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Total Nuclear Annihilation Club...Welcome to the future!

By Pinballlew

4 years ago

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Post #158 The email with purchase details. Posted by Pinballlew (4 years ago)

Post #159 Video with art. Posted by Aurich (4 years ago)

Post #391 Order mirror blades and spooky will install them. Posted by TheNoTrashCougar (3 years ago)

Post #419 Software update for TNA announced by Scott Posted by TheNoTrashCougar (3 years ago)

Post #529 A game play video. Posted by Owlnonymous (3 years ago)

Post #790 Note about early batch of LEDs that had high fail rate - since corrected Posted by TheNoTrashCougar (3 years ago)

Post #854 New podcast on TNA with Scott. Posted by Whysnow (3 years ago)

Post #1530 Fix to beacon light rattle sound. Posted by brenna98 (3 years ago)

Post #1958 Beacon LED upgrade and suggestions with photos. Posted by NimblePin (3 years ago)

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#2398 3 years ago
Quoted from jim5six:

I am still waiting... 160, I am getting close! but not contact yet for my money...
because pinball is hard?!

#157 here. Yeah, we should be getting fairly close.

Had my PBL add ons sent directly to Spooky for installation.

1 week later
#2499 3 years ago

Time for a new Avatar.

1 week later
#2626 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

I installed it in woz and opted to take it out. Nothing wrong with the product... just depends on your own personal perception of impact.

I literally had not even heard of "Pinstadium" lighting until a few minutes ago. But a quick look at their website shows that you can fine tune the brightness to your liking. So I am curious why you pulled it out of WOZ, because if ever there was a pin in need of additional GI lighting, WOZ is it.

#2638 3 years ago

Just received my final invoice!

1 week later
#2764 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

» YouTube video

We got a playa here!

Nice game. I swear those powerballs look bigger than a standard pinball during that video. Probably just an optical illusion based on them being white and the blur from how fast they are. I like how being lighter makes them faster, but also seems to make it more responsive to shaking the game to keep it from a side drain.

1 week later
#2843 3 years ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Did everybody else's side rails come this way? See pics below. Some the protective plastic and most of the adhesive goo wasn't removed around the outline of the letters. It looks like this on every letter and the Spooky logo, on both left & right sides. It's not a huge problem or anything...it seems like it'll all come off with a soft rag, adhesive remover, a little elbow grease, and A LOT of patience. Just wondering if they ALL leave the factory looking like this.


I received my TNA yesterday, and I thought it was very unfortunate that my initial impressions when it came to things such as quality and attention to detail were not good because of the left over protective tape/plastic and goo.

It was a real anticlimactic experience to be so excited about finally getting my TNA, only to be cock blocked by having to spend a fairly significant amount of time cleaning up the side rails before playing the pin (it would make no sense to set the pin up where it's going to go first because it would have to be removed in order to reach the side rails).

I completely agree, it took A LOT of patience, and it was wearing thin. While I'm still not happy about it, and I do think that Spooky would be well advised to send these out all cleaned up (first impressions count), after playing my TNA last night and this afternoon, I think that this is something that I will completely forget about soon!

Everything worked pretty much perfectly out of the box, and even my switches seem to be pretty sensitive. No issues at all. The beacon is annoyingly loud though (I turned it on for attract mode, but very quickly realized what a big mistake that was and turned it off again), and the computer fan is also louder than any other pin that I have owned (was hoping it wouldn't be too loud based on some comments that I read here). Not really an issue during game play when the sweet ass music is playing though. The sound system is amazing. The best that I have ever heard on any stock pin!

Game play is completely addicting!

#2850 3 years ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Oh yeah.....you guys complaining about the fan being loud........you obviously have never been around WOZ in a home environment. Now THAT is a loud fan. TNA? Not so much!

I owned TH for quite awhile. The fan on TNA is louder.

#2870 3 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

These aren't major enough issues that can't be take care of at home. Though a little disappointing, it can all be taken care of without too much hassle. Unlike splitting cabinets, ghosting inserts, and cracked clear coat. In the general scheme of things, it minor stuff.
Plus Spooky is known to take care of these types of things.
Thanks for the heads up on the lockdown bar issue.

I agree completely. I mean these are legitimate complaints, but none of them, even combined, come close to making the pin not worth owning. It's just a few things that need to be looked at by Spooky, and they have already said that they are going to start taking a closer look at the side rails and clean them up before going out.

#2878 3 years ago
Quoted from mayuh:

That looks like the laser was cutting on the wrong side of the material. My hinges look the same, but with the ghost it looks intentional to me, so I don't really care.
For all those "suffering" from the bad LCD quality, be sure to adjust the screen properly before buying new stuff and see if you can live with that:
I set it to:
Contrast 90
Brightness 35
Gamma on
instead of the factory default 50, 50, on. That helped quite a bit. And the washed out blacks are reduced significantly. The little grey that remains complement the 80ies graphics style. YMMV - by a lot

I played with the settings myself, then came back to this post for comparison. My settings were very close to this, but my brightness was at 30 and contrast was 80. Definite improvement, but still not nearly as good as I was hoping for. What I should say is that these settings would be acceptable *if* there wasn't such an issue with viewing angle.

If you view the screen from straight on (put your head down near the playfield glass) and then slowly lift your head to your normal standing/playing position, you will see the picture quality deteriorate.

This is completely subjective and some people will be bothered by it more than others. It bothers me enough that I will probably go ahead and replace the LCD screen. To me, the stock LCD screen does not quite fit in with it's surroundings. I.e., the backglass looks nice and crisp, with great contrast and colors, not washed out at all. The old school Alphanumeric displays are nice and bright. Also, I have the LED speaker mod (which I personally consider a "must have" mod because of how great they look and how the colors are tied in with the code) which also looks bright, colorful and crisp. And even though it's not right next to the LCD display, the lighting of the PF also shows off some great saturated colors. All of this is in complete contrast to the dull, low contrast, washed out colors of the stock LCD display.

I'll be ordering the upgraded screen and board soon.

#2879 3 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Any info on why production is going so slow

If anything it appears to me that production has sped up. A bunch of TNA's shipped in the last week or two.

#2886 3 years ago
Quoted from StylesBitchly:

All Spooky needs to do is tilt the display back like Stern does and this would help a lot. TNA suffers worse than normal because the backbox is already lower than standard pincab as to the early Bally design.

I was considering doing this myself (wouldn't be hard to do) until I saw how bad the viewing angle is. The screen would have to be angled so much that it would look a bit ridiculous.

#2933 3 years ago

Da fuq?!

Messages Image(2200194974) (resized).png
#2936 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Holy crap. You destroyed all 9 reactors????


If by "you" you mean Bowen, sure. That pic was posted on Spooky's FB page.

As for me, my high score is only 4.8 million so far (factory settings).

To me, that score is beyond comprehension.

#2955 3 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Trial by errror process

I see what you did there.

#2956 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

One question/suggestion - maybe in a future code update, you can give the player the option to mix the songs that are played during the nuclear reactor online part. Each reactor has it's own music however it's set (never changes) so you always here the same one for 1, 2, etc. For people that aren't good like me it would be nice to hear another song that might be locked away for 6,7, etc. Just a thought.
EDIT - as I typed this I'm thinking is the fact that I don't hear that new music actually driving me to play more so that I can hear it and if it was given to me randomly would I lose that drive? hmmmmmm.....damn it scott you might be a genius. haha

Your edit is spot on and I was going to reply to your initial suggestion the same way.

Even my daughter said to me that the biggest motivation to get to the next reactor is to be able to hear what cool music is going to play next. More so than the anticipation of getting more points or seeing how the rules for destruction of the reactor change etc. Therefore, having the music alternate for each reactor is something I definitely do NOT want.

The music in this pin is one of it's greatest assets. It does a superb job of creating the atmosphere that is perfect for it's theme. And man, is this pin ever addicting. "Just one more game!"

#2960 3 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

You can use it in the center. Just cash it in on an inlane, it will activate the global ball save.

Ha. It suddenly all makes sense as to why I was getting some unexpected ball saves down the middle.

#2963 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Can you explain that?

Let the ball roll over the white lit ball save light on an inlane and you get a ball saver that includes SDTM

#2971 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Deciding when to use your earned ball saves is a huge part of the strategy on this game.


The rules on this pin seem so easy and straightforward at first glance, but they are actually somewhat nuanced, and there are plenty of different strategies on how to play. For example, I destroyed the most reactors I have since owning the pin, and I didn't even get to put my initials on the board.

#3068 3 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Just crammed in #169 in my last usable square foot of space... everything works great and oozes with quality. There was a million+ score when I booted up so these definitely get thoroughly play-tested... NICE. Killer packing job too, very impressive. Not much else to add that already hasn't been mentioned, my expectations have been greatly exceeded.

Congrats on getting this awesome pin in your lineup!

btw turning on the gamma function, reducing the brightness to 30 and the contrast to 100 really help with the monitor washout. I don't feel the need to replace it now, makes a big difference!

I really wish I felt the same way. Did I see an improvement when I adjusted the gamma, brightness and contrast? Yep. Was it enough of an improvement that the screen no longer looks washed out? Nope. It's really my only disappointment with the pin. When I get motivated enough I am going to replace the screen.

1 week later
#3147 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

So I've tweaked my TnA to basic perfection except for that damn scoop. I pushed it down a little and it helped but still way too many rejects. What is the trick to get the scoop to work better when shooting with the RIGHT flipper? Left seems OK. Right flipper dead on still gets rejected way too many times.

Nature of the beast. The geometry of hitting that shot from the right flipper is never going to be great. Your shot needs to be dead on. Hardly unique to this pin.

#3154 3 years ago

Destroyed 7 Reactors tonight and started reactor 8. So I got a little sniff of TNA.

Funny thing is that I had only destroyed 5 reactors before tonight.

Spoiler: there's another EB available.

#3160 3 years ago

I think I found a bug when I was playing yesterday. I noticed that if the main ball saver is running down right as the ball goes into the scoop, the ball saver for the scoop does not overlap.

In other words, if the main ball save timer expires right as the ball goes into the scoop, there will be no ball timer as the ball exits the scoop. This happened to me twice yesterday resulting in drains from the scoop.

3 weeks later
#3239 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

my spike games are no where near as loud as my TNA was and the Spike games only come on periodically. The screen I agree is optional but the PSU in my view isn't but each to their own.

My conclusion is the opposite. I currently have a Iron Maiden pro sitting next to my TNA and the difference in fan noise between the two is smaller than I thought (I thought TNA was quite a bit louder than my Aerosmith but I don't think this is true any longer).

The LCD screen on the other hand? Frankly the screen on TNA looks pretty bad on it's own, but when you have it next to Iron Maiden it *really* looks like crap. I consider the LCD screen to be the only real "miss" when it comes to TNA.

#3267 3 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Its supposed to be like that.
It's the 80's look Scott was trying to achieve.

It's supposed to have a terrible viewing angle?

I don't think so...

#3273 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Maybe yes, if it’s meant to emulate late 80s era. Ever watch a YouTube clip pulled from late 80s footage? Looks like crap.

Good grief. 80's footage may look like crap but for God's sake, it has zero to do with viewing angle!

Quoted from Ben1981:

Blacks and viewing angle, the two things that CRTs were superior

lol Exactly!

Quoted from Toads:

I don't have any issues with the viewing angle.

It's a simple fact that the viewing angle on this particular screen sucks, whether you have an issue with it or not.

#3294 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I think I found a bug when I was playing yesterday. I noticed that if the main ball saver is running down right as the ball goes into the scoop, the ball saver for the scoop does not overlap.
In other words, if the main ball save timer expires right as the ball goes into the scoop, there will be no ball timer as the ball exits the scoop. This happened to me twice yesterday resulting in drains from the scoop.

Is this not happening to anyone else?

I had it happen a couple more times over the weekend.

#3301 3 years ago
Quoted from BorgDog:

I have not noticed this, but I don't get very many drains from the scoop either.

You could check it manually by putting the ball into the scoop with your hand right as the regular ball saver turns off, and see if the scoop ball saver starts. I'm guessing it won't.

There appears to be something in the code that prevents the scoop ball save from starting if the regular ball saver is still running when the ball enters the scoop (even if there is less than a second remaining when it enters).

#3314 3 years ago

Instead of concentrating solely on advancing towards the next reactor, I concentrated more on scoring points during MB. I scored a bunch of 4x jackpots on two different MBs which had a big impact on my overall score. I had just barely breached the 5 million point mark less than a week earlier for the first time, then today this

IMG_3054 (resized).jpeg
#3316 3 years ago

I should add that I did start reactor 6, so I got the second extra ball.

1 week later
#3366 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

I just destroyed reactor 6 for the first time (WOOHOO!), and I was nowhere near your score of 7.2M. I ended up with 3.4M including a couple of 3x reactor bonuses. I was not focusing on points, but still, that's a HUGE difference.

Exactly Herg! I've noticed the same thing. There can be a big difference between playing for a good score and destroying reactors. The one game I had that I was going for a high score on I was lucky enough to also make good progress on the reactors.

3 weeks later
#3438 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

I installed a LP156WF1-TLB2 in mine, and to be honest, I'm underwhelmed. If I had it to do again, I'd probably skip it. You're welcome to come by sometime to see it in person.

It's funny how people's perception can be so different. I've had people come to my place and tell me that they see no difference between regular pinball glass and my PDI glass. To me it's night and day difference.

#3457 3 years ago
Quoted from SDTMinSTL:

It has the most diabolical "one more game" factor of any I have played.

I completely agree with this. Iron Man is up there too, but I think TNA may take the cake.

The pin is so addictive, to me it is a perfect pin to have in a *small* collection since you want to keep playing it over and over and over...

3 weeks later
#3537 3 years ago
Quoted from Tim_may:

the beacon on mine has torx security screws retaining it

It's literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen on a pin.

#3540 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Torx on toppers is great and standard. It has been like that for years and helps deter theft on route.

Yeah, I'm sure those plastic covers and single bulb are very highly sought after by criminals.

#3543 3 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

Of course no one really wants it, but some people just steal shit cause they can steal shit.

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people were breaking into buildings with TNA's and taking a ladder over to it with their screwdriver to remove the plastic dome and single bulb...to steal shit cause they can. This was definitely a big problem that needed to be addressed!

#3544 3 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

The beacon is an off the shelf part. That is just the way it came. I think it is supposed to be for a slot machine.

Thanks Scott. That make a lot more sense than the other nonsense.

#3549 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

If you're an adult male who doesn't own a set of Torx (tm) bits then what kind of man are you, really?

Who said I don't own a set of Torx bits?

Make assumptions much?

7 months later

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