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Tron VE in 2020

By fattdirk

1 year ago

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#65 1 year ago

Well, count me in for a Tron. I love the theme and that's what is important to me, it's fun to play with great code. All the rumored themes coming in 2019 from Stern don't interest me.

#70 1 year ago
Quoted from Goronic:

TRON VE threads amuse me. The run hot and people get excited and hopeful. Then people come to in and try to cool it off by saying people really don’t want it because you can find one now, or people won’t pay 7k for a vault.
When I checked last year TRON is the most requested by search results in thread followed by LOTR.
I would/will by a TRON VE at up to 8k with an lcd.

Agreed. We're told there are enough of them but are asked to pay 7K or higher for a used Pro? If I'm going to spend 7K I'd rather just put it towards a brand new one.

#75 1 year ago
Quoted from PinBalt:

One of the Head to Head Pinball Podcast indicated a he was hearing a Vault but with new art and for this year.

I don't care if it has new art or if they keep the same. But I won't buy it if they change the music, has to be Daft Punk.

#110 1 year ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Dealers/buyers were asking for it. Stern doesn’t just make shit on a whim. Most often they make what’s ALREADY sold.

Yea but the original iron man didn't sell a lot and they still vaulted that one.

#128 1 year ago

Well maybe some of us would like to start with a fresh, brand new, unplayed pin and do our own mods. Plus the other countless reasons, a pin that's 6+ years old is not new anymore and shouldn't command new prices, but that's the upside down world of pinball I guess. I also am tired of driving all over the place and hauling a pin out of some guys gameroom, easier for me to just buy a new one and save my time and gas money. I've never enjoyed 15 hour road trips to get a pin. Then there is the thing that gets repeated endlessly on pinside - you shouldn't expect to get your money back on mods. The more I read this thread the more I am convinced we absolutely need a Vault of Tron.

#129 1 year ago

I also remember people bashing everyone hoping for an AC/DC Vault. Then I took a Stern factory tour and they told me AC/DC Vault would be out the next year. Came to Pinside to share that info and I got crapped on and told it would never happen. Why are current owners so afraid of a Vault?

#135 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Blah, blah. I've owned a boatload of pin "over 6 years old" that were far better than what's being produced by Stern today. You obviously don't know the pinball market very well and are naive about the amazing job most collectors do with their games. So many games that are dialed in and babied. OTOH, when you unbox a new game, all bets are off. IMDN for example...

Maybe I simply don't want your game, or anyone else's used Tron. Maybe I just want a brand new one. Not seeing the issue here. You seem to think buying a used one should be the only option for anyone wanting a Tron?

#136 1 year ago

I've owned an HUO STTNG with only 300 plays, so yea, I know how well an older pin can be maintained.

I still would rather just have a new Tron shipped to my door!

#137 1 year ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Why?? Let’s see, before Luci Vault. They were pulling in as high as $8000. Now I seen them as low as $6000. That’s why.

Yea, we all really know the reason why, they are afraid their Pro's modded out with 3K in mods will take a hit on resale. I just say don't worry about it, most lose some $$$ on a NIB purchase anyway and most lose on mods, I'm not approaching things with worry about resale or how much I'll get for my mods. It's funny because everyone was downvoting that guy with the overpriced modded out MET ad recently but a tron with a seller wanting to get back most of his 3K in mods is accepted?

#145 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Mine isn't for sale. You seem to have a comprehension problem. I'll try one last time. NIB games have become a crap shoot. When you purchase a game from a reputable Pinsider, the games are often dialed in and known to have 0 issues. What's so hard to understand?
Have fun waiting for your "brand new", yet-to-be-announced TRON VE!

No need to be so negative. I want a new one, not a used one. Simple. What's so hard to comprehend about that one?

"NIB games have become a crap shoot"

In your opinion.

I've never had any issues at all with the NIB games I've purchased. I've had issues with all the used games I've purchased.

You can have problems with a NIB or used game.

#146 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Have fun waiting for your "brand new", yet-to-be-announced TRON VE!

"Have fun waiting for your "brand new", yet-to-be-announced AC/DC VE!"

Sounds like a similar response I was getting when I knew for a fact that AC/DC was coming 1 year before it came out.

For the record, I've never claimed that Tron VE will actually come out, I have no idea if it ever will. Just wishful thinking here. This is the only NIB pin I'd purchase, nothing else right now interests me.

1 week later
#185 1 year ago
Quoted from Jerryuop:

I don’t understand any of the people that would say “no” to a vault edition unless they own one already. As far as I’m concerned, Stern could rerelease every game they ever made and it would make me happy. I’m all about having as many options as possible. In my opinion, given the strong demand for the title, Stern would be basically printing money at this point. If I was a distributor, I would love to have the ability to sell these.

Most of the "no" responses are from current owners.

#189 1 year ago
Quoted from jkleinnd:

So there was once upon a time when I did *not* own a Tron. Then I played it in the wild a few times and liked it. Then I saved up my money until I had enough and bought one from a fireman who kept it in his Tahoe vacation cabin and advertised it for sale on CL. The next day I owned a Tron. I might keep it forever, I'm not sure.
This is how to buy a pinball machine 101. I did not wait around hoping the manufacturer builds new ones, hoping they throw in enhanced features and mods, hoping it's priced at a steal, and all so that I can have a NIB experience with a Tron.

I don't want to drive anywhere to get one. I want it delivered NIB straight to my door.

No matter what anyone says, I just don't get the resistance to a Vault. Makes no sense to me. There is obvious demand, not from you, but from a lot of others.

I purchase pins very infrequently. I'd rather just buy new and have it shipped straight to my door versus driving all day and dealing with someone I don't know.

#197 1 year ago

If the 2 choices for this thread are "Yes" and "Yes" isn't that a nice hint that this is a thread for people that really want a Tron Vault... not for people that don't?

#201 1 year ago
Quoted from Goronic:

One thing is for sure. TRON vault is undoubtedly by far the most requested vault by pinside. Countless threads, over years and years. To the point of being saturated with 'beating a dead horse' gifs and the like. It has been, and continues to be, THE vault that is practically begged for by pinsiders.
The other frequent pin request that is a distant second is Jaws. And for the life of me I am amazed that Stern has made neither. Almost funny how stern isn't making them.

I couldn't agree more. There are plenty of sales on the table for Stern.

#216 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

99% of the pins I've owned have been "shipped straight to my door" (from other collectors). I totally "get" why you aren't interested in driving all day and dealing with strangers (carrying bundles of cash
Part of the fun of pinball collecting is "hunting" for great games (and the collectors that baby/restore them). Pinside obviously enables this big-time. Learning how to evaluate games with photos is part of the fun. Most of us who buy/sell games are reviewed on Pinside...you have an entire community to support you. FS threads often help valuing a game (so you don't get ripped off).
I get your attraction to "Vaults", however the hobby would be really boring if you let it revolve around Stern stepping up Vault production. Personally, I'd much prefer Stern to focus their attention on building new/innovative games.

I'm just saying look at my collection. I have one pin now so clearly I don't buy often. When I do buy my next one I'd rather just get it shipped to me new. I don't have time in my life or money to fix on pins.

#262 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

ST vault was a puzzler. There wasn't high demand that anyone knew of so perhaps this was just using up inventory of parts. I have my theory that Tron vault will be upgraded with LCD. It's the perfect game to do that to.

I really think that a lot of customers were still asking for them. I remember calling around at one point and no distributors had any left.

#272 1 year ago

If it gets remade with an LCD and new artwork and playfield upgrades then to me it wouldn't be a Vault. They could just call it "Tron 82" or something else. Like they did with Batman 66. Is Batman 66 considered a Vault?

1 week later
#281 1 year ago

Make it classic 80s but keep the Daft Punk music.

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