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TOTAN on eBay ... good deal?

By gweempose

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

I just came across this TOTAN on eBay. I could be wrong, but the price actually seems pretty fair (a rarity on eBay). It's hard to tell what kind of condition the playfield is in from the photos, but the cabinet looks really nice with no fade at all in the reds (another rarity). If this seller was local to me, I'd go check the game out without hesitation.

ebay.com link

#2 9 years ago

If it wasn't for the sellers ratings I'd be very suspicious of any picture cropped/edited that much .. and only the one pic. I'd still be wary without more pics and info.

#3 9 years ago

If you do a search on Barry NJ in RGP you'll find lots of horror stories going back many years. The guy misrepresents pins and gets rid of his junkers thru Ebay. Luckily i haven't experienced any of this first hand, but definitely "Buyer Beware" when it comes to this guy.

#4 9 years ago

"If it wasn't for the sellers ratings I'd be very suspicious of any picture cropped/edited that much .. and only the one pic. I'd still be wary without more pics and info ..."

He actually has five pics of the game. You have to scroll down, as they are embedded into the auction description. I agree that you always have to be suspect when it comes to pics, but as you pointed out, the seller has perfect feedback. This doesn't seem like someone who goes around duping people.

#5 9 years ago

"If you do a search on Barry NJ in RGP you'll find lots of horror stories going back many years. The guy misrepresents pins and gets rid of his junkers thru Ebay."

Interesting. I wonder why he doesn't have any negative feedback on eBay. Perhaps he preys on non-pinheads who don't know any better.

#6 9 years ago

My bad for not scrolling gweempose. I hope everyone likes my temporary holiday avatar.
I have no experience with this person and don't do RGP because of the trolls etc. (No offense meant to RGP or those who choose to frequent that forum and others)

Thanks treveism for passing along info and contributing here.

#7 9 years ago

I did a really quick search on RGP, and the guy does appear to be a scumbag:


This is precisely why I am extremely reluctant to purchase a game sight unseen. I still am baffled by his 100% positive feedback rating, though.

#8 9 years ago

Gweempose, it is amazing that he has a good feedback rating. However, over the last few years Ebay has made it more difficult to give someone negative feedback. It used to be that you just checked negative feedback and that was it. Now, I think you have to go through a whole complaint process.

#9 9 years ago

If you look real closely the skill shot is missing parts

#10 9 years ago

It is missing a few plastics as well. Which is hard to tell with TOTAN since there are a ton.

As mentioned, the skill shot is missing the brackets that catch the ball. These are tac welded and can break off. 50 - 60 dollar replacement.

I just bought a complete repro plastic set for mine at about 175.

From what I can tell from those dark relatively low quality pics:

Snake on skill shot is missing.

Swords above flipper return lanes are missing.

Right return lane decorative plastic is broken.

Left captive ball plastic above it appears to be broken. And there's probably more.

Cab color is nice, but for all that is missing. Price should be more in mid 2000 range.

#11 9 years ago

This guys a mess - dont buy it sight unseen- a friend purchased a pin from him months ago - and we still cant get it working correctly. BE WARNED!

Also just because there are picts online of it doesn't mean its the same machine. RGP guys will rip him to shreds - ebays rating system is seriously flawed BE WARNED, a second time

#12 9 years ago

After reading about this guy on RGP, sounds like he deals in reimport container trash. Basically routed games in Europe not making anymore money, he buys em cheap in bulk and flips for quick profit.

It sounds like the only "work" he might do is put in a fresh rubber kit.

Now there is nothing wrong with selling routed pins, if you advertise as such. I've bought a few pins from local vendors who I know are not pinball techs. The difference is they don't make extraordinary claims regarding condition. The simple fact he re-uses the same photos for different auctions should be more than enough to get you to steer clear of his eBay auctions.

I will never buy a pin sight unseen. It sounds like occasionally Barry might get in a decent condition game, but the key is you actually go to his location and look over the whole thing.

#13 9 years ago

Only occasionally do you get a decent machine from someone like that. I did with my SFII but like this person he proved unreliable and overpriced. Only if it's <$100 will I buy something sight unseen as it's worth that in parts.

#14 9 years ago

"eBay's rating system is seriously flawed ..."

Considering the fact that Barry has a perfect feedback rating, I'd say that's the understatement of the year. As far as I'm concerned, anybody who uses photos of a different game than the one they are actually selling should be permanently blacklisted from eBay. That is outright fraud any way you slice it. How is this guy still in business?

#15 9 years ago

Someone actually bought it, I hope the buyer knows its a project machine on buying and installing the missing parts. ebay.com link

#16 9 years ago

It's actually SUPER easy to leave bad feedback nowadays—for buyers. I'm not even sure a seller can leave feedback on a buyer anymore until positive feedback was left for the seller by the buyer. The only solace for sellers is that your feedback is based on a year of transactions instead of a complete history. So if this guy is really selling misrepresented junk, I'm also shocked he has perfect feedback.

#17 9 years ago

I'm GUILTY!!! I am one of the buyers from this guy who did not go back and give him a negative feedback report on eBay! Fusion is right. He is a VERY questionable seller. I bought a Phantom of the Opera from him two months ago and I just got finished getting it up and running today!

It was obvious that the machine had not been shopped as he said it had. There were new rubbers and that's about all. Lamps were out, one flipper would not work and the machine would go crazy at times. It has taken me awhile, but I've got most of the problems ironed out.

The cabinet was beautiful and so was the PF. The translite was beautiful. But the insides were dirty and even the PF was dirty. I paid a moderately high price for it.

I must say this. I will NEVER buy from this guy again! And he tauts online that he is available all the time to help you make any repairs for the lifetime you own the machine. He gave me some quick and over my head answers and that's all the help I got. I think he's a scumbag!!!
Mike in Kentucky

#18 9 years ago

Sounds like his modus operandi is to sell you a questionable pin well above what it's worth. And when the customer complains he gives 100 bucks back to make it appear like he cares. But since the price was so high to begin with, the 100 bucks is inconsequential to him.

#19 9 years ago

Like someone mentioned earlier, there is RGP posts dedicated to this douchebag's practices... I don't get why people would pull stuff like this and claim their beneficial to the hobby by making these available?

And Ebay's supposed feedback system is a joke! I got a buddy who sell stuff on there quite a bit. Well he fell into a rut and become void of his transactions. As a result I think he was down the 85% on their seller's ratings. This was some years ago. Guess what? Now he has a feedback rating of 100%! It's all a joke!

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