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By kwiKimart

6 years ago

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#3569 1 year ago

Join the club today. One thing I've noticed is that the car on the Playfield looks like a washed pink color compared to the deep orange I see in a lot of other images. Anyone know why?

#3573 1 year ago

put a little time into the game tonight and one thing I noticed is that it is very difficult to make that shot to the couch. It's not how it should be?

also if the previous game has any balls locked in the couch then starting up in you game continues the progress? That's how it's going on my game right now.

#3577 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Yes, the couch ball saves carryover to the next game. But you can change that in settings, I have them start over every game.
My couch shot is not that difficult, maybe a weak flipper?

I'm going to pull off the mini pf and have a look later.

Also, can anyone that has all of their outlane posts set to factory default, please post a photo.

I think mine are set to hard, but I'd like to have them at default.


#3580 1 year ago

Cool, that is what I actually set mine to this evening, and it plays fair.

Was just messing around and got to Alien Invasion, but have no idea what I was supposed to do.

Going to have to read rules on this game.

I notice my "shoot again" flashing during gameplay. Does this game require and OCD board if using LEDs?

#3581 1 year ago

One other thing. I used a digital level to set my game at 6.5 in between the slings. But up by Comic Book Guy it's like 6.9 and look at the level.

My rear legs are turned out like 3/4 way.

How much do you guys have yours turned out?

IMG_20180908_011854 (resized).jpg
#3584 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Mine doesn’t. Using a non ghosting bulb?

Indeed I am. Going to keep an eye on it.

Also, can anyone explain the inserts in the lane. Pretty sure extra ball was flashing (not solid) when I drained, but I wasn't awarded anything.

#3585 1 year ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Hi Damien,
Have you run a factory reset and/or a new '3 Ball install'?
Regarding the couch, when I first got the pin NIB, I was hitting it often, over the years, less so. I think that I'm getting crappier as I age haha!
P.S. congrats on the pin!

What is a 3 ball install?

I'd say I hit the shot 25% of the time. The TV shot is like 75%.

Maybe it's flipper rebuild time!

and can anyone comment on how high they have the rear legs cranked up on their game? I'm at about 3/4 way out.

#3587 1 year ago
Quoted from scottslash:

For pitch, just refer to the bubble-level. Between the lines is where you'll want it set.
As for the couch shot -- even with wax, rebuilt flippers, etc. -- the margin of error is still pretty small, so don't be surprised if it's a shot you miss a lot.
After starting a ball, the "Shoot Again" lamp flashes for some time. That's indicating your "Ball Save" period. (Adjustable in settings.) If you drain during that period, the machine gives you the ball back. It's feeling sorry for you. Once the ball gets saved that way -- or the timer runs out -- you're on your own after that.
When "Extra Ball" is lit in the lanes, you are able to select *which* lane is lit by hitting the flippers to move it. Your basic flipper "lane change."
Hope that helps. Enjoy!

I reset the game to default, so there shouldn't be a ball save on launch. From reading other threads, it seems some TSPPs need the OCD board.

I know my LOTR needed the OCD badly, because a bunch of inserts were lighting up when they shouldn't have been. OCD fixed it right up.

On the topic though, I'm trying to decide if I want to go with warm white or cool white for this game. Anyone have any photos to show off?

#3605 1 year ago

Got to Pretzel MB, but had no idea what I was doing, then pinball happened and all the balls pretty much drained at the same time.

Is Pretzel a completable mode?

Also, for AI, do you drop down a level if you drain even one ball? I've been to the third level (lock 4 balls) but after locking 3, I didn't see any lit inserts.

Do you have to get couch locks in this mode, or can you just hit other shots? Otto usually seems to be lit.

I've had the game a week or two, and although I find the game confusing as hell, it's still pretty fun to shoot!

#3612 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

Sounds like you haven't read the rulesheet. Start there.

I did actually. Maybe not thoroughly.

Figured people liked talking pinball stuff here.

#3616 1 year ago
Quoted from Fizz:

Alien invasion in my opinion is the best mode ever, in any game. In each stage you need to lock more balls, starting with 2 and going up to 5.
They can be locked in the couch, otto shot, itchy and scratchy hole, or in the garage if I recall correctly. But the garage only counts if it's the last lock of the stage.
So in the early stages you don't need any in the couch. But when you get to the stage with 5 balls then at least 2 need to be in the couch.
I like to try to make the garage the last lock of each stage. This way, it gets kicked up to the living room right away on the next stage and you can try to get it in the couch.
There's a ball saver at each stage. So you can drain balls during that. After the ball saver ends, if you drain one ball, you go back to the previous stage.

That's one tough ass mode to finish. I'll try your strategy out and see how I make out.

So for SDMEWM, you need to complete all 6 modes?

I know some people argue that Valinor is the toughest wizard mode to reach in pinball, but from early impressions, this seems significantly harder.

I've been 3 shots away from Valinor, but I don't even think I've completed a mode once in this game haha.

#3621 1 year ago
Quoted from Fizz:

Well, full disclosure, I've completed alien invasion only a couple times, and I've owned the game since 2007. So, my advice may not be worth much.
I have pretty much no chance of ever seeing SDMEWM. Except on YouTube. You have to do all of the following:
Beat alien invasion
Beat Springfield mystery spot
Beat daredevil mania
Beat secret stash
Collect all 5 couch multiball super jackpots
Beat scatchy's revenge (collect super jp)
I think you have to start pretzel mb as well.
I don't have as much playing time on LOTR, so I really can't compare this to Valinor. I can't imagine Valinor would be harder than this?

Yeah, I've been pretty close to Valinor a couple of times, but TSPP just seems like there is so much more to tackle to get to the end.

For example, if you miss ROTK the first time around, you can get back to it in a decent game and continue your progress.

But if you miss AI in TSPP, your stuck starting all the modes again just to get another shot at it?!?!

How about something like Scatchys Revenge? Do you have to do all 4 multiballs again to start it and try to complete?

#3625 1 year ago
Quoted from Fizz:

Yep, and same with mystery spot, too. You have to work your way back to it. The good news though is usually if you work your way up to AI, you sort of end up naturally getting pretty close to starting the others as well.
And don't overlook victory laps along the way. If you beat several or all of the normal modes on the same ball, you will get victory laps which can add up to huge points.

Played a game tonight that lasted about 45 mins, and I didn't even get one of the objectives for SDMEWM!

I played AI, but couldn't get past the 4 ball lock round. I didn't see any lit inserts, so wasn't sure what to shoot at. Does that mean the it has to go up to the couch, as nothing else is available to lock?

I also got a Sextuple jackpot, but no idea what that was about.

It almost feels like there is too much going on sometimes in this game. Maybe when I play it more, it will make sense.

#3628 1 year ago
Quoted from Fizz:

I love sextuple jackpots! Great callout. They are actually very simple. During couch multiball, a shot to the tv is normally a triple jackpot. If you have 2x scoring up there (via otto) then it's a sextuple jackpot.
And yeah, AI is tough to complete. But fun to try! On the 4 ball stage, you will have to lock at least one in the couch, no way around it.

So, on the final stage of AI (5 locks), do you have to lock two on the couch?

#3630 1 year ago

Can anyone confirm that I have the latest and most recommended software installed.

Also, can the Sharp chip to the right of it be replaced with a NVRAM chip? It's in socket U212, and from what I've read, it should be able to just replace this Sharp chip.

I recall in my IJ Pinball Adventure, I actually had to solder an IC chip to the board.

Any input would be appreciated

IMG_20180919_004904 (resized).jpg
#3632 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

5.00 is the latest code. Yes, you can replace the sharp chip at U212 with a NVRAM chip. No soldering necessary.

I see that I need a 6424 chip, but can anyone explain the difference between these:



#3640 1 year ago

Just had a decent game, and got to some mode where there was some 8-bit music going... I have no idea what is going on in this game, so can anyone tell me what that was?

#3642 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

Just had a decent game, and got to some mode where there was some 8-bit music going... I have no idea what is going on in this game, so can anyone tell me what that was?


#3650 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Thanks! First noob question...lol. is there a way to turn the volume on the call outs up, while leaving the background music the same??

Similar question, is there a way to adjust volume when you get into Alien Invasion? The sound suddenly cranks up higher.

Any setting to adjust this?

#3655 1 year ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

There is a setting that is defaulted to raising the volume for certain events, like multi-ball, in the features menu.

So there is a way to adjust so all modes pretty much play at the same level, and do not spike during certain modes like AI?

1 week later
#3676 1 year ago

So I've had the game for about a month now, and I'm finally starting to understand the rules a bit (though most of it is still confusing to me).

I've started AI about a dozen times, started Pretzel once, I think I started Daredevil, and tonight I started Scratchy's Revenge.

Getting these things started is difficult enough, but finishing them, especially all of them, seems just stupid difficult.

AI alone is pretty tough to follow with two couch shots needed, but doing all six modes is ridiculous.

I have a LOTR, and I'm pretty confident that I'll get Valinor one day, but TSPP isn't even in the realm of possibilities from what I've gathered.

I think it's a pretty cool game, but putting the SDMEWM that far out of each feels a bit cheap to me.

#3680 1 year ago
Quoted from Fizz:

That's certainly a valid viewpoint, but personally, I don't think it feels cheap at all. You have to beat everything else in the game to get to the final wizard mode. That seems right to me. After all, it is named Super Duper Mega Extreme Wizard Mode.
It's very difficult to do, no doubt, and most people will never see it. You've only had the game a month, it seems like you are doing very well.
Personally, I view all of the other wizard modes in the game as the major wizard modes. And they are awesome wizard modes, especially AI and SMS.
Also, to me, one of the bigges goals of the game is completing (winning) as many of the normal modes as possible in one ball, and racking up huge victory laps points.

That's a good way to look at it.

I was considering putting ball save on because plunging for it to hit something and go sdtm is a huge buzz kill.

I think it's cool that theare so many mini wizards, but I wish they were in reach a bit more. Like in LOTR, if you fall short on one of the multiballs, you can loop back around and get another stab at it with continued progress. With TSPP, I feel like you have one shot, and you have to be perfect. Pretty damn impossible to do that 6 times in one game.

#3682 1 year ago

I have a personal rule about keeping all my games at factory default settings, but this game is getting ridiculous haha!

I'm losing so many balls just from launching that it's making me want to flip this game over!

Tried to go into settings to put ball save on, but can't seem to find it.


#3684 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I think its standard adjustment number 38, freeze time.

Just to confirm, factory setting is ball save off, correct?

#3688 1 year ago
Quoted from RobF:

For 4.00 and 5.00 code, the default is off.

My game is running the latest (guessing that is 5.00) and the setting is OFF.

I've changed it to 5 seconds so that I can actually enjoy the game a little.

LOTR is the same, but I've opted not to change it, and I've been very close to Valinor a couple of times.

But with TSPP, and I don't know if it's just my machine, but the drains can be brutal! Like right off the launch, off a standup, and SDTM!

#3699 1 year ago

I'll put the ball save on for the time being to make the game more enjoyable as I try to understand the rules.

Also makes it more enjoyable for others playing for fun.

Question about levelling on the machine. With the bubble between the two lines, my digital level shows 6.0 degrees between the slings, and 6.5 degrees around CBG.

Can anyone with a digital level chime in on what reading they get on their game.


#3702 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

If You’ve been to AI a dozen times within the first month you’ve had the game, I’d think your game is set up way too easy. I’ve had the game since 2003 and only been to AI maybe 25 times (never got past 4 ball locks) and seen pretzel once or twice and I’m a decent player with a high score of a little over 200 mil. I’d consider opening your outlanes, changing any extra ball settings to difficult, changing modes to not be lit after each ball, etc. tspp is not an easy game to get through. Also, completing the modes is very important both for victory laps and for adding time to AI.

Everything is on factory default, all outline posts are set to factory, and level is at 6.5, as I have with all of my pins. I prefer it this way, and think that it gives the right amount of challenge. In all honesty, I don't know what I'd rate myself on skill. I use the leaderboard here on Inside to get an idea of where I stand, and generally, it's in the top 10-30. Not that it tells you all that much, as there are players with huge scores that just never bother to record them.

I don't think my TSPP is set up easy at all. If anything, I sometimes find it even more defeating than my TWD, and that game is an asshole haha!

My personal reason for leaving the game at all factory settings, is that if I finish it, I want to do it as the game was set out of the box.

Not that it's any less rewarding to finish a game that has been changed. I originally had outlines closed on my MMR, and reward set to extra ball, and when I finished Battle for the Kingdom for the first time, I seriously ran around my basement doing victory laps like a total geek.

Finishing AFMR with everything at default was tough, but felt great when I finally hit it. Been one letter away form Showdown on Dialed In, and I had one shot to make to start Blood Bath that would have given me the last few walker kills I needed for Last Man Standing. It might take me a while to actually finish these games (if even I ever do) but for me, and me only, I like them at factory.

I've since moved the outline posts on MMR back down to easy for my wife and friends, since that is the game they play most, and at the end of the day, pinball should be fun

#3704 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Want to turn someone new away from pinball? Let them have a few drains right down the middle without even hitting the ball... lol.


1 week later
#3712 1 year ago
Quoted from adamross:

I'm considering upgrading sound with new pinball pro speakers/sub & maybe pinsound but wondering from anyone who has done this, if there's much of an improvement considering the lo-fi quality of the sound on this game? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

Put Pinball Pro speakers in my LOTR and sounded like shit. Way too much bass, even when turned down.

Those speakers would work better on a game like Iron Man.

#3716 1 year ago

There is a rounded wire that goes around the back of Homer's head. Can anyone take a photo to show me where each end of it should be attached. Mine seems to have come loose.

#3726 1 year ago

Can someone with a "pink car" playfield share a photo of their game with the glass off.

Just want to see how it compares to the orange.

#3728 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Did you scroll through the topic gallery?

Cool didn't realize that was there.

So it seems that pfs with the pink car had generally lighter and almost lower quality artwork overall.

For instance, even the black outlines around characters are much fainter and almost blurry compared to the orange car versions.

Anyone else notice this?

2 weeks later
#3775 1 year ago

Crappy photo, but does anyone know the part number for the bracket that the two leg bolts screw into?

One of mine is stripped.


IMG_20181106_140547 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#3778 1 year ago

Just installed an OCD board in my game to go along with the new LEDs and what a difference! The fading effects of the lights is so much smoother. Definitely worth the money!

And then I had my best game! Over 45 minutes and got to see pretty much every mini wizard mode. Unfortunately, I couldn't complete half of them!

172M... Not great compared to some of the scores I see people put up, but it's definitely my best thus far!

#3780 1 year ago
Quoted from sk8ersublime:

Nice! My high is on extra easy lol....78M, I had a 98M game going strong and the game rebooted mid ball

That sucks! Had that happen once to my on TZ. also had a crappy thing happened the other day when I was playing Metallica. My son came to talk to me and I held the flipper that eventually burned out the transistor! Had one of my best balls going to haha.

#3783 1 year ago
Quoted from Bendit:

Really? Does/can this happen often????

As above, it can happen pretty easily on Stern's when holding down the flipper button for an extended period.

Mine took about 2 mins to blow.

#3785 1 year ago
Quoted from sk8ersublime:

That sucks! im always afraid of burning something out when i hold the flipper too long. Luckily havent had that happen yet. My upper right flipper buzzes really loud, even after tighting up everything and replacing the coil with another one i had laying around, so that loud buzz makes me feel like something is gonna blow lol.
regarding the reboot, im not sure what the cause of it was yet. some reason, if I get on the upper play field and activate 6 modes on the TV everything works, but as soon as I activate that last mode, the game reboots. Idk if its the code or what. Im currently on CPU 2.07, but my 5.0 roms come today. Im hoping the 5.0 roms fix this issue. Im guessing on that 98M ball, I had 6 modes active and then the 7th was activated on multiball by chance.
I guess the way to fix it is turn off extra easy mode

Might be worthwhile replacing the transistor for that flipper with a beefier one

1 month later
#3881 1 year ago
Quoted from ts4z:

I don't think so. Bowen wrote the rule sheet and did the video. He covers most of it. He does light the hurry ups a lot in the video, though.
Krusty spinner lites TV -> TV starts mode (resets timer) -> all modes -> Alien Invasion
Lite Otto -> saucer loop -> lights a shot for 2x scoring (resets timer) -> Mystery Spot (reverse flippers)
CBG lites Hurry Up -> collect 'em all -> Secret Stash
Bullies lite Daredevil Bart on captive ball -> Captive Ball starts Daredevil as lit -> Daredevil Mania
Left orbit spots pretzel kid -> Collect 26 for Pretzel Multiball
Upstairs LITE and LOCK lite lock -> Couch locks ball -> Multiball, shoot couch for Super
Garage door spells SIMPSONS -> D'oh Frenzy (resets timer)
Right side I&S drops lite I&S multiball -> right side saucer starts it
Upstairs target lites mystery -> Garage collects
5, 15, 25 MOE'S ramps -> lite Treehouse of Horror on left ramp
TV, Otto, couch locks all start out lit, and I&S starts out easy (2 shots to saucer will start it).
The trick in this game is the stack: all modes reset the timer, so what Bowen is trying to do in the PAPA tutorial is to get everything running all at once. Get a couple modes running, plus a multiball, and the mode may complete itself.
For the big wizard mode, you need to do (IIRC) the first 6 things above. I've never gotten close.

I think this isagreat game, I just wish the wizard mode was in reach like LOTR.

Definitely not easy to reach Valinor, but in time, it's possible.

For TSPP, I honestly don't think 99.9% of us will ever finish it. Thesupwe jackpots alone are ridiculous.

Had the code been changed to give more of a chance to reach SDMEWM, I'd put this in the top 10.

#3884 1 year ago
Quoted from Maken:

It's not that much harder. LOTR requires a perfectly timed DTR to reach Valinor, TSPP does not care about timing.
5 supers isn't that ridiculous, play a couple of multiballs and you should be near 5.
Plenty of other modes to play and things to shoot for too, optional depth is not a reason to slag a machine.

I dunno... Having to complete all 6 modes, plus collecting the super jackpots makes this a near impossible task.

I would say Alien Invasion is tougher than ROTK, and in LOTR, if you get that, and you're having a good game, you can get close.

1 month later
#3936 1 year ago
Quoted from koops:

Just spent some time going through all the gallery pics looking for other mods/fixes.
I didn’t see any other relocated gates pictures.
Anyone know of any other free out of the box fixes/changes that should be done?
I’ll be checking titan for a rubber kit and comet for a led one.
Is there an independant and accurate list of rubbers and leds required for Simpsons?

Don't buy an LED kit. Usually costs more than you need to spend.

Go to Comet, and buy some of the 2 SMD bulbs. I went with warm white, and the game looks amazing!

#3941 1 year ago
Quoted from koops:

Thanks, I more wanted the kits as a cheeky way to know what list of bulbs to get

I hear ya.

Best thing to do though is just take a quick look underneath, and get a rough estimate of how many bulbs you need. Then buy the 25 packs at Comet.

I went with these (clear under pf, and frosted for anything above):


For flashers, these:


I personally liked the look of warm white for this title, so I just did that throughout.

I know some people like to colour match the inserts, but I personally find the true colour comes out better when you use light the insert with a white.

Have fun

#3943 1 year ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

Agree, I'd rather hand pick the bulbs. Comet's are awesome. I went with 2smd cool whites for GI(and white inserts) I just liked how it made the colors pop.

I've tried the colour matching way (red to red, blue to blue, etc.) and it just wasn't for me. I got clear under inserts, and frosted for everything else.

#3944 1 year ago
Quoted from Damien:

I've tried the colour matching way (red to red, blue to blue, etc.) and it just wasn't for me. I got clear under inserts, and frosted for everything else.

Oh, and a little suggestion. When replacing bulbs on the underside of the mini of, use the flexible ones that you can adjust, as the bulbs are set horizontal rather than vertical.

1 week later
#3963 1 year ago

What are the required shots to complete Mystery Spot and I&S? I had my best game a few days ago, and probably was a shot or two away from completing everything (except the SJPs).

Is it just left orbit, left ramp, Kwik-E-Mart, garage, right ramp, right orbit to finish those two modes above? Or is it also the I&S lock shot and upper pf to complete?

#3966 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

To "win" Springfield Mystery Spot you must
- first, complete all ten major shots that score Jackpots.
- second, shoot the Garage for a Super Jackpot and 5 million points.
The red lights that indicate 2x scoring will tell you which of the ten
major shots you still need to collect.
Why is the second phase so difficult? Because the Garage closes, and will
only open for about 3 seconds when you hit it. So, to get the Super you
must open the Garage then nail a second ball through it to score. If you
do so, the first phase starts again.
Scratchy's Revenge plays a lot like the other Itchy & Scratchy Multiballs,
except that 10 Jackpots must be hit before Super Jackpot becomes lit at the
Itchy & Scratchy hole. Note: As of the latest ROM, the Super Jackpot
requires 15 Jackpots, minus the number of Super Jackpots earned during the
other four Itchy & Scratchy multiballs.
Since starting the multiball still only kicks one ball onto the playfield,
it is strongly encouraged that you play Scratchy's Revenge in tandem with
another multiball in order to get a Super Jackpot. In particular,
Scratchy's Revenge plus Springfield Mystery Spot is perhaps the most
valuable multiball in the entire game.
Jackpot is worth at least double what is normally is during Itchy &
Scratchy Multiball. Overall, it is quite possible to get more than 30
million points from this multiball.

Wowsers! So this is why no one gets to SDMEWM!

I've finished AI, I've started everything needed a bunch of times, completed a couple of them. Collected 4/5 SJs.

But doing all of that, in one game... Now that is steep!

I feel like I'll finish Valinor 10 times before I make it 50% of the way to SDMEWM.

Definitely makes it a long term keeper if you want to invest the time into one day perhaps seeing (or sniffing) it.

#3970 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

first, complete all ten major shots that score Jackpots.

Just looked at my of quickly, and I counted 9:

Left orbit
Left ramp
Upper pf (behind TV)
Right ramp
Right orbit
I&S lock

Am I missing something? Do you also have to put up a couch shot in Mystery Spot and I&S???

#3972 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

I believe so, yes.

Wow! So the couch shot is required to complete both MS and I&S modes?

Can anyone verify this?

#3977 1 year ago
Quoted from Boat:

damien is this club’s best hope to hit the SDMEWM

I hope there's a load of sarcasm that comes with that statement!

#3980 1 year ago
Quoted from Fizz:

Damien, I hope you are filming every game you play. Then when you get to sdmewm, you can post it to YouTube for all of us.

I will film myself reaching SDMEWM, and then finishing a WPT immediately after. I will also be completely intoxicated and perhaps naked.

#3985 1 year ago

Can anyone confirm that upper pf TV and couch shots need to be hit during MS and I&S modes?

#3987 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

I can confirm they are both really difficult.... LOL..... I had one shot left on SMS, and it was the Garage... I hit it, and it didn't end the mode (even though the light was off after hitting it). I didn't hit the couch though. I just assumed you had to hit the couch to finish them (like Super Jackpots).
Only one way to find out.... time for the glass to come off.

With reversed flippers, that couch shot is a pain. Hard to tell if that shot is even needed. The Bowen rule sheet isn't very specific.

So, anyone know for sure?

#3991 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

Cool, so I actually finished SMS, but didn't get the Super associated with it. It wasn't clear I finished it because I still had multiball going. Organized chaos at it's finest.

Yup, think I did the same.

So the couch and TV shots are required for both SMS and I&S?

#3995 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

Also, i think 5 super jackpots are needed towards sdwedm... so how you get those is up to you. It sounds like it can be done via SMS, but to me, that seems tougher than other modes.

I use couch MB to get my SJPs. Extend it with I&S, and try to get a couple each time around. I've made it to 4.

#3998 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

I do the same, my best is 3. I honestly think I would have a shot at the final wizard if it werent for the supers. I feel like all the modes are pretty do-able, but that Super Jackpot is elusive for me.

I think the idea of doing AI and SMS and I&S in the same game is a steeper climb than the 5 SJPs.

It's the fact you're making the couch shot in reverse, plus having only 3 seconds to hit the garage. And AI is a mode I very rarely finish.

I wish the code was slightly different so it was extremely difficult like LOTR, but not impossible like WPT.

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#4024 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I played with it on quite a bit, and the DD Bart newton ball is partially hidden, but Bart shows exactly where that shot is. The right ramp is partially hidden, but Moe's sign and the rest of the ramp are clearly visible. Otto's shot and the garage are in full view. I understand this mod, or any mods, aren't for everyone, but TSPP is such a fun game to play around with the theme. I felt the v track and decal were so underwhelming.

Why not just reduce the scale of it. Cool little idea, but not having it obstruct the view might get more people interested.

Good work though

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#4110 11 months ago

I have a Cliffy ramp set ($55) and garage door decal ($12).

Will let it go for $50 USD flat, shipping included anywhere in US or Canada.

Message me directly if interested.

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#4113 10 months ago
Quoted from Damien:

I have a Cliffy ramp set ($55) and garage door decal ($12).
Will let it go for $50 USD flat, shipping included anywhere in US or Canada.
Message me directly if interested.[quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for the inquiries. Items are sold

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