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Total Nuclear Annihilation Club...Welcome to the future!

By Pinballlew

2 years ago

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#5578 6 months ago

Anyone know the height of a folded TNA (no legs)? I might be joining this club soon and I'd LOVE to know it will fit through the rear door of my car. Most games are too tall by an inch or two but I heard TNA is a little shorter?

#5584 6 months ago

Thanks so much! Now I can measure and know for sure.

#5590 6 months ago

Joined this club today! So excited!

2019-07-24 13.09.31 (resized).jpg2019-07-24 13.09.39 (resized).jpg
#5606 5 months ago

Is it possible to get a total play count if the game has only ever been on freeplay? All the coin audits are zero and I think the rest wipe with code updates

#5611 5 months ago

I'm on the latest beta code and I notice no issues with high score screen.

Only bug ive encountered is that if you tilt while inside the core or up top and the ball ends up in the left scoop, it doesn't come out until triggering a ball search.

#5617 5 months ago
Quoted from jaybeedee:

Hi Scott,
Ball Search Loop after Tilt (1.3.1b3.) - posting here because the bug report form didn't seem to work on your site.
tilted on last ball (extra ball after ball 3).
I think on multiball or multiball just finished (but actually I can't be completely sure of that).
Machine went into ball search loop, even though all balls were in the trough.
I had to power of and it started up no trouble. Very frustrating because I was wanting it to complete so I could enter my name in high score - I'm new to the club and this was my best game so far - tilted as destroying reactor 4
But loving the game and appreciate the support you put in

I actually just had something similar happen. I too was able to softlock the game. I did it with a well timed late tilt. I think what happened was I shook the game to make an outlane save, got a danger, activated an inlane ball saver, couple seconds later a second danger, drained, and it tilted out with the ball in the drain. A second later the audio called out "ball saved"
then nothing happened. It went into a ball search loop with all balls in the trough. I manually ejected the balls and let them drain back into the trough but the game didn't resume no matter what we did. I'm also on 1.3.1b3

Not sure why the tilt is so slow to react on this game. I sometimes tilt out 10 seconds after the shake in question.

#5624 5 months ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Can we get a option in the settings to turn on some crazy mystery awards like the instant game over, multiball, maybe a reverse reactor where you start on 9 and work down?, i just love this game as a party game and awesome random mystery awards can keep people on their toes

This sounds awesome as a "party mode"

If I had any feature requests it would be uneven team battles. 2v1 or 3v1. My casual friends would love to team up to take me down.

1 week later
#5641 5 months ago

I too would like to preorder 5 of these. totally serious.

#5649 5 months ago
Quoted from Skipnatty:

If you beat the game, don't let Scott know and/or see how...he will make the game harder because of you.

thenotrashcougar I beat it. Make it harder!


#5650 5 months ago

Anyone wanna sell their cassette tape OST? I didn't get one before they sold out :\

#5653 5 months ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Just watched part of your stream. FYI, super spinner does do something. It raises the reactor value when you rip the spinner.

Huh, Neat. Thanks for that info!

#5659 5 months ago
Quoted from SpookyKT:

We still have some for sale. email me kt@spookypinball.com

Nice! Email sent!

#5675 5 months ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

I love reactor 4's song but don't get to hear it that often.

I have a similar problem, but with Reactor 1's music (Alpha Particles) I love it but reactor 1 goes critical so fast!

1 week later
#5706 5 months ago

How do the speedruns work? I would have imagined the times would be from when you press start to when you destroy reactor X. However my reactor 2 speedrun time is 8 seconds and my reactor 1 is something like 15 seconds. So that can't be it. Are they times from when you destroy the previous reactor? I love speedrunning and I want to start running this game so understanding the timer is step one. Might try to figure out how to get some splits running at some point.

#5709 5 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Time starts (I think) is from when reactor x is ready (needs to be overheated and destroyed) time is total to overheat and destroy the reactor.

So time starts when you hit the left scoop? That's seems rather arbitrary... Might have to not use the in game timer then. I'll try to get something running in livesplit

#5718 5 months ago

Yeah I wont be using the in game time for speed runs then. The time spent unlocking and starting the reactor needs to be included in the speedrun. Using the ingame timer will cut half of all game time out of the run. (alright not HALF as the first two phases of a reactor are typically the quickest.)

#5726 5 months ago

this is why speedruns need to include unlocking and starting the reactor.

#5734 5 months ago

Honestly, exactly when the reactor timers split is not important for speedrunning. The main problem with the current system is that there is unrecorded game time. I could have a 30 seconds speedrun with an hours gameplay in it.

If anyone has ever done any speed running before or follow speedrunning in general you are probably aware that, almost universally, time begins when start is pressed and ends when the player loses control of the game (or a agreed upon easily marked point.) At no point during the run can the timer stop. The exception to this is that some games are timed using their In Game Timers (IGT) which are not active during loading screens and menus. However, there is never any gameplay that is not timed using this method, or its not used.

Its not a huge problem. A game with unusable IGT is just timed using Real Time Attack (RTA). The only downside there is that it requires an external timer (no big deal), and the actual speedrunners aren't using the function that was supposedly made for them.

#5736 5 months ago

I think full reactor 1 speedruns would be a REALLY fun and popular category. Unfortunately, as it is you can spend several minutes setting up the quick take down with multiball and achieve 1-2 second "runs." These runs did not take 1-2 seconds so they are far less impressive as a result. They just required the right set of circumstances to be set up.

now a contest to see who could get the optimal 3 shots for reactor 1 completion (Super skill, orbit, white target) AND control their bounces to get it done quick? That would be fun indeed.

#5738 5 months ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

Highest reactor destroyed? I've destroyed reactor five twice, but the last time was a couple of months ago and I fear I'm getting worse. I think five will be my reactor record to the end of time.

Oh is it flex time? OK I'll bite.

Keep at it and find the strategy that work for you. Learn the safest ways to make all the important shots. Practice your lane saves. You can get 6!
2019-07-24 17.02.59 (resized).jpg

#5741 5 months ago

I've started just parking the lane save on an outlane as soon as the ball is out of control. It took a few days to train myself to always switch sides with one flip. Honestly I don't even really nudge out of the outlane anymore as long as I have a lane save. I spend that time prepping it before I need it for sure.

Other than that, make sure to plan out your multiballs. Once a reactor is critical, let one rip, and try to finish the center bank afterwards. I don't find multiball helpful for the reactor core phase so I avoid it. After reactor 2 I don't shoot at anything but the lock when I have a reactor critical.

#5746 5 months ago
Quoted from Rob-T-800:

Anyone else have the issue where most shots to the left scoop don't actually make it in most the time?

Backhand it.

Edit: seriously even if the ball keeps popping out, if you backhand the shot it tends to pop out slightly into the upper playfield and then fall right back in.

#5779 4 months ago

Unpopular opinion: I DON'T want the TNA soundtrack on vinyl. The game was very clearly based on games from the 80s and no format is more appropriate in my opinion than the cassette. I'm excited to own it on cassette and I think it was the right choice. Just gotta dig out my old walkman now.

3 weeks later
#5847 4 months ago

I'm in for the next batch too

1 week later
#5889 3 months ago

I'm having an issue lately with the 3rd drop target not going down when hit trying to relight locks. (CPU control works fine.) Is that a common issue? Haven't had time to look under the hood yet.

3 weeks later
#5943 3 months ago

Here is my contribution to the greater TNA community: a Headphone Station.

After searching for a while I found a cheap unit that is a great fit. Its a volume knob and headphone switch all in one. a single button on top switches between your headphones and a pass through back out to the games amp (volume knob still works.) There exists a version of this unit without the microphone jack (and only 2 cables) but I couldn't find a US source and didn't want to wait a month for it to arrive. Check Ebay if that matters to you.
amazon.com link »

I just removed one of the coin mechs and ran the cables through the return slot so I didn't have to drill any holes. I considered drilling and installing a desk cable pass through but decided on this instead.

I modeled up a leg mount with Headphone hook and uploaded to Thingiverse so you can 3Dprint your own.

You can attach the unit to the mount however you want. I used screws, but it has enough surface area that you could glue or double side tape it on.

Releasing this mod for free. Hope you guys enjoy it. I am no longer banned from playing TNA after the wife goes to bed!
2019-10-24 12.19.54 (resized).jpg2019-10-24 12.20.27 (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#6038 64 days ago
Quoted from rai:

Great idea.
When does the speed timer start exactly? Is it as soon as the reactor is active?

It starts when you hit the scoop and start the reactor.

As someone who actually wants to speedrun this game, I still find this unfortunate. All gameplay needs to be timed.

1 month later
#6124 30 days ago
Quoted from joelbob:

If anyone is wondering what Titan Glow rubbers look like on TNA, the answer is awesome! I wasn't a fan of the green plastic protectors as it made all the grey graphics look yellow, but these bands add a similar look and still give that cool green glow when you set your multiball to blue.[quoted image]

Wow those look great. Does Titan have any other glow colors? I suddenly need glow purple

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