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TRANSPORTER: THE RESCUE Club, "Beam Me Up, Bally!"

By spiroagnew

5 years ago

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Post #163 Rubber Ring list from bestofpinball.de Posted by gismo31 (4 years ago)

Post #302 Link to Purchase new Reproduction Crossover Ramp. Posted by PPS (4 years ago)

Post #343 New Crossover Ramp in trans red, clear, and trans yellow. Posted by PPS (4 years ago)

Post #356 Crossover ramp diagram missing from manual. Posted by EdisonArcade (4 years ago)

Post #370 Crossover ramp hardware required. Posted by dozer1 (4 years ago)

Post #376 More ramp diagrams missing from the manual. Posted by provato (3 years ago)

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#3 5 years ago

I love system 11 games & this title in particular is a personal favorite "Shoot the Transporter!"

3 weeks later
#23 5 years ago
Quoted from VacFink:

Not mine but painfully close. Way over priced and add is likely to expire soon, but thought I'd share in case someone is nuts or brave both.

Yeah I have been watching that one for awhile now....... it was actually on Ebay first but never met his reserve , at least he has now lowered it to $6000.oo....... that craigslist add started at $7000.oo

#33 5 years ago

Just noticed that Rick posted on the PPS forum a few days ago some bad news about the ramp tool they found & says without 100 orders it is a nonstarter

#37 5 years ago
Quoted from exflexer:

Whats even rarer than a NOS ramp is a NOS playfield

yeah PPS actually had one listed recently ,NOS but you could tell it was a prototype or a sample playfield & I think its already marked as sold

#55 5 years ago
Quoted from Classic_Stern:

Or a Complete HUO game

Curious to the origin of those pictures & the story of that game #11 it doesn't appear "complete" in the pictures as the crossover ramp is missing ? Edit: not only that.... where is the space ship for the upper playfield ? & one last edit in those pictures the entire upper right side upper playfield that feeds the third flipper is also missing ?

#58 5 years ago
Quoted from dozer1:

Fingers crossed for some positive news.

Thanks Dozer1

2 weeks later
#61 5 years ago

Man I REALLY Hope this happens....... some how

5 months later
#91 4 years ago
Quoted from PinsOnly:

Did anyone ever make a set of Insert Decals for TTR?? I am sure many games need them, mine included!!

I still have some good scans of them that were given to me by another friendly Pinsider I never got around to getting them produced but would love to see them made available somehow , if anyone can reproduce these I will gladly pass along the scans

3 weeks later
#102 4 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

This game was DOA when Williams bought Bally, but after a game in production started to sell lower than expectations, they went to this one as it was all they had at the time ready for the line. Nice little story on this one.

details? please share ....... would love to hear the full story on this game

3 months later
#121 4 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

have one question on this game... is there supposed to be a center post? I've seen the game with and without it. What was stock out of the factory?

Quoted from beepnutz:

I've owned 2 and all the others that I have seen have had the center post.

I also have 2 of them & one is a prototype & they both have the center post

#122 4 years ago
Quoted from beepnutz:

And while I'm here, disregard post # 115, I must have had a temporary brain fart.

good for you ....... I was watching though

#124 4 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

The best bet for us to get a ramp made is PPS as they have the mold.

last info I heard on that front was that the mold they have would need to be retro fitted with some type of an adaptor piece , something to do with current injection molding techniques wont work with that mold in its current configuration & Rick hinted Too expensive for him to justify doing it .......worked behind the scenes with another Pinsider as a project ourselves,we got as far as getting a high quality computer scan of the ramp on a file which wasn't cheap!!but going forward with Mfg. proved to be too cost prohibitive ....... if anyone has an in with a plastic manufacturer that does injection molding I could make the file available

#127 4 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

Is there any opportunity for us to design another version of a ramp that could easily be vacuum formed? I understand it will have to be a redesign, but not sure what the other options are.

Freeplay40 is on it ........ hopefully it will happen .......

#129 4 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

I am talking to a local plastics factory that does injection. I'll get back to you.

Roger that

#137 4 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

I sent out the stp file from TecumsehPlissken and it came back at $153.20 per if we bought 150.

$22950.oo total cost for the run ? that's more a lot more , a whole lot more than the price we originally were quoted but still how to raise the dough $ will someone finance this project alone or as a group ?

#138 4 years ago

I am going to look up my original quote if I can still find it & post it here me & Dozer ran the numbers on it hundred times it was based on a cheaper mold that didn't last as long but still ... let me check my memory isn't that great these days

#139 4 years ago

online quote never printed it out :/ quote has expired I have re submit it now but it was different you could buy in different amounts , less $ per more qty. of course still it was about 1/2 that amount but was told the silicone mold would probably not last for as many as 150

3 weeks later
#143 4 years ago
Quoted from gismo31:

my ramp is black as you can see on the pictures : any ideas ?

was that painted ?

#149 4 years ago
Quoted from gismo31:

serial number is : 2008I265233 so i dont think it's a prototype.
the pinball has also a weird backglass : it's not the original one but a printed picture of the backglass

the trans lite is still available from marco's http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/31-1357-2008 that black ramp is really puzzling though I have a confirmed prototype of this game & ramp is clear like all the others I have seen

#151 4 years ago
Quoted from gismo31:

thanks i've just ordered one now the slingshot....
i'll make some more pictures of the lack ramp tomorrow

please do take some more detailed pictures & from different angles of that ramp as it is certainly interesting , kinda wondering if someone made that or had it made? I'm sure someone can help with a scan of slingshot plastics , I could take some pics for you but I don't really have that good of camera

#161 4 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

Who has the 3d image?

Pm me with an email address

3 weeks later
#197 4 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

thinking clear and translucent yellow for the color options of finished parts.

Clear!! most of us already have nicotine yellow

#221 4 years ago
Quoted from Freeplay40:

I'll consider that one. Anyone else interested?

Yes me I am interested & was already thinking of asking about that piece but was just waiting to see how this all worked out

#222 4 years ago
Quoted from Freeplay40:

but IF I could do it, would there be any interest in the new cover?


1 week later
#250 4 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

FYI this will only be a small run of parts so you better go get them when available plus any for future use.

ready to place my order as soon as they become available

#259 4 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

im going over now to pick up the mold test samples. will post pics and will do a test install of one

#264 4 years ago

simply put that is gorgeous ....... its so clear it looks crystal ! Dozer can you believe it ?! this day has actually arrived!!

#269 4 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

Fit and function is good to go.

looks fantastic cant wait to order

1 week later
#294 4 years ago

I have been checking the PPS website & forum daily & haven't seen anything yet

1 week later
#303 4 years ago
Quoted from PPS:

'some' ramps are here and available ... sorry for the delay but we were hoping to have the full lot here - we have the rest ordered which hopefully are a couple of weeks, but everyone will get one.

Thank You!!!!!!! I ordered just one for now didn't want to get in anyone else's way really needs it .... I will pick up another one when the second run comes in

#326 4 years ago

Noticed that there is a Transporter currently for sale in the market place , perhaps the value of this title will rise with the ramps now being made available again & the possibility of plastics set etc.... on the horizon ?

#328 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

based on that price

well yes ...... but from what I can tell in those pics that one appears to be in pretty nice condition cabinet has very little or almost no fade , lots of red still there , mylar looks down tight & that crossover ramp looks really good for an original Transporter is a really cool looking & unusual system 11 how much does a nice EATPM or & Earth Shaker go for these days ?

3 weeks later
#347 4 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

What are the screws/nut combos everyone is using to attach their new ramp to the mini-playfield? The one I have is missing the hardware (ramp was caulked in place).

new ramp has the bolt bosses intact so you have to thread the screws into the new ramp no more need for nuts and bolts when installing these new ones

#368 4 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

Mine has flat head wood screws. Pretty sure that's factory setup

mine too & I just reused the ones that were there , however they did have nuts on bottom of both because the bolt bosses were broken off.... I never knew ramp had those until saw the new reproduction but it didn't need the nuts anymore as my screws threaded in nicely ... just did it carefully but it did take some effort

3 months later
#397 3 years ago

have two ... willing to sell one of them

1 month later
#425 3 years ago

Interesting ....... on my Production game there is a designated hole there drilled & with the paint circle around it but No post in place like your picture & on my Prototype game there is no extra hole & actually looks like less space in that area altogether , no room for another post on the Proto

1 week later
#427 3 years ago
Quoted from vbobrusev:

i can do extra sets. let me know who interested in this.

Interested & following

4 months later
#450 3 years ago

I recently sold one that I considered to be a nice players condition game for $2800.oo , the cabinet was faded as is common for this title but playfield was pretty good & it had a new crossover ramp , & was loaded full of led's looking & playing great ... I also know of another one sold here in Florida that was nicer than mine with nice looking un faded or very little fade cab that sold well North of $3000.oo

3 months later
1 week later
#485 2 years ago
Quoted from vbobrusev:

if somebody want full set for transporter, i have time for do it. if somebody send me full set (broken or normal) playfield plastics. DM who interested.

I wish had something to send you but only set I have is in my game ... maybe contact Chosen_S he has been creating scan files for them to be made from

3 weeks later
#495 2 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

from factory, about the cab, is this painted or its decals ?

silk screen I think (but yes painted not decals) however there is a source for decals now

3 weeks later
#505 2 years ago
Quoted from pin-pimp:

Any chance we can get those?

he has them... I already got a set of those from him & the quality seems very good

3 months later
#519 2 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

Are cab decals available for transporter?


#521 2 years ago

the guys name is Joe Pastucci & you can reach him at [email protected] , he has made several sets of them now but he only makes them to order its not a stock item

7 months later
#565 1 year ago
Quoted from Nico74:

Hello, I am looking for cabinet decals or good photos or prints to make decals of the transporter

his name is Joe Pastucci he has made several sets of cabinet decals for Transporter , for me as well as others on here .... his contact info is [email protected]

3 months later
#603 1 year ago

those go on the bottom of the apron & they stick up a little bit higher so the ball cant jump up onto the apron & get stuck there

#604 1 year ago
20200502_073025[1] (resized).jpg
1 month later
#612 1 year ago

I have insert scans PM me an email

#620 1 year ago

magnetic reed switch , see post #568 on the previous page

3 months later
#655 1 year ago
Quoted from Mikonos:

Tell me what do you think

I want to buy

4 months later
#692 9 months ago

I have prototype #11 & can confirm it has the same wire form as shown in Packie1 first pic.

6 months later
#711 3 months ago
Quoted from PachoHerrera:

Just picked up a transporter and going to completely restore it, sending the playfield off to Las Vegas Playfields. I am looking around for cabinet decals but it looks like the only cabinet decals available from pinballdecalseu do not have the bally logo? Can anyone recommend these or should I wait and see if Planetary will do a run?

His name is Joe Pastucci he has made several sets of cabinet decals for Transporter , for me as well as others on here .... his contact info is [email protected]

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