run of the machine.
Here is a list showing at least half of the total run of TSPP occurred that first year of production.

3 months later
#1826 3 years ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:

Just looking for anyones opinion. I bought tspp from a retail store for 3750. It has definately been routed and has the usual flipper/start button wear. They shopped it and made sure everything worked for me and i picking it up tuesday.
Did i overpay? And would i at least break even in say a year or two if i decide to sell it (dont have much room for too many pins).

I don't know how worn your "worn" is without pictures, but if it plays well and has all the pieces intact, I would have jumped all over that two years ago when I began my grail for the machine I finally ended up. Congrats on what sounds like a good deal.

1 month later
#2021 3 years ago

If you are doing a fair amount of restoration work, you should invest in the right tool for the job. A burnishing tool will run you less than $10 and won't overly scratch the contacts like an emery board would. Probably the same price as a can of contact cleaner, but one will last you a lifetime.

amazon.com link »

3 months later
#2256 3 years ago

listing was for $4600, which doesn't seem too outrageous, assuming it was as clean as pictures present, and it played perfectly. Headphone mod is a nice plus. Other toys and decorations you value at your own pace, so it's worth what you are willing to pay for it.
It killed me to drop $4400 on mine two years ago, but I don't regret it now.

7 months later
#3028 2 years ago

The first of several add-on's brought home from the Pinball Life open house. Taking some liberties with the intended theme, but I don't care, I thought it was pretty freakin' cool.

1014171455[1] (resized).jpg

11 months later
#3593 1 year ago

Well, I've been sitting on parts for almost a year, too intimidated to start disassembling my TSPP to install a number of mods. A sticky upper playfield flipper has forced my hand, so as long as I'm into it, might as well put in all the protections I have collected. sillyoldelf Side panel art, a full set of Cliffy's, Nuclear side rails, anypin DMD NVRAM, and Tim's plastic protectors.
Wish me luck.

0915181136[1] (resized).jpg
#3596 1 year ago

day 1 in the books. Upper play field flipper seems to be much better after blowing out the solenoid and giving it a good vacuuming. All but one of the protectors are in place, NVRAM installed, Cliffy's installed on couch ramp, ball launch and I&S kickout. Still debating whether to tear apart the last ramp to put in the final pair. Waiting for a fresh set of nerves to attack the side panel stickers. I welcome any suggestions from people that have installed them already.
Side rails and hinges in place. Also still debating leaving the red flipper buttons in place or swapping for the yellow ones that came with the rails.

0915181817[1] (resized).jpg0915181818[1] (resized).jpg0915181818b[1] (resized).jpg
#3599 1 year ago

Care to go into a little more detail D- Gottlieb? Maybe I am mistaken on the location of the last two Cliffy's (since they don't come with any sort of instructions or diagrams, not much on the web site, either) I was assuming these last two go on either side of the ramp to the immediate right of Comic Book Guy, at least that is where they looked like they fit, and there isn't any other metal around the area. I have magnetic nut drivers, what other type of special tool would be handy? It looks like they send a new post that has a top mounting hole for the left hand side, does that take something special to extract the existing one?
The flipper buttons aren't a technical challenge to replace, it's more of an aesthetic issue.

0916180733[1] (resized).jpg
#3600 1 year ago

Is it recommended to pull the entire play field to put in the side blade stickers?

#3601 1 year ago

OK, I should have spent some time searching the forums before inquiring. Found a pretty good tutorial on page 2 of sillyoldelf's original post that shows the process. The thin strip on the bottom of the speaker panel sticker did stretch a little trying to get it to sit perfectly parallel with the cutouts during installation, but I'm not sure anyone but me will ever notice.

#3602 1 year ago

side panel protectors, best maintenance accessory ever! Highly recommended. https://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=4575
0916180817[1] (resized).jpg

#3603 1 year ago

This machine deserves extra loving care given its history. This hasn't been posted in this topic, but when I purchased this pin from a fellow pinsider, he was showing me, the total newb, how to pull the play field out of the body for maintenance. In the process he noticed some writing on the edge of the playfield never noted before. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but I noticed be became a little more regretful of letting this one go.
A week later I post pictures on this forum looking for some info and find out that one of the designers of the game had hand selected a play field off the floor for his own machine, since they were having such problems with the printing on this job initially. He put his name on it and had it set aside.
Somehow it ended up back in the production line and the rest is history. Aside from one very small scratch on the side of the upper cabinet, it is as close to perfect as you could hope. Until I started mucking it up with these modern reinforcements. (JK, I'm bullet proofing this thing for my kids. Don't expect a bunch of other toys to be added. Color DMD will be the last upgrade, when I'm feeling rich or they go on sale. (HA!)

0916180823[1] (resized).jpg

#3604 1 year ago
Quoted from Boat:

I’ll pm you

want to cut me in on that action?

#3609 1 year ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

There are nuts on the undersides of both ramps that will need to held during the installation process.

those two hints help tremendously. thank you very much.

#3619 1 year ago

Side art installed. Pretty sure I don't want to do that for a living. A little more cleaning, a healthy coat of wax, and this project is buttoned up.

0916181444[1] (resized).jpg0916181444_HDR[1] (resized).jpg
1 week later
#3649 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Hello everyone! I just picked up a very clean TSPP about 5 miles from my house, and I'm excited to get into the game play and rules. I hear this game has an insane rule set. Looking forward to many long nights figuring this one out

Welcome to the club. For a 13 year old game, it holds up very well to anything new.
Did you get a manual with your game? If not, here is a link to the IPBD online version.
The overall game volume is adjusted with the buttons inside the coin door. They're pretty clearly labelled. The background music volume and knocker volume are adjusted in "standard adjustments" portion of the service menu. Knocker volume is entry #34, background music #37

#3651 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Similar question, is there a way to adjust volume when you get into Alien Invasion? The sound suddenly cranks up higher.
Any setting to adjust this?

I don't see any settings related to individual mode volume adjustment. I'm guessing the gain level is ramped up in the programming and other than turning down the overall volume, I'm not sure there is much else you can do.
If there is, hopefully somebody more savvy will jump in. I'm pretty much a noob also, but I can find my way around in a technical manual.

#3657 1 year ago

awesome D, thank you. Hadn't seen the full color version of the manual before. Much easier on the eyes. Thanks for explaining the "allow volume effects" adjustment.
Am I missing an adjustment to defeat the "Team" feature when playing a 4 person game too?

4 months later
#3908 1 year ago

off topic. How hardcore of a Simpson's fan are you?
Not my foot, just saw the image and had to share.

toetatclossup (resized).PNG
7 months later
#4440 6 months ago

as does Pinball Life....

buttonguard (resized).PNG
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