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Total Nuclear Annihilation production by Spooky Pinball

By Grizlyrig

3 years ago

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#226 3 years ago

Thank you very much guys for the kind words. TA will be at MGC this year! Hope to see you there!

1 week later
#342 3 years ago

Thank you guys very much. I am so appreciative of the great feedback and comments! I am also extremely excited to see this thing make it out of my basement. I don't have too many things to reveal at this moment, but one very important and exciting thing I can reveal is that Matt Andrews will be handling the artwork for the entire project. He is a great guy and is extremely talented. Thank you guys once again, and thank you to all that helped me get the project where it is today!


1 month later
#958 3 years ago

Hey Guys,

I do read this thread out of my own curiosity and even if I do not get a chance, my friends catch me up on it. I really appreciate the kind words from you guys, this is still unreal to me. It is neat to see what people think as I go along and I definitely can respect constructive criticism on what Matt, David, and I have done so far. Not everyone is going to like what my vision is for the game, and I totally understand that. I am also decently thick skinned, but saying stuff like you thought the art was a joke is pretty rough on anyone. I urge you guys to come find me at a show sometime and just talk to me. Go ahead and ask me about the vision for the game, and I will chat with you about it.

Thanks guys,
--Scott (the human version)

#964 3 years ago
Quoted from PinBallMagician:

I'm not very familiar with the game. What is your vision for the game?

At a high level, the vision is actually pretty simple. I wanted to build a machine that was a blend of what I personally think made older games great but put in all new technology under the hood. The story line, artwork, final animations, music, and gameplay will all be retro-futuristic, meaning what someone from the 80's thought the far future was going to look like. It will be cohesive and look great when the final product is revealed. I do not plan on revealing any other art until it is done.

OK guys, too nice to be inside, see ya.

#993 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Hard to see how the backglass will look when the 4 LED score displays and LCD display are added to the mix. Mockups anyone?

Please don't do that. Matt Andrews will be taking care of this when the time comes.

2 months later
#1443 3 years ago
Quoted from SLCpunk2113:

Did I hear somewhere that the musics for this game was available on Spotify? If so, what is the artist name?

Hey Guys,
Some of my music in the game is up on Spotify/Google Music/iTunes etc. under my name "Scott Danesi". There is a song called Alpha Particles that is used as the reactor 2 music.

I just posted the reactor 3 preview track on my Soundcloud that Joe linked to above.

More to come soon!



#1451 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Yall need to put one of those fancy plasma caps on that pop bumper.

I am going to leave that for the aftermarket people to figure out. I have already designed the pop bumper to have a bright RGB bulb inside of it that ties to the game, so not sure how that would work with that mod... Neat little mod, but not really for me. I am sure it will sell well though!

1 week later
#1665 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

That is a change to game play. Werent the rollovers used to boost reactor value?
I assumed that those white inserts are just place holders for the rollovers still?

Just to clarify, the rollovers have done nothing in the software since expo 2016. They were just lighting up. The stand ups in the core, slings in the core, and spinner advance the reactor.

Also thank you all for the great feedback!

2 weeks later
#2530 3 years ago

Thank you everyone for the kind words and suggestions! I, and the team working on this project, really appreciate it. Last night was a blast! Don't worry, this code is still beta and I am working very hard on fixing any bugs and free play misspellings (oops). Haha. The display graphics and text are also not finished. Lots more cool stuff coming before production machines leave the factory. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again!

#2547 3 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

at the end of Thursday's stream Scott reviewed some audit stats. in particular, he cited the average ball time was :42. i documented each ball, but arrived at :54. i double checked my math and am certain the :54 is more accurate and that some glitches still exist in the game software. for comparison, i also tracked the jetsons times which were 66.5 seconds. surprisingly close. thought jetsons was going to be longer and TNA shorter. longest ball on TNA was 2:58; jetsons 4:27.

Interesting. I am curious, were you including bonus tally, reactor starting animations, ball saves. etc?

#2549 3 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

there were 99 balls played in the stream, which exactly matched the final audit.

Yes, I reset the audits before the stream.

#2627 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

As someone who intends to operate TNA on location the lack of topside complexity appeals to me from a maintenance and cleaning perspective, as everything is pretty accessible.
However, the one concern that I have is the drop-targets. A fast game like Metallica with inline drop targets chews through the targets fairly regularily, I'm a little worried that the targets in the Danesi Lock with have short life spans with all the amazing ball bashing action they will see.
Is Spooky creating new super-strength targets for this, or including 3 sets of spares with the game?
Also, I expect removing the Danesi Lock mech will be one of the more common maintenance tasks, I hope they make it easy to access from the underside, maybe use machine screws for the mounting so it holds up to lots of remove/install cycles?

I will quickly answer this. The targets used in this game are made from glass reinforced nylon. We have put thousands of plays on the whitewood version of the game and have never had 1 target break or wear out. If a drop target does break, the mechanism is just 3 standard single smart drop targets all in a row. All parts are new production and replacement parts will be available.

These are the drop target mechs to be exact:

In fact, all the parts in this game are standard parts with the exception of the orbit rail, which is custom for the game.


#2633 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

thenotrashcougar if someone rolls the score on the displays. Will the score still count correctly on the lcd? And please just one lionman call out. Im sure you can talk Doug W into recording it!

If a roll happens, which will be SUPER rare, it will just drop off the last 0 and continue. There are no scores displayed on the LCD except for in attract mode. The new numeric displays go up to 99,999,999 points, so there's that too. I would love to see someone roll it. haha

#2637 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

If you roll the score it should start displaying in hexadecimal.

Totally doable.

#2643 3 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

thenotrashcougar fyi, not sure if someone else caught this one but there were a couple typos in the game settings (REATOR).

On it.

#2644 3 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

wouldn't you need alphanumeric displays for hexadecimal?


#2720 3 years ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

during the stream the speaker cutout on the bottom of the cabinet looked bigger then usual, can you give us any info on the cabinet speaker or other components of the sound system? thenotrashcougar

Sure, 10 inch sub with sub chamber box around it. Also ported out the bottom of the cabinet. Sound system is great.

#2747 3 years ago

The game will come with translucent PerfectPlay rubbers on it.

#2811 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Amazing job of getting the RGB GI so bright. thenotrashcougar , Scott, have you built an RGB bulb or are you using light pipes to bring the light up from a board below the PF? I can't quite tell from pics.

Thank you! I am using a custom built RGB bulb for production. The light pipes I used on the whitewood were not bright enough. These bulbs stick directly through the playfield and look like traditional pinball bulbs, but are not. These are pretty damn bright. They are also modular, so if one ever burns out, you just remove the connector, remove 1 screw, and replace. Easy.


#2829 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

I see lots of possibilities for some custom mods here. Possibily tapping into a signal and driving some under cab lights.
thenotrashcougar are the RGB driven by 3 negative signals and a common positive to each? Are the drivers robust enough to... power a second led? Or do I need some isolation circuit?
Or do I need to wait until MGC and drag it out of you!!

Warning, technical crap incoming... The LEDs are directly driven from the Multimorphic PD-LED boards on the bottom of the playfield, not serially. These LEDs are common anode, meaning that the positive side of the LED channels (RGB colors) is common. Each color within the LED is directly driven from a ground signal from the PD-LED. Each channel is limited to 20ma of current, therefore eliminating the need for any kind of current limiting resistor on the LED assembly itself. You will not be able to pull any more current than 20ma per channel, so hooking up another LED directly in parallel with the existing LEDs most likely will not work.

The modding community will probably get creative with some sort of isolation device to combat this. Unfortunately, I do not have time to work on said device.

Hope that helps. That is the easiest way I know to explain what is going on.


#2831 3 years ago

Yeah feel free to ignore that garbage I posted.

#2841 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

I actually suggested an optional board to stern. With signal or relay outputs that would enable on specific events. Multiballs etc. so data being sent for these events to a tap able signal would be cool.
jabdoa I see what your suggesting there. But I think the voltage drop of having two in series will negatively effect the original led. I have a spare relay board from my GB topper build that has optically isolation inputs. But this solution will be on or off per led channel. I'll do some reading on the PD-LED board used before I plan too much.

Keep in mind that I am also PWMing the LED channels to properly color mix. So I would advise against a physical relay in an isolated solution. Unless, of course, you like the sound of relays self destructing! jk jk

#2950 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Dang, I just finished a PBL order (got the t-shirt!).
thenotrashcougar Can you share what the playfield lift mechanism will be on TNA? Any underside pics yet?

Wait for underside pics until we make a production sample. My prototype is not zip tied correctly. I can tell you there will be 2 high quality service rails included on the game from the factory.

#2958 3 years ago

Sac racks are back up again. For now, we are going to keep them brown, but feel free to paint them to your liking!

#2963 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

I'm gonna turn my 4 sacs into 400. You guys better watch out
(Not really, I'm terrible at pinball)

Bring your sac rack to SFGE 2018 and I will challenge you!

#2991 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

Out for a beer and... goddammit scott what did you do!?

Holy crap, if you are on an island with 9 nuclear reactors on it, please get out of there ASAP!

#3066 3 years ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

thenotrashcougar question for you.
What happens when you hit the no hands skillshot when the reactor has already started? Normally it start the reactor right? Will there be something else that happens? Maybe max out the reactor value?

It will fill the grid and give you a reactor jackpot which is 1/2 your reactor current value.

#3067 3 years ago

I have not added in the ability for a reactor to cool back down when it is started. It should never be able to recover from being critical. I think it may be very hard if this started cooling so I never added it. Not in the cards for initial release, but I will consider it later on.

#3073 3 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

The drop target jackpot also does give you a shot with some time pressure.

Indeed it does.

#3079 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Let's hope I never need to do a playfield swap!

No worries, all the LEDs are plug and play and documented.

#3115 3 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Oooooo the pink Sac Rack looks awesome! When the fans ask, Scott listens!
Don't get me wrong, Sacagawea is a pretty damn sweet. Everybody loves a nice Sac. But what about those of us who prefer to throw down a Commander-In-Chief instead? I mean is it acceptable to put a POTUS in a Sac Rack??? Surely you agree that this would be a crime not even the POTUS himself would pardon!
I think what's needed here is a GOLDEN POTUS PERCH! Some stars, some stripes, bald eagles, liberty bells, and freedom. Lots of freedom.
Make it happen Captain!

Throwing down a PP (Past President) is still acceptable.

#3118 3 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

I have a question. I was at an arcade and saw a Dolly Parton pinball. I know TNA was originally built using one of these cabinets, right? Well, Dolly is a much smaller looking cabinet than most modern Stern or JJP's. Looking at the Dead Flip stream again, the TNA is sitting next to a Jetson's. The Jetson's pinball looks much taller/bigger than the TNA. So, is TNA's dimensions the same as Dolly, AMH/RZ or somewhere in between. Just curious how it will look sitting next to other modern machines.

TNA is in the same cabinet as the Jetsons with the exception of the playfield glass angle. It is much less steep and almost level with the playfield on TNA. This, in turn, drops the overall height of the backbox down about 4-5 inches if I remember correctly. TNA is actually the same height as an 80's Bally. It looks great in a lineup in my opinion with older and newer games. Hope that helps.

#3120 3 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Thanks, Scott! I was actually just about to edit my comment because I saw that the empty TNA cabinets stacked identical to the empty Jetson's cabinets in the background. Great job on the game...can't wait to play it!

Thank you! It's all good, it is a valid question. There are a bunch of unknowns here still since the production machine has not been to a show yet. There will be 3 iterations of the game brought to the Pinball Life Open house on October 12-13th. We will have the Whitewood, Prototype, and Production versions all next to each other. I will be there to answer questions. I actually cannot wait to see them all side by side too. Should be neat to see the progression.

#3124 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

It does fit a standard sheet of glass correct? (I've got a sheet of PDI in a box just waiting for this game to arrive!).

Yes, standard glass. That would be insane to make a machine that does not fit standard glass...

#3138 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

Scott said there adding service rails awhile ago so i'm sure that still the case.
Wonder when there start production looks like there getting close

The service rails will be in the game. No worries!

#3139 3 years ago

Check this out! The whitewood and prototype have now seen each other in real life!
20170912_205112 (resized).jpg

#3196 3 years ago

Hey Everyone, so to answer the question about the height of the cabinet. It is 70" tall from the floor to the top of the head and the topper is 4" above that for a total of 74" or 6 feet. This is about the same height as an 80's Bally machine.

Modern Stern machines are about 75" tall to the bottom to the top of the head.

Here are a couple good comparison photos.

20170912_205112 (resized).jpg

20170916_012856 (resized).jpg


#3198 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

What are the folded load in car dimensions?

It is the same as a WPC but a few inches shorter. Same width and length. I have no actual measurements for this at this time though...

#3228 3 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

I thought Scott was givng a game to all his close friends.

Today I learned, I am too poor to have close friends.

#3233 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Agreed. 8 a week would put me in November, and I'm STILL sitting here thinking that there has to be someone earlier that would want to trade spots. My third Spooky. Will tie them for top manufacturer in my gameroom.

There is also going to be a ramp up period so this may not an exact calculation. As they roll out there will be more solid estimates of when people will be getting games.

#3252 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

No rule cards.

That was my fault. I brought some and totally forgot to put them on.

#3280 3 years ago
Quoted from johnnyutah:

Anyone go with the shaker and knocker options? Have you had them sent over to Spooky yet? If so I better get on it.

I ordered the shaker and knocker kits for my game.

#3297 3 years ago
Quoted from Hypercoaster:

Is the code up to version 1.0 in the Dead Flip/ Ed Robertson stream?

Yes it was, but then again, I can call it whatever number I want. The code is complete and there are no missing modes, animations, audio, etc. I will be doing a code update a bit after people start getting their games and bugs start being found. At this time, I have no plans to add anything else to the game, but who knows.

#3315 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

just curious... is there that secret thing we talked about in the code? hoping it made it in.
also, what did you decide the reactor standups will be used for?

The super secret skillshot is not going to be in the game. I may add that later, but we will see. The reactor strandups are the fastest way to advance the reactor. Wanted to keep it simple as the game is already way more complicated that I originally visioned.

#3324 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

I know scott mentioned removing this adjustment. If it's does stay in may I suggest keeping the minimum to 5 or something. So at least to see it you have to work a bit and earn it.

I am not removing that adjustment. Just made the executive decision. It is too fun.

#3329 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

What is the most reactors anyone has destroyed on a video thus far? I've seen four on a few videos. Can't recall if I've seen five yet.

I got to 5 on a dead flip stream on the last game played. No cheat codes used. Haha

#3429 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

It's all Multimorphic boards - P3-ROC, PD-LED, etc. The lamp boards you can get at Pinball Life.
So, I wouldn't worry about board revisions.

Yep, this. Replacement parts will be up after the first couple batches of games go out.

#3431 3 years ago
Quoted from WeirPinball:

Thanks 10 years from now i don't want to pay $800 for an nos proc and be in the same boat as the pin 2000 guys now with the motherboard/processor.

Totally makes sense.

TNA uses the following P-ROC boards:
1x - P3-ROC (Rev 2)
4x - SW-16s (Rev 2)
2x - PD-16s (Rev 2)
5x - PD-LEDs (Rev 2)

The custom lamp boards and LEDs will be up on Pinball Life's website soon.

Power supplies:
48vdc Power Supply - Mean Well SE-600-48
5vdc/12vdc Power Supply - Mean Well RD-65A

Hope that helps.


#3434 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Hesus Christopher! I hope you're getting a substantial volume discount on these Scott/Spooky - impressive!
...and the underplayfield pic. is a mind blower. I'm not planning any PF swaps on this thing anytime soon...

Keep in mind this is not a cheap build. We worked extremely hard to get the retail price where it is. Also, don't use the links I posted. New ones will be posted soon.


#3452 3 years ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

I've heard that will be out here at AYCE GOGI.

Also, there will be 2 early production models in the midwest soon!

2 weeks later
#3633 3 years ago

I ended up bringing my personal production game to Expo and putting it at the Double Danger booth!
20171014_212109 (resized).jpg

#3652 3 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

Anybody else notice when you get to a certain level of reactors (destroyed?) that the LED counters go blank? Not sure if it’s a bug, but nobody seems to notice with all this praise. It’s a fun looking game, but I think if you get far enough along it goes blank or something is wrong. It was during a YouTube vid at a band members house. Nobody paying close attention at all.
Hope Scott is being diligent on code, it just takes one long ball or game to reveal some flaws at the end

I would definitely like more info on this. What do you mean by LED counters? The green playfield numeric displays? If so, these are not on all the time. The lower one is only active if your ball saver is active or you have an extra ball. The top one in the reactor core is only active when a reactor is currently running. If the displays are going out, I would recommend checking the ribbon cable connections that control these boards. I know TNA #1 did not have these connections hot glued in place, but all other machines have these connections glued. So that could be it. Please let me know and I will look into it.

1 week later
#3721 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Yeah, Ben really went above and beyond to set the bar on coding. He put in all sorts of user selectable features so people could tweak settings to their own interest.
Really smart to do it that way also.

It also saves my ass in case I programmed the debounce wrong. The machine owners can just fix it in the service mode. I mean, no, wait......

#3723 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

if you want to add a level of granularity, feel free
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, etc.. is nicer than 1, 2, 3
Ask Ben what we decided on default for AMH. We spent like 2 hours just screwing with it to find a default. (yeah, nerdy stuff but it was fun)

Did that last night in v1.0.6! I mean, no, I am not working on the next version of the game with new cool stuff added to it. I need to stop talking on pinside during my lunch break.

1 week later
#3835 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

see the 7:07 mark on that video has two balls locked, appears to hit the drop target which lowers the middle drop target but not the front drop target.

That is purposely dealt with in the code. The lock mech knows the ball is there, but it does not actually award a multiball unless you can free the balls. It is working correctly.

#3838 3 years ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Scott, did you see that video from AYCE Gogi where the 2 balls were locked, and the player dropped the first drop target (thus releasing the ball) and had two balls in play, but the game only recognized one ball (so if one of the balls drained, the game considered it a full drain, even though there was a second ball in play). I can't recall at when time mark it happens, but it's there.
EDIT: Found it.
» YouTube video

I did, that is a maladjusted drop target 1 down switch that caused that. I am going to be updating the software to compensate for that, but that switch needs to be adjusted.

#3840 3 years ago

Indeed. I am glad these little things are being brought up early so I can get them fixed. Bugs happen, especially in a pinball machine.

#3842 3 years ago

Total Nuclear Annihilation Meltdown Mirrors are now available through Pinball Life!

If you order and send them to Spooky Pinball before your TNA is assembled, they will install them in your game!

20171108_194955 (resized).jpg
20171108_194943 (resized).jpg
20171108_194934 (resized).jpg

#3849 3 years ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

thenotrashcougar Will pinball life be making the speaker grills that Bryan has on his as well? The reason I ask is that I want both the mirror blades and speaker grills and dont want to double pay on shipping.
thanks! #81 here

Very soon, I need to finish the code for them as these have interactive LEDs behind them.

2 weeks later
#3996 3 years ago
Quoted from Troutfarm:

I played TNA for the first time today. Had it all to myself at Ayce Gogi for a couple hours when they opened up. Such a great game and I am #71.
There is only one thing that is a bummer with the game. The viewing angle of the display is horrible. It could be solved by having the display tilted back 10 or 15 degrees. It gets so washed out.. maybe an option for a higher quality display with a wider viewing angle? oh well. Minor gripe. The game is badass.

Thank you for the kind words! As far as the display goes, the brightness and contrast can be adjusted to make it look much better. There are buttons on the back of the display that allow you to access the LCD menu.

I also recommend turning on a setting called Gamma, it makes a huge difference.


#4010 3 years ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

While waiting for my game to arrive (#52) I watched videos every evening and altough not yet having played it for real I have one minor complaint with the code that strikes me (Scott if you're reading this).
The lightshow and sound do a great job telling when the next mode ("reactor unlocked") starts but when the reactor is actually exploding there's an animation on the screen and the voice/ sound do tell but not as well 'set in scene' as the rest and therefore the sense of accomplishment is kinda lacking (and that I'm on the next reactor).
Then again, this is a fast game and I do not want to wait for some lightshow to end before I can continue playing, but I think it's just not quite en par with the rest.
So gimme some orange Shockwaves... Please?

What video were you watching? I have made significant lighting changes post 1.0 code.

1 week later
#4074 3 years ago
Quoted from RefugeNate:

thenotrashcougar I thought I read somewhere that you were going to maybe code in an add-a-ball feature? Am I just making things up or is there any truth to that?

You want the truth? Or do you want me to lie to you so you can be surprised later?

#4082 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Thought this bit of documentation was humorous. Are people still doing this? They better not!

HAHA I just wanted to see if anyone was actually reading my docs.

#4087 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

I’m obsessing over all things TNA while I wait for my game. Thought it was interesting that even in your first TNA blog post from 2015 you had a pretty good idea of what you wanted to achieve.

Cool! For the most part, I had a good idea, but the game evolved so much more during the project in a real good way. In terms of making a deceivingly simple looking layout, I knew I wanted to do that right from the start. I also wanted to do full RGB, but use it in a way that was not overdone. You know, stuff like that.

#4119 3 years ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Hey guys, looking for some help. Right now Spooky and Heighway are the only ones that use amps in the cabinet to get us that beautiful sound. I am getting an alien tomorrow and I am trying to hook up a external sub. Can someone please help me figure out how to do that safely when there is a amp in the cabinet.... I got a psw10 powered sub. I have been told I cannot just connect it to the current subwoofer in cabinet because it will send power to the sub and it could cause issues. Does anyone know what I should do? Or what cable I will need to connect it to the amp? I asking in heighway but got no response.

See my response here:

1 week later
#4169 3 years ago
Quoted from PinJump:

12 second avg ball time day one. Maybe a good 5-ball game?

This is a bug in avg ball time. Look at avg game time as it is more accurate. I am working on this.

#4172 3 years ago

Set the reactors on easy, bump up the ball save time, and put extra ball 1 on reactor 2. You can then leave it on 3 ball and everyone should have fun.

#4214 3 years ago

That is a very cool idea! I definitely am still working on fixing little bugs and other enhancements and then I will start looking at more fun stuff. I am going to release a good sized update at the beginning part of the 2018 with some cool stuff in it. Also, there will be remastered music that I wrote for the album that will make it's way back into the game! I am excited about that.

#4223 3 years ago
Quoted from Rappelbox:

Had the chance to play this awesome game at Pinball Universe in Germany and I LOVE IT!!!
found a small bug but don't know if they have been mentioned here already and which software version the game was running at:
Ball gets sometimes stuck on the small gap behind the "Ball 1" drop target. and since it's not releasing nor dropping the "Ball 2" target when you tilt the machine you can't continue your game.
Apart from that I got addicted to it immediately.

That ball hangup is easily fixed by adjusting the drop target height. I will look into seeing if there is something I can do in the software to make sure that the game can recover safely from this. It is nuts the amount of small things that happen on location that can throw off the software.

#4226 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Need more factory or on location porn!

How about code porn? I am working on 1.0.7 right now on my vacation day from work.

#4247 3 years ago
Quoted from ViperNation:

Scott: awesome game; one suggesion
When the final reactor is destroyed, instead of the game just ending, add a 5 ball wizard mode and then end the game. Have the siren going non stop, add some random callouts like "my hero", "you saved the world!", crank the light show into full tri color intense pulsating mode and have scoring multiplied by number of balls in play x two. When all balls drain the game is over. For an even cooler effect, incrementally bump up the power of the slings and pop bumper, or have the power randomly adjust every few seconds.

You make it sound like beating the 9th reactor does nothing and the game turns off. Did you beat the 9th reactor?

#4249 3 years ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

I thought you were supposed to be ending the world

The high level story is you are traveling to the future to destroy it before they discover reverse time travel. You need to kill everything and that includes yourself unfortunately. Even if you did survive, there is no way for you to get back (no reverse time travel).

#4254 3 years ago

Just added a new feature. If you destroy a reactor, it will award you 1 single point along with your reactor destroyed value. This way we will be able to track by looking at people's scores how many reactors they destroyed during their games. I am excited about this feature.
20171230_204530 (resized).jpg

#4273 3 years ago
Quoted from ViperNation:

Do you know the sling, pop-bumper, flipper, etc., settings on Ed's machine in the Deadflip video? This could be the fastest pin ever made (faster than my STLE and even Ironman), and is the primary thing that draws me to the game. Just wondering if that machine was dialed all the way up or if there was even more room to go faster... Also didn't notice any air balls which was great.
Surprised that nobody liked the idea of randomly varying the strength of the slings and such in a wizard mode...

The reason I do not like this is that if the slings are too powerful it can throw the ball into the air. If they are not powerful enough they will not make a full kick. Interesting idea though.

#4355 3 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Noticed an issue with two digit display in core. Fine in boot up, but in attract and game mode there are 3 segments that are erratic. Second digit, the two left vertical bars and the centre bar. Emailed Christopher at service had first response in 10 min! Impressive. Have replied, don’t expect response until tomorrow due to time of day. Will keep posted.

Might be a loose ribbon cable between the green PD-LED board and the Black dual numeric digit display. Actually, that is probably exactly what it is.

#4357 3 years ago

The ribbon cable is plugged into the wrong header on the green PD-LED board. Try a different one, there is only a couple open ones. I dont have the docs in front of me at the moment.

#4360 3 years ago

Sorry for the double post as I already put this in the other TNA thread...

OK guys, I just put up the new Accessory power supply for TNA up on the PBL website. Although this in not an official spooky sanctioned product, it will allow you to safely plug in mods to the game without touching the 12v or 5v supply on the game which reduces the risk of breaking something. It even has outputs that use the standard 3 pin Molex connectors that all modders are used to so you can plug in things like lit flipper buttons, etc. Please use responsibly.


20151230_111345 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#4495 3 years ago

Hey Everyone,
By popular demand, I just posted the digital FLAC files for the full TNA album on my site. The album will be released for free on all the streaming platforms on Friday January 26th. More info here:


TNAAlbumThumbnailSmall (resized).jpg

#4498 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericc123:

Scott, is the album going to be available on iTunes?

Yes, on Friday the 26th!

#4512 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

I did the same thing and i wanted to support scott. I also got the tape

Thank you guys so much!!! I truly appreciate it. If you cannot figure out how to play the FLAC files, let me know.

#4514 3 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

I was wondering if there was a way to preview the album?

I think I am probably not going to make preview tracks as the streaming services will have the whole album on Friday. They will have preview tracks and then if people want the high quality FLAC files, they can get them.

Right now 100% of my spare time is going toward finishing up TNA software v1.1.0.


#4522 3 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

which streaming service?

A bunch.

From my distributor:
Amazon MP3
Apple iTunes
Google Music Store
Line Music
Slacker Radio
YouTube Music


#4524 3 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

Chicago (AP) - at the conclusion of a recent performance, Scott Danesi groupies cant contain themselves after learning his latest album will be available for free on streaming services worldwide.

CD players.... That is not me.

#4592 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Spent the night working on one of my games and watching Owlnonymous and crew play TNA. Have a better feel for the rules now and I’m more excited then ever to get my game! It’s cool how Scott always pops into streams to get real world feedback and potential bug reports.

Awesome! Yeah, I shot him some super Beta code for the upcoming 1.1.0 release. Found a couple more bugs and was able to smash them. These streamers really make this much easier.

#4614 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I don’t have anything to say regarding rules but the upper PF area is fun and challenging would be nice to have any excuse to play more in the upper area.
As it stands now is it correct that unless the reactor is activated there is nothing to do in the upper PF area? I’m unclear regarding that.

You build your Reactor Value when the reactor is not running by hitting the standups and slings. You also work the rollover lanes to increase your bonus X. Also, there are 2 types of skillshots that require you to use the top lanes at the beginning of a new ball.

#4616 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Could you explain the top roll over lights? Can move with flippers. Do you want to hit light without moving for skill shot? I also noticed a different color upper roll over light not sure what that signifies.

Have you seen this?


#4627 3 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

You have a defective light board.
Contact tech support they will promptly send you a replacement or tell you a fix.

Some of the early games could have had defective LED chips on a few of the single insert LEDs. This is an LED chip issue and not a board issue. Send a message to service@spookypinball.com and they will get you new ones ASAP. It is an easy swap, just a screw and a connector.

#4629 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I have not kept up with TNA’s development. Just got my game. Has anyone had an issue where the sequential drops can’t seem to trap the ball as it intends between the 2nd and 3rd drops? It seems to get stuck, repeatedly tries, then the ball falls out. Ideas?

Check to make sure your switches are working properly. Also, you can contact service@spookypinball.com and they can help.

Sounds to me like your second opto is not working correctly.


#4643 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Since the four displays use a daisy chained serial interface, a loose cable that affected player 1 would almost certainly affect the other players as well.
The board on this page is the same design, and the schematic is useful in diagnosing.
With mine, I had certain segments on player 3 that were out when certain numbers were displayed. Mine had a solder bridge on the back side of the dip socket, hidden by one of the 7 segment modules. I was able to fix it by removing the 7 segment module and cleaning up the solder bridge.
Russell's, it's only the 'a' segment, and only on one module. I'd check for an open pin on the module, which would be an easy fix if that were the case. ...or just let Spooky replace it.

I vote for send it back for a replacement. Contact Spooky about it. These are all tested during assembly and final inspection, so not sure how that got through. Whatever the issue, Spooky and team will fix it for you.

#4658 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

Seems like this game should have a high score board that just keeps track of most reactors completed. Thoughts, Charlie? Scott?

Thought about it, but instead in the v1.1.0 that I will be releasing soon, it will use the last digit of the score to keep track of how many reactors were beaten.

#4661 3 years ago
Quoted from Borygard:

I like that! Good use of the "useless" ones digit.
Rob Anthony
Pinball Classics
Quality Board Work - In Home Service
borygard at gmail dot com

The coolest part about that is it will show up in tournaments and score tracking apps. Also high scores on Pinside!

1 week later
#4864 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

As promised I tested a LED bulb from my home made GB topper in TNA. Not as bright as the 89 bulb. But there are brighter options. I have some more results in the video discription. The amp drop is nice if you need 12v for more mods.
I’ll report back when I find a bulb that works.
» YouTube video

If you go into Service Mode->Tests->Burn In Test, it will turn the beacon on. I should really add a beacon test to the service menu...

Thank you for doing this. Let me know what you find as I could not find an LED that was bright enough in time for production.

1 week later
#4906 3 years ago

Drops will be fine at that angle! Although, that would make the game BRUTAL!

I keep mine at 6.5 degrees.

#4909 3 years ago

I like to say code is like a fine wine, you need to wait and give it time for all the flavors to mend nicely together. But, I am not a weirdo, so what really is going on is that I am trying to chase down a bug that has been fighting me for a few weeks now and is pissing me off. I will find it, and kill it. The code will be ready shortly after that happens.

#4921 3 years ago
Quoted from andrewket:

I’m curious - what does developer/debug mode look like on a pinball machine? Is testing primarily done in a virtual environment?

I don't develop virtually. I basically SSH into my physical game and run the code watching the log. I take the glass off to test things and play full games on it. It is not very glamorous... And no, SSH is not available on the production games. I have a modified OS on my production game.

#4930 3 years ago

Here it is guys and gals. v1.1.0!

v1.1.0 – 02/21/2018 – Scott Danesi

## Bugs Fixed ##
– Fixed issue with attract frames loading 2 times on reset. This will slightly speed up the
game over reset process. Still working on making this faster. Michael Ocean is awesome.
– Fixed small video lag at beginning of first ball in the Welcome to the Future animation.
– Removed log file issues with bonus and PNG headers (not anything anyone cares about besides me)
– Significant video performance enhancements.
– Fixed bugs in Ball Search functionality.
– Fixed hard crash when trying to do a quick restart during the bonus count.
– Fixed bug where angry player can tilt out the next player too easily.
– Cleaned up unnecessary Ballsearch log error.
– Fixed Secret Skillshot exploit.
– Fixed attract mode ballsearch so it will not keep cycling if a player is too impatient for the balls to reset and drain.
– Fixed log error when saving data files to disk.
– Fixed tilt issue where prior player tilts after bonus.
– Jackpot lightshows improved.
– Shaker now enabled and disabled properly without machine restart.
– Shaker issue when starting mystery now disables properly.
– Destroy Reactor ballsave now active when multiball is running as well.
– Fixed Avg Ball Time Calculation.
– Fixed Avg Score Calculation.
– Fixed Avg Game Time Calculation.
– Changed Coin Drop notification font.
– Updated drop target handling logic to prevent balls from getting stuck in right scoop under specific conditions.
– Fixed some other misc font issues.
– Fixed flickering GI when lane changing the skillshot.
– Fixed coin drop issue for coins with a value larger than a single credit.

## Features Added / Modifications ##
– Significant changes to asset loading resulting is quicker boot times
– Super jackpot will now add a ball into play for up to a 4 ball multiball! This also enables up to 4x playfield multipliers. Indicated with white colored flashing ball lock inserts.
– Add A Ball is limited to 1 ball added per multiball.
– Destroyed reactors now score 1 point each to store the player’s progress in the last digit of their score. Match will ignore this last digit and treat it like a 0. For example, if a player earns 100,000 points and destroys 2 reactors their score would be 100,002.
– Reworking of display animations and notifications to clean up a bunch of things.
– Lock Quickshot display and scoring updates.
– Skillshot now displays score values when awarded.
– Adjusted orbit timer from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
– Set default coil power settings to Bryan Kelly recommended settings, so you may want to update these after the update.
– Bonus now includes bonus total at end of bonus count. Also new lightshow and sound for that.
– Remastered music from the Total Nuclear Annihilation Album has been updated on the game. Also other various audio has been remastered throughout the game.
– Last game scores are now saved and recalled after a hard reboot of the game on the numeric displays. This was needed in case there was a display error that requires a machine restart so the scores are preserved.
– Locking a ball now awards 20k points.
– All LED test now can stop on specific colors when pressing the enter or start button.
– Jackpot Drop Reset Seconds is now configurable in the service menu.
– Secret Skillshot now awards a default time ball save, but allows multiple saves for the entire save time. Awesome.
– Add A Ball now enables default multiball ballsave.
– Reduced overall RAM usage of PC significantly.
– Early ball save added for cashing in a ball save on an outlane.
– Added drop target test in service mode.
– Added warning message on the display if drop target error is detected by the system.
– Added Free Game Percent to Coin Op Audits.
– Upper rollovers now advance reactor value and award a reactor shot when started.
– Added a few things to Mystery Mode
– New Tilt warning sound. Replaced the public domain missile siren with custom effect.
– Mystery awards are now stackable, meaning you can light mystery more than once and the game will keep track of it for you and you can cash it is by hitting the scoop multiple times.
– Ball save timer setting added to the add-a-ball ball save (separate from the standard ball save).
– Reactor Keypad now more evenly distributes spotted targets when targeting a new reactor.
– Ball saver will now pause for mystery award and reactor starting.
– Replay award can be selectable between Credit or Extra Ball.
– Multiball ball saver will now only save the first 3 balls drained.
– Reactor inserts now glow Orange when targeted indicating Extra Ball when applicable
– Tilt switch sensitivity added to service menu.
– Last scores now show on the LCD after game over.
– Can now scroll through the individual high score categories in attract mode.
– Music Test now tests ALL reactors.

## Download Link ##

#4969 3 years ago

Hey Guys,
I am a bit unconventional with this, but a couple small issues have been reported to me on a few machines. I did not want you guys to encounter these little things, so I made a patch to the 1.1.0 code. I am calling it, because... it does not matter what I call it.

The download link is the same for this patched version, just re-download the file if you are seeing any of the 2 issues below and this should fix them right up for you.

I will probably do this again in the future if a bug is discovered that I feel needs to be fixed quickly.

v1.1.0.02 - 02/22/2018 - Scott Danesi

## Bugs Fixed ##
- Fixed false trough error on some production machines.
- Updated combo handling to get rid of a potential lag scenario.

## Features Added / Modifications ##
- None

## Download Link ##


#4999 3 years ago

The speaker light kits are almost done, just waiting on some parts to make installation a breeze for you guys. They will be for sale directly on the Spooky website once available. I really like how they turned out and I am not much of a fan of these type of mods.

#5005 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I tried to do that. It appeared to update successfully, but after power cycle it started ejecting ball after ball. Can’t start a game.

Check your jam opto in the service menu.

#5011 3 years ago

If the ball is not making it out of the trough, try increasing the power of the trough coil. Also, make sure you are using v1.1.0.02.

#5016 3 years ago

The lighted side rail kit has a transformer and runs off the 48v. Also, it looks really cool.

1 week later
#5105 2 years ago

The butter cabinets are definitely not more fragile by any means, but if Charlie or team scratch it, they will need to fix it and that costs time and money. It has to arrive to the customer looking perfect I love my butter cab and I am less worried about scratching it than my prototype with a regular decaled cabinet since I can buff out a scratch in clear coat, but I would have to paint a scratch in a decal. But I do not speak for everyone.

#5108 2 years ago

Also, I forgot to add, the neon colors are hot as shit on the butter cabinet.

#5131 2 years ago

Ah, yes. The infamous Dino hot tub. Many of interesting times have happened there. That is a great picture, even though I look like I am stoned or drunk or both. Those are 2 good lookin' ladies with me though. I think I am also sporting my new 80's style swim suit.

#5137 2 years ago
Quoted from yancy:

I smell a new Scott Danesi Is Awesome t-shirt. If only I knew someone with a shirt printer...

Eh, that is the wrong kind of embarrassing.

#5148 2 years ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

I also see a nip slip. Don't you have any dignity?

I do not, and I am proud of it.

#5162 2 years ago

I recommend these flipper springs. They are thick, but do not have more tension, so the flipper will still feel the same. These work great.


#5183 2 years ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

That picture is going to be making the rounds for a long time.

HAHA, It's a pretty funny picture. I used to know how to party, not so much anymore. This version is the best with the charlie head over my nip!

#5185 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

would be better with a photoshopped banger borat on...

Definitely. Leave the charlie head in there too. Also, can I make a request? Make my eyes look like they are popping out like a cartoon character. hahahah

#5189 2 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Now we're talkin'.... I can just imagine the fishbowl shoes sitting next to the hot tub!

OK, that is the best one yet!

1 week later
#5222 2 years ago
Quoted from Troutfarm:

Can we talk about the reasoning for using flippers without EOS switches? The way this game is being played is involving a whole bunch of holding the right flipper for catching and trapping and it gets weak fast. I have experienced this at home, and really really badly on location.

If your flippers are getting hot, turn down the flipper hold boost in the service menu under the Machine (standard) settings. Unfortunately 1 setting does not work for all games / location voltages.

#5224 2 years ago
Quoted from Troutfarm:

Will give that a try. Do you thing that will be enough juice to keep the flipper up with a hit from the scoop eject?

Yeah, some games/locations do not even need the flipper hold boost. level 2 should not overheat the flippers though, that is odd. Just try it at a few different settings and see what works for you. 0 is off, 3 is the highest.

#5241 2 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Oh sweet... this pits two players against two other players?

1 and 3 vs. 2 and 4.

#5251 2 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

What about 3 players. Beginning of game the software randomly picks 2 on 1 scenario.

OK OK, here is how it works...

There are 2 co op modes. "Co Op Mode" and "Team Vs. Mode".

The first thing you do to activate these modes is press and hold the start button when adding player 1. This will start the standard co op mode and will flash it up on the LCD. This mode is everyone vs the machine. If you want to do team vs mode, you press and hold the start button again until the screen says Team Vs. Mode. Then you must add all 4 players. This mode links players 1 and 3 together and 2 and 4 together. If you launch the ball without 4 players added to the game, it will default back to standard co op mode. You can also toggle between the 2 modes before starting the game by pressing and holding the start button before you launch the first ball.

Hope that makes sense.


pasted_image1 (resized).png
pasted_image (resized).png

#5257 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

So no chance of a 1player vs 2player mode if 3 players are selected for VS CO-OP?

You mean a regular game? hahaha 1 vs 2?

#5262 2 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

So, Scott, which mode turns the pinball machine into a hot tub?
Little confused on which buttons to press?

You know which button, stop goofing around... I am not adding instructions to the attract mode...

#5344 2 years ago
Quoted from OnTheSnap:

On a positive note TNA is a surprise runaway hit with $350K in preorders. No doubt they can now scale the size of their production line to allow them to ship TNA and Alice simultaneously. Maintaining the current lead times and production.
Basically it means I’m the next months they need to double their capacity to maintain current delivery quotes. That’s already a huge task. And part of the fun of starting a company.
I definitely appreciate the situation. I helped start a networking company in Silicon Valley. Which has scaled now to a $2B run rate. It’s a crazy ride.
Anyway, I’m new to the hobby, and itch to have my second pin short term. The speed, style and shot making of TNA is what I want. I can’t have it.

Every machine is for sale if you throw enough money at it. Heck, if you threw enough money at me, I would sell my prototype and whitewood. If you want to the game quickly, you can put out a WTB ad and see if anyone wants to sell.

#5443 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

If I made a game, and sold 400 of them, I'd be over the effing moon with that kind of success. That's amazing.

It is amazing, and it is all because you guys believed in Spooky and myself. I truly appreciate it and am completely blown away by the reception in homes and on location. We priced this game as low as we possibly could with many people taking pay cuts to get us where we are. Making pinball machine, especially in low quantities is not cheap. The fact that this game sold just under 400 units (so far), is beyond expectation by myself. Thank you again everyone.

#5446 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Didn’t get mine yet but really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into the code updates.

Good stuff is still coming.

#5455 2 years ago
Quoted from flashburn:

I think if Scott does decide to do that it'd be nice if there was still an option at startup to play "classic" mode.

Don't worry, I am adding things like Co Op Mode, Co Op 2v2 VS Mode, more sound effects, bug fixes, lighting adjustments, advanced operator adjustments, reliability improvements, etc.

I will not change the gameplay as it is (in my opinion) amazing as it stands.


#5459 2 years ago
Quoted from flashburn:

Nice. Is there any chance you'll be open sourcing the code at some point? Seems like it'd be a fun game to mess around with.

Unfortunately no, mostly for insurance reasons, asset protection, and IP protection. There are all sorts of libraries that I created that I would like to keep private in that code. I have worked for years on them. Don't worry though, I am going to make sure to make this game the best if can be for you guys/gals.

#5462 2 years ago
Quoted from flashburn:

Makes complete sense. Thanks for entertaining the thought at least!

I appreciate your understanding. I would love to open source this, but it is just not feasible. I do, however, still have my Earthshaker Aftershock code as open source if you guys want to see what the P-ROC code looks like under the hood. It has a similar structure to what I did on TNA, but this is not written on the skeletongame framework. The TNA code is also much cleaner.



1 week later
#5508 2 years ago

Hey Everyone,
Owlnonymous is streaming TNA right now. This is the latest beta code with all the co op modes and bug fixes in it. Will we see reactor 9 tonight?


If this code looks good, it will post the release ASAP!


#5510 2 years ago
Quoted from Vino:

Hey Scott -Been enjoying on location so far and apologies if this has been asked, but other than code/bug fixes do you consider the TNA complete or are there more ideas you are considering? (like co op)

I will be mainly doing bug fixes from here on out, but sometimes I get crazy and add something new. Only time will tell. I will not leave the project with bugs in it though. I want to make sure people are absolutely satisfied with the code.

#5512 2 years ago
Quoted from Goonie:

One bug I have noticed...#168 has not been made yet. Epic Fail!

I just bought 168. I think it had a butter cab...

#5514 2 years ago
Quoted from Goonie:

Yeah, that's the one. Thanks.
Wait, WHAT!?!?

Yeah, you don't get it anymore. jk jk

#5516 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I am already super satisfied and don't even have my game yet!
Dude you knocked yourself out on this one, and it is more than obvious you spent years on it and didn't just throw it together overnight.
I can't wait till it gets here so I too can enjoy the future of pinball.
Thank you sir, and keep up the good work!

Thank you sir.

#5555 2 years ago

Totally. The retro cab is definitely shorter than the DMD era machines. All I did was reduce the angle of the glass leaving the front height the same. That brought the backbox height down about 4 inches. It is now the same height as a Classic Bally machine.

#5598 2 years ago

Hey Guys,
Co Op Mode is ready! I just posted the latest software on my site for you guys to download.


Here is the changelog:

v1.2.0.00 – 04/08/2018 – Scott Danesi

## Bugs Fixed ##
– Quickshot video lag issue fixed.
– Adjusted debounce on top CORE rollovers, now will not miss hits off the upper flipper
– Fix for stuck 4x multiplier in multiball
– Lightshow stuck lamp issue fixed
– Flipper hold boost PWM patterns changed to minimize heat and noise
– Ball save issue after reactor destroyed fixed
– Fixed ball save issue during multiball
– Major performance update for lightshows – Thank you Josh Kugler!
– More secret skillshot bug fixes (now worth 100,000 points)
– Lightshow handling updates to prevent rare stuck on lights issue
– Lots of other little things that were bugging me that are not worth mentioning

## Features Added / Modifications ##
– Added target free game setting in coin op settings for operators to control advanced match logic
– Co Op Mode added!
– Team VS Mode added!
– New Jackpot voice callouts
– Kill target locations now regenerate if you hit 20 unlit kill targets – protects location
play if a target gets broken. This is also a setting in the service menu
(Critical Target Miss Threshold)
– Sound volume setting no longer in service menu
– Removed trough jam and warning messages from LCD
– Service Menu now highlights settings that have been changed from the default value
– Super spinner now gets harder to achieve each time it is earned
– Orbit combo logic and scoring reworked now with multipliers!
– Bonus tally can now be skipped to the total bonus screen by pressing both flipper buttons
– Ball save for multiball is now independently adjustable in the service menu
– Ball save on reactor destroy now adds 5 seconds to the current ball save or starts a new 5 second
ball save

1 week later
#5720 2 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

No shaker in your game.
You need to get on top of that one.
I couldn't imagine playing it without one.

I originally did not put a shaker in the game (whitewood), then I did (prototype), and now I cannot play it without. True story.

#5725 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

True story, I asked Scott what to order with my game and he told me to just get the plastic protectors.

Easy install. Sorry man. Maybe I did not love the shaker as much as I do now back then.

Get the real knocker too!

#5741 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinbaltz:

I’m surprised how long tilt bobs have stayed around. I would like to see a manufacturer use a digital sensor for this. It would likely be more consistent and more “fair”.
Interestingly, the p3-roc has a 3 axis accelerometer. It would be cool if Scott could combine that with the physical tilt bob to get more accurate readings.

I have thought about playing around with this, but just not have had time yet. Not sure why the tilt bobs on these games move so much. The earplug mod worked really well for my production machine though.

#5759 2 years ago
Quoted from herg:

...and to wrap it up, it seems that the Sensitivity setting does not get applied until after I reboot. On 29, I can bounce the plumb bob around a LOT without it registering. Change it to 0, and it is still very insensitive. Reboot, and it is now a hair trigger.
With it set to 1000 or 1500 Settle, 0 Sensitivity, an earplug, and a middle height, mine now feels "normal".

You are correct. This system setting only gets applied after a reboot. I need to update the documentation. Great catch.

2 weeks later
#5902 2 years ago

Processing speed may help this, basically, it is the time it allows the ball to settle in the scoop before firing out, but it is slightly not as fun.

In future releases, I may make this a number in milliseconds that is adjustable so people can fine tune this. Right now, it should save the ball if it detects a SDTM shot.

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#6041 2 years ago

You might have had a very early game where a few weak LEDs made it into the game. Just contact service@spookypinball.com.

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Quoted from mayuh:

OMG! OMG! They’re here! Austria has two TNAs

Be sure to update that software!!!

#6092 2 years ago

Current update is 1.2.0, sorry that comment was meant for mayuh as his machines were built back in March.

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Quoted from 27dnast:

Is there a way to save high scores and settings when installing an update?

They get automatically backed up to the USB when updating, but do not get restored. Sorry.

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Quoted from Mr68:

Yes indeed powerball and man does this game play fast, ..er faster.
The powerball is self explanatory in its action. Lighter and faster it changes up the action off the flippers, slings and the plunger. It also rotates its position in the trough due to multiball and the randomness so you never know when to expect it. So far I'm loving having it in the game.
Sorry Scott, I hope you don't mind.
Marco http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/20-9809

I do not mind at all! Although, I anticipate major airballs with it. We also have power balls at PBL.


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TA Main7 - 1.2.1 Release (resized).jpg
Hey there!!! Another TNA code update is here! This is a short, but good one.

I have fixed a few bugs and added what I like to call “Speed Runs” to kill each reactor. What do I mean you ask? The game now displays reactor uptime on the display telling you exactly how many seconds each reactor has been online for. The timer starts as soon as the reactor start scoop has been hit and stops when the reactor is destroyed. These speed times are stored in the high score table as “Reactor X Speed Run Champ”. There are 10 of these. One for each reactor and one for Total Annihilation!

Every second counts when battling these reactors so be sure to skip the reactor startup animation and be sure to skip the bonus count at the end of your ball. Your reactor uptime pauses if another player is up, but the timer does not pause until after the bonus count.

Have fun everyone!

Change Log:
v1.2.1 – 05/22/2018 – Scott Danesi

## Bugs Fixed ##
– Skillshot light stuck on is now fixed.
– Reply info in attract mode now says replay for credit and Extra Ball when award is an extra ball
– Tilt during multiball trough issue fixed

## Features Added / Modifications ##
– Added reactor uptime champs to high score boards
– Added reactor uptime to display while reactor is running
– Random performance enhancements
– Co Op now can be enabled if you forget to enable it on adding player 1

## Download Link ##

Code Update Procedure:
WARNING: Updating code on your game will reset your audits and settings on the game after the update procedure. However, these audits and settings are automatically dumped to the USB stick as a backup for your reference. I am planning to add functionality to save audits within the game in the future.

Step 1: Download the latest “pkg” file from the link above.
Step 2: Copy the “pkg” file to a USB flash drive. Do not change the name of the file, should be named “tna-gamecode.pkg”.
Step 3: Power off the game and remove the backglass.
Step 4: Insert the USB flash drive into an open USB port on the PC located on the right side within the backbox.
Step 5: Power on the machine, a message should appear saying that the software is updating.
Step 6: Once the code update is complete, remove the USB flash drive and restart the machine.

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Quoted from pickleric:

Are you only able to stack one extra ball in TNA? I have noticed that if I set replay to award an extra ball, and then start the 3rd reactor gaining an additional extra ball, you are only awarded one if they were stacked on top of each other.

They stack!

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Quoted from Chicoman:

TNA is everything I was hoping Iron Maiden would be. Maiden is complete garbage thrown together with a license slapped on it and TNA is a work of GENIUS!

Definitely disagree with this. Kieth put a ton of work into Iron Maiden and it came out extremely well, I really like it. It's ok if you do not like it, but please, coming from someone who has made a machine, be respectful. These kind of trolly posts are not helping anything.

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