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TSPP Owners Club..... Members Only!!!

By kwiKimart

8 years ago

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#5083 1 year ago

Finally Glad to be a member now.
My second Pinball TSPP.
First Pin Tommy.
Just picked up TSPP a couple of days ago.
Playfield is in good condition, but the plastics are a bit beat up.
Got a bit of work ahead of me cleaning it up. Can’t wait to get modding as well.
Everything seems to be working and dialled in well though. Came with LEDs installed but no OCD board. And some of them need to be changed to different colour or brightness.
Anything I will need to keep an eye on and any info good parts to have as spares. Have a couple of mods ordered and didn’t forget the Kwick-E-Mart decal. Don’t know when it was made, as sticker has faded.
Much appreciated.

A380F72B-EB94-48B2-8BA1-3BACD67FFA36 (resized).jpeg2EE1209F-8CAA-4576-B519-A2D5CB359E08 (resized).jpeg3B74BF78-C6A4-4436-B4AD-BC4509370DA2 (resized).jpeg67261D19-3EB9-44C3-95D2-38AF41887FD6 (resized).jpegE94CB7FE-CFDD-46D6-8D20-DFCDCBF6B47D (resized).jpegD5D1E2AE-DF90-4197-BBFA-CAAD9EB7647D (resized).jpegD1B0B239-443E-40C3-BDF8-DBFD45C7C270 (resized).jpeg
#5085 1 year ago
Quoted from JohnnyGee:

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say that I’m finally apart of the club! Also this is my first Pin!! Just picked it up afee days ago. Super excited can’t wait to start moding!
P.S. anyone know where I can get the duff man and duff beer mods? Also looking for the blade art Design that has the Springfield sign.
Any order suggestions would be appreciated! [quoted image][quoted image]

Nice looking machine. Yellows Body Armour looks great.

#5086 1 year ago

I ordered the aliens mod from your eBay store.
Any chance it hasn’t been sent yet and this can be added.
Was being shipped to Australia.

#5114 1 year ago
Quoted from Scandell:

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for my upcoming Pinsound TSPP custom sound mix thread!
I have been painstakingly extracting audio clips from the show and other sources to greatly improve the audio callouts of this game! Marge, Lisa, Milhouse, Lenny, Carl, Mr. Burns, Otto and more!! It's already sounding pretty damn fantastic if I do say so myself.
With 36 seasons of television...you better believe I will be able to recreate the custom callouts for this game as well! ("Shoot the Garage!", "Triple Jackpot!")

Wow. Nice work. Can’t wait to hear it and see it in action.

#5116 1 year ago
Quoted from cjchand:

For me, it's less about the stress and more about the repetition. Get really tired of hearing those same few bars of music over and over.

Agree. The music does get a bit repetitive and I have only had the machine a week.
My only other machine is Tommy which has 21 songs in it. I never seem to get bored of that.
More music/tunes would be awesome.
Maybe adding some Simpsons songs they have done especially Mr Burns’ “See my loafers made of gofers” etc.

2 weeks later
#5169 1 year ago

I recently purchased a TSPP. Have pulled the play field apart and have it a good clean. Have got a bunch of new parts on order. Cliffys etc.
is it worthwhile going further and touching up the shooter lane and I and S home and then clear coating. Will be doing it myself.see before and after pics. Anything else I should do while it is apart.
Much appreciated

4A3E60C9-A32C-4416-BB5D-5E7DB2583194 (resized).jpeg46AC71E6-1F8E-4525-9767-D7CB850C05AD (resized).jpeg57A30AF3-F6B1-450B-8770-128ED0B91B71 (resized).jpeg5448900D-8B46-4326-8868-AAB6589468FF (resized).jpeg1B9CB73B-9B7C-4BE3-BD05-618B7699F20F (resized).jpegC4247BD0-E8F6-4803-9A2E-2149791DF524 (resized).jpeg7F02B2C4-A5E4-4DB7-A52A-65A20FC922A6 (resized).jpeg77B529D2-7BF6-45F0-9703-6C308FB44689 (resized).jpegC0F9420D-62BA-4C63-AE05-152DAE00E60C (resized).jpegC627EA43-43BD-48EB-A661-647775A0D25F (resized).jpeg0A4B6EFF-35F1-4777-BD25-0C76E0A40DB9 (resized).jpegE3F65384-C32F-4B77-9619-7C1881BCFC5F (resized).jpegBC2B36B5-37BE-4E1A-A584-36378379B5D5 (resized).jpeg3742C2B3-ABFA-4F37-986E-B7BD1AB03F2D (resized).jpeg
#5171 1 year ago

Is it better to also clear coat all the metal parts ramps and loops etc that I have cleaned and polished to prevent tarnishing again.

A2229329-7606-4258-B5D2-B2AAA1BE5DBB (resized).jpeg552DF7F9-C717-4A90-89AE-C350720A64D5 (resized).jpeg3741CF5C-6136-4A22-8DA0-34448314306C (resized).jpeg
#5176 1 year ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

I’m not an expert, but it’s definitely not common to coat ball guides and ramps, even on high end restores. The guides take a beating so the clear may not hold up to repeated ball strikes or friction - same reason cliffy’s are used on kick-outs and ball drop areas. Cleaning and waxing should reduce tarnishing, and I use Brite Boy polish during more thorough shop jobs.

I have just given them a good clean and polish.

#5177 1 year ago
Quoted from Scandell:

Same logic as before. The code handles the song switching.

Wow. What a difference. Fantastic job on doing the pin sound.

Definitely on my list of mods now.
Will support your cause when I save for the pinsound.
The dollar Exchange rate and postage Is a killer to Australia. As I will be looking at a colour DMD as well.

1 month later
#5251 1 year ago

Hi after some help.
The mode leds on the Alien invasion, Homers days Etc.
i Have one that has blown and not working. can you buy the small triangle led from somewhere. I see Marco haBe the whole board but out of stock and has been for a while.
Anyone have the leds or board for sale? Or know of where one is?

1 month later
#5300 1 year ago
Quoted from Moli410:

My pin is officially colored! For those that don’t have a colordmd, this mod is a MUST!
[quoted image]

Very mice indeed.
Any wait to get one for mine. Looks so good.

1 week later
#5313 1 year ago
Quoted from Scandell:

I decided to sacrifice this $17 vinyl bank to test the possibility of swapping homer’s ugly head with this more appealing one that includes his torso and a donut.
Not a great fit. So close!!![quoted image][quoted image]

I wasn’t so keen on homers massive head. So I made up my own set up that I am happy with. I used Bowling Homer just for some shirt colour. Can easily swap out for original Homer or other characters.
And a pic of my machine.

80A9900A-6832-4E3F-ACD6-ACF8769905C1 (resized).jpeg82105872-E35B-400F-9D32-6F08387F9157 (resized).jpegC934D759-D958-4D2B-AF3D-777BAB211FEA (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#5369 1 year ago
Quoted from toastbot:

For mine, I cut everything off just below the bar and secured it to the back of the playfield with Velcro, so it's easily reversible.
I didn't know until recently the wood block on the right side wasn't needed, someday I'll remove it and add the Love Tester that came with the set.
[quoted image]

Yeah removed mine and added my own homers head set up

48A806FF-B454-4EB4-9AF3-E1AB4CE0B207 (resized).jpeg
#5381 1 year ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

I 3D printed a Kwik E Mart sign for my machine and am very happy with how it turned out. If there is any interest I would be happy to make and sell a few to the members of this thread. Let me know if you like it!
[quoted image][quoted image]

I would definitely be interested in buying one.

7 months later
#5751 5 months ago
Quoted from Dr_Gonzo:

I joined the club about a month ago. Something I never really noticed when I played on location was how bare barts base is. The game is so colorful, yet he's just sitting on this horribly colored base. I did some searching and it doesn't look like anyone has done anything about it. I think I'll start on a decal for it at some point soon. It will need a mylar or plastic coating to keep the skateboard wheels from wearing. Anyone ever seen a mod like this?

I painted mine along with the couch, ramp switch holder, spinner, all hex post etc anything else that was satin black. Painted in a purple.
Done a few other mods whilst I was at it.

40626A72-5981-40E1-BCDA-DB9DB04B175F (resized).jpeg47C0BA46-6708-485A-9792-A73B82FEB161 (resized).jpeg4D069992-E4AC-4430-8953-2AF66A366F5B (resized).jpeg695B0994-613C-48B8-88CD-747290B05585 (resized).jpegACB745A0-2668-4D20-9EF5-A4B43CB58B48 (resized).jpegD13D3221-AA5D-44B6-89B8-FB945B7036DC (resized).jpegD5C1A195-1B4B-4AC1-B6A3-9CED4E5E5F59 (resized).jpeg

#5761 5 months ago
Quoted from monkfe:

Hmmm interesting lineup there
[quoted image]

Nice. Is that a bowling ball ripper on Simpsons.

#5762 5 months ago
Quoted from Acronymicon:

Nice work!
Mind sharing what brand of paint you used, and how well its held up to bart sliding back and forth on it? Just some enamel in a can?

It has been almost a year. All the painted and powder coated(yellow monorail and ramps and all external parts. All parts are holding up really well. No chipping. I thought I might have had an issue on the garage door, but no paint has come away. Bart is sliding along nicely.
I used Dulux Dura max in a can. Also I used an automotive gloss clear coat over the top(not 2 pac just in a can) At least 3 coats of each minimum was applied. Probably only 2 cans of each.

#5783 4 months ago
Quoted from PinPeet:

Love to share a piece of Baptiste his mix again

Nice. Might have to get myself a pinsound. Definitely good for a change up. How many different sets can you have saved on the pinsound and how easy to switch between them.

3 months later
#5987 55 days ago

Just realised you can play team modes with the scoring. It just totals up players 1 and 3 Team 1
And then players 2 and 4 as Team 2

As I never really play with too many others around and lockdowns.

Both flipper buttons pushed I then pushed start.

05A8D4E1-1F4C-4E8E-830B-321B9D28D4BC (resized).jpegFB773901-496F-40DB-B0F7-0CB22E4B626A (resized).jpeg
#5991 54 days ago
Quoted from Mattyk:

Cool! So you need to push both flipper buttons before start or will the game do it automatically when there are 4 players?

Yeah both flipper buttons and start.
Didnt try to see if it done it automatically.

#5997 53 days ago
Quoted from Mattyk:

So I cleaned it up, added some Leds in the GI and put a couple of pieces of printer paper around the fluorescent light. This made a huge difference and I get hardly any glare.
I have 2 questions
1. How do I get homers head off to change the flasher? I took the rubber off the top but wasn’t sure if the head should come right up. Seemed to be a tight fit.
2. There is a plastic clip on the hot dog plastic left of the garage where I guess the Apu shot is. Am I missing something? See pic
[quoted image]

Enjoy. Such an amazing machine. Welcome to the club.

#5998 53 days ago

Just added an OLD led kit. Wow what a difference to the light show. So much better.
I have a manual but I have a light issue. Can someone take a pic of there J12 connector. I think I am missing a wire but can’t seem to find a loose or broken one anywhere. I know there is one slot with no wire but I seem to have 2 slots and my upper playfield light all stay on.
My machine was pretty rough when I got it so the wiring colour stripes have all faded or almost gone. So it’s hard to tell which goes where.
Any help much appreciated.

3 weeks later
#6064 30 days ago
Quoted from Mattyk:

So did you have to hook it up to a pc first or did you just connect it to the pin?

I just hooked mine straight up to the pin. No Problems and happy with it.

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