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FS Tron Castor Mod NEW VID 3-29-14 back in stock down to 2


7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Fill that Castor Void .
New vid added scroll down for link all old ones will be taken off this weekend.
Mod comes assembled on custom cut platform.
Picture step by step install instructions emailed after payment.
Installs using factory locations no modification to factory hardware required - plug in and play.
Figure is set up to flash when the spinner switch triggers (left ramp flasher trips along with attract mode / flashers go off)
Video will be released later this week in action.
Here are a few picture examples installed and lit.

First round will be flasher powered.
If demand prompts will also offer a constant lit cane version.
PM me for order info 5 will be offered this weekend for Monday shipment.
Will revisit to see if second version will be offered.

Edit =
New price as of 2-1-14 gifted $185 as goods $200 shipped US.
Thanks for your support.

tron_castor_project_001.JPG tron_castor_project_019.JPG tron_castor_project_020.JPG tron_castor_project_021.JPG

#2 7 years ago

These are pretty cool

#3 7 years ago

Can you provide a photo of the full playfield with this mod?



#4 7 years ago

Let me see what I have. Made a vid but its too shaky.
This better?


#5 7 years ago

I meant a photo from the front of the machine that shows both upper, middle and lower playfield in one shot.

I'm just curious how it looks taking in the entire playfield.



#6 7 years ago

Removed bad vid will update new vid tonight by 5PM

#7 7 years ago

Man, the PIG ][ is going to do wonders for all these kinds of mods.

#8 7 years ago

Can be tied into Pig very easy. I will make a harness for it as an on-demand order.
Pig will really integrate all mods. Cant wait to play with one.

#9 7 years ago

Quality work Pal. Nicely done.

#10 7 years ago

Very cool mod.

#11 7 years ago

First round all spoken for.
Will have more parts after new year.
Will do figure trade out if time allows. PM if interested.

#12 7 years ago

Scroll down for new vid....added 1-26-13

#13 7 years ago

Will offer on a trade out basis.
You ship me your figure I ship back PM for more info.

#14 7 years ago

Hi, what's the deal on the trade out on figures? Are you doing anything with the siren figure?

Cheers Tony

#15 7 years ago

Pm'd ya tony.
Siren just looks good on the pole behind here pop.
Swap out will be just under $100 if interested pm me.

#16 7 years ago

If you'd like to be on the next round pm me.

1 month later
#17 7 years ago

Ok got 18 figures in of Castor.
Going to be in the Cave working today if anyone would like a set shipped Monday.
Also knocking out more Cycles

New vid will be posted tonight.

#18 7 years ago

You had edited out the price out of your original post. Just saying.

#19 7 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

You had edited out the price out of your original post. Just saying.

Had to costs increased on the figure also now has a flasher addition and now I only offer it one way...full boat.

1. Splitter ties into the flasher.
2. New spot light flashes with the spinner.
3. 12v harness for EL wire - always on the cane.
Mod just kept getting better $157 Shipped Gifted $165 paid as goods to cover PP cost + $7 shipping USPS priority with tracker.
Still have the Jan discount for multiple mod purchases.
If you have local friends get together and buy more than one of these - cycles - IM stuff etc.

#20 7 years ago

I was just posting for other people that might be interested.

*edit* Not my place.

#21 7 years ago

New Vid.
"Full boat" version.
Comes with constant on cane, add on spot light and flasher tie in.

#22 7 years ago

This is a GREAT mod!! But, damn!!!!! $165? That's steep.

#23 7 years ago


I thought the same thing about mods when I wasnt building them.
Building a mod and building one right are too different things. On this one I am able to use molex connectors an z syle connectors for a factory type connection (No solder on this or clips its all plug in)
I guess we all have our limits on cost and wroth.
Not attempting to justify just a little look into mod'n from my side.

Once you secure a figure from the UK ($30 average now) - get the EL kit - get the custom mount plastics - build the spot (I use Stern stuff) make the splitter for the flasher - make the splitter for the 12v power source flasher- cut and heat shrink EL -Build power connector for cane with built in secondary splitter with two connectons your done. You sell it pay your PP fees and shipping. Oh also forgot 2hrs to build average. To get all the stuff I needed for this was about 2 month process. Most mods are a 4-8 weeks process, includes securing product and shipping time.

So if someone else can do it cheaper I will sell them all the supplies for $110 PP gifted shipped.
That is a 10% mark up on cost of product only. I love the mod and love building new stuff for pins.

#24 7 years ago

OH....the cane is EL? Wow, I feel stupid. I thought it was a clear acrylic/plastic that came with the figure and you had some way to illuminate it. That's a lot less complex and clean then trying to get a LED in the figure somehow, LOL. No wonder it costs so much in parts though.

I can build all the splitters and stuff myself, but I've got no experience with EL. That's interesting. Hrm.

*edit* Spotlight flasher tie-in actually makes it a lot cooler than the EL cane IMO. I like that. Was one of my favorite things about STTNG that all the flashers in the backbox were tied to a specific one on the playfield, so similar effects are really great IMO.

#25 7 years ago

Cool mod, really like the flasher addition!

7 months later
#26 6 years ago

Bump, its been a while and 30+ copys sold than you so much.
I am down to 6 kits for those that may have missed this one.
Kits are built on demand at the moment but in most cases turn around it 2 days to ship.


Other tron mods I make:
Clu ship
LE Apron kit

Best to contact me robertcampbell2 @ hotmail.com

1 month later
#27 6 years ago

I built a few of these today.
I have one unclaimed. If interested email me at robertcampbell2@hotmail.com

#28 6 years ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

I built a few of these today.
I have one unclaimed. If interested email me at robertcampbell2@hotmail.com

Email sent. I'll take it.

#29 6 years ago

Email sent back and sold out again
I should have the figures back in stock in Dec.

#30 6 years ago

This mod adds alot to the game,especially during Zuse scoring . BTW Robert did you ever get more brackets made for the Clu ship mod if so I would like to order one.Thanks for making a lot of cool mods for pinball , I my opinion you make some of the best mods out there for Stern machines.

#31 6 years ago

Thank you for the complement .
Everything I make on mods goes back into mod making and development at the moment.
Everyone's support has been overwhelming to say the least and is humbling.

Yes the brackets came in. If you want a Clu ship just email me and I will build it on Tues ship on Wed.

STLE is up next few weeks and I can test fit my mods I have made.

2 months later
#32 6 years ago

These are back in stock but I am down to 10 figures and then we will see.
Harder to track these and Gem in bulk.

#33 6 years ago

Email sent.

#36 6 years ago

Last on up for grabs.
If someone has these figures in bulk I would be interested in a swap for mods or purchase.

#37 6 years ago

put me down.

I have one that stopped working I can send you him?

#38 6 years ago

If anyone ever has an issue with any of my mods I can fix them no problem.
Everything I have made is serviceable. The Cane el has a warranty for a year and I can make replacements if they or the power box ever fails, they are off the shelf parts.
Just pm me if you ever have an issue.

#39 6 years ago

All spoken for. On the hunt for more figures

#40 6 years ago

Figures are drying up.
I have ordered the only six I could find in UK.
I will have 5 to build in a few weeks. Looks like this will be the last run.
The price will be adjusted up as price of figures has increased 100% plus Shipping costs from UK.
If interested let me know new price will be $20 more to cover figure cost.

New cost for last run $185 US $200 shipped outside US (adjusted 3-11-14).

1 month later
#41 5 years ago

Ok found 4 figures if anyone would like one contact me at Hookedonpinball@outlook.com
Will build them out this weekend.
Thanks and still looking for more figures.

#42 5 years ago

$200 American?

#43 5 years ago

Nope I got a swap deal figures for a mod, so back to $185 shipped. Will ship outside US $200 adjust last post.

If anyone can find Castors let me know....down to three.

1 week later
#44 5 years ago

I am down to two figures left.
If anyone wants to swap castor figures for mods let me know.

7 months later
#45 5 years ago

Any of these Castor mods left?
Does anyone else have a recommendation on adding a Castor figure?

#46 5 years ago

Second that. I'd love one.

#47 5 years ago

$200 seemed way too high for this small of a mod so I'm wondering if there is an alternative.

#48 5 years ago

Which figure is this mod using? Is it the 2" figure or 3.75" figure?

1 week later
#49 5 years ago

Currently I have 3 left.
They can be purchased on my site hookedonpinball.com



Or you can catch the figures from UK most of the US options are gone.
Truly plug in and play but some guys like to make their own.

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