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13 years ago

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#1 13 years ago

I recently sold 2 of my machines to get one of the top title machines (No Fear, WH2O).I can get a TZ, ToM,TOTAN, or TAF all for $3200 each. I know where a great TZ is on location, and am not all that in to TAF (my mom would kill me to here me say that).
So it really comes down to those 2. I was at the PHOF 3 weeks ago and those 2 where my fav machines there. What would you guys do?

#2 13 years ago

Wow that's a tough choice. If your going to spend some big dollars I'd go for an Attack from Mars, or Monster Bash or the new Spiderman myself.

I think I'd pick the TOTAN if I had the choice of those 2. I love the music in it, and it's one of the most gorgeous looking games ever made IMO.

#3 13 years ago

I am saving up for a TZ, so it would be my first choice. But I really like the TOTAN. It seems to have a more going on than the ToM. It could be that I have spent more time playing it, but I really like the genie, spinning lamp, vertical magnet and outlane ball catchers.

#4 13 years ago

I'm really only looking to spend around $3500. AFM is a great machine and i have always wanted a SM but i have never seen a AFM for sale and all the SM are over $4000. I can get a LOTR for $3300, I just found that. So it might be a winner. I just don't want to spend a bunch on a game i've never played in good working order. But what i have played I liked.
Man thats what the trip to PHOF was for, to answer this question and i'm still stuck. Not a bad prob to be in. I have always wanted a top 10 machine. Now it's just a matter of which one.

#5 13 years ago

I'd go for the LOTR or TOTAN. Forget TOM altogether IMO. Enough Acronyms for ya? haha

If it came down to it and they were all in the same shape and near same price, I'd probably go for the LOTR just because of the modes and depth. I think TOTAN has better artwork by far, but LOTR is a better "playing" game, and really deep, so it's great for home use. Plus if your a fan of LOTR that's a huge plus too. I think TOTAN has the better resale value down the road, that may be something to think about as well...

#6 13 years ago

Someone has picked up the LOTR this eve so that's out. I am going with the TOTAN I liked it better then ToM. My girl friend loved ToM and she told me thats the next one we were going to buy. I won a bunch of games on ToM so that tells me it was too easy. Plus if I don't like TOTAN I can get my money back.

#7 13 years ago

TOM is overrated IMO, I think you made the right choice

#8 13 years ago

You can't go wrong with either those choices although i personally would have Theater of Magic...my partner also loves this game as yours does.

#9 13 years ago

As others have said, you can't go wrong with either of those pins. In fact, they're both on my wish list. Out of curiosity, did they have a Monster Bash at the PHOF? What a neat game!

#10 13 years ago

I do like Theatre of Magic, don't get me wrong I'd just prefer a TOTAN myself. Like these guys said, any of those pins are great really.

#11 13 years ago

Yep they had a monster bash but i didn't play it cause my mom owns it. She started me on pinball and i started the purchasing thing. She and I share a BSD. I have all the high scores on all the machines.

#12 13 years ago

I put my vote in for TOTAN as well...shoulda named this thread “Pins that start with the letter T” but then I woulda voted for Taxi....but not for 3200. Ok shutting up now.

#13 13 years ago

I got my TOTAN about a year ago so I was in the same position as you. It was my first pin and must say I am still happy with my decision. It is one of the most beautiful looking pins ever made and it is fun to play. Not to mention its rarity due to the limited run. Everyone that visits and plays it seems to really enjoy it.

#14 13 years ago

TOTAN no doubt. Music is the best and artwork also! The game is not so deep but its still fun to play.

#15 13 years ago

TOM is a fantastic pin, but compartively, TOTAN is the superior game.

Did they end up selling the Twilight Zone, ianwho? $3200 for a TZ is a decent price. If you are looking for something that will last, since the LOTR was sold, you may want to play TZ some more. See if it's to your liking. TZ isn't for everyone, so always, try before you buy.

#16 13 years ago

he still has the TZ if your in the central coast area of ca. It has a few mods and is really nice. Sadly the man is dying of cancer and i have been going over to his house to play pinball for some time. His family doesn't play them so he figures he will just get the money for them. He sold his ToM today for $2800 to a friend of his. It was real nice with a working tiger saw and LED's. The TOTAN is mine as of tues. I am paying $3000.

#17 13 years ago

Totan 100%

#18 13 years ago

You wanna make that Totan playfield really look kick ass get these. I just did from treasurecove.com

totan1.jpgtotan1.jpg totan1.jpgtotan1.jpg

#19 13 years ago

sorry for the duplicates

totan2.jpgtotan2.jpg totan3.jpgtotan3.jpg

#20 13 years ago

Good lord dannyman, that TOTAN looks incredible!

You'll have to add TOTAN to your collection page now ianwho.

#21 13 years ago

Oh no thats not mine, mine is getting professionally restored at the moment, Im just buying what mods I can find for it. I will definetly post pics and who I got all the mods and upgrades from though. It will probably be another 2 months from now.

#22 13 years ago

I own a TOTAN, got mine about a year ago as well, like Savage. So that's my vote. Paid $3100 for it in great shape. The seller was going out of business, and came down from $3800. For the novice player, it always attracts people that come over more than any other machine (TAF, T2, BSD, STTNG, and BH are the others.)

People say the rules set is not very deep, which I think also makes "not-so-serious" players like it. For the serious, yes you repeat the scimitar, but beat the Genie at his own game 3 times in a 3-ball match and you're a wizard. (I've only done it twice. )

I also like that the scoring is a little lower, sometimes what feels like a good ball only warrants 5M pts. Games that give you 200M on a 30 sec. ball can get annoying. 200M on TOTAN is going to take you awhile. (and Grand Champion scores should not have ten comma's in it, or decimals for those across the pond.)

11 years later
#23 2 years ago

I came across this topic based on a google search and was immediately blown away by the pricing of these pins. I know - 11 years ago but basically 3k for some of the greats? Damn. I wish I could go back into a time machine and buy them all!

As for ToM vs TOTAN - I just bought both. Never owned either and I'm really enjoying them. Right now, I would say ToM.....wish I could update this to have a poll.

#24 2 years ago

Agreed! Grateful I got in before the pricing insanity.

#25 2 years ago

Both are on the remake list, with ToTAN moving up quite a bit based on demand and the new code upgrade kit, imo. I've always preferred ToTAN.

#26 2 years ago

I didn’t get in before the pricing insanity, having bought my TOTAN at the start of the pandemic for $9500. But I did get in before the TOTAL pricing insanity. I’ve never owned a TOM, but I’ve played it plenty of times at a local venue. They’re both great games but I’m more partial to TOTAN. If Chicago Gaming remade TOM I’d most likely want to get it, but I don’t see myself getting rid of TOTAN. It’s too much fun and I love the theme.

#27 2 years ago

It really is crazy to see this discussion in light of current pricing.

However, before we all lament the state of pinball today, it should be noted that if you took that $3,200 in 2010 and parked it in a S&P 500 index fund, it would be worth about $14,000 today and you'd have access to any game on this list (in great condition).

Granted, you wouldn't have had 12 years of pinball enjoyment along the way!

#28 2 years ago

Own both--love both. Toss up for me. Eager to hear how the new code on TOTAN is

#29 2 years ago
Quoted from ianwho:

I can get a TZ, ToM,TOTAN, or TAF all for $3200 each

You buy all of them ALL OF THEM NOW, GET IN THE CAR...wait this is 11 years old. Crap well you should of bought all of them.

#30 2 years ago

question is is he kicking himself for not buying them all

#31 2 years ago

When you see old threads like this, it reminds you of how depressingly expensive our hobby has become.

#32 2 years ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

You buy all of them ALL OF THEM NOW, GET IN THE CAR...wait this is 11 years old. Crap well you should of bought all of them.

lol...i thought the same thing - why is nobody telling this guy to buy all of them RIGHT NOW? then i saw the date -

Oh - ToTAN by a mile, btw.

#33 2 years ago

Of all the games in his initial list and having owned them all, ToTAN & TAF are the only ones STILL in our collection.

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