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#28 4 years ago

I own a TFLE combo and i enjoy playing it quite a bit. Perhaps it was people playing with older code above... Ive only played/owned the game with the final 1.8 software. But i dont know what people are referring to as roadblock.

There are two mini wizard modes after completing the robots
All hail megatron

Was rollout renamed from roadblock or something?


#45 4 years ago

I think the flashers on both left and right slings should flash/pulse when in fast scoring. I know they do for bumblebe scoring mode.

I think there is some robotic voice that says fast score. And a timer on the dmd as well.

Hope that helps

2 weeks later
#55 4 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Best I've done is be one Robot away from getting to Sentinal Wizard mode. Pretty sure it was Devastator that got me. For some reason I have a tough time with the orbits on this game and it seems like the random shot location in that mode always winds up on a orbit shot too. Normally takes me 2 or 3 tries to beat him.

Devastator kicks my butt most of the time too. But my last game i actually cleared that mode on first try (first time ever). I breezed through the rest of the purple side and then megatron mode (which i usually have no prob with) totally killed me. So frustrating. But makes me want to got back for more!

#62 4 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

I would say Valinor cause I have never done that. With Transformers it's a lot of trapping on the left flipper, backhanding the left ramp then hitting the right orbit to get through modes. Then trapping up when it comes out of the pops and doing it again. You need to be able to backhand the right ramp as well. The game has a lot of flow, but you want to play it controlled and not just try to hit shots on the fly cause you can. Use the multiballs to help you get through modes, so always have one started before starting Optimus or Megatron. I will usually choose Autobots because of Mudflap and Skids multiball, but it is easier to get your multipliers lit with Decepticons.

Using multiball to get through modes is hit or miss for me. Mostly because the game has no way to tell you what shots to hit for both the robot mode and the mb mode. So it does help but would be better if the yellow/orange shot indicators would flash at different rates or something. Maybe im missing something?

I will definitely work on you suggested backhand left ramp, right loop combo shot.

I also have luck holding the left flipper up when ball is coming off left ramp. Usually has enough speed to bounce over and give me a lob shot from right flipper to the left ramp again. One thing though is that right flipper to left ramp shots can be dangerous if you miss and hit the blue standup. It sends the ball screaming right back at ya.

#68 4 years ago

It definitely could use some code polish.
Status screens are very basic
Being able to start robot modes during optimus or megatron mb.
Adjustmemts in menus to control number of shots Or timers for various robot modes

#70 4 years ago

I really like your ideas!

On my TFLE, i have special set to extra ball, and you can get a special in the ironhide mini playfield pretty easily. I usually go for that right ramp when im close to spelling ironhide and i need some insurance of an extraball.

Hopefully stern gives this game some extra love. I think its not probable, but you never know

1 week later
#73 4 years ago

I have had this happen to me enough times and its really frustrating so i thought id ask if it happens to anyone else.

Frequently when i complete all the robots (red or purple) and its time to start the mini-wizard modes "all hail Megatron" or "roll out", the all spark shot wont light to start the mode cause the timer is running for the "all targets" frenzy scoring mode.

So i am forced to time out the all targets mode just so the shot to start the mini-wizard mode will light. Which seems like it takes a long time cause i think the timer stops when you cradle up, and maybe even if the ball is in the pops (unconfirmed). Even more frustrating is that sometimes i wind up extending the timer or adding more time, while i dangerously fiddle around waiting for the timer to expire...

I guess i can see that they didnt want to stack the mini-wizard modes with bumblebee double scoring or the all targets fast scoring modes... But seems thered be a better way... Maybe just auto kill the modes when its mini wizard mode. Or maybe let them stack and give the wizard mode priority on the DMD.

Does this happen to anyone else?

#75 4 years ago

Thanks. I wasnt 100% on if timer stops when cradled. It just seems to drag on. Hehe.

The absolute worst is when you accidentally get the add more time in the all spark lane cause you shot it thinking it would be lit... When all you did was add more time to wait. Hehe.

I guess i should be more patient and just hold the ball cradled. But then I just get more time to look at the horribly implemented status screens. It just scrolls the high scores for both sides... No heres how many shots to get to optimus mb, heres how many balls are locked in megatron scoop, heres how many more shots you have to finish each robot mode... Heres how many shots to spell ironhide or starscream.

Sorry pet peeve of mine.

I still like the game, just needs some polish for these rough edges.

#77 4 years ago

First battle for cybertron tonight. Cranked up the volume and it was awesome. I even got a 18m jackpot in there at one point.

So fun!

#85 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Has anyone else had a problem with Star Scream getting out of alignment (LE only)?

Very occasionally starscream will stay crooked for an extended period of time on my LE. Meaning you can't hit the target in the back and the ball falls off into the orbit lane on the left.

eventually the game code seems to detect this and give him the jiggle that he does after a failed shot up the left ramp that resets him back to place

Is that what u are seeing?

#90 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Mine is off just enough to make it near impossible to hit the target. I took the electric motor out, I see where I need to adjust it, but I can't get the set screws to move at all. I'm thinking of drilling them out and putting in set screws that aren't designed for an Allen wrench and designed for a Stanley screw driver.

Thankfully ive never had him out of alignment permanently. It was more of a starscream mode ended without setting him back quite right. Eventually game recognized that and fixed it.

So you are saying he is always clocked off a bit? Does he turn left and right during his mode? Clocked off when in both positions?

Ive always wondered how to get him outta there, how did you get him out? I wanted to clean good under there and maybe replace the gi leds in the rollover lanes and couldnt get to them.

Hope you get some luck with him.

1 month later
#108 4 years ago
Quoted from GAP:

Can I add my bumblee Bee machine to the group!

218357-i.jpg218358-i.jpg218359-i.jpg218360-i.jpg218361-i.jpg218364-i.jpgIMG_20140427_242700_380.jpg IMG_20140506_184114_081.jpg

I like your bumblebee eye speaker grill leds!

1 month later
#152 4 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Combo #317 in da house!

image-20151218_214739.jpg image-20151218_214754.jpg

Word of advice. If that is NIB or doesnt have any decal wrinkle around the corners, then id get some of the metal stern leg protectors


I out them on my TFLE even though the decals were wrinkled when i got the machine.

#154 4 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

It's not NIB and it already has them

Quoted from Gov:

It's not NIB and it already has them

Awesome! Then enjoy an underrated pin!

2 weeks later
#177 4 years ago

Both left and right ramps are different between pro and le.

LE adds a mode for starscream on left ramp.
After you spell starscream, a timed mode starts where you try to hit a target on the back wall by shooting up the left ramp through starscream.

Also a mini playfield on right ramp for ironhide. After spelling ironhide a timed mode starts where you rock the mini playfield back and forth and bounce a ball across sensors that give you points and light spinner, pops, and special etc.

#183 4 years ago

Does the pro have a 4 ball Megatron trough mid center playfield?

#215 4 years ago

So this happened....


1 week later
#222 4 years ago

Last night I had something weird happen.

Playing as autobot. I had fast score mode running and bumblebee robot mode (not Double score)

I just had one shot for bumblebee to complete the mode.

I missed to the right and ball went up into ironhide playfield. The gate held the ball until both modes timed out and then a ball search kicked the gate open to let the ball out.

I've occasionally had a ball stick in the iron hide playfield. And a ball search will give ya the ball back.

But it was strange that a ball search didn't kick in until after the modes timed out.

#238 4 years ago

It rewards a special, and i have special set to extra ball.

2 months later
#348 4 years ago
Quoted from Kawydud:

Got some star post lights installed on Transformers this morning. Also installed new white rubber and clear protective washers.


Those look really nice! Can you show a pic from players POV. Trying to tell how much light they give off.

#350 4 years ago

Thanks! I might do something like this too. Did you just tie them into the GI?

1 week later
#353 4 years ago
Quoted from Gnassel:

Hi Transformers,
I have a question about the flow if you make a middle (Optimus) loop shot.
If the ball is fast (and mostly it is) it become contact with the bottom part of the ironside mini play field.
Is this normal or do you have some hints for me?

I sometimes get a ball screaming from left to right around the back back there and it will catch the underside of the iron hide playfield.

I think it depends on the position the playfield is in when iron hide mode stops. Sometimes it can hang down a bit low.

#354 4 years ago

Had a WTF moment today. Just drained out of roll out mini-wizard mode when trying to hit the left all spark shot for the super jackpot.

So I was frustrated with myself. My 4 yr old was wanting me to play with her and had been patiently watching me play. Since I drained she thought the game was over and turned off the machine....


But it's only pinball, so I just went and played with her. I've been pretty consistently getting to roll-out. Yesterday I scored 42 million in that mode alone.

I'll get back there again

2 months later
#410 3 years ago

Normal stern trough switches i believe

3 weeks later
#441 3 years ago

I think that ball search is supposed to open that gate and let the ball out

1 month later
#494 3 years ago

Search for "transformers robo fighters"

ebay.com link » Transformers Starscream Decepticon Robo Fighters 6 Action Figure 2011 Dotm

2 months later
#517 3 years ago
Quoted from Don44:

Hi all, I just got a tfle and I have a question about the upper playfield. When I get a ball up there and the gate closed I flip the flippers and the upper playfield rocks back and forth but the ball just kinda falls to the bottom and sits on the gate and never gets up the playfield to score points. Is there something I am doing wrong or could not be working right?

There is a setting in the menus to bump up the coil power on the iron hide playfield. I had to do that on mine to get some good ball action.

But before you do that make sure that the playfield rocks back and forth freely. Make sure ironhide isnt dragging on the back wall of the playfield.

#518 3 years ago

Had an interesting thing happen on my TFLE today. Shots to the bumblebee captive ball started sounding horrible dead thump. And the ball behind the matchbox car wasnt touching the captive ball anymore. Mid game i jiggled and jiggled. Nothing. So i stopped playing and looked. It looked like there was a bandaid stuck under the free bumblebee ball keeping it from rolling back...

How the hell would that get in there....

Grabbed a screwdriver loosened the plastics and the bandaid turned out to be the square metal roof of bumblebee himself. The roof of the matchbox car split off at all four corners i guess and lodged itself in between the captive and free ball.

Dab of gorilla super glue under the roof and i waited on it to dry.

Fun fact the game works just fine without bumblebee in there.

2 weeks later
#531 3 years ago

Shout out to Cliffy! I purchased his set of protectors for TFLE/TFpro. There are pics in this thread already.

Top notch packaging. Both cliffys are packed into a piece of foam to protect them. Clear plastic still on them to prevent scratching. Also in the package is a custom mylar that exactly fits into the all spark shots bottom slot. Also a alcohol swab to clean before applying the mylar.

TFLE playfield is crowded so allocate some time to take things apart as needed. Cliffy provided a very helpful pic via email of another users list of which screws and nuts you need to remove etc.

Thanks cliffy!

#533 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Curious to know if the cliffy helps with bounce outs from the all spark. I've got mine pretty much under control with the dead foam but when I really need that shot I'll still get the random bounce out.

I put dead foam in mine a while back and it got better. I didnt see and difference with the cliffy. There still is a bounce back every once in a while.

20161111_231234 (resized).jpg

#534 3 years ago

20161111_235953 (resized).jpg

#536 3 years ago

I spent about 3 or 4 hours, but i am very cautious and took pics of every screw and bolt i took off and the order i did it in. Plus i was unfamiliar with the megatron scoop cause id never messed with it before.

If i did it again it would only be a 1.5 hour job

Cliffy emailed me a pretty detailed set of pics in a pdf that helped too.

#538 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

The all spark shouldn't be too bad but the megatron one would be less fun. Neither would I consider to be hard. Just a lot of little things to do. Great time to shop the game out and change the rubbers.
For the all spark - you should be able to do it by just removing the lower section of the left ramp.

I had to loosen the upper starscream part of the left ramp too but not remove it completely. But it might be possible without doing that.

2 months later
#546 3 years ago

Any other TFLE owners out there have an annoying ball hang up on the left ramp? Frequently when starting starscream left ramp mode the ball goes up just as starscream turns and the ball somehow would go out the left and as starscream turned back the ball would come to rest against the end of the ramp and the left wall of the cab.

I found a easy fix.

There is a 1 inch post on the left rail already. I got some screws at hardware store and some spacers from PBL and made the post 2 inches. So it pokes up and keep the ball from coming out and getting stuck on the left ramp.

20170204_155537 (resized).jpg

20170204_163403 (resized).jpg

20170204_163409 (resized).jpg

20170204_155532 (resized).jpg

#548 3 years ago

I guess my IH playfield is rubbered wrong too... im second owner, but ive never had it apart. I dunno if it came from factory this way or not.

20170205_170959 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#555 3 years ago
Quoted from Rustyck:

DOes anyone know if you can get a spare Optimus Prime bash toy?
I would love to see somebody mod Optimus so that his eyes light up with some small LEDs, specifically when the ramp is activated, but I'm terrified of monkeying around with anything on the PF as is.
Anybody else got any mod ideas for this game? Saw a couple ppl adding hasbromaction figures. It just seems to scream for more!

Search for robo fighters heres a link to ebay for 3 figures.

ebay.com link » 3 Transformers Dark Of The Moon Robo Fighters Optimus Prime Megatron Starscream

1 week later
#564 3 years ago
Quoted from Rom:

Got my pinballbulbs spotlights in the mail yesterday. They make a whole new game experience of my TF PRO. No DARK of the moon any more. Totally worth the money. As bright as recent STERN games now.

Can you take some pics of the way you have bumblebee mounted there on the sign. I bought the figure but havent worked on how to get him in there.

#570 3 years ago
Quoted from Rom:

I am not at home for a couple of days but I found a pic that should show where it is attached on.
First you take off his legs of course.
Don't attach it to the extra ball sign because the figure is too heavy for it and when the spinner spins the whole assembly whould shake.
I took a bent metal plate and drilled a hole in each of the two ends. One end is attached with a screw into the side of Bumblebees hip. The other end is attached with the existing screw in the game of the ramp seen in the picture. It sits there nice and tight.
Hope that helped.


#575 3 years ago

Yep i layered up the mylar in the back of the megatron scoop. Talked to cliffy and he said future runs hed include some or make the cliffy have a gap there.

#577 3 years ago

Epic game yesterday. Got to battle for cybertron and about half way back around to roll out mode after that.

Battle for cybertron mode ended really soon. Ive been there once before but it was a while ago. Yesterday i think the shot to the cube lane was lit at same time i shot it to start battle for cybertron. It awarded me a add a ball. So i was in battle for cybertron with 2 ball multiball.

When the first of those two balls drained battle for cybertron ended.

Still posted up a good GC score of 395M

20170329_154248 (resized).jpg

4 months later
#638 2 years ago

Everything you need (including the page above) should be in here.


1 week later
#645 2 years ago

Lermods, if you can disable the backbox (relay?) clicking when the optumus ramp is up before you start optimus MB that would be awesome. I think its part of the circuit thay makes the GI blink in time with the music.

8 months later
#711 2 years ago

Unfortunately i dont think stern is gonna put any effort into polish. This game is done and long gone.

I have been thinking that the TLS board and the things TimeBandit can do would do a lot to enhance the game.

2 weeks later
#721 1 year ago

My star scream stays sideways very rarely. Like you say it usually resets itself after something else makes star scream move. Since the tests work flawlessly and he recenters back in place I’ve always thought it was a code issue and was evidence that stern needs to put some polish on this game. (Unlikely but still needed)

#722 1 year ago

I noticed something rule-wise on my TFLE while playing today. The two blue inserts on the right for mud flap and skids annoy me cause they just flash most of the time (like megatron). Anyways I knew they eventually start a “frenzy” mode where all switches score 10k or something like that. But today I noticed during the frenzy mode that they stopped flashing and were out, then one lit etc.
Turns out that during the mud flap/skids frenzy mode hitting both targets will add time to the mode timer.
So now ya know. Hehe

#724 1 year ago

Speaking of the flashing inserts in TF I have been paying attention to them more. They annoy me cause it seems lazy programming and wondering if the total light show board and the insert control magic that timebandit is developing might be able to reprogram them so they only flash like that when there is only one hit to go to start the frenzy mode.

Likewise with the stupid megatron insert dead center of the play field that blinks 24x7

#725 1 year ago
Quoted from mrm_4:

Ughh my gut feeling was code because the tests go fine. I really hope it’s a switch wearing out tho so I’m not doing all this for nothing. If it doesn’t fix it I’m going to unplug the motor and put Mylar in the back of the platform where the switch is and where starscream stands that way the ball doesn’t get stuck in that gap. Which is the whole reason they coded him to do that little shimmy.

Good luck. I hope ya get him working. I sometimes get a ball stuck up there on the edge of his platform. The most annoying one I made a fix for. I can take a pic and send it to you if you are interested.

I would frequently get balls stuck in front of star scream against the outside wall of the cabinet. There is a plastic there that I think was supposed to keep that from happening. But it ends up just leaning there agains the end of the plastic, the star scream platform, and the outside wall. I made a tall post that I screwed into the left side rail. It’s tall enough to stick up a quarter inch or so right where that ball would sit. Makes the ball fall down on left side of starscream in the left orbit lane.

3 months later
#742 1 year ago

When i play my TFLE the games can get pretty long. Toward the end the flippers get kinda week. The coils are a bit warm to touch.

Is that normal or an indication that i need to do a flipper rebuild? Or at least clean the sleeves etc.

#745 1 year ago

My TFLE combo has the orange DMD

#758 1 year ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Warm to touch - Normal. If they are hot (you can't hold them for a couple seconds) not so normal.
Get Kinda weak - Not normal for a correctly playing game. They will reduce in strength as they heat up but it should be very minor. Most likely your coils are dirty and need to be changed. I would also look at the pivot bushing for both the plunger as well as what goes through the PF. I replace those when I do a sleeve as they are cheap and can also effect flipper performance.

Took my flippers apart today and replaced the coil sleeves, coil stops and the plunger assembly. Coil stops and plunger were kinda worn and plenty of black stuff everywhere. Probably not 100% necessary, but figured while I had it all apart might as well replace the worn stuff.

Snappier and stronger after the rebuild. I'll keep ya posted on if they get weak on a long game.

2 months later
#779 1 year ago
Quoted from NPO:

Boom!!! In!! # 105 of # 125 reporting in.
Drove from Florida to Ohio for this one.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Welcome. Did your TFLE come with a red dmd? Mine has the orange one.

#784 1 year ago
Quoted from HIPPY:

I got #118, it was still new at Automated, about a year ago. 5K, had to do all the updates, it was stored in their warehouse. Lots of trouble at first, but, worth it. Check out Cliffys, he has a nice set, the holes get a lot of action.
You named all the multis, they are pretty steady. If you go with Cliffys, I can give you guidance, needs modification. Enjoy.

Did you modify the cliffy for Megatron on the back side? Mine still gets hangup every now and again.

#787 1 year ago

I have layers and layers of Mylar there and ball still get hung up. I need to take it back apart and clip the fluffy off at that point. And add Mylar on the edge.

When i pit my cliffs on I put some Mylar on the front entrance of the Megatron scoop too.

3 weeks later
#804 1 year ago

I got some parts from pinball life and made basically a really long post that is screwed into the wood side rail. It sticks up in the corner where the ball got stuck on starscreams far front left platform. 100% keeps the ball from getting stuck there.

Also have some pinball foam on the rail itself so when the ball falls off the left side it will roll off into the left orbit lane 100%

I can take some pics and get a part list together if anyone is interested.

#805 1 year ago

Found a post in this thread where I had pics and what I did already.


2 weeks later
#812 1 year ago

Ever since I installed my cliffy for the megatron scoop, I’ve had ball hang ups when the ball comes down the super skill shot lane into the back of Megatron. Lived with it for a while now. Tried putting layers of Mylar back there to make a ramp up over the edge of the cliffy. Sorta worked.

Finally took the time to tear all that topside apart and I modified the cliffy by cutting out the right hand side of it. I put a layer of Mylar over the edge of the scoop hole directly on the play field.

Haven’t had a ball hang up since.

First game after getting the machine back in place I completed roll out and collected the jackpot on ball 1. Unfortunately I had doublers on all shots but the damn all spark shot where you collect the jackpot... By the end of the game I had completed all the modes but my nemesis mode devastator . For some reason in that mode I just can’t hit shots anymore. It’s a mental block.

Still come back to this game and have fun with it. Underrated for sure.

#814 1 year ago
Quoted from mrm_4:

Next time I travel to Fairmont for work you gotta show me how to play. I’ve yet to get Roll Out or Hail Megatron after a year of owning this machine.

Sounds good. Gimme a shout next time you are in the area.

1 month later
#826 1 year ago

All 3 of my games have color did support that people rave about. So my problem is that I can't just get it for one... id have to get 3. So 1200 is not trivial.

4 months later
#835 11 months ago
Quoted from SpinnerAddict:

Joined the club today. Im really liking the game so far. I did notice the car gets stuck about halfway sometimes. Is this normal? Someway to fix it? Other than that game is playing fast and im having fun.

Only time I had a prob was when the roof of Bumblebee had come off and was under the car.

1 month later
#856 9 months ago

My Megatron scoop cliffy caused ball hangups on the back side super skill shot. I got an early run of the TFLE cliffy. I emailed with cliffy several years ago and I think he might have changed the design for future runs? Anyways after fiddling with adding layers of Mylar as a “ramp” I couldn’t keep the ball from hanging up on the cliffy before falling into the megatron scoop from the back side. I eventually cut that part of the cliffy away and reinstalled it.

#863 8 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

The game I bought has a Megatron air ball plastic on it that does not have the thick plastic pieces on the sides underneath. The seller included the airball protector that came in the power pack with the thick plastic on the underside. Since the one on the game is worn, I switched it out with the new one. But that won't allow the ball to travel beneath. Any suggestions?

Take some pics and show us the area and we might be able to help diagnose the issue. I’d be happy to send some pics of the corresponding area of my game.

3 months later
#878 5 months ago

Intrigued. Hope to see your results and ill probably make it a project for my TFLE too!

2 months later
#904 3 months ago

Sold my TFLE this week. Been a good run, but i was ready to make a lineup change. Still think its an under appreciated title.

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