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Post #158 The email with purchase details. Posted by Pinballlew (2 years ago)

Post #159 Video with art. Posted by Aurich (2 years ago)

Post #391 Order mirror blades and spooky will install them. Posted by TheNoTrashCougar (2 years ago)

Post #419 Software update for TNA announced by Scott Posted by TheNoTrashCougar (2 years ago)

Post #529 A game play video. Posted by Owlnonymous (2 years ago)

Post #790 Note about early batch of LEDs that had high fail rate - since corrected Posted by TheNoTrashCougar (2 years ago)

Post #854 New podcast on TNA with Scott. Posted by Whysnow (2 years ago)

Post #1530 Fix to beacon light rattle sound. Posted by brenna98 (2 years ago)

Post #1958 Beacon LED upgrade and suggestions with photos. Posted by NimblePin (2 years ago)

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#3962 1 year ago
Quoted from Ben1981:

i was pleasantly surprised
also my TNA is modded out to my full satisfaction now, installed the backlit ghost hinge from hookedonpinball too! awesome product!
[quoted image][quoted image]

I'm considering ordering the LED hinge kit, did you have to remove art blades to install it?

#4067 1 year ago

Mine is supposed to be delivered today. I'm debating on just installing the neoprene washers immediately.

#4069 1 year ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

I would suggest it.

I'll go for it. Based on dimensions I think these clears would work as well: amazon.com link »

#4071 1 year ago
Quoted from tomdotcom:

Nothing to debate, if you saw what my playfield looked like within a week and what it looks like now, you would cry....

Oh no :[. Mind posting pictures? Unless they're earlier in the thread somewhere and I missed it.

#4076 1 year ago

How much interest would there be in scoop protectors (similar to Cliffys)? My dad is a retired machinist and is going to take measurements on mine when he visits for Christmas so he can make me a set. I'd love recommendations for other areas that need protection as well.

#4081 1 year ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

Want to avoid all the problems everyone else is having? When you receive your game.....and I know this is going to be super tough.....don't play it. Wait a month. That's right, wait a month. The primary issue here, and I've confirmed this with Spooky, is that the playfields are clear coated only about 2-3 weeks prior to customer receipt. Playfields, regardless of who made them, should be allowed 6-8 weeks to cure, at minimum. That isn't the case here.
When you don't wait proper cure time, you get a playfield that scratches very easily, chips everywhere, and dimples where it otherwise would not. This is exacerbated by the fact that every manufacturer is using inferior clear coats these days. All of them. Compare a playfield clear coated with PPG/Omni with 1000 plays to one put out by JJP, CGC, Spooky, or Stern (though Stern's are by far ahead of the rest) and the same number of plays (or fewer!) and the difference is remarkable. Source: I did this.

I was wondering if it was a cure time issue with the clear. I can probably hold off on playing it for a few weeks in that case, though I'll reach out to them to see how long ago mine might have been cleared.

Quoted from Pinzap:

I think you'd sell a lot of these. Cliffy currently isn't making these yet, so you'd be a primary source. I've had some chipping on the left side of my scoop, but overall not too bad yet. Would like to get something to prevent it from getting worse... but really want to make sure scoop doesn't become more difficult to hit than it already is. Who knows, maybe it would help if designed right. My scoop in Deadpool sucks the ball in every time I'm even close. Of course it's twice the distance as the TNA scoop, so the ball isn't moving at the lightning pace it is for TNA.

Good to know. I'll let everyone know how that goes then. I'm sure there are other areas I'll discover need protectors by then too.

#4083 1 year ago

Good to know! I'll definitely play around with making a protector regardless.

Anyways, I've reached out to Spooky and they've told me they sorted out the issue of wear around the posts (I linked specific comments in the thread), so supposedly it won't be a problem with new machines.

#4085 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Did they explain what the problem was and their solution?

Nope, just that they've corrected them and they're confident new machines won't see it. Regardless I'm still going to install the washers. When I get mine today (or tomorrow) I'll take a look and see if anything looks different around the posts compared to my friend's machine (early 300s).

#4094 1 year ago
Quoted from damadczar:

Hope so. Mine is on the line now. If the answer is to give longer cure time I'm happy to wait. I fail to see how a short term manufacturing process would correct this.

My thought is that maybe they now have a backlog of playfields ready to go and those have by now had adequate curing time? I can't imagine they're making playfields on demand rather than in bulk. Either way I'm toying with the idea of messaging them to buy a playfield. It was $500 iirc.

#4120 1 year ago

It's here!!!!!!!

TNABoiz (resized).png
#4141 1 year ago

457 arrived and set up! I put a ceramic ball in it, it is madness!

20181207_200236 (resized).jpg20181207_204900 (resized).jpg20181207_210257 (resized).jpg20181207_234419 (1) (resized).jpg
#4143 1 year ago

Well I'm less than 24 hours in with a couple dozen plays and my mylar rings are already almost totally peeled off :\. Could have sworn it was said this was fixed?

#4158 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

In case anyone was wondering, I installed these today and they fit the base of the star posts quite well. When you tighten it down, it squishes just enough to cover up any paint loss. I didnt take any pictures but I would recommend these under all of the star posts that see contact with the ball.

Just installed mine, they seem perfect. They're slightly larger than the base and you can hardly see em. I also 3d printed the improved LED speaker brackets and wow what a difference! The stock bracket is 3d printed so I don't understand why they don't just use the better one.
15443857397864087088608340463644 (resized).jpg

#4159 1 year ago

Ok..these siderails are dope. All done with the mods for now!

20181209_170328 (resized).jpg
#4168 1 year ago

That's up next but I've spent enough on this thing at the moment, the hinge kit is next for sure. Seems like PBL either doesn't sell it or is out of stock now as I can only find it on Hooked on Pinball.

#4181 1 year ago
Quoted from Toyguy:

451 finally shuffled its way into Vermont! Made the trip in good shape and seems to be working pretty well. It has thrown a couple drop target errors which will need investigating but the lock system seems to be working, so not sure what that's about yet.

I had an issue with drop target 3 tonight. Turned out to be a problem with the switch being dirty internally. I took it off and just blew inside the actual actuator, it then started working.

#4203 1 year ago
Quoted from floyd1977:

I ordered a set of these. I like them, but man they are sticky, which worries me a bit. I will probably stay with the nylon washers.

I didn't find them to be sticky other than them being stuck together. Either way I don't think they were stickier than the mylar that was pulled off . I'm out of town for a week but I'll pull one off when I get back in town and see if it sticks to the playfield at all. Spooky is sending me the acrylic washers but I think I'd rather stick with something softer.

#4214 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

I honestly can't imagine anything better then these previously mentioned from Amazon. Mine weren't sticky in the slightest and they fit perfectly under the posts.
amazon.com link »

Same. The only stickiness I felt was them being stuck together. I'm not concerned in the least. I'll still check mine once I'm back in town to put any other fears to rest.

#4233 1 year ago

Does anyone get a lot of air balls with their game? Mine seems to get air balls every couple of games. My friend who is house sitting for me tried out TNA and just had one that threw the ball into the launch ramp but it landed on the wood separating them and dented it. It's not really a big deal, but I feel like stuff like that probably shouldn't be happening.

Edit: Actually it looks like it's a dent on the mirror. It may have already been there. Either way the airballs seems excessive in my setup.

#4235 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I get airballs occasionally. It's likely due to coil power and how close everything is to the flippers. You can always lower coil power down if it's too excessive for you.

That's probably what I'll do. I have it set to 6.5 degrees, so I don't think it's too sloped or anything. I'm not too worried about the mirror since I can always replace it and I should expect stuff like this to happen anyway.

#4254 1 year ago
Quoted from EightBitWhit:

aobrien5 delti90 kingpingames hookedonpinonics and andhart120 - How many star posts did you fit with the washers?
Reason I ask is I received an envelope from Spooky with 7 clear acrylic washers in it, and the instructions I received were to fit the posts on the top of each sling and the posts on each side of the yellow target bank (total of 4). I'm trying to determine how I'm going to re-level the plastics since some posts will have washers and others will not and the washers don't appear to have any give. If I see it to be too much of an issue, I'll likely wind up going the Home Depot washer route and try to level everything out as much as possible by fitting them everywhere that appears to be needed.
I've noticed that there's not much thread left on top of the star posts for the nut to grab onto as it is (before the washers are installed).....any thoughts/insight is appreciated here.

I believe I installed 8 total. All of the slingshot posts (3 per sling), then the two next to the yellow circle targets by the scoop.

I'll check out the acrylic washers when I'm back in town tomorrow since mine should be in, but it sounds like I'll want to stick with these silicone washers. I didn't do anything in regards to relevel the plastics since I didn't really notice any leveling issues.

On another note it looks like we've run up the price on the 40 pack on amazon as now they're $13 and out of stock for two weeks lol

pasted_image (resized).png
#4259 1 year ago

Just a heads up, those washers are back in stock with prime for $6.66 (or less if you want to wait a month). amazon.com link »

1 week later
#4360 1 year ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

On the game side, I've been noticing that all of the star posts that I've installed the silicon washers on have started to break on me. I just replaced one that was chipping (to the right of the scoop) as I was installing the washers, but now I've noticed that most all of them are breaking in some way. I'll have to replace them, but was wondering if anyone else is seeing this after using the washers? I have about 1000 games on my machine, and haven't had any issues until I've installed the washers.

I hope not! I'll take a look at mine tonight.

#4371 1 year ago
Quoted from atrainn:

I hope not! I'll take a look at mine tonight.

Late reply here, but I checked mine and the posts seem fine. I did tighten mine down pretty damn tight so the washers squished past the bottom of the posts, maybe that is enough to protect them from blows?

#4418 1 year ago
Quoted from Whamtan:

TNA 408 (born Nov 8, arrived Nov 29) can't keep the ball flat for a full game (slo-mo video attached). At power level 4 the slings launch the ball into the glass, sides, apron, plastics...everywhere but the playfield. I've tried white rubbers with moderate success, the next step being black when I'm able to find some. As shown in the attached pic, the kicker arm also pulls the rubber down instead of pushing out, creating a springboard. I'm hopeful that washers under the star posts will help align these in a less hazardous way.
While I'm finally on my way to fixing this issue, I have advice for any other "first and only" pinball purchasers out there:
Don't dump your budget into just buying and shipping a new machine. Expect to go out of pocket to get it running.
As well, if any recent owners are having playfield chipping issues I recommend contacting Spooky or your supplier directly.

[quoted image]

Are both slings pointed down like that? Compare it to the slingshots in the core to see how they're pointing, but that doesn't seem correct to me. At that angle I'd imagine they're throwing the ball down into the playfield which is then bouncing up. Hopefully Spooky can help you with sorting that one out.

#4455 1 year ago
Quoted from herg:

I installed the v1.3.0 code today, and I noticed one instance where the left sling stayed in the active position for about half a second. It was so fast that it was impossible to know whether it was actually energized or if it might have been a mechanical issue. Anyone else seen this?

I saw it with the right sling during reactor 1, there were at least a few instances where that sling stayed pushed out for at least an extra second.

It also seems like some of the audio changed too? At least when you launch the ball the sound effect seems different. Maybe I'm crazy.

#4509 1 year ago

Has anyone noticed multiball delays on the new code? I've had quite a few multiballs where I hit the target to drop the balls out and the game doesn't actually notice it for a few seconds. In one instance all the balls went down the drain before it noticed multiball and activated the ball save :\

#4521 1 year ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

This is due to the switch not registering on your first drop target. Check that switch in switch test and adjust it if needed.

Looks like you're correct, I guess it was just super coincidental. The switch seems to be totally failed which is oddly the second one of my drop target switches to break. I'll email spooky to see if I can order a replacement.

2 months later
#4950 1 year ago

Just finished installing some underlighting! I just used a normal RGB strip and set it to pink to match the LED side rails. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

2019-03-17 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#5318 1 year ago
Quoted from dgposter:

I believe you're right, @Aniraf. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. I installed these same Amazon washers under all of my star posts about 4 weeks ago. Since then there's been around 15-20 plays and when I checked the posts tonight they all had some amount of hazing around the bottom and feel like they could shatter easily. It does appear to be a "chemical breakdown" as you say.
I can confirm that there was no playfield damage after 4 weeks due to these washers. I don't know if eventually there would be or not. All of my star posts will need to be replaced and I need to find a new solution for the washers.
If anyone has installed these washers amazon.com link » you should have a look to see if they are causing damage![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Woah, I checked mine last night and didn't see any breakdown... I wonder if it's tied to a specific batch of star posts.

#5336 1 year ago
Quoted from jarozi:

In the pre-Pinside days I bought and sold through that site. It was the Pinside marketplace before there was a Pinside marketplace. But yeah, like anywhere else, buyer beware.
TNA looks like an awesome pin, would like to own one myself some day.

In my experience lately Mr. Pinball has been nothing but scammers. Every single machine I've messaged sellers about on that site in the past year or so has been an obvious scam.

3 weeks later
#5410 1 year ago

Has anyone noticed chipping on the mini posts on the outlanes? I was cleaning my TNA today and noticed both of mine have minor chipping around the washer. The right side is worse than the left, but I'm curious if anyone has any ideas to mitigate further damage. Maybe just put on slightly larger washers?

edit: Spooky is going to send some larger washers to try out, though they haven't actually seen this happening yet.

20190607_210422 (resized).jpg20190607_210432 (resized).jpg

#5413 1 year ago
Quoted from Roostking:

1. There is a big time problem with these star posts. Do some research.
2. What are you "cleaning" your playfield with, cause i would be freaking out if I had those swirls.

1. Spooky told me they haven't had any reports of wear like this yet around the mini-posts. I couldn't find much info on wear like this when googling, but if you have some links that might have better info on how to cover up the damage that'd be awesome.

2. The swirls don't look any different than the swirls I've seen on other clearcoated playfields, I could hit it with Novus I suppose. I'm just using CP-100, should I be using something else? The reflection of the light makes them seem more pronounced than they actually are. This picture was also before I waxed.

1 week later
#5436 1 year ago

Here's what I ended up doing for the mini-post wear. It covers it up completely so I don't think it'll get worse. I also rounded the edges on the part I filed. Though I don't see a scenario where the ball would hit it anyway.

Though please let me know if this is a stupid idea lol.

20190615_143256 (resized).jpg20190615_145538 (resized).jpg20190615_150435 (resized).jpg
#5437 1 year ago

Following up to my last post...I decided to make it a bit cleaner.

I filed a more circular cut and sandwiched a neoprene washer underneath the larger washer. That mushroomed out a bit past the washer and is covering the wear entirely. The balls still bounce off the rubber rather than the washer, but if it for some reason hits the washer it will instead hit the neoprene washer and not the metal edge. For symmetry's sake (and preventing this from happening) I did it to the left side as well.

For reference:
Right side: #10 washer with a small notch filed in it, 3/8 washer underneath that.
Left side: stock washer (#8?) With a 5/16 sandwiched under it.

20190616_013809 (resized).jpg20190616_013946 (resized).jpg
#5440 1 year ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

that looks really good man.

Thanks! I'm happy with how it turned out. The notch I filed is probably unnecessary, but I'd rather not worry about it hitting the plastic post too. I actually like the look of neoprene washer being there, it's also a nice little extra layer of protection below the post washers.

#5442 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob-T-800:

Where did you get those neoprene washers?

They're from Home Depot. They're the standard neoprene washers they carry in the aisle with all the other washers, bolts, etc.

#5456 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Definitely interested in a set!

2 weeks later
#5522 12 months ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Classy! Got my new shooter rod from Cointaker.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

That's fantastic! Just ordered one!

#5531 12 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Have a few times. Just saying my pin was 100% perfect until 1.3 now it’s going crazy. Has to be the software. My upper slings are going off like mad.

I agree, I find it hard to believe so many people suddenly have incorrectly adjusted switches immediately after a software update. I've adjusted mine to have a pretty noticeable gap and I still get the occasional "sticky" sling.

4 months later
#6008 8 months ago

Does anyone else have an issue with glass rattling? If i turn the game up past 3 my glass will rattle any time bass hits. I tried putting electric tape along the edge of the glass, it helped but did not stop it. I also tried just turning down the bass on the amp, but that also doesn't seem to have much of an impact on the rattle.

#6017 8 months ago
Quoted from bsobie:

I took a piece of velcro ( the soft part ) and run it the length of the glass at the top of the playfield and that eliminated my rattle.

Interesting, do you mean the top of the channel along the backbox, where you slide the glass into or the sides?

#6019 8 months ago
Quoted from ryan1234:

I did this on the sides- under the plastic channel. It was a little tricky as there is not much room- but it worked great. Zero rattle, and you can’t see it at all.

Thanks! I'll give that a shot.

#6031 7 months ago

Circling back on my glass rattle issue. I solved it with this tape: amazon.com link »

I put a strip down the entire length of both sides of the glass, folded over the edge. That made the glass fit tight enough to where it doesn't rattle at all now.

1 month later
#6170 6 months ago

Yeah that's wild. I've had my game well over a year and have never had a ball stuck up there.

2 months later
#6325 3 months ago

I'm not really a fan of it either. It might be the color though, curious to see how it looks when you print it in clear filament. Right now it just looks super out of place everywhere.

#6330 3 months ago

Does anyone have any experience with the Cliffy for the reactor scoop? I ordered one but an curious if anyone has noticed the scoop being harder to hit with the Cliffy on.

#6346 3 months ago

Well I got my Cliffy installed. It was pretty straightforward to install, you have to totally pull off the scoop mech to get the clip under, but that's not really a big deal. Overall I don't think it made the scoop much harder to hit, it actually does make it easier to get the ball into the reactor though. Conversely it also makes it easier for the ball to roll over the scoop and not go in when coming out of the reactor.

I only played a couple of games with it on, so I'll provide more thorough feedback once I have a few dozen games with it on.

20200404_202219 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#6437 89 days ago
Quoted from floyd1977:

Did you contact Cliff directly? I don't see TNA on his site. Thanks.
My scoop hole is starting to get beat up, but I'm afraid it's going to make the scoop shot even more difficult!

It's under the WIP section of his site (https://www.passionforpinball.com/wip.htm) . Shoot him an email and he can send ya one!

#6473 86 days ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

The game rattles for sure. I have electrical tape on my glass to keep it from rattling when the bass hits, so I don't notice the glass much. The glass is pretty snug in my game.

Mine also rattles like crazy, mostly from bass and not the shaker. Electrical tape didn't help much, but this tape did: amazon.com link »

#6478 86 days ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Thanks, did you wrap the edges of the glass?

Yep, up both sides of the glass. It's worth trying electric tape if you have some lying around, in my situation it did very little but it seems to work well for most.

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